MultiVersus Mayhem 5 GRAND FINALS Zoo (Morty, Tom and Jerry) vs Chavo (Morty, Iron Giant)

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24 Ago 2022



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Dee Genie
The vibes I got from Chavo and Zoo playing these sets were immaculate 😂 they just look like they were having fun without even caring about who won
the fact that i got to even play this for a week before moving is great, and the fact it even exist is something i really love.
Yappy y
Very cool to see Chavo and zoo are playing multiple characters
probably the most wholesome set I’ve ever seen
Ghost Beatbox
I feel like I watch these two play against each other every couple weeks.
Sir DarkLord
Nice to see Chavo and Zoo having some fun.
My biggest quarrels with morty are his ground up is only useful under platforms and his dair is the only ringout condition.
Loved the commentary, funny and informative. Great work guys.
Thetroller Inc
10/10 vid and commentary the whole vibe of the video was kinda wholesome idk how this channel only has 3.4k subs
for being an iron giant, he move so fast and well
Evil King Sugiru
Great matches. I wonder who'll make names for themselves in this game.
No you dont have to hit them to cancel down special. They added that you cancel on whiff AND hit
MAN i love watching you guys id love to visit the shop keep up !
Super Yamchama
Morty is a horizontal character who's best kill options are both vertical. Makes sense to me >:0👍
I've seen this man absolutely obliterate last time with Batman. I wonder if the patch is what made him change off of Batman as some things don't work properly
Jay Sotho
morty's hammer perk hitbox is so similar to Finn's old backpack hitbox.. it's kinda weird it was added again just a different font
Kevin Uribe
Anyone know
We live in the best timeline.
John School
I would not want to bring Iron Giant out more than twice in a tournament. Where he can get combo'd so easily. This was a good matchup tho
Joe Reilly
Just realized Morty is the only character that can fight himself and it be completely canon