moments when stray kids are actually ready to fight each other

hyunjin nation
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happy new year everyone! i came back with a compilation of skz moments where skz are trying not to lose their sh*t for each other. some funny, some maybe aren't. but it's here! sorry for the long wait. so many things happened before (woojin's departure, sulli and hara situation) so i've honestly felt so demotivated to edit anything. anyways i edited this video 6 times before i actually decided to publish it..please give it some attention. i promise i'll try to com back in 2 days with a new video (it will be my birthday yay)


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4 Jan 2020



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hyunjin nation
hyunjin nation Mês atrás
see seungmin and felix smoothie disaster! hi everyone! merry christmas and happy new year. sorry for the delay (explanation in the description!). i'll try to come back in 2 days if i can (since it'll be my birthday lol) let's be mutuals on twitter
Pringles 16 dias atrás
Aiiello .-. Look up “Skz dingo Miroh” and you’ll find it
Aiiello .-.
Aiiello .-. 16 dias atrás
What's the clip at 5:14? I want to watch it T_T
Vianny Anitauli
Vianny Anitauli 22 dias atrás
hey may i know 9:25 clips from what video?
Sumara Stanton Gaspar
hyunjin nation what is the intro name
hyunjin nation
hyunjin nation Mês atrás
@ONiHiMe it's from dingo! i just typed "skz miroh dingo" to find it lmao
Teorias da Mariah
Teorias da Mariah Hora atrás
0:15 song???
Stan Stray Kids or live boring
7:11 It's late at night and I spit out my chicken nuggets i'm laughing so hard😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭
min yoongi chocolate uwu
3:18 that laugh tho
DRAW WITH ME! PLEASE 22 horas atrás
8:19 his giggle wtf- *lies on floor face down* I’m overwhelmed..
orange주황색 Dia atrás
Poor Minho and his cats getting bullied hardcore
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
7:11 7:22 I'm sorry, it's literally one of the cutest noises I've ever heard someone make without the intention of being phucking adorable
Sia K. R.
Sia K. R. 2 dias atrás
Why is felix so hot when he's mad though!
Stray Jams
Stray Jams 2 dias atrás
Changbin’s whimpering was hella cute tho-
Destany Mohs
Destany Mohs 2 dias atrás
1:34 poor felix
Kieva Laurels
Kieva Laurels 3 dias atrás
Things that turn Binnie on to the maaaaaaaaaax- Part 1: Not Minho
Kieva Laurels
Kieva Laurels 3 dias atrás
kimbap phobia
kimbap phobia 4 dias atrás
I've been wanting to stan Stray Kids for a while. Idk any of their names yet and it's only my second video of them (the other one being a secret mission video where there was NO trust whatsoever lmao). It usually takes me a bit of time to get into a group's video when I can't recognize the members yet, but they are freaking chaotic and hilarious omg 😂😂😂
Belinda Bal-ut
Belinda Bal-ut 4 dias atrás
My god lee know😂
Belinda Bal-ut
Belinda Bal-ut 4 dias atrás
Lee Know really look so betrayed when they are talking about his cats😂😂
Renai Gillespie
Renai Gillespie 4 dias atrás
Lee Felix: action! *Claps* Video: *stops playing*
hyunami choi
hyunami choi 5 dias atrás
literally see minho in my former classmate like, when minho smiles, i see him. this is delusional stage 1001
soobinsbread 5 dias atrás
4:50 me with my boy barbies when i was 6
Lilly 5 dias atrás
why is changbins whimper the cutest thing I have ever heard in my whole life
Greg mari Firme
Greg mari Firme 5 dias atrás
What song is your intro plz tell me
Tia docete
Tia docete 7 dias atrás
Changbin doesn't look like a bird? 7:10 7:21
DoMiNiQuE 8 dias atrás
Why do I Stan such extra guys 😅
Btschinku 7
Btschinku 7 8 dias atrás
Lol Seungmin took "Imma tap that" literally
Waranya Thongsaeng
Waranya Thongsaeng 8 dias atrás
They were literally trying to kill each other during the ASMR....
ISRAT SULTANA 9 dias atrás
Changbin: Where's the meat....THE MEAT Han: later later Han is so me😂😇
cosmixboba :3
cosmixboba :3 9 dias atrás
i like to call it: *stray kids moments that skz regrets being skz* .....if that makes sense.....
stan min yoongi
stan min yoongi 10 dias atrás
Minho never forgets
Isabella Porto
Isabella Porto 10 dias atrás
8:24 perhaps my fave vid cuz jeongin's giggles are SO FREAKING CUTE
Lia Cherry
Lia Cherry 10 dias atrás
Ok but felix looks hot when he's angry
Angela Yang
Angela Yang 10 dias atrás
trisha 11 dias atrás
the way I laughed here omf 9:40
nekopii 12 dias atrás
Minho's like: How dare you bitches not know my cats
I. Love. K-Pop
I. Love. K-Pop 14 dias atrás
I excited for that day where Felix beats Minho up for that day where he eliminated his sentence
Song Mingi
Song Mingi 14 dias atrás
martzy 14 dias atrás
i need a video of i.n saying “Don’t fight” , “Don’t kiss me!” , “Don’t-“ You get the point. in idk minutes ㅋㅋㅋ
Satu Micklin
Satu Micklin 14 dias atrás
0:33 Minho you forgot Felix
plum 14 dias atrás
every day I strive to be on the same molecular level as Minho...
Hare Smajlović
Hare Smajlović 15 dias atrás
0:23 no they cant be doing that
Hare Smajlović
Hare Smajlović 15 dias atrás
0:20 what are they doing
K-pop Fan
K-pop Fan 16 dias atrás
7:11 is me when I am eating my mums food 😂
Lattel Ollat
Lattel Ollat 16 dias atrás
Jasrin 2003
Jasrin 2003 16 dias atrás
Omg i miss woojin so muchhhh!!
cheese 16 dias atrás
i l word u
Naomi and Arizona
Naomi and Arizona 16 dias atrás
I didn’t know what’s their names but 😂
Suga in my cup of tea
Suga in my cup of tea 16 dias atrás
gOgI mmmhm eeeeeii
KaMia Hester
KaMia Hester 16 dias atrás
ParkJeah 1777
ParkJeah 1777 16 dias atrás
4:25 what clip?
road not taken
road not taken 16 dias atrás
Skz talker ep 21
taesowuju 16 dias atrás
5:19 is literally the cutest sound i have heard in a long time
Jeon Yoongi
Jeon Yoongi 17 dias atrás
3:01 my ears are blessed
Sarra_Gacha Life
Sarra_Gacha Life 17 dias atrás
The dislike are from Minho and his 3 cats using diffrent accounts
Jeon Taemin
Jeon Taemin 17 dias atrás
Which video is 3:02 and 3:14 from
road not taken
road not taken 16 dias atrás
Skz talker ep 16
Etoile God
Etoile God 18 dias atrás
The title should be: Minho getting no respect
Mrs. Teatea
Mrs. Teatea 18 dias atrás
5:30 that deep voice i felt it in my spine
Mrs. Teatea
Mrs. Teatea 18 dias atrás
0:46 minho was lowkey ready to shove one of those bananas up felix’s ass kfkfkkflflf
jisung bby
jisung bby 18 dias atrás
3:10 I.N~ "wow hes so handsome" seungmins mind~ bish what about me>????
Ishrat Shaikh
Ishrat Shaikh 19 dias atrás
They give so much sibling energy and I'm living for it!
Baekhyuniee Oppa
Baekhyuniee Oppa 20 dias atrás
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 7:11 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kpop Deprived
Kpop Deprived 20 dias atrás
This should be renamed *Stray Kids being their chaotic self*
bibidi babidi boo
bibidi babidi boo 21 dia atrás
6:59 i want this alarm tone please 🤣
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 22 dias atrás
0:57 JAJAJ
LadyKitten 22 dias atrás
Omg, i love changbin jisung and hyunjin scene! Laughing so hard in the middle of the night.. sorry for my neighbor 😆
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