Most People Don't Know How Bikes Work

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Why are bicycles stable? The most common answer is gyroscopic effects, but this is not right. This video was sponsored by Kiwico. Get 50% off your first month of any crate at

Huge thanks to Rick Cavallaro for creating this bike on short notice. Thanks to all the friends who participated in the filming. Rick was also responsible for the Blackbird Faster Than The Wind Downwind Cart.

Much of the information presented here on the stability of a riderless bicycle stems from original research at

This line of bicycle-balance research was initiated by Jim Papadopoulos:

Great videos on bikes and counter-steering:

MinutePhysics: How Do Bikes Stay Up?

MinutePhysics: The Counterintuitive Physics of Turning a Bike:

Why Bicycles Do Not Fall - Arend Schwab TED talk:

Today I Found Out: We Still Don't Know How Bicycles Work

TU Delft - Smart motor in handlebars prevents bicycles from falling over:

Andy Ruina Explains How Bicycles Balance Themselves:

More References:

TU Delft Bicycle Site:

Bicycle stability program:

Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Luis Felipe, Anton Ragin, Paul Peijzel, S S, Benedikt Heinen, Diffbot, Micah Mangione, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Sam Lutfi, MJP, Gnare, Nick DiCandilo, Dave Kircher, Edward Larsen, Burt Humburg, Blake Byers, Dumky, Mike Tung, Evgeny Skvortsov, Meekay, Ismail Öncü Usta, Crated Comments, Anna, Mac Malkawi, Michael Schneider, Oleksii Leonov, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, Jim buckmaster, fanime96, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Vincent, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson,Ron Neal

Written by Derek Muller
Filmed by Trenton Oliver, Raquel Nuno and Derek Muller
Edited by Derek Muller
Music from Epidemic Sound and Jonny Hyman
Produced by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev and Emily Zhang

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27 Nov 2021



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Comentários 17 960
 ShortHax Mês atrás
It’s easy to build a rocket. It’s not like it’s bicycle-science
Jayson Kenley
Jayson Kenley 11 dias atrás
You broke the internet with this comment omg
Aster Lagebo
Aster Lagebo 19 dias atrás
@WiZarD only in Russia
Starfire Horizon
Starfire Horizon 19 dias atrás
@NastySasquatch I Was Waiting For Someone To Bring It In... Damn, That's A Prize You Won. Not Sure I'd Accept That One.
LexieAssassin 21 dia atrás
It's easy to build a rocket. Now, getting it to go where you want it to go, that's the hard part.
Marcus Moreno
Marcus Moreno 21 dia atrás
@Denin Paul 0
dogsrocks Mês atrás
To me its incredible how humans just learn to do these things unconsciously. Noone tells you that when youre a kid, you just try over and over again until suddenly you do it right without even knowing what youre doing differently. Imagine how many things you do right without even understanding why oder what exactly it is youre doing. Absolutely incredible
Mark H
Mark H 2 dias atrás
You speak german?
That Guy
That Guy 3 dias atrás
@I'm just here for the asmr You could learn, start with a bike with training wheels on the back. Some senior citizens go to college for the first time and get a degree. Never too late to learn.
Marv 5 dias atrás
Yes, the human brain is amazing
Leif 6 dias atrás
How can anyone do bicycle research or at least full time? Seems like it would be very tedious and not interesting..
Vanga Pesalaam
Vanga Pesalaam 12 dias atrás
Good thought
Pindex 17 dias atrás
Love this video. Thought I would already know it all, but of course, you were a step ahead : )
Voices of Music
Voices of Music 19 dias atrás
When I rode a motorcycle we all countersteered. But I guess we were just steering.
Scottrick LaRoque
Scottrick LaRoque 17 dias atrás
Dern, you beat me too it. I told a new rider, a good friend of mine, to steer opposite the way he wanted to go and he said I was crazy, then the next day he came to me asking about it, I'm glad I read an article in cycling magazine so I could explain it with big words so he didn't feel dumb. lol
Zack the slayer
Zack the slayer Mês atrás
Only time I have ever steered without doing this, I defied gravity, shifted sideways at almost 60-70 degrees (I felt the grass on my knee by the sidewalk) and did a full 180 turn in under half a second. I dont know why, or how i did it, but I took a break from riding my bike that day... I was legit just amazed...
Aesthetic 8 dias atrás
Hahaha same happened to me when I was a kid but scraped my knee cause it was concrete.
Door Toes
Door Toes 17 dias atrás
damn Zack, save some for the rest of us
Starfire Horizon
Starfire Horizon 19 dias atrás
@Bick Boose Best Reply Ever.
Zack the slayer
Zack the slayer 24 dias atrás
@Bick Boose mmmmmmmmpossibly O.o
Bick Boose
Bick Boose 24 dias atrás
@Zack the slayer Is that how you turned from your average mundane Zack to Zack the Slayer?
LyricWulf Mês atrás
"Turn right to go left... Hm..." -Lightning McQueen, moments before disaster
Alan Christiansen
Alan Christiansen Mês atrás
it is actually... turn right to initiate the lean left, once leaning left you can steer that way to be balanced.
ben Gatewood
ben Gatewood Mês atrás
Walnuts and spiders
TheSavageProdigy Mês atrás
Doc Hudson Originally said that actually.
meow Mês atrás
Lightning McQueen isn’t as hot as Mater
wilson chan
wilson chan Mês atrás
Bismarck Mês atrás
I actually did some "Research" like this of my own. I sometime tried to steer my bike without leaning, and I found it to be very hard just pointing the handle in the direction I wanted to go go. I eventually discovered that this is technique we've been using all along, just by executing a dumb idea of mine.
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown 19 dias atrás
Language is a poor instructor, when learning to ride a bike, getting smacked by the asphalt a few times will make you learn to stop steering away from the fall, as with a trike (balancing). Same for TURNING, stop STEERING and start LEANING.
Todd Corson
Todd Corson 21 dia atrás
When my son was learning how to ride a bike, we told him to lean in the direction he wanted to turn. On the next attempt, he leaned his upper body over to the side he was steering toward and promptly fell over on the opposite side. We thought about it a little more and realized that what needs to lean in the direction of the turn is the seat - so basically your hips; in order to achieve that, you actually need your head and shoulders to move in the opposite direction. He tried it again with that in mind and was off and riding!
姫佐倉 27 dias atrás
its doable but its almost inpossible when ur not on flat land^^
Nob ody
Nob ody 28 dias atrás
Counter steering is how you ride a motorcycle. Body positioning is a major part of it too. Upright, leaning, or counter balancing depending on the turn.
auris 28 dias atrás
@zachery justice yes i dont do counter steering since kid, meybe thats why i had so many falls, but now i drive my bike with no counter steering
TheSavageProdigy Mês atrás
The more you know, learn something everyday, this is a real inspiration to some including myself to design stuff in such ways and understand how they work.
Jinkal Ahir
Jinkal Ahir 28 dias atrás
Nice 👍
Gábor Kiss-Vámosi
I've learned to ride an unicycle in 2-3 weeks. It was a great to experiment to learn it as an adult. Firstly, it was quite a bit of challenge even just to sit on it while holding to the wall with two hands. After some days my brain and body got automatically and intuitively better and better in a seemingly impossible task. I didn't know what I did differently in each try but my brain just learn behind the scenes. I only needed to fed in some input data to let the neural network do its job. It was amazing to feel what magic happen inside a how little we understand about our own mind and internal processes.
Brian Selmer
Brian Selmer Mês atrás
When riding on ice, this counter steer flies out the window. I have heard about the self stabilizing aspect of the rake on the forks, where you can ghostride the whip and it keeps going... gyroscopuc procession helps... but no one mentions the difference in radii between the center of the tire tread, and the side of the tire. Just like how a train with solid axles makes a turn, (the track underneath the train moves as the train keeps its original direction, and the camber of the train tires, which are conical, create 2 different size wheels.......the inside wheel has a smaller circumference, and the outside wheel has a larger circumference.... no need for a differential.) Instead of the contact patch being a cylinder, it becomes a CONE!!!!!!!!!!! Castor effect is cool, gyro stability is great, countersteer has been mentioned, but the contact patch is something most people do not think about.
1BrundleFly1 8 dias atrás
I was scanning the responses for a mention of this. This effect becomes more pronounced at higher speeds and lean angles. It's a primary factor in turning a motorcycle once full-lean is achieved by counter-steering. In a steady-state turn, the front wheel is very close to straight or even still slightly counter-steering to counter the righting moment due to lateral acceleration toward the center of the turn. It would be interesting to investigate at what speed this becomes the primary factor in turning a bicycle. As an aside, while I would probably agree that "most people" who ride bikes aren't consciously aware of counter-steering or the effects of rake and trail, I would guess that most really avid/competitive cyclists and motorcyclists *are* aware of these factors, especially if they're also technically inclined - i.e. the kind of people who attract to a channel like Veritasium.
Lord Koan
Lord Koan 20 dias atrás
i found this out the hard way
Gaurav Vaidya
Gaurav Vaidya 27 dias atrás
I did not know this is how trains turn without differentials! Thank you!
DoctorMotorcycle Mês atrás
I figured this out by accident when I did a (small) motorcycle build and wanted to see how tight I could make the steering stem to act as a ghetto "steering stabilizer". I tightened the steering stem to the point where it required a fair amount of force to turn the bars, and I almost fell off the bike when I let the clutch out. It was un-rideable. I had always thought gyroscopic procession was why the bike stayed stable, and immediately realized it was the abilty to constantly re-correct that keeps you from falling over. Would you consider doing a video on the mechanics of Trials bike riders?
Leif 6 dias atrás
Hiw can he say we don't know most of hiw a bike works?? We knkw the basics..that seems like more than a lot to me..jjst some details maybe we need to work out..isn't amyone else surprised?
Jayson Kenley
Jayson Kenley 11 dias atrás
@Erkle64 you are still making micro moves with your weight distribution, with locked steering you would fall immediately
Jayson Kenley
Jayson Kenley 11 dias atrás
@Andrew Aeterno yes!!! I too have this memory
Aaron Layes
Aaron Layes 26 dias atrás
Actually the bike by itself will recorrect if you didn't tighten it too much. Push a bike and then let go and watch what it does. It self corrects every time until it loses momentum. The problem is that to learn to properly ride a bike motorcycle or bicycle you have to let go a bit of control and let the machine do it's thing. Our natural correction is in part is, but in part the machine as well. If you try to man handle a car or bike or motorcycle it will respond negatively massive over correction this happens in planes as well. You have to let the machine do it's part and you learn to correct the minor failures the slight over corrections of the machine. You become one with the machine, it's this that makes people not like automatic cars and effortless flying planes. It's a measure of becoming one with the machine that we lose and for many it's a hard thing to let go of. It's in essence demanding we give up even more control and that is counter to human survival.
bryan bryan
bryan bryan Mês atrás
Yes, interesting video, but as a bike rider who has put more than 30,000 miles on bikes, I know that I can use my body to mildly turn the bike. Like one of the commenters, I have often ridden with no hands, sometimes to do crazy things like change my shirt. Don’t try that, even though it worked out. It takes a fairly long time and experience to really get a good feel at bike riding. You must keep your bike in good working order and make sure you are riding the right bike for you. Until you get really capable, don’t try anything really aggressive. Know your limitations and your equipment’s, as well. Expect things to go wrong and find an ‘out’ (a planned safe escape out of every situation), and you will have a fun time riding. Remember, that you are often riding as fast as some cars, but you have much less protection. So beware and be careful.
Brian Driscoll
Brian Driscoll Mês atrás
If anyone is looking for an even deeper dive in the science of this the motorcycle Channel "Mike on Bikes" is fantastic. He even goes into the magical relationship of lean angle, speed, and turning radius and SOO much more. As a rider it's fantastic but I imagine it's good for anyone who geeks out over physics.
Alex Pettit
Alex Pettit 3 dias atrás
I never though about counter steering on a bicycle until I started riding motorcycles. Steering on most motorcycles takes very intentional counter steering, especially for.swerving.
Harry Contreras
Harry Contreras 18 dias atrás
I'm astounded you made the concept of balance, momentum, and a center of gravity so intriguing. Much love for the knowledge, this confirmed it for me 😂
deebznutz100 Mês atrás
This explains why when I'm riding my bike and find myself riding near the edge of a curb or sidewalk I find it difficult to turn away without falling off the edge.
Quint BUILDs
Quint BUILDs Mês atrás
First learned about "countersteer" in my Team Oregon motorcycle training class. But by the time I bought a motorcycle I'd forgotten and almost wrecked!
NeonNick24 Mês atrás
The Team Oregon classes are fantastic. I want to take their intermediate classes next year.
Mallchad Mês atrás
countersteering is really non-intuitive, leaning is the mechanism you steer with, steering changes your lean angle, except if you get the exact right steer angle, which is hard to learn... When you lean the bike will find the optional steer angle for stability on its own.
dieseljo2 Mês atrás
@j.oz spoken like a true down hill mountain bike racer... Also don't forget to weight the outside peg. 😉🏁
Don Beckham
Don Beckham Mês atrás
@SlayerofFiction I disagree. This works at any speed. It just requires less pressure. At 5+mph, you can steer with just one finger and the slightest touch.
SlayerofFiction Mês atrás
@SuperJlonergan Oh I dono, I reckon most people know nothing of counter stealing and fight a bike for years and years. I rode for about 30 years before I learned what it was, when I started track riding. What a difference. I want to point out that unlike this video, you have to be doing faster than say 30mph to simply push on the handle in which direction you want to go. Lee Parks book "Total Control" is amazing.
Kristopher Adams
Kristopher Adams Mês atrás
A humans ability to adapt to something, even without knowing how, is amazing to me.
Allan Malloy
Allan Malloy Mês atrás
As an avid mountain-bike rider, I've learned how to ride in all sort of awkward and rough situations - the first time I tried to go slow over a narrow ramp, I learned the hard way that steering has more to do with your balance, then your balance. If you crawl at a snail's pace on any bicycle - you might notice that you readjust your steering more rapidly and frequently then you normally do at comfortable riding speeds. If you want to test this for yourself, ride a bicycle beside someone who is walking slow - and try to maintain the same speed on your bicycle as the person walking.
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown Mês atrás
@Rick Cavallaro Zlatko KNOWS you MC's don't counter steer, he doesn't speak English very well and doesn't like arguing. You rest your claims on his imperfect English speech, whilst I rest my claims on his video PROOF. You likely didn't read much of his video's comments, because I posted lots of comments describing what his videos mean and he mostly agreed to them. You still have yet to even attempted to describe what his content shows, because it is opposite of your false claims counter steering for two-wheelers, instead of counte steering in 4 wheelers, which I have done many times.
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro Mês atrás
@breezelow unknown The very guy you hold up as your hero explained in the comments under his video that you are wrong. The video you said I was too afraid to comment on. But I did comment. I agreed with your hero. And it turns out you were the one too afraid to comment with his testimony right there in black and white calling you wrong!
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown Mês atrás
@Rick Cavallaro When rider or bike is steering for balance, at very low speeds, it is never COUNTER STEERING. The bike is always steering, for balance, whether vertical or leaning. The bike nor the rider, EVER steers to TURN, that requires lean.
Bad Cornflakes
Bad Cornflakes Mês atrás
Left right left right LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT!! falls over.
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro Mês atrás
You are exactly right. But it's interesting that nearly everyone swears they never counter-steer at low speed. That's when you do it most. You just feel it least because it gives no back pressure.
RaydanZ 16 dias atrás
I've felt this issue before and tried expermenting while riding my motorbike at low to medium speed. When you turn the handlebar slightly left, you can feel the bike tilting towards the right and vice versa.
Mert Şahin
Mert Şahin Mês atrás
That was actually so cool! Crazy how we don't even realize how we do these complicated things.
z beeblebrox
z beeblebrox Mês atrás
You know a design is perfect when a hundred or so years after it's invented, researchers are still studying how it works so well
Jonathan Taufer
Jonathan Taufer 19 dias atrás
*Isn't countersteering not only incredibly well understood, but also taught in literally every motorcycle class?*
Starfire Horizon
Starfire Horizon 19 dias atrás
@Bravo Mike The Only Worthwhile Comment In This Whole Thread, Sorry I Can't Answer It For You... Unlike Everyone Else... I'm Not An Armchair Physicist 😅 Good Luck On An Answer.
Isopod 22 dias atrás
Even more amazing is is how long it took to invent bicycles. 50 years later we already had the first automobiles.
LiL NiBBa 23 dias atrás
@Bill now that just sounds awesome
Bill 24 dias atrás
@LiL NiBBa The buttmobile.
Sylvester Ashcroft
Sylvester Ashcroft 24 dias atrás
This makes sense as your maintaining forward momentum in that direction, so if you make a harsh turn to the left for example, you need to first counter balance your weight, to prevent the bike from toppling over.
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
I wonder if the same concept can be applied to walking or standing. Can you walk/stand without minute corrections in your vector/center of gravity?
Stephen 28 dias atrás
I remember taking a class on single track vehicle design in college. Blew my mind.
Spencer Calvert
Spencer Calvert 6 horas atrás
Thanks! I now appreciate the people that designed the bicycle and makes me put more thought into everything build by “man” in my environment.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Mês atrás
This is the best rigged bike to deter bike thieves
Starfire Horizon
Starfire Horizon 19 dias atrás
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Rayres Mês atrás
@Libor Supcik Two locks is the way to go. It's not about having a foolproof lock, it's about having locks so annoying to destroy thieves would rather steal someone else's. Removing the seat also works.
John Mês atrás
@Libor Supcik I used to have a very plain bike that I had to park in the stairwell, locked to the railing. That did not stop someone from chomping through the cable, although they tried to get the padlocks first. I really liked that bike. :-(
EmissaryGW2 Mês atrás
@Based Redpill boycott coke products We get along fine in Canada. People don't distrust each other based on race.
King Speechless
King Speechless Mês atrás
I remember bikes that had headset/fork locks so that you you could not turn the handlebars.
Rizky Wahyu Ramadhan
As a rider, countersteering is basic knowledge that I learned long after I started riding. Even though I previously do it subconsciously
Emmanuel smiju
Emmanuel smiju 24 dias atrás
I thought that counter steering is well known already. Experienced riders know that you must counter steer (Turn left to go right in Speed > 30kmph) Also, this can be seen in a motogp race (motercycle race) where the riders will lean so close to the ground when they turn and their front wheels will be pointed to the opposite direction
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro 23 dias atrás
>> Turn left to go right in Speed > 30kmph Turn left to go right at ALL speeds
Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell 10 dias atrás
I just learned how to ride a bike recently at 19 years old, and I definitely had to figure this out by myself bc nobody explained it or understood why I was falling every time I tried to turn😭
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones Mês atrás
Has a bike lock that prevents the forks from moving been invented? Seems like it would be effective.
AnImage Mês atrás
It's actually fascinating how our body learns something intuitively yet our mind stays blissfully unaware.
CoolerSloth 5822
CoolerSloth 5822 19 dias atrás
i already knew this because i move so slowly uphill i constantly turn my bike a little to avoid falling
Kenji Kalei
Kenji Kalei Mês atrás
@LFWK nope, lateral forces on tire don’t change - it’s those lateral forces that bring you through the turn. What it changes is the angle the bike and wheels makes with the road. You need to keep the tire in contact with the road, and not drag the pegs. But keep center of mass way to the inside. Opposite of skiing where you angulate to get your skis on edge.
LFWK Mês atrás
@SternLX not exactly, leaning does not lead to steering. It may seem so because you're automatically putting more pressure on the side of the handlebar when you're leaning. The point of leaning or hang-off is to lower the center of mass, so the motorcyle can stay more upright which reduces the lateral forces on the tire.
Seraphina Mês atrás
​@Mawsh'n Not quite as you are confusing the mind with the brain here and the two are not synonymous with each other. The mind refers specifically to the conscious part, but the conscious mind is just one of many different things the brain is busy processing. In fact the mind does very little of the actual controlling even for actions made consciously, when was the last time you thought about any of the hundreds of individual muscle movements needed to type a short sentence for example let alone all of them. Other parts of the brain take care of that for you for the most part the conscious mind just decides what words to type and other parts of the brain convert that into a list of buttons to press in what order and directs your fingers to make it happen.
Zahid Ahmed
Zahid Ahmed Mês atrás
Praise to the creator
Flannel 14 dias atrás
This is nice, thanks.. I think it would be fun for your viewers to see that they (and most other creatures that aren't worms or ants or spiders etc.) use exactly the same countersteering principles to walk and run - some slo-mo footage or a horse, human, dog or cat cornering would show a step or two out from under our centre of gravity to initiate a turn.. Learning to walk/run is like learning to ride a bike.
Lokim23 Mês atrás
As a bicyclist and rider of nearly 30 years. When you start learning as a mere child, this is a passive thing you come to learn. As you become more experienced you can make a turn with barely any effort. You can ride without hands on handlebars as well, atleast for periods of time. Your body becomes in sync with the bicycle, the bicycle doesn't become syncd with you :) - Or as bruce lee said. Put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You are becoming fluid with the bicycle. Once you learn this, you'll become a great rider in literally no time at all. - And I find thats also what keeps alot of people off bicycles, their fear of crashing, falling, no balance. Maybe if we revamped the 80 yr old science classes in school, people might better understand science and how to bicycle :)
Divyansh Tiwari
Divyansh Tiwari Mês atrás
TheQuickChef Mês atrás
Great video! I've been kind of testing this on a normal bike but this video really clears it up
Rodrigo 4 dias atrás
Hello! Maybe in some video some day you can explain how longboards work, to advance by swinging from side to side. I don't understand how it works. Thanks as always for these contents!
Scrap & Pallet Man
Scrap & Pallet Man Mês atrás
My subconscious knows, but my conscious mind doesn't - wild. This is true in so many areas of our lives.
Rodrigo Freitas
Rodrigo Freitas Mês atrás
Sometimes it's the other way around.
Niko Koro
Niko Koro Mês atrás
The subconscious is pseudoscience.
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt Mês atrás
And now we know what young kids learn, when they stop falling off their bikes.
Individous Mês atrás
@Antreas Konstantinou this story reminds me of when i advised the same thing to mum last week when she was a little anxious about driving a manual-shift car again after years. Yesterday, she told me that my tipp, to just not think about and allow the cognitive network to be induced in a organic way, worked liked charm. I told her: „the neuronal structure is still in place after years of practice, so just relax and trust in the mechanics of your mind!“ Loving it!
Artur B
Artur B Mês atrás
That's why you try to touch subconsciousness, thank you for reminding me that
Joseph Mouer
Joseph Mouer 5 dias atrás
This is an awesome video .. counter-steering is something I learned from my engineer dad when learning how to ride a motorcycle as a kid.. i never forgot it.
noah galouchko
noah galouchko Mês atrás
this is so good. i love real science, not mainstream media "science".
David Hibberd
David Hibberd 28 dias atrás
Every cyclist avoids riding too close to the kerb for the same reason, we always need to be able to steer a small way either side to stay balanced, if we end up with the wheels against the kerb, same as the one-side-locked bike steering in the video, we can end up falling off to the locked-side, onto the pavement, even though we don't intend to turn to that side.
David Heath
David Heath 20 horas atrás
@Dusty McTits Curb is also the American spelling of the noun kerb
Dusty McTits
Dusty McTits 24 dias atrás
The word is curb.
Prince David Bentabal
Prince David Bentabal 10 dias atrás
I laughed when I heard that the bicycle can steer themselves to remain upright. I am laughing at myself, because a bicycle is better at controlling itself than me who can't ride a bicycle at all.
Daan Odinot
Daan Odinot Mês atrás
Always fascinated by the fact that there was a period of 50 years in human history were you could go from city to city by train, but there was no bicycle yet.
Daan Odinot
Daan Odinot Mês atrás
@King Speechless Roughly 1840 to 1890.
Brendan Hunt
Brendan Hunt Mês atrás
@stray hoo-man on youtube That's actually incredibly true. Even as humans developed, language comes like thousands of years before a depictive system could be created and then we had to also invent movable type/ printing press tech to make such a thing as a societal education in language and how to depict it alphabetically. I think we get ahead of ourselves in thinking we're such a genius organism for how we can make a language to communicate out of symbols, rather than the complete opposite. Our organism's talents for communication through expression, non-verbal, as well as sound pitch, volume, ALL before anything like worded definitions even start playing in.
King Speechless
King Speechless Mês atrás
I'm curious as what years your 50-year period covers.
IvanGoldBit Mês atrás
Why would people imagine or make a vehicle thats more exhausting on our body we like the path of least resistance more work for the same outcome I can see why bikes were made though less cost $_$ for transport. Citizen: I'll take train good sir! Train operator: Sir I recommend this vehicle with 2 wheels and use your leg strength to the next city.... Citizen: but I have money to spend pass
MrBolaextra Mês atrás
True, the bike is not such an obvious invention.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Mês atrás
I wonder if the same concept can be applied to walking or standing. Can you walk/stand without minute corrections in your vector/center of gravity?
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 13 dias atrás
I remember reading a book about the history of the bicycle and it suggested that although for centuries we had carts, wagons etc the reason that bikes were so late in development was that it took a leap of imagination to realise that two wheels in the same plane could be stable.
Adam Carter
Adam Carter Mês atrás
I can say that there are techniques that can be used that would prevent you from having to counter steer. I always throw my foot off and pre lean, so I just have to go to whichever direction
Ed Dunne
Ed Dunne 7 dias atrás
As a motorcycle rider, this was very understood. At least for all riders I know. Neat to see the video from the front to see folks doing it intuitively.
Your Pal Kindred
Your Pal Kindred Mês atrás
I never realised how intelligently built bikes were. It looks so simple but it's such a genius creation
Maa'Quchii Mês atrás
thats not strange.. that makes complete sense... it makes as much sense as why rockets evolved faster then airplanes which evolved faster then cars.. whiched evolved faster then carrages etc etc.. humans start with 0.. scratch.. each and every idea is tiny.. and any invention usually is a culmanation of other tiny things.. some things u'd think are completely irrelevent.. it just doesnt fall out of the void and hit u.. it takes generations.. thats why it took so long for anything.. then later generation have the advantage of more.. ideas to spin new ideas.. then the gens later have even better advantage... example we have smart phones.. that are more powerful then the whole cpus used to put the first humans on the moon... we have more humans then ever.. more avalibity to share every last piece of detail known to us.. and whole population to pull for of individual that can piece things together.. things improve and they improve faster and faster... whats strange would be if the modern bike was the way it is now 20 years after it was invented.. cause it requires knowledge of more things they just didnt have back then.. lets imagine this from the start.. u naked human with a modern brain.. u discover "fire" for the first time... now imagine u have no idea of what u can use it for outside of burning stuff.. the notion that one could COOK meat.. thats simple to use today.. butt imagine humans pre cooking.. what makes u thing such an idea was obvious..? as indiviuals we are uttler ignorant.. all inventions and break thrus are a huge columination of generations of life an death of human adding tiny drops here and there that end up pieced together later.. and the later it is.. the more peices u have to play with thus more more and more things happen and are discovered.. i dont know if the way i explained it helps u understand that.. butt i tried my best.. lmao its all just trail and error.. im sure in most case there are few ways that makes things actually function as intended.. mean theres way way way more chance to error in the process.. which is probably another reason why things happen faster now... we have more reliable methods thus less and less chance of errors via "trail and error" to get things done... also its interesting that advancement is modes of communication seem to go hand in hand with it all... the accessiblity of knowledge from others MATTERS.. no one person has nor can claim anything... every thing is built on something else and it borrows from all kinds of other things... the evolution of SOCIETY itself mad that possible.. because it allowed humans to actually divide labor and focus on different things.. and all of that works together.. 1000 years from now.. as advanced as u might think the bike is... people then will probably see even our bikes as primative.. and someone then might comment something like u did.. "i cant believe bikes didnt change much from 2021 till 2666" 😂
Duckonatruck Mês atrás
nope, its easy
dacsus Mês atrás
This is BS, because for 1) This is not intuitive, and for 2) If one is used to the way something works, of course one cannot immediately get used to a different system.
Bread and Water
Bread and Water Mês atrás
Its so astounding that we create such elaborate tools.. idk if they knew all that balancing stuff but the advent of the wheel was certainly a game changer.
Crimsons Critical Corner
As a motorcycle engineer, they are insanely simple, fully strip a shaft bike then say bicycles are intelligent
Michael Kork
Michael Kork Mês atrás
I first learned of counter steering when I got my motorcycle license. It all made sense, it’s just something no one tells you when you learn to ride a bike
Shun Kazami
Shun Kazami Mês atrás
For the bike steering itself, I kinda know that, which is why i usually hold the seat and push the bike when I'm not cycling, as if im walking a dog. This is also how I cycle freehand, by leading alittle to the side i wanna steer for turns
Arsalan. AFG
Arsalan. AFG Mês atrás
It would've been interesting to see how the bike bike reacted when pushed off the little hill with the front wheels locked straights.
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 25 dias atrás
This explains why when I'm riding my bike and find myself riding near the edge of a curb or sidewalk I find it difficult to turn away without falling off the edge.
Dax Quimm
Dax Quimm Mês atrás
Maintaining balance on a stationary bike is referred to as a “track stand” in the cycling world. Just a fun fact from an avid cyclist!
filiaaut Mês atrás
@robert mayes You do not.
robert mayes
robert mayes Mês atrás
@The Last Knights ov Winterborne idk try everyone on the george carlin bicycle comments
divvy1400yam600 Mês atrás
At school many years ago a teacher who hated me disqualified me from a slow bicycle race because I rocked forward then BACKWARDS. Come to think it of that same teacher called me 'caught out' by the wicket keeper in a cricket match when my bat never touched the ball. hehehehe On steering Im sure turning involves leaning AND steering though I could not apply the correct physics. Watching poor bike riders maintaining unsteady progress is because they constantly adjust the steering alone AND lean the wrong way ! Sorry to introduce cricket which is as boring to watch as baseball or even American football for that matter !
The Last Knights ov Winterborne
@robert mayes who do you associate yourself with that actually allow you to think like that? I wonder..
Eduard Peeter Lemming
You could just subtle turn it left or right to turn that way or are american roads that bad?
Gray Ghost
Gray Ghost 6 dias atrás
Counter steering. It would throw me off at such a low speed too but it's so ingrained in me from riding 2 wheels my whole life. Bikes. Motorcycles... They told us in a safety class to practice counter steering at higher speeds to be able to dodge debris.
Cristen Edmundson
Cristen Edmundson 17 dias atrás
This is the best explanation of counter steering for motorcyclists I've seen
ovtroll Mês atrás
This reminds me of them stabiliser when i was younger. I used to have issues balancing with 2 wheels. So my dad took a stabiliser off and cycle like that for something like a month or 2 until i can do intuitively turn both ways while keeping balance. and then repeat it all on the other side and then try without. This video kinda sums the things i went through.
Carlos Nieve
Carlos Nieve 17 dias atrás
This is one of the only ones that I knew before the experiment. It’s that old trick where you ride the bike without touching the handlebars. It practically drives itself
Captain Cardboard
Captain Cardboard Mês atrás
You need to get Tom Scott to try this; he's the expert!
B3rnard Mês atrás
@Roy Kale what video?
Vigilant Cosmic Penguin
Imagine if Tom actually tried this. Like, he just learned how to ride a bike and now this entirely new thing springs up on him.
Brightsun Singh
Brightsun Singh Mês atrás
@Adam I don't wanna start a war but I think it's made for certain audiences which doesn't include you. That doesn't mean it's boring. Sorry I am genuinely offended
Brightsun Singh
Brightsun Singh Mês atrás
@Adam just cuz your stupid attention span is low doesn't mean he is boring.
Brightsun Singh
Brightsun Singh Mês atrás
@Adam do you even watch him
Herr Unsinn
Herr Unsinn Mês atrás
I accidentally discovered this years ago when I thought it would be fun to ride with only one hand on the handle bars (just as a test). First I tried using my right hand on the left handle bar.... Disaster soon followed. Then I tried using my left hand on the right handle bar... with the same predictable results. The reason neither of these techniques works is that if you try steering with "the wrong hand", your logic takes over rather than your sense of balance. Give it a try sometime (very carefully, of course.)
Charles Crawford
Charles Crawford Mês atrás
I learned this specifically in a motorcycle safety course, over 30 years ago. At higher speeds, you push on the side towards the direction of your turn.
breezelow unknown
breezelow unknown Mês atrás
Push DOWN, as with the gyroscope demo.
Micky Kannalles
Micky Kannalles Mês atrás
That's actually what you learn when getting into motorcycles. Introduce the curve through actively counter steering gives you a much better and sharper angle. Pushing on the side of the handlebar in wich direction you want to go makes you drive in that direction. Seems counterintuitive but works. You also learn that the gyroscopic effects keeping you stable only appear at higher speeds than the top speed of a bicycle.
SB tv
SB tv Dia atrás
Seeing his video after regular watching for 3 years still gives me much pleasure
Nadroj Mês atrás
To me, science often shows how incredible our intuition is. There is so much that we do "naturally" without understanding the mechanics. Sometimes we get it wrong, but I like the example of shooting a basketball. The physics involved are incredible, but people can train to put a ball in a hoop at a weird angle from incredible distance, under duress, and with remarkable consistency without a deep understanding of the mechanics.
king kong
king kong Mês atrás
@Jacob Berry he was complimenting ballers bro. Alot of things we do does happen naturally. There's plenty of people who play for hours ,but can never reach the skill of others that are more naturally skilled and gifted. You could just say we are sharpening our craft
Cale Denney
Cale Denney Mês atrás
@Bright- Vision lol my thoughts exactly
Bright- Vision
Bright- Vision Mês atrás
@Andries van Tonder evolution literally takes millions of years bro. Good lucks trying to replicate that in a lab. How about you do it the scientific way and prove to me the existence of god without relying on a 2000 year old dusty ass book that's, because you love the word so much, LITERALLY filled with fairy tales.
Hectic Hive
Hectic Hive Mês atrás
@Jacob Berry You seem insecure about it homie. No one was discrediting it or said anything about "dumb jocks"
Andries van Tonder
Andries van Tonder Mês atrás
@Darkstar No, 1) by telling just-so stories of how life could perhaps come from non-life without any scientific basis is not science, it's a fairytale. How about evolutionary "scientists" do it the scientific way by experimentation and show how it can happen. Surely highly intelligent scientists should have been able by now to show (and produce) even the most rudimentary first step of how life could come from non-life. For you to claim that precision designed molecular machines (much more sophisticated than man has ever designed) just happen by chance is simply dishonest. 2) The more we understand of science, the more it becomes clear that it has been designed. In Darwin's day they still thought of the cell as just a blob of protoplasm. That's why he could have such a wild imagination that evolution could occur. He had the idea that the cell is a very simple structure and it's easy to change. And even his scientific observations simply confirmed the Bible, birds changing into birds. By adding imagination and millions of years and telling just-so stories of how one kind of animal can change into a completely different kind of animal is not science. It's not scientifically possible. It's only possible if you have a wild imagination and that we call a fairytale. Get real and do some real science.
Roberts Rožkalns
Roberts Rožkalns Mês atrás
I already read that there are thousands of "counter-steering" comments on motorcycle. But interesting fact that I also experimented on the motorcycle - it is impossible to ride and steer the motorcycle on higher speeds without countersteering. Eventhou, some bikers say they don't know nothing about counter-steering, because they never heard such a term, but it is just happens by default brain behaviour.
samter 23 dias atrás
Most people don’t know? More like “For knowledge it’s to these videos I go.” Thanks for another incredible ride!
Steve Overstreet
Steve Overstreet 13 dias atrás
Great video!. I think, however, there is an overriding force that must be remembered as well. There are three components to a bike’s movement: up/down (gravity), right/left (the “wild card” force the rider “provides” by maintaining balance, and forward/(backward) which the force provided by powering the bike. In fact, the question really becomes, “what use is the front wheel?” And the answer (as anyone who has tried and failed to ride a unicycle knows) is to balance the bike, which, depending on some simple calculations means provide a path for the for the forces needed to correct the two of the three components of the principal force. A bike steers just like a unicycle when the front wheel is not touching the ground, and that’s one reason why wheelies take a little practice. What I feel like this video demonstrates is exactly what is required to manage a bike when up/down and right/left become significant components of the bicycles motion relative to the force supplied by the power to the rear wheel. Motorcycle people get all excited about the speed at which counter steering matters and then claim bicycles behave differently than motorcycles because of the ratio of the riders weight to the bike weight. This video demonstrates how stupid that idea is. I lived the mention of the “inverted pendulum.” walking itself involves managing such a pendulum. I think that’s why managing a bike seems so natural to people. Watching toddlers really shows off how much skill and small muscle control it takes to manage the “simple” act of walking. When the man balanced the pole in the palm of his hand he was demonstrating a concatenation of inverted pendulums - an intriguing problem in its own right. Finally, there is the question of exactly how the balancing skill is acquired. There is a weird axiom about steering bikes that might explain it. The bike “goes where your head goes.” You go “wherever you look.” It takes concentration to overcome that axiom. I think the first thing babies learn is how to manage standing upright. In effect the develop the muscles they need in order to keep looking at the thing they actually want. And eventually and paradoxically standing soon leads to walking, probably to overcome falling down by unconsciously moving a keg to cat their balance.
John Długosz
John Długosz Mês atrás
When I was a kid I delivered newspapers on a bicycle. I used both hands to throw papers and steered using balance only, never touching the handlebars. Later, when I got a different bike, I found it was not so easy to ride hands-free. So, the specific geometry of the bike makes a difference. Likewise, I don't see the big deal about balancing while not moving. It's literally the same as standing normally! Were you doing it badly on purpose? I notice your pedals were at the quarter rotation position, exactly half way between what you would really do: have one pedal _down_ and put your weight on that foot, and just stand up. If you ever used toe clips you would quickly see the need to do this.
Keleigh Shepherd
Keleigh Shepherd Mês atrás
I'm a radiotherapy engineer. At my job interview for my current position, I was asked to explain in layman's terms how a bicycle works. I explained how the pedals make motion through the gears, and then rapidly dissembled with "as to how a bike stays upright in motion? I have no idea, I'm not a bicycle physicist" AND I STILL GOT THE JOB
John Rain
John Rain Mês atrás
admitting not knowing how bicycles work instead of trying to explain how it works tells them that you are not a person who assume theories and idea and say it as facts.
LES Mês atrás
Sometimes it actually pays to be honest. 😇
Dream Wolf
Dream Wolf Mês atrás
@yvrelna You'd be surprised how many people will try to BS through a topic they know nothing about. Ran into someone on youtube claiming to be a WHO Virologist while i was on my throw away account (for when i'm not in the mood to be flooded with the replies after i call someone out) and i ripped them a new one, because i finished my virology doctorate program this year, and this individual was just...mental. They had just enough medical knowledge to make me think they had education or maybe training, but nothing they were saying in regards to virology was true. Example: they called Bubonic plague a virus, its a bacteria. My guess would be CNA or volunteer Fire/Rescue with first aid training. but ive seen doctors pull this kind of thing when talking to patients. Nothing gets under my skin faster, than a professional who tries to act like they know than they do.
yvrelna Mês atrás
@Dream Wolf not quite sure this would be a good way to test that. I'd happily acknowledge that I don't know anything about topics that are outside my fields of expertise, but the closer the topic gets to my field of expertise, that's going to be much harder. That's despite it being impossible to know everything there is to know about just within a single field of expertise. I'm sure many people would feel similar.
Se7enPr1me Mês atrás
@Apeksha Maheshwari thats centrifugal force my good sir
Andrew Stein
Andrew Stein Mês atrás
Veritasium pumping out straight knowledge as per usual.
PinoyBoy 35
PinoyBoy 35 Mês atrás
This video blew my mind, no wonder it was so difficult to learn how to ride a bike
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan 28 dias atrás
My very first thought was how dangerous it was to have those bolts facing the rider in the middle of the handlebars. Some foam rubber to cover them would have been smart on a bike that is designed specifically for you to fall from.
Aji Kumar A
Aji Kumar A Mês atrás
I always steer the opposite side to get move curve, also gives us more enjoy during riding 🙂
programmerdemon Mês atrás
One of my fav vids.. learned about counter steering on my first motorcycle
Joao Carlos
Joao Carlos Mês atrás
You should make a bike that has the handlebars disconnected from the front wheel, like a modern airplanes Fly-By-Wire. The handlebar will input turn action into an on-board computer and the bike will have a steering motor that will give it those commands but then augment them with stability enhancing algorithms. That would be cool to watch.
Zenna mok
Zenna mok 29 dias atrás
So apparently... Whoever invented the bicycle was a genius
psshht ya ok
psshht ya ok 4 dias atrás
If you've spent allot of time practicing riding with no hands, you know that to turn left, you push forward ever so slightly on the left side, not the right.
AndyPanda9 Mês atrás
Motorcycle enthusiasts hashed this all out 25 years ago in an internet group I belonged to (and I'm sure it was hashed out many times before that - I bet the Wright Brothers knew exactly how it works). The subject came up in the Motorcycle group because getting your motorcycle license had a question about how to turn - and to pass the test their answer was turn left by leaning left. We did similar experiments back then trying to lean a motorcycle that was modified so you couldn't counter-steer and it couldn't be done. Excellent job explaining it in this video - now a whole new generation can be amazed to learn about counter steering.
Alex McLeod
Alex McLeod Mês atrás
​@flashpeter625 yes, you're right - but the rider has to counter-steer before the bike will lean at all, so yes, they're complementary effects. Once you're in a lean, the tyres are indeed tracing out a curved path, at ground level - but you have the combined momentum of bike & rider that still wants to go in a straight line, and the centre of mass is well above ground level. So your straight-line momentum pushes against the cornering lean, and if you're doing it right, you come out of the corner upright. Hypothetically, razor-thin tyres would still trace out a curved path as they leaned over (`cos if they leaned *all the way* over, they'd be on their side, only tracing out a circle), and the effects listed in the video would still apply - but they wouldn't be as good for motorcycle racing as fatter tyres. Fatter tyres allow tighter turns at greater speeds, for the reasons you mentioned: leaning them over decreases the radius of the turn by effectively decreasing the radius of the wheel. You'll also notice that most motorbikes have different tyre profiles for front & rear.
Brad Landers
Brad Landers Mês atrás
@flashpeter625 the profile of the tire affects cornering, but not quite in the way you describe. While it is true that tire diameter combined with RPM determines speed, that's not a factor that must be compensated for in a turn. For example, older motorcycles used a throttle lock (literally a device that held the throttle open) as a means of cruise control. You could ride around corners with the throttle locked, no problem.
John Collins
John Collins Mês atrás
@Jacob Zadnik Yep. Learned about this 20 years ago with a motorcycle lol
Arx_ca Mês atrás
@Jacob Zadnik I think most people don't understand it much at all. They know it exists, but too many people seem to think it doesn't happen at low speeds, and most don't seem to know how it works, even if they know that it does.
Arx_ca Mês atrás
@Dany F This is just a difference in perception. Even at very low speeds you're counter-steering to initiate the turn, but then you're easing up on the counter-steering force and letting bars turn further to cause the bike to self-correct through the curve. Next time you're in the middle of a corner at low speed, don't think about your handlebar angle, and instead notice where you're applying force. You'll still be pushing on the bar on the side that you're turning towards, exactly the same as when steering at higher speeds.
Adrian Shum
Adrian Shum Mês atrás
I am even more interested to know how the first bike was made. How could a person even tried to start building something that looks intuitively not working
Andrew N
Andrew N Mês atrás
I remember when I learned how to ride a bike. I was 7 and was so jealous of my best friend that had a bike with no training-wheels. He taught me how to ride a bike less than an hour. Now it's natural to ride a bike.
Gary Jaurique
Gary Jaurique Mês atrás
Being a motorcycle rider for last 30 years I already knew this . Great video
Michael Kübel
Michael Kübel 10 dias atrás
I learned how to ride a motorcycle in India. A guy saw me struggling with the bike and told me that if there is ever a really dangerous situation and I need to immediately turn to the left I have to push the left handle forward essentially steer right and lean in. Saved my life many times riding around down there on an old Royal Enfield.
Yakbreeder Mês atrás
We were taught counter steering in our motorcycle rider safety course years ago. Several in the class just could NOT comprehend it. One guy almost got tossed from the class for being argumentative about it. The instructor told him that anyone who has ridden a bicycle, counter steers without knowing they are. He finally accepted that he was wrong and passed the course.
rcgldr Mês atrás
@Samuel Aditya it's not really a proper turn, it's just steering the tires around the pothole and leaning the bike over the pothole without the center of mass moving much. A rider will need to recover from the lean after passing the pothole. If the front wheel is turned too much, the bike will fall over before the rider can recover, well before turning enough to cause the front tire to skid.
Samuel Aditya
Samuel Aditya Mês atrás
@rcgldr I mean to avoid pothole, you need to turn fast. turning too fast the front wheel may lose grip same as on the car.
rcgldr Mês atrás
@Samuel Aditya a rider just uses enough counter-steering force to initiate or change lean angle. As speed increases, the amount of force to change lean angle at some rate also increases.
Samuel Aditya
Samuel Aditya Mês atrás
@rcgldr yeah, but that need some practice since you need right force on the steering, if it's too much the front tire may lose grip and you fall.
rcgldr Mês atrás
@David Fourman - push forward on left handlebar to change the lean angle towards the left, from vertical to left lean, or from a left lean to increase left lean, or from right lean to decrease right lean. If in a turn, the wheel is always steered inwards, but steered less inwards to increase lean angle, or more inwards to decrease lean angle. For a rider, it's easier to think about forces applied to handlebars rather than thinking about the actual direction of the front wheel. Since a bike tends to straighten up without any rider inputs due to self-correcting steering geometry, a rider needs to apply some opposing force to counter the self-correcting response to hold a lean angle, except at high speed (100+mph), where a bike tends to hold a lean angle rather than straighten up.
IcIwatch Mês atrás
I would be very interested to see footage of someone steering at high speeds. You lean before similar to motorcycles. The handlebars typically turn themselves and you jus told them semi stable
Señor Ravioli
Señor Ravioli 4 dias atrás
I never heard the gyroscope theory of how bikes balance before. I always just thought that inertia kept me going lol
frank 21 dia atrás
This channel is fantastic and never ceases to amaze me
Alan John
Alan John 17 dias atrás
I love these creative videos from you sir, that's why this video has a lot of views. I suggest you to make videos on creative topics like this video of bicycle 🚲..
TimeBucks Mês atrás
This is so cool.
William Simmons
William Simmons Mês atrás
I learned that back in the 80s while riding a street bike (motorcycle). To turn right, one turns the handlebars to the left (just a little) and vice versa.
Daniel Andreas Moe
Daniel Andreas Moe 17 dias atrás
I feel like I’ve done this experiment before where i felt like I was able to lean before turning the handle so as not to countersteer first but I obviously wasn’t filming it so I can’t say for sure.
Arthera Mês atrás
we have an amazing balancing system to keep our body from falling over when in motion or not. a bike seems child's play at that point
Igor Brown
Igor Brown Mês atrás
Amazing video! The last experiment, the one the handlebars are locked both ways, one might be able to ride it if they don't use hands are all. Here in Brazil we're used to doing that for fun. I'd love to try that and the bik
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro Mês atrás
I would very happily put you on the bike if you end up in the S.F. bay area. But I'll warn you... riding without hands won't help on the bike with locked steering. You're actually still steering and counter-steering, but you're doing it by leaning the bike side-to-side with your hips.
Arkios Mês atrás
Tom Scott: "I have just now finally learned how to ride a bike" Meanwhile, Derek, just a few days later: "Here's the reason why most people learning to ride a bike have problems at the beginning"
斎藤一 28 dias atrás
Not a few days, 1 day
Hoàng Minh Nguyễn
@Arshad on the tom scott plus channel, he learned to ride a bike from mike boyd whose channel is about him learning new skills
Dark Warrior
Dark Warrior Mês atrás
He would have learned how to ride it in 30 minutes.
Yakoto Mês atrás
exactly what I thought LOL
Morgan Harris
Morgan Harris Mês atrás
Dereked again!
Misterrorschach Mês atrás
One day I was biking with a friend by a construction site. There was a massive pane of glass that was resting on some materials and it was so clear you could barely see it while moving. My friend literally went straight through it shattering the whole thing and hurting himself. Haha
As a motorcyclist, I already knew about countersteering - but it's good to see it being made more aware! Because I remember when I was first told that you turn left to go right and right to go left and I basically said "well that's stupid and makes no sense" 😄
Rob Low
Rob Low Mês atrás
This is old news to motorcyclists but still amazing to have explained
Mashu Mês atrás
When I was first learning to drive I would first turn a little opposite the way I was supposed to and then turn back towards the direction I wanted (This was in an empty parking lot) Now I don't. I guess it was because it was wired in my brain from when I used to ride my bike.
Danny Mês atrás
As a motorcycle rider, this is a golden rule when leaning into turns. Lean right, turn bars left. Sounds counter intuitive, but yeah. This guy explains it better than I ever could lol
Антон Власкин
@Felix Ennis-Thomas Nah, everyone who want to understand could search videos about precession. You could just keep your brilliant knowledge.
Felix Ennis-Thomas
Felix Ennis-Thomas Mês atrás
@Антон Власкин Could you send me a video of you leaning right and turning the handle bars left?
Антон Власкин
@Felix Ennis-Thomas Because it allows you to offset center of the mass even more, for a harder turn. It's not mandatory.
Felix Ennis-Thomas
Felix Ennis-Thomas Mês atrás
@Антон Власкин Yup, that makes sense, so now why on earth would i lean my body right aswell??
John Mês atrás
I read about this decades ago... and tried it using my Trials bike. The big 21" front wheel, light overall weight, and quick steering angles resulted in a VERY quick corner entry that I never tried with such vigour again. At the time it was claimed to be mainly used consciously with big heavy bikes.
Faisal Alghosan
Faisal Alghosan 28 dias atrás
Now can you please make a second video of how people can drive it naturally with just practice ;)
alex graham
alex graham 19 dias atrás
they teach us similar to this when learning to ride a motorcycle it's a subconscious effort to maintain balance so unconsciously you steer slightly left and lean right to turn right
Abinash Pal
Abinash Pal 10 dias atrás
So in two wheelers, turning is a two step process, 1st you have to lean in that direction by rotating handel in opposit durection(countersteering) which taks the vehicle to opposit direction transiently & in 2nd step because of the shift in center of mass to turning side the vehicle turns in that direction.
M. Watts
M. Watts 20 horas atrás
I'm at 1:37 and I have to say it's weird that he's so focused on turning when really all you have to do is tilt the bicycle to turn. You can keep it straight and still turn. So really I thought this locking handle bar bike wouldn't be that hard to steer. We'll see his reasoning on it soon though. Well now I know. You could get a turn started but you'd never be able get back upright without turning the wheel.
Rick Cavallaro
Rick Cavallaro 3 horas atrás
Nope - you can't initiate the turn. You actually can get back upright because the steering is free in the direction of the turn. To get back up you simply turn further into the turn.
Gus Martin
Gus Martin Mês atrás
This explains why I feel like I get stuck riding close to the edge of a sidewalk. I need to steer towards it first before I can steer away from it. I always thought this was some psychological barrier but it's just physics.
orsted 2k
orsted 2k Mês atrás
@XtreeM FaiL you ever let your bike rust so much that it can't naturally turn/steer to one side (right in my case), due to it needing extra strength? Well I have and I certainly did turn left a lot without counter steering to the right, which couldn't be done subconsciously anymore, same for turning right, only steering if I wanted a closer turn or wasn't going fast, due to steering right being a pain, and actually more dangerous.
orsted 2k
orsted 2k Mês atrás
@XtreeM FaiL idk if depends on the tires (got thick tires for mountain bikes) but it does make it turn, just like a skateboard whose wheels are locked facing one way.
XtreeM FaiL
XtreeM FaiL Mês atrás
@orsted 2k You can stand completely one side of a bike and lean bike at stupid angles, but that does not make bike to turn. You need to steer it.
sqwwrrwl Mês atrás
​@interestedparty What I'm denying is that from a perfectly balanced starting position is that you can shift your centre of mass horizontally. Once the bicycle is angled, then sure, you can.
interestedparty Mês atrás
@Litego, THAT is my entire point. I bet people would have been able to turn the bike more successfully if they had been riding without hands on the bars! They simply would have leaned in the direction of the desired turn. You don't need to turn the bars to the right in order to turn left. That simply expedites the lean. You can lean without turning the bars. Again, if you have ever steered a bike without hands on the bars, then you would know this.
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