MOST UNBELIEVABLE RUN OUT EVER?!! 8 Ball Pool By Chris Melling!

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Best pool run out ever from World Pool Series Tournament. Match between Chris Melling and Mika Immonen. Featured crazy combo caroom shot, masse curve shot and 4 rail bank shot from Chris Melling in one rack!


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13 Jul 2017



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Comentários 5 204
Hi There
Hi There 2 anos atrás
Imagine if he missed the 8 ball shot
Humour,Fun & Inspiration
Here is another masterclass performance by Chris Melling ...enjoy!
YFCFY 24 dias atrás
JackyBogues Mês atrás
Nadeem shredzz
Nadeem shredzz Mês atrás
He didn’t
Lil Narm
Lil Narm 2 meses atrás
Undeafeted but lost the super bowl
Dragon Thai
Dragon Thai 2 anos atrás
"I might kill myself, if someone made that on me" Was not expecting that. Lol
soulpeacesam 4 meses atrás
on god lmaaaoo
shambles1x 7 meses atrás
ikr cutie
Mario Vicente
Mario Vicente 8 meses atrás
In my experience, the first shot is by far the hardest to achieve in first attempt. the masse shot would be the 2nd and the "easiest" to make is the 4 cushion shot. What makes this runout unbelievable is that he executed those shots in the same rack in a tournament. That was such a show of perfect technic and iron nerves.
ben davies
ben davies 14 dias atrás
@Simon M that was the easiest of the 3. The balls were luckily positioned so none were in the way. Still great skill involved don’t get me wrong but had any of the balls been a couple inch to the left or right the shot wouldn’t have been possible. The first shot was most definitely the hardest to pull off.
new-clear 27 dias atrás
@Fair Treatment easy for who?
King 29 dias atrás
4 rail shot was between all the balls though
Ace Matitu
Ace Matitu Mês atrás
Whatever. I still think the reaction of the "iceman" was better. 😁 It says it all 😁
Slasher Mês atrás
It’s the fact he see the 4 rail shot so early
Bahala Na?
Bahala Na? Anos atrás
I’ve never seen a curve shoot like that before and the last one was absolutely amazing. Legend
Flo 147
Flo 147 Anos atrás
3 1/2 years later and still the best 8ball run out ever
Wildest Cowboy
Wildest Cowboy Mês atrás
5 year's old
Alex Looker
Alex Looker 2 anos atrás
Johnny Archer saying “that might be the the best shot I’ve ever seen in my life” wow. Awesome 👏
Slanj Bo
Slanj Bo 3 meses atrás
His face at the end is like a little kid’s it’s so awesome to see that smile 😊 Also the fact he know exactly what he wants to do with the 1 ball when he lines his cue up to the 7 before the last 4 shots is genius.
Ivan Rivero
Ivan Rivero 2 anos atrás
I really love the interviewer's energy, passion for the game, his attitude, his humbleness. He is a dear fan to the game and loves what he does, and you can tell. More of that please!
ᛒiking Viking
ᛒiking Viking 3 meses atrás
That’s Johnny Archer, the king of pool in the 90s
Ivan Rivero
Ivan Rivero 2 anos atrás
@Charles Kyengo Humility, modesty. The innocent enthusiasm of a true fan or a little kid. Opposite of most broadcasters who love the sound of their voice, and show the contrary to me.
Charles Kyengo
Charles Kyengo 2 anos atrás
Gamma 4 anos atrás
I bet that man hasn't bought a beer at the bar in years
DanceySteve 2 meses atrás
@K P I never missed the pint though.. (just like he never does)
K P 2 meses atrás
@DanceySteve I think you are missing the point mate, its not that hes not drinking beer, its that he didnt pay for it.........
jimlee420 3 meses atrás
He doesn’t drink, he only smokes after matches
Scott Cobby
Scott Cobby 4 meses atrás
Nah he bought the pool tables
ESCUDO ESCUDO 2 anos atrás
One word for his first and second shots. ”Insane!" And his sixth shot, too. "Sick!"
John Zenger
John Zenger Anos atrás
Absolutely incredible run. I’ve never seen any sequence like it in terms of challenge and creativity.
Sebastián Torres
Sebastián Torres 2 anos atrás
This performance is amazing. Pure magic, same here, that was the best shot that Ive seen on my life. Beautiful shot
mixinmagic Anos atrás
Those shots were absolutely incredible. Can't beleive he had the vision to know what was possible!
PsyintZ 4 anos atrás
That 4-rail was disgusting. There are people online who would still miss that shot using an aim hack.
l337pwnage Anos atrás
I used to practice 4 rails for fun, but I don't know that it would even occur to me to try it in a game, especially that one. Although, the camera view isn't the same as standing their with a stick.
Jowi Newbandz
Jowi Newbandz Anos atrás
It was the least amazing shot, as it was more of an optical illusion. But he executed it perfectly. The second great shot spinning the ball was magincal. Tthe other two were just obeying the laws of physics. Still the best run out I have seen.....hence, 21 million views.
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana 2 anos atrás
Beauty rules!!! The previous two shots were more difficult, but since the four cushion one was sooo pretty, here we are, talking exclusively about it!!!
Julio Tomás Coronado Martínez
Jeremy Nadke amazing math analysis here pal
Antonio Trew
Antonio Trew Anos atrás
Did i just witness greatness? That bank combo on the 4 in itself was a great shot, then came that textbook masse to sink the 2, and when i think i've seen it all, he goes and pulls off an unbelievable 4 rail bank shot...WoW...
freeze gopher
freeze gopher 2 anos atrás
Finally a legitimate title for a youtube video. That WAS the most unbelievable runout ever. Congrats Chris Melling.
Anonymous Anos atrás
*Talented, humorous, and humble. Great guy!*
KvnDWr 8 meses atrás
Everybody’s talking about the second and final shot but that opening caram / kick / combo was godly
Black Conservative Patriot
I'm not a pool fan and that was incredible.
D J 3 meses atrás
@King The man literally has a "red pill" banner on his channel, it truly does not get more cringe than that. If Biden had outright diarrhea-shat himself on stage at any one of the debates it still wouldnt have been as cringe as someone proclaiming himself to be "red-pilled".
ProcTiger 4 meses atrás
@zeus dark god isnt our heritage mostly slave labor and doing terrible things in otber countries? (*cough cough Yemen*)
Hey Beaches
Hey Beaches 5 meses atrás
Anyone who’s not a pool fan isn’t good at pool lol
Brasiliano Roxo
Brasiliano Roxo 2 anos atrás
Como diz na minha terrinha: "Esse cabra é porreta!" wonderful strokes, great!🎱🤑👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼
7SyVuS 2 anos atrás
I loved the way he described it at the end, he said"II could hardly reach am only 5'7 so I couldn't reach the ball..... WOW He used every bit of those diamonds to line that one up and he stepped up like he knew he was going to make it! Impressive
WJen8 13 dias atrás
What a wonderful runout. I hope to be able to play like that someday 💯🙏
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth Anos atrás
Wow! Awesome shots! And from such a humble and sincere person! Congrats! 👍👍👍
Ashim Upadhyaya
Ashim Upadhyaya 5 anos atrás
When Johnny Archer says that's the "best shot he's ever seen", you don't need any further certification. Sick clearance by Melling.
Humour,Fun & Inspiration
Here is another masterclass performance by Chris Melling ...enjoy!
wahid anin
wahid anin 5 anos atrás
rue a
rue 5 anos atrás
Ashim Upadhyaya cringe
Agiyi 5 anos atrás
it's was not 2mins 15 sec... This video has cuts in it, he took more time to think of the shots. Look at 2:10 for example, he is walking towards the shot and suddenly he's already down on the shot.
Eat and Treat
Eat and Treat 5 anos atrás
Ashim Upadhyaya
Gary Z
Gary Z 2 anos atrás
Unbelievable, Chris! Just one of your shots would be beyond amazing, but all of them were!
Doug Anos atrás
Without a doubt that is the best pool shot I have ever seen in my life and I’m 64 and have been in many tournaments.
Mark Flierl
Mark Flierl 2 anos atrás
2:16 That was incredible.
Javaria Wright
Javaria Wright Anos atrás
Absolutely amazing!!!! I wish I could do that
Geo 5 anos atrás
I came in expecting clickbait. I left mind blown.
masterdurick Anos atrás
21 million views, not gonna be very disappointing, not gonna be clickbait. this rack was awesome
steven hosea
steven hosea 2 anos atrás
Jorge Ramirez Happens was the way No. Good
Murdock MacIntyre
Murdock MacIntyre Anos atrás
The commentator was almost as good as the shots😂😂😂😂..."I might kill myself if somebody made that on me"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz 2 anos atrás
god damn that's some amazing shots! 🔥👌
UI-Yito 2 anos atrás
3:25 “ I would kill my self if someone made that on me “ best line
George Knowles
George Knowles 2 anos atrás
I'm not a player but I love to watch these shots anyway. That was unbelievable.
sevenK -
sevenK - 5 anos atrás
Imagine if he missed the 8 ball 😂
Tony Quick
Tony Quick 2 anos atrás
It would be like at the local pool hall
Rick Morrow
Rick Morrow 2 anos atrás
In golf, I once drove the green on a par four, then 5 putted. I couldn't see the green, as it was over a hill. I was looking around for the ball for a while before I noticed it on the green. It was a short par four, nevertheless, it was a par four.
andrew moonbeam
andrew moonbeam 3 anos atrás
I think the 8 ball should have just rolled into the pocket on it's own, be done with it.
Augusto 2 anos atrás
O cara joga demais slk kkkk
Chris PhallHeatLover
That is crazy! Being a snooker fan im not huge on pool but that was great to watch... Take a bow son. 👏👏
Steve S
Steve S Anos atrás
He literally had 1 easy shot. Unbelievable, im speechless.
Cyber Bogart
Cyber Bogart 10 meses atrás
watched this lots of times, what an epic runout
Mugiwara-MH 3 anos atrás
1st shot: well, thats some technique 2nd shot: well... nice bend, kinda lucky. 3rd shot. WHAT THE ACTUAL F... this man is insane
Humour,Fun & Inspiration
Here is another masterclass performance by Chris Melling ...enjoy!
KvnDWr 8 meses atrás
There was no luck here… at this level these guys know exactly what they’re doing. That’s like calling Steph Curry lucky for hitting a 3 from the logo. After a certain point we just acknowledge it as a skill. For the record… the first shot is the most impressive one to me. That Caram / kick / combo shot was insane!!!!
Po Pe
Po Pe 10 meses atrás
Melling the goat.
RRGamerRayz 10 meses atrás
Obviously, he's incredible!
Mark Saldanha
Mark Saldanha 9 meses atrás
That last shot... Finally some worthy competition to Efrens Z Shot hehe
geeftw69 2 anos atrás
this guy is from another planet BEAST MODE 🤘🤘🤘just awesome
Traveller 2
Traveller 2 2 anos atrás
I dont even play pool but loved watching that. Great stuff!
TopGunnSTL 2 anos atrás
My favorite part of all of this is the fact that the commentators knew it absolutely nothing about what they were talking about and he proved them wrong on every shot. Nuff said
Yaho Postinguy
Yaho Postinguy 2 meses atrás
Chris looks for shots like that. Archer's a cold-blooded shotmaker and has a different outlook on the game.
Daniel D
Daniel D Anos atrás
Lol your comment really showed you don’t know shit about pool. One of the commentator is Johnny Archer and he is a multiple time world champion. Those shots Chris made is very unexpected and of course it surprised everyone.
Geo Jesse
Geo Jesse Anos atrás
Uh that’s Johnny Archer commentating dude do you even know pool?
Stevie Pigford
Stevie Pigford 2 anos atrás
Yeah 💯
Vinícius Miranda
Vinícius Miranda 2 anos atrás
Rapaz o cara joga fácil.
R J 2 anos atrás
Fantastic shooting, great control, but what a mind to see the shot too!
Zedoh San
Zedoh San 2 anos atrás
A respect from your Opponent is so Heart Touching
Tyson Collier
Tyson Collier 2 anos atrás
This is exactly how I see each shot when I play pool. Execution let's me down
Reddevilman77 Anos atrás
You and me both. I think i'm Paul Newman in The Hustler.............What i actually look like is a man who's drunk ten pints and can barely see or hold a cue.
Ernest Martinelli
Ernest Martinelli Anos atrás
@Undertaker67203 Practice Practice Practice
Virna Lisi Arije
Virna Lisi Arije Anos atrás
X-ACTLY! What I said!🎱!;)PEACE
No name
No name Anos atrás
The swerve shot was relatively easy, considering the pockets, but that round the angles shot was pretty special.... and to be dead on the black afterwards.Well played Sir.
Josh Rohricht
Josh Rohricht 2 anos atrás
That was awesome and he seems like a nice guy too congrats
Art Hunter
Art Hunter 2 anos atrás
No matter how many they I watch this it always makes me smile...
Joseph Martin
Joseph Martin 8 meses atrás
Melling just a master. Calls his shots.
Entourage 2 anos atrás
This man define's the game of pool !
ju1u9emongaloid1 j
ju1u9emongaloid1 j 6 meses atrás
Chris Melling, unbelievable! Thank for that display of genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Papanikos
Jamie Papanikos 5 meses atrás
I would've made all of those hardcore shots and missed the easy 8 ball shot at the end 😆 That's how my luck goes 🙃
Magneticitist 3 meses atrás
How is that I marathoned Reyes and suddenly this guy is so amazing in this short game.
Big T
Big T 4 anos atrás
When you get matched with that Middle Eastern kid on 8 ball pool.
Jay 88
Jay 88 Anos atrás
@William Petro III this comment hit home
William Mickelson
William Mickelson Anos atrás
Morne Le Roux
Morne Le Roux Anos atrás
Shot Calla 1207
Shot Calla 1207 Anos atrás
Okay, I know I’m late as shit. But I have to say I fkn hate that game now. All I play is middle eastern/Indian people. And I get highly annoyed. But this was when I did play the app. I have a account with 1.4 billion coins and don’t play anymore because of them . 😂
MrGrombie 2 anos atrás
2:00 holy shit! Great shot on a live game. This guy is nuts.
Derryl Clark
Derryl Clark Anos atrás
If I learned anything on BRvid today, snooker crowds are way more lit than pool crowds, this man deserved a standing ovation!
YFK Tony
YFK Tony 2 anos atrás
It happened in his mind, HE made it happen 🤯
Vonya Mitchell
Vonya Mitchell 2 meses atrás
Chris is a amazing player an wow 😲 almost every shot I said this man is amazing an how is that possible 😑 lol and what a finish.. I didn't notice that he racked the hole table up because of the amazing shots 😑
MelodyJ42 2 meses atrás
I can only dream to be able to play like that 🙏👌
tarantula 420
tarantula 420 Anos atrás
This is how I picture playing pool in my mind but when i actually play things are the opposite 😂
-[rͬeͤmͫiͥxͯ]- 7 meses atrás
That's what happens when you unlock the legendary cue with 100 power 100 aim 100 accuracy 100 English and 100 swag But seriously this guy is amazing, I saw him play one time in Vegas and to see him play in person is jaw dropping. If only I could have seen that game live...WOW
Antonio Montaño
Antonio Montaño Anos atrás
Mis respetos un crack fantástico de más 2000 millones de personas usted está entre los primeros 5 que más juegan a nivel mundial el número #1
TUBESTEAKNIG 4 anos atrás
lmao "i might kill myself if somebody made that on me" 3 incredible shots.
OG ghettobird
OG ghettobird 3 anos atrás
The best comment
Primthos 3 anos atrás
@İsmail Bey set it up then dude. give it a shot, one try. If you miss, burn q couple thousand dollars to simulate the steaks he had.
Harrison Wims
Harrison Wims 3 anos atrás
Lol he’s suicidal af
Cornelius Pratt
Cornelius Pratt 2 anos atrás
I love tricks shots 👍🏾
fuzzy wo
fuzzy wo 2 anos atrás
This dude is cold...professional player right there! Opponent didn't even get to look at a shot.
Muhammad Ibn-raqib
Muhammad Ibn-raqib Anos atrás
I’ve never watched pool videos in my life...but here I am. Thank you you’re algorithms. I’ve been really enjoying these!
Gary 2 anos atrás
Legendary performance.
Twice Cut
Twice Cut 3 anos atrás
Commentator: That is an impossible shot! Chris: I’d make that 99 times out of a 100 😂
R B 10 meses atrás
@digitalbookworm5678 Yeah, if there's no traffic, the 4 rail bank seems pretty forgiving. Banking 2 rails into the opposite corner is SUPER touchy, it seems like the very slightest change of aim results in a huge difference at the other end but it's like the last two rails cancel out a lot of the variation.
Gus Galvis
Gus Galvis 2 anos atrás
98 times out of 100.
digitalbookworm5678 2 anos atrás
I make that shot about 50%, but trying it through a crowd of balls.... Fugedaboudit. No brag, just fact. 😎
James Steilon
James Steilon 2 anos atrás
Esse cara é sobrenatural 😱 muito melhor que O'Sullivan!!!
Juliano maciel de oliveira
O cara joga muito
christian M'vengo
christian M'vengo 11 meses atrás
Mais ce type est un génie 🌹
Tre'von Runyon
Tre'von Runyon 4 meses atrás
All jokes aside, that was a piece of art! A beautiful display. Oh and the billiards was pretty nice too.
StickMaan 9 meses atrás
As someone who started playing 1 week ago IRL and on Mobile, this was cool asf
Mustardeer M
Mustardeer M 3 anos atrás
Imagine making that at some bar with no cameras then you have to tell the story. First I made this crazy carrom shot then massed my second ball then finished the rack with a 4 railer. They'd be like yeah ok dude sure that happened.
Chester Swing Jr
Chester Swing Jr 2 anos atrás
Yep. I’ve made a similar shoot like this by accident, and dumb luck. My buddy, and I were playing for a beer, and he wouldn’t play any more after that shot. He thought I was hustling him😂😂 I told him it was dumb luck, and there is 0% chance I’d ever make that shot on purpose!!😂😂
007 3 anos atrás
@MrBigT Depends who you are. If you're a player and your friends know it they'll believe you because that's not the kind of thing pool players lie about. Not good players anyway.
Kingsley Kachere
Kingsley Kachere 3 anos atrás
😂😂They won't believe none
007 3 anos atrás
Been there before. Hard to explain to pool players and impossible to explain to normal people.
Zima Fitness
Zima Fitness 11 meses atrás
This man is a legend
Michael Hardy
Michael Hardy 2 anos atrás
What a shot🔥🔥🔥👌
TheCymbalProject Anos atrás
Wow... just... wow. That was a crazy shot!!
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan 2 anos atrás
Chris melling, best English pool player ever and shotmaking genius
James Edward
James Edward 9 meses atrás
You could tell that man is a professional by the way he was holding that tennis racket.
Zippy Dingding
Zippy Dingding Anos atrás
Playing pool for 8 hours a day I can definitely say I was a god after beer 🍺
David Norman
David Norman Anos atrás
The most shocking thing to me is that he did this in a match against a top-level opponent. It was early in the match BUT pros just don't take this many chances in one rack when any miss is likely a loss. This was a pool savant saying: "F*ck it, why not just go for everything". In today's game, that never happens outside of practice.
Bert Demeulemeester
His positionplay and framebuilding is not amazing but goddamn man's got amazing skills
Po Pe
Po Pe Anos atrás
Chris is one of the best creative shooter ever along with Efren Reyes.Yes SVB might be better but still.
Opera Singer
Opera Singer 8 meses atrás
3 crazy shots in one game. HERO.
-- Anos atrás
Efren Bata Reyes: Finally, a worthy opponent in magic shots department
ArtShorts Anos atrás
2:12 😲Wooow! What a shot oh my GOD, I just...😃
Cluxky 3 meses atrás
I dont know if my Great Pa' played professional pool BUT he was absolutely amazing at it, and would make like almost all of those shots he won trophies and he was so good at it this brings me memories.
Tepong Kyuri
Tepong Kyuri 10 meses atrás
See at 0:10 how the 3-ball travelled and made the lower left corner pocket, that's when Chris saw the pattern. And the CRAZY thing was, the 1-ball ended up on the same spot as the 3-ball was on the break, in the same corner of the triangle. THAT'S CRAZY.
D Jackson
D Jackson 9 meses atrás
Absolutely insane
Soul Intent
Soul Intent 10 meses atrás
That was mind blowing, for real !
Dezzolution Anos atrás
Amazing instinct. 💯
Guts 5 meses atrás
This is the shots I imagine taking at the bar with my friends.
exowye 9 meses atrás
Commentator: "That is the best shot I have ever seen in my life" Efren: "Am I joke to you?"
Richard Cerritelli
Richard Cerritelli 2 anos atrás
Even the greatest player who ever lived Efren would be impressed.
CallofDoogie Anos atrás
Proper player this lad always has been
Christian Lachance
Christian Lachance 2 anos atrás
Thanks for including the full interview!
James Street
James Street 8 meses atrás
The shot at 1:16--I didn't even know that it was possible to spin the cue ball to make it curve like that. Lol. I wonder how many hours of practice it takes to be able to do that?
Conor Hennell
Conor Hennell 4 meses atrás
making it swerve is pretty easy, just hit the side of the ball striking down on it. the hard part is making it curve when you want and the right amount. harder you hit it the longer it takes for the swerve to happen and the steeper the striking angle the more it will swerve.
Janete lopes Rozendo
Janete lopes Rozendo 7 meses atrás
Valeu meus amigos popozio foi bom dmss muito obg
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