my dream came true.

Jake Paul
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I'm coming home Cleveland. Watch me fight Sunday August 29th Vs Tyron Woodley live on Showtime PPV.


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22 Jul 2021



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Family Of 3
Family Of 3 10 horas atrás
Jake I am your Michigan neighbor I’m sure you guys have Kroger‘s or Myers in Ohio like we do here they have superman ice cream you can buy in the grocery store!!! ITS BY “BLUE COW” BRAND!! AND ITS CALLED “SCOOPER-MAN” exact same and Casey exact same and looks the exact same it’s awesome!
Family Of 3
Family Of 3 10 horas atrás
TASTES THE Exact same!!!!
Kendyl Virgili
Kendyl Virgili 2 dias atrás
He has grown a lot and gotten mature
VEGITAS4 2 dias atrás
Why is his groupie yelling at kids?
Jackson Wolfe
Jackson Wolfe 3 dias atrás
fineas berindei
fineas berindei 3 dias atrás
became true
winnie 7 dias atrás
This is one of the first things jake Paul I’ve ever seen, I only looked him up because my cousins were talking about him the other day. The weird part is I’m from the Cleveland Ohio area, and the even weirder part is the house my cousins were talking about him was at my aunts house which is in Westlake Ohio. The even weirderer part is that the house they showed his mom lives at looks just like the houses in my aunt’s neighborhood. I wasn’t paying close attention to what my cousins were saying about him, but now I will have to ask if they were talking about him being in the area.
Acasha Rusden
Acasha Rusden 9 dias atrás
Acasha Rusden
Acasha Rusden 9 dias atrás
Ryan Warren
Ryan Warren 9 dias atrás
I want to grow up like him and be like him he's the best
Liam Harris
Liam Harris 2 dias atrás
Sorry kid he’s a sociopath. Search up Derek Van Schaik Jake Paul
Tiger roque
Tiger roque 10 dias atrás
How do you call yourself a pro boxer when you haven’t even fought anybody that is a professional boxer.
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 11 dias atrás
She’s a right muppet his girlfriend 😂😂😂 you in or out love? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Life in Washington
Life in Washington 13 dias atrás
Simba 14 dias atrás
She doesn't even look like her instagram in real life what a disappointment haha
Zayed Khan
Zayed Khan 14 dias atrás
Wtf i just wanted?
derp 15 dias atrás
he has like all new friends 😂 the new fiends lmao
dantheflim 16 dias atrás
Christian Menjivar
Christian Menjivar 16 dias atrás
why do i feel like jake and tyron would be best friends 😭
VC Aquazz FN
VC Aquazz FN 16 dias atrás
and if u were a fan u would of atleast had a shirt of lebron
VC Aquazz FN
VC Aquazz FN 16 dias atrás
jake never came to lebron games stop lieing
ashhad rauf
ashhad rauf 16 dias atrás
She looks like Bruce jenner
Aidszs 17 dias atrás
Bro its fucking ice cream chill
ray ♡︎シ
ray ♡︎シ 17 dias atrás
he only fights mma fighters and you tryna beat canelo.
W 18 dias atrás
That girl is nothing but looks, no wonder she likes PED Juice Paul, easy money.
Felicia Yahnert
Felicia Yahnert 18 dias atrás
Malley’s in North Olmsted. Has the ice cream parlor with Superman ice cream.
Ryleigh McElroy
Ryleigh McElroy 18 dias atrás
Superman ice cream is in Pittsburgh scoops ice cream Brookline boulevard
Jerit Smith
Jerit Smith 18 dias atrás
When they showed pic of Jakes mom house up in the air. I would never pay that much for a house n b that close to sumbody Else House. Fuck that.
Jonathan Jaynes
Jonathan Jaynes 18 dias atrás
That apparently kid impressions was funny 😂
Adonna Rowe
Adonna Rowe 18 dias atrás
He literally try’s to be Connor but wants to clown him 😩
곰방 18 dias atrás
Stefan Knezevic
Stefan Knezevic 18 dias atrás
Damn dude that ending was beautiful man
James Wilder
James Wilder 18 dias atrás
Clearly a gold digger. 🤣
Chief Keef
Chief Keef 18 dias atrás
Who’s watching the fight rn
carlos cuesta
carlos cuesta 18 dias atrás
6:20 the life of this guy is so sad.
Fi Lahk
Fi Lahk 18 dias atrás
The biggest liar on BRvid. This boys gay af.
anthonycurtiskeller 19 dias atrás
Julia Rose is queen of cringe, I bet she’s gone August 30th
Konoha Ninja
Konoha Ninja 20 dias atrás
Hell Yeah 🥊🥊🥊💯
kreia 20 dias atrás
Jake showed a picture of a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and private jet but only showed himself in a minivan?????
EMS 20 dias atrás
Bro this bitty hit
ecoh gaming
ecoh gaming 20 dias atrás
jake your still a little kid for you're personality.. but your a grown man when it comes to work..... most of the time anyway
Lissiana opleck
Lissiana opleck 20 dias atrás
This is the kids of America these days a disgrace. Julie has 1k on a ass pic.
TheRealYoungBafia 20 dias atrás
Come to Nelson’s Ice Cream Shop in MN THEY HAVE IT
Mick Marty
Mick Marty 21 dia atrás
Is it me or is she incredibly drunk or high?
R M 21 dia atrás
Fantasmón jajakaja
Toxic Toxic
Toxic Toxic 21 dia atrás
Constantin Ross
Constantin Ross 22 dias atrás
Never got that ice cream 😵
Picklehunter 83
Picklehunter 83 22 dias atrás
11:33 my fav part of the vid
Chase Gunderson
Chase Gunderson 23 dias atrás
Yeah bc your parents getting divorced is so god damn hard
big bio
big bio 23 dias atrás
Jake Paul's parents bought him actual bricks out of fear he'd choke on Duplo
dumbee 23 dias atrás
Havent watched him in 3 years and all I gotta say is that he just got worser
Jace Leroux
Jace Leroux 23 dias atrás
Man you got everything handed to you😂😂😂 stahpppp it
Trust me
Trust me 23 dias atrás
Jake has like 50 gfs
The five angels of Oxford
Good job jake you have cleand ur self up again nice
Ani Zuñiga
Ani Zuñiga 24 dias atrás
Omg I love super man ice cream. Every time I’m in the Michigan I get it. I didn’t realize it was a midwest thing
Jimmy Spill Pinch Productions
Julia just came to be in the showtime pre fight documentary thens shes back to fucking some random dude
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 24 dias atrás
he is such a badass he shouldn't need a rematch clause.
Clapz1x 24 dias atrás
And if u from Columbus Ohio
SaltoGaming202 24 dias atrás
make another funny forest vlog and ill watch it to the end
justin allen
justin allen 25 dias atrás
Fight ma6ic. Stop fighting 40 year olds.
25 dias atrás
Superman is my favorite ice cream 🍦
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 24 dias atrás
I forgot to the same time
Chattanooga Relic Hunter
Julia looks like she's had one too many surgeries. Also a pizza face underneath all that makeup. C'mon Jake, do better LOL
Aditya Mondal
Aditya Mondal 25 dias atrás
Was that Big E ??
RBL Darknite
RBL Darknite 26 dias atrás
which songs were used for this vid
Dev Singh
Dev Singh 27 dias atrás
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 27 dias atrás
Tana is out there crying right now watching this lol
Snoopy Bollox
Snoopy Bollox 27 dias atrás
I wish my dream would come true and this clown disappears for good....
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 26 dias atrás
Julia is equivalent to a a jersey chaser in college… but the clout/celebrity version
SimplePleasures 28 dias atrás
i love ericka:( she is just there for a CLOUT...
Axittious 28 dias atrás
Borge 4
Borge 4 28 dias atrás
when he said “team 12” i got second hand embarrassment
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 27 dias atrás
Only some know the REAL name of the stadium the Q!!!
Dawn mull
Dawn mull 28 dias atrás
Haven’t watched him sense him and Deji fought dam he built different
Dxa Jasper
Dxa Jasper 28 dias atrás
Everyone who watches this guy is 9
twins157 28 dias atrás
I forgot to the same time
twins157 28 dias atrás
I accidentally unsubscribed
Evilboy Light
Evilboy Light 29 dias atrás
Love ur vid and keep up the work
IsaacDoesStuff 29 dias atrás
Jake Paul holding julia and making her laugh is wholesome
Michelle DeVito
Michelle DeVito Mês atrás
Michelle DeVito
Michelle DeVito Mês atrás
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Mês atrás
Julia is equivalent to a a jersey chaser in college… but the clout/celebrity version
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Mês atrás
That haircut reminds me of the old bowl cuts your gran used to give you way back in the day especially from the back.
Robgulag Mês atrás
Only some know the REAL name of the stadium the Q!!!
Wabs Mês atrás
Jake Paul is a soppy welly
Darwin Viado
Darwin Viado Mês atrás
i love vids jake you teach me how to fight and box so love you jake paul
Elsa Milkovic
Elsa Milkovic Mês atrás
Love this
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Mês atrás
4:29 omg why she talk like that?🥴 does she have a lisp or just hella saliva lmao
Rock girl
Rock girl Mês atrás
She just proved that she does belongs to the streets 😂😂
Drake Bertok
Drake Bertok Mês atrás
I wish I could make it but I can’t😔
Soccer highlights
Soccer highlights Mês atrás
Tyron Woodley is fracking going to have that night night
kai honan
kai honan Mês atrás
I actually like the bad guy, he’s going to beat woodley🤷‍♂️
PurpleBros Choco
PurpleBros Choco Mês atrás
Mikey Mês atrás
fell off
Rock girl
Rock girl Mês atrás
What do u do for a living?
Mohammed Rafi
Mohammed Rafi Mês atrás
6:10 man got caught in 4k
Ty Tompkins
Ty Tompkins Mês atrás
Superman ice cream fire🔥
Dylan Leverrier
Dylan Leverrier Mês atrás
Hi Dylan I’m a fan you Jake
Partner Turtwig
Partner Turtwig 28 dias atrás
please leave the internet
Zacc Waller
Zacc Waller Mês atrás
Jake stop ducking it’sma
Lil ShaDow Darkness kid
if he loses in his home town he is a waste. Well he has been a waste years ago but u get what im trying to say
Josie Hitchner
Josie Hitchner Mês atrás
Just checking in to see if he is still being ruled by Satan. Yep.
Maria A
Maria A Mês atrás
4:29 omg why she talk like that?🥴 does she have a lisp or just hella saliva lmao
BigRage Mês atrás
Jake may be immature but u gotta admit he can fight
Fardin Shazedur
Fardin Shazedur Mês atrás
Am a fan but you gona get hurt this time 😕
Justin Mês atrás
I seriously have no idea who this guy is. I'm dead serious!
Pitou Ieng
Pitou Ieng Mês atrás
What’s wrong with her lips?
Pandablade67 Mês atrás
What do u do for a living?
Tes Be
Tes Be Mês atrás
Julia’s subtle sex joke just me?
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