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#MORBIUS - watch the teaser trailer now. In theaters March 19, 2021.
One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.
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Jared Leto
Matt Smith
Adria Arjona
Jared Harris
Al Madrigal
with Tyrese Gibson
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13 Jan 2020



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Comentários 100
Shadhin Magnito
Shadhin Magnito 23 minutos atrás
give. us. BLADE!
Mike Schafsnitz
Mike Schafsnitz 48 minutos atrás
rico nasty
Kalil Cooper
Kalil Cooper Hora atrás
2:10 anyone saw spider man
Dander Gaming
Dander Gaming 7 horas atrás
This movie is impressive I am speechless
_3P 8 horas atrás
2:09... But this Spiderman is not Tom Holland one. It's the old Tobey Maguire one
Abhirup Chakrabarti
Abhirup Chakrabarti 8 horas atrás
Morbius said that bats are the cure....surely he didn't knew about the origin of Covid 19.......
mrslime0102 10 horas atrás
Cinemas are gonna flood with money in 2021 with these movies
Tiffany Erfanian-Zoghi
Tiffany Erfanian-Zoghi 13 horas atrás
First Venom. Then Morbius. Next will be Kraven the Hunter ;)
We get THAT instead of Black Cat
Felix Chivaura
Felix Chivaura Dia atrás
Better than your joker performance
Redstreak 93
Redstreak 93 Dia atrás
the bgm is superr.....
Antonella Fonteñez
Iris Leticia Molina
The end of this trailer feels sinister
Joshua Longden
Joshua Longden Dia atrás
Looks amazing 🤩🤩
Skyranger13 Dia atrás
So this is how Covid was created.
Massimo and Antonella
Me: oh I cant wait to watch this movie! Coronavirus: you ain't goin' no where ;-)
Zephyr360 Dia atrás
This wasn’t a good trailer, imo
Alexander YMH
Alexander YMH 2 dias atrás
So..., this is Marvel’s Batman instead he is supernatural?
Ibrahim Ismail
Ibrahim Ismail 2 dias atrás
I'm glad Vulture is in this. If it's connected to the Mcu much more people would want to watch it. I'd watch it regardless.
Emirkan Kaya
Emirkan Kaya 2 dias atrás
2:10 Spiderman art
Joey's Gaming
Joey's Gaming 2 dias atrás
Covid 19 ruin thissssss 🌚
Michael A. Larco
Michael A. Larco 2 dias atrás
Lol 🤣. Michael Keaton played The Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming 2017. Michael Keaton played Batman 1989 and Batman Returns 1992 (Michael Keaton will ALWAYS BE THE BEST BATMAN). Lol 🤣 "Michael Keaton - What's up doc?" to Morbius". Now that's pretty iconic right there. Bruce Wayne who dresses up like a bat to put fear into the hearts of Gotham's villains meeting an actual man who became a vampire/bat. Absolutely priceless. Although it hasn't been confirmed if Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as The Vulture in this movie. P.S. Let's not forget Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice 1988. Classic movie acting.
Talkative Yellow Toad
Talkative Yellow Toad 2 dias atrás
U are not an OG marvel fanboy if u do not know who morbius is. Possibly one of the coolest marvel villains ever
Jorge Vidal
Jorge Vidal 2 dias atrás
Spider-man cant win this one. Not without a Tony Stark suit.
Kenneth Major
Kenneth Major Dia atrás
That is Sam Raimi's Spider-man suit from ps4 AKA Tobey Maguire.
Creative Gaming
Creative Gaming Dia atrás
More like he will make his own suit but with stark technology
BlackSpace 3 dias atrás
Anybody notice that on the wall behind Leto at around 2:05 it says "murder" over spiderman's painting? Does that mean Spiderman is in this too??
BboyZoinks 3 dias atrás
So are they connecting the Sony and MC universes!? I need answers people!!!
DeCapitan 3 dias atrás
forzie88 3 dias atrás
RIP Morbius, turns out the bats gave him covid-19...
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 3 dias atrás
From the studio that brought you spider-man and spider-man *again*
Doctor Orange
Doctor Orange 3 dias atrás
My man Beethoven would be proud today.
mrslime0102 3 dias atrás
2021 is gonna be lit wit all these movies
Rüzgar ATAHAN 3 dias atrás
ah korona korona korona yüzünden izleyemedik şu filmi :D 2021 e kaldı
Karniel Cashumphries
Karniel Cashumphries 4 dias atrás
So it this in the mcu? Does this mean Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is in this universe? Is this the same universe as venom?
Sweaty Pickles
Sweaty Pickles 4 dias atrás
everybody callin him referencing batman has not read the comics clearly
Dynasty 00
Dynasty 00 4 dias atrás
Literally the most exciting thing about this was Matt Smith just walking in a 1 second clip.
arian tm
arian tm 4 dias atrás
Did no one actually realized spider man in the trailer
Luis Filipe Peneda da Silva
I hope at the end of the movie, Blade appears at a extra scene
Talkative Yellow Toad
Talkative Yellow Toad 2 dias atrás
That’s actually a possibility. A blade movie is supposed to be in phase 4 of the MCU so I can see them teasing that at the end of this movie
Neel Mehta
Neel Mehta 4 dias atrás
The Score is just 👌👌👌
Haidar Munglee
Haidar Munglee 5 dias atrás
Wait what!!!! So this is same universe as VENOM AND SPIDEY!!! HELL YEAHH!! AND SHOUT TO MATT SMITH 🙌 THE DOctor
jeebs621 5 dias atrás
Looks good, wish it was coming out this year. Please Sony, you know damn well you had little to no involvement with the SpiderMan Movies 😂😂😂 just show off venom lmao
Ralph Macchiato
Ralph Macchiato 5 dias atrás
This will probably be released on a streaming platform as cinemagoing is as dead as the dodo.
Дмитрий Киселёв
so that's the guy who messed with bats in his lab
Foscor M.D.A.
Foscor M.D.A. 5 dias atrás
2:09, I guess spiderman exists and this movie isn't stand-alone
Foscor M.D.A.
Foscor M.D.A. 5 dias atrás
That music is sick
Jorge Oviedo
Jorge Oviedo 5 dias atrás
Todo es culpa de Morbius
phưmtamtam nguyengangam Blogs
britain's got talent 2019
bala rygan
bala rygan 5 dias atrás
Anyone noticed the villain of spiderman homecoming at the end
Michael A. Larco
Michael A. Larco 2 dias atrás
Lmao.....Michael Keaton played Batman 1989 and Batman Returns 1992. Lol 🤣 canon breaking shit.
Busternutt69 5 dias atrás
this is obviously the way they're bringing vampires into the mcu. it has to be.
Nicholas Musgrave
Nicholas Musgrave 5 dias atrás
this is how Coronavirus started
golfdk1 5 dias atrás
F... me Jared Leto gotta go.. gotta go
Dorien Collier
Dorien Collier 5 dias atrás
Cinemasins(josh): Get That Paycheck Tyrese🤣🤣
Cioaca Cristian
Cioaca Cristian 5 dias atrás
00:14 Tony Stark
Alexandre Alves
Alexandre Alves 6 dias atrás
Just by the trailer I can already see that this Morbius film will be a bomb. I don't think it will be on the same level as Cats, most likely it will be in the same cream as films like Hellboy or the last MIB (both from last year)
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 5 dias atrás
I dont agree
Raza x vlogs
Raza x vlogs 6 dias atrás
Damn that music 🎵
Dante Campagna
Dante Campagna 6 dias atrás
I keep thinking of man bat from the dc universe
thatsTim!! boiii
thatsTim!! boiii 6 dias atrás
Mannnnnnn I was looking forward to this movie dawg i hate the Coronavirus
Ross_ Draws
Ross_ Draws 6 dias atrás
2021 is the year of the spider fans
Shannta 6 dias atrás
Jared Leto to Micahel Morbius: Look at me. *I'm the batman now*
anurag Narayan lal
anurag Narayan lal 6 dias atrás
Basically the movie's following the story of dr. Curt connors aka human lizard who wanted to grow his arm and become good again
Ali Elshabrawy
Ali Elshabrawy 6 dias atrás
He teases Carnage and none other than the Sinister Six
Ali Elshabrawy
Ali Elshabrawy 6 dias atrás
I am excited for Morbius
Black Widow Fan
Black Widow Fan 6 dias atrás
The music is soo good I need a score!
Daniel Alejandro Aguilera Martinez
2:09 is that sam raimi Spiderman?
sultan mikaili
sultan mikaili 4 dias atrás
Connor Treado
Connor Treado 7 dias atrás
Nobody asked for this.
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 5 dias atrás
I did
Berardo Sinani
Berardo Sinani 7 dias atrás
Well noone is gonna talk about the sam raimi suit in the minute 02.10
Venom2099 7 dias atrás
Camera filter look like the amazing spiderman and venom
Venom2099 7 dias atrás
Trailer 2 pls
Daniel Espinoza 12345
Daniel Espinoza 12345 7 dias atrás
2:10 you can see in right side background Spiderman with a sign says murder barley realized that
Josh Erickson
Josh Erickson 7 dias atrás
Some people call it 'Just a movie.' Fans like us call it 'awsome.' Jared Leto calls it ' Redemption!'
Brajesh Singh
Brajesh Singh 7 dias atrás
this looks like a well made movie.
Shahmeer Hamza
Shahmeer Hamza 7 dias atrás
Beethoven ♥
UltimateSpider 8 dias atrás
Tg Oh
Tg Oh 8 dias atrás
I mean the cast is great. I don't know about Leto, but a great cast nonetheless
Daniel Andreas
Daniel Andreas 8 dias atrás
This will be even more awesome if morbius and venom was in exact same universe.
Devon Davinci
Devon Davinci 5 dias atrás
They are
Tanner P.
Tanner P. 6 dias atrás
They are.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 8 dias atrás
Today was going to be Morbius' release. It means we would've seen it tonight if it wasn't for COVID.
Dawn Frazer
Dawn Frazer 3 dias atrás
@Shady Al-Attar yah
Shady Al-Attar
Shady Al-Attar 6 dias atrás
benmorax 8 dias atrás
If Michael Keaton is here, does that mean that Vulture is out of jail ?
LBM 8 dias atrás
Today would be the day we see Morbius in theaters if it weren't for Covid😢 Now we gotta wait till March 19 2021
Nicolas Hernaez
Nicolas Hernaez 7 dias atrás
Kyle Cook
Kyle Cook 8 dias atrás
I hope Matt Smith’s character has a fair size role in this.
George Ebbrell
George Ebbrell 7 dias atrás
He's the villain
ActivBowser9177 8 dias atrás
Who's here because Morbius was originally supposed to come out today?
mrslime0102 10 horas atrás
I’d love to see it👀and I thought it was gonna take a long time till today😂
Karniel Cashumphries
Karniel Cashumphries 4 dias atrás
ActivBowser9177 Me
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
It supposed be released in theaters
kingmingmo 8 dias atrás
This would've been released today 😞
Akhil Jose
Akhil Jose 8 dias atrás
00:36 malayalam film akale song bgm🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Axel Goldfarb
Axel Goldfarb 8 dias atrás
Y'all bully Jared so much about his Joker performance like you're all in high school.
FractalPrism 9 dias atrás
i can see so much skill from the many who worked on this art but movies feel ancient now, a 1way message with no interaction, only a few shades better than words on a page.
Molly Moko
Molly Moko 9 dias atrás
he got covid eh
dominicanoUSA 9 dias atrás
This movie is supposed to be out today!!!
Full of It
Full of It 9 dias atrás
Oh shiii was that the doctor walking in the train station
Addey Cawthon
Addey Cawthon 9 dias atrás
What is it with bats this year
Senju Hashirama
Senju Hashirama 9 dias atrás
2:12 can't wait to see him ❤🥰
Speedforce master
Speedforce master 9 dias atrás
The DCEU's 1st movie came in 2013 and the next 2 came in 2016 Venom came in 2018 and now Sony's next 2 movies are coming in 2021... If you do the math that's a 3 year gap!!! So pretty much DC and Marvel are copying each other after all
Speedforce master
Speedforce master 9 dias atrás
"this will be a cure" Me: Yeah we should've had the vaccine months ago before your movie got delayed!!!!
Speedforce master
Speedforce master 9 dias atrás
Wait it's in theaters today? That's wierd I tried going to the theater but they were closed and they told me that the movie is not playing??? WHY DID YOU LIE TO US SONY!? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
getnoob1243 fanflamingo5
Chaitu Lion
Chaitu Lion 9 dias atrás
Coronavirus man
Dev Choudhary
Dev Choudhary 10 dias atrás
I am From An Alternate Timeline and I Going To Watch Morbius Tomorrow in Theatre!!
Zaid Ali Khan
Zaid Ali Khan 10 dias atrás
Chal chutiye
Duck You
Duck You 10 dias atrás
what is the piano music in the back called?
Cinimodg02 10 dias atrás
Would have been coming up this Friday 😢
demon dog 666
demon dog 666 10 dias atrás
You're right! 😭
Akash Kumar Bairagi
Akash Kumar Bairagi 11 dias atrás
Please dub this movie in hindi language also ❤️ Take love from Kolkata ❤️
ianeee Kim
ianeee Kim 11 dias atrás
Can't wait to watch this movieeee😍 jared💓
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 11 dias atrás
But how are we supposed to know he's a vampire if bloodsucker isn't tattooed on his forehead?
Dawn Frazer
Dawn Frazer 3 dias atrás
Fritter Films
Fritter Films 7 dias atrás
He’s a vampire? I thought he was damaged..
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