Moving the G7 Summit was the right choice: Rep. Crawford

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Arkansas Republican Rep. Rick Crawford says the president is charged with the responsibility of finding where election interference came from.
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20 Out 2019



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Comentários 1 061
Henry Philippeaux
Henry Philippeaux 24 dias atrás
I feel like the main thing Trumptards are struggling with is that Trump would have profited from the meeting being at Doral. Too bad the Constitution doesn't have an emoluments clause...
MrMakeDo 28 dias atrás
So Trump tries to use his position in government for personal financial gain at the cost of the tax-paying American people. That’s utter corruption. He’s literally directing taxes into his own pocket.
Internet Privacy Advocate
Hold the G7 in the Castro District of San Francisco which is the epicenter of the lifestyle the Dems would like all Americans to adopt.
Leonard Pakruda
Leonard Pakruda 28 dias atrás
Look for anyone to think this is true your nut's No way would Pres. Donald J. Trump. would fall in line an DO WHAT Ex-Vice Pres.JOE BIDEN Did ON Camera Within Full View of the Public. Making the Statement they have 6/hours or Biden Owen Words Iam With Holding Ukraine's funding if they do not Fire the Ukraine's Prosecutor, an Top Investigator this is a true Nut Job to make this statement Just Form Keeping his son form going to JAIL, JOE BIDEN has NO Ethics.
Mr. Candid
Mr. Candid 28 dias atrás
Yeah. Don’t investigate the Russians. Take Putin’s words for it. And, investigate your political enemies.
Marchita Johnson
Marchita Johnson 29 dias atrás
Who is this reporter? She sounds anti-Trump framing every question in a negative way. There are a lot of them on Fox News. Sick, sad people.
Dom Braswell
Dom Braswell 29 dias atrás
@4:29 ."I'm not sure how much money President Trump would have anyway".....really? Its HIS property. Partisan rhetoric people really believe he wouldn't have made money just because he said he wouldn't?
byrdman h2o
byrdman h2o 29 dias atrás
He should move it inside his new home...JA I L...chump the dbag
Tobi Afuwape
Tobi Afuwape 29 dias atrás
Let be honest Forget about race, religion, or Party line I bet if Obama or Democratic move G7 or called Ukraine/China on Live cable new.... Begazzi case was all cable and know facts....about all politician Am yet to know what Rep. will be have done....
Zatoichi 29 dias atrás
For someone with as big of a target on their back as Trump has that was a really dumb idea.
This Machine Kills Fascists
So, are Republicans going to deal with a president that obviously doesn't understand or care about faithfully executing the laws of the United States?
Ampersandrascott 29 dias atrás
Everybody at the G7 will be very happy that it’s been moved out of that mouse infested, bug ridden hotel.
A CS 29 dias atrás
Rick, none of your Democratic colleagues share your view on this. And incidentally, if the republicans were serious about minimizing election interference, Moscow Mitch would not have blocked two election security bills and Trump wouldnt have said on camera that he might accept foreign help in his 2020 reelection.
Dan Blueneck
Dan Blueneck 29 dias atrás
Why is china russia and IRAN having a joint naval exercise?
International Harvester
*Putin and Hungary’s Orban helped sour Trump on Ukraine*
gone trucking
gone trucking 29 dias atrás
The summit should stay in Miami and he should donate all of the money to either building the wall or the veterans rehab hospitals
P. Adamson
P. Adamson 29 dias atrás
Why does FOX have SO MANY DIFFERENT WOMEN. Enough already. Ate they TRYING to get people to just turn off the news?
Dave B
Dave B 29 dias atrás
Trump is so stupid. Why would he pick his place for G7? Beyond stupid isn't it.
sharron smith
sharron smith 29 dias atrás
Just do the details quietly and just make it a public event a couple months before the G7; fiat accompli!
Facts Matter
Facts Matter 29 dias atrás
Anyone notice that the orange loser only announced he wasn't going to charge for use of the Doral until after it was announced that the summit wouldn't be held there? Suckers
Richard Bradley
Richard Bradley 29 dias atrás
It came from his friend Vladimir Putin. or do you believe the earth is square?
K McM 29 dias atrás
This woman reporter did nothing but attempt to bait Rep. Crawford into slandering the president the entire time. Shame on her for following her garbage narrative.
Chashunka 29 dias atrás
I wonder how previous summits could be held in the USA without foreign statesmen dying of claustrophobia and infections.
Just About Anything
Just About Anything 29 dias atrás
I think the problem most Trumps supporters have with "reporters" like her is, the MSM bash everything about Trump 24/7 and we get tired of it. When the only major network that doesn't constantly bash him let's someone be even slightly critical of him or his administration, it's easy to let it rub you the wrong way.
Citizen EU
Citizen EU Mês atrás
Secure the elections 😂. What an idiot, did Hunter Biden hack the DNC server :-)?
Brian Malone
Brian Malone Mês atrás
Does any official in this country know what the law is? Don't we have an attorney general. Right now the mainstream media dictates the law in this country.
Argonaut121 Mês atrás
Do the Republicans still not understand that what is occurring now is an investigation, NOT a trial? The trial will come in the Senate, and it will be public and Trump can ask whatever questions he wants. Just like a trail takes place in a courtroom. No one tells police who are doing an investigation that, even before charges are laid, the people they're investigating should have the right to cross-examine witnesses. And the questioning is behind closed doors for the same reason the police don't interview witnesses in public: so they can't co-ordinate their answers.
PHRESH Mankilla
PHRESH Mankilla Mês atrás
"He has the right to look back" the same guy who said were only going to investigate future elections.
John Smith
John Smith Mês atrás
but what about trumps future erections into porn stars....
alpha Mês atrás
So it's OK for Joe Biden's son to enrich himself via China, WHILE BIDEN WAS VP, but it's not OK for POTUS to host the Summit in one of his buildings?
Dan Blueneck
Dan Blueneck 29 dias atrás
Antwan Nealy
Antwan Nealy Mês atrás
Nothing bothers you sir
Antwan Nealy
Antwan Nealy Mês atrás
So he was trying to secure are elections ? 😂😂
Gary Strauss
Gary Strauss 29 dias atrás
It's already secure because of assholes like you. And learn to spell
Marco Polo
Marco Polo Mês atrás
trump is a thief...he made his lunatic dad sign all his money to him and his siblings, then he made his siblings sign a similar afidavit with the excuse of a non-existing debt...thief. IMPEACH!
wilbnimble Mês atrás
This is not news. Stop believing these lies. From this president. From Fox "News".
Fearless 777
Fearless 777 Mês atrás
FYI Whoever tries to set up the president with a trap will fail big league.
Fearless 777
Fearless 777 29 dias atrás
@Maureen Davis No, we must not be watching the same president that is doing so much good for the nation, or you're probably brainwashed by the leftist liberal, socialist, democrat lunatics who want to make you think that the president "is in trouble" Lol, when it's the criminals within the democrats who are in trouble, we are getting to the bottom of how they started all their false allegations and commited so many crimes, get ready to be surprised again including for the re-election of president Tump2020.
Maureen Davis
Maureen Davis 29 dias atrás
He sets his own traps, gets caught in them, then cries on twitter about it. Are you not watching the same president?
mountainfolks Mês atrás
This is getting stupid.
DragonEnergy Mês atrás
All the screaming idiots, so caught up in feelings, can't even why see that was the best place for the Summit. Idiots would rather slit their own throats than do something they perceive good for Trump no matter how much it benefits the country
Thomas Griffiths
Thomas Griffiths Mês atrás
The entire Mueller report was investigating what happened in the 2016 election and Trump called it a Witch Hunt this is nothing but Trump looking into Biden and looking into the Democrats to try to justify his election and to benefit him.
Marton Steve
Marton Steve Mês atrás
MrRex2U Mês atrás
Make the fake news media scum create their made up news from Camp Crystal Lake for the duration of the G7 (+ Russia)...!!
Nelda Smith
Nelda Smith Mês atrás
Louise Dumais
Louise Dumais Mês atrás
the problem is the gop don't seem to care about the 2020 election but are focused on clearing Russia of wrong doing in the 2016 election and you all want the people to think oh ok that makes sense! oh and Trump wants Putin re admitted into the G7, wants to give him control over Syria....ALL ROADS FROM THIS PRESIDENT LEAD TO RUSSIA just go back and watch the Hellinski press conference for all those who think Trump is a tough guy
blue diamond gem
blue diamond gem Mês atrás
Keep Mulvaney off television.
Sunny Olsen
Sunny Olsen Mês atrás
Democrats are the antiamerican party! They hate our constitution, us and our president.
Nonya Mês atrás
If I remember correctly (I could be wrong....lack of coffee and severe eye rolling) Ivanka and Jared are working for his administration for nothing. Yep, not getting paid. WHY was that so important to point out? OMG call in congress!! Another impeachment angle!!
Richard Willette
Richard Willette Mês atrás
So what if Trump colludes Hillary deleted an email
OK Sam
OK Sam Mês atrás
They'll have something to say with the next place he picks... watch out for these sickos!
Ray for change
Ray for change Mês atrás
I thought that was Mark Steyne with glasses. Not an insult by the way.
Hosea 4_6
Hosea 4_6 Mês atrás
trump you caved again
Gary Bilder
Gary Bilder Mês atrás
Trump plays the media like an instrument. He completely understands TDS and uses it like a toy. He NEVER intended to hold the summit at his place. He, along with the rest of us deplorable, just like to watch emotional sheep, driven by their passion as dictated by the corrupt media. We all know the corrupt media will be the only source of information the sheep listen to. It’s kind of fun watching Trump use the corruption for a good laugh.
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman Mês atrás
Worst spin ever. Mulvaney knows what he said.
Castor Chua
Castor Chua 29 dias atrás
He was so specific and combative there's no actual way to "walk back" his comments. Not even Bonespurs is that dumb
OK Sam
OK Sam Mês atrás
Trump is a billionaire he doesn’t need these $ crumbs, other beggars like O bum A would relish on....made millions out of his presidency, with 400.000$ a year? The President Trump offers his salary to charities... that’ the huge difference between a magnanimous being and a creep.
Dan Blueneck
Dan Blueneck 29 dias atrás
No thats a difference between a oligarch and a president
nar ́to Uzumaki
nar ́to Uzumaki Mês atrás
why not Mar a Lago
David Farrar
David Farrar Mês atrás
Pres. Trump should follow through with his second choice to hold the G-7 meeting this June at Motel 6 in Newark, New Jersey. The real losers of this change are the G-7 attendees.
Andrew Cannon
Andrew Cannon Mês atrás
Trump might need scrutiny to stay on the straight and narrow but his critics are basically asking him to be a saint. He's doing his best and a pretty good job so far. Keep America Great!😉
Kerkopes Mês atrás
Bed-bugs were the real reason trump changed his mind ... Doral is notoriously infested according to media reports.
Dan Blueneck
Dan Blueneck 29 dias atrás
No that was de-bugged
Gary Strauss
Gary Strauss 29 dias atrás
sound like an idiot.
Kent Keller
Kent Keller Mês atrás
Move it to the poo filled streets of San Francisco to show how progressive we are.
rich s
rich s Mês atrás
Trump should be impeached and prosecuted
Rappid Prepper
Rappid Prepper Mês atrás
She is a snake - a demoncrat snake - listen carefully - anti Trump Bias -
Mariyo G
Mariyo G Mês atrás
No is not the right way
Curchel Smoot
Curchel Smoot Mês atrás
Lol to the comments. They don’t like that the reporter presenting fact lol
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 29 dias atrás
Curchel Smoot He would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those cursed facts.
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