Most Powerful PCP Air gun | Homemade

face off
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This is my new PCP Air gun Testing video.Help me to reach 100K subscribers pleaase.
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IMPORTANT: All testing is done on a firing range, safe environment and under extreme supervision.This video is only for entertainment purpose.No animals killed or injured in this video.

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9 Jul 2020



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Clarabelle Bunny
Clarabelle Bunny 2 anos atrás
Impressive results. What is even more impressive is the common materials and the tooling that was used to create a working and powerful air rifle in a hefty caliber. Keep up the good work and thinking outside the box, on what you can accomplish.
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Thanks a lot.
inhalefarts 2 anos atrás
This is very impressive. I would love to see just how large of a bore it is possible to make for an airgun like this. There is a video on YT of a man firing a custom built 12gauge PCP pistol, that is the largest I have seen so far in an airgun. It would be so fun to see if someone tries to make one even larger caliber.
ChanMan405 6 meses atrás
Lol why? Just to say it's bigger? Aea has a .72 caliber rifle out now
William Wallace
William Wallace 11 meses atrás
The heavier the projectile the less distance you can go with pcp anyway -
Jason Green
Jason Green Anos atrás
Awsome build. What i love is the larger caliber and the fact you built this beauty all by hand. Using a drill, hand files, m3 tapper, etc and it came out perfect. Great work
Prof. Red [MAA]
Prof. Red [MAA] Mês atrás
Well done on the engineering, it's well put together for a home shed build. It looks like a WW2 U-boat and probably almost as deadly... What Ft Lb is it regulated to discharge? My 12yr old son thinks it looks great and would love to have a go with it, he also says that you should call it, 'The Fart"... Because it's silent but deadly! I would normally discourage such low brow humour from my childhood, but I have to admit... This time it was actually well delivered and funny. You should try shooting some things that are much stronger than what you used in the video, to see just how powerful it actually is and a chronograph to see what the slugs are actually doing. Still, great home build,, it looks like a barrel of laughs to shoot.
David Hoffmann
David Hoffmann Anos atrás
Good job, congratulations 👍 I shot both with firearms and airguns, some air gun are really powerful, for example i have a Benjamin Bulldog model which is around 250 joules power 357 caliber (9mm) with 5 round capacity. Hehe the only drawback is that with a full pressure you can only shot around 20 times before the need of refilling which take around 200 up/down with a manual 3000 psi pump, but it’s good to make exercise lol.
Praetzel Projects
Praetzel Projects 2 anos atrás
Amazing craftsmanship It would be cool to see another vid covering the specs such as FPE FPS and shots per fill :)
Morbius2271 Mês atrás
@Jason Green this is likely about right as that would equate to 42.7 FPE at the muzzle
Praetzel Projects
Praetzel Projects Anos atrás
@Jason Green that seems close It would be cool to see an exact figure.
Jason Green
Jason Green Anos atrás
My guess those heavy 9mm slugs are flying at least 500fps. Which is pretty good for a larger caliber 5 gram slug.
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
George Loveless
George Loveless Anos atrás
Beautiful work. This gun appears to be very powerful...the poor coconut and whatever was behind it got trashed! I would love to know its velocity/FPS. Great work, this gun is awesome.
grisvian brudlie
grisvian brudlie 2 anos atrás
Damn, i love the editing style dude, and also the airgun built was awesome. Looking forward to more of your content
grisvian brudlie
grisvian brudlie 2 anos atrás
@face off worth it dude
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Thanks a lot ,took a lot of effort😰
Gary Hill
Gary Hill Anos atrás
That thing does appear to be very powerful. Good job man!
村姑 2 anos atrás
I've been following your air gun video for a while. From a purely manual point of view, your craftsmanship is also impressive But the video doesn't show the true power of the air gun At 3000 PSI you don't have to shoot soda cans That was the target chosen by the Toy air gun I would prefer to see the specific data when the air gun is fired For example: rate of fire. Range. Destructive power 👍
Aubrey Luke bird
Aubrey Luke bird Anos atrás
Rate of fire is purely on the user .. questions to be put in n answered are .. accuracy at different ranges let's put it at 50 meters max ... 2nd ..speed,slug Calibre and what is the slug grain or gm s so to determine the joules... 3rd if rifling is done how many is good on this brass barrel...2,3 or six grooves... Do answers fans of DIY projects...❤️👍❤️ Good job done ... ❤️Love Shillong
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Feedback accepted
Mick H
Mick H 2 anos atrás
Very nice, great to see all your vids come together like this. How many shots per fill do you get? and how high is the air pressure in the tank?
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Brill Ranch
Brill Ranch 6 meses atrás
It would be awesome to have this in a "how-to" video where you show the entire process of building it. Even if not that, a materials-list would be awesome, too!
Paul perth420
Paul perth420 5 meses atrás
@Brill Ranch Cheers for the fast reply, I have a drill press and scroll saw, bench vice, grinder sander etc etc.. but was thinking about the materials, I'll check out his other videos and make notes like you suggested.. many thanks man, Cheers from Australia :)
Brill Ranch
Brill Ranch 5 meses atrás
@Paul perth420 It's just a part of the other videos he has up. It doesn't have a list the way we might want it, but be does go over the raw materials and you just have to take notes. If you need, there's another guy I found who does videos on how to build your own tools like drill presses and bandsaws, might help with this!
Paul perth420
Paul perth420 5 meses atrás
@Brill Ranch Hi, I've looked but I can't see a parts list anywhere.. please share where you saw it, Cheers
Brill Ranch
Brill Ranch 6 meses atrás
Should have looked before typing, found it all! Can't wait to build my own!
patricksreels 2 anos atrás
Hand turned steel slugs. This is nuts! Also, I'm curious what kind of accuracy one can expect without a rifled barrel
Lazarus Anos atrás
It moved a brick ! , after ventilating the coconut it pushed the brick up in the air . Massive power .
Jason Green
Jason Green Anos atrás
I love smoothbores and if accuracy is an issue use round balls, seems accurate enoung to me and if it can pop open a coconut its got some hefty impact.
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Sebastian Ordoñez
Sebastian Ordoñez Anos atrás
First of all congratulations about your videos, they are amazing, second question, did you use your home made 3500 psi tank for this proyect ?
Fausto Armijos
Fausto Armijos 2 anos atrás
Increíble me encanta la potencia que tiene felicidades desde Ecuador
LONGBOW AND WARBOW crafting bows
hello mate excellent video, can you share plans and parts please I'd love to build this
Man Jago
Man Jago Anos atrás
Your KNOWLEDGE to built this thing are's about a KNOWLEDGE. .everybody including Me are dreaming to be like you.even if I see ur full still too complicated to do it..
Guillermo Collazo
Guillermo Collazo Anos atrás
Nice! You should build a magazine for it. Maybe a small side magazine like the sten or a tubular magazine for steel balls.
João Aguiar
João Aguiar Anos atrás
Muito linda quanto custa uma dessa aí amigo??
Daniel Araújo
Daniel Araújo 2 anos atrás
Parabéns pelo trabalho
Daniel Green
Daniel Green 5 meses atrás
Excellent work would like to know how and what you used for the valve/ trigger mechanism
Lee Marlowe
Lee Marlowe 2 anos atrás
Very impressive! Is the barrel rifled and how are the "slugs" made?
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
It's a smooth barrel
dreamkiss4u Anos atrás
how much did the project fully cost? and will you do a real test of the power by doing actual chronograph shots and all that?
Ngesong Vlogs
Ngesong Vlogs Anos atrás
Bro you can change the air gun world🔥🔥🔥
Random Posts
Random Posts 2 anos atrás
This was nice worth the wait, looking forward to the next
Big Birder Bob
Big Birder Bob Anos atrás
Wow impressive. I will try to make one of these. Please stay tuned to my channel ;) I like the yellow anodized barrel and foam LDC. What speed were you flinging these huge slugs? It was nuts how you tore apart that coconut. Will you use this for hunting?
Shrek 8 meses atrás
@Anish C Joseph It doesn't always look like this. I made a similar weapon, it does not have a rifled barrel - there is not even a metal pipe, just a regular plastic one from a DIY store. Also, I don't have a trigger, I have to open the valve manually. Without a sight, I am able to hit a human-sized target from a distance of about 100m. Apart from weapons, I think a lot depends on the shooter's skill and knowledge of the weapon.
Anish C Joseph
Anish C Joseph Anos atrás
I don't think he can because this rifle has no precession it has no rifling inbthe barrel
10c2 _28_Tất tịnh Nhi
This gun was quite powerful, but how far did it shoot?🤔
Thijs van Noordt
Thijs van Noordt 2 anos atrás
where did you find an air regulator that works on these low pressures?
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
ZZaj 2 anos atrás
Amazing build! Is this air tank custom made or bought? Can you achieve 3500 psi with just the bicycle pump?
muzzammil mansuri
muzzammil mansuri 10 meses atrás
Which is pump?
Jason Green
Jason Green Anos atrás
@face off you made thst pump. It looks to me
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Bought.It's not a bicycle pump
Mirco Taraborelli
Mirco Taraborelli 7 meses atrás
Great finishing, but if you rotate the cave of bullet of 90° you can use a semi-automatic recharge. So you must add a spring behind your primary lever ;)
Никита бандит 1177
This airgun is the best homemade gun on BRvid!!! Amazing and great work!!!
Diсtator Anos atrás
Тоже думаю что это лучшая винтовка которую я видел на ютубе
Никита бандит 1177
@face off , хотелось бы ещё увидеть стрельбу по доскам из этой винтовки.
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Thank you
Knecht Yeee
Knecht Yeee 2 anos atrás
you did a great job!
Gino Anos atrás
What was the barrel made from? Seemed to be blowing by a lot compaired to the rifle I have and have seen. What's the velocity at the Muslim velocity at 25 at 50 yards? What type bolt action? What type of trigger assembly? The air cylinder and delivery of air type? Looked kinda cool but I did like more info if possible.
Zardz K.
Zardz K. 2 anos atrás
im watching all of your videos tutorial and now it is finished. That was amazing bro👍😯😲😲
jhomer bastidas
jhomer bastidas 2 anos atrás
Friend could you share the plans of the rifle with its measurements. excellent content
Fadly's Channel
Fadly's Channel 2 anos atrás
The result of the power is amazing and deadly. So powerful. Great! Maybe the project looks like better stylish if it use a bullpup stock 💖 Bravo! ✊
สมบัติ ท้าวสกุล
@Kalesh Ahirwar จะสังชื่อติดต่อใด้ย่างไรคับ
Kalesh Ahirwar
Kalesh Ahirwar Anos atrás
@face off sir how to make
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Great point!
gerald mijares
gerald mijares 2 anos atrás
Ive been waiting for this gun... And finally its a big success!... So powerful... I think its better if the bullet is automatic falling to the whole... But its awesome.. I will wait again to your next creation
Marc Dabaiya
Marc Dabaiya Mês atrás
Where can I buy these bits from
Hbadri Outdoors
Hbadri Outdoors 2 anos atrás
Wow! 9.5mm 77grain slug.. Massive FPE. This is lethal! Nice built.. well done! Love to see next video for chrony test.
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Thanks! Will do!
Benny Varte
Benny Varte Anos atrás
What Matel do you used for the barrel? Is that barrel made from brass? How do you drill it? Is the homemade barrel smooth inside or screwed inside to spin the pellets? I don't really know what's it called and how to put it but I hope you got what I mean!
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
It's very powerful homemade air rifle 👍
Subash Lasrado
Subash Lasrado 2 anos atrás
You are a GENIUS my brother,GOD bless🙂
Phillip Mendiola
Phillip Mendiola 2 anos atrás
Damm , that is one awsome pcp air rifle 💥
priyadarshijena Anos atrás
Wonderful, absolutely amazing brother
Mychale Porter
Mychale Porter Anos atrás
What is the muzzle velocity? As well as yard range?
tiger Guan
tiger Guan 2 meses atrás
nice work,just want to know how precisely this PCP can shoot
Tech Boy
Tech Boy 2 anos atrás
I liked without seeing the video bcz i know that the video is going to be damn awesome
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
adeeb hussain
adeeb hussain Anos atrás
Very impressive much fps...approx and energy..?
Rey Mariano
Rey Mariano Anos atrás
New here from Phil. U r now my new idol.. So Great!! Can you please give me an advice how to build this powerfull airgun thanks..
Nelson Alabanza
Nelson Alabanza 11 meses atrás
The barrel has no grove if bullet is pointed. Therefore: the bullet's trajectory doesn't travel a straight path...if the bullet is rounded trajectory is no problem...🤔🤔🤔
Air Sight27
Air Sight27 Anos atrás
How much is the regulator output pressure?
Valdemarcio Nunes
Valdemarcio Nunes 7 meses atrás
Belo tiro muito top
Umar Rajpoot
Umar Rajpoot Anos atrás
Perfect, can u please upload the video for how you design.
Eyyy 2 anos atrás
Im confused , I watched your previous videos so how did you merge the bolt of the trigger and the bullet chamber ?
Eyyy 2 anos atrás
Cool thanks Ill watch it
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
I done a modification video also
K. Prabakaran
K. Prabakaran 2 anos atrás
Wow,it so powerful and beautiful gun, you can start a gun factory
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez Anos atrás
i have seen many of your videos and i’ve been wondering if you would be able to take a challenge and make a air shotgun
ygalion 2 anos atrás
Good job, impressive.
AR TAMILA GAMING 2 anos atrás
Prize evlo
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
North Southy
North Southy Anos atrás
Nice though its a heavy projectile at 77 grains, a lighter one with a hollow point would be devastating
Mikwun Anos atrás
Can you make a tutorial for this air gun?
HDworkshop 2 anos atrás
Well done!!! So now it's turn to full auto rifle :p
Parteek Sharma
Parteek Sharma Anos atrás
Amazing 😍😍😍.....not sure...but i think it's illegal to own such caliber type weapon in India 😅😅😅....beware bro 😅😅😅
Twiddlers Anos atrás
If someone could build something close to the Texan airforce. Now that is an insane air gun.
wildrangeringreen 3 meses atrás
high pressure, long barrel, large port size (half the bore size or larger), heavy mainspring and hammer, eliminate the valve return spring (once you pressurize the tank, you don't need it anyways). The Airforce Texan design is almost entirely devoted to maximum power for the first 1-3 shots, and then you refill. As such, it wastes a lot of air, but you can sling serious lead at a good velocity. Almost all of the high performance Airgun companies (in the US at least) started out in people's personal workshops/garages, and then once they started selling guns, they upgraded to a dedicated facility/tooling/hiring workers. If face off can make this stuff with the very simple tools he uses, you can too (with a little practice). In the US (and many other places) there are good barrel MFG's that make affordable rifled barrels, the rest of the parts (minus your tank and pump) shouldn't run much over $300 (in the US). Get a powerful PCP rifle for around $600 +/- (outside of the US, that might sound high, but our cost of living is high, so it's all relative)
Jay Tine27
Jay Tine27 Anos atrás
How far can it shot? What is the maximum meters can it shot?
LRG Gaming
LRG Gaming Anos atrás
good job really, but we need to see the accuracy and grouping from 20 meters at least and some FPE FPS result.
Fabricio Ziroldo
Fabricio Ziroldo 2 anos atrás
Hi man, very nice job, can you show us wich valve you used? Sorry my inglish. I from Argentina
jashraj bhanushali
jashraj bhanushali Anos atrás
What is the difference between qev valve or ready made blow gun??
Dolan Alas
Dolan Alas Anos atrás
uhh great job bro 🔥🔥
Quality Fun
Quality Fun 2 anos atrás
Powerful, but definitely not even close to the most powerful pcp. How accurate is it at say 50yards?
TIPLDN Anos atrás
Looks amazing is there anyway to contact you as I have a project I’m about to start and wanted to ask few questions.
Salin Tamang
Salin Tamang Anos atrás
Wow 🤩 if I wanted to buy one ☝🏻 how much does it cost ???
Росен Партовски
Man that's cool. Keep up.
DaDiYlandPH Anos atrás
is the output regulated?
fuji wismono
fuji wismono 4 meses atrás
Amazing of homemade airgun. I wish like this.
Mhedds JOE TV
Mhedds JOE TV Anos atrás
nice and powerful homemade pcp..watching fr. the Philippines...keep safe
tim wegman
tim wegman Anos atrás
So how much psi can you build up with that pump?
虎澤龙之Top 3366
I really want to have such a sniper rifle thanks share the video
Musafer Fishing & Adventure
I like this gun so much, 😍😍
Gus Ade
Gus Ade 2 anos atrás
Did you know, how much psi that takes at one shot??
Tony Davis
Tony Davis 2 anos atrás
Do you think you could make it semi auto?
Re kitchen
Re kitchen Anos atrás
You are the genius. Most powerful pcp.
WenMar Old Repairs and Pcp air rifles
I think he is referring to his made guns as to most powerful....Awesome job!!!!
Ravyo 2 anos atrás
Are you using the full 3500 psi? Thats pretty dangerous with using pneumtatic fittings that are usally only suited for around 5 - 8 bar
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
1000to 2000psi
David Anos atrás
powerful and deathly. very cool.
Luis Bentancur
Luis Bentancur 3 meses atrás
Cual es la distancia que tira quiero saber cuantos metros tira muchas gracias
Masterholod 2 anos atrás
Отличная винтовка, но у нас за такую посадят.
Showdown The Music
Showdown The Music 2 anos atrás
Niceeeeee Genial !!!
N. P.
N. P. 2 anos atrás
Is the barrel rifled or smooth?
Allen YP
Allen YP Anos atrás
Make full tutorial please!!!
Hla Min Tun
Hla Min Tun Anos atrás
Can you show a detail video how to make it?
Ka DuGSiNG 2 anos atrás
Wow so powerful. Perfect homemade airgun
SINGH JI 6 meses atrás
Kitna kharcha aaega banvane Mein Mujhe chahie
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Sure is
Jean Baptou
Jean Baptou Anos atrás
What about using à free float steel barel? Its could be more precise and more durable?
lee 2 anos atrás
yes but will it shoot under 2" at 200yds and how many ft lbs of energy
ADAN Syahdan
ADAN Syahdan Anos atrás
Can you please make videos about how to build PCP chamber.. ?? 🙏🙏😁
jeffrey hutalla
jeffrey hutalla Anos atrás
Wow beautiful airgun
jenri zar
jenri zar Anos atrás
Badass brother 😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!
rahul s pillai
rahul s pillai 2 anos atrás
Superb bro!!! Keep it up
face off
face off 2 anos atrás
Thank you so much 😀
Siddharaj Gadge
Siddharaj Gadge Anos atrás
hey hey hey brother please upload a full detailed tutorial of this pcp gun, though there are videos of you making diff component of this gun but they are not in order , plsplspls a full build upTUTORIAl
Gino Anos atrás
How far away were you shooting the weapon?
Sumit Meena
Sumit Meena Anos atrás
Does arms act allow air gun making in India ?
Cidren 2 anos atrás
Could i get an answer how about range. Its shoots for more than 100m or not and is it losing its Energy very driamaticly over range?
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