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school is important.... for getting crazy stories out of to share with people on the internet
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D you get a tooth envelope that DOESN'T have a gross tooth in it

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Meet The Millers
Meet The Millers Anos atrás
I love how Jaiden casually mentions, "She got fired later on for sleeping with the track teacher." LMAO
Thermophile Anos atrás
I want a story about jack sparrow's ex wife
Funiske Anos atrás
Wonder why that would get him fired
J. B.
J. B. Anos atrás
@Funiske she said SHE
RedGamer Anos atrás
@Funiske the track teacher was the principals husband. Thats why. (Nothing to back it up, but this is 100% what is going on)
Voliharmin Anos atrás
What is a track teacher? Genuine question from non-english person.
Context Error
Context Error Anos atrás
I think I had her high school art teacher. He was just as insane. Walked into class with pirate flags and golf awards everywhere and thought “this feels...familiar.” Then he started jumping onto the desks and coming up behind kids to scare them and I realized it was all *too* familiar
Harper Paree
Harper Paree Anos atrás
yeah i'm pretty sure i had the same guy. he was a real interesting one for sure and i do remember when he had those bruises on his face from the net fiasco
mscarn1 Anos atrás
Oh boy
Lena Rose Lavazza
Lena Rose Lavazza Anos atrás
@The Voice in Your Head I remember this one time when I was in school we went to an ice rink and one of my teachers slipped on the ice and fell backwards and hit her head and I skated over to her to make sure she was ok and she was ok.
homestuckfan9 9 meses atrás
mr graves right? he’s our art teacher this year and we even got him to watch the video to try and confirm it lol
benedictator 8 meses atrás
Our art teacher killed himself
Fake_Rea!ty 2 anos atrás
It takes 12 years to experience school but only 6 minutes and 40 seconds to describe the experience
Virtual Overtime
Virtual Overtime 2 anos atrás
ChrisAndChad 2 anos atrás
HILDA! HILDA! 2 anos atrás
Make this top comment please
_Cløudy_ 2 anos atrás
It takes Rebellious kids only 10 seconds to describe it at most...
_Cløudy_ 2 anos atrás
Matt Axel Brinas Ps college? Ty I think we know that 😁
Bree Hazlett
Bree Hazlett 11 meses atrás
The art kid in my fifth grade class had the issue of people asking her to draw them stuff, so she came up with the solution of charging for her drawings. I always thought it was pretty genius.
lunabuna 7 meses atrás
That was actually pretty clever. I never had anyone ask me to draw them, but I had requests for their favorite animal, so I just did it and handed it over because I had trouble saying no. If anyone did ask for me to draw them, I don't remember it, but I probably honestly told them "I don't draw humans" because I didn't. I was bad at it and frickin' knew it. Life Drawing in college was pure hell, so thanks for the self-sabotage, me.
N R 6 meses atrás
Omg i had a girl do the same thing, she would laminate and make them into keychains. But we bonded over our love for koi fish so she gave me a koi fish key chain (that I didn’t ask for) for free which was pretty awesome. And now I’m the art kid… traumatizing
Ash 2 meses atrás
@lunabuna​I remember when someone asked me to draw them and even after I refused they kept annoyingly begging so I drew her a stick man lol
Captain GuyMan
Captain GuyMan Anos atrás
I dunno bout y’all but I would love a teacher like that. A guy who living life to the fullest, and has no shame. As long as a he doesn’t hurt anybody, he’s constant entertainment.
World's Smallest Destron781
I relate to that man.
LegoCityFilms Anos atrás
Its an art class, I bet some of the students were actually scared
Sylvia Pacheco
Sylvia Pacheco Anos atrás
I relate i have a nomal teacher i want a crazy teqcher
Black Cat Studios
Black Cat Studios Anos atrás
I mean as long as I’m actually learning then I don’t really care what the teachers like
mimo!! Anos atrás
My middle school art teacher was a Pokemon anime nerd mixed with a horror emo. She is great
Juiced Bagel
Juiced Bagel Anos atrás
Jaiden is absolutely the most relatable and wholesome person I've ever stumbled upon on BRvid. These videos make me chuckle and Ari is an adorable quacking bird
xander_force246 11 meses atrás
Yes she is so relatable person i think ive ever met or really watched
Princess Sundark
Princess Sundark 4 anos atrás
Jaiden: I’ve never met someone so psychopathic. Rebecca Parham: *Hold my wine*
Y K 4 anos atrás
it's hold my beer
Byakuya Togami
Byakuya Togami 4 anos atrás
@Y K r/whoooosh
The_queen_of_ _hearts_
Princess Sundark 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Blepple 4 anos atrás
@Y Kr/wooosh you don't get the reference... and neither do I... someone tell me?
TxCKaFrS 4 anos atrás
You mean hold my beer
OOFMAKER Anos atrás
Jaiden: “What kind of kid was I in school? You guessed it! The quiet one!” Also Jaiden: “Looking back, there was a lot of blood involved in these memories.”🤔
luv4the8 Anos atrás
E Ricky
E Ricky Anos atrás
Nguyễn Thị Kim Chi
Ginger Anos atrás
RandomEdits! Anos atrás
LegoPlayz164 🇺🇦
Jaiden’s art teacher is the kinda guy who would wash their hand after having a shower
Abhinn Baxi
Abhinn Baxi Anos atrás
Electric paisy
Electric paisy Anos atrás
what hand? He's a pirate.
Caroline MoonWolfie
@Abhinn Baxi The commenter means that he would wash his already pure hands. So it will be nonsense. Or then you were just being like: Why? In other form. Thx bye
Osteopatriarch Anos atrás
Just one hand, not both
Keypath Anos atrás
Ha ha ... i do that :)
FlickFlack 5 meses atrás
i love how in all the funny years of jaiden's education memories is either teachers on crack or blood... lots. of. blood.
gamester512 4 meses atrás
I have a weirdly similar story. It was the latter half of my senior year of high school, since that was the half of the year when I was taking a government class (IIRC, for the first half of the school year we had an economics class, and then for the latter half that class was swapped with a government class), and during one week for some reason I kept getting a bloody nose during government class (and it is normally *very* rare for me to get a bloody nose, if I get a bloody nose more than once every year or two, it's bizarre to me) and *only* during government class! It happened four days in a row, and on the fourth day the school nurse told me *"If this happens again, you're going to need to go to the hospital."* ....and then the bloody noses immediately stopped and never came back. It was really weird....
Ko'Lynn Anos atrás
I was so quiet in school that one of my teachers heard me talking to a friend outside of class once and he was shocked and told me he thought I was a mute this whole time.
Madeline Addison
Madeline Addison Anos atrás
Melodys Music Journey
Melodys Music Journey 10 meses atrás
Dino Ruby
Dino Ruby 6 meses atrás
Omg if I didn't have friends that would happen to me
Dino Ruby
Dino Ruby 6 meses atrás
Maybe in 5th grade I will be silent and see what my teacher does...
I can actually relate to Jaiden at 3:04 because usually I can answer the questions, but sometimes I’ll just breakdown and cry silently
MrPika 327
MrPika 327 2 anos atrás
This vid was sponsored by Jaiden's brain
iCrEaM !
iCrEaM ! 2 anos atrás
Her brain cells
TheGamingVillager 2 anos atrás
@iCrEaM ! that one brain cell who ate grass at elementary school
Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun 2 anos atrás
TheGamingVillager lol
iCrEaM !
iCrEaM ! 2 anos atrás
@TheGamingVillager excuse me
Ballistic Banana Boiz
Ballistic Banana Boiz 2 anos atrás
Woah dude
Logan Toubeaux-Handy
I remember being reserved and an outcast then finding out I had been voted "Most Likely to Take Over the World if a Facist Dictatorship." Never even voted on the year book titles so I didn't even know that was an option. It was really strange to find out that my class had voted for me, let alone that 78 out of the 104 students voted that.
Psychott Anos atrás
If that was me I’d consider it a compliment
Jzombi Anos atrás
it comes from the stereotype that the quiet kid has a lot of pent up anger from everyone either neglecting them or bullying them. then they start telling the people they care about to "not come to school today"... when you’re quiet and reserved people dont know your motives and intentions and can misinterpret them.
Slightly Decent
Slightly Decent Anos atrás
If it were a category people would've voted me "Most likely to be a school shooter" (even though I've literally never hurt anyone) because no one ever got to know me, but even the "friends" I had turned on me and basically accused me of at least planning to do something even more messed up in my opinion. Long story short, screw high school. Worst 4 years of my life.
GracieCat96 Anos atrás
Wtf kind of school even has that kind of poll?? WHAT ARE PEOPLE DOING????
Logan Toubeaux-Handy
@GracieCat96 Well, considering my county had the worst schools in my state I'm not surprised
That Random Girl
That Random Girl Anos atrás
My school used to give us tiny treasure chests for when we lost a tooth. Also some of the boys in my 6th grade class made my 9 months pregnant English teacher cry and almost go into labor purely out of frustration and stress. I feel bad for her.
Pottwal Anos atrás
Wait why was that teacher still teaching when she was 9 month pregnant?!
Yes Man Junior
Yes Man Junior Anos atrás
Omg same except it was my Math Teacher.
idk what to call this channel anymore
Boys just be like that unfortunately there's only a special few that are nice and easy to hang out with
ShadowSkyX 6 dias atrás
Ass whooping should've been allowed for that. No doubt they thought making her upset was "funny"
Shedinja Anos atrás
Love how 12 years of school can be explained in a video short enough to have no midroll ads
Payal Ambaly
Payal Ambaly 2 anos atrás
Jaiden-"Growing up I was a quiet and *shy* person" Also jaiden-"can we just do finger guns"
i like undertale
i like undertale Anos atrás
ayyyyyyyyyyyy finger guns
Buffins The Cat
Buffins The Cat 6 meses atrás
I know this is six years late, but yes, the tooth envelope thing still exists. When I was in primary school I ripped a tooth out and got sent to the nurse's office and got a mini tooth treasure chest for it. At the time carrying one of those tooth chests was like a status symbol lol.
Jasper Simpson
Jasper Simpson 5 anos atrás
Once when I was drawing in school I turned around and saw nearly the whole class behind me watching me draw... It was kinda scary actually...
momo 5 anos atrás
Zoot ! That happens a lot to me
Scarlet Sage
Scarlet Sage 5 anos atrás
Yeah when I draw I have my friends come over...and other people who I don't want to pay attention to
Potahtwah 5 anos atrás
Zoot ! whenever someone comes near me when I'm drawing one of my own characters or invader Zim, I close my drawing book and wait till they leave to open it back up.
LeBonBon V2
LeBonBon V2 5 anos atrás
Zoot ! That's happened to me 😰
ANGRY BUBBLES 2 anos atrás
When people ask me to draw them I actually accept it but purposely make it horrible so nobody ever even asks me again
pRahvi0 2 anos atrás
I draw them my eyes closed. I've found that a surprisingly effective way of suppressing my perfectionism. Like, anything you try to add after the first 3 details only makes it worse. And nobody's gonna complain about the eyes being too close to each other _when they're barely located within the face._
LanceTheKing 2 anos atrás
@pRahvi0 are you an Asian (I'm an Asian btw)
mamamamamari 2 anos atrás
@LanceTheKing why are you asking
LanceTheKing 2 anos atrás
@mamamamamari is, he, ASIAN
LanceTheKing 2 anos atrás
@mamamamamari (your comment probably got deleted) why not
Haste PG3D
Haste PG3D Anos atrás
I love how jaidens tennis teacher hit his head on the concrete extremely hard and his ex wife was just like: oh yeah he's totally not dying right now 💀
MoldiLollipop 2 meses atrás
I actually loved school TOO much when I started, and it ran up until sometime in 2021. I ended up focusing so hard on school that I sort of forgot who I wanted to become as an adult until I struggled with my Chemistry class. I love science AND math, but the teacher would give you an entry ticket, a practice assignment, a graded assignment that was STUPIDLY MORE ADVANCED than ANY of the other work, barely any real physical fun stuff to do, and an exit ticket. Quarantine in 2020 was around when I got back into drawing, but I really got back into the swing of me in tenth grade. Now I wear ridiculous outfits, have even more friends than ever before (I consider them frinds; they don't have to see me as a legit friend, but I like a lot of people and most of them like me back to some degree), and I can draw my characters fairly quickly. Back to the subject of school though, we had this really cool English teacher the first semester of front hall eighth grade. He let us play with his lights ayers a few times, he read The Princess Bride to us with different voice for each character, he would make book recommendations to some of us, and he told us that there were three different categories of major movies; Classics, Cult Classics, and Shrek. I'm not even joking. One time he gave us a "huge test that will basically determine our grade for the rest of the year," and it was a singular empty box. He accepted someone's introduction to the class that was literally just the script from Megamind (I think we were the only three people who knew what was going on when that happened) and just started talking about why the movie was such a masterpiece even though it didn't perform as well as it should have. He wouldn't just give you a grade out of pity, he would always find the good in what we wrote and made. He ended up leaving halfway through the schoolyear because people (not students, but grown-a** adults) were saying the he would never be good at what he was doing, or something stupid like that, and when he started giving us a speech about when we walked in, every single person started crying. All of my friends, the randos, my one true personal enemy, me; everybody cried. We got to take pictures with him if we wanted, and he had a lightsaber battle with the only staff member who treated him like a friend, and then he left. Supposedly he became an author, and if that is the case, I would love to read whatever he has conjured up. (I almost forgot to mention this kid launched a rubberband in class, and the teacher went "HEY! WE DON'T SHOOT RUBBERBANDS IN CLASS. We do that after class." And a rubberband war erupted as soon as class ended that day.) Admittedly, I am still worried about the friend teacher-- she's super nice but I have definitely seen her pushed to a point of giving up, and he said something about her husband. I don't know what her home life is like, but I hope both of those teachers are living happy awesome lives. There is a teacher at my Early College who acts and has similar interests to him, but I think the "Favorite Teacher Award" has to go to this man. I love a lot of my teachers, but this guy may have contributed the most positive education any of us have ever had. I still have the pictures and the video, and any friend from back then are still my friends to this very day. Even my enemy agrees that he was the best, and the only other thing we can agree to this extent is that this one person is not ugly because of a stupid scar (I think we have literally argued over almost anything else, and not n the fun way (also I won't name drop anybody, but seriously, on a level of beauty standards from just about anybody, scar person, you're probably like, 9)). (I got distracted in here somewhere (my dog flinched at a loud sound from the video ha ha))
No !
No ! 2 anos atrás
The worst part of being shy is once you start to actually talk to someone you say weird things and then get embarrassed once you finished talking to them, and when you have a crush you're too shy to say anything
Joshua and Harold
Joshua and Harold 2 anos atrás
Lion316 2 anos atrás
I had a crush on a girl for the past 2 years but I didnt tell her that i liked her because I was too shy, now im in a different school and every night I think about what could've happened if i'd told her that I liked her. Sorry for my bad english btw
No !
No ! 2 anos atrás
@Lion316 Your English is great
Lion316 2 anos atrás
@No ! thanks! :D
No !
No ! 2 anos atrás
@Lion316 You're welcome!
1bookfisher 6 dias atrás
Love how her class was spot-on with that class vote- she DID end up pursuing art as a career lmao
mk786 4 anos atrás
Jaiden: I was a shy child. *has public speaking as a job*
Serafina Smalkin
Serafina Smalkin 4 anos atrás
She said she was a shy CHILD she's an adult now
Kee Leichtle
Kee Leichtle 4 anos atrás
@Serafina Smalkin Well she's still a pretty shy adult (as am I so I'm in no way judging). This is her and the other animators' ways of breaking out of that shell and be more expressive. Something I (the most shy and awkward and introverted human being in the world) have been feeling inspired to do someday.
Vergil’s Motivation
Vergil’s Motivation 4 anos atrás
A shy *CHILD*
maxi 4 anos atrás
@Serafina Smalkin r/woooosh
Amani Rose
Amani Rose 4 anos atrás
*in her room where she can't see no hoomans she's speaking to.
jax. 2 anos atrás
As an 8th grader, it’s great to know that Jaiden doesn’t remember ANYTHING past 6th grade.
Dream_Walker Anos atrás
As another 8th grader, same.
crushxcultxre 2 anos atrás
About the tooth envelope thing: So my school didn’t do that, but the “cool” classes had necklaces that you could put your tooth in and wear for the rest of the day! And the little container at the end of the plastic wire chain thing was shaped like a big tooth, and was oversized compared to the tooth you spat out your mouth. Like bruh my tooth isn’t jewelry- Edit: I never got a tooth holder necklace thingy, my class wasn’t cOoL. I got ziplocs.
Night's Edge
Night's Edge 2 anos atrás
Same. They had necklaces as well. Those were the good times, before school turned into h e double toothpicks.
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Anos atrás
I used that too
samantha rubsam
samantha rubsam Anos atrás
We got mini treasure chests lmao
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez Anos atrás
@samantha rubsam same
mat Anos atrás
My school did the exact same thing, and I remember always wearing it around for the rest of the day because I was proud of it or something
JustAPers0n Anos atrás
My dad had a former coworker who was completely obsessed with Disney. He was an older Disney adult. But he also went to Buffalo Wild Wings every single day for lunch. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY. He was also obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean so much, he got this huge painting for his living room. This guy was nuts.
Starfox Smash
Starfox Smash Anos atrás
I, too, didn't talk to very many people in school. I wasn't a very talkative person, and didn't have many friends. So, I identify with what Jaiden was saying. Now that I'm 5 years out of school, things are much different now. I haven't seen any of my classmates since graduation. (I've seen a few here and there, but other than that, haven't seen any of them.) Edit: My mom was the same way, and she graduated high school 5 years before I was born. (She graduated in 1992.) Edit 2: 6 years out as of now.
Yousef 11 meses atrás
5:00 if i had a teacher like that not only would i join him it would also get me motivated to work harder
rodolfo alzate
rodolfo alzate 6 anos atrás
the blood pressure moment killed me😂
SupGuy 6 anos atrás
yeah xD
TreePotion 6 anos atrás
me to
rodolfo alzate
rodolfo alzate 6 anos atrás
rodolfo alzate
rodolfo alzate 6 anos atrás
and + everybody has a
CrownErie Anos atrás
back in high school, I use to draw almost all the time. never once had someone ask me to draw them. it honestly hurts. it feels like no one even liked my art, or even cared enough to want me to draw them... :/ so hearing artists be like, if your a artist you can relate. I honestly can't, and I honestly wish i could. I wish people would ask me to draw them back in high school.
CrownErie Anos atrás
Timtim is a cartoonist🤖 I'm sorry. Its good to know that where not alone tho
Caroline MoonWolfie
Well I can't draw prettily, sooo
Doe Anos atrás
please, draw my pfp
Sheng Wu
Sheng Wu Anos atrás
@CrownErie me too bruv
Fin Anos atrás
Am I the only one who actually thinks how hard she works and how hard animators work just too get a few mins of our time?. But I really love these videos and that you continue this for us
Dragon_Destroyer Anos atrás
6:08 this reminds me of a time I was at a park with 3 of my friends and my first friend just clears the net casually while we were switching teams. After seeing him do this I thought, “looks easy enough” and fail the worst possible way. I think I somehow got my hand stuck UNDER the net and didn’t hit the floor at all but now I was completely tangled up in a tennis court net completely off the ground. Long story short we cut the net and never went back to that park again.
Thatonedudeonline Anos atrás
At my school, we didn't use envelopes to hold baby teeth. They would give us these mini treasure chests called "Teeth Treasure" to hold the tooth in till we got home and put it under our pillow. Losing a tooth was the best part of school.
nobody. Anos atrás
My school had necklaces shaped like a tooth, it had really cheap red plastic string and if you were wearing one of those you were instantly the coolest person ever
Hawk Feather
Hawk Feather Anos atrás
I only got those chests at the dentist.
E. M.
E. M. Anos atrás
You just evoked the memory of tooth treasure chests in me holy crap
Caroline MoonWolfie
LilyPlayz Anos atrás
Same here
EndDragonPrower1 7 meses atrás
You don't have to be sorry, we understand that it takes long to make quality content, and that you have to postpone posting a video because it is tiring making videos, and having constant pressure from your fans begging for more content. It's all good!
matt noiii
matt noiii 6 anos atrás
I actually choked on my own saliva while laughing at the blood pressure. I can relate.
matt noiii
matt noiii 6 anos atrás
Come to think of it, that sounds wrong.
Vol'jin 6 anos atrás
mariculous fan WHAT XD!!! Srry for laughfing...
Ira Sergio
Ira Sergio 6 anos atrás
mariculous fan me too
ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ᴄʜɪᴄ
mariculous fan same
Omegis 6 anos atrás
mariculous fan Samee
Mint 2 anos atrás
I’m, 12, 6th grade, can confirm that we still have tooth envelopes. Now they’re plastic and shaped like a tooth. Also, I had that exact nose bleed story last year.
Jayamole P
Jayamole P 2 anos atrás
Im in the 6th grade too! I dont know where you live but here is straya(Australia) we still have paper envolopes but the seniors (3rd grade and above) dont get them😭
LanceTheKing 2 anos atrás
@Jayamole P 3rd... 6... you mean 3rd year high?
MinaPenguin 2 anos atrás
@Sheppard who cares, they probably turn 13 this year
The Guitar Expert
The Guitar Expert 2 anos atrás
Tapu Muganyi
Tapu Muganyi 2 anos atrás
@Sheppard what can they watch then and why are there kid vids on yt when it’s not men’t for kids
jay M
jay M 2 anos atrás
I didn't attend my last couple of days in middle school because of bullying. I was back a few days after it had ended for my honors plaque. In high school senior year we were required to have less classes than anyone else graduating after us and not do a big project as well. I literally spent half the day in class until April when I got my first job and went half and half. I still remember what I learned but I always find it odd how many people can't think beyond a 6th grade science level or history level. It's scary. Thankfully now you can always relearn that knowledge.
Ce1estia 6 meses atrás
For me, the schools always used these cheap, plastic necklaces with a little container shaped like a huge tooth. My entire elementary school(and my elementary was k-7, so no middle school or junior high before high school 8-12) including me lost our teeth by them falling out at recess.
Risu Wolf
Risu Wolf Anos atrás
When I was in college the professor asked a question that no one knew the answer to. After a bit he said, "If you guys don't start raising your hands, I'll call on people. And I'm starting with the people wearing hats." And me and 2 or 3 guys casually took our hats off.
CherryCreamFairy Anos atrás
that is so funny lol
ow ye men
ow ye men Anos atrás
Most non threatening threat there is lmao
Piper Gillis
Piper Gillis Mês atrás
The same thing happened to me in class when I lost a tooth. Story is a big different. I was waiting to be released to go to the buses and leave, when I noticed my front left bottem tooth was the tiniest bit wiggly, so I took the strap from my backpack and yanked it out. Blood everywhere but I held it up and yelled, “My tooth ‘fell’ out!” It didn’t really hurt to be honest though, i remember because this was three years ago in the first grade, yep 😂
the random place !?
the random place !? 3 anos atrás
Categories at my school • popular kids • weird kids • smart kids • sports kids • people who are quiet but still have friends • anime nerds • people who cuss a lot • bullies
Nadine 3 anos atrás
The last one would just be named shy kids
the random place !?
the random place !? 3 anos atrás
@Nadine yeah I realized that after I commented it
Nadine 3 anos atrás
@Nebu1a ... um... No....
Sara Mayer
Sara Mayer 3 anos atrás
🙋‍♀️ wierd and silent with friends
♡Bellatrix♡ Anos atrás
At school (mainly grade 7 and up) there was a lot of categories type thing. For me I was put in an anime,gamer,Japanese category. I was didn’t talk much at all and the main thing I remember being asked is ‘can you write my name in Japanese or Chinese?’
Ryan Rake
Ryan Rake 10 meses atrás
In school I went from the quiet kid to nerd to athlete to the nerd athlete more or less. I love working out, hanging out with pals, playing sports, working on and looking at cars and boats. But I also loved geeking out with friend watching Star Wars, playing mariokart, theories and shit like that. Fortunately though having graduated and working I’m still 18 and got plenty of time with friends.
TEMMIE_FLAKES 3 meses atrás
The best way not to get called on at school is to look like you're busy. Start taking notes and look like you're actually paying attention.
Assassin 2 anos atrás
I have a memory I still remember. When I was in 2nd grade, it was lunch time. You know those black seeds they put in food? Yeah. One of them went into my nose and I had to go to the clinic to get it extracted. On the way back to school, it started bleeding. And I'm always reminded of it. So, I never had to deal with it again. I'm in high school now and I know the HELL of assignments. You instantly forget what assignment you have because the classes are long and drawn out and it's like on Sundays you remember ALL the homework you have. And somehow you manage. Because in a new school, all your classmates are your friends... That's if your older classmates are in your class.
A=An Mês atrás
I sometimes watch your videos while I draw/animate, haha. They're so entertaining.
Joel Bonnie
Joel Bonnie 3 anos atrás
He finally got an excuse to wear an eyepatch after the tennis net thingy
madh acharya
madh acharya 3 anos atrás
Underrated comment!!
hhh 3 anos atrás
Plot twist: *_that was why he did it_*
Jamie L
Jamie L Anos atrás
Really cool that Jaiden won the art contest and now she’s here with millions of subscribers :)
Sayori 2 anos atrás
“ARGH DRAW ME!l” Jaiden: *so this is how I die*
Nika Sen
Nika Sen Anos atrás
I think the earliest memory I have from school was this one particular day in Kindergarten. (it'll be a long one, sorry) The way free time worked was we were released at different intervals depending on how good we did that day, so while I waited this boy was sitting on the floor crying because he had gotten in trouble that day. So my little 5-6-year-old brain tried to make him smile whenever he looked at me. Unfortunately, it was mid allergy season and my nose itched A LOT. In the middle of rubbing my nose with both arms (I was a weird kid) he looks up and I just throw my arms out in a ta-da type fashion when I feel something running down my chin. I look and there's blood dripping onto the table. So the teacher sees and panics from this severe, self-induced nosebleed and ran to get a paper towel. And all I remember is telling her that you're not supposed to run in the classroom. I ended up staying in the nurse's office the rest of the day... Now that I think about it, it must've been pretty funny yet concerning that some girl threw out her arms as if saying "ta-da, look at me" and her nose just starts gushing blood.
Bi Queen
Bi Queen 2 anos atrás
4:17 I have a friend named Kathy (aka Kat) and she loves art/is amazing at it and she has like that exact hair cut/color it's just such a coincidence. I love it.
Michael Aplicador
Michael Aplicador Anos atrás
what if that was her
Br 1
Br 1 Anos atrás
@Michael Aplicador we will never know
Bi Queen
Bi Queen Anos atrás
My friend is from the southeast and has never been to the western part of the United states so it probably wasn't her.
Caroline MoonWolfie
@Bi Queen u bisexual? I'm too
Scarlet Gaming Studio
Scarlet Gaming Studio 8 meses atrás
Back in my elementary school I think it was 1st grade, I tried putting on my rain jacket but somehow while I was using my teeth to get the sleeve in fully bc of how difficult it was to get in in the first place- one of my teeth just fell out and I love the fact I too was given an envelope. Also I can l highly relate to the whole art student situation but on a different level kinda, no one in my high school knew I was a furry and I wanted it to stay that way because of past trauma. Unfortunately one student that doesn’t understand I don’t make friends in schools for reasons saw I was drawing and said, “Oh you draw?! Can I see your art?!” And she just snatched my binder before I could even say no and just looks through all my art. When she came across one of my furry artworks she says in the middle of class when everyone was doing work and I had free time, “Oh your a furry?” I snatched my binder back and gave her a glare that out right says “Don’t look at me don’t talk to me and DO NOT touch my stuff or you will have a pencil stab wound or worse ink poisoning.” And she never bothered me again.
Mop Buckets !
Mop Buckets ! 4 anos atrás
god was a pen jaiden’s a highlighter god drew the world jaiden made it brighter thank you jaiden for making totally awesome videos. you have inspired me.
John Gadbois
John Gadbois 4 anos atrás
What an original joke.
ignore me lol
ignore me lol 4 anos atrás
beth lol
beth lol 4 anos atrás
Too overused!
Tanya Walter
Tanya Walter 4 anos atrás
Can we stop commenting about how its "overused" and just appreciate that this person is kind?!
Puneet Singh
Puneet Singh 4 anos atrás
Tanya Walter yea guys chill
KwispeyVonCorvus Anos atrás
I can barely remember but my elementary school had those big tooth necklaces that you pop open like an Easter egg and store your tooth. We might have also had the envelopes too but not certain. That elementary school was great, until the new school president/leader was hired and she killed all of the fun. So many traditions snuffed out. Now there are rumors that the school is going to be torn down.
Rosette Prism
Rosette Prism Anos atrás
I was also kinda artsy but people didn't ask me to draw them. Instead people wanted more of what I was already drawing at the time (I recall a house drawing phase). Later I just gifted them to my friends and stuff, because I liked to draw certain things but I had so many similar ones I would gift them. I went through many phases of what the composition would be.
「 r i k u 」
「 r i k u 」 Dia atrás
The tooth one just reminded me of a memory from elementary school I was in class and earlier that day I ripped my tooth out since it was really loose, I went to the office and got one of those envelopes. I went back to class and quite literally lost my tooth out of the little envelope. I panicked and cried and finally walked infront of the entire class and told my teacher I lost my tooth. She looked at me and said "okay well if you pulled out a tooth, go get an envelope from the office. :)" and I replied with "nono, I *lost* my tooth." And showed her the empty envelope. She then panicked and made my entire class rummage around the class looking for my tooth for like 20 minutes while I just stood there zoning out and then someone yelled "I found it! I FOUND IT!!!" And showed the entire class my slobbery bloody dusty tooth. I ended up going home early for some unknown reason 😂
F.O.N T Anos atrás
I had someone that I didn't know ask me out because they saw me working on a hyper-realistic hand one day in class. I'm glad this was one of the few times I used one of my four brain cells and deduced that she just wanted to use me for popularity.
Canned_Peas Anos atrás
Her animation style is so different now 🙂
*"Don't make eye contact."* -School 101
Antonella Castro
Antonella Castro 2 anos atrás
Blood pressure when in class normally: 19 Blood pressure when u get called on for no reason: 999999999999
Frances Monique Santoyas
@Antonella Castro and that's a fact
Pastel peppermint
Pastel peppermint 2 anos atrás
That funny
Aazen Mahrajan
Aazen Mahrajan 2 anos atrás
@Frances Monique Santoyas unlike you man I anit using hacks
Victor 2 anos atrás
Yes school 101
Phoebe Morales
Phoebe Morales 2 anos atrás
That tooth thing once happened to me during recess in second grade and we were deciding what to do, so I raised my hand, and the teacher said ‘oh, you also want to do legos?’ And I had the tooth in my mouth and was trying not to swallow it, so I just shook my head, spit out the tooth, and showed it to her. She sent me to the nurse.
EmotinallyClose Anos atrás
I was dying out laughing when the part you said "he would blast the music remixes up" and when you also said that "he would start swinging his golf club" those two parts I was laughing so hard.
WolfPlayz 4 meses atrás
Can we talk about how good jaiden is at Hyper ventilating
Electric paisy
Electric paisy Anos atrás
Art teachers are a different breed. I remember two art teachers who smashed around paperrolls in the schoolyard while it was raining and all the paper got mushy. Then they stuck the empty rolls over their arms and waved around weirdly. They also did a few other weird things that are just to complicated to describe and I'm pretty sure they where high af. However they did this for 4 hours and made the class watch them the whole time. This sounds like it's too strange to be true and I made it all up for internet lolz but actually it's too strange to make it up.
TheMassiveLiability 8 meses atrás
Gotta respect that art teacher, dress for the job you want not the job you have.
CraftedDeath 6 anos atrás
The bloody nose thing happened to me in social studies 7th grade during the final so I sat there for 30-45 minutes, nose profusely bleeding and I was to shy to excuse myself or even ask the teacher for a tissue
CraftedDeath 6 anos atrás
Also my school did the tooth bags things
J K 6 anos atrás
About two months ago, I was sitting in class when i suddenly spouted a profusely bleeding nose. We were watching a documentary about the Vietnam war at the time, so the teacher was looking at the screen. I was too shy to say anything, so a waited until someone noticed and told the teacher. by that point, a had a pool of congealed blood in my cupped hands, almost filled to the top.
Bobabeargames 2 anos atrás
I love how she make complete sense while still making me laugh
Kaelyn I guess
Kaelyn I guess 2 anos atrás
The nosebleed thing happened to me too, when I was in grade 2. But it was a bit different because I was too scared to do anything about it, so I just sat there, using my purple sweater to catch all the blood for like 5 minutes, until someone saw me sitting there crying with a blood covered sweater, and told the teacher for me.
lunabuna 7 meses atrás
I too was very shy and never talked to people, but I _almost_ won our yearbook "most artistic" award but lost to another girl who was super loud and super outgoing. I only know I came close because despite my shyness, I had a ton of other kids approach me and tell me they voted for me. That was... nice? But they were scary so I just said thanks and avoided eye contact. My 11th and 12th grade teacher was very into U2 and when All That You Can't Leave Behind came out, that's all he ever played on our dinky boombox. It would've been nice if he mixed it up with a pop radio station or The Joshua Tree or something, but meh... could be worse. Could be like in the computer lab next door when that one girl who won "most artistic" blared Linkin Park all period.
wintertheAmpharos 2 anos atrás
I relate to being very shy and quiet. I had few friends and aside from said friends, I was pretty much an outcast. I mostly played by myself or had lunch with the teachers...somehow. I became even more shy and wary of people as I aged due to being heavily sheltered, and staff even questioned if I knew how to speak English cos Of how quiet I was. I can, but I chose not to. I would frequently communicate through body language or odd noises. I recently found out I was autistic. Probably explains the odd noises, preferring to communicate through body language rather than words, and having a dislike for loud noises and/or people.
Syd Alyssa Watson
Syd Alyssa Watson Anos atrás
I had to revisit this video after getting into the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies myself. Now I'm so obsessed I feel like I'm turning into this guy! I run down the hall during lunch and say, "I've got a jar of dirt!! I've got a jar of dirt!!" or lay on the floor like Jack in the prison cell in the first movie. Or I hum the theme song walking through the halls. It's a real problem, lmao
lav 4 anos atrás
teacher: do you know what it is? jaiden: well yes, but actually no.
Izzy Bird
Izzy Bird 4 anos atrás
This comment just earned itself a like
Platano 4 anos atrás
hai-k dats my life in a nutshell
AbbeyJoness_ 3 anos atrás
That’s me all the time
Victoria Milk
Victoria Milk 3 anos atrás
Oh my god I was going to do that comment
MILO 3 anos atrás
It funny 😆
Olivesss Anos atrás
I’m pretty sure the school system is getting a bit better. At least for me. The teachers ask everyone for their pronouns and we don’t have much homework if we get all our work done in class
AppleJuice Anos atrás
I had a math teacher in 6th grade that always had Disney music playing in the background, even while we were doing a quiz 😂
Team Sirius
Team Sirius 8 meses atrás
3:20 I am SO glad I never had to deal with this. But then again when I started getting into drawing I was pretty much hanging out with only other kids that also drew or whatever so there wasn't much of a "oh wow, you can draw! So cool!" Same thing in college, what with taking specifically art classes and all.
Guardian-of-Light 137
Guardian-of-Light 137 2 anos atrás
Following up on that opening about not remembering anything from school. My math teacher once said something along these lines. "Is this advanced stuff really going to matter? Unless you plan to be a rocket scientist. No. The basics, and what you want to focus on are all you really need. The rest is just there so you can branch out if you need to. And or things don't go as planned."
Bala and GEXR Subdivision Railfan
I remember one time my teacher called on my friend during math cause he wasnt paying attention, and he literally just said "no." 💀
Disco Ball
Disco Ball 3 anos atrás
Jaiden: I've never meet someone so psychopathic Rebecca (Let Me Explain Studios): Heh, hold my glass
Bee! 3 anos atrás
You forgot the rest Rebecca: * opens list that goes around the world* number one MURDEROUS TEACHER!
Left, new channel, Still kinda active?
Should be hold my fairy wand ( cuz she’s the girlfriend fairy? )
Jasmaikkaa 3 anos atrás
noriamaeallen 3 anos atrás
Amina Winterwater
Amina Winterwater 2 anos atrás
My category in the school, I think, is somewhere between smart kid, art kid, music kid, and quiet one. The quiet person thing is so relatable. Literally, whenever I would ask a question in band, the band director would never be able to hear me because I was so quiet. Eventually, he gave up on asking me to speak louder and just asked the girl next to me to translate. 😂 Oh, and my Social Studies teacher once yelled at me for being too quiet.
Jawllypop 2 anos atrás
As the artist kid when I was in school, I know the feeling of everyone pestering me to draw them stuff. Me being the introverted no social skills child I was, this scared the piss out of me. I never felt so uncomfortable than being pressured into drawing for someone when I would tell them I didn't want to. Bleh. Also, about getting called on in class. Teachers can tell when someone doesn't know the answer. It's one of the few perks of being a teacher, making their students squirm and make them look stupid. There is no way to avoid tripping thier dumb student radar, ever. So all I can suggest is you study and pay attention.
PaperStraws Animations
PaperStraws Animations 8 meses atrás
ShinyEevee Anos atrás
The same thing happened to me when I lost my first tooth. It was my right front tooth and my brain also remembers the extremely important subject we were learning about in science class.... change. We were learning about change. Like a snowman melting (literally the ONE EXAMPLE that my brain remembers.)
Dream_Walker Anos atrás
My first tooth I lost in school was in the middle of choir in front of the whole 1st grade and we were practicing silent night for the upcoming Christmas concert. Thanks brain for remembering that
ShinyEevee Anos atrás
@Dream_Walker Brains really do remember the most random things and forget the more important stuff, huh?
Dream_Walker Anos atrás
@ShinyEevee yup. I can remember all that random stuff but can’t remember an important password I set last night :’)
Long Knoll
Long Knoll Anos atrás
Ah, back in the days when Jaiden gave off a dark purple, North Dakota vibe, and her surname seemed as though it should have been Ward (Jaiden Ward)
SylviX 6 meses atrás
I was the artsy one in my class both in middle and high school. I was asked to make the art asignments for half of the class in middle school, and in high school i was the one in charge for decorating the class on holidays, and a lot of girls asked me to draw portraits of them and their boyfriends to give them as gifts 😄
klarakeuroeaton 6 anos atrás
I laughed so hard at the "I'm going to jump over the net" part 😂😂😂😂😂😂
klarakeuroeaton 6 anos atrás
also could you make some videos about your past relationships ? :3
SeaLemonz 6 anos atrás
I want that pirate teacher so badly now
Nuby_bubby 6 anos atrás
I felt the floor laughing at the part
LunarMoonX 6 anos atrás
i had normal dumb kids,, they TALK TO MUCH,, but once i gotto grade11 and up,, or was it 10 up,, the majority of them stopped talking
LunarMoonX 6 anos atrás
3:15 peoplE say im shy but they are too dum to know bout the difference between ignore and shyness,, basically me super quiet and only speaked to worthy humans,, dont ask
Evie Cookie
Evie Cookie Anos atrás
You had the experience with making eye contact with a teacher and being called on. My experiences was I would intentionally look down at my book to make it look like I was finding the answer... AND I GOT CALLED ON ANWAY!!! That happened a lot of times and every single time I would see the kids looking at me as I would look up from my book and kind of embarrassed me a little bit because like 75% of the time I didn't have the answer. Fun Memories! Am I right?
Iron Wolf The First and Only
On the tooth envelope thing, I never knew anyone who lost their tooth in middle school up but I do remember it in elementary school. They had these weird necklaces with a plastic tooth on the end that you could open up. You basically put your tooth in a fake tooth and wore it around your neck. I’m not sure which is weirder
Viral Vid Viewer
Viral Vid Viewer 8 meses atrás
School isnt for learning. It is for memorization. You get shown what you need to pass the test before forgetting what you memorized. So yes, our education system is greatly flawed.
The Author of Your Story
My school actuallly gave us little poorly made chest boxes. They were pretty cool, but broke easily.
Andy Costanzo
Andy Costanzo 2 meses atrás
Don’t worry my mom was a shy kid back then in same way as you so don’t worry my mom can feel your pain.👍🏻
Dhruv Kallianpur
Dhruv Kallianpur 4 anos atrás
Teacher: Asks a question Student: Doesn’t raise their hand Teacher: Calls on student Student: Doesn’t know the answer Teacher: Surprise Pikachu
WinterTheWolfie 4 anos atrás
jam 4 anos atrás
@WinterTheWolfie LOL
Springdude 11
Springdude 11 4 anos atrás
jam 4 anos atrás
@Springdude 11 the teacher says suprise pikachu but ThatOenPikachu is pikachu so hes like WUT?
Springdude 11
Springdude 11 4 anos atrás
@jam I'm still confused.
CyberWaddles Anos atrás
Ik u hate ur old videos Jaiden but they made you who u are today and we love u. Ur stories and gaming animation videos are just so amazing
Alice 2 anos atrás
Lol I totally agree with remembering only the most random or important memories but not the actual lessons. XD If it was up to me I'd have subjects named something like *How to Know Who to Trust* *Sarcasm 101* *How to Express Your Emotions* *How to Socialize* You know, actual important stuff you'll actually need in your life xD ✉️💌
Mimikyu Bros. Gaming
Mimikyu Bros. Gaming 11 meses atrás
I miss this style of animation and the way Jaiden sounded in these videos, It honestly kinda was calming with her voice, and the animation, my prefered drawing style also I'm kind of an anime nerd, I don't really care much for anime aside from pokemon, naruto, yo-kai watch that kind of stuff, so yeah the pikachu made me happy right there.
Anybody remember those tiny tooth treasure chests? Like I used to never be able to loose a tooth during school, but the three times I did, there would be so much grand ceremony as a friend I trusted marched me to the office to claim my plastic pink treasure chest to safely protect the piece of bone that fell out of my skull. It was so fun being able to 'pick a friend' because not only the three people I associated with would be begging to come with me, the other moro- **cough** children in my class wanted to come with me too.
Duck With Toast
Duck With Toast 11 meses atrás
I had MULTIPLE TEETH fallen out in the middle of class.Most of the time I made them fall out on purpose because they were anoying me alot.Then i would go to the front office to get a tooth shaped container to hold my blood covered tooth.
JosephAVI 2 anos atrás
Teacher: Jaiden. Jaiden’s blood pressure: *SPIKES*
ishrat sharmin
ishrat sharmin 2 anos atrás
Lol yeah when i was in 6th grade, my latin teacher kept calling on me when my had wasn’t even raised, while a good number of people did have their hands raised. I uh- started crying
Virtual Overtime
Virtual Overtime 2 anos atrás
I think you meant “LITERALLY DIES”
Combine Metrocop
Combine Metrocop 2 anos atrás
Relatable, to me at least.
Yeah i dont know one person who this hasn’t happed to in some form
Yao Xia
Yao Xia 2 anos atrás
I was a jock that was very good at sports and was on the basketball, volleyball and rugby team, I hung out with mostly popular kids but also some of the loners, I was a closet anime fan that never told a soul how much anime I watched. I was also a try hard at art and I was actually quite a good artist. I went to 4 different high schools and kept being the new kid that everyone thought was cool but I was actually super lonely, my mental health deteriorated and eventually got hospitalized after I started selling pot and hung out with the wrong crowd... Highschool was a nightmare.
Reese Iannacone
Reese Iannacone Anos atrás
The art teacher reminds me of my french teacher's Freshman year. Not a psychopath but definitely a major conspiracist. Anybody in school after 9/11... Know how teachers tend to have a little memorial thing for 9/11? Well.. Most of my teachers did and it was kinda bitter-sweet in a way. MY french Teacher, uh... She showed conspiracy videos about how it was an inside job... Couldn't make this up I swear. Needless to say, I went to ASL afterward, and man... My ASL teacher helped me through so much in my life... I broke down crying my last day in that class... Well, I broke down crying AFTER I got home but still, I miss her. I made a good decision switching c:
Naina Kukillaya Krishna
2:53 this will forever be the image I associate with the word ‘seizure’. Thanks Jaiden.
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