My Everyday Makeup

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Hello all !!
So I finally did a makeup vid and I hope that it’s what you all wanted :) also I just wanted to say that I’m obviously not a makeup artist and don’t do makeup perfectly but I tried my best. I also don’t wear makeup like this every single day this is just my go to look when going out or taking photos. Anyway I hope you guys liked the video and are having a good day :)
ps. I am aware that the makeup is a lil different than the thumbnail but I tried my best to recreate it. In the pic i just did more blush, more freckles and a slightly darker lip.
Music I used: Kenai - Nobody Knows
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Rajia Raja
Rajia Raja Hora atrás
Plushies lipstick in the shad of turkish delight Me: in the country i live there is a shop called turkish delight i ate the dishes there and it tasted like rubber when i tried it
angel mercado
angel mercado 2 horas atrás
I bet to everyone who is watching this is Wondering how to look like her, cuz maybe you guys look like me (a potato 🍠), lmao
angel mercado
angel mercado 2 horas atrás
Does this mean i can use a paint brush too, hehehe
Sorcha de Vere
Sorcha de Vere 5 horas atrás
She'll look back at this vsco phase in 10 years and laugh.
Como muda a merda do perfil Ahhh
Como muda a merda do perfil Ahhh
Malak Ibrahim
Malak Ibrahim 15 horas atrás
shosho stars
shosho stars 16 horas atrás
Are you sure this is yor everyday makeup
Milica Čestić
Milica Čestić 17 horas atrás
She is a beautiful🤗🤗
DaliaMoonlight Dia atrás
Me: why don't I look pretty like girls on youtube and instagram?? Still me: is too lazy even to put mascara on
a h u
a h u Dia atrás
ouuvuvuvuvvv so cutee🍒😻
Üh Ü
Üh Ü Dia atrás
mah evryday make up: *WAsH mAh fAce*
Maha QUEEN Dia atrás
My every wedding's makeup 🙂😂
Tanya Garton
Tanya Garton Dia atrás
I'm feeling the blush look right now . ❤
something to draw
I love this makeup Is so peachy🌸
Ahmed Fathi
Ahmed Fathi Dia atrás
You are so cute
ConiiYamada0 Dia atrás
YOU LOOK LOVELY! but it's just too much ""everyday" makeup for me ahahahahah
Ninguem Importante
So cute❤🥰🇧🇷🇧🇷
GOD gaming
GOD gaming Dia atrás
I guess doja cat learned it from you😗
kat Dia atrás
You look like an animal crossing character, cute! ✨
Kiara Marchini
Kiara Marchini 2 dias atrás
You look more pretty without makeup
Ellen lilian
Ellen lilian 2 dias atrás
Parece a atriz do casal Noora e Willian!!!!
ThePinkyRainbowOo 2 dias atrás
Dunno why she has a pink nose....
Piksu 12
Piksu 12 2 dias atrás
I like her without makeup
Naze Cetin
Naze Cetin 2 dias atrás
Saçların ne renk türkçe soruyorum türkçe cevap istiyorum
in the A.M.
in the A.M. 2 dias atrás
so pretty *.*
pâro 2 dias atrás
hey, ya know? you're popular in grps here in ph
Lina Games
Lina Games 2 dias atrás
как ужс как ты ноносиш много макияжа
Ferrermakeup 2 dias atrás
Love everything about this video !!!
Lila Telli
Lila Telli 2 dias atrás
Quanta perfeição
ra chya
ra chya 2 dias atrás
sumpah cantikan natural
midzu 2 dias atrás
Oh I suddenly have a crush on you without makeup god you're so beautiful q-q
Peyton Daniel
Peyton Daniel 2 dias atrás
Bruh...😐 Imagine being able to do your makeup this good with killer 🦋aesthetics🦋 Can you even imagine? 😂🔥
MarianitoJr xd :3
MarianitoJr xd :3 2 dias atrás
you look good even without makeup in my opinion you should do something more ammm ... I don't know I just think you're too pretty to put on makeup uwu
_xlina a_
_xlina a_ 2 dias atrás
Ugh! Your so cute!!! 🥺😫💞
Kaome Van Maneen
Kaome Van Maneen 2 dias atrás
why are you so beatiful
Suzan Star
Suzan Star 2 dias atrás
4:32 Peaches n cream Sweeter than sweet Chocolate cheeks And chocolate wings
Sunflxwer_Babe 17 horas atrás
let us creat
let us creat 2 dias atrás
i don't like your eyebrows
Nisanur Yıldırım
Nisanur Yıldırım 2 dias atrás
Rujun turkish delight olmasi as as bayraklari 🇹🇷
{ëü} më ämø
{ëü} më ämø 2 dias atrás
O dia q eu aprender a me maquiar assim eu venci na vida kkk ♡
Smart Stuff
Smart Stuff 2 dias atrás
How old is this girl
Dana San
Dana San 2 dias atrás
انتي ما عندك هالات مثلنا 😭😭😭😭😫وتجنني 💓❤️
Zaina Hamad
Zaina Hamad 2 dias atrás
tip: watch this on playback speed 2. still pretty easy to understand and the music is sick
Melina Benavides Chavarria
idk but I think her favorite color is pink....
pancito_ dulce
pancito_ dulce 2 dias atrás
Algine X Jenchulichaeng
Di mo kami maloloko moira dela torre hahahahaha
salesal again
salesal again 2 dias atrás
Foto ni cewe sering di jadiin ccp njirr siapa yg ngeh😂edit: subs chanel ku y nnti aku subsk😉ga maksa ya😊
Paige The Ghost
Paige The Ghost 2 dias atrás
tears. i can’t do these looks cause i have glasses
-O- O-
-O- O- 3 horas atrás
If you really want to do this you could get contacts
Gabi Leon
Gabi Leon 2 dias atrás
La verdad sin maquillaje eres hermosa:(
Zhanet Cat
Zhanet Cat 2 dias atrás
My God, when she put so much makeup in her face, I feel pain
vivia Souza
vivia Souza 3 dias atrás
Parece um dragão
zelihanur Şentürk
zelihanur Şentürk 3 dias atrás
Kaş sanki kalın oldu
Melanie 3 dias atrás
Your skin on face is do Perfect omg
Lettis Wengielex
Lettis Wengielex 3 dias atrás
You inspired me to use my paintbrush lol😂😂
Emily Vázquez
Emily Vázquez 3 dias atrás
Entonces no veré tan loca maquillandome de coriana todos los días.:y I love your make up 👌👌👌
Pramesthi Pinasthika
Pramesthi Pinasthika 3 dias atrás
kak @indira kalistha make up kaya gini dong
No Name
No Name 3 dias atrás
Makyajsız hâli o kadar güzel ki
waren 3 dias atrás
𝐈 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐢𝐭 ⁦❤️⁩
AYONI _2008
AYONI _2008 3 dias atrás
Cuties girl in the world 🥺💘.
patri 3 dias atrás
this girl: breathes me: *gay panic*
Kayla Hammann
Kayla Hammann 3 dias atrás
You’re so beautiful 😩
no toques mi perfil
no toques mi perfil 4 dias atrás
fence, I just wash my face when I wake up
Bayda Gâté
Bayda Gâté 4 dias atrás
Thanks, this is beautiful
aaa a
aaa a 4 dias atrás
I liked her hair color
نارو NA KskN
نارو NA KskN 4 dias atrás
Make-up is no more in your shape and you're a ❤️❤️❤️
Γkushi 4 dias atrás
so you paint yourself if you are very beautiful
Loli milk
Loli milk 4 dias atrás
My everyday make-up: Lipstick and concealer 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
نارو NA KskN
نارو NA KskN 4 dias atrás
Hhhh hhhhh 😂It's not really normal every day.
Wacha Piola
Wacha Piola 4 dias atrás
To much Demasiado weeno y después me veo feA wachaa pero me pongo 10kg y pñlistoooosisi
Moon 4 dias atrás
soy yo yéndo a compar pan.
AC CC 4 dias atrás
Para que no te reconozcan
Alanah McGhee
Alanah McGhee 4 dias atrás
i’m trying so bad not to simp for her right now 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Pęachii Bøi
Pęachii Bøi 4 dias atrás
Me: I swear I’m strait! This video: soooo, are you bi now? Me: maybe.. I dunno This video: *_y e s_*
ana_ elle
ana_ elle 4 dias atrás
god: what sorts of pink do you want ? her: *yes*
jana H
jana H 4 dias atrás
From 0 to 10 in 12 minutes
brittisnotokay 4 dias atrás
i can tell you're an artist based on how you do your makeup lol
Olivia Wolfhard
Olivia Wolfhard 4 dias atrás
*I didn't know people put mascara on fake eyelashes*
T Shuun
T Shuun 4 dias atrás
Backsound make me wanna go to sleep.😍😍
Idę szukać chłopa
Idę szukać chłopa 4 dias atrás
Dlatego pierwsza randka powinna być na basenie 😂
오이 4 dias atrás
سوسو كيوت
سوسو كيوت 4 dias atrás
I love it😍
Lara 4 dias atrás
i just LOVE IT!!😍
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