More Unwritten Rules Of Valorant 

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In this video I'll tell you about rules of Valorant. When following these rules you'll have less chance that people are being toxic to you. Also some of these things will help you improve in valorant. From aiming tips and tricks to tips with every agent on every map. For more valorant tips and tricks, and gameplay check out my channel! Also, new minima skin looks dope and hype for new agent grenadier.
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13 Out 2021



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@StevenHe 6 meses atrás
Every time an enemy omen ults, a teammate should check your spawn
@steverho3280 6 meses atrás
Woh what are you doing here
Ru hacked?
@pekoV 5 meses atrás
ok 👍 cool 😎
@anordinaryguy4677 5 meses atrás
😂😂not many people noticed Steven He.
@Kat80085 5 meses atrás
pretty sure he just plays the game @@moonstrikegamingyt1647
@StevenHe 6 meses atrás
Brimstones should stay mid during defense so he can smoke both sites immediately
@steverho3280 6 meses atrás
Didn’t expect you to watch this video XF
@cloud9ine133 6 meses atrás
@@steverho3280same here
@gofitc5620 6 meses atrás
Fair enough
@Teyya- 5 meses atrás
Make sense
@Adri_Tech 5 meses atrás
STEVEN !!!!!!
@SaltNBattery Anos atrás
Rule: Mute teammates the second they start being toxic or passive aggressive. You’ll play better.
@bunubanu1212 Anos atrás
CS GO faceit be like: no, I dont think i will Instead I shall engage in psychological warfare.
@joniraykov3099 Anos atrás
I actually once played better when a guy was toxic lol I was in 1v4 and died and he called me dumb... then I started poppin off and went to 2nd place (I didnt have enough time for 1st) and he went to last lmao after that he was silent so basically I muted him :D
@1167_0 Anos atrás
@vommittt Anos atrás
my dyslexic ass read "beatboxing" instead of "being toxic" lol
@ziiphinx635 Anos atrás
@@vommittt lmaooo
@BattleKeks404 Anos atrás
"If you're not a good shot today, don't worry. There are other ways to be useful." -my favourite quote of the entire game. Of course that does not apply to reyna insta lock, you are useless if you are not a good shot today.
@lcintra_ Anos atrás
I feel personally attacked
@BondJamesAgent Anos atrás
Reyna flashes can still Help, If she doesnt kill anyone and information, so even a reyna can be usefull, If she ist Not a good shot this day.
@itsmikawii Anos atrás
@@BondJamesAgent true but might as well play someone like fade instead then
@BondJamesAgent Anos atrás
@@itsmikawii If its Just a Bad Game, you cant know it in the Agent select :D
@lyssanae725 Anos atrás
Sova best
@odysskon8127 Anos atrás
"Don't look at the scoreboard" Me, spamming tab 20 times each round: •-•
@resurrex2826 Anos atrás
I do this to check how many are alive quickly
@PRDTRWLF Anos atrás
Same here bud im mostly topfrag and still support my team even if they dont support me :,)
@thxnd4r Anos atrás
@@resurrex2826 bro you can see it on the top like wth
@BondJamesAgent Anos atrás
@@thxnd4r but If you Open the scoreboard to Check it, you can easier See everything around you since you Look straight in the middle of the Monitore
@thxnd4r Anos atrás
@@BondJamesAgent yeah but when you try to do it , you Might see yourself highlighted in the scoreboard and if you're in last place you might get mentally weaker thus missing hits
@effy8795 Anos atrás
just being generally nice goes a LONG way. i notice when i'm losing comps like, 5 to 8 and the teammates are nice and trying to boost morale, it makes the game much better. even if we lose, it doesn't feel shitty bc it was still fun. even yesterday mym team was losing 3-8 but everyone was so nice that when we figured out a nice strat, we ended up winning. and the fact that everyone was like "we can do this"/"we can still turn it around", complimenting tries and shots and actually communicating instead of flaming, no one gave up and we pushed through. had the same experience in another comp about 10 minutes ago. ofc skill and etc come into play but having a good teammate experience really is one of the main things
@lorephobic 11 meses atrás
oh i 100% agree. the last few times i've won ranked games i always see toxic stuff from the enemy team.. honestly i dont think ive won a ranked game where someone was being super toxic.
@Aurean-rj7jo 9 meses atrás
Hey beautiful
Same. It doesnt matter if you win or loose meanwhile you have a good team
@shanelbryant5638 9 meses atrás
Positive teams are the reason my KDA improved. Simply because the more experienced players will trade info so I know when to walk/run/knife out
@caade_1967 9 meses atrás
There's always a guy that cracks and says some dumb shit under his breath which starts a teammate war
@scrpius2043 2 anos atrás
Rule: If you see two people on your team with matching names, like “Jimmy” and “Jimmy’s Gf” you need to instalock sage. As to stop pocket saging
@user-bq4vu6ks9i 2 anos atrás
I'm so sorry
@zarifahmed7204 2 anos atrás
@Lokey184 2 anos atrás
imma do this shit
@microsoftpain 2 anos atrás
LMAO. Why are these names so common?
@Eduzao Anos atrás
woman in team insta loss
@csmaddict Anos atrás
rule: ALWAYS plant the spike even if the round is over, that way you get extra credits for next round
@herecomespatsky Anos atrás
he already said that
@Itsgyro 10 meses atrás
My cs blood would’ve done it even if they didn’t give out credits lmaoo.
@rdtyphon6684 8 meses atrás
+ult point
@rdtyphon6684 7 meses atrás
You also get better stats for match mvp-ing
@razergecko1102 5 meses atrás
@@Itsgyro whahahahaha valid comment
@Taifelel Anos atrás
The scoreboard rule I break every single game, but I don't actually see anything negative for myself in it. If I do well in a game, I get more motivated in a sense of "Okay, maybe I can carry us! ^-^" If I don't do well in a game, I get sad, cause I drag my team down and then tryhard more so they don't get mad at me (also really don't want to be the reason as to why 4 other people lose their game) If I'm in the middle of the scoreboard, I usually just vibe along and try to play off of my teammates.
@zerdodylan Anos atrás
same, it gives motivation if i’m top frag and i don’t feel bad about bot frag because of my playstyle. another good thing is you can motivate your botfrag if they aren’t playing well
@rubyredyoshi Anos atrás
same here, i just push it as a habit now, i dont even check lol
@NatsuGameplaysG4E Anos atrás
the thing is you SHOULD look at the scoreboard. know what weapon everyone is carrying and everything. i have the habit of looking at it in the middle of rounds so i know what gun my allies have too.
@ashdrawstrash1949 Anos atrás
Same but if im bot frag i try to be a little less selfish and go in for my teammates with lower health and just try to help in general cuz my aim isnt good enough for the match
I only check score board to see the creds of the enemies hehe
@Juannnnnnnnnnn 6 meses atrás
Something I see almost nobody talk about is to never reload after a kill. 80% of the time you kill one person, there is backup behind a wall or simply nearby, waiting to kill you while you are in the reload animation, and you can’t cancel the reload animation, basically spelling out death. I cannot express how many times I have died like this
@sushantmanandhar1387 11 meses atrás
On Ascent's A side, don't break the glass on defender phase. It's a really nice flank indicator for the people sniping
@legobricknator Anos atrás
My unspoken rule: The one who should supply the Trashtalk for your team is the bottom fragger, because the words of the person who's the shittiest on your team will be the one that will latch onto enemies minds, making them respond and possibly tilt. Just keep up the act and you'll be helping your team!
@Forestxavier20 10 meses atrás
This right here: If you are bottom fragging, talk shit and be funny with it OR give the enemy really obvious advice when they fuck up Like "Omen, you need to tap fire with the Vandal, it's inaccurate to just hold down the trigger." Or "Jett show an entire clip and there was just an outline drawn of me, god damn" And even "Hey, we are planting A since you seem to be so lost that nobody is on site"
@Limbambo 2 anos atrás
Another unwritten rule: “I’ve placed the spike 7 times in a row without dying, why did you pick it up, please this is the only thing I’m good at.”
@shadowrayTV Anos atrás
Me with 9 plants in a half, to my lurker viper when she dies in mid ^
@glm_9555 Anos atrás
I'm new- and I can't translate this to normal newbie terms.. please help :'D
@cas3455 Anos atrás
Omem be like:
@nuggie7499 Anos atrás
@@glm_9555 let the dude who's good at planting and makes sure it gets planted have the spike
@glm_9555 Anos atrás
@@nuggie7499 there's a skill for planting?!
@gayngr Anos atrás
This guy being so wholesome just makes me regain my hope in the valorant community.
@ivobaptista872 Anos atrás
love how much this guy says “my friend”, so friendly
7:30 this! I don’t play duelist, but I’ve had multiple rounds where everyone else instalocks a duelist and I play my normal sentinel to try and help. I’ll end up top dragging and they will still yell at me for not be able to hold a site by myself or take a 1v3. Especially with KJ. I know my lineups and do my part, now Jett, maybe you should be the first one to peak the angle!!
@riker8214 Anos atrás
Actually, if you see a smoke and they don’t know you’re there, you absolutely should push it. Especially a Jett smoke. Jetts will often smoke off an angle so they “don’t have to worry about it” and focus on a different one. Push it and most of the time it will be a free kill for you, my friend.
@TheInfectous Anos atrás
This depends on the rank heavily, smokes aren't "don't worry about this" they're actually, "put this position in extreme disadvantage and remove sight lines." Situationally you can push smokes but you should pretty much know what's on the other side as in, you've played part of a game with these players so you should know how they treat smokes and how they play rounds. Obviously if you're in the pits where entry fragger means 1v5 clutch attempter because nobody every fucking follows the duelist in ever then you can abuse that, but that knowledge should come from playing a few rounds to see if the rest of the entries team is dogwater or not.
@robbe8625 7 meses atrás
Jett smokes only last a second
@takami_0710 Anos atrás
Also about the not blaming teammates part, I totally agree! I had some annoying guy who blamed everything on us even tho he was at like 2nd to bottom frag, but sometimes it's actually true and your teammate(s) are acting toxic/feeding/giving locations.
@rhendellsigwaben2286 2 anos atrás
Also one rule: Sage doesn't always have to carry the spike
@paopaoooo4080 2 anos atrás
@spikespike5661 2 anos atrás
@drstakebake1265 2 anos atrás
@PotatoGaming048 2 anos atrás
Damn my team mates following this rule from lobg time 😭🤣
@dollorchid 2 anos atrás
ty. im so bad at planting and often find that my raze \ viper is so much better :(
@monny5189 Anos atrás
Mr Lowlander "Never buy the smite skins" proceeds to buy smite phantom in chamber to diamond series
@ShiroZami0823 Anos atrás
Rule: Dont Trashtalk teamates if they are at the bottom frag, They are in the bottom frag because they chose to support their teamates rather than prioritizing kills.
@Forestxavier20 10 meses atrás
Exception: If someone is actively so bad that it feels like their presence on the team is sabotaging you? Feel free to throw some shade, they need it with how often they flash their own team and cause an Ace.
@ShiroZami0823 9 meses atrás
@@Forestxavier20 That is actually a good point, but what I'm saying is not all bottom fraggers throw the game or sabotaging their teammates. Some are just having a bad day, demotivated, unlucky or maybe even irritated for making bad plays that were unintentional (let's ignore the irritated ones since you can consider them as a toxic teammate) Begginers do make mistakes on flashing though and Of course some really do it intentionally and that kinda sucks if you had one in your team or maybe more than that if worse, Anyway I kind of relate to that exception right there :D
@sugmalick194 8 meses atrás
@@ShiroZami0823 ngl only time a bottom fragger should even get shits is when they are actively not doing anything, even as a sentinel if they are giving useful info and not looking for kills then thats ok as long as they clutch up when it matters , people get too caught up on kills when its winning that should matter
@atinybruh 2 meses atrás
Agree, im a cypher main and if my teammates are good at shooting ill do my set ups and get info, my friend is new at valorant and she plays sage but she still heals Me ,other teammates and revives even tho she gets no kills
@brandongear7184 Anos atrás
I really like this video, as a new player I learned a lot about manners like not stealing somebodys ace. That seems like common knowledge but now I’ve started paying more attention to who kills who and the mini map
@danshakuimo Anos atrás
One game the guy who was carrying us got his ace stolen and proceeded to throw the entire match. I definitely try to accommodate people who want aces just for the sake of their mental, and sometimes follow them around to trade just in case they die (which they frequently do).
@oredcchi Anos atrás
The knife fight one. I'm a new player and when I played replication a few days ago both teams got KJ, so the enemy team said "knife fight mid?" and three of my teammates (including me) agreed to it. Too bad 2 people in my team didn't know how to read so they ruined the game and shot the enemy team :(
@keremylmaz8423 Anos atrás
4:17 Tell that to Raze :D
@matcha8761 2 anos atrás
"when you want to main an agent, you have to learn some lineups" ah yes, i can't wait to learn jett's smoke lineup.
@leonbelmont4028 2 anos atrás
you can learn how to make one way smokes with jett. especially when you're on defence.
@achai9679 2 anos atrás
Sorry for the self promo, but I would really appreciate it If you can watch my latest Jett montage video, just trying to grow my channell 😄
@nicholass5621 2 anos atrás
@@achai9679 really
@SafetyKitten 2 anos atrás
Jett has superdash lineups
@kromck8007 2 anos atrás
Skye be like
@Amnyess Anos atrás
The rule of "bottom frag cant rage" I'm giving one exception. if you are bottom frag and your top frag phoenix/sova are blocking you in on enemy utility and throwing their molly's at your. Had a rough game the other night and those two did not help.
@mrshibainu9496 Anos atrás
Me taking this video seriously during a match. "can I play jett please?" when i want to play killjoy.
@atree5915 Anos atrás
"it's called peer pressure my friends" HAHAHAHAHAHA broo TT--TT
I love seeing episode 1 act 2 skins in action Such underrated skins
@TMRes3T Mês atrás
@shinydishwasher5815 2 anos atrás
Btw if someone is switching between all of their agents on the agent select and they aren't locking in, I THINK it means they're waiting for you to pick so they don't steal your main. I do this so I think that's why other people might do it.
@SnowwflakeQwQ 2 anos atrás
@SYM814 2 anos atrás
I do the same
@firedrake372 2 anos atrás
i do that, but it is mostly to see what our team needs. i either last pick or second to last pick for this reason
@Smiler445 2 anos atrás
wish there were more people like you, I just started playing this game and played a round of casual and I picked Sage but didn't lock and on of my mates instalocked her and immediately said over voice chat " ( my name ) looks like you weren't fast enough HAHA " and I'm just sitting there like why do you have to be toxic to your teammates about picking an agent? Maaaaaaybe I was just looking who others want to pick as I'm new to the game and don't want to steal somebody's agent if they're better with it
@shinydishwasher5815 2 anos atrás
@@Smiler445 exactly, i dont wanna give my team a bad time
@yeetsy5760 Anos atrás
4:10 "Don't shoot all your bullets op" A textbook example of Dunglish lmao
@Filipekos071 10 meses atrás
4:55 when i look at the scoreboard and see myself top fragging i just go "lets go i am actually doing something".
@kau_sz Anos atrás
"youre not allowed to buy smite skins. idk why, ask westjett" LOL
@GrampusFlocan Anos atrás
"When your team buy 4 odin, you have to buy odin" Me: Im not gay.
@medlrhali6126 Anos atrás
6:45 i literally open it at the same time you were talking lol
@raremuan 2 anos atrás
Another rule: dont blame bottom fragger when they still have some kills. Ofcourse when they have like 0-4 by round 15 and give no info or troll thats something else, but as someone who isnt a total crackhead in the game its frustrating when people start blaming you for doing nothing without a real reason.
@sazvanali1371 2 anos atrás
@真知子________💋 beuh
@Citadel1974 2 anos atrás
I wish people wouldn't dump on the person who has zero kills. Its not like they didn't know and its not like they're happy about it. Flaming them isn't the right kind of encouragement.
@gumiho8543 2 anos atrás
don't play comp then
@raremuan 2 anos atrás
@@gumiho8543 why not? If your not that good you'll just get placed in a lower league. Im in silver 2 and im keeping up.
@mack7126 2 anos atrás
Indeed i'd rather have a 2 kills controller who uses they're utilities great than a toxic midfragger
@MentalWorld_Toffee 10 meses atrás
Rule: Dont knife near the barrier it might notify the enemy Team that you are there Also i think its ok to look at the scoreboard only at times where you wanna know what weapon your Team has or to See how high your ping is
@Gam3Theorist 8 meses atrás
I love your accent! I’ll forever think of you as Sova giving a teammate tips.
@Zen_ry Anos atrás
"Dont listen to music" Spectrum Phantom:"Oh nothing dont mind me"
@foxidized692 Anos atrás
4:58 - this was a little bad for me. I watched this video when i just started playing and the only agents i ever used at the time were Phoenix and Sova. I really took many of those rules to my heart, including "learning lineups". I think i ended up learning like 100+ lineups just for sova recon darts, thinking, that it's the only way that i can be useful for my team (no aim skill). It burned me out a little. It also made me not want to play viper (i saw her, and still see her, as agent made out of lineups). At least i am better now and this problem that i created really faded away (although i still don't want to play viper)
@celestiiae1578 Anos atrás
man i main viper and i know like 3 lineups, it's alright just act like u know whag ur doinh
@foxidized692 Anos atrás
@@celestiiae1578 i like that advice, that's pretty much what I am doing when playing cypher lol
@Eventide215 Anos atrás
Honestly I wish they'd destroy "lineups" that go over walls and such because in my opinion it really destroys the point of the game. The abilities are meant to be used with direct, or near direct, sight where you're actually in danger. If everyone can just toss their skills over walls and such, what's the point? Like I've seen people using Fade's haunt on rooves and that actually will allow it to still mark people and because of the angle it doesn't make sound.
@IcedLun Anos atrás
4:25 okay, now i take everything from this video as a strait up lies and bad advices
@AminOnPC 2 anos atrás
Rule: If someone says "can I get a hooyaaaaa" you gotta respond with a hoooyaaaaaaa
@propianist3827 2 anos atrás
yess and how does this only has 8 likes?
@ralphdecastro2145 2 anos atrás
@MrLowlander 2 anos atrás
@Sunbunbun_ 2 anos atrás
Man when u gonna post the video with saura
@ShanxShadow 2 anos atrás
Thats a life rule Punishment if you dont answer: D E A T H
@bubbayugga8164 Anos atrás
6:56 Just had a game of Valorant where I got 2 kills due to someone opening the door. If they wouldn't have opened the door then he would have killed me eventually when I saw him again, and when I wouldn't expect him. That's why you never open that door. It is very risky.
@shwuubs Anos atrás
Please don't waste your walls like the ones around the 3:50 mark, I highly suggest waiting a minute because of how easily those walls can be destroyed and wasted. There are several walls you can use that are better than the basic ones (like just a side wall in a tunnel when you could easily make the wall long ways so it's more effective) There isn't really an "excuse" to be bottom but support shouldn't be peeking or being aggressive. If you're sage you watch flank, stay behind to give your team heals. If there is a sage and a skye the sage needs to stick with skye and keep them alive so they can group heal everyone else. I've seen several lobbies of people making the healers go first and just lagging behind and it ruins everyones effectiveness
my valorant lawyer when i had to get off mid-game:
@xeromakescontent Anos atrás
I've opened the Breeze door on defending side a lot. I've done that in case I need to circle back, push the hallway, or run to B to help teammates. The only thing is that you've gotta be careful as hell, as they'll hear it
@donuts9549 9 meses atrás
If it's your best friend... you have to steal the ace😂
@ashesvl7755 2 anos atrás
Unwritten Rule of MrLowlander: Stay Hydrated :)
@MrLowlander 2 anos atrás
@URMOM-rj8du 2 anos atrás
I missed the old voiceline spike down a b mid
@ShineeMan 2 anos atrás
@@hansrx-7_________36 what
@anzeiru5871 2 anos atrás
@@ShineeMan it's a bot(tho you know :) just report it
@ShineeMan 2 anos atrás
@@anzeiru5871 ok
@0denku0 Anos atrás
The accent is adorable and I have squealed this entire video because of it you're so wholesome
@chaoticnick922 6 meses atrás
I love how it’s harder to find a BRvidr who mentions the smite bundle without talking about Westjett than one that doesn’t
@modisir5360 Anos atrás
6:40 free westjett promotion 💀
@badotisbozo7821 Anos atrás
“I would never know that because I never do frag” your not alone on that one
@bobboberten6052 Anos atrás
him:" don't listen to music while playing" me: listens to this video while playing
@rhettrobertson8183 2 anos atrás
when i got my first ace the other day, my team all were moving on the last guy but waited for me to make the first move and they just waited for a refrag. it was so nice
@spaceclips5973 2 anos atrás
w team
@DaPoptartLord Anos atrás
Ha, whenever one of us (friends) is almost about to ace, we immediately tryhard to kill the last guy and steal the ace
@kymarqz Anos atrás
yea you always gotta let your teammates get the ace 👍
@TraeBaldwin Anos atrás
Grats on your first ace!
@Eventide215 Anos atrás
The only thing about this to me is did you really get an ace? If your entire team stopped playing the game just so you can kill someone, did you really earn anything?
@AryanPrabhakaran Anos atrás
"A well informing 15 kill teammate is better than a toxic 25 kill teammate"
@SillyNinja 20 dias atrás
if an enemy crouches at you, they want to knife fight. don’t shoot.
@jeffyman780 Anos atrás
Hey MrLowlander what crosshair is that?
@gilbertowen4908 Hora atrás
4:41 score board is actually quite important since you might wanna give your teammate a ult winning round, but it does discourage you, so keep calm and we can piah thought
@farb4u810 Anos atrás
I’m pretty sure people give ops to Jett because she has the dash ability and updraft, which is good to dodge shots from the enemy after an op shot. Also the updraft gets you into good places to snipe from. I’m pretty sure anyway.
@slash2911 2 anos atrás
Instead of looking at your KDA on the scoreboard, look at your money and your opponent's money. This way you can plan your holds or pushes according to the weapons you or the opponents have. The true scoreboard is the one on the very top of the screen, and that's where you should focus on.
@shockedpikachu9479 2 anos atrás
I do that everytime I tell my teammates what guns will they have
@slash2911 2 anos atrás
@@shockedpikachu9479 Good on you bro, keep it up
@Mh2sK1 2 anos atrás
imagine looking at money when looking at the scoreboard this reply was made by high ping gang
@rocas1491 2 anos atrás
I naturally look at the enemies money
@oberdot 2 anos atrás
Good advice
@danielalex271 Anos atrás
If someone's planting u must cover him, it's stressful enough to get kill and not even traded, also check always who has the spike, you don't wanna be rushing solo and realizing your team already took B and you lost the spike on A
@thejuba7310 Anos atrás
6:56 I play sage always... and I open that gate after wall on cornerwize... then open the get with op, vandal or odin... Also can easily put slow orb on attacker entry on A site... It helps me a lot, because most of the players are on focus on that defenders who camps behind the pyramid, then there is 2 player easy to kill... Because you are out of their focus...
@haroldtrebbi Anos atrás
"the first wall is on split" oh god 😭😭
@GinormousOzzy Anos atrás
The number one rule is to never play breach, half ur teammates are gonna let out an audible groan
@gamescreen543 7 meses atrás
MrLowlander: You are not allowed to buy smite skins Also MrLowlander: Smite classic
@Kreyeostasis 2 anos atrás
For the"dont steal an ace" they should also tell you, its more important to focus than watch the kill feed
@prokabu3797 2 anos atrás
I once accidentally stole someone's ace because idk they were almost ace.the enemy team and my team are mad about that.
@angelina-lw1lm 2 anos atrás
@@prokabu3797 aww that’s okay, i’ve done it before too
@uebyCyka 2 anos atrás
Once we got a really tough enemies. Everyone was playing way too slow even for valorant, hiding on the sites. Then I got 4 kills. Everyone immediately went to search the last enemy, stealing my ace.
@prokabu3797 2 anos atrás
@@uebyCyka i feel bad for you
@uebyCyka 2 anos atrás
@@prokabu3797 i didn't feel bad tho. Back then, I returned to val after a week or two and discovered I've become better. so playing in my lobby felt like smurfing and I got tired of it. So that game was fun
@Andrey-zo4cl Anos atrás
The way he says my friend is wierdly satisfying
Brother i am in love with your accent 😂❤
@riemerwiersma3268 Anos atrás
4:10 dont shoet al jor boellets op
@g.l.rgaming6369 Anos atrás
I just love how many times you say my friends. Keep rocking
@ionutgaming7524 Anos atrás
4:04 "just use 7 bulets" proceeds to use entire mag
@boblackross3571 2 anos atrás
3:30 Mr Lowlander: This is a bad wall for Sage if there is raze etc. Also Lowlander: Very good wall my friend.
@herki. 2 anos atrás
@noahlaws531 2 anos atrás
Not very Dutch of him lol
@achai9679 2 anos atrás
Sorry for the self promo, but I would really appreciate it If you can watch my latest Jett montage video, just trying to grow my channell 😄
@araccount27 2 anos atrás
Tenz said about that wall actually is a bad wall, but i think almost all teams in pro level do that XD
@ignite9998 2 anos atrás
@@hansrx-7_________36 sorry but i m a man of culture
@issamnsur2654 11 meses atrás
U should look at the scoreboard here are the reasons 1. Check the economy of the enemy team 2. Check who can have their ultimate the next round after thek get a kill
@raegonyoom4681 Anos atrás
I love how I was less than 5 seconds in for the first time watching this channel, and I could already sense the frikandelbroodje strongly
@rndm00 Anos atrás
please tell me what the name off the weapon skin is you are using in this vid PLSSS like the withe one
@Lidia__ Anos atrás
I will not stop listening to music, it helps me keep calm and most of the time when I feel annoyed I notice my music had stopped playing, imidietly helps me. I also have it low enough that I can vibe but hear everything at the same time
@pleksypoo3252 Anos atrás
this turned from unwritten rules to tips to get out of silver
@notzainul9577 2 anos atrás
An unwritten rule when i play with my friend, throw your classic off the map as a sacrifice
@user-xi9fg2si6z 2 anos atrás
@真知子________💋 no
@opheliax583 2 anos atrás
Lol, my friend has the spectrum classic (recent zedd skin) and before any pistol round, i throw my gun off the map and look at her and she just throws me the skin. Which she throws everyone the skin cause she loves the finisher, but still fun to do anyway before pistol round.
@hi-its-matt Anos atrás
The operator jett thing is cause jett can dash sideways after a shot. They don’t get caught in the open between shots so it’s less risky
The reason Jett's recieve the ops is because she's the only character specifically made for opping.
@negat1ve846 Anos atrás
4:58 Me maining omen: Laughs in lineups
@CloudsofSecret Anos atrás
Grim opens that door on breeze for a wall sometimes :)
@lunar4235 Anos atrás
“Just ask WestJett” Guys, don’t ask westjett you’ll regret it
"Your not allowed to buy smite skins" WestJett would be proud
@pallaviverma9343 2 anos atrás
How scandalous of you not to buy the smite skins, the best in-game.
@aza5871 2 anos atrás
@@hansrx-7_________36 shut up bot
@remremgaming2561 2 anos atrás
I did it just to "smite" hahahaha omg I'm sorry I had to
@a.g.i1612 2 anos atrás
I have smith phantom, i love that skin haha.
@travellerM101 2 anos atrás
2 more unwritten rules. if an enemy is up and down sneakin when u both are in the same spot,dont kill each other just run pass each other like you never saw each other and never talk about that moment ever again. and the other one if the enemy team ask for an cool knive battle round in mid,DO AN KNIVE BATTLE AT THE MID and dont camp somewere and kill them.
@vulcanvlogs7523 Anos atrás
2:38 everyone agreed to a knife fight and the guy on the other team (who was losing and asked for knife) got me with a phantom and our Reyna with his hand laser, but we still won lol
@AnOpalGhost Anos atrás
The Op goes to Jett because she can dash away after a shot, she's not standing there with a gun with no bullets right after a kill. So nowadays the Op goes to Jett or Chamber.
@zeese4216 Anos atrás
About the door on Breeze I'm a killjoy main and i always open that door when i have a marshal since it's a really nice snipe spot and my turret draws the attention from me which is more than ideal
@mr_niknes9606 6 meses atrás
me without music: 5-9, me with music: 20-9
@chopzzz1556 2 anos atrás
If you are in a game, keep the morale of the team up. Whether you are top frag or bot frag, always communicate well and give callouts when necessary. It is better to fight a 5v5 than a 1v5
Thank god someone gets this. It doesn't matter if you can top frag. If you're not working with your team, communicating, using utils, watching flanks, etc. You're useless, plain and simple. You can aim, but you cant do jack shit else
@tailongraven4924 Anos atrás
Yea and one thing if you in low rank do not roasting people form your team if they miss shot
@ADrDucky Anos atrás
When I’m bottom fragging I don’t rage on my teamates, I rage on my self.
@lobodagoiaba4519 Anos atrás
5:50 I noticed this too, not that I am a bad awp player but when I started playing with jett I felt powerful, maybe because it is hard to move around with this weapon and with jett I can just shoot and fly
@reniquesd4338 Anos atrás
6:55 ive had my team open that's so annoying 😂
@aristology6912 2 anos atrás
Another rule: if the girl you like joins your party and your homie is in with you, your homie SHOULD NOT try to out-comedy you.
@IcicleWR 10 meses atrás
Rule: "learn lineups" Me: "makes my own lineups"
@krazekreations9890 2 anos atrás
A really good tip that people don’t pay attention to: we’ve all been in the situation where the enemy sees you and you see them and they have cover but you don’t, what normally happens is you don’t move from your spot waiting for them to re peak, and 8/10 times you get beamed, the way I see best to avoid this is when they spot you and go back into cover, move a few steps to a different location but still be able to see the same location you where aiming at before, it throws them off because before they where pre-aiming at the spot you where before, now that you e moved slightly it throws them off for half a second or less and in that time they try to adjust their aim at you they would either have to to hide again or shoot it out, if they go back to cover just rinse and repeat, not just a valorant strat by one for all shooter games.
@sedwars3616 2 anos atrás
thanks for the tip
@kermitgamer1650 2 anos atrás
@fredibumaye5141 2 anos atrás
I get one tapped anyway
@ddetra 2 anos atrás
yes, yes, a million times yes! i’ve done this (most of the time it’s a panic movement more than anything *•~•) but it helps so much! especially if you move in the direction that makes them have to peak further to see you. as in like if they, from their sight, has to turn like a left corner to peak. you need to move to your right (making them have to make harder left turn/swing to hit)
@ddetra 2 anos atrás
it gives you the slightest extra second to hit the shot. which can make the difference.
@vychpe.smetana Anos atrás
Mrlowlander: Always check corners Mrlowlander: 5 secs later doesnt Check a corner
sage main: stays in back me, a sage main: *charges in front and gets an ace for 3 rounds straight* daydreaming level at max
@JessePinkman-kk1ve 10 meses atrás
how often did you say my friend? him: alot my friend
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