my shortest video ever

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working on collabs, trust me the wait is going to be worth it

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Comentários 100
CoryxKenshin Mês atrás
Literally just an update. day 78.
Frankie Bauman
Frankie Bauman 27 dias atrás
this ain't the shortest video
Susan Kirk
Susan Kirk Mês atrás
Little Miss Potato
Little Miss Potato Mês atrás
Love you <3
Ziestosti / jevil owo
Zech Wilson
Zech Wilson 4 horas atrás
W3NDY Cutie
W3NDY Cutie Dia atrás
even if its 1second I would still watch it
Simple Daphne
Simple Daphne Dia atrás
when da outro longer than the vid
The Yeet Club
The Yeet Club 2 dias atrás
The whole video was the outro lmao 😂
Landon Hamilton
Landon Hamilton 2 dias atrás
Why do the captions say, "my name is Gary King" even though he clearly says, "cuz my name is coryxkenshin"
Eat TheBreadEgg
Eat TheBreadEgg 2 dias atrás
He still had his headphones on
kingkindess gghh
kingkindess gghh 2 dias atrás
I first start watching you because when I was 7 I'm 10 now my 6 year old cousin told me about you im glad she did because you are one the best youtuber you and dashi
Lashae Mino
Lashae Mino 4 dias atrás
Who the freak gave this video 756 dislikes?? WHYYY
KingdraGaming 4 dias atrás
Tell me why the outro was longer than the rest of the video
Animu titties
Animu titties 6 dias atrás
Your shortest video was the school tips
Ezekiel Smith
Ezekiel Smith 7 dias atrás
Daaa@aaaaaa@aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa@aaaaang taht was quick
Ade Vonny
Ade Vonny 8 dias atrás
What made it long was the fricking outro
kongmeng xiong
kongmeng xiong 9 dias atrás
liar it's tips for school
Mort Martinez
Mort Martinez 10 dias atrás
When are you going to upload Spooky scary
Adrienne Cortes
Adrienne Cortes 12 dias atrás
Tori Loehn
Tori Loehn 13 dias atrás
love how you still wear your headphones like you’re bout to play something
Silent_Finesse YT
Silent_Finesse YT 14 dias atrás
6 second clip lol 😂
ᗩσɱเηᏋ Daiki -
Your shortest video was BACK TO SCHOOL(tips and tricks)
When the outro is 90% of the video lol
DowSha 15 dias atrás
Ay yo ma boi Cory this isn’t your shortest Hahaaaa😂,remember the Valentine’s Day
What I Find Fun
What I Find Fun 15 dias atrás
The outro was longer then the vid
SaltySniper_05. 16 dias atrás
This is not your shortest video ever, your shortest video ever was the back to school video
Simon Schak Farlot 9B Kroggårdsskolen
lets make dis the most liked video on youtube
Panda Chan
Panda Chan 18 dias atrás
I love that you add bible verses at the end
Melpman []
Melpman [] 18 dias atrás
3:13 Proverbs?
im alive but i want to die
ur shortest vid is the school stuff
KITTY STUDIOS 18 dias atrás
TheGreenDinosaur 18 dias atrás
The shortest video, was when you were talking about "Back to school"
Chayanne slay
Chayanne slay 18 dias atrás
Now the shortest was the back to school one💘
Jay Wlch
Jay Wlch 19 dias atrás
No the Valentine’s Day video was
Karim Canche
Karim Canche 19 dias atrás
Ice Eating
Ice Eating 19 dias atrás
*Shortest video ever was when he gave us awesome tips for back to school*
Kiki Stinker
Kiki Stinker 20 dias atrás
80% of the video is the outro
Raymond Clarkson
Raymond Clarkson 20 dias atrás
Y’all know we only here for that *FIRE* outro
Spongman Icecone
Spongman Icecone 20 dias atrás
well thats 29 seconds of my life im never getting back
Wierd dog
Wierd dog 21 dia atrás
The shortest is back to school I still remember it all you need is a pencil
retro gamerz
retro gamerz 21 dia atrás
well that just came out left field i watch this and im like well that just happened
ZESTY Music 22 dias atrás
Not your shortest. Bring a pencil and a backpack there u go.
RedSnake 22 dias atrás
there is still ads...
EllipticBreeze 22 dias atrás
Even the outro is longer
SSJGOD_ Leart 22 dias atrás
Once he had a video that was 3 seconds
Rogelio Pena
Rogelio Pena 22 dias atrás
That was a little
Jadenxcory Vs game
Jadenxcory Vs game 23 dias atrás
Bro CHILL!!!, I mean why is this video so short
d4w 23 dias atrás
came for the fire outro
XxMysticalBeastxX —-
XxMysticalBeastxX —- 23 dias atrás
Not including the outro the video is six seconds long.. But I still watched the whole thing..
Tamara President
Tamara President 23 dias atrás
No, you're shortest one was 3 seconds
LIFEGAMER 2 24 dias atrás
Ur short video was 7 sec it was for school
ErosShows 24 dias atrás
Paused it. Not really the shortest video tho. Ez
MayaMe Lol
MayaMe Lol 24 dias atrás
My no Your shortest vid was the valentine vid (just so you know🤗)
MTB BASS 24 dias atrás
That's not his shortest video, his shortest video is 5 sec
Malik Marshall
Malik Marshall 25 dias atrás
Noooo the shortest one was when you said on valentines day you said grab some chocolate and watch a movie you'll be fine and that was 10 second
Layla Ayala
Layla Ayala 25 dias atrás
Yo I want someone to make something like that for me😭
meshaal alsharrah
meshaal alsharrah 25 dias atrás
Shan S
Shan S 25 dias atrás
Back to school was your shortest video ever❤️😂
Jking gaming
Jking gaming 25 dias atrás
Who love the music at the end straight fire
Billy Byler
Billy Byler 25 dias atrás
This vid is how long my boxer is
wath about widowmaker
wath about widowmaker 25 dias atrás
Your shortest video is tha 3 sec school vid😂
LFranz H
LFranz H 25 dias atrás
Nope back to school vid was shorter
kubbi 25 dias atrás
No your shortest video is " bring a back pack and pencil to school there you go"
Naida Karajic
Naida Karajic 26 dias atrás
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 26 dias atrás
Justus Pierce
Justus Pierce 26 dias atrás
Love how the longest part was the outro🤠
Keyon SoLit
Keyon SoLit 26 dias atrás
The shortest is the back to school one
JuStLAki 26 dias atrás
Nobody: Cory: There is no video
Starbright Sunshine
Starbright Sunshine 26 dias atrás
98% of this video is his outro
Cashatron The one
Cashatron The one 26 dias atrás
His shortest vid was 4 seconds
Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith 27 dias atrás
u win perfect :>
BEWARE-OF-SQUEEKR 27 dias atrás
what abiut valentines day vId
Turtle Marcs
Turtle Marcs 27 dias atrás
Basically an outro video
K K girl
K K girl 27 dias atrás
Mom: why are you laughing Me: because Cory is so funny This made me laugh
Golden Henry n
Golden Henry n 27 dias atrás
Kezia Little
Kezia Little 27 dias atrás
nahh your shortest video is the back to school helper😂😂😂
Frankie Bauman
Frankie Bauman 27 dias atrás
no it ain't
Willie Perez
Willie Perez 28 dias atrás
Easter vid is most short vid NOT THIS
skull killer
skull killer 28 dias atrás
Ez claps
Cookerlake 22559
Cookerlake 22559 28 dias atrás
The valentines video was the shortest video
Tye Baldoni
Tye Baldoni 28 dias atrás
No school tips is the shortest
Mickey McGee
Mickey McGee 28 dias atrás
actually you back to school tips are tricks are the shortest
M8deUp 28 dias atrás
I thought "Back to School" was the shortest video.
constance farley
constance farley 28 dias atrás
what ab that one school tips video
finessedlogic is me
finessedlogic is me 28 dias atrás
he aint giving his streak to no body XD
Cool banana lol
Cool banana lol 28 dias atrás
Kamesha Nugent
Kamesha Nugent 28 dias atrás
nice videos cory
Pho Him
Pho Him 28 dias atrás
That’s was fast
Amarni Mark
Amarni Mark 28 dias atrás
I love it
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 29 dias atrás
Cory your shortest video was the back to school tips and tricks it’s like 4 seconds you said:”ring a pencil and a backpack to school there you go “
Lamia Jones
Lamia Jones 29 dias atrás
Not the shortest video u made a 4 second school hacks video
Austin Slayer227
Austin Slayer227 29 dias atrás
This was my birthday gift... wow
Ahad Ahmed
Ahad Ahmed 29 dias atrás
What about that valentines one?
Nunya Buissness
Nunya Buissness 29 dias atrás
Ur shortest video was the valentines video
Zadlaxgaming 29 dias atrás
He’s back to school was probably shorter
Hussein QA
Hussein QA 29 dias atrás
bring a pencil and a backpack to schoola and you aaaaight
Adrian Arroyo
Adrian Arroyo 29 dias atrás
No being single on Valentine’s Day is
Jacob Tuakana Natua
Jacob Tuakana Natua 29 dias atrás
When is dark decision part 3 you know the duck one
sizzle and dee
sizzle and dee 29 dias atrás
Kreativdinosaurjulenissen 6969
My man had to do this to keep his streak up 😂
Jay Martin
Jay Martin Mês atrás
Back to school video hello
JJ Awesomeness
JJ Awesomeness Mês atrás
Dang cory what did I expect 😂
Mistic Holly
Mistic Holly Mês atrás
U wot mate
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