MultiVersus Mayhem 5 GRAND FINALS Zoo (Morty, Tom and Jerry) vs Chavo (Morty, Iron Giant) 

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24 Ago 2022



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Dee Genie
Dee Genie Anos atrás
The vibes I got from Chavo and Zoo playing these sets were immaculate 😂 they just look like they were having fun without even caring about who won
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Exactly that Sure there is pride in winning but we are all friends around here and want to help each other improve. Egos stay at the door when u come to Vortex.
Chavo Anos atrás
It's all good fun for us
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69 Anos atrás
@Chavo good games man was super fun to watch and learn from the pros
Sublime Sense
Sublime Sense Anos atrás
Do you know immaculate means?
Dee Genie
Dee Genie Anos atrás
@Sublime Sense to be free from flaws and perfect. I used it in this context just fine, with just a hint of slang. Y you trying to fact check me on the meaning of a word lol
the fact that i got to even play this for a week before moving is great, and the fact it even exist is something i really love. i cant wait to move in, work my ass off for the first few months and get internet again.
God Anos atrás
Brah wot hahaha
Yappy y
Yappy y Anos atrás
Very cool to see Chavo and zoo are playing multiple characters
plebism Anos atrás
probably the most wholesome set I’ve ever seen
Ghost Beatbox
Ghost Beatbox Anos atrás
I feel like I watch these two play against each other every couple weeks.
Sir DarkLord
Sir DarkLord Anos atrás
Nice to see Chavo and Zoo having some fun.
44redwards Anos atrás
Loved the commentary, funny and informative. Great work guys.
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Thetroller Inc
Thetroller Inc Anos atrás
10/10 vid and commentary the whole vibe of the video was kinda wholesome idk how this channel only has 3.4k subs
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
I was at 300 one month ago lol It has been growing insanely fast I'm so happy for all the support ty
ELMOLOCO Anos atrás
for being an iron giant, he move so fast and well
Evil King Sugiru
Evil King Sugiru Anos atrás
Great matches. I wonder who'll make names for themselves in this game.
Slightly Anos atrás
My biggest quarrels with morty are his ground up is only useful under platforms and his dair is the only ringout condition.
Emilio Anos atrás
I hate his dair. Its so easy to dodge amd interrupt
Smegmɑ Anos atrás
C tier at best
LilDeer Anos atrás
MAN i love watching you guys id love to visit the shop keep up !
Josefu-RSA Anos atrás
No you dont have to hit them to cancel down special. They added that you cancel on whiff AND hit
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Oh I misread the notes then WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!
JoeDelafro Anos atrás
I've seen this man absolutely obliterate last time with Batman. I wonder if the patch is what made him change off of Batman as some things don't work properly
Super Yamchama
Super Yamchama Anos atrás
Morty is a horizontal character who's best kill options are both vertical. Makes sense to me >:0👍
Aflay Anos atrás
We live in the best timeline. President Morty: I have an Army. Morty: We have a Superman.
Jay Sotho
Jay Sotho Anos atrás
morty's hammer perk hitbox is so similar to Finn's old backpack hitbox.. it's kinda weird it was added again just a different font
Leophyte Anos atrás
To be fair, it's the third move of a jab that isn't even a true combo, not an ability you can just use with the press of a button anytime you want and dodge out of
John School
John School Anos atrás
I would not want to bring Iron Giant out more than twice in a tournament. Where he can get combo'd so easily. This was a good matchup tho
Joe Reilly
Joe Reilly Anos atrás
Just realized Morty is the only character that can fight himself and it be completely canon Edit: basically all the examples people are listing are alternate versions of the character or a doppelgänger, a one off episode. yes they’ve happened at one point, yes Superman fights bizarro, fern and fin, etc but Rick and morty fighting other ricks and mortys is a regular occurrence on the show, it’s like a core element of the shows universe. There’s literally a home world for all the ricks and mortys (haven’t watched the show in a while forgot the name) My fault, should have been more clear. Seeing two ricks or mortys in the same exact skin (or any other skin) fighting each other looks completely canon, opposed to any other character fighting themselves, they would all need the skins to every episode, comic, movie, that you’re all referencing for it to be the same.
Christopher Huggins
I think Supes has fought multiple versions of himself too
ditto boi
ditto boi Anos atrás
all the dc people aswell
codaddy Madden
codaddy Madden Anos atrás
Same when Rick comes out
Bahbahdeh Anos atrás
Batman, Bugs Bunny, Superman and Wonder Woman have fought a doppelgänger of themselves.
MajesticMo Anos atrás
Shaggy and Velma have met dopplegangers of themselves but haven't fought them
Kevin Uribe
Kevin Uribe Anos atrás
Anyone know 0:05 how they pull out morty’s dirt move that quick ?!? Is there any thing in the settings to adjust the sensitivity?
Dad Anos atrás
Are you talking about the dash dance?
cowabungoid Anos atrás
@Dad the earth pillar that can split grenades
Kevin Uribe
Kevin Uribe Anos atrás
@cowabungoid yes that pillar ! How did he pull it out and move it so quickly ? Sensitivity? Or just input speed
Bush Balderdale
Bush Balderdale Anos atrás
@Kevin Uribe id love to know this too. please let us know if you figure it out!
cowabungoid Anos atrás
@Kevin Uribe ok so I'm in the lab and just holding left it moves at the speed in the video. There's no sensitivity options but if you just want maximum distance hold left and it's pretty fast
Alex Silva
Alex Silva 10 meses atrás
Anyone else noticed how a Finn player struggles when using a character which requieres skill and without brain dead finishers?
hioxd Anos atrás
Problem for me about these games being competitive is that it's way too busy looking but at the same time, there isnt much going on. If that makes any sense.
delitaTactics Anos atrás
It looks like ass, I've been saying it since day one. At least in smash you can see some of the players personality shine through. This game is just a bunch of moves being spammed at each other and it all just looks janky and floaty
hioxd Anos atrás
@delitaTactics I meant all of these type of games, not just multiversus
DownhillGlint Anos atrás
@delitaTactics I mean if you don’t like a fighting game cause of personality go off but remember this game is still in beta and can change
delitaTactics Anos atrás
@DownhillGlint I haven't played it myself so I can't really say if I like it. I definitely know I don't like watching it competitively. I'll wait and see how the game evolves
Horneaus Anos atrás
@DownhillGlint Do not pretend that this game isn't going to get characters and some balance patches and nothing else
paco ramon
paco ramon Anos atrás
Morty isn't old enough to drink.
Captain Reaper
Captain Reaper Anos atrás
I hope developers get in touch with South Park studios so they add The Coon or Mysterion as a DLC character.
Dallaziah Anos atrás
He just… He just… He just…. He just… SQUASHED JERRY🤣
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
He's dead!!
How do y'all decide who gets to compete in the tournament im interested in participating in a tournament I've been really practing a lot for it.
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
It's a local Offline event so you just show up and compete
Joe Anos atrás
The very American eagle
Random question does taz's tasty count as a debuff so when I salt them i can get my stuff faster?
Sir Caco
Sir Caco Anos atrás
Yes, the salt does count as a debuff. I asked Kah about it on stream while he was playing Taz and running Hit 'em while they're down.
The very American eagle
@Sir Caco alright thanks
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
If you are using the "I'll take that" perk yes it works with the Tasty debuff
glass cannon
glass cannon Anos atrás
clean end from morty
brad jenkins
brad jenkins Anos atrás
At least Napoleon Dynamite got a chance to watch the match. ;)
HOSHI YOMI 9 meses atrás
9:34 🤣🤣🤣 "Did you have yo orange juice today? Potassium"
That Guy You've Met
When they gonna add Paxton Fettel to this game; he's a WB character?
ShadowZigs11 Anos atrás
Remember when smash fans said this game would be dead by now? 😂
2dgriffin Anos atrás
Same old story; Mortys killing Mortys.
conman791 Anos atrás
how do they set up local 1v1s? i was trying a couple weeks ago with my friend and we were struggling lol
Dylusional Anos atrás
Blake Askey
Blake Askey Anos atrás
Y’all commentators funny
Tawilliams12 Anos atrás
This video blew tf up holy
Ritsu-chan 33
Ritsu-chan 33 Anos atrás
I don’t believe I ever would’ve seen a thumbnail like that in my lifetime lmao president morty vs iron giant
Anthony Leonardi
Anthony Leonardi Anos atrás
How do people take these party games so seriously?
AJHP but 2
AJHP but 2 Anos atrás
Mario party and Mario Kart also do that and so what? If thats the case these two would be considered fighting games because Smash Bros is a party game.
Guenza Anos atrás
S Herndon
S Herndon Anos atrás
They really made him zero suit
Iconic Anos atrás
The fact that morty, a new character, is in the finals pisses me off. I mean what a joke of players who have been playing with the other characters. No way should a new character be in grand finals. Unless everyone just sucks, or the character is OP. Which morty is not.
Nugz Medallion
Nugz Medallion Anos atrás
It says Morty uses a magic ring to create the earthbending
H-caz Anos atrás
and fire
cheez burgir
cheez burgir Anos atrás
Yeah it's from the planetina episode
Nugz Medallion
Nugz Medallion Anos atrás
@cheez burgir oh yeah!
Pillow Anos atrás
Had one job to call him “evil morty” and not “president morty” missed opportunity 🤣😭😭
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Saving it for when we eventually get the Evil Morty with an Eye Patch
Pillow Anos atrás
@AJAX_HQ his eye patch was an interface to control other Mortys , not a real one
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
@Pillow I wanted to try and avoid as many spoilers as possible with any new characters since lots of people are watching the shows now
Pillow Anos atrás
@AJAX_HQ bruh 💀
Albert Taylor
Albert Taylor Anos atrás
How do you aim His grounded up attack so it hits lower 2:40
Ninjakidd7 twitch clips
It hit the platform and bounced you can’t aim it
Heezy D'Arc
Heezy D'Arc Anos atrás
You can't aim in the only way to make it go lower is by standing below a platform but you can also stand far away bc the snakes have a lot of drop
Darkkpage Anos atrás
I gotta start throwing that bolt out more
Be Anos atrás
iron giant kinda sucks without it yeah
Gusto Prime
Gusto Prime Anos atrás
No combos just spam moves😂😂
Gavin Squarey
Gavin Squarey Anos atrás
mortys dair hit box is a little off
Frosty The Snow Man
Morty seems a little op
DW III Anos atrás
No fuckin' way, lmao. He's way weaker than all the other characters, struggles hard against tanks, and doesn't have great kill shots. He's B tier at best in 1v1s.
Michael Ferrini
Michael Ferrini Anos atrás
Wish I lived a little closer, it's like almost a 3hr drive there
Jejune Enigma
Jejune Enigma Anos atrás
My boys r swinging at air half the time
Sammyofather `
Sammyofather ` Anos atrás
your Rick impression sounds like Carl from Jimmy Neutron
FrostedZaibatsu Anos atrás
A morty mirror match is so dull. More tech needs to be found
Anothergamenerd5 Anos atrás
I 100% agree
Cammalen Stephens
Cammalen Stephens Anos atrás
That’s the iron giant
Greg Anos atrás
Idk why it just looks like they are spamming attacks with no rhyme or reason
Zay Clips
Zay Clips Anos atrás
Multiverse remind of those cheap pc games that you use to play on the websites with ads and viruses…
Chiryo Anos atrás
spencer mcbride
spencer mcbride Anos atrás
Why is there a pug just hanging out at the venue
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Cause she is the Tournament Organizer and Boss of the store
Kuroie LS
Kuroie LS Anos atrás
The fact that they spamming so much and not taking their time to actually do something is painful to see,they just spamming everything
Kastafore Anos atrás
That's Multiversus for ya. I have no idea how people think this game could be esports.
salina ember
salina ember Anos atrás
you move with attacks, and throw your opponent off by spamming. like league, if you stay still and show where you are moving or planning, you are easier to read. animation cancelling and being unpredictable is how to gain the upper hand
notjoeyg Anos atrás
is velma still good? asking for a friend
yeah she is still broken but balanced
hio Man
hio Man Anos atrás
i just fought one today. she isn't good if you run at me while never attacking
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Yes very Not as strong in 1v1s but definitely 2v2s
Loud Mein
Loud Mein Anos atrás
Why nerf Tom and jerry? He is not easy to use
Perplexed Anos atrás
tbh a lot of nerfs are undeserved cause noobs cant learn the matchups
DankMeimes Anos atrás
Not being easy doesn't give him the justification to be unbalanced
Loud Mein
Loud Mein Anos atrás
@DankMeimes fair enough. I’m biased for sure since he’s my main and I loved the show as a kid but I still don’t think he’s the number one character in the game. It would suck if he is nerfed too much.
Gar Anos atrás
@Loud Mein tbh i don’t think tom is Unbalanced, he is just a very hard matchup in the sense that he’s really the only character that plays super ranged primarily and up close fighting is more for the end of a combo. Which is the opposite for every other character, and majority of characters are up close with no range. To play against Tom you have to change up your game and play purposefully. Lot of people would rather have him be nerfed than to spend time learning how to play against him sadly😂
Boutabag Anos atrás
@Gar you could've said the same for bugs stop picking and choosing
Alex Pardo
Alex Pardo Anos atrás
I love doodle
Nugz Medallion
Nugz Medallion Anos atrás
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Chris Anacleto
Chris Anacleto Anos atrás
We got a gta npc in the background
Star Dakota
Star Dakota Anos atrás
What are these places called where you can go hangout with random people and game or play with trading cards
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
Just a gaming venue
Ruby Anos atrás
Edward Rumsey
Edward Rumsey Anos atrás
Phantom Mania! Monster Guy Cheetah Kid Ghoul
ApocalypseZer0 Anos atrás
Aight so atleast it's not just me the first 2 min was just random moves being thrown out, that's wack ngl
Seth Friedman
Seth Friedman Anos atrás
4:50 anyone want to talk about the quirked up white boy busting down in the background?
Gar Anos atrás
He’s jammin 😂😂
MelonMan2005 Anos atrás
White boy? Really dude
Walker1444 Anos atrás
@MelonMan2005 remember it’s ok if they do it of course
MelonMan2005 Anos atrás
@Walker1444 😂 yeah man
zach warnstedt
zach warnstedt Anos atrás
@MelonMan2005 bro his name is literally seth 💀
LinkMaster93 Anos atrás
Multiversus looks rough and is totally over hyped
DW III Anos atrás
Fun to play, tons of bugs to fix and simple things like rank match and hitboxes are still waiting to be fixed. Hard to take it seriously as a "competitive" game lol.
Elmo Boada
Elmo Boada Anos atrás
jesus is this a chore to watch lol, and it's supposed to be grand finals :(
Kastafore Anos atrás
Multiversus gameplay is just not fun to watch at all. It's barely fun to PLAY- the combat is floaty and jank and I guarantee the only reason it gets as much publicity as it does is WB $$$.
cheez burgir
cheez burgir Anos atrás
@Kastafore the hit boxes are janky and most attacks don't have end lag so it's unpunishable (cough Batman) but they will fix it in the next patch apparently. Also remember that the game is in beta
Kastafore Anos atrás
@cheez burgir I thought so too but nope the game is fully released. We'll get updates and new characters for sure but the game is officially released.
DW III Anos atrás
@cheez burgir Oh, stop with the beta nonsense. It's already in Season 1 and they're charging money for aspects. If they wanted to use the beta excuse for broken or missing features, they shouldn't have entered Season 1 then.
Rylee Preston
Rylee Preston Anos atrás
Who’s pug is that Lmaoo
Chavo Anos atrás
Mine =D
Rylee Preston
Rylee Preston Anos atrás
@Chavo super cute bro 😭
K Sterling S
K Sterling S Anos atrás
Awww Geez
Short Star Wars Essays
I Look at them play and I think I beat harder people than this on a typical day playing the game, is this really supposed to be the pro league? Or is this just like practice to get in?
Emo Mc
Emo Mc Anos atrás
These games are so floaty and all over the place. They need to refine the fighting because at this point every game from brawlhala, nickolodeon, THIS game, they’re all alike
salina ember
salina ember Anos atrás
its a genre started by super smash brothers. not trying to reinvent the wheel or else no one would play some weird game that everyone has to learn from scratch.
Emo Mc
Emo Mc Anos atrás
@salina ember EVERY single one of these platform fighters plays the same. If they ACTUALLY made it more like smash, we can talk
rusty Anos atrás
stay_wack_zach Anos atrás
Can we get smash? We have smash at home
YamatODEN Anos atrás
Aw geez
BenZos Anos atrás
i see you guys couldnt afford a switch kappa
Ducky Waks
Ducky Waks Anos atrás
ngl i think my morty is better than them.
Akap Abunaw
Akap Abunaw Anos atrás
This game is so mid
Your Dad
Your Dad Anos atrás
bro who tf cares about 1v1 in this game?
Qwuis Anos atrás
where is this local at?
Yenice Anos atrás
Yenice Anos atrás
It's under the player cam
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
156 Meriden Rd Waterbury CT
Qwuis Anos atrás
@AJAX_HQ thanks any idea how to look for locals around me?
Qwuis Anos atrás
@Yenice my bad brother didnt see that
Bolade Emmanuel
Bolade Emmanuel Anos atrás
I don’t understand this game
Mister96 Anos atrás
This game is terrible to watch competitively
2v2 > 1v1
Ghost of Ronin
Ghost of Ronin Anos atrás
In your opinion
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
No problem with like one over the other. We love both and we get enough consistently we will run twos here.
@AJAX_HQ Cool bc Smash is a much better 1s game. It's like trying to force a square peg in a round socket... it's funny to watch people try but it's not going to get results
AJAX_HQ Anos atrás
@sdoijhadaoskdjfasokd no problem with having an opposing opinion 1v1s aren't for everyone. Personally it will have results in time as we get a competitive circuit. The viewership averages for 1v1s show the interest is there.
have a great day
have a great day Anos atrás
Completely agree untill they remove double characters and add team damage and remove scooby
JustSpiralus Anos atrás
This is not as entertaining as smash ngl.
Nein times the Geek
This was boring to watch. To quote Morty in this game: "Just stop the meta commentary. Just shut up and have fun."
Eelchad1 Anos atrás
Ugh iron giants are the worst
Jerry Mitchell
Jerry Mitchell Anos atrás
I ain't gonna lie...this game wack...jump Force was better then this 😂
inkredibill Anos atrás
This is so unfun to watch. Looks like they're just throwing random shit the whole match hoping something will land.
parker Anos atrás
basically the morty experience
يوزر نالو

And that's not the point of any fighting game.
thats basically platform fighters. throw out moves to keep your opponent at bay until someone decides to jump in
Chris W
Chris W Anos atrás
you smash fanboys are cringe
Brian Anos atrás
Zenitsu Anos atrás
Such a corny ass game compared to smash
kingOL Anos atrás
Much better game than Smash
Zlazzic Anos atrás
@kingOL lol cap
cheez burgir
cheez burgir Anos atrás
In still in beta give it some time
salina ember
salina ember Anos atrás
not everyone wants to play smash against switch players using wifi.
sleep op
sleep op Anos atrás
this game looks so gross. the hit box is so yucky, everything's floaty, boring ass stages. Cant wait till this game dies out
DW III Anos atrás
At the rate it's going, it just might. Steam Charts isn't looking too good right now, the devs really need to get moving and release the patch already.
Skirus Kronos
Skirus Kronos Anos atrás
fun=ish game, but awful esport.
Anothergamenerd5 Anos atrás
I’m sorry but this was incredibly slow and boring towards the start.. watching two Marty’s fight isn’t entertaining to me.
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