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22 Mai 2022



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keanna richard
keanna richard Mês atrás
It really hurts my heart when he says he’s boring, he really needs to know how many people he impacts. I love Matt with all my heart and I really can not wait to see him grow as an individual, and learn so much more about him. As hard and as awkward as it is to do these things without his brothers , I think it will be such a fun experience for him. I can not wait to watch more. You go Matt ❤️
Bo Verjans
Bo Verjans Hora atrás
Facts, he deserves the world
Joi Williams
Joi Williams Dia atrás
Malak🫶🏾 21 dia atrás
I agree so much.
Ta'lease Potter
Ta'lease Potter 24 dias atrás
Éloïse Rousseau
Éloïse Rousseau 27 dias atrás
yeahh omggg i hope he can be able to know how he's making so many people feel safe and comfortable. take care Matt we love you
evangeline Mês atrás
matt calling himself boring makes me feel like i’m not the only person who feels like that. matt makes me feel comfortable and i’m so happy you are opening up to us. love you matt!!!
Ta'lease Potter
Ta'lease Potter 21 dia atrás
I agree
Trinity Harris
Trinity Harris 24 dias atrás
this is so real like feeling co-dependent on others to the point that you feel like you don’t have a personality
grape pizza
grape pizza Mês atrás
I think he is labeling himself as boring because compared to his brothers he is more laid back. I don’t see him as being boring, i see him more as a calming support to Nick and Chris’s chaotic energy. 🧡
Games With Freja
Games With Freja 6 dias atrás
yess i really love how more laidback he is
grape pizza
grape pizza 7 dias atrás
@Teagan Howard yeah that’s exactly why i like him
Teagan Howard
Teagan Howard 7 dias atrás
He is honestly my favourite because he never seems dramatic or over the top... he is just calm and his mood is constant. Chris will laugh so loud and Nick can yell so much and those two can argue and shout over each other and at each other and Matt is just so calm (most of the time) and that is more like me than the other two so I prefer it
kaiya_c1 24 dias atrás
Honestly so true
strawberrymushroomcake 27 dias atrás
I absolutely agree
Lilly Johnson
Lilly Johnson Mês atrás
Him complaining about the camera not focusing and then says “where is nick when I need him” is just wholesome. That’s brotherly love❤️
Games With Freja
Games With Freja 6 dias atrás
@‏حياة مع لارين bruh just watch the video
Kate Park
Kate Park 12 dias atrás
@‏حياة مع لارين my other comment glitched, but it was in the beginning
‏حياة مع لارين
whats the time stampppp
Skye Emma
Skye Emma Mês atrás
I already know this is gonna be such a safe place for people. Matt is such a comforting person and I think him opening up about his anxiety etc really helps a lot of people feel as though they are not alone. Ive never met Matt but it feels like he's there for all of us. Lots of love
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
videos, Matt is so great and so funny omg , the elevator music had me rollin 😭
Dabs Duszynski
Dabs Duszynski 27 dias atrás
Matt is such a pure soul i love him so much. He’s the complete opposite. This channel is going to become my comfort place
Lydia Baldwin
Lydia Baldwin 27 dias atrás
Me too!! My favourite triplet 🫂
rilyn weathers
rilyn weathers Mês atrás
you are not boring. otherwise you wouldn’t have such a large loving fan base. and it makes me happy that you talked about your anxiety- cause i struggle with anxiety too and it’s really nice to feel understood. i hope you had a great day. i love you
The Emsly Show
The Emsly Show Mês atrás
It actually hurts my heart when he says hes boring. I love you Matt, you are an amazing human, and watching these kinds of sit and talk videos really makes my day. As I myself also deal with anxiety and it's great to know there's someone else on the internet who I can relate too. ❤
Rebecca Matthews
Rebecca Matthews Mês atrás
When Matt talks for a while without everyone else u realise how funny he is he’s such a genuine person and he’s literally the best💗
Emily Grant
Emily Grant Mês atrás
triplet becomes aware of his individuality for 18 minutes straight LOLLL
Games With Freja
Games With Freja 6 dias atrás
LeroY 27 dias atrás
lol, he shoulda put that title
cool grl stuff
cool grl stuff Mês atrás
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Mês atrás
i feel like this account will be such a safe place for everyone who abs anxiety or is just struggling with anything. matt is such a comforting person
amaris portillo
amaris portillo Mês atrás
matt you’re not "boring", you're laid back, chill, and low key. you have a GREAT sense of humor but some people may find you boring, the people who tell you you're not boring mean it, we all love and support you!
Keren Shonganie
Keren Shonganie 15 dias atrás
@amaris portillo aww thanks stranger!! i try to be :)
amaris portillo
amaris portillo 15 dias atrás
@Keren Shonganie aww im glad it makes you feel better, idk you but youre probs super cool so never think otherwise stranger :)
Keren Shonganie
Keren Shonganie 16 dias atrás
this is a great way to put it because i think i’m boring compared to my friends so this makes me feel better
Olivia Van Slyck
Olivia Van Slyck Mês atrás
matt nobody thinks you’re boring. you’re naturally really funny, even individually without nick or chris. you’re so kind tbh you just seem like an all around comforting, fun person to be around. anyways cant wait to see your content on this account! you got this just be yourself as everyone already loves you for you :))🤍
haidyn payne
haidyn payne Mês atrás
Matt: ”I’m a boring person” Also Matt: ”I PLAYED THE CELLO!”
gyovana cavallari
gyovana cavallari Mês atrás
I could hear Matt talking for hours and never get tired. His voice, the way he talks, everything is just perfect. This man is perfect in every single way possible.
strawberrymushroomcake 27 dias atrás
He's like a good friend you have that you like to just sit and have a talk with. Gotta luv him
Sophia Koeppen
Sophia Koeppen Mês atrás
Kyle Mês atrás
Maria Dons
Maria Dons Mês atrás
@Farida Mustafa SAME
p ୨୧
p ୨୧ Mês atrás
Max Mês atrás
You are far better at this solo thing than you give yourself credit for. You’re engaging, interesting, and have meaningful perspectives. Looking forward to hearing from you as you feel like filming. You’re doing great! 🤘👊
Megan E
Megan E Mês atrás
I love that he made a channel. He’s the quietest triplet during the videos but we all value what he says so much. I’m so excited!
BTSdepresso Mês atrás
This video was so chill, you don't need to be doing cartwheels to entertain us you're already a vibe
mi a
mi a 24 dias atrás
the pure joy of hearing matt finish a damn thought
hana lizzy
hana lizzy Mês atrás
i feel like this account will be such a safe place for everyone who has anxiety or is just struggling with anything. matt is such a comforting person
Haley Nichols
Haley Nichols Mês atrás
kaylee Mês atrás
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ ““Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God ; believe also in me.” ‭‭John‬ ‭14:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
averyisnt Mês atrás
@Shahan ask ur mom she might know
gracie 16 dias atrás
the amount of times u have said “you know what i mean” and i reponded with “yes” like as if we were having a real conversation. i’m so glad u made a personal channel matt. i loveeee when u talk about urself and things u go/been through. ILY
That Dude With Da Afro
The number of times I can just watch this when I'm feeling down is unbelievable. The wholesomality and the preciousness of this video is absolutely incredible.
Games With Freja
Games With Freja 6 dias atrás
you love making words up and it shows
Rissaaaa 21 dia atrás
i don’t think that matt is boring at all, it’s nice to see him on his own sometimes. i’m so excited for the future videos that he plans on posting 😌
Ellie Hughes
Ellie Hughes Mês atrás
I wish Matt realised how funny and interesting he actually is. I love the triplets videos together but I love seeing their humours individually aswell. I already know I’m going to love this channel, I agree anxiety isn’t really spoken about enough on here. I have crippling anxiety and I’m really struggling rn and Matt talking about his experiences with it make me feel a lot better and less alone🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 Your channels going to do great Matt you ARE interesting and funny
Kate S
Kate S Mês atrás
Hearing Matt talk about his anxiety and saying that he’ll probably talk about it more makes me so proud of him! And as someone who’s struggled with anxiety for a longgg time, this also makes me look forward to his channel even more. He’s always been my favorite and I just love him so much❤️
Lydia Baldwin
Lydia Baldwin 27 dias atrás
He's hands down my favourite too 💞💞
cheesy bananoir
cheesy bananoir Mês atrás
i’m excited too bc i definitely feel like i’ll love him and relate to him even more than i alr do when he’ll get to share abt his mental health w us
Wyatt Shears
Wyatt Shears Mês atrás
I agree, I’m so intrigued to hear his input on anxiety as someone who also struggles with it 🤍
desire Mês atrás
literally im so excited bc my anxiety is terrible i can’t wait for someone to talk abt it
alexa marroquin
alexa marroquin Mês atrás
yes i complete agree it feels very personal
blairewasfound Mês atrás
matt, you’re not a boring person at all. if anything, you’re the most relatable person i’ve ever watched. hearing you call yourself boring really makes me sad because you have actually helped lots of people and now have lots of fans in return(if that makes sense). you deserve all the love you get and more. i think you should make a video talking about your anxiety because i feel like its better if you get any pressure off your chest and let people know how you feel. even if you think it’s depressing and you’re fine it would be better to tell everyone what bothers you instead of keeping that feeling a secret. i love you matt, you changed me and i hope you continue to shine as bright as you do right now!❤️:)
Elle Ammerman
Elle Ammerman 28 dias atrás
I love how he talks about his anxiety. I’ve had anxiety for basically my whole life and I love how he can talk about it so easily I guess. He makes me feel good about having anxiety if that makes sense lol. I love talking about how I experience anxiety to people which may seem weird to some but y’know. One day if I ever start posting videos I will definitely talk about anxiety and how it impacts my life. We love you Matt
Gabriela Adamovic
Gabriela Adamovic Mês atrás
its so cute how he relies on Nick and Chris but you can also tell how he completes them. GO MATT!!!!! he is so comforting and should not be nervous about this. we are here for you. ❤❤❤💖
Aryanah Wynn
Aryanah Wynn 17 dias atrás
The fact Matt called himself boring made me sad cause he’s actually such a sweetheart and so many people love and look up to him. I genuinely love him so much and he’s so adorable ❤️❤️❤️
charli mason
charli mason Mês atrás
i have never heard someone else explain the rings feeling heavy + claustrophobia feeling when wearing rings like Matt talking about anxiety is so comforting because my anxiety is so similar to his. a big thankyou to matt
Sima 14 dias atrás
He’s not boring like he said.. On the contrary, I felt it was fun to see him talking about himself and to know him well (how he feel how he think ) it’s so good Matt go ahead that was so good ❤️❤️
Alessandra Favero
Alessandra Favero Mês atrás
You're not boring at all Matt, actually i feel really good seeing you talkind like this and taking your space to talk about whatever comes up to your mind. I specifically love how open are you with your anxiety bc i suffer with it too and befor knowing you i thought no one could ever understand the things i was going trought. Keep it up, love you🤍
Clemence Guerin
Clemence Guerin Mês atrás
You’re just chill compared to your brothers. And the way you feel when they’re not there I feel like is very normal. Also I like hearing you talk about your anxiety because I can relate and it’s fun.
Synonym Rolls
Synonym Rolls Mês atrás
As someone who has severe anxiety, thank you thank you thank you for wanting to be open about your struggles with anxiety. I think we are progressing as a society to being more open about our struggles with mental health, but not nearly enough.
casper Mês atrás
i love how open you were with the different levels of anxiety. because it isn’t always life or death, it can be small things and it’s still anxiety that affects how you think. that felt important to someone who has anxiety about small things. honestly i think you’ll do just fine on your own- you’re so comforting and open about the small things that a lot of people struggle with. i’m so excited to see how you’ll grow and i’m hoping for the best for you
Shael Murphy
Shael Murphy Mês atrás
can we take a moment to appreciate how perfect his editing style is
madi Mês atrás
Love that you’re opening up and I think that talking about anxiety would really help me, as well as MANY other people that struggle with it! Thank you so much and even just making your own channel is a big step that is amazing!!❤️
Alli Pettit
Alli Pettit Mês atrás
being able to listen to matt without him being interrupted is so amazing
Lydia Baldwin
Lydia Baldwin 27 dias atrás
Yes!! He's my favourite by a mile
Alli Pettit
Alli Pettit Mês atrás
@there she goes exactly i love their videos and when they’re together but just hearing him speak his mind by himself was so refreshing
there she goes
there she goes Mês atrás
hahaha fr even tho I love them Chis and Nick never let that poor kid speak 💀
ItsAnisahS Mês atrás
I loved hearing him in full
Emma Wagner
Emma Wagner Mês atrás
already is
Simply Mariah
Simply Mariah 28 dias atrás
lol i was dying when you said “so i didn’t even give myself time to eat” 😂😂 but matt we love you and you’re not boring stop!! you could literally make a video just sitting there and i’d watch LMFAO🫶🏾
thea c:
thea c: Mês atrás
Matt, you're not boring, you're just more laid back ❤ We recognize how your individual personalities are through your group vids and if any of us thought you're boring, we wouldn't be here :)
Maya Nishihira
Maya Nishihira Mês atrás
hey one of my deepest insecurities is the fear of being boring to others just because im quiet. literally once he explained it i was like…. yeah. that’s exactly it.
Ava Baby
Ava Baby Mês atrás
Matt you’re not boring whatsoever. You’re entertaining and fun. We love you with all of our hearts ♥️
Devalyn Spicher
Devalyn Spicher Mês atrás
aww matt, dont ever say “i’m boring” again! you’re not boring you’re an amazing person:) but i def like these types of vid and you need to def make more like these where you just talk, your voice is so soothing and calming. i would def like vids where you talk abt your anxiety bc you have helped me through mine and to not worry so much abt it! so thank you matt:) love you!!
hestiputri Mês atrás
I'd love to be Hotstean.Cam snowquen's is my idol,Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day...z
Leigha Bell
Leigha Bell Mês atrás
potato chips and cereal boxes
i love how everyone is y'know sad that matt called himself boring but I REALLY CAN'T GET OVER THIS LINE I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IT'S SO FUNNY TO ME 15:28 AND THIS LINE 15:36
EVELYNN 27 dias atrás
Whoever ever says that he is boring, is probably just jealous. Matt you are amazing and we love you ❤
Melissa Navarro
Melissa Navarro 16 dias atrás
Don't rush yourself into it, you'll do just fine when you get more used too it. Super proud of you Matt, I relate too you with anxiety, mine is the small and minor things too. You just keep doing do you 💚
Isabelle Bartlam
Isabelle Bartlam 18 dias atrás
matt is definitely not boring he is calming and relaxing to watch when you want a chill video. he’s more down to earth. but also when you do drive alone you should do driving vlogs or videos
Alli Rielly
Alli Rielly Mês atrás
Matt you’re always entertaining whether your being serious or not you’re just a super comforting person and I’m so excited to see your own channel and the group channel and the anxiety talk would do so much for so many people it’s really not touched upon enough❤️
Lydia Baldwin
Lydia Baldwin 27 dias atrás
He's my favourite hands down
the sexy mysterious type
PFFFTTTT 26 dias atrás
As someone with anxiety, I really appreciate how chill he is. I enjoy listening to him talk about himself and just things in general. This content is really comforting because I also don’t really do much with other people and sometimes you just wanna feel like you have someone with you, or like you’re hanging out with someone to feel less alone. Thank you Matt!
lisa 26 dias atrás
matt you’re not boring at all, i know what it feels like to think you’re less than others and stuff, but i really think that you’re amazing and these comments prove that a lot of people think the same too. i’d love to listen your experience with anxiety, bc your vids are really helping me in these last weeks with it a lot, im having really bad anxiety and ik that listen to a similar experience coming from a person like you would help me. love u
Austin Fortune
Austin Fortune 29 dias atrás
I smiled this entire video love seeing Matt being able to talk and get his point across
Suse Margo
Suse Margo 29 dias atrás
I’m so happy to see you started this channel. I hope you can talk about everything you feel like you need to talk about like anxiety and other things you want to talk about. You are not boring and I can tell that you have a lot to share with your fan base. Love you and I hope you don’t let pressure get to you and that you keep up with this channel. All love ❤️
Gabriele Kolar
Gabriele Kolar Mês atrás
I love Matt's editing style, love the popups and almost like "conversations" with himself.
Sofia Santos
Sofia Santos Mês atrás
it was so funny plsssss
Gabriele Kolar
Gabriele Kolar Mês atrás
@em he definitely was
Sol María
Sol María Mês atrás
yesss, it had me giggling
em Mês atrás
and i just know he was giggling at some parts
the sexy mysterious type
you’re such a beautiful person Matt. I adore you. eternally grateful for you. thank you for making me smile every single time I see you on my screen you simply deserve the world please know that you’re so fuck1ng cool
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
i feel like this account will be such a safe place for everyone who abs anxiety or is just struggling with anything. matt is such a comforting person
sara 29 dias atrás
i keep coming back to this video all the time. i could literally listen to you talk for hours, you’re the most comforting person ever and such a beautiful human being. you’ve helped me so much in such a short space of time, you make me feel so much more comfortable with myself and with the fact that it’s okay to have anxiety and not feel good all the time. words can’t express how thankful i am to you and how much i appreciate you, you mean the world to me. i love you so much matt
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Mês atrás
you have no idea how much you've helped me with my anxiety, and just in general. you're really special matt, i hope you know that
f7saharrah Mês atrás
i hope you are aware of how big of an impact you have in peoples happiness, hearts and lives. i could write paragraphs about it. but i mainly wanted you to know that me and so many other people have your guys backs no matter what. take care and be kind to yourself and each other above all else. you’re going through such an original experience, growing up on social media and i pray for success and no pressure in all areas of you and your brothers lives. i’m so excited for the opportunity of getting to know you better, i love you unconditionally 💕🫂
Leloup Stout
Leloup Stout Mês atrás
Ginny weasleys wife
Amazingly said
Samantha Althoff
Samantha Althoff Mês atrás
I totally agree!! Well said !!
Elizabeth Englehart
fr tho😭
☆Addi_sun○ Mês atrás
Me as well 🙂
cody mescallado
cody mescallado 18 dias atrás
matt you've NEVER ever been boring and i see that you're still growing and slowly stepping out your comfort zone :( we love u
Valerie Dietz
Valerie Dietz Mês atrás
I love matt so much. He's honestly such a funny person and without trying. He just brings so much light and joy into this world and just truly warms my heart! So excited for him and his journey through his personal channel!
Bryleigh McGowan
Bryleigh McGowan 18 dias atrás
I genuinely love just sitting listening to him talk and him not trying to rush himself makes me sad because of how much anxiety he has with out his brothers and he just needs some time to adjust doing this by himself and it is hard for him and it will be at first but he’ll adjust to it so don’t rush him and make him overwhelmed
madeleine india
madeleine india Mês atrás
matt, you impact so many people so positively. i have anxiety too and hearing you talk about it makes me feel so much better and helps me realise i’m not alone. you are not boring at ALL and it hurts to hear you doubt yourself so much because you don’t realise how much you truly help and entertain people. i love you so much and watching you really really helps me cope.
Tatum Campillo
Tatum Campillo Mês atrás
Matts little editing is so funny to me. Hes so funny without even trying. I also love seeing him getting into what hes saying and you can see that his worries go away for a sec.
Siobhan Smith
Siobhan Smith Mês atrás
it reminds me of how nick would edit the early vlogs
milf305 Mês atrás
you're extremely entertaining and the way that you throw in stuff when you're editing is literally me all the time. I have anxiety too and I love how willing you are to be open with it (I don't think that sentence made sense). literally my comfort person, super happy you're starting some occasional content of just you
jenna holdren
jenna holdren 17 dias atrás
When I first watched the main triplet channel, and matts anxiety was brought up, I was never happier. Having someone who bring entertainment but can also be relatable is so huge, especially because I'm still young asf. I hope matt realizes that he alone is enough for us to watch and to enjoy, and I'm so fricken excited for more of his alone videos.
Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane 26 dias atrás
The pain I felt when he said he was boring I don’t think you realize how important you are Matt ❤️
a Mês atrás
This really feels like a save place, I’m very happy this was made, and Matt’s words really meant a lot and I really enjoyed this video
Pleonut Mês atrás
I would love to see Matt do a series where he attempts to do things on his own. Like going to buy groceries or ordering at the drive through! I get his anxiety might make those more difficult but would be really satisfying to watch him overcome that and realise how capable he is. It would also show people dealing with similar issues that they can do it too. Maybe could format it as a bucket list type of thing that he could tick off every time he does something he's never done on his own before? Just an idea, but I'll watch whatever he puts out regardless :)
izzy n.
izzy n. Mês atrás
yess that’s such a good idea you should definitely dm him that!!
Makayla J
Makayla J Mês atrás
That’s a great idea
Meg Mês atrás
We need Matt to see this!!
Breanna Mima
Breanna Mima Mês atrás
You should dm him that idea !!!
Amber Mês atrás
i’d love that omg
McKenzie Allen
McKenzie Allen Mês atrás
Honestly, you’ve always been my favorite. Your such a comforting person. And I promise your not boring at all! Also, I’ve had severe anxiety for years too and it helps to know I’m not alone. Love you Matt!!!!!!!!!
Maddy Williams
Maddy Williams Mês atrás
Relate so much to the anxiety talked about in this video 💗 I’m an identical triplet and whenever I’m alone I feel weirdly the same, I just feel weird and not like myself it’s hard to explain but I understand exactly what your saying. Being a triplet is a blessing but also can be a lot sometimes
London Flowers
London Flowers 16 dias atrás
hearing him call himself boring makes me so upset he is so sweet and just makes my day better with every video i watch with him in it. He is so funny i love him so much.
L S Mês atrás
matt is literally the cutest human being. idk he just seems so innocent and pure hearted yk like an actual genuine person. also i hate how he keeps lowkey putting himself down and saying stuff “im kinda boring” “not interesting”. like boy we love you. GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT
Whotfareyoubabe  ..
Whotfareyoubabe .. Mês atrás
honestly matt there’s no need to worry about being “boring”. nowadays being entertaining is any and everything. this was very entertaining and calming to watch. just bcs you’re not laughing all the time doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining you’re very interesting person alone and with your brothers
Alma 18 dias atrás
Matt is for me the most relatable sibling I have anxiety and attachment issues and I relate to him so much, I hate it when he calls himself boring like he's not at all even if he isn't with nick and chris he's funny and so loved from us I personally love him so much that I've even build attachment issues towards him which sounds pretty cringe but jts true I can't go on a day without watching him/them
wiktoria 18 dias atrás
i don't want it to sound weird, but because of your anxiety and just your way of being i attached myself to you very quickly and it got me here on your channel and i can't wait for your videos, whatever they may be about... i just love your person
EVELYNN 27 dias atrás
Matt breaks my heart when he says he boring, he entertains me be being there and making my day. I love Matt so much and im so excited to watch him grow as a person, Be yourself and I love you Matt❤
Violet 10 dias atrás
You've been my favourite since day one! Btw talking a lot and being loud don't make you an interesting person, you might be reserved and chill but definitely waaay far from boring. 18 minute video of just talking felt like 3 minutes cause I was engaged and interested in all you had to say! You the coolest dude
jagodandrzejewska Mês atrás
The side eye Matt is giving us after everything that sounded depressing, as if he wanted to see our reaction, is just pure gold
Ana Mês atrás
I loved the anxiety talking idea bc it’s something that should be brought up more often on social media :)
Gracie.2 10 dias atrás
Matt is such a pure soul and it makes me happy that he is so close with his brothers bc not everyone get that bond with their siblings and it just makes me happy to see them happy yk.!
vegetable Mês atrás
you and your brothers are seriously my safe space and create content that makes people happy and at home. i know i could trust you 3 with anything and you cant find people like that anymore.
sonwy Mês atrás
matt don't call yourself boring :( you're anything but boring! i really am so proud that you found the courage to make your own youtube channel and actually post a video. so so proud of you, keep up the amazing work i love you
gabby herbold
gabby herbold Mês atrás
i love you matt, you're a wonderful human being and it's lovely to see you on your own. you're engaging and incredibly sweet, it feels like facetime :) you're a breath of fresh air on your own, and it takes a lot of strength to be so open about anxiety. always a joy to hear from u sweet matt 🫶
M K 25 dias atrás
this was such a good video, you’re an amazing person Matt and i can’t wait to see more videos from you. i definitely relate to the anxiety issue so I’d be glad if you talked more about it, ofc if you’re comfortable with that. I love you 💜
Ava 28 dias atrás
“cause i don’t have nick interrupting me and i don’t have chris yelling at me” god that was so sad but i can relate to it so much
matt you are so funny. i feel like i'm talking to a friend bc we have the same humor 😭😭 also pls don't change your video style!! create videos that make yourself satisfied, not others!
AlohaLilli Mês atrás
Matt I can’t express how proud of you I am! I truly get distracted a lot while watching things but this is the thing that doesn’t distract me I’ll sit down and listen to this everyday if I could. I so fucking proud of you and love you sm!
Lydia Baldwin
Lydia Baldwin 27 dias atrás
Matt is my favourite 100%, I love the videos with the 3 of them but I'm gonna enjoy these sm
AlohaLilli Mês atrás
@bilinas mini I agree 1000 percent. Matt is such a comfort person for me and many other people.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
i feel like this account will be such a safe place for everyone who has anxiety or is just struggling with anything. matt is such a comforting person
Mezzie 18 dias atrás
it’s definitely a lot more chill but it’s DEFINITELY not boring- love the little comments it’s really funny
adrianna Mês atrás
i genuinely think making this channel was a great thing. the things about anxiety resonate so much with me, and your channel is starting to feel like it can be a safe space. you're not boring, I promise. just because you're not talking all of the time doesn't mean you haven't got some great things in your head, or you are boring. even though I don't know you personally, just from watching videos I can tell you're kind, and funny, and have a big heart. i can't wait for more videos, you're the coolest matt
simply mikealson
simply mikealson Mês atrás
ilysmm matt! ur doing great i promise
hanna 19 dias atrás
it hurts me sm when he says that he’s boring without nick and chris bc he’s so adorable as an individual. I’m also really excited for the anxiety videos bc i believe that it’s so important to be talking ab mental health issues and stuff. Ily matt
cool grl stuff
cool grl stuff Mês atrás
you and your brothers have created a foundation on the internet where people don’t only just like your content, but like you. you’re a good human being with a lovable, witty personality and we like YOU! you’re all good, no more doubting yourself, you keep exceeding everyone’s expectations. have fun and trust your instincts! you really do have it covered! (side note: i always think it’s funny when you call yourself “boring” bc i find you to be very eloquently spoken and the most interesting to listen to? KNOCK IT OFF UR NOT BORING. SHHH. ♥️♥️♥️)
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ ““Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God ; believe also in me.” ‭‭John‬ ‭14:1‬ ‭NIV
Big Boy
Big Boy 2 dias atrás
Matt, I just watched your first alone video again, and I wanted to add that I really liked it because you presented yourself so openly and honestly. I love knowing the real you, and that’ what that video allowed. You weren’t afraid to show your true self or vulnerabilities, and for me that honesty is your true beauty. So, keep up the good work. You have more to share than you think.
jolynn heavenlee
jolynn heavenlee 19 dias atrás
4:35 i love when he says “i have attachment issues with chris and nick” so wholesome 💘
Taehyungie 23 dias atrás
he's impacting so many people with even just this one video! i loved the whole thing he's not boring at all- he's very comforting and funny!! this channel is going to be so many people's safe space regardless of how much he uploads im so excited and proud :D
Chanel Worley
Chanel Worley 27 dias atrás
I love the idea of anxiety talks, because a lot of people struggle with it like myself, and it would be amazing. I also well probably watch whatever you want to post I love watching everything!!!
Madelyne Baker
Madelyne Baker Mês atrás
It’s so sad that he thinks he is boring. He is so genuinely funny and a very entertaining person on his own. The little comments you added in and not being interrupted definitely made it more entertaining. You’ll get more comfortable and it will be more natural but that was a fantastic first video!!! Wonderful job Matt!
Lon 🅥
Lon 🅥 Mês atrás Finally its here.
lily Mês atrás
matt we literally love you with everything we have, promise you aren’t a boring person. ❤️
mira 23 dias atrás
i normally don’t comment on videos but i just want to say that i have anxiety too and whenever i watch videos with you, chris and nick i always feel a bit more at ease and so much better if im having a bad day. so pls don’t say you’re boring matt, you have no idea how many ppl you provide a source of comfort to and the number of ppl who feel better with your videos. fr, they would never be the same without you
Alexis Kelly
Alexis Kelly 18 dias atrás
Yeah Matt this was great!!! You are a very cool person, can’t wait for more Matt content :)
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