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Chris Klemens
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I dont even know what to say. This has been so insanely confusing. I will be getting more tests today just to make sure these are all negative but PLEASE BE SMART DURING THIS TIME STILL!!! False positives are a thing and so are false negatives. YOU CAN HAVE COVID WITH NO SYMPTOMS. Do your part and just wear a mask. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes and support. I cant wait to never think about these last few days ever again.
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22 Nov 2020



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Lauren Mason
Lauren Mason 45 minutos atrás
the rapid tests are total bs
Sir Boomster
Sir Boomster 2 dias atrás
Glad they were false positive your body could have been sick from stress from how you were before! Hope you're still doing well man, and you're defiantly to be upset if you were positive (and at the time when you thought it was positive!) thanks for taking this serious! Hopefully all this will go away or go down soon! Stay safe everyone
Nicole Koem
Nicole Koem 3 dias atrás
I am pretty sure I had the virus in the beginning of February and I lived with 3 other people who didn't get it. Idk how people get it.
_ M.
_ M. 3 dias atrás
The reunion between Chris and Andrew made so happy
Angela Marie
Angela Marie 13 dias atrás
I had to get tested three times, two negatives and finally a positive. Self swabs don't work. Also rapid tests are a scam. Get tested by a medical professional if at all possible. Had all the symptoms so I'm glad I followed my gut and got tested multiple times.
Melissa coviello
Melissa coviello 15 dias atrás
My brother in law tested positive and my sister couldn’t get a test for 5 days. She ended up positive as well. Thankfully she quarantined fully and didn’t leave till she got a negative test. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for her husband.
Kallen Robinson
Kallen Robinson 16 dias atrás
That is so weird and confusing. I’m so glad that your test was negative twice, but that fact that you also got tested twice and it came back positive is so freaking weird! The government up to something I swear.
Taylor Johnston
Taylor Johnston 20 dias atrás
a similar thing happened to me. i tested positive on sunday with a rapid with very few mild symptoms. i went and get tested again on wednesday (a rapid and a PCR) and the rapid came back negative. still waiting on the results of the PCR. i’m pretty sure the first rapid was correct considering i have no test or smell currently but it’s definitely so confusing and frustrating. after this i probably won’t be getting a rapid test again considering the rate of false positives and false negatives. just sucks that the PCR’s can’t be done faster :(
Marilyn's Girl
Marilyn's Girl 23 dias atrás
The testing process is so stressful and confusing. I got my second test and then got some other man’s results mailed to me. The system is overwhelmed and the false or inconclusive results make it so hard
hannah buess
hannah buess 25 dias atrás
it must be so fucking nice to have Covid whilst rich LOL
Emma Lee
Emma Lee 29 dias atrás
Ok but doesn’t this tell you something? The coronavirus cases are high because people are getting false positives.
Ritu Mês atrás
Heather Watkins-Shepherd
It's possible that you had a low rate of infection and your body was able to fight it off before you gave it to anyone! So glad you're doing ok!!
Kristina Marquez
Kristina Marquez Mês atrás
I heard if u smoke weed,if helps u from catching it,lol! Who knows! I just know I won't be getting any vaccine! Praise God u are ok!
Ashlea McKeown
Ashlea McKeown Mês atrás
If it’s such a deadly virus then why do you need to be tested so much to see if you have it.... I honestly don’t believe this covid crap. Yes there is covid. But it’s not as deadly as they make out.
Krista Porter Peterson
It's crazy to me that in some places you can just drive up and get a rapid test whenever you want. In ND you have to have symptoms or be a known close contact, schedule an appt with a Dr and he has to order a test and then wait up to 5 days for results. There are some public testing events but at many of them similar criteria apply and the tests are limited, and still have to wait 5 days for the results.
Bailie Marrero
Bailie Marrero Mês atrás
Why on earth did 435 people dislike this video?! Like wtf 🤔
Shirin J
Shirin J Mês atrás
I work in a Lab and it’s always better to get the proper test even if it takes longer to know your result, the rapid ones are very faulty I try to convince patients to not do them all the time, ppl are so impatient 😭 Happy for you!
Rachel Jean
Rachel Jean Mês atrás
Yay xxx
Sabrina Mês atrás
You should have named this video "jk lol" :)
Casey Erickson
Casey Erickson Mês atrás
I will wear my mask. I will keep my distance. I will NOT get tested regularly, that’s just unnecessary asf
strawberry cupcake
strawberry cupcake Mês atrás
Its unbelievable and quite frankly unfair that people who follow the rules get caught up in potentially catching covid, while people like Autumn Miller and other influencers vacation around because fuck everyone else,
HeyMonaLisaCanI 95
HeyMonaLisaCanI 95 Mês atrás
I am nervous your first video will only put more doubt in peoples following of protocols. I am very glad you're okay!
DamianWard96 Mês atrás
I'm super glad you're negative!!! But now the burning question that makes me wonder is: did they still include your 2 positive tests in the numbers or were they invalidated, and how many other people have gotten false positives without another test 🤔
aola wili
aola wili Mês atrás
That sage coloured sweater looks SO PRETTY ON YOU it makes your eyes pop so much!! 10 outta 10 please wear it constantly
don’t feel guilty about raising awareness and it being a false positive 💗 there’s NO WAY you could’ve planned for 2 fully paid false positives. Every single emotion you feel and felt are valid and carry weight and what you have to say is DAMN important if not just for Karen in the back I’m just glad you’re okay, this is more or less behind you, and you can start healing your mental after all this 💗✨
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Mês atrás
the virus. Ugh, these times are driving me crazy.
Uh Huh
Uh Huh Mês atrás
Rapid test shouldn’t be a thing if half of the time they aren’t even right. People are literally paying for wrong results. And all these little influencers (not Chris) keep going out at partying/traveling cause they got a negative from a rapid test when they could actually be positive. It’s so infuriating. It’s honestly so refreshing to see Chris taking this seriously and taking the right steps to make sure he didn’t spread it when he thought he did have it.
aola wili
aola wili Mês atrás
This is actually brilliant
Anonymous Probably
Anonymous Probably Mês atrás
It’s important to note that all of the false positive still feed into the numbers as positive. So it still looks like numbers are going up due to false positives. Of course actual numbers are still happening but this is making it look worse than it is, but idk the margin as to how many false positives there are so
Illuminati Mês atrás
It's a little wild to me how much Americans are able to get tested. Most New Zealanders are only getting tested for example, if they show symptoms, have been a close contact of someone with covid, or if they are travelling (mostly just domestic, with exceptions given for work travel and returning citizens as far as I know). I had a test when I had a bad virus (not covid) for like 3 weeks. It was the worst cold which also gave me viral conjunctivitis, so I got tested and it came back negative. I must have picked it up when I went on holiday to Queenstown with my family
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Mês atrás
What this helped prove: don’t depend on “rapid” tests. Those are just there to take your money!! How the heck does he get TWO FALSE POSITIVE’s back to back?! HOW?!
Fleur Mês atrás
I bet they walk around in their house bumping into each other saying "oh sorry there corona negative person who has been staying safe for months." "oh that's no problem sir who has been here with me for months."
Gamer Glam
Gamer Glam Mês atrás
And then we have influencers like James Charles hosting Among Us parties and posting it on BRvid for the world to see. They really place responsibility in the hands of irresponsible people and I’m over it. I’m happy you’re ok !
Austin Rearick
Austin Rearick Mês atrás
"chris klemens' bedroom tour" is my sexual preference
Amissa Hrometz
Amissa Hrometz Mês atrás
Wtf!!! This is so weird and happening to SO many people this happened to me as well and I was freaking out and was convinced it was a lease positive then I tested negative the validity of these tests...
dolita windo
dolita windo Mês atrás
Gabrielle Rae Howard
Flush the smoothie down the toilet & trash the cup
ktbpa Mês atrás
We use rapid tests in the hospital but they don't take 15min, they take 3 hours. A normal test 24-48 hours.
Hawa Karshe
Hawa Karshe Mês atrás
alida flus
alida flus Mês atrás
Lesson Learned: Rapid tests suck.
Maddie Devries
Maddie Devries Mês atrás
How are they making y’all pay $125 for a test????? It’s free in Canada and I can’t even imagine having to pay for something like that wtf
Katherine Z
Katherine Z Mês atrás
You should really get refunded for the false positives. The fact that you got two separate false positives in a row probably means the testing area was contaminated in some way.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
😭) stay safe 🖤
adw4891 Mês atrás
You’ll be ok, Chris! Lay off the dope for a bit. Save the lungs Lots of false negatives and positives happening. Do you know your ct count?? Did they swab both nostrils? Is it both? Elon tested positive in his left and negative in his right. And then the next 4 tests he took; all negative I was just gonna say positive vibes(yikes) keep getting tested.
alida flus
alida flus Mês atrás
😭) stay safe 🖤
Congrats on the results 🎉 On an unrelated note, can someone recognize his Apple Watch band? I’m looking for one just like that
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
I'm so relieved it was all false positives
Haylee Grace
Haylee Grace Mês atrás
Chris you are too trusting in these rapid test, they are known to give false positive. If you have not seen anyone the a d have been quarantined , how would you thing you would contract it ? Think outside the box.
Tarra Martin
Tarra Martin Mês atrás
OCD plus Anxiety will make you spiral out of control. I am so glad everything work out ...however like you said you never know but stay safe and happy holidays
miko foin
miko foin Mês atrás
What this helped prove: don’t depend on “rapid” tests. Those are just there to take your money!! How the heck does he get TWO FALSE POSITIVE’s back to back?! HOW?!
Lucy Mês atrás
I’m just so glad you’re not really really sick xxxx and are doing okay xxxxx
Alicia Arce
Alicia Arce Mês atrás
Hi!! My only COVID symptom was Congestion! I tested negative twice and then positive a week later, so it’s tough with these tests. Just want to make sure you know how stigmatizing having COVID is, and want you to remember it’s gonna be okay regardless!
Stephanie McMillan
Stephanie McMillan Mês atrás
Taking tests like a women thinking she is pregnant and it comes up positive! 😂 Happy it worked out, stay safe and healthy. Rapid test probably not the way to go. Just quarantine until you get results from the standard test. Saves money too. 😉
miko foin
miko foin Mês atrás
i hope you get to feeling better
Holly H
Holly H Mês atrás
Ariana Walker
Ariana Walker Mês atrás
I don’t think you could ever be cancelled Bebe ❤️
wabayava Mês atrás
Honestly couldn't care less about the things you worry about regarding how people would react to you. I'm just glad you're okay and negative. Real fans would know how honest and open you are and wouldn't think negatively about what happened.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Mês atrás
oh my god ... the relief that hit me when I heard “negative”. rapid tests are SO sketchy. our government is sketchy too. I’m so glad you’re okay, I knew you would be! Love you! 💞✨🙏🏻
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
at least u don’t have to share ur weed in quarantine
Annie Slaughter
Annie Slaughter Mês atrás
So after seeing these videos I was thinking about how paying $125 per rapid test is unattainable for a lot of people,. While I know this last experience with rapid testing was traumatic and bad, it may be a good to help some of your subscribers be able to afford rapid testing (maybe a gofundme that you redistribute or maybe from yourself) so they can feel safe/okay seeing friends and getting results fast since most of us cant afford the rapid testing nor waiting days without working while waiting for results
Dee Mês atrás
I'm so relieved it was all false positives
nope. Mês atrás
I’m so glad you’re all negative, Xmas is gonna be bare, and I’ve lost too many people this year, but things like this keep me positive (not the ‘rona type of positive thoooooough 😂😭) stay safe 🖤
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
was going to eat into our groceries. it's so incredibly exploitive. imagine being a parent, separated from your child, needing to take a test in order to see them. out of the three
Mel E
Mel E Mês atrás
I hope you get a refund and some stress pay for those dodgy test results!
Moo Moo
Moo Moo Mês atrás
America is insane to me. Here in Aus (vic) i tested positive. I got a call from the government and a visit from the police. The government then contacted all my close contacts (I was an essential worker) and shut down the place I was working for cleaning and every one who attended that essential business had to isolate and was contacted by the government. We were then visited by police randomly throughout the next week's to make sure we were isolating. It's *insane* to me that in America they just tell you to text people. They rely on you being responsible enough....insane. And all my covid tests - I've had 6 - were all free
D A Mês atrás
Lmao FUCKING LOVE YOU CHRIS AND I AM SO HAPPY / RELIEVED FOR YOU 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Seeing yo so upset and crying was fucking horrible to see, you didn’t deserve that 😩♥️♥️ Thank you for continuing to use your platform for good, you’re a sweetheart and we need more people like you in this ugly world!
Cheshire Smile
Cheshire Smile Mês atrás
It’s amazing to me that my country does these COVID tests for free and you need to pay 125$ per test and wait too long for a result
Heidi Cast
Heidi Cast Mês atrás
Two positives and a negative? Does no one pick up on the obscurity? Unwarranted fear is being inundated into the nation...seeing Chris, who I believe to be a genuine soul...worry about what he did wrong? Does this not ring any alarms in communities? Many people die from the flu...sure, wear your mask, be respectful but also be vigilant to the fact that your government may not care as much about you as you think.
Kyla M
Kyla M Mês atrás
glad you're okay! Also Julien was wearing a middle kid hat in his last video!!
Candace Newman
Candace Newman Mês atrás
i hope you get to feeling better
Nicole Mês atrás
I'm glad you're taking precautions and getting all of these tests done! Better safe than sorry.
McKenna Mês atrás
Happy for you, Chris!!! Sorry you went through that. The real ones aren't judging you. You may look like a clown, but at least you're a healthy clown
Enby Nymph
Enby Nymph Mês atrás
I much prefer that you're okay and feel dumb, over than the alternative
Amber Januschewski
Amber Januschewski Mês atrás
Can’t believe any of the shit on the news
Amber Januschewski
Amber Januschewski Mês atrás
These test are such BS
Haley Sullivan
Haley Sullivan Mês atrás
I think very often that when there is a virus going around, that many people get anxiety about the symptoms. They start to believe they are positive because of shortened breath, a sore throat or a cough when it could’ve been caused by other things. Of course you should still get a test! But the anxieties definitely don’t help
xxlucy Mês atrás
the grayish green hoodie at 3:18 makes your eyes look incredible
vis Mês atrás
i went through the exact same situation, never went out, get tested, no one else got sick in my house. it wasn't false i did lose my sense of smell and taste at one point. i was so mad seeing all the parties in my city, at the start of quarentine i got in some beef because i made fun of guys that went out so they started making fun of me because i got it and they apparently didn't. is rough, but i have peace of mind knowing no one got it from me and i did the right thing even if it didn't work out. (sorry if my english is bad im Mexican)
Frances Emily
Frances Emily Mês atrás
last night my mom and I had to get covid tests. we got tested bc my stepsister's mom won't let her visit unless we get tested (which is completely within her rights esp since she has lupus). it was an ordeal. my mom and I were lucky enough to get our tests for free bc we have symptoms (I think are either flu or allergies) and we did the PCR. the rapid test seems like such a scam. the PCR costs $59 and the rapid test costs $129. we almost accidentally got the rapid test and my mom cried because she was afraid that the cost was going to eat into our groceries. it's so incredibly exploitive. imagine being a parent, separated from your child, needing to take a test in order to see them. out of the three people in your household, only you have a job. you are so desperate to see your child that you take the rapid test, which is expensive and inaccurate. that is my stepfather's reality.
SteFunny S
SteFunny S Mês atrás
I immediately scheduled to have a test done after watching your video on Monday. I don't have any symptoms. I am so happy that your second test had a negative result. Happy Thanksgiving! 💝
roseangel rodriguez
yOUR REACTION IS VALID, THE WAY YOU FEEL IS VALIDDD. Do noT EVER THINK YOU REACTED over dramatically or not giving us enough of a reaction. You reacting as real as you have been is why we keep following, well why I keep following lol. I love you I will always love you, stay safe. Be kind to yourself and others 😘
Reese Teigen
Reese Teigen Mês atrás
YAY continue to stay safe of course and keep doing you, we love you btw after mom had watched you for the first time and ur last vid with me she was so concerned for you n we cried with you, she’ll be very happy to hear the news :)
ADM Fam Mês atrás
so happy for you.
CoversByCierra Mês atrás
you'll never be cancelled in my eyes!! I love you so much. you bring me so much joy and laughter. as a depressed bitch with OCD and anxiety, I cannot thank you enough for that. it's weird bc you don't even know who I am, but I truly admire and love you. sending a virtual hug and lots of love your way!
Ashley B
Ashley B Mês atrás
i forget i’m so fortunate i go to a large public university and can get free testing any time i want (literally have gone 11 times this year) with a 24-48 hour wait time. it’s so fucked that people have to pay HUNDREDS of dollars to get tested then also wait longer than two days
Eloise Butler
Eloise Butler Mês atrás
If your nose is negative I don’t think anyone would think less of you for going home for thanksgiving, you deserve to enjoy the day considering how strictly you stuck to the rules
relevant username
relevant username Mês atrás
y’all so dramatic and fr what
Mel Lamplough
Mel Lamplough Mês atrás
just shows all these celebs who do rapid testing, might not be accurate and still contributing to the spread.
Sammy Jo
Sammy Jo Mês atrás
But you post that you're driving cross country for Christmas... oh. Idk I love you and a big fan but seeing that on your story? WOW
Michaela Straus
Michaela Straus Mês atrás
When we had our countrywide testing, even after being tested twice by the rapid test provided by our government and a blood test we bought on our own, we were still very careful, just like you. It makes me so happy that someone who has a big platform has such a responsible attitude. Hopefully this will show other people how to react in a situation that is similar to yours. Thank you for this ❤ stay safe
Sophiie Mês atrás
If anyone is interested, chris just said on his stream that his third test came back negative :)
PeAches Mês atrás
The rapid tests are such BS
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC Mês atrás
The Vid is everywhere and when you get it, it SUCKS SO BAD!!! It’s like the fucking clap! 🤣😥 PS You could NEVER be canceled!!!!! Get an antibody test please!
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC Mês atrás
Do an antibody test. Then you’ll know 100%
celeste Mês atrás
you want to know what’s crazy? i had a false negative!!! and like a few days later i had cold symptoms and then i lost my taste and smell and i went to go get tested and i was positive. i wasn’t out and partying, i got it at work because i’m essential and i never stopped working. i was sick for a month. but all my tests were free. all paid by the government! i’m in texas btw.
Hava Demirbas
Hava Demirbas Mês atrás
I apprichate him so much. He takes his time to explain himself just so we know what his pure intentions are. I'm just happy that he doesn't turn on his words. Love u Chris. I'm happy that u didn't get sick. We need more people like u.
Cutiebooty Mês atrás
sanitize the outside of your groceries guys, if u post instacart or grubhub, and if u go out and shop, sanitize please please
Random Names
Random Names Mês atrás
We love you man
Tori Cox
Tori Cox Mês atrás
My allergies have been absolutely insane this year so it could be that
Sidney St. James
Sidney St. James Mês atrás
Chris I dont want you to throw away another $125 dollars for the rapid testing again.... BUT YOU SHOULD GO AND TEST AGAIN at the rapid test site. Something is literally screaming at me that this is possibly a scam. The " I SWEAR" guy CAME BACK WITHOUT PPE TO TELL YOU YOU WERE POSITIVE AND THAT HE RAN IT TWICE (just for you?)..... who does that??? Scammers bank on emotions, scare you into buying another possible test. Im sure the company is legit but its possible the employees could could be the scammers. It would be an awesome test video to see what the hell is going on. How does someone approach you again WITHOUT GLOVES and PPE to take payment for another positive test. It doesn't sit right with me. You should share where you went to for these rapid tests, so that people should be aware to test at different sites.
Sofia Spillari
Sofia Spillari Mês atrás
I think it would be great for you to mention (if you want) how hard it would be for someone like me to be in your position - how I don’t have the opportunity to have my own space and do my own stuff from my home. You talk a lot about how lucky you are and I love that but I think it would be neat to talk about other people who aren’t influencers and work at retail and whatnot snd how it would affect them!
J B Mês atrás
Catch me on a day when I give 2 fucks about this twat or his China virus. How the fuck did this loser end up in my feed? Fucking BRvid
Sofia Spillari
Sofia Spillari Mês atrás
The hug made me cry that was so cute
Coco Smooth
Coco Smooth Mês atrás
glad your feeling better. just a thought, can you review only fans pages. trish’s vid LIVES in my head rent free. stay safe 😘
MrPottymouth122 Mês atrás
I have not yet worn one of those useless masks. No business has yet successfully denies me access, product sale or service. This whole C19 bullshit is just communist behavior modification. Which drones can be counted on to obey blindly? Who's going to push back? Avoid depopulation food & get some cardio. Take care of your health people & you'll be fine.
Michaela Thompson
Michaela Thompson Mês atrás
Appreciate you sharing your experience with all this. Hope you are doing well. Chillin in my middle kid bucket hat like a boss ILY
MrPottymouth122 Mês atrás
You've got the fucking flu. 0.03% death rate, you'll be fine. This could not get more gay. Yeah, next time I get a runny nose I'll start a new BRvid channel.
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