Murdaugh attorney says he's ‘mad as hell’ about leaked phone call 

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Leaked Audio

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19 Mar 2023



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I like juicy inside info as much as the next guy, but you really must respect attorney client privilege, or the justice system will be more dysfunctional than it already is.
That’s rich! I’ll bet the parents of the girl his son, paw paw killed are “mad as hell” that they will never see their daughter grow up!
They know those calls are recorded
The media outlet who released this call should be held accountable. It is things like this that could get a murderer released from prison.
Poor Alex ....
I am mad his office allowed family and friends to use his office phone to bypass security measures at the jail.
Man bet it is frustrating to have someone prob bought information they shouldn't have..almost like buying and conning your way into crime scenes and the hospital to try to cover up a crime..
When evil gets mad, I get happy.
Whoever leaked that call was likely paid big money to do it. As Bruce Lee said in one of his movies, "Money will buy cooperation."
Alex will NEVER stop trying to get out of jail by a techicality until he is DEEP in the prison system..Get him there please, we are tired of AM games...
Angry? Do you think we care? Not at all! All we cared about is his conviction of brutal killing his son and wife, and how justice was served that he's locked up for life . For now, the only thing we care about is the financial case and the victims of Alex Murderer and hoping justice will be served for them soon as well.
Maybe Alex’s attorney bribed someone at the jail to release it, to claim a reason for a new trial!
Hard to feel sorry for this family especially when his son was responsible for another person's death. It's called karma.
He doesn’t have a reason to be mad as hell about anything, except at himself for being a murderer
I just finished watching the entire story on Netflix last week..It was indeed a troubling story how these so called rich families have many skeletons in the closet.The Murdaugh family was haunted by the innocent blood of all those that perished around their circles.The innocent boy killed and left in the middle of the road,the maid killed and Murdaugh collected life insurance worh $4.5m that her siblings never saw any penny, the girl beach that perished under the negligence of their drunk son on a boat and many others that may have disappeared using their powers in Hampton County.The wife knew alot too about her husband's evil deeds but sadly he ended up finishing her off and the son...This family has many demons that can never leave them in peace and I pray for all the families that suffered under the Murdaugh power influence
They usually announce at the first of the call the attorney does that it's attorney client privilege call but I never heard that and no information was even in it. However, this is not a good thing at all for that jail to do!
Is Alex more upset that this audio clip was leaked than the fact that he butchered his son and wife?
The attorney is just doing his job and these calls are indeed protected
I would estimate this clown is safer in a cell than on the streets. I also think that Randolph ("Buster") isn't far away from cuffs either. . .
It ain't cool to steal money from a dead woman too