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We love Morelia's beauty, Michoacan food, & after-dark events, but this is our last Mexico travel vlog here.
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We have spent two weeks in Morelia, Michoacan. During that time, we've had the opportunity to visit museums, enjoy the gorgeous architecture, learn more about the history of Morelia, and explore a brand new city and culture we had never experienced.
Many people told us not to visit Michoacan because it's considered one of the most dangerous states in Mexico, but we did not experience any violence or danger during our trip. Well, unless you consider being so close to fireworks at the Morelia Cathedral to be especially dangerous. We think Laska had the best time of her life during this trip in Morelia, Mexico.
If you're looking for what to do in Morelia, we totally recommend trying some of the comida Michoacana (Michoacan food) if you travel to Morelia: we enjoyed gazpacho, corundas, local cheese, and local Mezcal! There is SO much food we didn't get the opportunity to try while in Michoacán, so we hope to come back and visit again. Perhaps on our next trip, we can visit the neighboring Pueblos Magicos and towns of Patzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan, Santa Clara del Cobre, and others.
Find out why we're only putting out two travel Mexico vlogs about Morelia despite us being here for two weeks. The reason might not be what you think. And join us for our next Mexico vlog as we share some of the tourist traps and scams from our trip to Playa del Carmen. After that, we'll be heading to the state of Hidalgo for the first time to visit Grutas de Tolontongo!!
1. Restaurante Lu Cocina Michoacana - Fine dining at affordable prices. A great place to try traditional Michoacan food.
2. La Cerrada Elote Morelia - This is the best elote in Morelia! It has all the sauces you could ever want for your elote/esquite (corn).
3. La Cerrada Gazpacho Morelia - Truth be told, this is the only gazpacho we tried in Morelia, but a giant cup was 35 pesos and delicious!
4. Panoli Morelia - This Morelia restaurant has excellent prices, good food, and a great view of the cathedral in El Centro de Morelia. It also has a bakery attached with mouth-watering pastries and sweet bread (pan dulce).
5. Tata Mezcaleria - Another great restaurant with traditional comida Michoacana, mezcal, and excellent service. Higher prices than Lu Cocina, but the food is worth it.
6. Cafe Loto - If you're looking for well-priced, fresh vegan food, this is the place to go! It's very close to El Centro of Morelia with a quaint atmosphere.
(We are NOT paid by these restaurants to include our recommendations. We're sharing these spots to help others have an enjoyable time in Morelia, Mexico.)
In January 2018, we sold everything we owned in the US (except our husky Laska & what fit in our tiny, tangerine Prius C3) to travel the world-starting with Mexico. Since then, we've been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we encounter while traveling the world. If you'd like to join our shenanigans, subscribe to our BRvid channel. You can also poke around our social media to find out what we’re up to each week.
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Comentários 80
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels Anos atrás
Did you notice anything different about the bell gonging in this video? 🙊
I dress up, to get messed up!
Tangerine Travels Yep, Jordan (your first rate mate) did the GONG that bell announcement, Jaja 😉😉
Loly L
Loly L 9 meses atrás
Tangerine Travels wooow
Paul Shamblin
Paul Shamblin 11 meses atrás
Maddie obviously influenced by David Lee Roth with the kick. Possible with a little Karate Kid mixed in. Hell yeah! Loco Gringos
Walter Ramos
Walter Ramos Anos atrás
If u guys go back to michoacan u guys should visit PARQUE NACIONAL in uruapan michoacan. Is not far from morelia.. i think you'll love it.. its amazing ✌✌✌
Sergio Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez Anos atrás
Look into the teaching of David Hakins on BRvid "heal yourself "
Liz Garza
Liz Garza Mês atrás
That was so funny all those people petting your dog.
Ma Deva Sadhvi
Ma Deva Sadhvi Mês atrás
We are here now and loving it. A bus drive from Ajijic. About 3 1/2 hours. Beautiful city. Clean. Cheap for excellent
Eliseo Raya
Eliseo Raya Mês atrás
Btw, gaspachos can also have ONIONS
Eliseo Raya
Eliseo Raya Mês atrás
Night life in Morelia is amazing!
Eliseo Raya
Eliseo Raya Mês atrás
I love Morelia!
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Mês atrás
I like to see real Mexico (not just tourist areas). The drone shops are very nice too! Thanks!
m jenkins
m jenkins Mês atrás
where is your favorite place to live in Mexico??
Juan Valencia
Juan Valencia Mês atrás
Thank you for visiting my city hope you like enjoyed your vacation
Carlos Santa Ana
Carlos Santa Ana 2 meses atrás
Mercury poisoning? What happened???
Freddie P
Freddie P 2 meses atrás
An AirBNB place with a dog???? Now I have seen all about AirBNB Big space, tiny dining table 😂 People who sing in restaurants are REALLY annoying. You are a captive audience. I do not give any money.
Ellen B
Ellen B 3 meses atrás
You guys are just fun. Did they say they put cheese on top of that gazpacho? Do you think they would make it for me without salt?
ShaniceMakeUp 3 meses atrás
You must be the cutest couple i've ever seen!!!
pecosROB 3 meses atrás
if I ever make it back to Mexico I'm taking a fluffy dog with me, don't even need to approach people, they come to you! lol
Sky Watcher
Sky Watcher 3 meses atrás
That long line was just for petting Laska, wow!
Aaron Yeverino
Aaron Yeverino 3 meses atrás
A MI me Gusta or much a morelia
I dress up, to get messed up!
Haha, someone thought your daughter was a ... lobo (wolf!), jajaja.
All Texan
All Texan 4 meses atrás
Gazpachos can have onions too. It all depends on the maker and eater. I hope yall got to eat elote y papas across the plaza where yall recorded the gazpacho place. One of the guys there speaks english and is super helpful. The food is great. Amazing city, Amazing people. One of my best memories.
Vite Viridiana
Vite Viridiana 4 meses atrás
I live here in Morelia and i loved your video... i wish you get better of your health and remember you 2 can always come back... huggs!!! 🤩🤩🤩
Ricardo Lopez Jr
Ricardo Lopez Jr 4 meses atrás
Yo naci en USA, mis padres son de michoacan nacidos de rancho donde no havia doctores and I love morelia, patzcuaro, huetamo, caracuaro, and other pueblos and cities which I didn't seen so much criminals.. I'm from new Jersey
fotm1 5 meses atrás
You just CANNOT skip Patzcuaro!!
calniper 5 meses atrás
Great Video,, guys!! Also a bit inspirational to hear about Maddie's battle with mercury poisoning, certainly her positive attitude and courage made up in this video for the thins they could not broadcast.
Karen Cortez
Karen Cortez 6 meses atrás
I noticed Laska didn’t get scared of the fireworks. ?? Most dogs would lol so pretty love to see the night festival so cool different from most of your videos 🎇 ✨✨✨✨💜💜
pablo zayas
pablo zayas 6 meses atrás
Laska is beautiful, i wanna pet her too
jakie alcauter
jakie alcauter 6 meses atrás
i have a quick question. where do you rent your car when you go to morelia and where do you park when you go downtown.
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 6 meses atrás
We drove there, left the car at our airbnb, and used uber or walked anytime we wanted to go somewhere.
Kathy Brooks
Kathy Brooks 6 meses atrás
How do you get mercury poisoning? How you feel better!
ctla4ig 7 meses atrás
Someone please tell me what "gong the bell" means....
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 7 meses atrás
We started this pretty early on in our channel. It’s our funny way of suggesting people click the notification bell 🔔 GONG! that bell and you too can be notified every time we publish a new video 😉
Diego Venegas
Diego Venegas 7 meses atrás
Do you guys use a drone by any chance
Margarita Miller
Margarita Miller 7 meses atrás
How did you get mercury poisoning? and what types of supplements do you have to take? How can we get those supplements to you.
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 7 meses atrás
As for how she got it, we'll never know - we only have our suspicions. There's a lot list of vitamins and supplements but these days we go back to the US often enough that getting them isn't an issue. Thank you for offering to lend a hand!
Creating My Ideas by Vickie Novak
I'm a certified nutritionist, eating cilantro helps remove mercury. Sassafras also removes heavy metals from your blood...and Bentonite clay detoxes everything!
Creating My Ideas by Vickie Novak
Do you have to pay with cash or do they accept cards where food vendors are concerned?
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 7 meses atrás
Street food vendors almost never accept cards. With the exception of big cities, most stuff in Mexico is cash only
Maria Orihuela
Maria Orihuela 7 meses atrás
My goodness you guys made my mouth water ,the corundas and gazpacho
Maria Orihuela
Maria Orihuela 7 meses atrás
No es banana leave is from the bean stalk
Bruce Hayman
Bruce Hayman 8 meses atrás
I love Laska. She reminds me of every dog I have ever owned. Totally not listening to anything you say, but cute as shit
Miguel Marquez
Miguel Marquez 8 meses atrás
What are costillas? Like ribs. Too cute. No that really is the word for rib, theyre just not bbq hahahaha youre such great people :0)
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 8 meses atrás
Thanks, Miguel! We struggle with dish names/meanings, especially when they're not literal
Bruce Alan Wilson
Bruce Alan Wilson 8 meses atrás
Love this. Especially how everyone loved Laska; I guess they hadn't seen such a big floof before. You're a lot stronger than you look if you can carry Laska for so long!
Said Guerra
Said Guerra 9 meses atrás
Eso de una planta aqui sellama corunda
Said Guerra
Said Guerra 9 meses atrás
CryptoZoo Mauler
CryptoZoo Mauler 9 meses atrás
Ears tucked back means the dog is being cautious and wary. It doesn't mean they are enjoying it, but the tail wagging and the doggy kisses did mean that.
Pat B
Pat B 9 meses atrás
Laska says everyone was looking at me and touching me YEAH Laska is a beautiful dog and well behaved during the fireworks many dogs are scared of loud noises.
Jaymesauce 9 meses atrás
How did Laska do with the fireworks,...and the crowds?
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 9 meses atrás
Laska seems totally fine with fireworks and lots of people. In fact, I think she prefers to be in crowds because it’s higher potential for pets and attention lol
chrisfrombp 9 meses atrás
I’ve been to Morelia a bunch of times as a kids I have family that lives there I would stay with. Always loved it. So much to see city wise.
J Mo
J Mo 9 meses atrás
Thank you for showing us Morelia! Wish you could go back when you have time and show us some of the surrounding area. you guys are so thorough about housing prices and stuff like that and I would love to get more information on Morelia! Hope you all are doing good and thank you as always!
Sil Bridge
Sil Bridge 9 meses atrás
Maddie you are so beautiful! Thanks for being there!
Giovanni Serafín
Giovanni Serafín 10 meses atrás
Awesome Video guys thanks for sharing. gracias
turisteando con victor
turisteando con victor 10 meses atrás
I guys a have a blog called turisteando con victor
Adolfo Flores Jr
Adolfo Flores Jr 10 meses atrás
U guys need to spend more time in michoacan. An so close. Like quiroga for their carnitas, the BEST. Santa clara del cobre. That's where morelia gets their copper. Uruapan and patzcuaro. Don't kno if i spelled that
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 10 meses atrás
Sorry I have bad ears and I didn't really understand why you are finished making videos there.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 10 meses atrás
Wow your dog could be the next Elvis. You should book him in Vegas.
Christina Morales
Christina Morales 11 meses atrás
MrMusiclover41 11 meses atrás
Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup, made with tomatoes, green peppers, etc. and is quite delicious, especially in hot weather. Nothing sweet about the Spanish one.
1099 Deus Vult
1099 Deus Vult 11 meses atrás
Hope all those tats was worth the mercury poisoning. You need to seek proper treatment before you suffer long term damage.
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels 11 meses atrás
That’s not how I got mercury poisoning
SILVIA S-B 11 meses atrás
I am from Morelia. I was born there in the home of my grandparents in 1945. Yes, I'm a SENORA. The last time I was in Morelia was in 1971 so this brought back a lot of happy memories. You did an excellent job of showing off Morelia and all the streets I walked so often when we lived there for 2 years, otherwise, I have lived in Chicago since I was 3 months old. My parents took me and my sister back in 1952 so we could meet our families and get to know our culture. After that, we only went back every 2 years on vacation until I got married and never went back there again. By the way, that little food wrapped in what you thought was a tamale was actually a CORUNDA wrapped in a corn stalk leaf to give it a distinctive flavor. They are delicious. And I still know how to make them. I made my Confirmation in that cathedral at the age of 5 years. There, you don't need special permission. You show up on the day the Bishop is there to do confirmations, you stand in line, and you are confirmed no matter what your age. Excellent job on the video.
Zachary Rivera
Zachary Rivera 11 meses atrás
Did you ever eat anything you didn't like.
peabean0713 green
peabean0713 green 11 meses atrás
Do all apartments there come with a cute guy? Cause I want one.
Mario Ele
Mario Ele Anos atrás
Tangerinis, You talked me into it. I'm going to morelia at the end of this month from Austin, hoping to get some dental work done. I need to know the best $ way to get to downtown from airport. If you help, I'll do Airbnb through your site. Mario
Mario Ele
Mario Ele Anos atrás
@Tangerine Travels never mind ,I found the link. thank you.
Mario Ele
Mario Ele Anos atrás
@Tangerine Travels how do I do airbnb to give you credit and get a discount? can't find the button or link or.........
Mario Ele
Mario Ele Anos atrás
@Tangerine Travels how do I do airbnb to give you credit and get a discount.
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels Anos atrás
We drove to Morelia, so we can't help you there. Sorry! Hope you have a great time in Morelia, Mario!
Daisy Doodle
Daisy Doodle Anos atrás
I find your videos extremely interesting. They have given me an entirely new perspective on Mexico. A perspective that is quite opposite of what we hear in the news. You two should get some kind of award from the Mexican ministry of Tourism!
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels Anos atrás
You are too sweet. Thanks Daisy!
Mike Duckwall
Mike Duckwall Anos atrás
Seems like a lovely place and lifestyle, I gotta get there
Kathryn French
Kathryn French Anos atrás
Since u guys r history buffs.. Santa Clara del Cobre has 2 beautiful small historic churches.. My son wa Baptized in the larger one closest to the plaza. It is kept immaculant and try the great "pan" bread by the plazas and the tostadas de " carne apache " in middle of the only plaza.
Kathryn French
Kathryn French Anos atrás
Yes please go to Santa Clara de Cobre.. I live here in California but i married a man from there. Patzcuaro is my fav puebla.. You have to go to thr lowest plaza there get ice cream with the flavor of "pasta" and coconut balls. Have fun be safe..enjoy. And Quiroga has best furniture and hand made items.!!!!
Tanglangfa Anos atrás
They would certainly never fire fireworks that close to any building here, especially a historical building.
Jorge Rueda
Jorge Rueda Anos atrás
Alaska now is such famous, I love Alaska It make me feel like I wanna touch Alaska 😍
san dy
san dy Anos atrás
Cilantro is supposed to be good for ridding the body of metals.
Theresa Fitzpatrick
Tartaria architecture
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman Anos atrás
You've made me want to visit this place... I wish you did a short segment of inside of the church.... I love cathedrals. I would love to go to mass there.
Cultural Observer
Cultural Observer Anos atrás
LOL “Ive never been THIS CLOSE to a fireworks show!”
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels Anos atrás
What’s so “LOL”?
Anita Hamlin
Anita Hamlin Anos atrás
Laska is so well adjusted! This was so cool. Thanks for sharing!
agustin delgado
agustin delgado Anos atrás
Visit San Nicolás Obispo, MICH Mexico
hukes Anos atrás
But gaspacho has onion in it, but nowadays they are not putting in any.
Modular Curiosity
Modular Curiosity Anos atrás
Oh My Gosh, I had exactly that tamale combination at that very restaurant just a month ago. Morelia is absolutely gorgeous.
Elsbith Rumble
Elsbith Rumble Anos atrás
Mercury poisoning??
gilberto andrade
gilberto andrade Anos atrás
Omg I love corundas! Enjoy the corundas!
Audrey Walker
Audrey Walker Anos atrás
Calcium bentonite clay and liquid zeolite helped me a lot with mercury issues after getting amalgam fillings removed. Hope you feel better soon! I love your videos
Aztec Man
Aztec Man Anos atrás
Los invito a que visiten Huandacareo Michoacán
Rubén Hernandez
Rubén Hernandez Anos atrás
Traen una actitud muy hermosa!
Rubén Hernandez
Rubén Hernandez Anos atrás
@Tangerine Travels De nada!
Tangerine Travels
Tangerine Travels Anos atrás
Gracias, Rubén!
RdSG in IA
RdSG in IA Anos atrás
I've enjoyed watching several of your Mexico videos. Thank you!
The bro playing the guitar Rock A Huevo.
Lenin Escamilla
Lenin Escamilla Anos atrás
Morelia de mis amores! 👍🏼
Oscar Campos-Morales
I was just in Michoacán last week visiting family in Tzintzuntzan. You guys must visit Tzintzuntzan, Patzcuaro, and go check the sunset in about 10-15 miles before Ihuatzio looking at the Isla de Janitzio. Visit the Casa de los 11 patios and up the street there is these stairs that overlook Patzcuaro. The artisan work is gorgeous there. Tzintzuntzan has these ruins called The Yacatas. Check them out during day of the dead or in the summer.
Leopoldo VL
Leopoldo VL Anos atrás
Ala verga no nos quieren allá y acá viene N como si nada
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