Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer

Mortal Kombat
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The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.
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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 23 744
oof lol
oof lol 5 horas atrás
why they keep making everyone in the game muscular oof joker is supposed to be skinny
CJ 12 horas atrás
I think this joker is based on the GOTHAM tv show because he is looking janky
Clay Bradley
Clay Bradley 14 horas atrás
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 15 horas atrás
Now series 2 sindel Joker and Spawn coming soon
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 15 horas atrás
Shang tsung nightwolf Terminator t 800 series 1
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 15 horas atrás
#evreyone is here
Paulo Alves
Paulo Alves Dia atrás
Coloquem o Blade o Caçador de vampiros 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
pato tapia
pato tapia Dia atrás
0:30 el bromas
Hc Vhffkl
Hc Vhffkl Dia atrás
Fuck the joker
Daniel Nunn
Daniel Nunn Dia atrás
Who did jokers laugh in this?! I gotta know! 0:30
Mechromancers Paradise
Ok but where's Michael Myers
Ralf Uniplaitta
Ralf Uniplaitta 2 dias atrás
Ralf Uniplaitta
Ralf Uniplaitta 2 dias atrás
Connor Ayala
Connor Ayala 2 dias atrás
Me desperate for content makes me come back to this trailer
Average Gamekage
Average Gamekage 2 dias atrás
spawn:i handle chains better Scorpion:hold my beer Hanzo:YES!
Andrew Navarro
Andrew Navarro 2 dias atrás
Next Can We Get This For Kombat Pack 2 Kronika Shinnok Quan Chi Fujin Rain Carnage (Marvel) Keanu Reaves Floyd Mayweather
Filip lahoda
Filip lahoda 3 dias atrás
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa! Yes! Just found out from the MK steam poster Nightwolf looks great too. but why did they make Arnie old. It is a game. Make him young again XD
Blitzwin 3 dias atrás
This might actually push me to buy the game but I'll wait until all the fighters are released before I decide
Christopher Sica zz
Christopher Sica zz 3 dias atrás
Spawns going be awesome
Legion DC
Legion DC 4 dias atrás
people go to school to be assholes makin' kharacters with asshole moves!
Jyde K
Jyde K 4 dias atrás
KOMBAT PASS 1 Reveal!! There be more characters coming 2020/2021 until 2022/2023 MK12 launches for Ps5
Bren Dan
Bren Dan 4 dias atrás
Joker looks like Cartoon Robin that got turned into Joker's son
Bambi c:
Bambi c: 4 dias atrás
I actually like this Joker
um anonimo
um anonimo 4 dias atrás
O coringa crakudo
90’s Nick
90’s Nick 4 dias atrás
Give us this next Freddy Krueger Rain Predator Alien Michael Myers Leather face?
Lil Freejoles
Lil Freejoles 2 dias atrás
All were dlc from past games except Michael Myers
Lil Freejoles
Lil Freejoles 2 dias atrás
NRS doesn't repeat dlc
RedPaulster 4 dias atrás
Did anyone else come to see when Sindel comes out or just me?
Temerian 5 dias atrás
I think spawn will be the best dlc character!
Effy Duu
Effy Duu 5 dias atrás
I'd love to see blacksuperman in mk from Hobbs and Shaw
Julius Quintin
Julius Quintin 5 dias atrás
entrare2009 5 dias atrás
Que bien tráiler
Arkham Entertainment
Arkham Entertainment 5 dias atrás
am I the only one actually excited for Joker?
Kampaign Kudos
Kampaign Kudos 5 dias atrás
Cmon Mk11 how u gon let injustice make a better Joker than u?!? Smh
Nikolas Alonzo Torres
Nikolas Alonzo Torres 5 dias atrás
Muchos no les gusta el lok de joker. Yo lo encuentro que esta vacan esque hay gente que esta acostumbrada a ver al joker de otra forma. Y otra gente no. Yo por otro lado lo encuentro que esta super. Es solo mi opinion.
Nikolas Alonzo Torres
Nikolas Alonzo Torres 6 dias atrás
Fuaaaaaaaa el mejor kombat pack =,)
Ronam SilvaΩ
Ronam SilvaΩ 6 dias atrás
Espero que o coringa tenha uma skin baseada no filme do Joaquim Phoenix.
Spammer Rage
Spammer Rage 6 dias atrás
I want Al Bundy to be in this game.
Guillermo Avilez
Guillermo Avilez 6 dias atrás
Sí crear un mortal Kombat 12 agreguen también a los animatronics de five nights at Freddy's
draw my life yt
draw my life yt 6 dias atrás
Cool I like everything in here good job
XxJavier -killersx
XxJavier -killersx 7 dias atrás
They should give the joker a skin that's is ( the Batman who laughs) if would look awesome on him 💯💯
Nico Rasel
Nico Rasel 7 dias atrás
Pleeease give us MICHAEL MYERS in the Kombat pack 2
Castro _D
Castro _D 7 dias atrás
Joker may not look like the joker but he still looks like a badass.
Jr Ortiz
Jr Ortiz 7 dias atrás
I want that when you do a fatality to joker he laughs
CwissinDaKidd 7 dias atrás
Nooonoonono no this was suppose to redeem joker from injustice, not bury
Evan Neal
Evan Neal 8 dias atrás
Kombat Pack II Predictions: -Fujin -Sheeva -Ash Williams -Havik -Doomguy -Pyramid Head
Tazman Satvik
Tazman Satvik 5 dias atrás
no ash ermac
Ermac AJ
Ermac AJ 7 dias atrás
Xforce 0126
Xforce 0126 8 dias atrás
Nobody: Not even a single soul Joker: Why you bully me
RTV Mystic
RTV Mystic 8 dias atrás
RTV Mystic
RTV Mystic 8 dias atrás
RTV Mystic
RTV Mystic 8 dias atrás
RTV Mystic
RTV Mystic 8 dias atrás
Action M.C
Action M.C 8 dias atrás
Yea when are we fighting as 21 savage
Willi Diaz
Willi Diaz 8 dias atrás
I'd rather have injustice Superman
Richard Pearson
Richard Pearson 8 dias atrás
Anyone else thinks Joker should have the Bat that Laughs as a skin?
Enter The Dragon
Enter The Dragon 8 dias atrás
I hope they have that skin honestly. We wanted the Batman who laughs rather than Joker at one point.
Fabio 8 dias atrás
Worst joker i ve ever seen
azizul asyraf
azizul asyraf 9 dias atrás
I think it will be great if kevin wendell crumb from split in mortal kombat😆
sebgg 1314
sebgg 1314 9 dias atrás
Just one question 0:43 what happened to that terminator skin because i dind't see it in the game
Yo pierre wanna Come out here
That joker laugh gets me everytime
Yo pierre wanna Come out here
Oh jokers not out yet shit of course they save my favorites till last im most hyped for joker and spawn such Bigass time gaps for each character,sheesh
Hellcat Squad
Hellcat Squad 9 dias atrás
Nathan Drake Should Have Replaced Joker
GOLDEN GUN GAMER 9 dias atrás
LostShadow89 9 dias atrás
Tbh the Joker looks like a Custom WWE Character.
AdrianPC 9 dias atrás
LostShadow89 ok that is funny
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