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► Ultimate Van Life Guide:
Van dwelling sure does seem compelling with all the incredible photos and videos that are posted to the internet. In this video we want to share with you 10 things that you must consider before starting the van life so that you can be sure if van dwelling is really for you!
Ultimate Guide to The Real #VanLife:
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31 Ago 2017



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Comentários 80
Kombi Life
Kombi Life Anos atrás
Complete Guide to Van Life:
WhiteRaven Anos atrás
Next time just name the video correctly to get a lot more views guys.. 10 things u need to know before u start vanlife.. Minute 1 u actually said it ur self. Utube people loves lists come guys u should know this things. Best of luck
Dabby Doodle
Dabby Doodle 15 dias atrás
Hardest part is nighttime parking and A/C. Getting solar hooked up right. Not being stranded if you break down. Everything else is GREAT!!!
FJRGD 25 dias atrás
Life is balance. Too much or not enuf of anything upsets that balance. We are a sum of our choices made.
Em Montuori
Em Montuori Mês atrás
Bet you didn’t think the sh*t hitting the fan would happen in the sense of a global pandemic 😂
Kombi Life
Kombi Life Mês atrás
nope - we really didn't
Age of Reason
Age of Reason Mês atrás
1:08 creep alert.
Jake's Vanlife
Jake's Vanlife 2 meses atrás
Still watching the old videos look at the space in copito
Vagabond Morrison
Vagabond Morrison 2 meses atrás
Just throwing this out there... I have a bunch of songs I wrote about travel and living nomadic that would probably work really well with some of your videos. I can email you some songs if you'd like!
Dichroic Sounds
Dichroic Sounds 2 meses atrás
This is a great video. I'm a musician who's thinking about going on the road as a nomad in the next few years because the music scene in my small town isn't very lively.
Asia 2 meses atrás
Chocolate hostage 😭
Johns Does
Johns Does 3 meses atrás
What about that seafood smell ???
Tone Cray
Tone Cray 3 meses atrás
I'm an Englishman wanting to find a partner who will help me to travel to every country in South America. Contact me. I am not looking for sex, just fun and friendship, maybe cuddles when we need it. I am tough, nobody will push me about in any scenario, except women. I am not wealthy, I can just afford the vehicle and monthly life. I can fix anything...I can speak several languages and I write books and paint pictures, my Spanish is ....O...K...Ish. Some say I'm posh, but I'm just friendly. HELP
Vivienne V
Vivienne V 3 meses atrás
I’m here because i don’t want to be a hobo so I need a second resource
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 3 meses atrás
Speaking of journey across Sahara desert... I mean REAL journey, across Sahara desert: .
gerard way
gerard way 3 meses atrás
i wanna do this soo bad because i wanna travel but i also won’t be able to afford it if i live in a normal house and stuff. i’m definitely considering it i just don’t know what my job would be.
thumbtack40 4 meses atrás
'chocolate hostage' 😅😅😅
Est. Hernandez
Est. Hernandez 4 meses atrás
(im immature )but cholate hostage ... HAHAHA THAT'S NEW ONE.
Abby J
Abby J 4 meses atrás
Next summer I want to take a week with my two friends going to different places living in a car/van. We always joke about perusing van life when we’re older, but depending on how that week goes we actually may
Chris Staric
Chris Staric 4 meses atrás
Thanks for sharing those informations. Validating as this is what I can experiment on a daily basis like you two. Van life is spartiate but you learn a lot, on you mainly. ;)
Jessi Louis
Jessi Louis 4 meses atrás
she looks like Jaqueline Bisset?
Brooklyn in The Rare old Times
No, I would take her to the Waldorf Astoria! I’d burn that heap and get a real Sprinter Van.
ralle ralle
ralle ralle 5 meses atrás
i will try and go this year
Forward to the past
Forward to the past 6 meses atrás
cheers guys, really well done
Brian Cook
Brian Cook 6 meses atrás
1 other thing if there's 2 of you make sure y'all get along with each other because it's not like a house where you can run to the man cave to vent
Faith Booth
Faith Booth 7 meses atrás
Taxes ? Jobs ? W2?
Pecan Man
Pecan Man 7 meses atrás
11. Rebuilding your engine 10 times is not fun
Commder Fireball
Commder Fireball 7 meses atrás
Do you think I could do it in a mini or am I just mad?
Commder Fireball
Commder Fireball 7 meses atrás
@Kombi Life I an shocked that anyone reply. Much less you. Plz go to Poole quay. Do not give up your doing well.
Kombi Life
Kombi Life 7 meses atrás
If it’s an old mini. Yes, the seats fold back all the way
Jane Eley
Jane Eley 8 meses atrás
Thanks for the advice. I hear kiwi!🤣
Rich hobos World
Rich hobos World 8 meses atrás
Some trends are great ..or very bad....!!..I would not trend van life...too many will ruin it!!!!@
Giulio M
Giulio M 8 meses atrás
The interior countryside of the US is very safe and very "hip" because of all the guns people have, believe it or not. It's sad that places like the coastal states of the US work so hard to prevent you from exercising you God given constitutional rights to protect yourself and others around you with the safest and most effective way possible, which is with a firearm. Also, don't judge the US by looking at the "hip" coastal cities that are super liberal and accept (and help) homelessness. Their "hip" attitude to homelessness is a major factor which invites in drugs, crime, grime, slime, crazy people, littering, and all this in your face on the streets. Pepper spray is only effective if you get it in their eyes, otherwise it's not effective. Bear spray works well as long as the wind isn't blowing it back at you. Its also not at all as effective as the sight of your good buddies "Smith & Wesson". A gun is just an instant game changer when you're in a pinch no matter what. I like how you guys try to convince yourselves that Latin America is safer and not as bad as even the coastal cities in the US. (sarcasm). That's just absurd when you can't even rely on the corrupt police, government, healthcare, or infrastructure in those backward countries. People in 3rd world countries don't have the basic infrastructure to allow them to do much more that be in a constant survival mode throughout their lives. That would be why they're trying to come to the US.
Jann Macdougall
Jann Macdougall 8 meses atrás
This was terrific...the book ought to be good..I will look it up
Regina P
Regina P 8 meses atrás
Bob, do you have a single uncle?
Mark Aquilina
Mark Aquilina 8 meses atrás
No shower. No toilet. No security. No fridge. No AC. No Job. No money. HOMELESS. You can have a house a job, and also travel!!
CrazyCrux 8 meses atrás
Ewwwww wouldn't wanna be a homeless loooooooser now, would we?
jack masters
jack masters 9 meses atrás
3:45 that woman halfway up that rocky face, that is a very bad idea.
Yến Dương
Yến Dương 9 meses atrás
Michael 9 meses atrás
Number one thing to know before starting van life-------- Don't buy a vw van, unless you like spending money on 50 yr. old crap !
Diane Decrane
Diane Decrane 9 meses atrás
I’m facing a tough the high rents and be constantly stressed with losing my job and becoming evicted or by a van to live in. It’s still a better alternative than having to sleep on the street.
Fake tube On the you tube
It’s the hygiene and personal care that would drive me nuts - you must get caught out
Fake tube On the you tube
JAY LOVE 9 meses atrás
I waz living in a van. I had a GMC Savana extended 350. I just threw a mattress in the back. I took showers at Planet Fitness. I slept in a car for 5 months and a van for 9 months. I got tired of it. It was depressing. I missed having a sink to spit my used toothpaste into. I missed having heat at night and having AC on the hot days. Cracking the windows and using the buddy heater worked somewhat. There was no way I was going to sleep with that Buddy Heater on. I learned that I like having a toilet I can flush and use anytime I want and I like being able to take a hot shower anytime I feel like it. For me, life is too short to live in a van. Maybe I would try a Class A RV at least 26 feet long.
3 out of 3
3 out of 3 9 meses atrás
MrKayaker69 9 meses atrás
A Brit and an Ozzie......ace guys......did you buy your van in Mexico ?
Death Mortgages
Death Mortgages 9 meses atrás
Do you like driving?
Matt Bushfield
Matt Bushfield 9 meses atrás
that clip at 3:50 with the clear water, is that grassi lakes in canmore AB?
VanTastic Traveling
VanTastic Traveling 10 meses atrás
Can't agree more! True and honest video. the end, the pro's are worth it all!
huyked 10 meses atrás
You both are cute. And thank you for the tips and pros and cons.
Aimsy McNamara
Aimsy McNamara 10 meses atrás
You two are a lovely couple. Hope you do well on youtube.
Debbie Donaldson
Debbie Donaldson 10 meses atrás
Dude yr funny as hell u made my nite lol
Honeybee 10 meses atrás
I have a van parked in my backyard for hangouts with my friends... I’m too young to drive, but I got it for my birthday and my dad helped me convert it into an amazing hangout!
bitchboy 24 dias atrás
Imagine hotboxing in that😯
Anderson Fernandes
Anderson Fernandes Mês atrás
@Crici He is very luck indeed
Anderson Fernandes
Anderson Fernandes Mês atrás
@Crici 😂😂😂😂😂
Crici Mês atrás
Lucky you I just get socks
Sylester Jones
Sylester Jones 10 meses atrás
Good list...
loctite222ms 10 meses atrás
You definitely learned the mechanical stuff the hard way. ;)
Michael Campanale
Michael Campanale 11 meses atrás
Thanks... Very Interesting ... mvc
Archie BF
Archie BF 11 meses atrás
Please note unless you are also driving a t1/t2 or similar you will not be able to fix tour van on the side of the road the majority of the time
Guy Monacelli
Guy Monacelli 11 meses atrás
Very nice video.
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 11 meses atrás
Can’t wait for van life!
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 11 meses atrás
Chocolate hostage lol
Lost Yogi
Lost Yogi 11 meses atrás
Omg you guys where so young ;-) You know you are hungry for new episodes, when you rewatch a top 10 episode from 2 years ago :-)
Xavier Anos atrás
I'm a spoil brat, I need my apt, I keep all my crap there lol
indigo wendigo
indigo wendigo Anos atrás
Danielle Emberton
Danielle Emberton Anos atrás
Mechanical plans for him is paying someone
Danielle Emberton
Danielle Emberton Anos atrás
Seems fun but really its not for everyone,unless your rich. If you are find a hot girl and a nice van and hop on the road and avoid getting a job😉number 7 lol sounds fun hash tag fun zies
Poldariser Anos atrás
I want van life.
Kilted Indian
Kilted Indian Anos atrás
“Dropping the kids off to the pool” !! Toilet options
canica99 Anos atrás
Love it , I will be purchasing your book... I am certain has some amazing information... glad to see you and Leah together... you both make a great team and great couple. cheers...
Marcin Trojak
Marcin Trojak Anos atrás
Is Christian Bale your father??!
woodro blue83
woodro blue83 Anos atrás
I want a van man put my floor and carpet and so on
J Anos atrás
Great info. Thank you!
Kombi Life
Kombi Life Anos atrás
You’re welcome.
Sourish Saha
Sourish Saha Anos atrás
that doesn't look like a healthy and settled to me😂
J. G.
J. G. Anos atrás
After watching the video and reading the comments I have boiled it down to 2 main points. One is a hot girlfriend and two being at least 6'2" tall is the most important. Everything else can be bought or built. I always enjoy the videos, thanks for the smiles and entertainment.
VP Chr
VP Chr Anos atrás
love it all as allways! the bloopers killd me
Renay E
Renay E Anos atrás
👏Great Advice
Bill Carson
Bill Carson Anos atrás
I lived in my van for 18 months and the hardest, most frustrating thing was having to spend so much time, energy & fuel with finding an O.K. place to park for the night. Good video, I think you covered it all pretty well !
JayZombie1216 Anos atrás
I lived in mine for about 4 months in Colorado. I'd usually just park atop a mountain peak, in the side parking spots. Or Walmarts. Walmarts never bitched at me. I parked outside in my old job too.
GH0ST Anos atrás
Where are you going to pewp?
Ashiq salim
Ashiq salim Anos atrás
Great video guys
Tradedesign Danilo Benavente Jensen
kombi chilena!!!! aguate ese motor!
newstart49 Anos atrás
Most important information yet- How do you talk a gorgeous woman into living out of a van?
Roland Wolf
Roland Wolf Anos atrás
Was soll denn das? Deutscher Titel und dann englisch labbern????? Sch........
Falco Anos atrás
Holy cow
stan giles
stan giles Anos atrás
I lived in a van down by the river , Chicago . had lots of showers near
isaac samandar
isaac samandar Anos atrás
Your sister is very Beautiful tomorrow I’ll
cameron vadnais
cameron vadnais Anos atrás
Thanks for this honest video.
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