Most EMOTIONAL 🥺 Blind Auditions on The Voice that'll make you CRY!! | TOP 10

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3 Jul 2022



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Talent Snacks
Talent Snacks 2 meses atrás
Which Emotional Blind is your favorite? Let us know!
Stan Mboks
Stan Mboks 5 horas atrás
Solomia is fucking angelous , probably one of the world best voices.
1=jesse 2=Nathan 3=fernando Mais ils sont aussi bon les uns que les autres, ils ont 3 univers différents.
Sang Peramu Aar
Sang Peramu Aar 2 dias atrás
Best voice 🙂💪👍🌟
Cedric Antunes
Cedric Antunes 3 dias atrás
Fernando Daniel, portuguese singer that broke down the place HAHAHA
Neus Martí Pérez
Neus Martí Pérez 5 dias atrás
The first of course
I travel for Food
I travel for Food Mês atrás
It’s not just the performances that carry an emotional tone, seeing the families support the contestants and simply being happy for them is truly magical to see.
jeco 2 dias atrás
The first is really amazing the second is a voice of a goddess, i already have a crush on gabriella the fourth one is JUST REALLY GODLY AMAZING ITS LIKE A ONE IN A 100 MILLION VOICE
Vanila Harrison
Vanila Harrison 20 dias atrás
that reminds me of a lot of family get togethers
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Mês atrás
Yes, I choke up seeing their emotions
Claire Cronin
Claire Cronin Mês atrás
Just imagine standing watching your child up there. Must be an incredible sense of pride. When a singer gives you cold shivers, you know it's good! 🎤🎶
Alicia Pearson
Alicia Pearson 6 dias atrás
@mysoul real men cry! That’s your strength NOT a weakness! One Love✌️🌟🌟🌟🌟✨✨✨✨✨✨
My SouL
My SouL Mês atrás
idk why im crying without even realising when i heard they slay those note and it wierd when im in tears everytime i have shiver? maybe its wierd since i am a man😔
Anne Marie Wentworth
I would literally be weeping if my child was on that stage, killing it, knowing that he was fulfilling a life dream. The producers of the program would probably have to have a guy, hidden in the shadows of balcony seating (or something similar) who has a tranquilizer dart and a bamboo shoot. He will get a signal to blow dart me because I tend to be "overemotional" and they don't want me to be screaming his name...🤣🥴🥴🤣😵
Katice Harris
Katice Harris Mês atrás
I loved the last guy he was amazing. He needs no instruments. His voice alone is enough.
Catherine Cookson
Catherine Cookson 3 dias atrás
Someone needs to sign this guy. He's going to make tons of money for the industry. He's the total package. I wish much success and happiness for him.
Victoria K
Victoria K Mês atrás
He has a stunning voice. I agree!
AimeeTikya Villahermosa
I agree. He is a natural. He is also goodlooking😍🥰
Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez 2 dias atrás
Talento puro , voces emocionantes !
TruthNotPewp Mês atrás
I love how Jesse created a certain atmosphere that he maintained even when Delta turned her chair and brought a different energy to the audition. She quickly realized that he was exuding something else entirely and toned down her energy immediately.
Mauricea Antero
Mauricea Antero Mês atrás
Incrível como este primeiro candidato canta muito melhor que muitos jurados. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 show
Camila Shouza
Camila Shouza 20 dias atrás
Esse vídeo dele faz tempo,e ele agora é um dos jurados tbm hahahaha
Lêh Violinista
Lêh Violinista 2 dias atrás
Eu amo a doçura da voz da Gabriella e seu violino maravilhosa demais 🥲😍😢
WWG1WGA 4 dias atrás
Fernando Daniel incrivel, sou Portugues, não vejo tv, ja tinha ouvido falar dele, não fazia a minima ideia que ele tinha este vozeirão. Estupfacto.
Simosethu Moyo
Simosethu Moyo 2 dias atrás
Very lit
jhuly Silva
jhuly Silva Mês atrás
O último garoto deveria ser eleito o número 01. Garoto flutua cantando! Que talento que voz ... Pqp
Marcela Lopes
Marcela Lopes Dia atrás
@Hill Oliver Natan Dagur Instagram e BRvid.
marie dagpa
marie dagpa 21 dia atrás
M Lv
Hill Oliver
Hill Oliver 25 dias atrás
@Carmen como consigo acompanhar ele e tudo mais ? Cara fiquei fã dele , e tu mora na Noruega ? 😍
Hill Oliver
Hill Oliver 25 dias atrás
Cara ele deveria lançar essa música com toda certeza.
Carmen Mês atrás
Vdd o Natan ele antes do the voice era muito humilhado por pessoas que não tinha fé no trabalho dele e por n ser reconhecido cm cantor agora depois dessa apresentação linda ele ficou conhecido na tv como um dos melhores cantores da Noruega. pena que ele não ganhou o the voice aqui na Noruega em 21. 🥺. Canta muito mesmo.
HENRY 8 dias atrás
O cara quem não enxerga fez o jurado chorar de emoção demais, ele põe seu coração na canção
Gio Avila
Gio Avila Mês atrás
Omg! The little girl singing Andrea Bocelli 😭😭 I had chills the entire time! You GO BABY GIRL! 🤩
Happiness Emmanuel
Happiness Emmanuel 17 dias atrás
Don't know the meaning of the song but it got me so emotional 😭😭😭
Daniel Aboh
Daniel Aboh 29 dias atrás
Music is something unique that brings a lot of emotions straight to the heart and these performances are just the best 👌
Jaclyn Prisco
Jaclyn Prisco 24 dias atrás
So true. Nothing like it
Moonbeam Tipi
Moonbeam Tipi 2 meses atrás
Solomia is singing straight into your soul. Goosebumps and tearing up. What a world nr 1 talent! And the others here are also brilliant. Love Fernando, such an awsome singer/voice.
A. W.S.
A. W.S. Mês atrás
The last guy Natan..... oh my goodness.... he actually had me in tears before he even went full power! Wow!!! Absolutely incredible control and his gentle voice is so strong and his strong voice just knocks you out! Amazing!! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Ryan José
Ryan José Mês atrás
"Muitos cantam, mas poucos fazem-nos emocionar".
Reggiemod8 3 dias atrás
The last guy will always be my favourite.His voice speaks to my soul.
Reggiemod8 17 horas atrás
@puppiemaniac3 Nathan Dagur
Reggiemod8 17 horas atrás
@puppiemaniac3 Will find out and let you know
puppiemaniac3 21 hora atrás
Do you know what his name is? I have been trying to find out and I can't get a answer.
Fernando Daniel, wow Quem diria que hoje em dia é tão famoso como os jurados
Carla Nunes
Carla Nunes Mês atrás
Eu até diria que é mais famoso do que os jurados! 😉
shirley sealy
shirley sealy Mês atrás
The girl with the violin has the most loveliest voice. I would buy her music.
Val Vivi
Val Vivi 2 dias atrás
The french lady yes !!!
Luke 4
Luke 4 19 dias atrás
@Zitaleona 05 ^
Luke 4
Luke 4 19 dias atrás
@Simson Babu ^
Luke 4
Luke 4 19 dias atrás
Gabriella Laberge
Zitaleona 05
Zitaleona 05 Mês atrás
Lol Mês atrás
the last guy... it sounds like he wrote the song. it fits so perfectly
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 12 dias atrás
@Kelly Dubesset I found it. Thank you for your help.
Kelly Dubesset
Kelly Dubesset 12 dias atrás
@Jay Johnson Lewis Capaldi
Lol 15 dias atrás
@Jay Johnson I really dont know, sorry. You can search the title of the song and there will be written the name of the writer for sure! :3
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson 15 dias atrás
Who is the original singer?
Lim Marissa
Lim Marissa 23 dias atrás
Philly Train
Philly Train Mês atrás
Vernon absolutely killed it. Best voice of them all.
Mary Newton
Mary Newton Mês atrás
Solomia 100%. That takes such skill. She was passionate and touched my soul
Langelihle Evidence
Rose Canete
Rose Canete Mês atrás
Solomia had me crying like a baby. My God she was amazing!
Anderson Micheal
Anderson Micheal 29 dias atrás
Hello Rose how are you doing?
Vigdis Kluver
Vigdis Kluver Mês atrás
Loved all the songs but the last one was sung with so much emotion. Loved it!!
Alexandra Kaske
Alexandra Kaske Mês atrás
The girl singing Bocelli is absolutely fantastic. Like beyond.
Becca A.
Becca A. Mês atrás
Fernando is on sooo many lists. Shows how much everyone loves this audition 🥰🥰
Luke Grayson
Luke Grayson Mês atrás
Hi Becca, how are you doing today
Pentu Ventus
Pentu Ventus Mês atrás
That's amazing!!!🤗🤗🤗
Bigtender Moes
Bigtender Moes Mês atrás
I’ve seen hundreds of amazing auditions…. Fernando Daniel was flawless. Probably the best delivery out of them all.
Cynthia Keith Olson
Really? Did you attended Fernando d. Audition?
Shipper 12 dias atrás
That kid belting out My Heart Will Go On, gave me goosebumps!!
Mauricea Antero
Mauricea Antero Mês atrás
Incrível que muitos candidatos cantam muito mais que muitos jurados. E são os que são mais exigentes.
David Campelo
David Campelo Mês atrás
São os ressabiados. Geralmente é assim. Os grandes mestres geralmente são humildes.
Donna Witter
Donna Witter 22 dias atrás
Fernando is great sung with heartfelt emotion and amazing breath control, best wishes
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez Mês atrás
The boy, Tomos, gave me life! I remember my falsetto being as pretty as his when I was that age. It hasn't aged too terribly, thankfully.
hippie 29 dias atrás
Why didn't they turn 😔
Rony Rodrigues
Rony Rodrigues Mês atrás
A 4° apresentação é pra acabar !!! Sensacional 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Deborah Austin
Deborah Austin Mês atrás
I don't care what she would sing she has the voice to make it all sound great
Dina Peterson
Dina Peterson Mês atrás
Vernon was very bold and strong, right on it! Great voice.
Emmanuel Mbe
Emmanuel Mbe Mês atrás
I'm feeling so emotional right now. Lovely renditions. Awesome talents 🥺🥰
Ammar Nasir
Ammar Nasir 20 dias atrás
The girl that sings coldplay gives me goosebumps the moment she starts
User33 Dia atrás
Its like, she doesnt sing like the original and that brings in so much personality. Its weirdly amazing!
Victor Chomba
Victor Chomba 16 dias atrás
Celine dion vibes
Dennis Watson
Dennis Watson Mês atrás
Natan singing pieces was off the meter!! His control n soft tones, then displaying his power tones was incredible! Was def emotionally connected to that song! The vulnerability in his voice also! Master type singing right there!! The blind guy audition was touching tho! The guy campaigning for him has a big heart!
The Law of Divine Oneness
They were all phenomenal but the last guy (Natan) and the girl with violin (Gabriella) were my two favorites.
Dina Peterson
Dina Peterson Mês atrás
Jesse is bold and strong and so smooth with his voice, great job.
JoJo 2 meses atrás
Fernando simply " Magnifico". Gabriella , que bella , una granda artista Sapphire , a real gem Solomia, the voice of a Diva Tomos a kid with incredible voice Filipe, unconventional and so emotional Vernon, make the coaches cry , great Jesse , so high tones , beautiful Abu , a kid singing perfectly " my heart will go on" Natan , simply awesome , my favorite
JoJo Mês atrás
@Jireh Lozano Thanks Jireh , i tried to answer differently trying to compliment each performer , i'm happy somebody noticed it , i mean you 😃
Jireh Lozano
Jireh Lozano Mês atrás
I LOVE that you went down the whole list complementing everyone 😃😁🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏
Lucimara Carmo
Lucimara Carmo Mês atrás
Fico arrepiada toda vez que escuto ele , demais
Anderson Micheal
Anderson Micheal 29 dias atrás
Hello Lucimara how are you doing?
Cedric Tamo
Cedric Tamo Mês atrás
the little girl who sang time to say good bye literally gave me goosebumps
alan carlyon
alan carlyon Mês atrás
Solomia made me cry too! What a voice for a young Lady!
Edclelson Nascimento
Edclelson Nascimento 23 dias atrás
Nossa 😨 meus parabéns ♥️👏🏽 e que final em 😢😨👏🏽♥️♥️♥️♥️
samanta da costa samanta da costa
A que cantou opera, é muito perfeita, que voz perfeita.
Solomia is great... her voice is magical
Pri costa
Pri costa 21 dia atrás
A menina que cantou ópera 😍❣️ favorita
Tara 26 dias atrás
The third one was my fave! So much emotion and raw talent!
Nilza Vieira
Nilza Vieira Mês atrás
Show adorei 👏👏🙌 Deus abençoe sempre
skyy _b
skyy _b Dia atrás
Let's juz appreciate the beautiful BASS playing in the first audition. Kudos to the bassist! ❣️
Janet Akinjole
Janet Akinjole 28 dias atrás
Bruises got something on me everytime I hear it go on..... Awesome performance. Goosebumps ❣️❣️❣️
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer Mês atrás
The sec to last kid singing Celine Dion was really good. That is a song you have to hit the high notes right. He killed it.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Mês atrás
The last guy made me cry...he is just amazing like he has such a powerful voice yet so calm I am wowed.. he's d best
Marie Rose
Marie Rose Mês atrás
The lovely child *ABU* with the cover "My heart will go on" is my favorite of all!!!! Just UNEXPECTED!!!!!!TOP OF THE TOP
chris israel
chris israel 14 horas atrás
The little boy, Abu is my favorite. So charming and soulful.
Courtney Carnevale
Courtney Carnevale Mês atrás
That child singing "My heart will go on" was remarkable 💓
Dianna Woodbury
Dianna Woodbury 17 dias atrás
Never had so many goosebumps 🤗🤗🤗
Lex Ferrell
Lex Ferrell 25 dias atrás
Jesse performing “When the party’s over” watched it twice back to back and a third time after finishing this video… Awesome
Nina Lindy
Nina Lindy 19 dias atrás
Rhyl Cababada
Rhyl Cababada Mês atrás
The last guy hits different, I felt every single word.
Regie Flores
Regie Flores 17 dias atrás
The first one is the best! What a voice Fernando? So amazing!
Selena Haleigh Fernandez
The bling man 😳😩 beautiful voice and the fact he got in the stage and put years in ppls eyes this shows you can do what you believe in no matter what
Duahn Mês atrás
The first and the last guys were phenomenal!
Sparkling Serenity
Sparkling Serenity Mês atrás
It's amazing how much the world is filled with incredible singers
Connor Richardson
@Jenn Lee I’m not always her do you mine we communicate privately
Connor Richardson
@Jenn Lee I’m from Taiwan but lives In Canada
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee Mês atrás
@Connor Richardson Jenn, where are you from and how is the weather there today?
Connor Richardson
@Jenn Lee I’m doing good and nice to meet you What’s your name ?
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee Mês atrás
@Connor Richardson Hello, greetings from Canada. How are you doing today?
Faria Heitor GFF
Faria Heitor GFF Mês atrás
Nossa esse último foi muito foda parece um cantor profissional cantando arrepiei
Lacie Wallace
Lacie Wallace 23 dias atrás
Abu gave me chills and literally made me tear up!🥺 that little boy is very blessed he has a beautiful voice!
Robyn Mês atrás
Oh man, Thunderstorm Artis should’ve been in this category!!! His performance was and will always be my favorite! The way he made that Beatles song his own with his rendition was pure, raw talent!!! It takes a special talent to take a song and make it better than the original!💯💯💯
Luke Grayson
Luke Grayson Mês atrás
Hi Robyn, how are you doing
Michael Moore
Michael Moore Mês atrás
Audrey Sancha-Meuldijk
Audrey Sancha-Meuldijk 20 dias atrás
Beautiful voice, goosebumps everytime i hear his voice
Daniel Olson
Daniel Olson Mês atrás
All these performances are moving, but what really gets me is when the judges connect with them and can't resist the emotion.
Janet Nzegwu
Janet Nzegwu Mês atrás
Actually to be totally honest I like all of them they’re so soothing
Secret Mês atrás
The young boy doing Celine Dion was amazing & the last guy, blonde in the baseball cap was fantastic!
Noimot Bolaji
Noimot Bolaji 25 dias atrás
The last guy is just too good,beautiful voice,made me cry
Externity Mês atrás
I knew the song as soon as she started but at 6:26 my eyes are watering so bad. My mom loved this artist and I heard this song so much as kid before she passed away when I was in high school.
iamred Mês atrás
The last guy sings so chill but wtf hitting high notes?!!! So damnnn awesome ,my favorite!!
Nelson Marques
Nelson Marques Mês atrás
O Nosso Nandinho é aquela verdadeira máquina!!! Sensacional!!!! Ouvir este menino é algo que jamais me cansará!!!
Bashir Leoni Msimbe
The one’s who did the billie Elish songs are incredibly good wow 😮
Langelihle Evidence
Francisco Amarilio
Francisco Amarilio Mês atrás
Esss cara tem a voz incrível de mais
The Wiccan Witch
The Wiccan Witch 2 meses atrás
I cried watching this whole thing. Listening to them you can feel their souls, music truly can heal the earth, it can heal our souls, ugh... so beautiful 😍
The Wiccan Witch
The Wiccan Witch Mês atrás
@Stephen Joans I'm not religious ♡ but music heals the soul in my opinion. Xo
Sylviah Mês atrás
@Stephen Joans His name is Jesus♥️♥️♥️
Stephen Joans
Stephen Joans Mês atrás
There's only 1 who can truly heal and he loved you so much that he gave his life so that whoever shall believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life ❤
Roy Smith
Roy Smith Mês atrás
I'm making this playlist!!! Damn this is 👏!!! Raw talent... better than what's on radio these days
Jordyne Bentham
Jordyne Bentham 6 dias atrás
The guy who sang Bruises was my favorite. He was amazing, and I didn't hear any flaws in his voice at all
Reverse Mortgage Solutions
Amazing voice that just targets your soul.
Jennifer Wassem
Jennifer Wassem 28 dias atrás
So love the guy singing Adele I have listened to him over and over.
Michele Tebow Thibeault
Ok... That second girl has the most unique voice... I'd buy her music right now. #1 - #2 are amazing. Better than everyone....
Beth Hughes
Beth Hughes Mês atrás
Weird how a really great singer can give you goosebumps…
Aírton Bruzaca
Aírton Bruzaca Mês atrás
Esse video foi um dos mas (emocionante) que já vi 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Ammu S
Ammu S 16 dias atrás
I loved all of them ,the playlist I turn to when I am really down
Seth Vallans
Seth Vallans Mês atrás
The blind guy is a vocal assassin!
Neide amei todos Santos
Lindo chorando de emoção amo isso
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 26 dias atrás
Second girl was magical, that's some fairy voice right there
Dani Garcia
Dani Garcia 19 dias atrás
Mesmo tão emocionado o cara cantou até o final e muito !😍😍😍🥺
Kona Bone
Kona Bone Mês atrás
The first guy was really good and the kid that sings the Titanic song dude you got a future you are absolutely spectacular put tears in my eyes I watched this video over and over
Okoli Perpetual
Okoli Perpetual Mês atrás
I wish the little boy got a turn... His voice is quite unique and amazing 👏
M M Mês atrás
“Ao tempo ke ele anda atrás disto” 🇵🇹 grande mulher .. sim senhora .. 👏 👏
Kier Mc
Kier Mc Mês atrás
I got chills when I heard Abu singing.
Dina Peterson
Dina Peterson Mês atrás
Nathan was bold and strong and perfect, great job!
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee Mês atrás
Hello, greetings from Canada. How are you doing today?
Fheb Rael
Fheb Rael Dia atrás
Damn "My heart will go on" really touched my emotion.
Tumelo Molefi
Tumelo Molefi Mês atrás
Saphire and Jesse did it for me. Damn! Great voice control, perfecto!
Merkamaro Mês atrás
My 2 Favourites
Da BBW Mês atrás
All were really good 😊 Jesse was my favorite ❤️ Loved Filipe & Abu too!!!
Cedric Antunes
Cedric Antunes 3 dias atrás
Hey guys, the first guy, Fernando Daniel, sang the music again to remember this scene. Just go watch it!
Felipe vivaz
Felipe vivaz Mês atrás
Gabriella voz de anjo
Dina Peterson
Dina Peterson Mês atrás
Abu was right on, great job!
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