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Booty gooros horoscope picks their makeup:
Glam & Gore:
Nicol Concilio:
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♥ Peel-off base coat: 👀
♥ Holo Taco - One-Coat Black 🖤
♥ Scattered Holo Taco 💿🌮
♥ Creme polishes: Kiara Sky, Essie, Color Club
♥ Protective Peel liquid latex
♥ Unicorn Skins: 👀
♥ Dotting tools:
Nail art brushes:
♥ Crazy glue: (used in place of nail glue I couldn't find for rhinestones, to me they're basically the same, just be careful not to glue fingers together, and do not use glue directly on nail, only on top of layers of polish)
♥ Rhinestones:
♥ Rhinestone picker tool:
♥ Super Glossy Taco:
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Comentários 80
Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical 8 meses atrás
All the dislikes are Aries
Julia Buchanan
Julia Buchanan 8 dias atrás
Im a Leo. Btw love your videos, you my favorite youtuber. Plus I know I'm really late.
Zahara Miller
Zahara Miller 10 dias atrás
Crysie M
Crysie M 24 dias atrás
Thank you so much for making me smile everyday!!!! 💖Love you Cristine!!! 😘😘 PS: People always get my name wrong, too. ☺️You're not alone!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖🌹💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
ʂąıɩცơąɬ Ąʂɧɬơŋ
I think I’m a Libra as well. So same sister, same.
Abby Cortes
Abby Cortes 3 meses atrás
I'm an aries ♈😢 and I love your channel
Quelynn Jones
Quelynn Jones 6 horas atrás
Dev Mazumdar INC.
Dev Mazumdar INC. 7 horas atrás
In fact, my sisters birthday is the same to Vladimir Putin’s birthday, so we celebrate that too, but just to me and her friends-
Faythe McCollam
Faythe McCollam Dia atrás
I am a libra to
Hannah Magritte
Hannah Magritte Dia atrás
Opal holo?
Oh hi I'm still garbage
Simply: I’m not materialistic Also simply: has a whole wall of nail polishs
Gold Dawn
Gold Dawn 2 dias atrás
her birthday stone is hollo that is awesome!! also hollo my fellow libra ^.^
Kaylee McKay
Kaylee McKay 2 dias atrás
I love how you uploaded this video on my birthday- I’m a proud libra ♎️
Just Vibe With Me
Just Vibe With Me 2 dias atrás
I know this is a really old video, but i'm croatian, our alphabet has 30 letters, we have č, ć (both pronounced chh, ć is just softer), we also have ž (very hard to explain) there is also dž and đ (also hard to explain, know đ is softer) there is also nj and lj (both quite soft letters). Our alphabet doesn't have q, w, y and x. It goes: "a b c č ć d dž đ e f g h i j k l lj m n nj o p r s š t u v z ž". We pronounce words the way they are written and every letter has a unique sound. Let's take "z" as an exaple english: "zee" or "zed" croatian: "z". Now, let's take "sandwich". In croatian it is pronounced the same but written "sendvič". I hope this made some things clear and i didn't bore anyone. Also, i would like to point out i might have made spelling errors, sorry if i did, i'm only 12 and don't speak english fluently, it's a little hard to spell things in english for me, as i have explained that in croatia all words are pronounced the way they are spelled. (I would also like to let you know that our keyboard doesn't say "qwerty" on top becouse y and z are switched, so it says "qwertz".)
Vin M
Vin M 2 dias atrás
air vinny jk
Emily Sanders
Emily Sanders 5 dias atrás
Cristine denying being materialistic in front of a wall of thousands of dollars worth of nail polish is peak irony
GM 7 dias atrás
The music is kind of loud
Galaxy Ace
Galaxy Ace 7 dias atrás
I'm also a libra!
robin parr
robin parr 7 dias atrás
My b day is 10-17
PoohBe 5
PoohBe 5 7 dias atrás
Cristine: talking about Libras constellation Capricons: Ours is a badly drawn triangle
Awholelottaclickbait 8 dias atrás
Well... I would love to grow my channel this year...
MrsLolMilk 8 dias atrás
Chh is a russian letter. Looks like this - ч. Yes, like a four.
Lisa Tapp
Lisa Tapp 8 dias atrás
Maryann Shemoail
Maryann Shemoail 9 dias atrás
When she talked about the ads I got an ad
ForeverPeachyPie !
ForeverPeachyPie ! 10 dias atrás
I'ma Leo ♌
Kae Does Nails
Kae Does Nails 11 dias atrás
I’m a libra ♎️ too
SailorFuruba 11 dias atrás
you should’ve used the chinese horoscope 😝 you’re a dragon btw, and all the main characteristics fit you :)
SailorFuruba 11 dias atrás
also you and beyn are compatible according to the chinese zodiac lol
Synnøve Lybergsvik Gribbestad
How many cat clocks does she actually own
Blue Gacha Cat /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\
I feel honored, I'm a libra
Serena Mrad
Serena Mrad 11 dias atrás
where does she get the cat clokcs
tea janelidze
tea janelidze 12 dias atrás
Actually "Ch" is a letter in Georgian alphabet 😊 Here it is - ჩ
Hanako Kun
Hanako Kun 12 dias atrás
this was posted a day after my birthday-
Ophelia Lu
Ophelia Lu 12 dias atrás
Honestly as a person obsessed with horoscopes your personalities are flipped with each other compared to the personalities usually associated to aries and libra-
Batata Mama
Batata Mama 12 dias atrás
I superglued the exact same fingers when I was a child- I was tryina make earrings and the earring got stuck in between my fingers 😂 I freaked out and my mum said to calm down and hold my hand up and then KARATE CHOPPED MY FINGERS !!! it worked so 🤷‍♀️😂
NotMxlkyBoba YT
NotMxlkyBoba YT 13 dias atrás
i am an Aquarius hehe
Gambagucci Julia
Gambagucci Julia 13 dias atrás
Ya might wanna look at this...
Young Foreverxx
Young Foreverxx 13 dias atrás
Im a libra too but me and Cristine's personalities are SOOOO different from each other lmao
Elliot Roth
Elliot Roth 13 dias atrás
Hehe the earth is a libra, too!
Elliot Roth
Elliot Roth 13 dias atrás
I'm not serious, it's a quote from GO.
Rashida Morawala
Rashida Morawala 15 dias atrás
At 3:02, they were talking about stones which were lucky for you, not your favorite stones Cristine.
Halima Islam
Halima Islam 15 dias atrás
In libra rising. ♡
Hope Powell
Hope Powell 15 dias atrás
I'm also a liebra September 27
Stefano Gomez
Stefano Gomez 16 dias atrás
3:38 Bad points couldn’t be more accurate for me 😂😂😂
frost wolf
frost wolf 17 dias atrás
You mist a dot with the lebra star disign
Michelle Howard
Michelle Howard 17 dias atrás
Me an Aquarius, best for business partner what what!
Rose thorn
Rose thorn 18 dias atrás
wHy Is ThE CaT CloCk BluE PlEaSe dO eXplAIn MiSSy
Ciara Calhoon
Ciara Calhoon 18 dias atrás
Now that the unicorn skins are out, which ones did you use on which nail??
sophie ausherman
sophie ausherman 18 dias atrás
me singing with Cristine : i saw the sign oh oh and it opened up mt eyes i saw the sign Cristine: i saw the saw Libra saw the sign that concludes zebras i saw the sign ohhhhhhhh me: ohhhhh shit
Animallover 8000
Animallover 8000 19 dias atrás
Maroon Macaron
Maroon Macaron 20 dias atrás
Did anyone else have the song she was singing stuck in their head 11:29
Sofia Finnäs
Sofia Finnäs 20 dias atrás
Simply: I’M BIG ON SELF-INDULGENCE! My brain: ooo you mean mindless self indulgence?
Hudson Fisher
Hudson Fisher 20 dias atrás
Me and Ben are both Aries!! ♈️
Val Vlogs
Val Vlogs 20 dias atrás
My birthday is Oct 14...I’m a Libra...My mom and brother is a Aries..I-
Croocked chuck
Croocked chuck 20 dias atrás
Ayyyy me and Ben are b day buds😂😊🖤
Korey Krause
Korey Krause 21 dia atrás
I am a Taurus pls don’t stay away from me
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen 21 dia atrás
Im a libra to🔮🌌⚖♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎
entertainment time
entertainment time 21 dia atrás
Michaela Chan
Michaela Chan 21 dia atrás
I’m also a libra october 22
Diana Liliyanova
Diana Liliyanova 21 dia atrás
Can you make one for lio
Miriam Fuchs
Miriam Fuchs 21 dia atrás
the fact is, this is bullshit.
Lady Marielle Lantiwen
Aries gang here
Delilah_love 21 dia atrás
Pause at 10:33
Orokana Ahiru
Orokana Ahiru 22 dias atrás
AzzyAsteroid 22 dias atrás
My dad’s a Libra and he’s nothing like her 🤔
Kokichi Fan
Kokichi Fan 23 dias atrás
She missed one of the stars in her own constellation, it’s not important it’s just really giving me ocd
LovelyLish 23 dias atrás
i don’t think the nail polish proves she’s materialistic but it DEFINITELY proves she’s self-indulgent lmao
karkat captor
karkat captor 23 dias atrás
It's amazing that she's completely blind yet she can do nail art this well! Not to mention she's the best damn lawyer I've ever met😤🙌
•Kat Playz•
•Kat Playz• 23 dias atrás
If she thinks she isnt Libra Go look at ya Moon Sign :D Christine might be more like her moon sign Uwu
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay 24 dias atrás
Is it just me or has Cris gotten better at freehand.
Neena Sanjay
Neena Sanjay 24 dias atrás
Ali Saad
Ali Saad 24 dias atrás
I just checked my sign (cancer) and it sid that Aries and Libra are the least compatible 😂😂😂
Zeynep Güral
Zeynep Güral 24 dias atrás
did she just eat acrylic paint 😵
GachaAngelTV Rainbows!!!!
Omg I’m a Libra ♎️!!!!!YAY!!
Jane Lee
Jane Lee 25 dias atrás
great HOLOSCOPE the LIBRATIES of holo are amazing
Shivani Vora
Shivani Vora 26 dias atrás
I'm a Libra tooo ...please reply😆
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 26 dias atrás
Im an Aries :(
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 26 dias atrás
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 26 dias atrás
Yep ima aries
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 26 dias atrás
Aries gang!
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 26 dias atrás
im an aries also,
Lily Elliott
Lily Elliott 26 dias atrás
im aries too
AriCatts 20XX
AriCatts 20XX 26 dias atrás
Oh hey, I’m a Libra!
anousheka abhisaar
anousheka abhisaar 26 dias atrás
Libra sounds like zebra 😂😂
Zoe Buffinton
Zoe Buffinton 27 dias atrás
please do a nail look for every zodiac sign! ps im an aries and my best friend is a libra!(:
BuZgal 27 dias atrás
I WANNA GROW MY CHANNEL :D also libra lol
Erica Lynn Stambaugh
Erica Lynn Stambaugh 27 dias atrás
Fire!!! The sun Leo
Erica Lynn Stambaugh
Erica Lynn Stambaugh 27 dias atrás
I am a Leo and I sport you and doing more videos!!
Claireeey 27 dias atrás
Are you a fan of The X-Files, Cristine? 😏
Amali Nialani
Amali Nialani 27 dias atrás
It turns out that it is possible to "predict" the future, but only very small glimpses. I remember once in my dream, it was interrupted by a quick 1 second picture, and showed me at my desk at school staring at my teacher. About 2 days later, while i was at school, this scene happened while I was at my school. I remembered this scene, and Ive been having slight glimpses into my future (only like between 1 day - 1 week apart, only your own future)This actually is a real thing, though i forget what it's called :p (edit: im a Gemini)
Arita Emily Purina
Arita Emily Purina 28 dias atrás
When ur birthday is the same as Ben's🙂31.03.06🥳
Stella's arts
Stella's arts 28 dias atrás
Im libra too
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