Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer

Mortal Kombat
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The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.
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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 22 638
just james dance
just james dance 10 horas atrás
Mileena please ed boon
Lawliet Q
Lawliet Q 11 horas atrás
Hey there Nether realm, are you ever going to fix your shit KL point system?
Pauly King
Pauly King 11 horas atrás
I bought the pack but I can’t find any of them does anyone know why ?
Pauly King
Pauly King 9 horas atrás
Emanuel Bryant I really don’t know what happened ,I want spawn so bad
Emanuel Bryant
Emanuel Bryant 9 horas atrás
Pauly King I did the same can’t find them
Angie Munoz
Angie Munoz 13 horas atrás
I hate the joker, I want pennywise
Oli Dancer
Oli Dancer 13 horas atrás
they need to add SHAZAM!
MKEarthAndSea 14 horas atrás
we should be getting a trailer for the terminator soon since they usually drop a trailer 2 weeks before the character comes out!! can’t fucking wait!!
Joshua Schneider
Joshua Schneider 15 horas atrás
Joker looks a little rushed. Almost like he replaced Ash Williams.
Donnie Kitchen
Donnie Kitchen 16 horas atrás
jOkEr Is JuSt A rAnDoM gUy In CoSpLaY!!!!!111!!! ...Yeah That's what the Joker is- a random guy who went crazy and started wearing clown makeup. Also this Joker looks much better than Injustice 2, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix Jokers.
DEATH GAMER 16 horas atrás
I want sheeva,sektor ,cyrax and one character special
JG 101
JG 101 18 horas atrás
Kombat Pack 2: Michael Myers, Ash Williams, Pennywise (though he’s probably not coming)
tazman satvik
tazman satvik 18 horas atrás
or instead of joker it could have been.pennywise
Heartbroken DC
Heartbroken DC 19 horas atrás
Kylo ren or Darth Vader next
Simiso Mavuso
Simiso Mavuso 19 horas atrás
Take my money already
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis 21 hora atrás
Joker looks like his biggest crime was posting a racist meme.
deadshotsWILLWIN 21 hora atrás
Joker looks like he was made on a budget
Gage Djurdjevic
Gage Djurdjevic 23 horas atrás
Me 2019:im just gonna keep watching this until spawn releases. That cool? Ok. Me 2020:Can't even find a match...
Daniel Coughlan
Daniel Coughlan Dia atrás
T-800 looks good, I would much rather have reiko, havok, fujin, takeda, but i guess they are saving these for 12.
Yamael Gomez
Yamael Gomez Dia atrás
I think Jack Nicholson's Joker would have been perfect
Foot Clippings
Foot Clippings Dia atrás
Ivan SLAVOV Dia atrás
Does anyone know if i have Premuim edition, would i have these characters for free or i need to pay extra?
SlayerTwix Dia atrás
Pennywise please.
Bloody Skull
Bloody Skull Dia atrás
Ash Williams???
Athadilla Muhammad Rezvanovin Prasetyo
Holy shit terminator!!! AHHHHHH
Childish.Hustler Dia atrás
They should add Pennywise the Clown and Ash from Evil Dead into MK11
Galvin Stanley
Galvin Stanley Dia atrás
I like the new Joker, he has a realistic face.
- 12 horas atrás
El Timur
El Timur Dia atrás
Oh my.....)
jorge blast
jorge blast Dia atrás
Damn making us wait all the way to next year wtf Sony doing
noble_king Dia atrás
Since they brought Cary tagawa as a skin for Shang tsung they should do that for all the original characters With a bonus of liu kangs little brother
Salih Uzunoğlu
Salih Uzunoğlu Dia atrás
JOKER 💓💓💓💓💓
Leon Wounded Warrior
They Should make another kombat pack but the characters are: Striker Micheal Myers Deadpool Venom John Wick
vengeful albatross
That's the Shang Tsung from the live action
Luna Mist
Luna Mist Dia atrás
Everyone: Everyone looks nice but the joker Me: Jokers my fav character
Wolf Hound
Wolf Hound Dia atrás
What's up with every fighting game these days having forced guest characters? just make a battle coliseum and be done with it. I don't need Indiana Jones and Rocky Balboa in a Mortal Kombat game.
Noé Avila99
Noé Avila99 Dia atrás
Instead of the joker we should have had neo from the matrix
The Shitpost club
Next we want Shaka Zulu
Aey Phan
Aey Phan Dia atrás
Lets fancast on the next dlc Jack Burton (big trouble in little China). Seth gecko (from dusk till dawn) Duke nukem Shedder Casey Jones Xena warrior princess Ash (evil dead) Sweetooth (twisted metal) He-Man Robocop
Ragdoll Nation
Ragdoll Nation Dia atrás
The Indiana is from the Movie "Hostlites"
Darkness X Shadow
When does this DLC come out? Anyone know?
Hudson Williams
Hudson Williams Dia atrás
Joker kinda looks like his earlier designs in the comics
DMAN879-NLOCK Dia atrás
Now that we got Spawn and had Hellboy in Injustice will we ever get "The Crow" Eric Draven?
Chayne Boutte
Chayne Boutte Dia atrás
Kombat pack 2 Doomguy Michael Myers Venom or Deadpool Triborg Ermac Mileena
Mathias Page
Mathias Page Dia atrás
This is how my family portraits look like.
Fake Justin Y.
Fake Justin Y. Dia atrás
NRT Trooper
NRT Trooper Dia atrás
Put jokers outfit from the new movie as one of his styles for the game
Maksimilijan SuperSaiyanLionGod
Yo in the next mortal kombat can we get "Kreate a character" "Konquest Mode" & Taven Daegon Onaga & Shujinko ? Back thatd be dope or A Deception remaster?
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 2 dias atrás
Spawn and terminator 🤮
Ryan Canuso
Ryan Canuso 2 dias atrás
Why don’t they just add the characters missing from the game instead of these jokers! (I’m excited for terminator tho)
R1CE W4VES 2 dias atrás
Spawn gets released on my birthday :D
Assailant 2 dias atrás
Spawn: "You talk too much clown" Joker: "Chains? that's a kink if ever I've seen one" Spawn: "ENOUGH FROM THR CLOWN" (or just "enough" would be good too)
Joshua Olson Cook
Joshua Olson Cook 2 dias atrás
Wishlist for second Kombat Pack (if any) 1. Rorschach (Watchmen) 2. Pennywise (It) 3. Kintaro 4. Pinhead (Hellraiser) 5. Taven and Dagon
Antonio Carlos de Oliveira Santos
I am extremely disconcerted with the game, many players leave the games by disconnecting from the internet and have no punishment whatsoever.
Cream Machine
Cream Machine 2 dias atrás
Terminator's fatalities better fucking say "TERMINATED"
Marcus JM
Marcus JM 2 dias atrás
they're selling the kombat pack full-price now when the full pack won't be out for another half a year...bruh
Gabriel 360
Gabriel 360 2 dias atrás
In pack 2 Put in the game the evil dead ash was going to be really cool
巴俊 2 dias atrás
Oh come ooon... where is Mileena ? :(
George Morgan Webb
George Morgan Webb 2 dias atrás
Next year in 2020, release gameplay trailers for the Joker and Spawn.
George Morgan Webb
George Morgan Webb 2 dias atrás
I would definitely like to see the gameplay trailers for Terminator and Sindel please.
George Morgan Webb
George Morgan Webb 2 dias atrás
Release the gameplay trailers for Terminator in October and Sindel in November. Next year, release gameplay trailers for Joker in January and Spawn in March in 2020.
AimXeZ 2 dias atrás
I'll be back
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