Music Theory Masterclass 1: Drilling the Basics

Rick Beato
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13 Mai 2021



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Hart Heiden
It finally all makes sense. Thank you Rick!
Curt Piazza
Heard you on with Ian Punnet last nite!! Great work! Love your story!
Diogo Machado
I recently bought the Beato package, Book, Ear Training and 2 for guitar. Such a great investment! Can't thank the Man enough! He is in the know and he sure loves music.
Miss you Norm
Miss you Norm Anos atrás
Rick spends 3 hrs having lunch in Beverly Hills with Joni Mitchell. Returns to the classroom and shows us all how to put in the work. Never forgets where he came from. Love you Rick
Lyzi Anos atrás
just me
As always, great video.
Bobby Blevins
Bobby Blevins Anos atrás
I played the guitar, when I was a teenager into my 20s. I hit a wall using tabs, and gave up on it for a long time. I'm in my mid 30s now, and picked it back up, and hit the same wall. I got on BRvid searching for the answer. Then I found your channel, and using what I've learned from your teachings I was able to break through that wall. I am so grateful for the knowledge that you have passed on to me. I am once again in love with music, and have the enthusiasm for it that I had as a teen. I am wonderfully lost in the rabbit hole that is music. I can't wait to get your book, and ear training program. I whole heartily thank you for what you do, and have nothing but respect for you.
Crispen Smith
Crispen Smith Anos atrás
Worrying about having too much music theory in your skull is like a carpenter worrying if they have too many tools. Thanks for another great lesson Rick.
Tom Cooper Online
I'm trained as a drummer but am a self taught piano and guitar player. I've tried lessons on both a couple of times. I've learned more in 3 minutes in than in all the lessons I ever took. Rick is amazing.
Raven Conacher
Raven Conacher Anos atrás
I think you are in my top 10 most influential musicians. Thank you for sharing.
AquaDime333 Anos atrás
I wish we had a music theory class in school back in the 80s. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all
Brbrshpr77 Anos atrás
I was a music education major in college but lost my passion for music shortly after graduating. Recently I took up the guitar again after a 30+ year absence from it and started watching your videos. You've reignited my love for music and I thank you. Keep doing what you do, you are making a difference.
Copper Audio
Copper Audio Anos atrás
Thank you! Finally music theory explained properly. Using the keyboard made all the difference (for me). You rock! P.S. Phrygian is where the beer is stored.
Matthew Curtis
Matthew Curtis Anos atrás
This is exactly what I needed Rick!!! Thank you for continuing to share you knowledge and reiterating your previous videos to communicate them in the most simple way possible. 🙏🙏🙏
Bart Anos atrás
I love this man. His knowledge and the simple, beautiful way he can share it with others.
Ben Standefer
Ben Standefer Anos atrás
This is awesome… you should make “drill the basics” a reoccurring series!!! I love it. Kind of the thing where everyone assumes the basics are easily, so nobody goes over them enough times.
Robin Stevenson
Robin Stevenson Anos atrás
This is incredibly helpful, Rick! You've made it so clear that I finally understand what a sus2 and sus4 chord are, and you've demystified it! Now I'm really getting somewhere!
A N YA Anos atrás
I've watched so many music theory videos and I end up being more confused than before but the way you presented the information was so clear and easy to understand thank youuu !
James Hughes
James Hughes Anos atrás
Rick you have been a HUUUUGE influence on my composing and songwriting this past year
Ishana Ghosh
Ishana Ghosh Anos atrás
Thank you Sir ❤️ gave me a solid guideline to build my music theory knowledge on. You clubbed so many concepts I had to find out in seperate numerous BRvid videos plus your added knowledge of artists that use each of these concepts is priceless. Thank you 👍🏽
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