Mortal Kombat 11 Angry Review

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Sub-Zero & Scorpion battle it out with a new master, how will this change the Mortal Kombat Franchise for the future and how is this latest iteration? Find out!
Sorry for Delay on this Review, there was a delay on the costumes & also we wanted to play/review post-patch to include that info.
Full Disclosure: I am currently designing a Licensed Mortal Kombat board game. However, my opinions are my own and I always strive to call it like I see it, its how I'm even in the position to work on both the show and the board game in the first place.
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11 Mai 2019



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Comentários 8 704
Vas Camp
Vas Camp 2 horas atrás
ABACABB - yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
IronBatDion Haskins
Lots of lag
Daedalus Revolution
All those microtransaktions drive me off playing so many games. I rather wait for either a complete pack and wait even longer for it being on sale OR download it on some site on the internet with everything unlocked or unlimited credits so i can do whatever i want. Its a fucking fighting game with me mostly playing offline. let me customize my character how i want and dont charge me money for it on a 60€ game for fucks sake.
Did u even reveiw doa6 . And you do know that no Armageddon will always be the game known to have 60 characters . And you created your own fatality everytime no need to repeat boring blcrap make random choices everytime .
I Don't Get The Joke
I Don't Get The Joke 5 dias atrás
Corporate commander is really convincing.
Starfield 5 dias atrás
This game sucks. It's injustice x all over again, it's not even mortal kombat anymore, it doesn't play or look like mk at all. Shittiest carttoon fest injustice piece of shit cash cow game in history of Neatherrealm games, he'll even midway even they made shitty games but where a masterpiece now then today'stadards.
C Melo
C Melo 6 dias atrás
Thank you.
Chris S
Chris S 12 dias atrás
Millennials love paying to unlock lots of shit
lamb fart
lamb fart 13 dias atrás
Lmao my stomach hurts xD
Дмитрий Ильинский
I didn't get it, should i buy the game or is it drown in donate shit completely?
louisandfran11 13 dias atrás
You need to cut all the bullshit in your video its loosing followers you literally add 2 minutes of you fighting your friend its not funny and its cheesy and boring for that you got a dislike , heres a tip JUST TALK ABOUT THE GAME NOT DRAG IT OUT TO GET MORE TIME
Joel Barker
Joel Barker 16 dias atrás
Im mad i bought this milk machine
Nick Samuel
Nick Samuel 17 dias atrás
They should of replaced all that consumable crap with TAG TEAM KOMBAT!!
Nick Samuel
Nick Samuel 17 dias atrás
Joe why dont you review the DC Animated movies?
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 20 dias atrás
21:48 BULLSHIT!!!!!!!
leozar69 16 dias atrás
Indeed. I second that.
Christof 23 dias atrás
15:44 i might be a idiot but im pretty sure its "CONTINUE" and not "KONTINUE".
leozar69 16 dias atrás
Good eye.
Maxim Reality
Maxim Reality 24 dias atrás
Nothing about the introduction of burqas, niqabs, hijabs, etc? Huh, how surprising...
CowQueen 26 dias atrás
I hate how the Fatality stops in this game. Like in others you see stuff like the body, body parts all that stuff fall to the ground and it was a nice little end to it but doesn't do it in this one
Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine 26 dias atrás
Mk11 story was not good its boring and dumb. Wow time many inconsistencies. Why didn't kronika just bring all the bad guys from the past and why didn't geras just freeze everyone? Sonya blade got killed off for no reason. D'vorah kills scorpion which is bs. Frost is the worst character in the story she has no reason to here.
TheBen1tez 27 dias atrás
you should see how much shit is on Elderscrolls online. Zenimax went all out on the pricing, its' fuckin crazy
jef 28 dias atrás
24:55 hahah Just look at those clowns trying to convince us ofc that consumables are fun and awesome like we are some kids that will blindly respond to words like "cool/awesome/fun" Guy on the left playing the roll (guy who understands your feelings the gamer guy) such twats i tell ya
Big guy 31601
Big guy 31601 28 dias atrás
Joe didn't criticize the story like he did for MKX.
Fastest Hedgehog
Fastest Hedgehog Mês atrás
20:25 What can you even do at that point wait till the time runs out
Erythro san
Erythro san Mês atrás
what about that jaxx ending
Rutheless Truth
Rutheless Truth Mês atrás
Patched? Fixed? Nah man they're corrupt kids who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and as they stick their hand back in they say they won't do it again. I'll add Netherrealm to my do not buy list.
leozar69 16 dias atrás
Wise words.
CPapadakis Mês atrás
Note to self: NEVER listen to an Angry Joe review when relaxing and wearing headphones. Fucker
Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine 26 dias atrás
Thats your fault dumbass
Joey Picon
Joey Picon Mês atrás
Mortal Kombat’s Micro-Transactions Are Nowhere Near As Bad As EA because you can actually unlock everything within the game and EA FORCES YOU TO PAY TO EVEN WIN THEIR GAMES! EA = Enriched Assholes
WRATH Mês atrás
all you need from MK game is quick match, towers and multiplayer the other stuff is just nonsense and crap :D
sfsgr Mês atrás
To be honest I would not mind those micro transactions if keeps value with time. In mk12 you will restart empty
Omnicidal Clown
Omnicidal Clown Mês atrás
You actually liked the MK11's Story? The Story fucking sucks, as it had so many problems. In fact, here's a list of some of the problems.... if not all of them; 1. Kronika comes right the hell out of nowhere. And by that, I mean that there was no build up with her after the events of MKX. 2. The idea of Raiden gone off the deep end and is willing to commit cruel and evil acts in order to maintain order and peace in Earthrealm? Seen for about 30 minutes in the story until he's literally erased from existence. Hell, there's no scene of him interacting with his past self, or Liu Kang and Kung Lao. 3. The timeline is trying to do everything it can to not drown in a pool of it's own blood. 4. Kronika is a DUMBASS!!! She merges two time periods, bringing forth those who would to anything to stop her ambitions, as oppose to just bring those who would help her. WHY? 5. Newcomers like Cetrion and the Kollector, what were the point of them? 6. Where are some of the others? Where are the likes of Takeda, Kung Jin, Ferra Torr, and the future version of Erron Black? From what I've heard, some like Reptile, Kenshi and Goro maybe dead, but when did they die? Why did they die? 7. Speaking of which, what the fuck was the point of including some of the characters in this story, let alone this game? Characters like Erron Black and Skarlet have next to no point in the story, as they're seen, they fight someone and they lose. 8. Some of the characters designs are off. And I don't mean that they look awful, I mean, they don't match to how they look like in previous games. Most of the women have either lost their overexaggerated busty designs and/or are wearing clothes that don't match to what they wore in the past. Kano is particular is off, as not only does his past self look nothing to how he looked in MK9, but his moderned version somehow looks younger than how he looked in MKX. 9. Now for those who didn't read the MKX comic, to make a long story short, Kotal Kahn cut off Goro's arms, and in a desperate attempt to get them back, Goro began studying about the Dragon King Onaga. In other words, it's heavily implied that Goro was gonna be this timeline's vessel for Onaga. Guess what though; IT'S NEVER BROUGHT UP ONCE!!! 10. The ending implies that NetherRealm Studios is gonna reboot the Mortal Kombat timeline again!!!
Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning Mês atrás
1st Kronika who cares she is a titan ,2nd one Raiden current self can't meet his past self he is a God, 3 Irrelevant 4 sounds logic but then we won't have a game 5 Cetrion? to help her mama and collector? new char to deal with. 6 I agree, 7 for fans of them, 8 Irrelevant , 9 and whos knows.. speculation ,10 what's wrong with that?
Vrseful Mês atrás
2:38 - 3:30 Subzero vs Scorpion in a nutshell
theyellow Truth
theyellow Truth Mês atrás
I hate almost everything about this game but God damn is it a fun fighting game
Dragoș Andrei Cristea
Ok. Who the f@ck dislike this?
indyvinylz Mês atrás
I still miss my mk trilogy brutalities: bass sound heavy combos with a multiple body parts explosion finish. This was sooo great back then, just the feel of it :)
Darien Noteboom
Darien Noteboom Mês atrás
Would looooooovvveee a gears 5 review
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark Mês atrás
*My* first sign that something was wrong with this game was when I played it on Day 1 after midnight and NOT all of the characters were yet featured on the Character Select screen. The remaining characters had to be added with a "Day 1" update hours later.
Paweł Szczęsny
Paweł Szczęsny Mês atrás
I missed the review when it came out. Game looks good, but the story... Original but kinda wtf
michael ogilvie
michael ogilvie Mês atrás
My mate auditioned for melina in the new movie
HEK 293
HEK 293 Mês atrás
This is not a game. This is just a elaborate, beautiful, expensive, stack of fuck you pay me. I have ps1 and ps2 mk games. Everything unlockable. In the game no pay walls. This new mk is pure shit.
HEK 293
HEK 293 Mês atrás
The storyline sucks ass!
HEK 293
HEK 293 Mês atrás
I actually played this. I give it minus 2000 stars. This game sucks ass.
HEK 293
HEK 293 Mês atrás
Bitchality? Ok.
HEK 293
HEK 293 Mês atrás
Funny as hell!
HEK 293
HEK 293 Mês atrás
I had to watch this again just to see corporate commander. He is a good heel. What a creep. I love corporate commander! Being a jerk is so much fun!
Khoa Tan Vu
Khoa Tan Vu Mês atrás
Khoa Tan Vu
Khoa Tan Vu Mês atrás
Age restricted
Alex Macmillan
Alex Macmillan Mês atrás
I love how much Corporate Commander is such an asshole
Gazzag humley
Gazzag humley Mês atrás
i can see people enjoying the originals more
DPeaceful Mês atrás
Earn in Kombat league time kystal
DPeaceful Mês atrás
Earn time time crystals can be earn tower
El Impoluto
El Impoluto Mês atrás
Damn, Angry Joe nailed the gameplay of MK perfectly.
Cristhoffer Diaz Santana
The micro-transactions are just fine, the stuff you actually buy is 100% cosmetic and you can get through normal play. The krypt isn't grindy at all if you consider the lifetime of this game is like 3 years. I already don't know what to do with all the extra currency...
CrazyPuppetBros Mês atrás
i either want this or far cry 5
Mystary TV
Mystary TV Mês atrás
F*#% The Fatal Blow System & X-Ray Mechanics. I Find It To Be A Bit Cheesy & Repetitive, We Should Be Able To Turn It Off & They Should Have A Create Your Own Character Mode Since They Added All These Customizations! 💯
Mymy Hi
Mymy Hi Mês atrás
I'm always when Joe does game reviews lol 😂
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway Mês atrás
I don't think that mk should ever get a 10/10 until kouch kombat returns.
DavEyOne SlimObi
DavEyOne SlimObi Mês atrás
Truth be told, video gaming has advanced to amazingly intuitive levels and remains the cheapest form if entertainment. Online gaming takes it to another level of entertainment. We've all gotten so used to it that once the companies added in microtransactions we all freaked out. If the buyable additions dont impact the game in terms of a competitive edge, we shouldnt cry too much. There's greed, and then there's logical financial expansion. If you were in the devs shoes, and knew that gaming is a thoroughly inexpensive long lasting form of entertainment, you'd add some ways to gain a financial edge as well. (Some stuff is ridiculous though)
Alia Imam
Alia Imam Mês atrás
Nopes..Microtransactions are bullshit and single player games like witcher 3 are much better than any online game.
Sammy Sam I am
Sammy Sam I am Mês atrás
This game sounds terrible to me
Psycho Sixx
Psycho Sixx Mês atrás
AJ this game demands an updated review. The grind is much easier now. I bought the game post patch and am pushing thru everything hella fast.
Drebodollaz Dollaz
Drebodollaz Dollaz Mês atrás
Good review but you’re exaggerating how hard it is to get gear. It’s not that bad
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