Montpellier vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 2/1/2023 | beIN SPORTS USA

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31 Jan 2023



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Alex Fok
Alex Fok Mês atrás
So happy to see messi making more runs behind the lines just like the old days.
@Vincent Nguyen if you don’t count penalties pessi wouldn’t sniff a World Cup trophy
Lestell Alfred
Lestell Alfred Mês atrás
RfG Mês atrás
@The Arrow 💀
Salman Haider
Salman Haider Mês atrás
That Hakimi goal was insane, what a shame that is was offside!
Shelley Zimmerman
Shelley Zimmerman Mês atrás
Yo!!! It was a excellent goal 🥅.
Rohan George
Rohan George Mês atrás
Da pug
Da pug Mês atrás
Yeah it was awesome dude
G G Mês atrás
Let’s give credit to the keeper too for saving TWICE vs mbappe. But it’s crazy that he missed that rebound.
Joseph Islas
Joseph Islas Mês atrás
Just like basketball ball never lies
RetroGrade11 Mês atrás
I don't know designated Mbappe to take penalties with penality kicks like those...
Frosted Lightbulb
Frosted Lightbulb Mês atrás
frfr wtf was that LMAO
FlatRhyme Mês atrás
@2pacs Nosering mbappe has off days every day lol😂
G G Mês atrás
@IIIÂçëē💙 why u mad bro?
Frank Franky
Frank Franky Mês atrás
All Messi's goals are true goals!!
Manraj Singh
Manraj Singh Mês atrás
@Tian Wang bro mbappes most goals are from penalty 😂
Frank Franky
Frank Franky Mês atrás
@Tian Wang Come on man!!Messi never rush to take penalty shoots ,like Mbappe or Ronaldo! He 🐐doesn't want easy goals!That's all I meant,buddy!!
Tian Wang
Tian Wang Mês atrás
@Frank Franky so are Messi penalty goals “true” or “fake”
Drippy Mês atrás
@Blazing Blaze People claiming the matches are rigged, players being paid to play poorly against eachother, etc, etc
Blazing Blaze
Blazing Blaze Mês atrás
@Drippy elaborate
Antonio Diaz
Antonio Diaz Mês atrás
I’m just here to WATCH MESSI 🐐
jack hill
jack hill Mês atrás
im not cheering for psg im cheering for messi.
Markxnzz Mês atrás
@k s 1146 G+A in 1008 games.
kingmeni Mês atrás
Same tho I kinda feel bad for mbappe and the pen
k s
k s Mês atrás
Messi over rated bruh 😮
The_beast_jessie Mês atrás
Deada** I’m here to see another player cause Messi not the goat
Hefipale Burp
Hefipale Burp Mês atrás
Our captain is still showing good performance after a hard WC. Im confident he will make it to defend the title in Copa America. Grande Leo! 🇦🇷🏆
Nippleless Cage
Nippleless Cage Mês atrás
Messi on the end of a Messi pass for once. Beautiful goal
Ange Mongnainhi
Ange Mongnainhi Mês atrás
5:32 That control from Messi 🙌🏾
Jules Tjamak
Jules Tjamak Mês atrás
Finally a win for psg, it's been too long. the problem with PSG is the Midfield, Vitinha, F. Ruiz, Soler, Renato Sanches are playing terrible. I will say today they played well, I like F. Ruiz goal and assist to Messi, I like R, Sanches through ball to Messi, but the problem is, these midfielders don't provide lots of through ball to the MNM and Ekitike and that's the reason why psg hasn't been able to score lots of goals after the WC. they have to do better in order for psg to win the League and the Champions League, Zaire Emery did well, I like his goal for the redemption mistake vs reims but man he is promising player for the future in PSG.
user sixnine
user sixnine Mês atrás
@Rohan George literally same thing happens in bundesliga or even la liga. Stop crying. The table toppers for every league always has around 4 losses at the end of the season. Even the prem.
Sam Eggebrecht
Sam Eggebrecht Mês atrás
I think the problem goes deeper than that, you can see Mbappe's frustration with not receiving a possible pass from Emery, as well as other teammates when Messi goes for the shot as well. And it happened in more than just the highlight reel. It feels like there is too much competition within the team AND their midfield/defense look sloppy. That is my take.
Rohan George
Rohan George Mês atrás
2 ligue 1 matches without a win for psg is very long, thats how high the expectations for psg is in ligue 1, thats how free ligue 1 should be to psg lol.
SellingOptions Mês atrás
Rob Ray
Rob Ray Mês atrás
You notice the play after mbappe is out… I think he’s done bye mbappe flop
Bukake Dembélé
Bukake Dembélé Mês atrás
Who else is here to see 🐐 Messi? 🙋‍♂️
Bobby Mês atrás
thinkhappythoughts Mês atrás
I came here to see PSG Nah mostly Messi and Mbappe
Marcelo C Darabos
Marcelo C Darabos Mês atrás
Raise 🤚
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Mês atrás
Ronaldo 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
JustArcher Mês atrás
So sad that hakimi's goal was disallowed. The amount of disallowed goals is getting out of hand
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Mês atrás
@lowurcase well yeah I agree, but I'm sure they have plenty of technology. We saw that during the wc, tho the goals still took long. If they disallowed it right when it was scored, than I would understand, but Var keeps disallowing after celebrating and its honesty becoming annoying. When watching, I cant celebrate goals without hoping for a clean play lol.
lowurcase Mês atrás
@ChrisChras 9000 Ah, offside calls do take a while indeed. You can justify the time it takes up to a certain point because they are observing the play carefully to provide the best call possible, but too long is sometimes just too long.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Mês atrás
@lowurcase faster. I dont get why its been taking so long for the goals to be disallowed. Its been happening for a while now.
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez Mês atrás
Wasn't that passive offside? The players who were offsides had absolutely nothing to do with the play. Hakimi's goal was beautiful.
Mista_Yann Mês atrás
Yeah, but I don't miss the days where a bad calls would completely ruin the match. But it's sad about Hakimi's ridiculous goal, I agree. Also sucks that the offside was way earlier in the play.
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad Mês atrás
Messi has a great technique on Pks now, I know it’s PSMbappe but still think giving the 2nd to Messi is best. Also finally a pass to Messi, kudos to Fabian.
Jeff Mês atrás
World Cup Final Mbappe: Back to Back goals in a minute Mbappe vs Montpellier: back to back to back missed chances in like 30 seconds
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez Mês atrás
@IIIÂçëē💙 #1 Learn to speak in English, # 2 What ?!??!?!?!?!?!?
SM-1 Mês atrás
He’s just in so bad form for his standards rn. He’s had some crazy misses ever since losing the WC. Idk if it’s just the WC him being so close and not winning it with France or just very unlucky but ya all of January he’s been very poor. Hopefully the injury ain’t serious or else it’s danger signs for psg against Bayern.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
Hopefully Mbappe is okay! This was definitely PSG's best match since after wc everyone played well, Ruiz and Renato fnally came out of their shell, excellent game from La Pulga, and so happy for Zaire Emery!!!
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
@Salman Haider I'm not here to have a comment war lol, I just commented what I thought about the game and that's that, not sure what's up with you.
Salman Haider
Salman Haider Mês atrás
I posted a genuine comment like an hour after you and its one of the top comments lol.
Salman Haider
Salman Haider Mês atrás
@I'm Entropy what are you sad about
Angryperson Mês atrás
Didn't they score 7 goal before
BIG Mês atrás
I think he just needs to get back into the rhythm of things and build chemistry with the team. He might still have a grudge with Messi low key. Definitely a humbling moment for him which he often needs. I’m sure he’ll be back as usual soon enough
Mumtaz Mannan
Mumtaz Mannan Mês atrás
6:25 what a pass by ruiz. He was outstanding today! 👏
Max Lightning
Max Lightning Mês atrás
@Andres Torres no need to state you’ve been messi from the beginning because he wasn’t making passes like that in the beginning
Daniel Barrientos
Daniel Barrientos Mês atrás
It was my favorite thing of the game
Noe Noenoe
Noe Noenoe Mês atrás
Messi's celebration giving props to that special pass
crashbandikewt Mês atrás
his confidence looked at an all time high today, hope he can keep this form because i remember he was quite a baller at napoli
Andres Torres
Andres Torres Mês atrás
One of the best passes ever!! And i've been watching Messi since the beginning!
Junnior Cruz
Junnior Cruz Mês atrás
9:24 this is why I love watching bein sports, these commentators just do the job justice 👏 I'm rooting for psg but even then when I hear them call put his goal with the passion I can't help but crack a smile
Dan Yu 余丹
Dan Yu 余丹 Mês atrás
What a PERFORMANCE of Messi 🎉
David Mbah
David Mbah Mês atrás
Messi is the most humble player I have seen. Mbappy won't go nowhere if he doesn't put aside his pride and ego.
POKÉ Haiku
POKÉ Haiku Mês atrás
@Franky William tbh a World Cup is a World Cup, but we all know Messi isn't done yet, we see Messi still being the top g
Franky William
Franky William Mês atrás
@Olcjc keep hating it suits you I’m sure it’ll get you far in life
Olcjc Mês atrás
@Franky William no ballon dor? :( No UCL :( ? No goal record in a season even playing against div 5 teams :(
Franky William
Franky William Mês atrás
He already won World Cup, scored hat trick in final, broke countless records, and one of the best players ever at his age but “he won’t go anywhere” 😂
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Mês atrás
Messi is Literally doing side missions now. 😂
POKÉ Haiku
POKÉ Haiku Mês atrás
Angryperson Mês atrás
@Randy Zoo my man Lol
Randy Zoo
Randy Zoo Mês atrás
Side missions? Guys, this is free roam for Messi. Even the side missions are completed already. 😆
88heiling ꖦ
88heiling ꖦ Mês atrás
Because he already completed the main mission.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Mês atrás
Honestly way better game compared to the last 4. How the hell did Mbappe miss 2 penalties tho, along with the rebound? I swear the poor dude had a nightmare game coming off after only 20 minutes lol. Its time to give Messi a chance, and Neymar should always be the official taker.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker Mês atrás
@Winston Syme ramos and neymar have the same percentage of 85% with neymar having a larger volume taken.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Mês atrás
@Winston Syme Ramos is good, but I remember he missed two in one game for Spain. I think.
Winston Syme
Winston Syme Mês atrás
No. Ramos is the best penalty taker for this club.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
20 Luzer
20 Luzer Mês atrás
Given how PSG has a very good penalty kicker in Ramos, PSG really need to reconsider the designated and sole penalty kicker approach.
88heiling ꖦ
88heiling ꖦ Mês atrás
@Alex Walker That’s Mbappe for you. He doesn’t have basic football composure so 50% of the time he mindlessly misses the target.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker Mês atrás
they got neymar, messi, and mbappe. neymar pk percentage made is 85%, mbappe 83%, messi 81%. Ramos is 85%. So yeah it shouldn't really matter but mbappe should of scored the deflection.
madmax797 Mês atrás
Ramos won the penalty. he should have taken it
Jrod 69
Jrod 69 Mês atrás
Im so happy that Messi won the World Cup. It’s like nothing else matters now, he has nothing to lose anymore, he’s won everything . He can play with no pressure , and just enjoy the game .
Drippy Mês atrás
Messi's attacking right now?? Just straight up vintage, the magician🐐
BIG Mês atrás
Messi made my guy do a split and he still couldn’t save the shot lmao, it was offside, but still made me laugh 7:20 the goalies reaction here too 😂 such an unexpected shot, Messi really did him dirty in the most nonchalant way
omenRD Mês atrás
Vitinha is extremly underrated. His technique, IQ etc.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
He's a good signing from PSG, he always puts in 100% every game
Camilo Mês atrás
that messi finish was amazing, crazy pass
FCMITS Mês atrás
Why he ain’t let Messi take the second pen
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez Mês atrás
@Gabriel Gomez a league is a league it doesn’t matter what league you play in as long as you play and win in that league
Vick Mês atrás
@Andy Gueg most assists in football
Andy Gueg
Andy Gueg Mês atrás
@Vick but Messi is the most morally corrupt person to ever play the sport
Andrew K
Andrew K Mês atrás
Mbappé's little hesitation run-up threw himself off more than the keeper. It made it easier to read which direction he was going. Gimmicks don't work. Instead of worrying about what the keeper may do, focus on putting the ball in a spot with enough power that they'll never save it, even if they do guess correctly.
Andres Torres
Andres Torres Mês atrás
Unreal pass for that Messi goal!!
Anthony Perella
Anthony Perella Mês atrás
How do you miss 2 penalties in a row and miss the follow up
The 444Allstar
The 444Allstar Mês atrás
@Abu Mansaray7 They don’t say it was saved for the person taking the penalty, it’s either a goal or a miss. For the goalkeeper it’s a save.
RfG Mês atrás
@Abu Mansaray7 well the rebound was a miss by a 1000% doesn’t matter if the goalie saved it he missed the second opportunity
Lol AThe Regular Person
@Abu Mansaray7 the follow up was a miss
Abu Mansaray7
Abu Mansaray7 Mês atrás
@The 444Allstar It's a save. You can say the same thing about any goal. Words have meanings.
The 444Allstar
The 444Allstar Mês atrás
@Abu Mansaray7 It’s easier to score penalties than to save them so for the penalty taker, it’s a miss. You could give credit that it was on target though.
Hudson Akins
Hudson Akins Mês atrás
How the hell Mbappe finna miss TWO 😭
Mario's Window Cleaning
Vamos Messi!!
kmeiikko Mês atrás
The keeper from Montpellier was the man of the match for me this game
3:17 am
3:17 am Mês atrás
The whole PSG team played well this time. Not just the forwards and hakimi.
Nippleless Cage
Nippleless Cage Mês atrás
Mbappe's first pen saved, misses the second pen, and then misses an open net from four yards. I love Mbappe but that shit was hilarious 😂
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar Mês atrás
RiiCaRd09328 Mês atrás
Var it’s crazy you can’t call back a play that far back
Ninzuki Mês atrás
Crazy how they have mbappe taking penalties when they got Messi on the pitch
Adriana B.
Adriana B. Mês atrás
I think Messi is always having fun when he plays.
Draike Smith
Draike Smith Mês atrás
Mbappe missing wth. The team played so well together since the World Cup, finally, need a little more depth than they have tbh. But great win, and Mbappe get your head together
Draike Smith
Draike Smith Mês atrás
@Chris colombie low level French league team in the middle of rebuild? Lol alright
Chris colombie
Chris colombie Mês atrás
Did you forget the 5 goals against Lorient ?
sheky313 Mês atrás
Goddamn! Is Messi a human for real!?
sheky313 Mês atrás
@Big made bossman don't be hating man! He did great, he stepped up! And it's so hard to stop this way of playing! Making short quick passes in such such tight spaces!? You gotta be goood to do that! I know he can really do that but he played tremendously in this game! I'm a Ronaldo fan by the way!
Big made
Big made Mês atrás
@sheky313 Yehp, there are a very few players like that! But he didn’t do nothing to provoke such a question in this game😭😭😭 obvious as always messi fans trying to overhype Messi, even after a mediocre string of performances for PSG!
sheky313 Mês atrás
@Big made he is just so damn good yo!
minsk Mês atrás
Big made
Big made Mês atrás
Lol what did he do?
ion Mês atrás
Mbappe missed the penalty hahaha i love it
Martin Perez
Martin Perez Mês atrás
Ruiz, Verrati, Sanchez has to be psg midfield. Ruiz is underrated he has Greta vision, technique and is always looking for messi. Renato is also great his pace and his vision add more to this attack.
Q Mês atrás
I would have Veratti, Vitinha, and Ruiz. I agree that Ruiz is good and should be in the starting lineup, but vitinha was great too. Sanchez was terrible before the wc, I thin vitinha is much better.
tnix88 Mês atrás
They aren't the same without verrati
Leo15 Mês atrás
@Martin Perez I think vitinha plays well only if verratti is with him. Their chemistry is similar to pedri and gavi so due to vitinhas age, he can't perform as well
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
@Martin Perez He works hard tho, he has performed better than Sanches and Ruiz this season but we'll see.
Martin Perez
Martin Perez Mês atrás
@Joseph Antony honestly I'm not a fan of vitinha he is young and recently it his inexperience has been showing alot also he has no vision apart from his dribbling he doesn't contribute to the attack as much as he should
Thomas Miller
Thomas Miller Mês atrás
Ekitike looked real upset Emery didn’t lay the ball off on that goal 😅
Randy Zoo
Randy Zoo Mês atrás
And Ekitike was right. Taking the shot was the wrong the decision. The kid had 2 better options: 1) a free Messi and 2) Ekitiké who had the defender behind him. It was a simple pass situation for either option. But the kid took the risky shot. He was lucky that the ball went between the defender's legs.
Cris Colon
Cris Colon Mês atrás
Buen partido
Rohan George
Rohan George Mês atrás
bro that last scorer didnt look 16 im 16 and i was frickin shocked when i realized how old he was
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith Mês atrás
I've been a soccer official for over a decade. From what I saw Messi's first goal should have been allowed. A defender intentionally headed the ball at 1:58 which resets off-sides for attacking players. I think VAR got this wrong.... Sometimes less interference is better.
Dammit I'm mad
Dammit I'm mad Mês atrás
@D M He clearly did. From a different angle, it's obvious
Felipe Mês atrás
@D M you can’t tell in this video. I just found one with a better angle and it looks like the defender does make contact. The spin on the ball changes right before getting to Messi.
D M Mês atrás
I don’t think he made contact.
3:17 am
3:17 am Mês atrás
Mbappe was pocketed like crazy this game😂😂😂 he probably has nightmares about that goalie
MILAN RAO Mês atrás
Can’t believe Mbappe hogs all the penalties! Should alternate between him and Messi at the very least!
Chris Ghantous
Chris Ghantous Mês atrás
I love the fact the commentator said: "We Are Scoreless At The Break Thanks To Benjamin LeCON” - For my french speaking compatriots 🤪 2:45
Krystelle Rare
Krystelle Rare Mês atrás
Mbappe is Just too full of himself. He always want all the attention on him
Jonathan Boss
Jonathan Boss Mês atrás
you guys are incredible for the fast highlights
ramesh prakasam
ramesh prakasam Mês atrás
It's in English
ramesh prakasam
ramesh prakasam Mês atrás
At least it's something
Rohan George
Rohan George Mês atrás
montpellier's goal was so funny idk wtf psg's defense were doing, donnaruma was just standing still he shoulda been ready to dive earlier lol his reaction 😂😂just that one particular goal but overall psg were better. hopefully they become ready for ucl
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
It's coz Bernat backheeled the ball for no reason and it left the defense like statues.
Pablo Guerrero
Pablo Guerrero Mês atrás
Emery looks like a key player for a counter against Bayern, as long as Sanchez isn't in the team we'll be good
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Mês atrás
@Joseph Antony Renato had some decent moments, tho he lost the ball a lot.
pedrodetor Mês atrás
@Joseph Antony yes Renato is a beast just needs time hope his ready for bayern.
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
@pedrodetor He was pretty consistent at Lille, and he has UCL and Ligue 1 experience, today he played very well, this was vintage Renato, if him and Ruiz can get into form before the Bayern game that would be amazing!
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
@Pablo Guerrero Sanches wasn't horrible bruh, did you watch the game? He was making many forward passes and creating chances, this was his best game in a PSG shirt.
pedrodetor Mês atrás
@Pablo Guerrero I would be patient with him he also wants Revenge on Bayern after the way he was treated there. Renato can hold off 3 or 4 players with his power and skill, he can run and dribble or make really nice passes and shoot from distance or chip like he did to Messi were Messi couldnot score after that amazing pass from Renato.
Shawn Diboti
Shawn Diboti Mês atrás
wow zaire emery 16 years old scores his first professional goal and the first person to celebrate with him was messi he’ll tell his kids about that!
Rafael Guasp
Rafael Guasp Mês atrás
Good training session for PSG
Headphones Mês atrás
As shown by this this game Haaland is clear of Mbappe
Toronto Pearson YYZ LIVE
Do you think Mbappe will be able to play against Toulouse on Saturday?
Sai E
Sai E Mês atrás
Crazy how the went to VAR to redo the penalty. The assistant referee was right on the line and should have seen that.
Lincoln Simon
Lincoln Simon Mês atrás
We need ray Hudson in the commentary box great analyst Mr magisterial
MrPonchy Mês atrás
Messi 🐐
Zenata Mês atrás
Too bad Chelsea sabotaged Ziyech’s move. It would add some flair to this attack
Dylan Walker
Dylan Walker Mês atrás
Mbappe loves to go left in penalties
Memphis Parker
Memphis Parker Mês atrás
keepers are starting to realize Mbappe only goes right on his penalties lol
German Mês atrás
As a diehard Ronaldo fan we gotta admit. Messi is doing really good lately. It just sucks having to repeat, " I don't like Ronaldo" constantly everytime I watch Messi play.
Oliver Xia
Oliver Xia Mês atrás
MBappe is just so so….
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Mês atrás
Man of the match was the Ref's earpiece
Kreative Speedstv
Kreative Speedstv Mês atrás
Props to Sanchez
El Capo
El Capo Mês atrás
Ah the advantages of playing in a farmers league two missed penalties mean nothing because goals aren’t hard to come buy and they can score whenever they please
Midnight x Sin
Midnight x Sin Mês atrás
I don’t know what’s worst, those penalties or the commentary
Sprite Mês atrás
Mbappe still hates Messi since the World Cup final lmao 🤣
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
No he doesn't, he likes Messi, I've seen them laughing and smiling together post wc.
ScuzieFades Mês atrás
Why is Donnaruma just standing there when Montpellier scored their goal… he’s literally just gazing at what’s happening at the edge of his box 🤨
Natnael Mulatu
Natnael Mulatu Mês atrás
leo 💙
Phuoc-Toan Nguyen
Phuoc-Toan Nguyen Mês atrás
First time seeing so many goals denied 😜
seanemicho Mês atrás
Let's not dramatize, Mbappé is an excellent penalty shooter. Tonight was just not a good night for him.
u a b for finding this but alr
@Brandon Jablasone yeah messi is a better penalty taker and messi isnt good at penalties.. they need ramos or neymar to take em they have a better percentage.. mbappe was only good at penalties in the final… he isnt a good penalty taker and we saw that here..
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone Mês atrás
@u a b for finding this but alr he is a excellent penalty taker. I’ve seen Messi miss countless pk
u a b for finding this but alr
Mbappes never been a good penalty shooter.. this is normal or him.. he just had a great night in that world cup performance and a normal night today
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
Agree, but tend he should try making his penalties a little less predictable.
Rastafari Sanc Sie
Rastafari Sanc Sie Mês atrás
I Still remember for Elementary School 🎒 that Montpelier is a Capital of a State
Dexter Mês atrás
Mbappe had too much peer (messi) pressure 😀
Salesi The Patriot
Salesi The Patriot Mês atrás
Spurs need a keeper like Lecomte
roroh17 Mês atrás
VAR spoils many matches. Each team should have been allowed only 2 checks like in tennis. If the check stands right, they do not lose the check and if its not, they lose it. It would have been more fair to the players/game
roroh17 Mês atrás
@Ather Javaid you have a point but error is human and thats why linesmen are there and Im sure you would agree that sometimes VAR really break the fun of a game.
Ather Javaid
Ather Javaid Mês atrás
How does it spoil the game, if someone was offsides they need to be better, not try the same thing and hope the ref doesnt catch it
Al Mês atrás
We can all agreet that the montpellier was very good
guapanese papi
guapanese papi Mês atrás
10:38 Bro lol Ekitike really complaining after Emery scores a goal for them 🤣 bruh what's wrong with you?
God's Champion
God's Champion Mês atrás
He complains alot.
Mack McGowan
Mack McGowan Mês atrás
Mbappe had a nightmare today
TaoGusu Mês atrás
That’s at least 3 better penalty shooters in that team than mbape 🤷‍♀️
f Mês atrás
its always fun to see a pro messes up
That boy Sanchez need more time
Cutting Golden Shapes
Empire Media
Empire Media Mês atrás
Messi should always take the penalties
Fabian Rodriguez
Fabian Rodriguez Mês atrás
I was lookin for were messi got injured to understand but I decided to watch this
KayVee Mês atrás
Paris thrives with Neymar on the field. It was clear this game too.
Nippleless Cage
Nippleless Cage Mês atrás
@KayVee POV: You watch golf.
KayVee Mês atrás
@weaboo yea cuz Neymar wasn’t there. Neymar is the best player in that team he needs the most time on the ball.
weaboo Mês atrás
Messi carried them they need to give him the ball more
Ather Javaid
Ather Javaid Mês atrás
Funny, wasnt it his goal that got them up last match until the defense f'd it up at the end.
NYCSkillzz Mês atrás
Renato,Ruiz,Veratti should be the midfield am i trippin or no?
Cutting Golden Shapes
vitinha veratti ruiz and renato to come in as a sub.
Brandon Ruiz
Brandon Ruiz Mês atrás
Erik Hernandez
Erik Hernandez Mês atrás
How is Messi still so good lol
Nain Ventura
Nain Ventura Mês atrás
Where was The Super mega hero star Mbappe besides missing two penaltie kicks? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it ! He's not that big of a deal
LancasterEDC Mês atrás
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was dying laughing when he missed twice and this is they guy people are saying is better than Messi lol crazy
Sanchayan Sarkar
Sanchayan Sarkar Mês atrás
I think Messi should have taken the penalty. Messi is an underrated penalty taker.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker Mês atrás
@Brandon Jablasone 81% overall is not bad. neymar is 85%.
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone Mês atrás
@madmax797 bro he’s not a good pk taker
madmax797 Mês atrás
messi after that one miss against poland, seems to have figured out the wait for GK to make move technique to perfection.
SM-1 Mês atrás
As a Messi fan do I think Messi should be a pens? Sure. Do I think Messi cares? No. We already know Messi don’t care about pens that much we’ve seen him give them away to other players so many times and he’s literally passed the ball off on a pen which led to Suarez scoring back in 2016. Messi prob could not care 😂 Regardless that was poor from Mbappe tho.. twice he’s predicted and missed the rebound skying it… that ain’t the Mbappe we know from the WC.
yofatha Mês atrás
why are we still letting mbappe take free kicks still 😹😹
Verian Mês atrás
It irritates me the most to think that Mbappe takes up most of the penalties and misses most of the time if it wasn’t for him we could’ve already had a goal if Messi took the pen 🤦‍♂️
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@Miguel_ 7that’s why he said we “could have “
Miguel_ 7
Miguel_ 7 Mês atrás
What makes you so sure Messi wouldn't miss ?
Carlos Giles
Carlos Giles Mês atrás
No se puede fallar tanto
Deuces45 Mês atrás
That first penalty was a blatant flop!
Science kidd
Science kidd Mês atrás
Seeing mbpappe fail brings a smile to my face :)
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Mês atrás
Your a little sick minded if you want a player to fail.
Fabian martinez
Fabian martinez Mês atrás
Why? Lol
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