MTV's Most Aggressive Dating Show (NEXT)

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19 Mai 2022



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Comentários 1 544
deciding whether or not to date someone purely based off of how well they can fall down stairs should be a show all on its own
If you've been personally victimized by Jarvis's milky goodness, you may be entitled to compensation.
Kitty Wenham
I love Jarvis saying “who is this show for?” after admitting he watched it as a kid. It was for you, Jarvis! The call is coming from inside the house!
So much of my high school years was watching these shows and I can’t defend myself.
i struggle to come to terms with the fact that these people are just out there somewhere. living life. i wonder how they’re doing.
Molly TheCoolest
crazy how SA and harassment was so common and accepted back then. we've come a long way already, still a lot to go but we're on the right path
Arran G
Dating shows frequently lie about people's ages, especially women, to make them younger - so I hope that makes you feel better Jarvis haha
Raven Loucks
It's honestly wild that people were acting like this
nei vilde.
someone should start a podcast where they contact the people that were on this show and see where they are. actually, they should do that for all the unhinged 2000s dating shows
Dalaila Rose
The gay & lesbian versions were even better. Especially when they just hooked up on the bus because they decided the main "dater" was an asshole.
Peter Hoppenrath
charity is def a wine aunt, like “my three best friends are wine, glass, and downtown abbey!”
Fun fact, the writers strike was around 2008, and so trash reality became HUGE. Then they realised how cheap it was to made. I reckon they gave some actors from the local improv show some lunch and $20 and then made this show..
I thank the heavens that most common folk have moved on from the tactics of 2000s dating shows. Dating people is scary enough without the absolutely unhinged energy these people have. They give off "all my exes say im crazy lmao" vibes and I'm terrified.
Momoko M.
Only thing I appreciate about this show; everyone is an average person. Not all the same, or "conventionally attractive" people like most dating shows. I give them some respect there lol
I always feel so special in the Gold videos intro, thanks Jarvis. You’re premium too.
Little Beat
Imagine being Jarvis’s neighbor and hearing, “MY NAME’S JARVIS AND I’M HERE TO GIVE SOME OF MY MILKY GOODNESS!” but very muffled.
Maggie's Makeup Medley
Okay reboot this but instead of potential dates it’s employers and they have to prove that they’re worth working for
Did anyone else catch onto the fact that the guy who only earned a dollar last time got nexted for calling his date juggs.... which means he called a girl juggs within a minute of meeting her ???
how dare they say acting like you have adhd for clout is a new gen Z thing when this show exists
Nicole Jaworski
after years of jarvis enjoying his mother’s milky goodness, he’s finally passing it onto us. thank you mother jarvis
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