Mr. Green Finding His Brother in Midway

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16 Nov 2022



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Fame Focus
Check out the full VFX breakdown here:
Hot damn! Finally someone making creative and original shorts 🤣 this is gold bro I love it.
Sally Balkin
I just thought of a new Oscar award category. Best green man.
Chedy Belkaied
The green guy was fired from Hollywood and this is his revenge.
Love Konie
this guy been all over all the movies to find his family.. help him to be reunited with his fam
Adrian The Don
Adrian The Don Dia atrás
This dude needs a film production coz this is a crazy
N T Dia atrás
It's about time some of the production team is getting some representation it's always just the main actors that have everything handed to them
Bro got such a proud family
Jeff Gilman
My little brother playing with his airplane toys be like:
Narmada C
My man Goliath wanted to play with David who wanted to fly above the Water💀
He always finds his Bros.... :). That's pure talent
Roberto Martinez
❤ I love Mr Green!!😎👍
Sokbuntheoun Vai
Sokbuntheoun Vai 12 horas atrás
Finally, the Product tester position will be added to the film industry.😂
Bhavik Jain
He came from nowhere and now he’s everywhere😂🎉
Recanto das Piraíbas
Recanto das Piraíbas 2 horas atrás
Cara, você é fodástico!
I don't usually thumbs up but saw the other day the one where your boys are helping Jack Sparrow pushing the boat up on shore, and then this! GOLD LMAO
Munya Mangate
I love how he feels complete when he spots his brother the reaction is just a 10 out of 10 plus 10 😂
Aqsa Rajput
Aqsa Rajput 28 dias atrás
Real love for his family
Allan Williams
Allan Williams 9 horas atrás
Things you can now never unsee.
Noor Bright Channel
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