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Hi, my name is Kait. This is my first VLOG traveling from Los Angeles to Moscow.
In the next episode: I'm cooking borsh, russian language school, Sign up with a new gym and Moscow hip-hop dancing classes
Subscribe on my channel and I hope you like it!

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27 Out 2016



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Comentários 63
Helicobacter P
Helicobacter P 9 meses atrás
Beautiful Kate😍
Screppy Coco
Screppy Coco 9 meses atrás
Как же трясет эту камеру
dallas texas
dallas texas 10 meses atrás
Greetings from khimki you are a nice one!!!!!
Moishe Moishele
Moishe Moishele 11 meses atrás
I wonder why this American home girls goes to Russia? what is so attractive?
Kama 51
Kama 51 Anos atrás
В свечке наркота была...гЫ ?!? Шмыгай меньше!!)
AC81 Anos atrás
What’s this trash ... some narcissistic black chic who tries to act white, talking like a wannabe valley girl, while she just stares at herself in selfie mode . Gross
Kyril J
Kyril J 10 meses atrás
AC81 Because she's not acting a fool that means she's acting white?
sacha jay
sacha jay Anos atrás
hey,u г datin wid white man???its discustin, brrrrr....
foxsykitten Anos atrás
so cute
Great One
Great One Anos atrás
Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter Anos atrás
Oh how gorgeous you are can’t keep my eyes off you..From one girl to another!
*Калибром* по врагам России
Приезжай чаще,Кейт!Мы тебе всегда рады !!!
Алексей Молоков
Дмитрий Сергеевич
so full lips........ohhhhh)))) mmmmm
Andrew Tubbiolo
Andrew Tubbiolo Anos atrás
Geezh, you can have a double helping at Panda Express and stay so thin. I can't eat a panda bowl with veggies and not gain 15 lbs. :)
Yuliya Sheptukhina
Yuliya Sheptukhina 2 anos atrás
Кат!!!!Счастья тебе!!!☺
Tugsat Oguz
Tugsat Oguz 2 anos atrás
Hello i am from turkey and i love you so do you think come to istanbul? : )
Mark Meteoritoff
Mark Meteoritoff 2 anos atrás
Кейт ты куда пропала красотка ?
Lady C
Lady C 2 anos atrás
Ras Ars
Ras Ars 2 anos atrás
did you chmock moah too?
Kait 2 anos atrás
Thanks guys for the cool words ! It takes 12 hours from LA to Moscow
Jeka Chan
Jeka Chan Anos atrás
Kait You are so beautiful, try russian guys ;-)
Afrika Chilz
Afrika Chilz 2 anos atrás
lovely video currently in Moscow
турцядан хаммага салом узбеклар.
Teddy bare
Teddy bare 2 anos atrás
Why did you go to Russia?
Anya Anos atrás
rust 2 anos atrás
Why not?
John Doe
John Doe 2 anos atrás
узнаю аэрофолтовские касалетки)
dionis852 2 anos atrás
Кейт выглядит счастливой женщиной, приехав в Москву. Надо полагать, романтические отношения)
Альберт Галимов
Счастливая и красивая, удачи ей!)
golovin aleksey
golovin aleksey 2 anos atrás
oh my lord! where is a Complete picture of .... this!!!!???
golovin aleksey
golovin aleksey 2 anos atrás
You'll never miss your flight to...RUSSSSSSIA!!!!!
Сергей Бабушкин
я влюбился какая няша
Kamakiri Sassorichan
Kamakiri Sassorichan 2 anos atrás
Too bad no footage of the countryside surround Moscow, the approach, the landing . . .
Kait 2 anos atrás
Kamakiri Sassorichan soon to come 😉
Nazarov Konstantin
Nazarov Konstantin 2 anos atrás
я млею... такая красивая!
Леонид Семенов
Классная). Красивая и позитивная девушка :)
Константин Павлов
You like Jimi Hendrix ))) daughter perhaps? Вы, как Джимми Хендрикс ))) дочь наверное? )))
Mister - Royalty Free Music
Good video!
wor321 2 anos atrás
занятная чунга чанга )))) прям кудряшка Сью )))
Alexey Bakh
Alexey Bakh 2 anos atrás
AHA! So your bf is Russian?
Гай Риччи
Гай Риччи 2 anos atrás
По началу ролика,можно подумать,что она пешком в Москву рванула.
Anya Anos atrás
Гай Риччи 😂😂😂
Александр Багратуни
красивая девочка!молодец
v a l
v a l 2 anos atrás
very beautiful girl
василий барауля
та вижу що это шереметьево,вы до хабаровска доберитесь
Erich Zähringen
Erich Zähringen 2 anos atrás
Та шо там до Хабаровска? Вот до Южно-Курильска-цэ да ))))
Alexander Aleksander
Alexander Aleksander 2 anos atrás
Красивая девочка! Супер!
игорь Вронский
ты очень красивая
TocTeplv 2 anos atrás
Lol, candle. With a fuse sticking out. Nothing special.
Тима Н
Тима Н 2 anos atrás
Млею от улыбки и голоса этой девушки😌😌😌 Почему у нас девушки не такие?😔
stanislav mtrnce
stanislav mtrnce Anos atrás
Ты где-то не там ищешь)
Vlad Bezouglov
Vlad Bezouglov 2 anos atrás
u vas eshe lutshe!
Роман Назаров
Почему за кофе надо куда-то идти???
lovely wound
lovely wound 3 anos atrás
Thanks for subtitles ❤
Arioch The
Arioch The Anos atrás
mint spring i would say maybe a weird thing, but i'd wish this video had English subs too. Or perhaps even better - mixed dual languages subs
Arne Løvik
Arne Løvik 3 anos atrás
Great videos :) I just can't find anywhere where you talk about the language school ? Which school did you go to ? (I only found the short one second bit where you say its Friday and you're finished school ) Moscow is so beautiful :)
Delaweg 3 anos atrás
красивая девка
Sentar 3 anos atrás
Found your VLog on (it's like russian facebook). Aaand... well i liked it. Can't wait to see more videos from you. You're very cute and interesting. I think your subscribers would like to know a bit more about you. I hope you'll come traveling in Rassia again, there's so many interesting places. Btw, thanks to your first travel to Moscow you now have a lot of russian subscribers.
Анастасия Васильева
Очень прикольные видео)) буду ещё смотреть)) молодец!!
Adult_Person 3 anos atrás
Nice work, I smashed that liked button! Very awesome vibe through the whole video! Keep it up! :)
Kait 3 anos atrás
Wow thank you!
CHRIS BARIS 3 anos atrás
Great Vlog! Keep up the good work! I also have a Vlog Channel go check it out whenever you get a chance :)
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