My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House

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My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House

Dear sir/madam,
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Who we are?
We are a group of 4 friends who live in San Francisco, the United States of America. We worked together in a company. Currently, we just decided to quite our job and started our job as our hobby and dream job as builders. We love building. We got the same mindset actually. Recently, we just move to live in Oklahoma, the southern of the USA. I got a plot of land here, so we come and start making videos about how to build, how to survive, and mostly about the primitive skills in the jungle.

How does it made?
It’s been a while that we haven’t upload our new video. We spent 155 days to build such a goodness water slide park into a huge swimming pool. We got our master plan and an advance architecture design for the whole building structure. Actually, we are not architecture, we just love building especially the underground house and swimming pool.
Our water slide was built as a twin water slide and the shape is similar to the walking snake. We dug a big termite house to make two holes to connect with our water slide. Also this water slide is really unique in term of shape and art style.
The tunnel temple house was design as the Disney Land Temple and mix with our special new ideas by using only the small wood, the rice straw, and the clay to make the roof. Inside the house as a bedroom we got two beds which were the same style as a twin bed. The bed was design as a classic and unique style.
Everything was handmade, so the primitive tools that we normally used are hoes, shovels, trowels, axe, spades, and a machete.

How big is this building?
We separated this building into two parts. The first parts is about the water slide and the swimming pool and the second parts is about the underground house. The first part dimension is 9metres by 12metres and it is 4.5metres depth. The second part, underground house, dimension is 4metres by 4metres and the depth is only 4metres.

What’s next?
The next underground building project is going to be much more amazing and interesting than this. Please stay tune to watch the next episode.
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22 Out 2021



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CORRIDOS-MIX 9 meses atrás
The amount of engineering that went into this swimming pool house is incredible.
maximo nic olas xdxd
maximo nic olas xdxd 12 dias atrás
Mariusz Rybkowski
Mariusz Rybkowski 13 dias atrás
@محمد وناحمد .
aadi funny comedy video
@محمد وناحمد eghxnxjchfbfn xv bxvcxvbc game play bahut achcha lagta hai rkkendnh
aadi funny comedy video
Kristofel Werok
Kristofel Werok 14 dias atrás
Eliades Sousa
Eliades Sousa Hora atrás
amei essa casa 🏠 estam de parabéns
Просто Обычный
Невероятно, фантастика! Больше на ум ничего не приходит, да слова и не нужны. Просто сидишь и молча смотришь в ступоре, как они работают.
ららららい 2 dias atrás
凄すぎる!!!完成したプールで遊んでる姿が可愛らしい💗 5歳の娘と一緒に観ました😆 最後の夜ご飯サラダ?を食べてる時に思わず娘が 「お箸あるんかいっ!」とつっこんでいてわらけました😂
Andrea Porras
Andrea Porras 12 dias atrás
The pool is cool🤩
Meskat Sajid
Meskat Sajid 3 meses atrás
Brilliant architect in the world 🌎
Jaciene Sales
Jaciene Sales 19 dias atrás
Lindo demais 👏😍😍
Peach 17 dias atrás
My nana introduced me to you guys channel and its amazing i wanna swim in that pool
Norma Aviles
Norma Aviles 10 dias atrás
What Incredible people ! Wondering if they make money out of the houses , rent or sale 11
Seewee.P 8 dias atrás
You guys are so talented
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur 4 meses atrás
God bless you both, you are doing very well, May god fulfill your all dreams and desires very soon 🙏👍
MrGuestRblx 17 dias atrás
Vamos Vamos ..👍keep up you're talent
michelle koch
michelle koch 5 dias atrás
Omg these guys are like two little boys playng and having fun with the awsome creation they just by hand absolutely so talented omg
Orland Malu
Orland Malu 10 dias atrás
Imagine walking home and seeing this in a forest 💀
#Shorts 10 dias atrás
This mens are really amazing Really appreciatable
Rene powell
Rene powell 10 meses atrás
I wonder where you guys are I wanna see all your creations they are AWESOME! I want to make one of these!
Laura N
Laura N 7 dias atrás
So coo amazing and enjoy your work
Youtube Channel kh
Youtube Channel kh 14 dias atrás
And it's really hard, but both of them can do it really well.
Hyperspeed 11 dias atrás
I wish I was this good at building
Maria do Rosário Silva Cavalcante Cavalcante
Uai muito lindo
Jameela Radha Diza
Jameela Radha Diza 8 meses atrás
Wow the one that u guys build looks fun I love it
Najir Khan
Najir Khan 7 meses atrás
Alfatin Aji saputro
Alfatin Aji saputro 6 dias atrás
Bang buat rumah dalam tanah bang tapi Ada kolam renang nya👍👍
Athea 18 dias atrás
Wow the swimming pool is so beautiful❤💛💚💙💜💖💞♥
rupa hazi
rupa hazi 15 dias atrás
Dipanshu Kesarwani
Dipanshu Kesarwani 15 dias atrás
sandy bippert
sandy bippert 8 dias atrás
OMG it is so cool I wonder if I can go there so far
Silfia Peereman
Silfia Peereman 18 dias atrás
I love it when you can build your own water park where ever you are. I have respect for you guys
احمد محمد
احمد محمد 16 horas atrás
Rythm m
Rythm m 12 dias atrás
I mean its staged
악마 대학생
악마 대학생 8 meses atrás
헐! 진짜 잘만드시네요!♡ 진짜 힘드셨겠네요 ㅠㅠ 그럼 다음에도 만들때 화이팅!♥(파이팅)
YouTube 악마  토끼 Dvil rabbit
님들 이유튜버 밎지마삼 저거 자세이보면 저렇게혼자 안함 유튜브에 난리남
뿌뿌랑삐삐랑 7 meses atrás
한국인 발견!
Marios Cake
Marios Cake 7 meses atrás
Lacay Sharen
Lacay Sharen 15 dias atrás
Amazing work
Zuessyen 5 dias atrás
This is cool I know you have a team off cameras to help but it’s still cool 😊
Lun Lun
Lun Lun 20 horas atrás
wow I like these videos 😍
Ruth Asencios
Ruth Asencios 11 dias atrás
Es marabilloso
Chhaya Nayka
Chhaya Nayka 8 meses atrás
At the end when they enjoying them greatfull looks so happyness and nice 😊😊😊
Facts To Know
Facts To Know 8 meses atrás
Hlw bro
eliminar 13 dias atrás
Gusta mucho lo que usted están haciendo me voy a hacer lo mismo en otro país cuando crezca 🌺😁👩‍🦰💗
Cavella 11 dias atrás
Никто, абсолютно никто. Я в 4 часа ночи: интересно как получится
Sonia Valadez
Sonia Valadez 19 dias atrás
There vids are so satisfying
Lysa Antonette Rivera
Lysa Antonette Rivera 17 dias atrás
Lindo demaisss
Swati Gupta
Swati Gupta 8 meses atrás
Omg ..You have done fabulous work guys ... I'm a nature's lover 🚣🚣☘️☘️ I randomly come across your channel but I'm amazed by your work 🥳🥳👌👌...First thing came in my brain is that You guys are either engineers or architects Lots of Love from INDIA❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️
Айшам Ибадатова
@Bijoy Roy породистогоъzъ ясноh ваз
Mohmmad Marije
Mohmmad Marije 16 dias atrás
Ii po in hub in no lip p pump 8 initially no PM in on
Chhaya Saradva
Chhaya Saradva 2 meses atrás
Deveeshankar Suman
Deveeshankar Suman 2 meses atrás
Adrian Rocketleague8
Adrian Rocketleague8 6 dias atrás
I got question do you do this for fun or do this for actual home?
Marcus Carana
Marcus Carana 14 dias atrás
16:49 It's amazing how they found the first ever species of trees that bleed blue pigment. Almost as if someone used manufactured paint and spilled it on the bark to make it look authentic.
marci.knight 7 dias atrás
It’s amazing how you were the first ever person to point this out. Almost as if everyone else realizes its just a BRvid video.
Tena💔 20 dias atrás
Wow, Camille's house is very, very, very, very, very, very
Stacy Underwood
Stacy Underwood 5 dias atrás
I'm speechless whatever Angel Gerdes was saying this is so much great artwork you guys could go ahead and go all across the country you can Amaze everyone
YouTubelezinc 6 meses atrás
You’re so amazing this is very incredible
Ayanda Mbatha
Ayanda Mbatha 8 dias atrás
I love this 💕😍😍💕💕
Diane Vaughn
Diane Vaughn 7 dias atrás
And how do you learn how to build so good
Adishree prajapati
Adishree prajapati 14 dias atrás
team work makes the dream work love you guys
doggoxluv 15 dias atrás
they make it look so easy😭😭
BULEE_Official 9 meses atrás
Nice work, and I hope I can build the water boom side of my home.. 🤩🤩🤩
Connie Li
Connie Li 15 dias atrás
Wow 🤩
Wow it's amazing
Yudmila Aragon Lopez
Yudmila Aragon Lopez 4 dias atrás
Me pregunto que hacen ellos luego con estas construcciones 😌🤔
Tina Chavez
Tina Chavez 10 dias atrás
Did they really do this by hand 🤔, if so it's amazing 🤩
Tarek Mohamed
Tarek Mohamed 9 dias atrás
@Mike Iwamoto أن كل حاجه جيب لي كل
Tarek Mohamed
Tarek Mohamed 9 dias atrás
@Mike Iwamoto متخل ٤ حاجه ابويا
Mike Iwamoto
Mike Iwamoto 9 dias atrás
no they have been exposed as frauds
jon wilkinson
jon wilkinson 9 meses atrás
Bruh I cant watch this beautiful master piece without getting tired
Mohammed AASIF
Mohammed AASIF 12 dias atrás
Very nice building 👍
Boi 16 dias atrás
How did they make those two perfect circles?
Lavender plays
Lavender plays 11 dias atrás
Oh my God I can’t even imagine how hard that would be😢
hikmah sederhana
hikmah sederhana 5 dias atrás
waw..awesome. nice hard working and beautiful result
Ahsfeg 16 horas atrás
Yeah the construction crew with the machines really worked hard for five days lol 😂
Aiden To
Aiden To 9 meses atrás
these guys are highly talented but do they live somewhere else or do they live where they make there sensational structure
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 10 dias atrás
I love this because you make a lot of designs🎉
Даша 10 dias atrás
one day they will get to the bottom and find something ancient, archaeological
Savita Patke
Savita Patke 9 dias atrás
Just think these guys have their so many own houses
Сергей Dia atrás
вы хорошо строите вы молодцы мы в вас верим Егор и Алиса☺☺☺☺☺☺🦄🐩🐷🐖🐯🦁🐱
raghav garg
raghav garg 10 meses atrás
Just watch and admire wonderful ❤️
B. Biro
B. Biro 12 dias atrás
Nice work on the build 🇺🇸
doctor sultan
doctor sultan 15 dias atrás
Carlos González
Carlos González 13 dias atrás
Mariana Burlak
Mariana Burlak 19 dias atrás
155! Tired?🥵🥵 But very great 🤩🤩
José jiminson Campaz candelo
Divino que arte tan hermos por wuaaao
เกียรติศักดิ์ กั้วเจริญ
Keyla Sosa
Keyla Sosa 7 meses atrás
Q hermosa la casa que dieron🤩😘
Benwangliu Pamai
Benwangliu Pamai 11 horas atrás
@اناهيد زين العابدين you
Khalil Zangana
Khalil Zangana 2 dias atrás
ellos no la hicieron como se be es mentita usaro maquinas
اناهيد زين العابدين
المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.انقر على مقطع للصقه في مربع النص.
اناهيد زين العابدين
Hey there!Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
Mila Siti Jamilah Al Munawwarah
My question is after you build it. Did u sell it or rent it?
Ecole Emir
Ecole Emir 5 dias atrás
I appreciate your collective cooperation
JJBS Smart Fashion Tailor Tube
You always ❤️surprised❤️ us showing techniques in your video, your style is unique. You presented it nice and great, i'm very much impressed👍👍. Thank you for always sharing your this mind blowing 👌👌 video.
Skumar 6 dias atrás
Hi guys I'm Indian but i waching your video very incredible yout work I'm shoking 🙏
Komba Fitla
Komba Fitla 2 meses atrás
Super creative, mind blowing how they archived it🤦‍♂️❤
Devi Maghfiroh
Devi Maghfiroh 12 dias atrás
Sangat bagus
Meena Varghese Varghese
Phattaphon Bunkhong
@Hemant Jadhav j
Lydia chen
Lydia chen 17 dias atrás
I can see you put really good details
MS 13 dias atrás
i love how u make these undergrond housees
mel y mumi
mel y mumi 13 dias atrás
hola soy de argentina
Seewee.P 8 dias atrás
Great work .
Md Rabbi
Md Rabbi 5 dias atrás
they are so talented and hard working wish them a good life
Talent Replay
Talent Replay 6 meses atrás
These is very nice Time + effort + hardwork = best CONTENT.
Rumpa Saha
Rumpa Saha 4 dias atrás
Bartex FON bon
Bartex FON bon 7 dias atrás
Fajne ale może być domy dla psów 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Kyle! And Kaye!
Kyle! And Kaye! 14 dias atrás
How did they build that so fast
ゆか 14 dias atrás
Amy Brown
Amy Brown 13 dias atrás
Maybe you can do another swimming pool but this time put fish in it😊
bangun rumah sendirian
bangun rumah sendirian 24 dias atrás
Pekerja keras sekali Sangat menginspirasi sekali bagi saya Terimakasih From Indonesia with love
Юля Гудзенко
@Shivam Yogeshkumar дфщ
Shivam Yogeshkumar
Shivam Yogeshkumar 12 dias atrás
@Angela Tolentino fyydydydyyuyy6yffdyf
Angela Tolentino
Angela Tolentino 23 dias atrás
NoA 콩콩1
NoA 콩콩1 18 dias atrás
그래도 대단하시네요....
Isabella Peeler
Isabella Peeler 7 dias atrás
insane and I love all your videos
Mirna Amir
Mirna Amir 12 dias atrás
Mantap bang bagus banget 👍👍👍👍😲😲🥰🥰🥳🥳🤩🤩😁😜😜😍
ado 15 dias atrás
their teamwork is awesome
Chris Aguele
Chris Aguele 8 meses atrás
I love how they made this expecting we would build it
jibran aksan
jibran aksan 10 dias atrás
@XARIS GR u... Thehijgc+-@
Alok Khan
Alok Khan 8 meses atrás
XARIS GR 8 meses atrás
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 13 dias atrás
Amazing work guys
Micah 2 dias atrás
How do they stop the water from entering the inner room???
Jacob da man
Jacob da man 2 dias atrás
That blue paint coming out of thise trees tho. It seemed pretty real to me. 🤥
Nicola Ward
Nicola Ward 16 dias atrás
I love your vid so artistic
we Ismail
we Ismail 4 meses atrás
man, eu fico totalmente assustado com essa capacidade😭😭 se chuver essa "areia" dissolve?
drift FN
drift FN 4 meses atrás
uiiiii um portuguese
Mriken Hart
Mriken Hart 17 dias atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣nice so cool omg ❤️❤️❤️
md mahmud
md mahmud 19 dias atrás
So Beautiful
meivina cahya
meivina cahya Dia atrás
Bagus sekali rumahnya tanah😂😂
BRYAN 10 meses atrás
Very soon These craft of these builders will be ancient relics that are going to be discovered by 1000 years to come archeologists Haha
HEWANERS STORY 5 dias atrás
DungeonWarrior 11 dias atrás
Amazing build
Leo Saxton
Leo Saxton 14 dias atrás
Wow They're neet slides🤩
Zalfa Syahira
Zalfa Syahira 18 dias atrás
Tapi sangat cantik ❤️❤️❤️
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