Moving Out: 14 Minutes of Couch Co-Op Gameplay

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This cooperative puzzle game from SMG Studio and Team17 about moving furniture with your friends is a chaotic, destructive good time.
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Comentários 80
Alexander 2 dias atrás
That is nt moving out..more like burglary
Rob Powell-Mantle
Rob Powell-Mantle 2 dias atrás
Povet!! POVET!!
Liam Sweeney
Liam Sweeney 6 dias atrás
I wish there were more local co-op games. My best gaming memories are playing games with other people. It's not the same online.
Fake_ BounTY2
Fake_ BounTY2 13 dias atrás
Is the full game out on ps4 store ?? Cuz i cannot find it
T Hakala
T Hakala 4 dias atrás
Well it hasn't released yet so no wonder you don't find it.
FieryReign 17 dias atrás
Is that synthwave soundtrack in the game?
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 18 dias atrás
Really like this game, got the demo from here: freeswitchgame(.)com ^^
TERRIBLY STRANGE 18 dias atrás
There is a criminally low amount of couch co-op games these days.
Teemu Hella
Teemu Hella 14 dias atrás
I know. It is so sad.
Three Choices
Three Choices 20 dias atrás
Hope they release in mobiles too.
kasiariele 20 dias atrás
Love the physics in this game. And love the music!
TiMeSpLiT- -TeR
TiMeSpLiT- -TeR 21 dia atrás
A sequel would be moving in. Lol
Userbunny 21 dia atrás
Will this have an online modus too?
MischievousAlien 29 dias atrás
So they are gonna repeat the same mistake as overcooked 1 and not give us online play?
TheDarkCreed86 Mês atrás
King Lazitus
King Lazitus Mês atrás
Needs a Ross pivot! pivot! sound bite
Gamergirlyoshi Mês atrás
I just want there to be single player.
Hardy30680 Mês atrás
If you guys like the background music, here it is:
sohchx Mês atrás
All the down votes are for people who don't know fun when they see it
alice 2 meses atrás
is no one gonna talk about the back ground music being a straight up banger??
Gadget_uk 2 meses atrás
this looks amazingly fun i cant wait 👍🏿
Robbie Knight
Robbie Knight 2 meses atrás
I think this is one of those games that get boring very quickly! play it once then you don't touch it again for months!! No real motivation, excitement, creativity to the game. You just run around throwing things into a box lol. Now.. If say, you was removing house items, loading them up, driving to new destination, then remodeling and setting up houses in town etc making it look how you prefer.. Hmmm slightly more creative lol.
Time Rider
Time Rider 3 meses atrás
The sequel: moving In
Mathias 3 meses atrás
i love the music in game
lotusfarmer 3 meses atrás
Looks super fun and the music is great!
KamenRiderBlackSun 3 meses atrás
I want a burglar costume
Jordan James
Jordan James 3 meses atrás
I dont have any friends on my couch to play this game with. All my friends are on steam.
Frank 4 meses atrás
what is the song called, i cant find this non vocal version
Frank Mês atrás
Hardy30680 thankyou
Hardy30680 Mês atrás
Zuriel Valladares
Zuriel Valladares 4 meses atrás
This looks like so much fun. Overcooked, this and tools up are great for a day at home with some friends. Too bad I dont have friends 😥
bluntly honest
bluntly honest 5 meses atrás
the same company that made overcooked and overcooked 2? i'm in!
Ewan Coates
Ewan Coates 5 meses atrás
Ace Ventura Pet Detective would approve of the care taken to deliver these fragile items
VelvetMidnight 5 meses atrás
This the type of game moms would buy their kids as a jok... *_no wait IT ISNT A JOKE_* 🥺
Toothpaste Juice
Toothpaste Juice 5 meses atrás
During gameplay, kept seeing P1 and P2 overhead. Was that the player calling the other person over? Or was that just showing you where you are on the screen?
Juanblue85 2 meses atrás
I believe when the screen zooms out then it’ll show you the locations of player 1 and 2.
Tim Bomb
Tim Bomb 5 meses atrás
Oh man i had an idea for a game just like this only a few weeks ago, looks like fun
Makuchan 5 meses atrás
pivot, PIVOT!
Stella 5 meses atrás
Gerry Subianto
Gerry Subianto 6 meses atrás
Lol more like robbing simulator
Graham Sessoms
Graham Sessoms 6 meses atrás
This game should come to the switch, it would be perfect for co op with the switch controllers
Josias Rios
Josias Rios 2 meses atrás
It’s is coming to the switch! Getting it day 1!
David Thomas
David Thomas 5 meses atrás
Yes please!!!!
Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez 6 meses atrás
Is this gonna be for the switch?
TheMintGamers 6 meses atrás
If anyone wants the original songs both with or without lyrics, search for dabarobics.
Kieky B
Kieky B 6 meses atrás
Can we play it online as well?
Subhash Dawda
Subhash Dawda 6 meses atrás
Are the controls bad or are IGNs finest on the job? Making this look way harder than it should be
Mamoon Khan
Mamoon Khan 6 meses atrás
Why these cool games are not on phones???
Ditodong 6 meses atrás
Phones are not consoles, nuff said
creepydman555 6 meses atrás
Oddly accurate irl......
White Devil
White Devil 6 meses atrás
The ghost level seemed fun. If only the other levels had something of that nature to make it harder to move stuff. People mowing lawns, dogs, anything that annoys the movers lol Also possibly make it harder by having to play tetris in the truck and having limited space to fill up so they can’t just grab stuff randomly.
Lag Seeing
Lag Seeing 6 meses atrás
when doing house work in game is much fun than in real life...
Spooons. LeSpooons
Spooons. LeSpooons 6 meses atrás
Wow, never knew that getting kicked out could become a game concept.
Emergency Jergens
Emergency Jergens 6 meses atrás
Cool concept but looks like it will only get boring after a few games
SMG Studio
SMG Studio 6 meses atrás
Thanks for playing IGN!
NathanJ Rodey
NathanJ Rodey 2 meses atrás
Will there be a map system for the levels when released?
Ninja Crackpot
Ninja Crackpot 6 meses atrás
How about moving out while volcano eruption
JrRell F'n.O.H
JrRell F'n.O.H 6 meses atrás
Cant wait to move out with my Switch 💯
GoldenHD 6 meses atrás
I ain't got no friends to play this with..
Alexander Mestre
Alexander Mestre 6 meses atrás
I also have a friend that breaks through the window to take stuff out of people's houses, but he is not exactly into the moving business
Shinziga 7 meses atrás
rudyanz geneziz
rudyanz geneziz 7 meses atrás
Nice . They dont care about the things gonna break or broken , they just care about time lol
SMG Studio
SMG Studio 6 meses atrás
insurance!! :)
bori j
bori j 7 meses atrás
A moving simulator pretty cool
SgtKenzo 7 meses atrás
Wei Hao Lim
Wei Hao Lim 7 meses atrás
Looks like a burglar game where the police will come when the times run out. 😂
Jack N
Jack N 7 meses atrás
love the character designs, they could've just gone with generic cartoony people but instead they designed a toaster man who actually ejects toast from his head periodically!
Josias Rios
Josias Rios 2 meses atrás
Lol!!! I didn’t even notice that! Loving this game already. 😂😂
SMG Studio
SMG Studio 6 meses atrás
Also who doesnt like toast!!! maybe cops
supra dupra
supra dupra 7 meses atrás
Is this game on console or pc ?
Mark Ford
Mark Ford 7 meses atrás
Edu D
Edu D 7 meses atrás
I love how you break everything while moving 😂
SMG Studio
SMG Studio 6 meses atrás
When someone asks you to move in under 10 minutes corners will be cut
Kar 7 meses atrás
This game looks fricking fun! Instant buy for me
WallyRocket 87
WallyRocket 87 7 meses atrás
When does it come out?
Saeed Saeed
Saeed Saeed 7 meses atrás
WallyRocket 87 2020
TheZatanna 7 meses atrás
This is cool and all but whoever who decided on that 80's track deserves a raise.
Tiffany Scott
Tiffany Scott 3 dias atrás
@TheMintGamers whats the track name in the actual demo. This music is diff :-/
Jehudi Phillips
Jehudi Phillips 2 meses atrás
@SMG Studio I really love this game btw
TheMintGamers 6 meses atrás
The original track is "Dabarobics"
SMG Studio
SMG Studio 6 meses atrás
Thanks. The game is also set in the 80s! :)
thepokekid01 7 meses atrás
These character designs are cute, the concept is fun, but how terrible they let you act at the job of a mover seriously triggers me. We got enough terrible movers in the world to need to play as fantasy ones that literally throw your stuff in trucks.
Javier Rentas
Javier Rentas 7 meses atrás
I mean, you can literally throw food on the floor, pick it up, then cook it while playing Overcooked. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun, not accurate
Nobody Important
Nobody Important 7 meses atrás
at the 1:30 mark, all I can hear is "PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT!"
Colin Poh
Colin Poh 6 meses atrás
"Shut up! Shut up! Shut uuugh-p!"
BakonDude 7 meses atrás
I need this on my Switch immediately
Velin Caroline Huang
Velin Caroline Huang 7 meses atrás
OMG 😨😨 So Cute & Colorfulness!!! 😍😍😍
Windows 2050
Windows 2050 7 meses atrás
very very interesting!
Isaac Prince
Isaac Prince 7 meses atrás
Looks really fun.
WORKOBEYFILMS 7 meses atrás
This looks really fun Lol will pick up
Carsten 7 meses atrás
This looks amazing but it also looks like these people are robbing the place 😂😂😂
SMG Studio
SMG Studio 6 meses atrás
Optical21 7 meses atrás
They throwing stuff all over, the title shoul be "Fed-Ex Simulator"
EdLeX_Player2 7 meses atrás
Couch co-op has evolve into literally a game about carrying a couch with your friends
Yakreb Neş
Yakreb Neş 21 dia atrás
That's so meta
EdLeX_Player2 7 meses atrás
@Monsieur Bean oh totally, i've had so much fun with overcooked and now looking forward to this one, haha
Windows 2050
Windows 2050 7 meses atrás
Carl Chapman
Carl Chapman 7 meses atrás
After being a removals porter for 7 years, I can say with 100% certainty that this is completely accurate.
Carl Chapman
Carl Chapman 6 meses atrás
@Thomas 100%
Thomas 6 meses atrás
Is the part of breaking the windows and throwing stuff around accurately portrayed?
MelodiousRhyme 7 meses atrás
This is a game that's literally about... moving out?!
Ibrahim Abu Eraq
Ibrahim Abu Eraq 7 meses atrás
Is it available on Android or iOS?
under 5 minutes
under 5 minutes 7 meses atrás
This game is for ps4 xbox and "Nintendo switch "*
Takahiro Suzuki
Takahiro Suzuki 7 meses atrás
Windows 2050
Windows 2050 7 meses atrás
Wake up Alan kiddo
Clint Stryzer
Clint Stryzer 7 meses atrás
This looks fun as hell 😂😂
Djdaweerdo 937
Djdaweerdo 937 7 meses atrás
Looks fun
YaBoyG2T$ 7 meses atrás
Why am I laughing so much right now 😂
shut up, travis
shut up, travis 7 meses atrás
Over cooked but with furniture
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