Monster School : Clash Royale Blue King Legendary Deck - Minecraft Animation

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Video For This Week
The monster school decided to fight the Blue King in the Clash Royale and accept the Rematch.

If You Haven't Watch Part 1 Yet, Click The Link Below

Monster School : Clash Royale
Monster School : Clash Royale Challenge
Monster School : Fighting Clash Royale Part 2

Card That I Put In The Video
- Mega Knight Decks
- Bandit Decks
- Sparky Decks
- Skeleton Army Decks
- Guards Decks
- Rocket Decks
- Fireball Decks
- Self-Zap Decks
- Electro Wizard Decks
- Miner Decks

Music and Sound:

Outro Music: Raven & Kreyn - So Happy [NCS Official Video]

If you want to watch more monster school animation click here,
My Monster School Playlist

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14 Nov 2017



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Comentários 6 022
Ziim 3 anos atrás
In reality herobrine could use his magic and win easily
Mike Lapriola
Mike Lapriola Anos atrás
I see why the king won... The kings deck was almost all legendary
Bogdi YT
Bogdi YT 6 meses atrás
Didnt You read the title?
qurboh Anos atrás
2:24 I like how the lightning spell or zap spell (idk which one) makes a goblin barrel sound
ItzEboy YT
ItzEboy YT 3 meses atrás
It's ZaP
Maryline Beltran
Maryline Beltran 8 meses atrás
@yasmin babrawala un
Tan Pengly
Tan Pengly 9 meses atrás
@zombi2000dude if you wanna talk trash or cuss do it somewhere Else or they will talk trash to you
Carlos alfonso Guerrero nah
@zombi2000 g
qurboh Anos atrás
zombi2000 the fuck you did you say to me you piece of shit
Cringy Stingy
Cringy Stingy Anos atrás
GAMES CRAXEL 8 dias atrás
Gigant sword
Mr Zombie
Mr Zombie 2 meses atrás
@I am Bacon • o no 😒
littlehuman5 11 meses atrás
It has way too many errors.
I am Bacon • o
I am Bacon • o Anos atrás
Because it’s for kids.
luis daidouji
luis daidouji Anos atrás
1:52 isn’t the Mega Knight supposed to jump to what Looks like the Mini Pekka?
yari masi
yari masi 5 meses atrás
I say Zombie
MARK 5 meses atrás
Isn’t it a knight
billy bob
billy bob 8 meses atrás
yes very true
luis daidouji
luis daidouji 9 meses atrás
@ricksterpalacios relax bro I just noticed it damn
ricksterpalacios 9 meses atrás
Then you animate it idiot see how hard it is.
RL SMASHER 2 anos atrás
I'm gonna try Blue King's Deck. It looks really interesting! (Mega Knight, Sparky, Electro Wizard, Miner, Bandit, Rocket, Poison, Freeze) 😀😅😁😄
Soto taylor Gabby
Soto taylor Gabby Mês atrás
OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got free gift cards from 💜 ** 💜 *"**3:48**"* Ygx
Bogdi YT
Bogdi YT 2 meses atrás
@Warren Blanco i think is barbarian hut more
Warren Blanco
Warren Blanco 2 meses atrás
@Minty same
Warren Blanco
Warren Blanco 2 meses atrás
Red king aka Steve skeleton army, mini pekka, goblin hut, lightning, fire ball, giant skeleton, guards, Royale ghost he could have won that fight if he fought smarter
Bogdi YT
Bogdi YT 5 meses atrás
@Fluffy TV and it's 9 cards instead of 8
Splash Blast
Splash Blast 7 meses atrás
Nice Hard and excellent effort It should be on trending 1st
Pou Pov
Pou Pov 6 meses atrás
Diamond all day bro
ShamsaQT 2 anos atrás
As a challenger 3 player I smile at this
😈SEBAS🤑 2 meses atrás
estas animacines eran epicas 😞
Mr.Gato_xd Dia atrás
Si pero a mí vista siguen siendo
José David
José David Dia atrás
Es genial
Rocio Chaustre
Rocio Chaustre Mês atrás
Le ganó y eso que tenía al p.e.k.a y mini p.e.k.A
Yo las veia hace mucho son god
sebastian trenes
sebastian trenes Mês atrás
Si lo eran
Rikka Takanashi
Rikka Takanashi Anos atrás
6:52 that was hilarious 🤣
Filip, piłka nożna
Fajny film
Vlail 5 meses atrás
This is so touching I loved this so much oh my goodness I just cried 15 gallons of tears its so inspiring!
Arcveo Gameplays 🔝
Arcveo Gameplays 🔝 2 meses atrás
Alguien mas viene por nostalgia ?
KINE FF 16 dias atrás
Mayte sepulveda
Mayte sepulveda Mês atrás
Mathias Mês atrás
Liu Kang
Liu Kang Mês atrás
Prince CR
Prince CR Anos atrás
Jajaja me gusto😂😂
Think Mark Think
Think Mark Think 7 meses atrás
Yeah, back to the good old days...
Pana Walker
Pana Walker 9 dias atrás
Dherick Dungo
Dherick Dungo 11 dias atrás
@50M Necron's ladder yep
50M Necron's ladder
50M Necron's ladder 27 dias atrás
BUR@K-C@PT@İN🥀 Mês atrás
Yeah :(
Joaquin Medina
Joaquin Medina 2 meses atrás
No hablo inglés pero yo te sigo desde los 300k fuiste mi infancia
STR_Spotlight Anos atrás
3:16 that’s the slowest miner I’ve ever seen
Ольга Меньшикова
@STR_Spotlight эээххххя л ,ш6щзз000000хххзззшщнёеу
Loba Anos atrás
I'm dead lol
Unus Anos atrás
@Davi Gomes you mean stone shovel
Martín jaja rubio MG 555
Es genial el esqueleto gigante Con las espadas y el Mega caballero
Templid Anos atrás
Wow never knew a goblin barrel has lightning and could kill a dark prince
Tatiane C. F. Moritz
Tatiane C. F. Moritz 2 meses atrás
Its a mega knight
Gregory García Gómez 08ツ
yo soy yo:)
yo soy yo:) 10 dias atrás
Que viejos recuerdo , estos videos me hacían reír pero as perdido el toque mágico un poco
Yifei Tian
Yifei Tian 4 anos atrás
If mega knights attacked that fast, we’d all be screwed
walyson murilo oficial
walyson murilo oficial 3 meses atrás
Uau belo edit ficou otimo😂
masmelos Anos atrás
Luís Cláudio Torres Camelo
Gostei bastante deste video
Josue Rojas
Josue Rojas 3 meses atrás
Herobrine's deck Skeletons-Skeletons or Army Zombie-Dont know Pigmen hut-Barbarian hut Pigmen-Barbarians Giant skeleton-Giant skeleton Wither skeletons-Guards Enderman-Dont know Zap Fireball
lobonoman 2.0
lobonoman 2.0 Anos atrás
Cómo consiguió tanto elixir para el Mega caballero y chispitas? 5:39
khashayar sadid
khashayar sadid Anos atrás
if I was the blue King and if I knew he is going to eat the chicken I will never give that too him! it was very good I enjoyed a lot😹👍
romax xd
romax xd 2 meses atrás
Que recuerdos
Miguel Ángel Ruiz García
Me veía esto cuando era pequeño xD
dYlAn 10 meses atrás
Yo también con mi hermano
Therealbruno [GD]
Therealbruno [GD] 6 meses atrás
Good old times...
Mamapoma Alvarez
Mamapoma Alvarez Anos atrás
Que felicidad al ultimo
Rafik Exe
Rafik Exe 2 anos atrás
Problems 1.Barbarian hut spawn 1 pigmen instead of 2 each spawn 2.mega knight din't smash the enemy with one hand instead it was both 3.giant skeleton has sword 4.freeze spell 20 second duration 5.Sparky's instant charge
Mattiaz Chavez presentación
the princess dont atackedd
Rafik Exe
Rafik Exe Anos atrás
@CREATOR i don't know how to write it before
CREATOR Anos atrás
Megaknight actually smashes with 2 hands not punch
SFT Table
SFT Table 2 anos atrás
Mega knight always punches with 2 hands
Mabel Aylwin
Mabel Aylwin 2 anos atrás
The electro wizard shoots the wrong lightninght
the ghost
the ghost Anos atrás
Que buena animación bro
el negro niga
el negro niga Anos atrás
Vuegos tiempos
IAmTurtle Anos atrás
its been so many years since ive seen these =)
Los Primigenios
Los Primigenios Anos atrás
OMG the work that you have done bro congrats you have my like and my subscription!
NoSkiNinja 47
NoSkiNinja 47 Anos atrás
(Thumbnail) like a 27 elixir push at the same area (Me) Seems legit
yo:) Anos atrás
Neta eres mi infancia bro
alanladimir aguadopineda
Que bien sigue asiendo videos de Clash royale
ANTÔNIO BR Anos atrás
O mais engraçado foi o corredor voando kkkk
erick erickzin
erick erickzin Anos atrás
Eu amo clash Royale Minecraft ainda mais os dois juntos
someone remembering the old days?/alguien recordando los viejos tiempos?
Хэдвин Mês atrás
Георгий Вольф
Galaga Ship
Galaga Ship 4 meses atrás
Besides from the over used sound effects from time to time, this seems like original monster school
Oof Mês atrás
Ah. I miss these days.
Saitama 9 meses atrás
I am an ultimate champion in clash royale and I love this clash royale animation
viviana escobar
viviana escobar 2 meses atrás
Gane 8 partidas usando este mazo xd
luis daidouji
luis daidouji Anos atrás
4:40 Guards can attack while they have their Shield too
SSLK Does Everything
SSLK Does Everything 7 meses atrás
@I am Bacon • o because he was in the back and maybe they were a too spread out. That doesn’t happen in real game though
I am Bacon • o
I am Bacon • o Anos atrás
And how did one of the shields survive?
meixia li
meixia li 2 anos atrás
Wait a minute. A giant skeleton with 2 swords? Something is wrong..... *Wait, That's Illegal*
Dewi Lesar
Dewi Lesar 9 meses atrás
@Niickel lol
Dewi Lesar
Dewi Lesar 9 meses atrás
Geoninja Brawl
Geoninja Brawl Anos atrás
At least it has its bomb
Shawn Lebetsamer
Shawn Lebetsamer Anos atrás
And mega night and sparky at same time
Cha Joo
Cha Joo Anos atrás
hah I’m your 200 like on the sot
bautista soto
bautista soto 2 meses atrás
Buena edicion
killermachinetanki games
2:05 u wish mega knight can hit that fast
Acmad_V Mamalo
Acmad_V Mamalo Anos atrás
That's legendary card mega knight
AppleSlices 9
AppleSlices 9 Anos atrás
I'm just here thinking how this tower survived so much more than, the other one with a rocket and a couple bandit hits
BIG BOYI Anos atrás
It would make the mega knight more op than what it is rn
BIG BOYI Anos atrás
It would make the mega knight more op than what it is rn
Ibra Hi
Ibra Hi Anos atrás
I would actually really hate it
YaelCruzz Anos atrás
Mi infancia en un video
Dylan Bercilla
Dylan Bercilla Anos atrás
Me looks at thumb nail and seeing the miner:HOW!!!!! 1:48 what kind of troop is that
Nico Murgui
Nico Murgui 9 meses atrás
I don't know. It will be zombie with big sword.
P. SHIVAARAAMAN 624 9 meses atrás
TRØŁŁĘMØÑ 11 meses atrás
The sound is bomber
Jahzeel Bercilla
Jahzeel Bercilla Anos atrás
wow this was my old account i miss it
Dark Ender Lord
Dark Ender Lord Anos atrás
It's mini pekka
daniel_gamer0816 pedro daniel
Esse cara edita bem parabéns
Joaquin Novoa
Joaquin Novoa 8 meses atrás
There is so much wrong with this video that I will go over -mega knight doesn’t jump -not enough skeletons in skeleton army -guards can attack with there shield in front -bandit does to much damage -freeze lasts to long -barb hut doesn’t spawn enough barbs -goblin barrel doesn’t have enough goblins -uses more than 10 elixir at once -sparky does charge before aiming a target in the video she waits until a target is In her sight then she charges and lastly -poison killed a guard that still had his shield
Joaquin Novoa
Joaquin Novoa 8 meses atrás
Oh and I forgot to say 2 things -giant skeleton has swords -archers in princess towers
Yusuf Ahmed
Yusuf Ahmed Anos atrás
Amazing animation
runaruna_rugby Anos atrás
Nice animation!
sasta srk
sasta srk 3 meses atrás
These were the days
bread boi🍞
bread boi🍞 Mês atrás
Nostalgia 🤧
BigBrainTime 2 anos atrás
Why does blue king only have legendary troops
orphan 11 meses atrás
@hernimaniak but the title says “legendary deck” not troop if it said troop thatd be a different story
I am Bacon • o
I am Bacon • o Anos atrás
@Spiderman Fan ;-;
Spiderman Fan
Spiderman Fan Anos atrás
@I am Bacon • o Did I ask?
I am Bacon • o
I am Bacon • o Anos atrás
@Spiderman Fan not all cards were legendary
BigBrainTime Anos atrás
All you guys that are saying thing I said TROOPS not spell or anything else
ItzRobinHere 2 anos atrás
5:39 how can he drop mega knight and sparky at the same time?!
Pôison 6 meses atrás
could of been legendarys infinite elixir
Cassandra Anos atrás
Me: Mom i wanna play Clash royale! You will play it at home! Clash royale at home:
Hydra Gamer
Hydra Gamer Anos atrás
If steave brought the ender dragon using dragon egg, that would be very epic
I am Bacon • o
I am Bacon • o Anos atrás
It’s Herobrine. Not Steve. Herobrine has no pupils.
Julek Julek
Julek Julek 2 anos atrás
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach 3 meses atrás
5:02 The bandit has wooden sword anyway🤣
Lhexy Magat
Lhexy Magat Anos atrás
My favorite card is mega knight
luis daidouji
luis daidouji Anos atrás
5:17 the bandit still dashed towards the tower
Panic The Human
Panic The Human 4 meses atrás
The ending tho
Leo Li
Leo Li 8 meses atrás
The hog rider was hilarious :)
adolfo XD
adolfo XD Anos atrás
We all watched monster school as a kid atleast 1 million times
CONDING, Mohammad Jamzin R.
Fun Fact: Did you know that a Knight can counter all Legendaries but when defending? Not the Mega Knight the normal one
Simplyy 23 dias atrás
Mayra Franco leyva
Mayra Franco leyva Anos atrás
Corazón😍 si miran Moster shool en 2020
Finn Carlin
Finn Carlin Anos atrás
This is so freaking cool wow
Warren Simpson
Warren Simpson Anos atrás
Anyone notice that the blue king is only using legendaries
Alex Pacheco
Alex Pacheco 5 meses atrás
Blue king: wins Me: how did he put a mega knight and a sparky down at the same time
SubaGaming 2 anos atrás
Am i the only guy wondering why the blue king has only legendaries as his troops?
Not_ Javi20
Not_ Javi20 2 anos atrás
And rocket
SubaGaming 2 anos atrás
@Ibragim Yakubov You dont get it, i was wondering why only his TROOPS, not ALL CARDS are legendary
Ibragim Yakubov
Ibragim Yakubov 2 anos atrás
Freeze and poison is epic He had it on his deck
Sleepy Men :}
Sleepy Men :} Anos atrás
*Spawns Sparky* me: OMG THAT'S TO OP
Fatima Cantillano
Fatima Cantillano Anos atrás
Treefish Anos atrás
Blue king's deck: Mega Knight, electro wizard, freeze spell, miner, bandit, rocket and zappy( I forgot name ) Herobrine's deck: skeletons, zombie pigman hut, zombie with big sword, guards, enderman, giant skeleton, zap spell
Wasif Zakwan
Wasif Zakwan 4 meses atrás
It's probably supposed to be mini pekka
Andy Lizarraga
Andy Lizarraga Anos atrás
Now...this is epic
진수민 Anos atrás
Ana Quintela
Ana Quintela Anos atrás
So lendária
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 5 meses atrás
4:14 Blue King used Sparky Me: Why is it's color red?
Mr Zombie
Mr Zombie 2 meses atrás
True lol 😂
Ximena Molina
Ximena Molina 2 anos atrás
random_memzy 4 meses atrás
1:19 RIP villager. The only fan for the red team
PRAJWAL TRIPATHI 8 meses atrás
Very good video
yeric 10 meses atrás
Mease reir XD
Yazmin Alison
Yazmin Alison 3 meses atrás
MMI Play
MMI Play Anos atrás
Cool vídeo
Stefano ligge
Stefano ligge Anos atrás
R Kay
R Kay 2 anos atrás
I’m pretty sure the sparky is suppose to be blue but good video
Davi Souza
Davi Souza Anos atrás
I love Clash royale
David Slaven Grgić
David Slaven Grgić 10 meses atrás
Giant skeleton and dark Prince and guards my favorite cards
APK ADAM 10 meses atrás
Actually, I'd love to watch it, and I'd be happy if the brawl stars showed up.
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 7 meses atrás
Blue king has red sparky😅😂
Xx cob dock xx Xtv
Xx cob dock xx Xtv Anos atrás
How come the blue king has a legendary deck but he has epic freeze,poison,and lightning?
Piotr Dzieciątek
Piotr Dzieciątek Anos atrás
Freeze is an EPIC card and lasts WAY less than showed in the vid. Mega Knight + Sparky = -13 Elixir Why didn't Bandit dash to the tower? Zap/Lightning doesn' t make Goblin Barrel sound effects Electro Wizard can hit two troops with one bolt Mega Knight attacks much slower in the real game What is the enderman doing there? Why only 2 of the guards got their shields destroyed? 0:20 wtf is even that lol 1:08 the bomber sound. Why is it there? It's Royal Arena (Arena 7) cuz of the match start music. Ummm... Bandit? Freeze? There are two cards that place skeletons not counting tombstone and graveyard. Skeletons is 3, Skeleton Army is 14. Why is there 6? Giant skeleton doesn't have swords. BABY DRAGON MISSING ;D Is the zombie with the giant sword a P.E.K.K.A or mini P.E.K.K.A or a Knight? Electro wizard and Bandit are faster in game. Miner slooooooooooooow :P The sparky loaded up WAY too fast and killed the giant skeleton in one hit. like what the zap The crown on the tower... yeah, you know. The music is from Royal Arena. The look is from either Goblin Stadium or Barbarian Bowl. What is going on? And if it is arena 1 or 3 (yea i said that it is Arena 7 earlier), NO LEGENDS, no freeze, no Guards. 7:09 i am levitate HOOOOOG RIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!! lol
d.4.4.4 Anos atrás
Holy shit, how long it took you to write that?
HelloThere Anos atrás
Wow Sparky has 1 tick recharge dude that's going to be OP in the real game :DDDDDDD at 4:13
Sniper gaming
Sniper gaming 7 meses atrás
arent we gonna ignore the fact that he is using poison which is an epic
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