my shortest video ever

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working on collabs, trust me the wait is going to be worth it


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17 Abr 2019




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Comentários 11 763
CoryxKenshin 4 meses atrás
Literally just an update. day 78.
Lotlot Daliposa
Lotlot Daliposa 7 dias atrás
neshialee velazquez
neshialee velazquez 8 dias atrás
Cand you do a other cory x comments and can i be in one of the comments pls
Mayo78 21 dia atrás
Jaden Camilletti
Jaden Camilletti 17 horas atrás
theepikduckiscomeing help
Outtro on point
LilDreDre 4 dias atrás
Duck season ahhh
Riviany Rasfuldi
Riviany Rasfuldi 6 dias atrás
“My shortest video ever” says the giy who made a 4 second video
Kylah Asmr and Things
Kylah Asmr and Things 6 dias atrás
Who else just likes this for the outro
Yasmine 7 dias atrás
It couldn't at least be 30 seconds?
KILLRITE 7 dias atrás
Could of made it 22 seconds shorter
Zabam does a thing
Zabam does a thing 7 dias atrás
Best episode so far XD
Yolna Medelus
Yolna Medelus 9 dias atrás
What the😬how the never mind
happymillster 10 dias atrás
Kerry-Ann Jones
Kerry-Ann Jones 11 dias atrás
Yo the ending is so sick Cory
Kanex 12 dias atrás
When your outro is longer than the actual video.
Vaughan Awesome
Vaughan Awesome 13 dias atrás
When the outro is longer than the actual video
Anita Latosińska
Anita Latosińska 14 dias atrás
unkindled dovahkiin
unkindled dovahkiin 14 dias atrás
I dont think he remembers the back to school vid
Memphis Perenara
Memphis Perenara 14 dias atrás
CoryxKenshin literally the best and most inspiring youtuber ever. I have watched his videos when I was about 6, Thanks Cory.
bendy demon me bpi
bendy demon me bpi 14 dias atrás
0:05 the song brings peace
Cytris_ Flashes
Cytris_ Flashes 15 dias atrás
The only thing im here for is the outro
chasen williams
chasen williams 15 dias atrás
school supplies
Sincere Allen
Sincere Allen 17 dias atrás
To the longest video hes ever made 😂
Tianna 17 dias atrás
Cory: jaslebbesabdhbf ok see you guys tomorrow. Me: I have no idea what you just said. :)
BEAR BAT BEAR 18 dias atrás
Not his shortest back to school and valentine Day tricks
7NGXPL 19 dias atrás
no it ISN'T the valentines tips was
John Helbet
John Helbet 19 dias atrás
Ohhhhhh kayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Israini Susanti
Israini Susanti 20 dias atrás
Insert cool and og name here
Your shortest vid is 4 seconds
1nfeRn0TaiTaiVoi 21 dia atrás
You know the video is short when the outro is 3x the length of the actual video
Lilz Lz
Lilz Lz 21 dia atrás
the outro it longer lol
Alixander Roc
Alixander Roc 22 dias atrás
Goober Head
Goober Head 22 dias atrás
Actually the what to bring to school video was shorter
Rosie Sanchez
Rosie Sanchez 23 dias atrás
mac oof
mac oof 24 dias atrás
"Bring a pencil"
Dureti Moyata
Dureti Moyata 24 dias atrás
Aand you are right that was extremly short
Dureti Moyata
Dureti Moyata 24 dias atrás
Ok i am waaay behind on this horror game stuff
JustYourAverageUser 25 dias atrás
This video: GONNA HAVE SOME GREAT COLLABS!! Next video: i may need to take a break.
Nekita Bishop
Nekita Bishop 25 dias atrás
Correction the actual shortest vid you made was the back to school tips and tricks one.
Noly Miranda
Noly Miranda 25 dias atrás
Slice like button for coryxkenshin
star is an animator
star is an animator 28 dias atrás
:Star star Me: yes BRvid :looking at old vids Me: no BRvid :let me see the phone Me:*scrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeccccchhhh* :ok
evan ramirez
evan ramirez 28 dias atrás
actually your shortest video is BACK TO SCHOOL (TIPS AND TICKS) with 4 secs
Alejandro Zamora
Alejandro Zamora Mês atrás
By far best video Jp
The Goldsman
The Goldsman Mês atrás
Cory your shortest was back to scho
Vivares 76
Vivares 76 Mês atrás
Now thats how you make a quick $8000
Frostbite 1
Frostbite 1 Mês atrás
Cory where are you?
Fire Cat
Fire Cat Mês atrás
Short but not shorter than the shortest song alive
Artisty • Bean
Artisty • Bean Mês atrás
Actually the Valentine's day video was the shortest
ryan cannon
ryan cannon Mês atrás
Tasha Bonny
Tasha Bonny Mês atrás
Dang I thought it was going to be a joke but no the was so Short
Relay Over
Relay Over Mês atrás
22 second outro
Shockwave DJ
Shockwave DJ Mês atrás
At least we can hear he's out tro
YourOnlyEliteAgent YT
your shortest video was tips and tricks for back to school
Theara T
Theara T Mês atrás
Momo why she is a p
Andrew Sampayo
Andrew Sampayo Mês atrás
Wow but good
Mans Playz
Mans Playz Mês atrás
The shortest video is the valentines day video
Quentin King
Quentin King Mês atrás
Laneke McRae
Laneke McRae Mês atrás
Bob The magic being 2
Best video ever
Mynameistolongtoread Sodonoteventrytoreadit
Six second video the rest is the end
DaysiDuck 225
DaysiDuck 225 Mês atrás
Your video is shorter than your outro 😂😂
Moon Malicious
Moon Malicious Mês atrás
Hey, it looks like afro samurai is going up to fight Kuma and the empty seven!
Ninja Tot
Ninja Tot Mês atrás
Oh ok
Stormys world
Stormys world Mês atrás
Actually it was valintines that was the shortest
Di Riousten
Di Riousten Mês atrás
6 seconds only
Rualthan Mawii
Rualthan Mawii Mês atrás
Under Armour
Under Armour Mês atrás
Wow that was quick and short
Willie Campbell
Willie Campbell Mês atrás
What about the back to school tips and tricks it was 4 seconds
Kaitlynxanne55 Mês atrás
this is the best shortest video ever!:)
MidnightX Games
MidnightX Games Mês atrás
But your shortest video ever was about the dang movie prank. It was 0:24 seconds
Marissa De Jesus
Marissa De Jesus Mês atrás
Edward Kenway The Pirate
-Your shortest video ever is the one about back to school- *ok cory*
Mason Marks
Mason Marks Mês atrás
What about your school tips and tricks
Stephen Waite
Stephen Waite Mês atrás
the shortest vid you have is school life hacks
Gobindpreet Rai
Gobindpreet Rai Mês atrás
Nah ur shortest was helping out with school 🤣🤣
jacobsjvj Mês atrás
Lol how fast he was talking
SorryWe’reClosed Mês atrás
Wow very entertaining video
Benboiboi Yeet
Benboiboi Yeet Mês atrás
This is literally the length of videos
Adonis Dukes
Adonis Dukes Mês atrás
CoryxKenshin are you going to make a video on deadrising
Sabryna Young
Sabryna Young Mês atrás
The Banjo Kid
The Banjo Kid Mês atrás
How'd you get so many views!!!?😂😂😂😂😂
TALYA Mahir Mês atrás
What is this vid but I still hit that slice botton
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