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4 Dez 2022



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TheZooman22 Anos atrás
As a landscape photographer, one of the biggest issues I have with the photos taken on the moon is the apparent distance between the subject to the horizon, and the lack of background details. The depth of field is too short.. This would be consistent with the idea that this was fabricated on a set in Hollywood.
Sandy Jones
Sandy Jones 6 dias atrás
@Kinsey Ritterbush I was speaking of The Moon. In the pictures you don't see many rocks LYING AROUND on the MOON pictures. 🙄
Sandy Jones
Sandy Jones 6 dias atrás
@occhamite "Thousands of scientists, all over the world..." "About a thousand more...every year" Since 1969 ... I rest my case.
David Ulrich LDJ
David Ulrich LDJ 8 dias atrás
@B Luke explain our sworn enemies with same intel. What’s wrong with your brain???
B Luke
B Luke 8 dias atrás
David Ulrich LDJ
David Ulrich LDJ 8 dias atrás
@B Luke Just ask a few of the guys that have been there. With the hundreds of thousands of people that work at agencies all over the world, I would think the 200 of you might finally catch on
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez 2 dias atrás
I saw the descent of man on the moon at the end of the 60's, they traveled several days, until they set foot on the moon... I do believe that they went to the moon, because it would have been a very meticulous and time-consuming show Those who say they did not reach the moon are lying...(google translated)...
Michael Sigismonde
Michael Sigismonde 2 dias atrás
Neil Armstrong was actually supposed to say, "That's one small step for A man...." Unfortunately he goofed up and said, "That's one small step for man...." If this was a faked moon landing, why didn't the director halt film and do it again, correctly this time? Of course, if this event was real, there could be no "do overs." My conclusion: The moon landing was real...and Earth is not flat!
connie schneider
connie schneider 2 dias atrás
Maybe the director thought it was a nice touch, not to do a re do.
Anrainer 2 dias atrás
Nice argument! 👍🏼
Jay Urban
Jay Urban 2 horas atrás
I’ve always marveled at the aerodynamics of the moon lander!
Jerry Sharp
Jerry Sharp 2 dias atrás
On the dark side of the moon, you would see stars... During a Moon day...Just like daytime on earth you cannot see stars.
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson Anos atrás
Whether man went to the moon or not I cannot say but I fail to understand why over fifty years later with technology having advanced exponentially greater than it was in 1969 we have yet to land a person on Mars. Also bear in mind that with the level of technology available in the video industry today the videos and pictures we see from the supposed Mars expeditions could be easily faked by someone with a little knowledge and equipment from their basement studio so imagine what could be done given enough knowledge and finances. The point I am attempting to make is that video and pictures cannot be taken for granted as genuine these days and that could certainly apply to material from fifty years ago as well if given adequate resources.
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 13 horas atrás
@laverita Forza :, I'm convinced that 2+2=4 is 90% wrong...
laverita Forza
laverita Forza 6 dias atrás
Exactly. In this world, if you weren't there yourself, keep a very open mind. I would say , having researched various topics, at least 90% of what we " know " is wrong.
Karl Wieler
Karl Wieler 2 meses atrás
I'm t666666666666666
Scott 2 dias atrás
Common sense: we landed on the moon. The earth isn't flat. "Evolution " happened. I could go on.
ryan selleck
ryan selleck 2 dias atrás
What about the 842lb of lunar rock samples that has a dust that hasn’t been able to be matched up with any dirt/dust from earth?
Nano’s With A Backbone
Ok so we were lied to about the moon what? This literally changes nothing in my life either way.
Rare Hunting with Kenneth
Do you seriously think these types of people cares what truth may come out now? Those who created the lies are in power and holds captive the stage of power
Glenn Ogborn
Glenn Ogborn 2 meses atrás
At the time of the first moon landing both my grandfathers were alive. One, was born in 1880. He was 32 when he saw his first automobile. He watched the landing and was amazed. My other grandfather never believed it happened. He had been stationed in Hawaii during the war and firmly believed that it was filmed on one of the island volcanic regions.
TexasTornado Dia atrás
Interesting. Thank you for sharing that. Adds perspective in a very understandable way. Those who misunderstand your intent, were obviously looking to argue and didn’t actually think while reading your comment.
Pauline Gallagher
Pauline Gallagher 5 dias atrás
@lynden hall what? who is this 'we'? flat earthers?
lynden hall
lynden hall 6 dias atrás
@Pauline Gallagher we dont blame people for believing, because you are also believing they landed there, equally the same note for those who dont..the point here is empty headedness might be you who believe or the other
lynden hall
lynden hall 6 dias atrás
you are already deep in fake lunar landing giant laugh for mankind..the gravity question is irrelevant
lynden hall
lynden hall 15 dias atrás
@Glenn Ogborn i like your grand Father, wish he was still alive to debunk NASA lies
Coma Tose
Coma Tose 2 meses atrás
I remember at this time there was something that had gone wrong with the film on the way back to earth. Not all was damage but some of it. I've always figured the main scene was filmed as they had no choice but to re-create it after the fact. I also remember some talk of this at the time just as I've stated.
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 13 horas atrás
@TexasTornado : a source for your post? I thought it was common knowledge that Mr Armstrong pulled a lanyard to deploy the camera that videoed his descent on the ladder.
TexasTornado Dia atrás
Buzz actually admitted on a late night talk show that the actual “landing” was filmed ahead of time as there was no one outside the ship to film the landing or Neil film Neil getting out of the ship.
Michael Sigismonde
Michael Sigismonde 2 dias atrás
Coma Tose. That explains a lot.
kiwitrainguy 11 dias atrás
They broadcast live TV pictures from the moon.
Coma Tose
Coma Tose 2 meses atrás
@Daniel C I remember something like that. No one ever considers that.
Mud Therapy
Mud Therapy 3 dias atrás
Ppl that think we didn’t go are the same people that think earth is flat
Steven Burkhardt
Steven Burkhardt 7 horas atrás
Of course we actually put men on the moon. The evidence is still there. I watched Neil take that first step when I was a child
Henry Bowman
Henry Bowman 10 horas atrás
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." -William Casey, CIA Director 1981
Sabrina Provencal
Sabrina Provencal Anos atrás
Those were some convenient excuses to the objections. I especially liked the explanation about the Van Allen radiation belts, can't figure out how to get through it even today but the Apllo missions "just went through in an area where the radiation levels are low" and they can watch the solar activity so they apparently could tell what the sun was going to do beforehand. Sort of a sun psychic. And if they got into trouble where the sun decided to throw out a flair they weren't able to predict, they'd see it coming and have time to "hide behind a rock". And one of the men being interviewed, never looked into the camera....he was looking upward like trying to come up with a story the entire "documentary".
Pauline Gallagher
Pauline Gallagher Mês atrás
@jon dough its a different spacecraft, and they want it to be reusable unlike the Saturn, and to spend longer in deep space which would mean longer exposure to radiation belts
jon dough
jon dough 2 meses atrás
@Blackhawk 7R Then why does NASA, to this day say they don't know how to traverse the Van Allen Belt ?
Roskellie 2 meses atrás
Well it must have been faked then. Scientific proof for sure!
Rich Payton
Rich Payton 2 meses atrás
@Ricky Earp Mass Coronal Discharges do. Burned out the telegraphy system and set railroad ties on fire in the 1800's. Good thing we had plenty of rock piles to cower behind.
matanglawinX 2 meses atrás
Did you even bother listening to your astronomy teacher in high school or are you one of those freaky girls whose worries is how you look in the mirror everyday or what Kyle thinks of your hair? Did you even go to high school? My golly, these things are taught in school to everyone. The problem with people like you is that nothing else interests you.
Christopher M
Christopher M 6 horas atrás
Gimme a break. The equipment is left behind and can be seen. Mr trailerpark is a real solid quality source of information.
William Love
William Love 3 dias atrás
The Russians went to the moon before we did! They went there back in 1962. About 10 years later we went there. But the Russians were nice and generous to provide us with the technology so that we could get there and instill confidence and pride within ourselves.
Free Documentary - History
and how do you know the Russians didn’t fake it?
Apollo Skyfacer
Apollo Skyfacer 3 dias atrás
Is there a name for that fantasy world you live in ?
OST(our senseless toil)
OST(our senseless toil) 23 horas atrás
Didn't know Neil threw hands over this😂
Brian Kimmell
Brian Kimmell 8 horas atrás
Definitely didn't go. Astronauts didn't know themselves till the last minute. Kubrick confessed to filming it. I could go on and on......
SyriusStar Multimedia
SyriusStar Multimedia 2 meses atrás
I watched that rocket take off and fly away with my own two eyes from Tampa, Florida. I watched it until the flame, which was facing us disappeared. I can’t tell you where they went after that.
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 10 horas atrás
@cruiser : NASA learned rendezvous and docking in the Gemini program. Both vehicles were doing abut 17,600 mph. These days, the ISS has had many supply and crew missions docking.
kevin macisaac
kevin macisaac 16 horas atrás
@massatube , what proof is there , why don't don't nasa just prove it . Simple
Karl Vincent
Karl Vincent 19 horas atrás
@TRUE NEPHILIM lolzsuit hopefully you don't fall off the flat earth ..... ice wall lolzsuit
SyriusStar Multimedia
@Princeton Rudert During my time in sports journalism I have learned that I can that I did anything, but I better be able to prove it, because lesser men will just say, “IMPOSSIBLE!” That is how easy it is to diminish the greatest of achievements.
j b
j b 3 dias atrás
@christoher - see CHAPPAQUIDDICK
Shinku Gouki
Shinku Gouki Dia atrás
We just pretended to make it to the moon first so that the Germans would just give up.
Glenn Bolder
Glenn Bolder 11 horas atrás
Moon landings, gotta love science fiction.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 8 horas atrás
@David Tesler I know, I should. But it's an addiction.
David Tesler
David Tesler 8 horas atrás
@Scott Wallace Ignore the foolish
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 10 horas atrás
So are the 842 lbs of Moon rocks fictional too?
Diana Scheifen
Diana Scheifen 11 horas atrás
Back in those days computer's took up entire buildings. There's no way that they would have ever been able to land on the moon let alone get back to earth. The modular craft was sent up later. My dad worked on it at Mcdonald Douglas. Why is the flag flapping in the wind when there's No wind...duh!!!
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 10 horas atrás
The big computers were in Houston, and relayed their calculations to the Apollo craft. And orbital mechanics don't require that much computation anyway, not a thousandth as much as power as your cell phone does to play a video game. And the Apollo craft had human pilots as well.
neil collis
neil collis Anos atrás
"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" - Neil Armstrong
neil collis
neil collis 11 dias atrás
@Godscountry Good luck in your drag races.
occhamite 17 dias atrás
@Miles Odonnol What are WE to think if somebody has decided in advance that a speaker is a "puppet"? I'd say your opinion could hardly be objective.
Wendy Butt
Wendy Butt 17 dias atrás
@Godscountry Yeah, great speech. What is your point? lol (dumb? Hardly!)
Godscountry 18 dias atrás
@Wendy ButtOnly if dumb conspiracist take the sentence out of the context of the full speech.LOL Here is what he actually said.Note how the meaning of the comment changes when its not edited. This is him referencing the students attending the event.I will post the entire speech below it. "Today we have with us a group of students, among America's best". **To you we say we have only completed a beginning.** We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief. Those challenges are yours -- in many fields, not the least of which is space, because there lies human destiny. The complete speech by Neil Armstrong Thank you, Mr. Vice President, Mr. President, members of Congress, fellow astronauts, ladies and gentlemen Wilbur Wright once noted that the only bird that could talk was the parrot, and he didn't fly very well. (Laughter, applause.) So I'll be brief. (Laughter.) This week America has been recalling the Apollo program and reliving the memories of those times in which so many of us here, colleagues here in the first rows, were immersed. Our old astrogeology mentor, Gene Shoemaker, even called in one of his comets to mark the occasion with spectacular Jovian fireworks. (Laughter, applause.) And reminding us once again of the power and consequence of celestial extracurricular activities. Many Americans were part of Apollo, about one or two in each thousand citizens, all across the country. They were asked by their country to do the impossible -- to envisage the design and to build a method of breaking the bonds of earth's gravity and then sally forth and visit another heavenly body. The principal elements -- leaving earth, navigating in space and descending to a planet unencumbered with runways and traffic controls -- would include the major requirements necessary for a space-faring people. Today a space shuttle flies overhead with an international crew. A number of countries have international space programs. During the space age we have increased the knowledge of our universe a thousand- fold.Today we have with us a group of students, among America's best. To you we say we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief. Those challenges are yours -- in many fields, not the least of which is space, because there lies human destiny.
Godscountry 18 dias atrás
neil collis.Oh it hasn't changed ?It has a completely different meaning,hence why the out of context sentence or quote as conspiracist's like to call it, is only found on conspiracy websites. You're a conspiracist.You copied the quote and thought,"wow,I'm really smart,I found Neils cryptic code".I'll post it .ha ha.If you were honest,you would admit,you had no clue it was part of a larger edited speech.For the record ,Godscountry was the name of a NHRA Drag race division at one time that I raced in.That's twice,you took things you read online out of the context of their true meaning..Better to guess then learn the truth.? Renew that library card,your children will thank you someday.
Zeke 2 dias atrás
Saw a documentary,said it would require 6’ of lead shielding to get through the VanAllen radiation belt
Howard Blasingame
Howard Blasingame 10 horas atrás
@connie schneider 300 miles of Earth atmosphere blocks space radiation.
connie schneider
connie schneider 2 dias atrás
@Crit Thought 2 What would be used?
Crit Thought 2
Crit Thought 2 2 dias atrás
That documentary was not only wrong, but laughably wrong. Lead would be one of the worst things you could use for shielding from the radiation in the VAB.
Lonnie Anderson
Lonnie Anderson Mês atrás
It is easier to fool someone than to try to convince someone that they have been fooled
Ralph Major
Ralph Major 8 horas atrás
@Dorian no but that's just me and I try not to criticize what others believe!
Dorian 12 horas atrás
@Ralph Major do you believe in the moon landing
Ralph Major
Ralph Major 19 horas atrás
@Dorian there are still many believers ha ha 😂 just sayin 💯 😉!
Phil Davenport
Phil Davenport Dia atrás
@Gregg Thunderburg Really? Do elucidate.
Gregg Thunderburg
@Phil Davenport you just proved his statement.
mhamm mmagh
mhamm mmagh 2 dias atrás
lets go to the moon... the moon is so close to the earth btw
Henry Bowman
Henry Bowman 9 horas atrás
It should be obvious the Moon is self-luminous. It may be plasma but it's not like the Nevada desert, nor like a Disney film studio. And it's not as big nor distant as the high priests of scientism claim. "Yahweh made two great lights-the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also." Genesis 1:16
Mike Labor
Mike Labor Anos atrás
I have questions concerning the supposed landings which (to my knowledge at least) have never been addressed. Similar to the objections by some, having to do with shadows having (apparently) two sources, mine are also about shadows. The "lunar day" from sun up to sun down, ought be 14 days. Thus, each earth day would advance the sun across the lunar sky just under 14 degrees of rise. We possess the dates involved, and if you look on-line, the phases of the moon for those days exist. We know the landing site, and on that day Mare Tranquilitatus was either just barely emerging into daylight, or still in the dark! With no air present, to help diffuse light, the shadows (if any!) ought have been very crisp, . . . and VERY VERY "long". With the sun at, or just slightly below the lunar horizon, any shadows ought flow off dramatically to one side. But look at the official photos, the angle of inclination in them is something like 30 to 40 degrees from above the horizon. The math involved, predicts that angle of rise ought only appear, something like three earth days later. . . In brief, they were somewhere else than they claim to have been. That much is obvious. The only available choices are either another location several hundred miles to the lunar East, or that the entire thing was faked. If further East, why is NASA lying about the landing site? None of these vids which are out to squelch objections, has ever dealt with this. The angle of the shadows are simply wrong. It would be like snapping a photo at 10:00 a.m. and claiming it was taken at daybreak. Who would be fooled by that?
G Eggerson
G Eggerson 2 meses atrás
Because they feel time is on their side. People forget and the really trained eye is cuckoo. NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE DISCOVERED. TRUTH IS CRUSHED and lie flits and flips everybody off 💯.Cocktail aggorance ! They smart you not!😳🥺
RogerWilco99 2 meses atrás
One thing you MUST understand. If there are two light sources you will have TWO shadows, not just divergent or convergent shadows. That's a fact that ANY photographer can verify.
Anrainer 15 dias atrás
By the way: The Swiss guy *Thomas Zurbuchen* was NASA's science director until September 2022. Among other things, he made a significant contribution to the successful establishment of the James Webb Telescope. He grew up just a few miles from where I live. 😊 Last week, he received an honorary doctorate for his life's work at the ETH in Zurich. Congratulations Thomas! 🥂
konaono 3 dias atrás
Buzz Aldrin came over to our house with his wife and another couple. That was at the Hanalei Colony Resort on Kauai Hawaii in 1979. He didn't really talk about the great achievements when Colin Forbes was serving up drinks and telling the story about the time he was sailing off the Coast of Perth when the capsule was over head and the astronauts could clearly see the Perth city electric grid blinking as the grid was being turned off and on over and over. Buzz didn't dispute this rather spectacular event!!! 😮
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 14 dias atrás
Ich stimme zu.
Paddy Kelley
Paddy Kelley 2 dias atrás
Tell you all what. Go to an observatory like I did and you will know for sure. You can see where they landed and drover all around.
Tim Furnier
Tim Furnier Mês atrás
That was great when Buzz Aldrin punched that punk in the face! Whatever the truth may or may not be, that jerk had no business harassing him!
Dawn Copley
Dawn Copley Mês atrás
Maybe, I missed something, but I always wondered about the powerful contrast between the spacecraft rocketing launch pad to “lift off”, yet on return, they just gracefully float off and smoothly sailed back to earth? In my mind, it has always been a salient point, and I have had not come across any plausible theories supporting what appears to me to be quite a contrary and/or contrasting effortless ballet leap return to earth? No, blast off or propelling launch pad etc…? It was as if an invisible hand of divine protection just unquestionably and gracefully lifted the space vehicle and all included off the moon, and ABRA Cadabra the mighty grace of the mythological heavens took her hand and carried them without question, safely and smoothly to their earthly return?
David Garza
David Garza Dia atrás
@Godscountry If you had the mental capacity to perform an experiment, you would know that we live under the Creator's glass dome (firmament). Genesis 1:6 The rainbow proves that we live under His firmament. We need "reflected light" to see a rainbow, not just "light". Job 37:18 Interesting that google and yt will show how this experiment is performed and in both instances these are the items needed: glass bowl filled with water, flashlight and a MIRROR. Since you have an army of psudeo-scientists, this should not be hard to disprove with experiment, right? Good luck!
Michael Sigismonde
Michael Sigismonde 2 dias atrás
The reason is simple. The great Saturn 5 rocket that launched them to the moon was operating under vastly different rules: Earth's gravity(6× greater), Earth's dense atmosphere (compared to the moon's extremely low gravity), the tremendous difference in power between the Saturn 5 rocket, and relatively puny Luner Excursion Module (LEM), etc, etc. In short, there were a great many differences that could account for this. Please, no more conspiracy theories!
Godscountry 4 dias atrás
@Michael David You must be a FE believer..Clearly you are confused about how rockets move in a vacuum.Rockets work by utilizing Newton's third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Consider a machine gun mounted on a lightweight cart. If the gun is fired, the bullets go in one direction while the cart recoils in the other. The magnitude of the momentum of the bullets equals the momentum of the cart but the directions are opposite. Thus, one momentum is positive and one is negative, making the total change (their sum) zero. Although things are now moving, the total momentum of the gun-cart system has not changed. In a similar manner, a rocket moves in space because the gases are given momentum as they are expelled by the rocket engine. Consider the rocket resting in space. There is no momentum in the system. Next, the engine ignites. As the exhaust gases go in one direction, the rocket goes in the other to keep the total momentum of the system constant. This momentum change of the gases gives the rocket the "push" to go forward. We call this push, the thrust of the rocket, i.e. the force exerted on the rocket. This thrust depends upon the speed of the exhaust gases and the mass of gas being expelled each second, sometimes called the burn rate in pounds of fuel per second. On Earth, air tends to inhibit the exhaust gases getting out of the engine. This reduces the thrust. However, in space since there is no atmosphere, the exhaust gases can exit much easier and faster, thus increasing the thrust. Therefore, the rocket engine actually works better in space than here on,space%20than%20here%20on%20Earth.
Godscountry 5 dias atrás
@Connect the Dots I've forgotten more than most people know about the Apollo program. My uncle was a chemist for Grumman Aerospace ,Bethpage,LI,NY Plant He worked on metal coatings for fighter jets,boats,trucks etc including the**Lunar modules which were all manufactured at the Bethpage,L.I.NY plant .**anodizing,thermo paints etc If you didn't already know?.Other countries have sent lunar rovers and orbiters to the Moon ?,China,India,and Japan have all acknowledged in their press and news media of seeing,and imaging the Apollo landing sites from lunar orbit .China recently performed their first laser range finding experiment,using Apollo 15s retroreflector as their target... Only Japan and India have released the images and scans of the Apollo landing sites... The Soviet Union has openly acknowledged tracking Apollo to the Moon, and listening and watching the live TV feed,/telemetry data and exchanging lunar samples from its Luna missions with samples recovered by Apollo.. .*****Here is one of dozens of photographs taken by India's/ISRO space agency of the Apollo landing sites.Apollo 12 landing site photographed by India Chandrayaan-2 lunar orbiter .A comparion photo taken by NASA/JPL LROC spacecraft is below
Connect the Dots
Connect the Dots 5 dias atrás
It is clearly you who got no clue what was going on, not seeing any moonmission documentary and probably you were not even born back then ! Yep you miss having a IQ.
MrOzwald777 Anos atrás
I love how they’re trying to disprove the conspiracy theorists but then just proved you could take identical pictures on earth 😂😂
Rob Dow
Rob Dow 20 dias atrás
Yeah….they blasted off….landed in Arizona and week later splashed down in the ocean, you really have to be a knuckle head to believe no moon landing conspiracy theory.
Nivlem Hero
Nivlem Hero Mês atrás
@Monkeyboysdontknow do you have aircrafts and rockets, that is why you believe the moon landing was true? Are you an astronaut? You see, we have all the rights to doubt or believe something not needing to mention if we have capabilities or properties.
Monkeyboysdontknow Mês atrás
@Nivlem Hero Also, your incredulity as to the technical abilities and achievements of humans just over 50 years ago is undoubtedly due to your own inadequacies in those regards. Not everyone is as big a dud as you are, and shouldn't be judged to your inferior standards.
Nivlem Hero
Nivlem Hero Mês atrás
We have Star Trek and Ultraman during those fateful years. To me, the telephone call, live-streaming and dropping from the moon to earth are very questionable. It was the corniest idea with regards to aircraft and rocket technology. The point is: the more possible it is to do it on earth, the more unnecessary it is for the actual moon landing to be true.
Monkeyboysdontknow Mês atrás
Missing the entire point of the pictures taken on Earth, just shows how logically, scientifically, and reasonably inept these conspiracy theorists are. Though I am sure some of them are only childishly trolling, I believe such actions still place them firmly in those categories.
Earl Grant
Earl Grant 4 dias atrás
I knew a man that work for nasa and he knew the astronaut and one of them gave him a moon rock but he later gave the rock to his grandkids here in Arkansas
Glass Half Full84
Glass Half Full84 2 meses atrás
It doesn't seem so weird to question the moon landing in 2022, I've seen many online convinced men can give birth nowadays, I grew up through the 70s and 80s and men couldn't give birth back then, the advances in technology are amazing.
Ridge C
Ridge C 22 dias atrás
They told me to follow the science. Still looking for the science on this change.
Brenda Abouarra
Brenda Abouarra 22 dias atrás
And they can't give birth now!!!
marty douglas
marty douglas 2 meses atrás
I'm no engineer but human made light strobes many times a second,not so for solar light as far as I know. I would think that a slowing down of the rate of the video would show the difference between the two. Perhaps that is simplistic but also effective.
kiwitrainguy 11 dias atrás
"human made light strobes many times a second" - you're thinking of lights powered with AC electricity, if you use DC then there is no strobing. LED light bulbs that run off the mains are also DC because there is a diode in the electronics of each bulb to convert the AC supply in to DC for the LEDs.
Godscountry 23 dias atrás
Speeding up and slowing the film would reveal some strange gravitational physics ,as not all of the astronauts movements inside the camera's frame are affected by the 1/6 G.Then there is the problem of inaminate objects like the lunar regolith which would require NASA to put billions of .00034 Dupont nylon line on the individual soil and dust particles and then move them to the precise and calculable Newtonian physics of a 1/6 G vacuum environment.So yeah it was far easier to go to the Moon.
Ed Woodard
Ed Woodard 2 dias atrás
For anyone answer how did they get through the Van Allen belts and still have working electronics???
Monkey King - Self-proclaimed Baccarat Master
Same way all the rovers get to the moon and mars.
Crit Thought 2
Crit Thought 2 2 dias atrás
They avoided the worst of it, went quickly through what they had to, and had appropriate shielding. Plus, the electronics of the day were much hardier compared to modern electronics in terms of susceptibility to damage by the radiation in the VAB.
nik sema
nik sema Anos atrás
I'm convinced that whatever their objective was they achieved it and the people had volunteered to be fooled because at that time it's impossible for the masses to comprehend the whole game.
Pauline Gallagher
Pauline Gallagher Mês atrás
@sharron pettis So youre still of below average intelligence, then
Pauline Gallagher
Pauline Gallagher Mês atrás
@Bron Jon Perfectly put. They live by their own ideas; if they cant wrap their tiny brains around something, then it cant be done, completely undermining the fact that there are people out there a lot more intelligent than they are. cant form an objective outlook, refuse to think critically, and basically live in their own flat, domed world.
Pauline Gallagher
Pauline Gallagher Mês atrás
@E I there was a 1.5 second delay and they used radio signals and had transponders and satellite observatories in Australia and other parts of the world, where their only job was to track the mission and transmit signals.
Siale Hakau
Siale Hakau Mês atrás
@Bron Jon just like Hawaii is the 50th State. The truth shall set u free. Aloha.
Connect the Dots
Connect the Dots 2 meses atrás
Yes they achieved it, going to the moon and landed there. It is you that have been fooled that they did not go , moonhoaxers they are called. Well they got it all wrong. Use you brain, no really using not blablalbal
Katarina Krajna
Katarina Krajna Dia atrás
Nikdy ste neprestali nikdy ste tam nehrali golf ani nejazdil autom Je to len Vás SEN
Roos 22 dias atrás
No human knows how the universe looks like even with all this tech we still don’t know
Max Fan
Max Fan 22 dias atrás
But we know a lot about the part of the universe near us. Enough to know how to go to the Moon and get back safely.
Greg Mcpheoge
Greg Mcpheoge Mês atrás
How did they take the images of Armstrong taking the first steps off the lander? Was there a camera on a robotic arm extended off of the lander or did Aldren take the shot?
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 3 horas atrás
@Esthersar : why make statements when you have no proof? Why not learn some facts.
Esthersar 12 horas atrás
@Drew Thompson _"Of course you have no evidence of your nonsense." There's a ton of evidence that the moon landings were fake. You would know that if you looked at it. As for bots, the bots are those who support all "official stories" from government, no matter how ridiculous. The moon landing official story is right up there with the JFK magic bullet and the Arabs armed with box cutters on 9/11.
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 13 horas atrás
@Esthersar : I've learned that bots just post anything contrary to established fact. Of course you have no evidence of your nonsense.
3RD-EYE-NEENJA! 2 dias atrás
@Rob Dow tard
Rob Dow
Rob Dow 20 dias atrás
@Esthersar 😂
Ag 25 dias atrás
I don't understand people, we didn't go to the moon, (although this video explains everything why they did), we didn't build the pyramids , despite the obvious evidence that people did without alien or giant help. Step back and honor our humanity, we have achieved great heights and great discoveries.
lynden hall
lynden hall 17 dias atrás
WE WISH..WE LANDED ON THE MOON...but e actually brought the moon down here on earth and took fotos, drove rovers and later sent the moon back into space...bad news is that Technology(1969) is no longer there"NASA"
Hammad A
Hammad A Anos atrás
so this is my biggest question. what about Moon dust? shouldn't the reverse thrusters have put up a cloud of dust around the lander that would have taken days to dissipate since the lack of gravity? shouldn't that said dust have blanketed the lander? the pictures show it to be quite clean.
RogerWilco99 2 meses atrás
@Never Giveup You guys don't understand fluid dynamics and something called "ground effect" on the exhaust of a rocket engine in close proximity to the ground. Also, dust in (very near) vacuum settle VERY quickly because there's no air to buoy it up and swirl it around. It just falls straight down quickly (within seconds, not days or hours or even minutes) One other thing. There IS gravity on the moon. It's just 1/6th of Earth gravity. You're not weightless on the Moon. And don't forget that lower gravity does not change your mass. Inertia still acts on you (and everything else) EXACTLY the same as it does on Earth or anywhere else in the universe.
WSE 2 meses atrás
@Romel Murdock As the exhaust gases go in one direction, the rocket goes in the other to keep the total momentum of the system constant. This momentum change of the gases gives the rocket the "push" to go forward. We call this push, the thrust of the rocket, i.e. the force exerted on the rocket.
Terrence Owen
Terrence Owen 2 meses atrás
@Rerun Playa Yes that is correct, after the descent engine was cutoff at 5 feet above the Lunar surface there was no dust to settle on the Lunar Module footpads, because there is no atmosphere to hold it in suspension.
the matgam
the matgam 2 meses atrás
@Romel Murdock Rockets carry an oxidizer, often in the form of liquid oxygen, to burn their engine fuel
Rerun Playa
Rerun Playa 2 meses atrás
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 16 horas atrás
The flag is actually white now because the sun’s brightness is so intense
Paris Georgakakis
Paris Georgakakis 12 horas atrás
nasa was created 1957 they went to moon after 8 years with rate we have to replace our galaxy lol
Eugene Sant
Eugene Sant 5 horas atrás
A theory born from Capricorn One.
Eric Kaufman custom guitars
I love how that one dude says you should be able to see alot more stars. I guess implying that there are pictures with at least one star. Which would be impossible given the contrast of the reflected light. They explained that one. No stars. Even the astronauts said on live interview that they don't recall seing any stars at all. So, there ya go. You cant see other stars from the moon.
Ronald Hall
Ronald Hall 7 dias atrás
Except John Wayne
lynden hall
lynden hall Mês atrás
that moon was brought here on earth and we no longer have that technology anymore...NASA
Manny Bruce
Manny Bruce Anos atrás
Did anyone picked up the old tube TVs , radios , and the so called portable cameras , back in the 70s and realized how big and extremely heavy they were ? Even the electronic advancements in the 80s the devices were still heavy and large . My Beta Max recorder was incredibly big and heavy . Now let's imagine the technology of the 60s .
Roskellie 2 meses atrás
Your Betamax was not designed to be taken to the moon!
jjbees 2 meses atrás
@Truck Driver Well, there's this thing called "insulation" and it keeps things from getting too hot or too cold.
jjbees 2 meses atrás
@Dnell 7208 On alternating years, both Democrats and Republicans have cut NASA's budget. There are plenty of examples of Democrats cutting the budget and using the money elsewhere. Just last year, bernie sanders tried to cut $10billion for a lunar rover. A democrat president proposes, republican Congress cuts. A republican president proposes, a democratic Congress cuts. Neither party wants to give the other a win.
jjbees 2 meses atrás
@Manny Bruce No president wants sloppy seconds.
Rerun Playa
Rerun Playa 2 meses atrás
@Dave Elliott its all to disprove GOD. Keep following your heart and more importantly COMMON SENSE!!!
Rafael Soltren
Rafael Soltren 7 horas atrás
How come they never went back cause they can’t....
Da Gre
Da Gre 29 dias atrás
I know little about space technology, but I met alot of liars in my lifetime and buzz aldrin is not lying, or more accurately I doubt he is lying.
koshersalaami 2 meses atrás
If you wonder if the moon landing happened find the Mythbusters episode about it. They look at every argument, test them all, and prove it happened.
Robert Meekins
Robert Meekins 2 meses atrás
We've supposedly been to the moon in rockets that are far inferior to the rockets we have now and we can't get to the moon in an unmanned ship, C'mon 😂😂😂😂😂😂
kiwitrainguy 11 dias atrás
There's no Cold War now, that's why. Although NASA are going back there.
Danymok Mês atrás
We don't go to the Moon now because there is no reason to anymore. Idk if you heard about the Cold War. War has much more influence than the desire to explore. If we went to the Moon now it would just be to explore? Back then they did it to show their superior space (and therefore rockets) program over their opponent.
PrattocS Anos atrás
I knew what the final verdict was going to be because of the amount of times they said the phrase conspiracy theorist.
HashSlingingSlasher 29 dias atrás
Kinda how you always have your mind made up when you go into these kinds of conversations? It's impossible to change an idiots mind.
occhamite Mês atrás
@topneorej What do you care if you are challenged to debate the moon landings? If you really had any facts, and were interested in the truth, you would seek out such opportunities. Could it be that you have no facts, and don't care to have any? As for me, obviously I do seek out debate, and furthermore, I and others like me have received requests from sensible people, actually interested in facts about Apollo to post what we know.
topneorej Mês atrás
@occhamite What do you care if a bunch of idiots think the moon landings were faked? If you're 100% certain the landings were done, what are you worried about hein? Why protect someting that doesn't need to be protected. Or does it?
occhamite Mês atrás
@topneorej To debunk idiots who try (and fail) to spread nonsense about the "moonlandings" being faked. Now, care to try to back-up what you claim with actual logic and evidence, or is making a little hot air the limit of your abilities?
topneorej Mês atrás
@occhamite I'm here because I know the moonlandings were faked. Why the hell are you here???
Alrukitaf Mês atrás
Apparently, we’ve “lost” the technology to go there. That’s the technology to withstand the ionising radiation of the Van Allen belts, the ability to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere blunt-end first, without spinning out of control and burning up. And the technology to make computers by braiding naked copper wire. Lots other technologies too, like how to not scatter moon dust after appearing to scatter moon dust. How to eject space suits out of a craft without an airlock system. But wait, there’s more anomalies than the aforementioned….
Monkeyboysdontknow Mês atrás
ANY attempt at logical and/or scientific discussion is lost on you.
Crit Thought 2
Crit Thought 2 Mês atrás
1/10 trolling attempt
Trunk Monkey
Trunk Monkey 13 minutos atrás
Always gotta be a cawk blocker in the crowd 🤦
Eva Kasparova
Eva Kasparova 5 horas atrás
Why NASA is not sending man to the Moon anymore? Now the world has so many Billionaires they can do Moon trips for the rich ones. Why it's not happening?
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Mês atrás
Today the technology was so advance that they can see what is fake without difficulties.
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 12 horas atrás
Feel free to prove the landings were faked. What about all the recent photos of the all the Apollo landing sites?
Ralph Major
Ralph Major 19 horas atrás
@Connect the Dots 😂😂👈😂!
Connect the Dots
Connect the Dots 5 dias atrás
Yea but the moonlandings were not fake.
J. Blake
J. Blake 2 meses atrás
It amazes me we can't see the rover that was left there, I watched a show and the guy said even with the Hubble it would be too small and that seems strange that we can see distant planets and other galaxies but no space rover?
Steven Tomsik
Steven Tomsik 17 dias atrás
Hubble doesn't have sharp enough optics but there are newer telescopes that can see it. Astronomers in other countries have seen the lander and imaged it. This is old news, years ago.
Lowonfuel Mês atrás
@J. Blake From 238,900 miles (384,390 Kilometers), distance to the Moon, down to scale, it would be like trying to see a 4.3 mm (0.169 inch) Lunar Landing Module figure, from 239 miles (385 kilometers) away… which would equal the approximate distance to the International Space Station. The most powerful Intel satellite can see objects 5 inches and larger on the ground, from 35,792 miles away in geostationary orbit… it's the largest satellite of its kind and probably the most expensive. To see the Lunar Module on the Moon, from low Earth's orbit, and with any good and convincing resolution, it would take a satellite approximately 30 times more powerful.
Lowonfuel Mês atrás
​@T mo I've told you repeated times I KNOW the TRUTH and don't need you to tell me otherwise… can you even understand the difference between believing and knowing?… Also, when you deny providing the link or name of the specific video, it's because even you are not fully convinced it has valid arguments of an anomaly. If you are suggesting going on a wild goose chase, you must think I'm such a fool that's willing to waste my time watching around 500 videos without a single clue from you, expecting to find one of your called anomalies, which I would probably not find abnormal… so, what would be the point?. It even sounds like you are just recruiting viewers to the user Chanel and trying to get me where I can debate your nonsense against those that, like you, are not interested in the truth, and just want more visiting viewers, comments, just for the sake of increasing their monetization. So I will repeat for the last time, I don't want to waste my time and I can't see inside your mind, so I can't go directly to the specific video, so either provide the name and minute of the anomaly, or stop pestering.
T mo
T mo Mês atrás
@Lowonfuel You are wanting one anomalie. There are hundreds that I consider equally damning. You must be willing to search for the truth if you want to find it. Scott Henderson spent many thousands of hours examining NASA photos. You are not "losing your time" if you really care to know.
Lowonfuel Mês atrás
​@T mo You didn't answer back on your "most convincing anomaly" you could think of... I waited for days and forgot about it. As I said, I don't want to lose my time watching your said anomalies and not find one... I don't know what goes on in your mind, so how could I tell which or what to you is one convincing anomaly... that's why I need you to point me to the specific video and time frame. Most of the Apollo Detectives' videos are from 30 to 45 minutes, and that would be wasting my time watching again what I've already watched, and found nothing wrong... so, I insist point me to the video and minute that would "convince even me". You don't have to paste the link if that's what you're avoiding... do it by text only.
Charles Greer
Charles Greer 2 meses atrás
That conspiracy theorists learned two things. One if a man lied about doing something it doesn't make him a coward, and two a old school former military background man will punch you in the mouth for calling him a coward.
𝚆𝝣𝕊 𝙽𝐢𝕔𝚑𝜙𝚕 
@Jesse Really! oh I have to check this out!
Jesse 11 dias atrás
Evel Knievel beat someone with a baseball bat.
Cortewita40 Mês atrás
This Documentary is very very very interesting I love this type of stuff
Sheldon Armstrong
Sheldon Armstrong Mês atrás
Question every thing…JFK, 9/11, Covid Response…it’s all the same people
Vanya Kapetanovic
Vanya Kapetanovic 3 dias atrás
If we ever really landed on the Moon there would be a Walmart there by now.
David Keenan
David Keenan 2 dias atrás
With the wages Walmart pay that's hardly likely.
dumbcat Mês atrás
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Aenntw Mês atrás
The development, deployment and launch of the Saturn V rocket, which to this date remains the most powerful rocket ever built by mankind, renders any and all of these conspiracy theories null and void, as well as downright ridiculous. ¬We are able to carry out all of this, because of the stability of the laws of physics that we know' Wernher von Braun.
lynden hall
lynden hall 6 dias atrás
saturn V rocket is not the moon might be mauna kea
Bud Jeansonne
Bud Jeansonne 5 dias atrás
I have two areas of concern. The first has to do with the shadows on the moon. If the glare from the earths' surface back lit Glenn then why was the rest of the LM in shadows? If the glare off the moon's surface is that strong why are rocks right next to the surface in full shadow? Next, the stars. The theory is that the glare from the moon's surface made it impossible to see stars from the surface. If that is true, how do we account for the fact that the astronauts spent days going to and from the moon and did not take one picture of the universe while going to and from. They could have taken pictures deep into the universe but didn't, why not? Also, Mike Collins said he didn't remember seeing any stars yet the spacecraft had a sextant on board to navigate by the stars. How can the navigate by using stars when they can't see any?
Max Fan
Max Fan 5 dias atrás
"The theory is that the glare from the moon's surface made it impossible to see stars from the surface." No, not that. It was the glare of the Sun itself that made the stars invisible. Their eyes were as adapted for sunlight as ours are on a sunny day. "If that is true, how do we account for the fact that the astronauts spent days going to and from the moon and did not take one picture of the universe while going to and from. They could have taken pictures deep into the universe but didn't, why not?" Because they were continuously in sunlight. The only times the astronauts could see stars was (a) when they were in the Moon's shadow, or (b) when they looked through their navigation telescope - which blocked out direct sunlight enough that stars were visible.
William Mann
William Mann 5 dias atrás
Bud Jeansonne that comment of Michael Collins not seeing stars has been so taken out of context by those claiming fake. Should watch the whole press conference. On the way to the moon, the they were to photograph a solar eclipse. They were asked if they could see any stars through the solar corona. They could not. That is what Michael and Neil were commenting on.
occhamite 5 dias atrás
Glenn? John Glenn never went to the Moo. The LM could be in shadow if the dark side of it wasn't facing the earth, or it the Earthshine could be too dim to register if the camera was set to proper capture bright areas of the scene. The Apollo astronauts DID do astronomy ; on the way to the Moon, also while the Command/Service module remained in lunar orbit, the CMP ( the third astronaut who remained in lunar orbit while the other two landed in the LM) performed a whole series of scientific activities , some of which, on some of the missions, were astronomical. Maybe the best example of this is the Carruthers Far UV Telescope carried by Apollo 16.
Donald Mac
Donald Mac 19 dias atrás
when wondering why we could do this over fifty years ago but are struggling to replicate the expedition. ...then you have to remember that it was accomplished jbecaise of a masdivr budget and the will of the nation.... if you invest in human ingenuity as was done in the 1960s space programs you get remarkable progress....its all about social prioritys and availability of finance...really if the finance hsd og bern available we'd be mining mars and setting up hollidsy casimo resorts by now.....i think it will happen but things dont seem to happen so quickly as things were happening in the middle of the 20th century... .
praise20088888888 3 dias atrás
just for that real time audio looks impossible, what there is no latency?
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 2 dias atrás
How much latency do you expect? The Moon is 1.2 light seconds from the Earth. In the unedited audio, you can hear pauses before the astronauts reply. On the Earth end, of course there's no latency (or only very little).
Ian Mac Dougall
Ian Mac Dougall Anos atrás
Well my doubt was the fuel load of the Landing Module that had too take off with the crews combined weight, then very tactfully hook up to the main Re Entry Capsule orbiting the moon. Considering that the secondary vehichle was travelling at XSpeed ( the time taken to orbit the moon ) such a feat in total darkness and a magnificent performance of flight precision. Remember the payload of fuel was weight of about 38 kgs, in an almost zero gravity how much fuel was required to dock the module. What distance was the docking capsule from the landing site, when we were kids we were treated like imbeciles if we questioned or raised the idea that it was incredulous afterall it was America and "they could do anything" it was on TV.
Michael Rentiers
Michael Rentiers 2 meses atrás
Math is a helluva drug, The person who did most if it for Apollo was a woman, I believe. It's all available for our review. We still have to do calculations when we send up probes to meet planets whee they willl be in the furture, - math is about precision.
stumpedII 2 meses atrás
yep i believewd in america till the shuttle blew up.. then it all began to unravel.
Kimbal Calkins
Kimbal Calkins Anos atrás
All of this with a spacecraft that had never been flown before, it was proven to be unstable, 3 out of the 5 flying bedstead craft crashed and the pilots had full visibility. My doubt though is the Apollo Guidance Computer, a close look at the software shows it is a simulator ! Case in point, the program that is supposed to control the ascent from the moon actually never issues commands to fire the reactive jets !
Scot Sudbury
Scot Sudbury 12 dias atrás
We landed on the Moon. Period. Some people just love questioning facts and making up conspiracy theories.
lynden hall
lynden hall 6 dias atrás
unless you are a believer
lynden hall
lynden hall 6 dias atrás
you are thinking shallow
Dale Bowman
Dale Bowman 2 meses atrás
It is easier to fool people than to convince people they have been fooled
mikeymike&ike 44 minutos atrás
@Carlo BRASCO The fact that your English is terrible(not even good grammar) and your context is nonsensical, no one listens to you. Form a better paragraph and maybe we will take you seriously 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Traveling Matt
Traveling Matt 2 dias atrás
Absolutely. Just think of the sun’s radiation alone. That would’ve killed them. No space blanket would stop that.
Fast Forward
Fast Forward 6 dias atrás
Science in a nutshell
Steven W
Steven W 15 dias atrás
@lynden hall It fits just fine.
The Constitutionalist
The Constitutionalist 15 dias atrás
@lynden hall It's also about dishonest science.
Andy Lund
Andy Lund 5 dias atrás
Hey, its only around 300,000kms away, its actually not that far! 😅
Fred Martin
Fred Martin 2 dias atrás
Great video. It gets people talking. However I do believe they were actually on the moon!
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter Anos atrás
This is what I wanna know. When a former astronaut/NASA employee was interviewed recently he said we lost the technology to go to the moon. What does that even mean? How do you lose the technology to do something,let alone something that important? You don't!!
proud goyim
proud goyim Mês atrás
Al Dever
Al Dever 2 meses atrás
There were a lot of notes on the changes made to the rockets. Not all of the notebooks have been recovered. Nobody thought to note the changes on the prints during the disassembly. Thus the technology has been lost. You don't believe technology can be lost let me give you some hand tools and you make me some pyramids.
Jerry conner
Jerry conner 2 meses atrás
The technology was written down on a scrap of paper and then it was torn up and thrown away like in the 1961 movie the plane that disappeared. Check it out, its as believable as landing on the moon
Darlene Smith
Darlene Smith 2 meses atrás
@ambu64 People do not comprehend the sheer volume of data of the Apollo and earlier missions. A lot of that data and technology was saved off pre-VCR. Some was paper, some was other magnetic forms. All of that degrades. It could get wet or moldy or misplaced or whatever. We are talking dozens of warehouses full of material. Not all of it was stored by NASA. Some by Rocketdyne, some by Grumman, some by IBM. The list of companies responsible for portions of those missions is long. People are people. Regardless of rules and regulations, items are misplaced. Items are not stored in the first place. Some people do not take some portions of their job seriously or didn’t even work for NASA directly. Over 400,000 people worked on the Apollo missions and others worked on previous missions. Keeping track of over a decade or more of the work of 400,000 people is monumental. That was not the focus.
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake 2 meses atrás
It’s the worse explainatio because it makes zero sense. If technology can be lost, how’s is AI advancing so fast….it’s like saying we lost the technology to Build a tiger tank from WWII , bullshat
Holly Wood
Holly Wood 2 meses atrás
What I always wondered even as a child of the 60s who was an aspiring astronaut is every rocket launch from the Mercury up to Space Shuttle launches is the rockets always go straight up then always make a right angle turn..... I haven't understood this phenomenon yet! I always believed that a rocket should have to go straight up to leave earth's atmosphere and enter outer space. Where are they going when they turn? then appear to be going horizontal and then they disappear.out of camera range.
lisulove 9 dias atrás
To that Triangle off Bermuda and into the ocean.
kiwitrainguy 11 dias atrás
By going in to orbit they used the momentum built up from that to sling-shot themselves off to the moon.
Scott Roby
Scott Roby 24 dias atrás
@Holly Wood I'm confused, where's Big Bores reply?
Holly Wood
Holly Wood 2 meses atrás
@Big Bore Racing Thank You! Finally someone who has nailed it!
Crit Thought 2
Crit Thought 2 2 meses atrás
Think of this: If you want to start driving in a circle around something, do you approach it at a right angle, then make a hard turn to start to go around it, or do you approach it with a gradual turn until you're moving in a circle? Same thing here. If they wanted to go straight to the moon, and it happened to be right above where they launched from, and not go into orbit, then yes, they could have gone straight up. But they didn't. It's more efficient to go into orbit around Earth first, then go from there to the moon.
steve shay
steve shay Mês atrás
Love Buzz Aldren. He told me everything I need to know.🇺🇸😎
John V
John V Mês atrás
@steve shay Sorry Steve, I have never been. I think you should try it out for yourself and see what it is like.
steve shay
steve shay Mês atrás
@John V have you been hypnotized ? What’s it like? You could really get laid with that ability.
John V
John V Mês atrás
@steve shay Which also proves that not everything we see with out naked eyes is the truth!
John V
John V Mês atrás
@steve shay I know it is hard to believe, but you will only know the truth when you read the Billy Meier contact reports which talks about a lot of things that goes on in our world, of which we have no clue and are fooled again and again.
steve shay
steve shay Mês atrás
@John V A scientific genius when I spent time with him. Coolest dude I ever met. Have you been hypnotized? What’s it like.😂🙄
David Keenan
David Keenan 2 dias atrás
Ralph René claims there were two light sources, but that would produce two shadows, not diverging shadows. What a dolt.
Code Tech
Code Tech Dia atrás
Professional studio photographers use multiple light sources all the time and don't have two shadows.
Melodie Frances
Melodie Frances Mês atrás
I love how everyone hear thinks that they are such free thinkers when all you are doing is following a different person with the same kind of blindness you accuse others of.
TE'KANNON Anos atrás
Isn't the fact that there is only one picture of Niel Armstrong from the Apollo 11 mission a red flag event? The first man on the moon and Buzz Aldrin only took 1 photo is a stretch for the imagination. Also, in the interviews after the return, Armstrong never once used the expression, "I saw, I felt, I did." He only used the 3rd person singular. He never said, "I didn't see any stars," He said, "We didn't see any stars." He never once used the first person singular. When you do such an historic adventure, you would certainly be saying, "And when I saw the stars, or when I walked. But no. The whole time Armstrong uses the 3rd person singular. It's like if your wife asked you how was the pub yesterday evening. You wouldn't respond, "when you go to the pub you drink beer, you talk with friends, you have a good time." Lastly, the astronauts are sitting on a 10,000 pound engine with decibel levels of 120 to 150. Armstrong sounds like he's talking on a telephone line with Houston in the descent. There is no sound of rocket engines. There were loads of photos where whistle blowers left their traces. We all want to believe they went to the moon, but Neil Armstrong has one photo to show he was there, and he waited 35 years to give an interview. Does that sound like a guy who went to the moon? Dunno about you, but hmmm.
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 2 meses atrás
I recall a film of Mr Armstrong descending the ladder, and reciting hie famous words when on the moon. How did you miss this?
groovidg 2 meses atrás
And there wasn’t any sound coming out of Armstrong either..
Jake elwood
Jake elwood 2 meses atrás
There is no sound in space dummy
TE'KANNON 2 meses atrás
@Morbid Man Music GGGGGGGGGGreat to hear from you. What you are saying is adding fuel to the fire on why the moon landings are causing such fervent debate. Peter Hyatt is a language expert in that the police hire him to decipher testimony to see if it gives them hiddne clues. Hyatt and his wife who both work in the field analyzed Niel Armstrong's interview after the moon landing and they were shocked and appalled at the fact that Niel never once used the first person singular. Everything he described was with the 3rd person singular. This is like your wife asking you about what you did at the Pub last night and you saying "When you go to the pub, you drink beer, you talk with people and you have fun and sometimes you listen to a good band." I'm not making this up, Niel never once said "I saw there were no stars", for example. He said, "we saw no stars". It's not proof but it's disturbing. No craters under any of the landers; the moon is a bed of loose dust.
Morbid Man Music
Morbid Man Music 2 meses atrás
We shine lazers off mirrors on the moon.. explain that. You can't.
Yvonne Hemlick
Yvonne Hemlick 2 meses atrás
My daddy always said there was no moon landing God rest his soul
John James Flashman
John James Flashman 2 meses atrás
God bless you, it is had to loose a parent.
BKF Mês atrás
EVERY time I try to examine the evidence for a conspiracy, I just see ignorant people with arguments based firmly in their ignorance. SMH. I'm tryin' people! Show me something that actually makes sense!
roscoP 7 dias atrás
43:23. "Hide behind a rock" damn near pissed myself from laughter
Kenny Wall
Kenny Wall 26 dias atrás
Japan's moon imaging satellite has captured Apollo programs spacecraft, equipment & tire tracks on moons surface.
Pantz67 9 dias atrás
Nice try.. they could have driven right up to it...if you landed a rover on the moon going to these sites would be paramount.
lynden hall
lynden hall 16 dias atrás
l saw the guy who photo-shopped it, he really knows his stuff
kim anderson
kim anderson Anos atrás
Could someone explain to me how a motorized Hasselblad camera could function in plus 260F degrees without melting the film and while in the shade (minus 280) and freezing up the motor. Also, while I'm here, the camera is in a bracket attached to his chest. How are you going to take a photo of your footprint without being in a horizontal position. The camera had it's viewfinder removed, how is an amateur photographer going to focus and aim the shot? I'm not even going to mention the solar radiation fogging the film. These are studio photos taken by a pro.
Ashutosh Srivastava
High amount of XRAYS, GAMA RAYS AND other deadly radiations could have easily penetrated the crew and the camera.. its all fake
Atlas Anos atrás
@kim anderson As I have said before, heat can only travel in a vacuum through electromagnetic radiation, mostly infrared. Infrared can be easily blocked.
Atlas Anos atrás
@kim anderson How the hell does that contradict anything I said? Also, as I have said before, EFT-1 was already tested and it did fine. Kelly Smith said that before the test, and if you listen closely, he said radiation can damage the electronics and guidance computer.
kim anderson
kim anderson Anos atrás
Also, who the heck was talking about infrared radiation? Mr Strawman perhaps?
kim anderson
kim anderson Anos atrás
@Atlas Let's begin with this quote from "One effective use of nuclear shielding is the use of lead castles in nuclear research and testing. Lead castles are structures composed of lead bricks. The lead castle encloses the radioactive source or it may be used to shield people from radiation. If the experiment is to be observed, a viewing window of leaded glass may be used." Please educate yourself before replying to subjects beyond your capabilities. Ask Kelly Smith as to their issues with radiation.
Slordmo Mês atrás
Geez..... as soon as Bill Kaysing's name was mentioned, I had to stop it. He was only a 'technical writer' , with NO real engineering background... he ended up being a 'hack writer' of UFO stories... his time at Rocketdyne ended just as they actually perfected the engine stability problem which had plagued them. Ya know, I was a kid when they landed on the moon...but in those years you could tell it was real.... Cronkite, and Jules Bergman told it like it was.... and now that I'm older, I actually watch BRvid REAL Apollo documentaries and I believe it's more real than ever. Most of the technology was cutting edge, and some of it was what I call 'low-tech, high science' , expert solutions with material science.... So FU all you doubters....
lynden hall
lynden hall 17 dias atrás
Real Deal
Real Deal Mês atrás
Yes this type of documentary is what we call controlled opposition. While on the surface it seems like it’s trying to discredit NASA in reality it’s the first thing recommend on BRvid for a reason. It’s really meant to discredit this theory
Frank graham
Frank graham Mês atrás
There are no visible stars in space or on the moon with little atmosphere... once again this does not affirm anything... but the atmosphere of our planet eliminates the stars we see.
Kevin Mashigo
Kevin Mashigo 2 meses atrás
"Wherever there's an American flag, its always brilliantly lit up." 😂😂😂 these guys are thorough
Rob Dow
Rob Dow 21 dia atrás
No atmosphere on the moon, direct sunlight with no atmosphere and reflection off of white sand.
occhamite Mês atrás
Nonsense. The lunar day is about 14 Earth days long, and the LM's landed after sunup, and only stayed 72 hrs or less. There are no trees,clouds, or anything else to block the Sun , except right next to the Lunar Module, on one side. Once the flags were up, there is no way they weren't in sunlight all the time.
Jon Pate
Jon Pate Mês atrás
@Max Fan Yes but Mankind Lies & Corruption rules the Stage Water boil at 100d. Money 💰 & power=Greed your too Naive
Max Fan
Max Fan Mês atrás
@Jon Pate "You miss the piont my friend. It's not about the Landing. It's about our Miss Trust in Government. Politics Is the Ultimate Con Job" Sure, Apollo was about politics - Cold War politics. But you're missing a bigger point: Apollo is about the evidence, the engineering and the science. They don't care about politics. Water boils at 100 degrees C regardless of your politics.
Jon Pate
Jon Pate Mês atrás
@Max Fan You miss the piont my friend. It's not about the Landing. It's about our Miss Trust in Government. Politics Is the Ultimate Con Job😂😅
Montana Zarate
Montana Zarate Dia atrás
I 100 % believe we did NOT go to the moon
Code Tech
Code Tech 20 horas atrás
They sent unmanned probes.
Brian Holloway
Brian Holloway Anos atrás
As a wildlife photographer now retired I've used a lot of sheet film. And I can assure you when you go through a very strong radio machine at the airport the film loses quite a lot of clarity. But the spaceship went through the same radiation as 50 or 60 airport terminals at once. And then turn round and come back through the same thing again. I was in or at the electric Hasselblad camera. At that time and I was never rich enough to own one I made my own camera to take wildlife photography got up to National Geographic quality. But I recently heard a sign to say that when we go to the moon one of the biggest obstacles is getting a live human to go through that radiation belt. I said to myself hang on a minute didn't I do that 60 years ago. And then the same fellow said we haven't got the spacesuit to with stand the pressures and the technology needed for them to go to the moon and do a moonwalk. I said hang on a minute didn't I do that 60 years ago. Now at the time I remember NASA getting bulldozed from Australia feeling rooms up with it and getting the astronauts to walk around and navigate through the Bulldust. This bull dust is finer than talcum powder. And they said at the age of the moon there should be at least 8 feet of Bulldust on the moon at the present rate of dust falling on the moon. So when the spaceship touchdown on the moon two things I was impressed with no clouds of dust and when they photographed underneath the spacecraft there was no visible sign of thrust marks. Now don't forget this thing weighs nearly a tonne or maybe a bit over a tonne in weight and in Australia in Perth actually they actually showed you a clip with a Coca-Cola bottle on the sand. I didn't know the astronaut could take the visor down and have a drink on the moon. The clip only lasted for two hours and was completely taken down but a lot of us seen it. I'm not getting into that conspiracy theories I'm just going into simple facts. Sheet film. Cannot go through 120 times radiation of the airport terminals and be viable. I looked at the photos and they were absolutely pristine perfect impossible. I wonder what's going to happen when the Sunday law comes in the Sunday law is absolutely not a conspiracy but it would make the landing on the moon pale into significance
Roger Ederle
Roger Ederle Mês atrás
@Ashutosh Srivastava in fact they do. A ballistic parabola is a function of bodies in a gravitational field moving with respect to two axes-X and Y. The X axis represents motion perpendicular to the force of gravity, like a ball being thrown with an initial trajectory parallel to the ground. The Y axis represents motion either with or against the force of gravity, either straight down (toward) or straight up (away from) relative to the source of gravity. The two motions combine to form a parabolic curve. A jumping astronaut who jumps straight up and then falls straight down has no lateral motion. His movement along the X axis is zero. He is on a parabolic curve that is not curved. It sounds contradictory but it’s not. Along the X axis the motion is constant. Along the Y axis the motion is the function of a squared value. All this may sound a bit complicated but it’s basic high school physics. It can be easily researched and confirmed on the internet or a basic physics textbook.
Ashutosh Srivastava
@Old Guy Gaming Network how 6 months??🤣🤣
Ashutosh Srivastava
@Roger Ederle why don't astronauts fall under this parabola
Brian Holloway
Brian Holloway Mês atrás
@Anthony Dilullo well Garry Fong is the senior representative for hasselblad cameras and consultant and engineer and specialist and he said "it is impossible for those photographs to be taken on the moon with the amount of radiation and heat the sheet film cannot tolerate these conditions'. And all the other equipment failed with dust and they moved all the protective layer around the hasselblad camera then how come there was no dust in the camera. And how come Ness'ann now is sending to AI robot to the moon to specifically check out radiation levels if it is possible for humans to land. And they will be king of next year for you interesting I thought they done it 50 years ago
Anthony Dilullo
Anthony Dilullo Mês atrás
U know i dont believe you!
Ezequiel Alejandro Rosa
The other day I was talking to one of my brothers about the landings of Space X vectors and he told me imagine that there are pilots in those ships and that due to some mistake they suffer decelerations greater than 50g, he ends up telling me, if here knowing all the variables and with the current technology fails, how did they manage to land on the Moon without breaking anything on the first try?
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 13 horas atrás
Orville managed to land an aircraft successfully. Something no one had ever done before. I guess the first guy to ride a horse survived too.
Mpiro ka Joseph Mgcokoca
@Max Fan this info is coming from nasa archives
IG: jumpcarter82
IG: jumpcarter82 12 dias atrás
@Ezequiel Alejandro Rosa 😂😂😂😂😂
Max Fan
Max Fan Mês atrás
@Ezequiel Alejandro Rosa "So you are saying there where no other attemps they nailed at first try? I didn't knew it" The answer is as I gave it. The lunar module was tested on three missions before a landing mission; the astronauts had trained on a simulator for months before the actual mission; and yes, their first attempt at landing on the Moon was successful...but only just. The first landing was achieved with less than 30 seconds fuel remaining. The crew's experiences from their simulations training helped them prepare for the possibility that they might have to abort the landing.
Ezequiel Alejandro Rosa
@Max Fan So you are saying there where no other attemps they nailed at first try? I didn't knew it
Carlton Stidsen
Carlton Stidsen Mês atrás
An old guy living in a trailer in the desert with a thousand cats ! A genuine and believable Source !!
Mark Vannatter
Mark Vannatter 8 dias atrás
@Val Martin - Real True Education Wanna Bet?
Mark Vannatter
Mark Vannatter 8 dias atrás
@Done fedup "Don't call me Cra-zzy,You call me Dr.Jones!
Mark Vannatter
Mark Vannatter 8 dias atrás
How do you know that it was 1,000? Could have been 993 or 1009 Pretty Kitty Cats?
kiwitrainguy 11 dias atrás
@Rob Dow or...there's money in it for him.💵💵💵💵💵
Rob Dow
Rob Dow 20 dias atrás
@Hor eye zon He must have inhaled to much rocket fumes. He is clearly looney….
Stephen Long
Stephen Long 2 meses atrás
I remember watching the landing on a huge 9" black and white tv at a gas station as we were traveling at the time.
Augusto 5 dias atrás
@LaoshiJ no he didn’t. He watched an animation. Buzz aldrin said so to Conan O’Brien
WarriorMan Maxx
WarriorMan Maxx Mês atrás
@Stephen Long - Our BRvid Board has been waiting with bated breath - on learning where you were during the 1969 Moon landing !!
lee lunk
lee lunk Mês atrás
LaoshiJ Mês atrás
@lee lunk He’ll take the cookie with some chocolate milk.
lee lunk
lee lunk Mês atrás
Wayne Gabler
Wayne Gabler 18 dias atrás
24:00 The cameras were fixed focus, equal to a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera. The topic of why there is no dust on the rocks that 'stick out from the dust' is never raised, let alone it has a decent answer. On earth, 'a wind from above' could become a 'gentle wind'. With the rocks being 'dust covered' the people would be 'stumbling around' like people trying to walk across a 'rocky field' the morning after 2" of soft snow fell, one stumble after another. The 'large rock' has a few pebbles left in a 'bowl'. Those would be 'pebbles' left behind after 'a gentle wind blew the fine particles away, like the dust that should have covered everything.
BronT Anos atrás
I watched the moon landing with my kindergarten classmates in Australia in 1969. I was mesmerised. (The song that accompanied the televised moon landing was 'The Sound of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel). I had never doubted the authenticity of the moon landing until a few years ago when I stumbled across some stuff on the internet. Most of the stuff I simply thought was silly but I just can't shake one thing. How is it that when the astronauts jump on the moon they rise and fall back down quite slowly while the dust around thier feet, which I assume weighs a lot less than the astronauts, seems to rise and fall quite quickly? Surely the dust would take longer to fall back down when disturbed and cause a haze of dust for a while rather than just moving the same way dust does on Earth. I'm sure many have asked this question and there may be a very rational answer, but I have never heard any yet.
Rerun Playa
Rerun Playa 2 meses atrás
You're so right.
Klaus Vokiee
Klaus Vokiee 2 meses atrás
They showed an example of dropping a Feather and a Rock simultaneously and both fell to the Ground together ! How or where they did it is something else but it was said to have been done on the Moon ! Now ! I for one do NOT believe that they ever went to the Moon ! I hope some Private Company goes and gets to the Moon , now , first , before NASA and land in the same supposed Place as the Astronauts did ! Hmm , go figure !
Edmund Sim
Edmund Sim 2 meses atrás
slow motion playback at work
Drake Christensen
Drake Christensen 2 meses atrás
I'll start with, lighter things don't fall more slowly. On Apollo 15, they dropped a hammer and a feather to demonstrate. They hit the ground at the same time. The reason they wouldn't on Earth is because of air resistance. Objects that are less dense and/or have a large surface area compared to their mass are slowed by the air enough to be easily seen. But, two objects that are similarly dense will accelerate at almost exactly the same rate. A classic example is to drop an orange and a grape. The grape weighs, what, about 1/10th the weight of the orange. But when you drop them, they'll hit the table at pretty close to exactly the same time. Another example is to take two sheets of paper from the same stack. They weigh exactly the same. But, wad one up into a ball and drop them together and the wad will hit the floor while the sheet will be twisted and buoyed by the air and hit later. The dust is actually one of the most compelling proofs that they were actually on the moon in vacuum. When you see them kick up dust as they move around, which they do a lot, you never see dust swirl nor waft around. The dust comes right back down and hits the ground and just stays there. In air, that fine dust would hang in the air forever. It would be obvious. We went to the moon. It was difficult. But, required no magic. He just had to decide to go. Then, test the systems like crazy.
julian mitchell
julian mitchell Anos atrás
Care to provide these “ records “ ?
Dusor Manob
Dusor Manob Mês atrás
When NASA is trying to prove it's own theory.
Vikuto Swu
Vikuto Swu Mês atrás
There are some people on this earth who still doubts whether he or she came out from the womb of the women. Conspiracy will exist no matter what.
M Greg
M Greg 25 dias atrás
The reason it takes so long to get back to the moon with the technology when this film was made is a real simple one word answer "funding". After the last Apollo mission Apollo 17 went to the moon NASA's funding was cut by congress.
Steven Tomsik
Steven Tomsik 24 dias atrás
Yeah, I can relate, my job on NASA satellites & space probes got shakey when Congress cut the budget. It's like update your resume and start looking for work every 2 years when mid-term elections happen, and new congress comes to session. Space exploration doesn't pay as well as weapons. They love spending on weapons. Electronics for aircraft, ships, and so on. You gotta wonder, we need to defend our country, even in peace time, but you gotta wonder, are they going quite a bit further? The spending never ends, even after the troops come home. Defense spending is 11 times bigger money than food stamps.
Max Fan
Max Fan 25 dias atrás
Yep. It's hard to believe how conspiracy believers don't understand this. No bucks, no Buck Rogers.
Danymok Mês atrás
Bruh it's ridiculous how many people in the comments are actually saying that Moon landings were fake. This is such a brain dead comments section.
Say What
Say What 2 meses atrás
Keeping such a big lie going for this amount of time would be an even bigger achievement than actually going to the moon in the 60s, so either way...well done NASA.
Rich Payton
Rich Payton 2 meses atrás
@Slycargo Bravado Wasn't kept terribly secret to the Russians, the project was infiltrated on day one. Claus was a rat fink.
Rich Payton
Rich Payton 2 meses atrás
@Timothy Norton Hey, it was Hollywood, anything goes to sell a movie.
DST 2 meses atrás
@Magnificent Muttley Lots to unpack, but you certainly know about a lot of missions. I recently found out about the Russian unmanned moon mission in 1970. Watch it on BRvid. It's called Luna 17 1970 Today in History. Many say the 1969 US moon mission is 💯% real, otherwise the Soviets would've exposed the lie. After you watch the Soviets Lunkhod 17 (aka Luna 17), it seems anything to do with space is just an agreed upon lie that all countries propagandize their people with. I'd like your feedback after you watch it. Let me know if you have problems finding the link. The Challenger 1986 mission is another suspicious one. 🍻
Magnificent Muttley
Magnificent Muttley 2 meses atrás
*@DST* I see your point. So considering how much was at stake & how much there was to lose if there were a catastrophe during Columbia's maiden flight (April 1981), who's to say absolutely without a doubt it _WASNT_ an unmanned flight?? The soviets sent their shuttle up & retrieved it successfully, afterall, in 1986. It was unmanned. I was 14 when I got news of that, & it really blew mind that anyone could perform such a complex & precise operation from the ground, with no pilot inside the shuttle. Such a feat would be just as impressive today The next logical step was clearly to also release a satellite into orbit, from the cargo bay of the soviet shuttle. I never found out if they got that far, but it wouldnt surprise me if they did. MIR space station was initially completed in 1986, so why not? For all I know the Russians _DID_ successfully release a satellite or two, completely by remote control from their shuttle. Or, they may very well have partly constructed MIR using it. All of this is well within a reasonable scope of possibility for the Russians. I just dont know their history in space, not in the 80's & 90's
DST 2 meses atrás
@Magnificent Muttley Spectators at Cape Canaveral watched a rocket arc out of sight. They didn't see it go straight up. Bermuda triangle is filled with a lot of "space" junk
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