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Hi, my name is Kait. This is my first VLOG traveling from Los Angeles to Moscow.
In the next episode: I'm cooking borsh, russian language school, Sign up with a new gym and Moscow hip-hop dancing classes
Subscribe on my channel and I hope you like it!

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27 Out 2016



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Comentários 49
Nija Sym
Nija Sym 2 dias atrás
Omg this just made me smile so much 🥰 love your travel vlogs
Hello Cobacter
Hello Cobacter Anos atrás
Beautiful Kate😍
Screppy Coco
Screppy Coco Anos atrás
Как же трясет эту камеру
dallas texas
dallas texas Anos atrás
Greetings from khimki you are a nice one!!!!!
Moishe Moishele
Moishe Moishele Anos atrás
I wonder why this American home girls goes to Russia? what is so attractive?
Kama 51
Kama 51 Anos atrás
В свечке наркота была...гЫ ?!? Шмыгай меньше!!)
AC81 Anos atrás
What’s this trash ... some narcissistic black chic who tries to act white, talking like a wannabe valley girl, while she just stares at herself in selfie mode . Gross
Kyril J
Kyril J Anos atrás
AC81 Because she's not acting a fool that means she's acting white?
sacha jay
sacha jay Anos atrás
hey,u г datin wid white man???its discustin, brrrrr....
foxsykitten Anos atrás
so cute
Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter 2 anos atrás
Oh how gorgeous you are can’t keep my eyes off you..From one girl to another!
*Калибром* по врагам России
Приезжай чаще,Кейт!Мы тебе всегда рады !!!
Алексей Молоков
Andrew Tubbiolo
Andrew Tubbiolo 2 anos atrás
Geezh, you can have a double helping at Panda Express and stay so thin. I can't eat a panda bowl with veggies and not gain 15 lbs. :)
Вера Надежда Любовь
Кат!!!!Счастья тебе!!!☺
Tugsat Oguz
Tugsat Oguz 3 anos atrás
Hello i am from turkey and i love you so do you think come to istanbul? : )
Unemployed 3 anos atrás
Кейт ты куда пропала красотка ?
Lady C
Lady C 3 anos atrás
Kait 3 anos atrás
Thanks guys for the cool words ! It takes 12 hours from LA to Moscow
Afrika Chilz
Afrika Chilz 3 anos atrás
lovely video currently in Moscow
турцядан хаммага салом узбеклар.
Teddy bare
Teddy bare 3 anos atrás
Why did you go to Russia?
Anya 2 anos atrás
rust 2 anos atrás
Why not?
John Doe
John Doe 3 anos atrás
узнаю аэрофолтовские касалетки)
dionis852 3 anos atrás
Кейт выглядит счастливой женщиной, приехав в Москву. Надо полагать, романтические отношения)
Альберт Галимов
Счастливая и красивая, удачи ей!)
golovin aleksey
golovin aleksey 3 anos atrás
oh my lord! where is a Complete picture of .... this!!!!???
golovin aleksey
golovin aleksey 3 anos atrás
You'll never miss your flight to...RUSSSSSSIA!!!!!
Сергей Бабушкин
я влюбился какая няша
Kamakiri Sassorichan
Kamakiri Sassorichan 3 anos atrás
Too bad no footage of the countryside surround Moscow, the approach, the landing . . .
Kait 3 anos atrás
Kamakiri Sassorichan soon to come 😉
Nazarov Konstantin
Nazarov Konstantin 3 anos atrás
я млею... такая красивая!
Леонид Семенов
Классная). Красивая и позитивная девушка :)
Константин Павлов
You like Jimi Hendrix ))) daughter perhaps? Вы, как Джимми Хендрикс ))) дочь наверное? )))
MisterTracks 3 anos atrás
Good video!
wor321 3 anos atrás
занятная чунга чанга )))) прям кудряшка Сью )))
Alexey Bakh
Alexey Bakh 3 anos atrás
AHA! So your bf is Russian?
Гай Риччи
Гай Риччи 3 anos atrás
По началу ролика,можно подумать,что она пешком в Москву рванула.
Anya 2 anos atrás
Гай Риччи 😂😂😂
Александр Багратуни
красивая девочка!молодец
v a l
v a l 3 anos atrás
very beautiful girl
василий барауля
та вижу що это шереметьево,вы до хабаровска доберитесь
Erich Zähringen
Erich Zähringen 3 anos atrás
Та шо там до Хабаровска? Вот до Южно-Курильска-цэ да ))))
Alexander Aleksander
Alexander Aleksander 3 anos atrás
Красивая девочка! Супер!
игорь Вронский
ты очень красивая
TocTeplv 3 anos atrás
Lol, candle. With a fuse sticking out. Nothing special.
Тима Н
Тима Н 3 anos atrás
Млею от улыбки и голоса этой девушки😌😌😌 Почему у нас девушки не такие?😔
stanislav mtrnce
stanislav mtrnce 2 anos atrás
Ты где-то не там ищешь)
Роман Назаров
Почему за кофе надо куда-то идти???
4toy4 3 anos atrás
Thanks for subtitles ❤
Arioch The
Arioch The 2 anos atrás
mint spring i would say maybe a weird thing, but i'd wish this video had English subs too. Or perhaps even better - mixed dual languages subs
Arne Løvik
Arne Løvik 3 anos atrás
Great videos :) I just can't find anywhere where you talk about the language school ? Which school did you go to ? (I only found the short one second bit where you say its Friday and you're finished school ) Moscow is so beautiful :)
Delaweg 3 anos atrás
красивая девка
Sentar 3 anos atrás
Found your VLog on (it's like russian facebook). Aaand... well i liked it. Can't wait to see more videos from you. You're very cute and interesting. I think your subscribers would like to know a bit more about you. I hope you'll come traveling in Rassia again, there's so many interesting places. Btw, thanks to your first travel to Moscow you now have a lot of russian subscribers.
Анастасия Васильева
Очень прикольные видео)) буду ещё смотреть)) молодец!!
Adult_Person 3 anos atrás
Nice work, I smashed that liked button! Very awesome vibe through the whole video! Keep it up! :)
Kait 3 anos atrás
Wow thank you!
Chris Baris
Chris Baris 3 anos atrás
Great Vlog! Keep up the good work! I also have a Vlog Channel go check it out whenever you get a chance :)
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