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i've done a sport or two in my day

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ur better than any sport~

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21 Out 2018

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Xnightmare Alien89
Xnightmare Alien89 Hora atrás
How was this made so guuuuuuud?!?!!???!
Gacha Sim
Gacha Sim Hora atrás
Gymnastics is MY LIFE!!! 😍😍😍😍
Spooderman Hora atrás
hewuh nmbr 1 on tendwimg??
Deery Deery
Deery Deery Hora atrás
The karate video(thingy) was soooooo cuuteee
ShortMuffin _
ShortMuffin _ Hora atrás
6:32 r u pansexual if u are yay!
Polarity Hora atrás
#1 in California woooooo
CrackedHacker Code4
We’re on the tram ding page and 1st :)
MadCreeper1221 Hora atrás
Sorry I’m late I was playing Roblox :P (yes i play roblox)
A British Mistake
A British Mistake Hora atrás
‘Soccer’ is football for normal people
NoobCubing Hora atrás
Oh I thought that cheese thing was Pac-Man
Vance Trieschmann
Vance Trieschmann Hora atrás
Love you Jaiden! So happy to see you on Trending again!
2PACMightyVids ,
2PACMightyVids , Hora atrás
I never played soccer I mostly played basketball
Pilot007jj Hora atrás
SKK art
SKK art Hora atrás
Congrats on trending!!!
Sanna Hora atrás
3:18 Is that a frickin John Mulayney reference??
Monoxide [GD]
Monoxide [GD] Hora atrás
Also is it bad that I can tell that Pivots made?
SniperGuy 77
SniperGuy 77 Hora atrás
1:46 why are they playing a Hercules song
somedude 69
somedude 69 Hora atrás
24th trending in the netherlands
Kelly B
Kelly B Hora atrás
Kitty Kouture
Kitty Kouture Hora atrás
#1 on Trending! Congrats Jaiden! Honestly not surprised ❤️❤️
LPS Fighter
LPS Fighter Hora atrás
Nzle Schnitzel
Nzle Schnitzel Hora atrás
pls do an all might video
erii Hora atrás
Osama Zein
Osama Zein Hora atrás
1# trending well done
DJ MaeYT Hora atrás
1:08 my name is Maegan but with an a lol
Eva Colon
Eva Colon Hora atrás
XD me never liking sports like “yeh”
C.L. Cannon
C.L. Cannon Hora atrás
Dat intro tho! Callback to the "Jaden always gets hits with balls outside" curse
game masterrr
game masterrr Hora atrás
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu Hora atrás
#1 Trending in Canada!!
Vinny Raptor
Vinny Raptor Hora atrás
Love you Jaiden!
kit Pemberton
kit Pemberton Hora atrás
Ah you look adorable + the animation has come along so far
Minako Hiashi
Minako Hiashi Hora atrás
If you don't want to soccer ball to the face why would you join karate where people are trying to punch and kick at you?
Faenin Beaning
Faenin Beaning Hora atrás
Knight Price
Knight Price Hora atrás
I was involved with baseball as a kid, I stopped playing cause I sucked o.o
TheGaming NightFury
Lol forest gump lol XD "run forest run!!"
Taniya M:D Numan
Taniya M:D Numan Hora atrás
Gurl!!!! You trending #1!!!
Lilly River
Lilly River Hora atrás
I’ve been in 140 degrees
Cameron Waycaster
Cameron Waycaster Hora atrás
I wish I got to play hockey but the south is mean and only tolerates football for some retarded reason... 😞 wish I was born in Alberta, Canada.
Gutterspeaker ?
Gutterspeaker ? Hora atrás
I am a upcoming rapper so fuck with me and subscribe I will be doing freestyles and songs I wanna get a strong fan base relationships
Umair Saeed
Umair Saeed Hora atrás
It’s not call soccer it’s called football u only use ur foot u dumb Americans call it soccer ur so stubborn and close minded
animal plant
animal plant Hora atrás
0:37 me in every PE class
Mr Fox
Mr Fox Hora atrás
6:46 I’m Dead at that Part WHY JAIDEN XD
Me Potato face
Me Potato face Hora atrás
Vidio starts at 0:00 you’ll thank me latter
Jay Hora atrás
6:39 no ones gonna talk about this amazing frame
rashed albaker
rashed albaker Hora atrás
Umair Saeed
Umair Saeed Hora atrás
U idiot that isn’t football that’s rugby
Kîła-Vïøłët -Bîtê
I had a pink jersey in basketball and we were called the hot pink lemonades and---- trust me... when ur versing your friend, it’s-... nerve wracking.....
Kriket55 Gamer
Kriket55 Gamer Hora atrás
Best 8 minutes of my life
Kitty Dream
Kitty Dream Hora atrás
I would get a great tan in 116 degress. (actually I would melt or burn my highest temperature I can handle in 32 degrees)
Hallam Family
Hallam Family Hora atrás
I hate sportz
Allison Brennan
Allison Brennan Hora atrás
I wanted to send fan art but it was on paper..... *TRIGGERED*
JacksonBT Hora atrás
Power level scale- Goku - 389,880 Vegeta - 398,780 *Jaiden* - 15,272,293
Jocelyn Robertson
Jocelyn Robertson Hora atrás
Congrats on trending, enjoy it while you stay there.
Shanes Hora atrás
So this is why she animates now
LittleRabbit 212
LittleRabbit 212 Hora atrás
Collector Dude
Collector Dude Hora atrás
I have the same relation with the colors in soccer XD.
Gianna Cherry
Gianna Cherry Hora atrás
Yay jaiden and all the other animators for getting #1 on trending!!
MusicLovah Hora atrás
6:38 DRAX xD
Rica Yzaguinne
Rica Yzaguinne Hora atrás
It's been so long since the last time you uploaded (yes it is a reference to the FNaF song "it's been so long" good song) and thay live time where it shows you pushing the girl when you where dancing on stage and if you want to 1v1 me in karate DONT I'm a black-belt
Chocolate Sushi
Chocolate Sushi Hora atrás
I do shotokan karate and i am never giving up even if outhers are to competative but it was the right choice for u to quit if u thought so
Elysia Ayala
Elysia Ayala Hora atrás
What a way to come out
Green Cunt
Green Cunt Hora atrás
I aM hErE Pank Gay
Lautaro Dromaz
Lautaro Dromaz Hora atrás
j j team
j j team Hora atrás
Cool story jaiden
Fluxy Hora atrás
Someone Kill Furrys
Sara Yasser
Sara Yasser Hora atrás
Ooooh I play karate. Did you practice kumite or kata?
Allison Brennan
Allison Brennan Hora atrás
Congrats on trending Jaiden! 😁😁😁
HALOSTORM Hora atrás
Watch this at 2X speed
AceOfSpades Hora atrás
#1 on trending
mlzanercik Hora atrás
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Sakura Kill
Sakura Kill Hora atrás
Wait. Jaden.... you're PAN????? (no hate if u are i support the lgbt community)
Crazy Vlog
Crazy Vlog Hora atrás
Figman Games
Figman Games Hora atrás
You do know that she only animated about 1/5 right?
Rosie Diaz
Rosie Diaz Hora atrás
#1 on trending
Potato Braus
Potato Braus Hora atrás
Aww Jaiden ur so adorable as a kid. If someone yells Break a Leg, would u do it on stage? Just kidding, lets get in my van there's a bunny in the back.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Hora atrás
Bősze Máté
Bősze Máté Hora atrás
6:30 is that a Hungarian flag?
Funlord Hora atrás
I want to know how many times James, Jaiden, Dom, or Swoozie got #1 on trending
Lucas Mulder
Lucas Mulder Hora atrás
*υиιмєιѕтєя *
Hey Jayden CONGRATS ON nUmBer 1 on trending :D all of you animations are really funny and all mean something anyways CONGRATS YOU DESERVE IT! ❤(ӦvӦ。)
Jarell C.
Jarell C. Hora atrás
Congrats on trending ❤️❤️❤️
Communist International & Co.
I knew that part where you saved the girl was a Joke.
Maxiboi Holm
Maxiboi Holm Hora atrás
It”s trending!!
Riri Stevens
Riri Stevens Hora atrás
My sister played on the pink Panthers
Don’t you dare Jim-out
OMG the soccer is me! I liked soccer, but it became so intense and violent i stopped
TheRedDragonScale Hora atrás
7:15 my favorite scene in any youtube video ever
Neb the Cloudeon
Neb the Cloudeon Hora atrás
I never played soccer... IT SUCKS!
Xox Lilly Plays!
Xox Lilly Plays! Hora atrás
Wow! The his was only 22 hours ago and this video already has 179k views! Good job Jaiden! 💟 Sorry if I spelt your name wrong!😥
Matthew Watson
Matthew Watson Hora atrás
Soto2907 Hora atrás
Can we just talk about the lil asexual with their flag moving back and forth? *thank you jaiden for including me in the video* ;)
Gia 102
Gia 102 Hora atrás
Number one on trending. Nice.
Gracie Creque
Gracie Creque Hora atrás
#1 trending!! Gj!!! You deserve it
Abraham Vega
Abraham Vega Hora atrás
Half these comments are about people talking about the sports they did as kids and the other half is nothing but people jumping to conclusions saying she's pansexual when she hasn't confirmed or denied it.
LittleRabbit 212
LittleRabbit 212 Hora atrás
Congrats on trending
marie 2112
marie 2112 Hora atrás
I was OK with sports or ball games until I got hit in the face in dodge ball, never again after that.
Emily Plays MSP
Emily Plays MSP Hora atrás
Cheesey Chickens
Cheesey Chickens Hora atrás
J'ai Sen shoving that girl out the way was priceless omg 😂
Isabella Torrence
Isabella Torrence Hora atrás
Angie Brodland
Angie Brodland Hora atrás
Didn't look like the girl to the left of you had frozen up... Looked like you were 4 steps ahead. 😂
Cmitt Tairon
Cmitt Tairon Hora atrás
3:15 LOL
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