Modified Mac and Cheese - You Suck at Cooking (episode 53)

You Suck At Cooking
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Make the mac and cheese then put the stuff in it that I mentioned in the video.
Inception Foghorn effect from

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7 Dez 2016

macaronimacaroni and cheesemac and cheesemodified mac and cheeseyou suck at cookingysacfunnyhow totutorialhow to make mac and cheesebroccolihamred pepperpestosteak



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Comentários 5 141
Gabrielle Dearlove
Gabrielle Dearlove 5 minutos atrás
Then Katie walks in to find him drunk and crying over eggs
Falafel 16 horas atrás
I love how the editing gets more crappier the more drunk he gets lol.
Maxime Boileau
Maxime Boileau Dia atrás
O no izzadream allthat time
OMG the puppy!
Dat mr Fuzzles
Dat mr Fuzzles Dia atrás
Why was there a condom in the fridge
Epicfortnites Squad
Epicfortnites Squad 2 dias atrás
Did u see that condom in the beginning
Armyisbest2 OFFICAL
Armyisbest2 OFFICAL 2 dias atrás
I like the garlic spinach and sun dried tomatoes mixed with macaroni and cheese until it all tastes delicious and then you eat it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it’s so good why didn’t I think of this a long time ago and will I ever be able to eat macaroni and cheese again without this awesome stuff inside it I doubt it except that it’s a lot of work so I’ll probably just think about it next time then won’t actually go to all the trouble unless I’m trying to impress some one but maybe I should start trying to impress myself for a change and see where that gets me in life I’m ordering Thai it’s so delicious
mew mew times !!!!!!
mew mew times !!!!!! 2 dias atrás
But not the one on this vid right now.....
mew mew times !!!!!!
mew mew times !!!!!! 2 dias atrás
I like mac and peas
Eval das
Eval das 3 dias atrás
tryhard but nouice yeah
TheGachaWatermelon Fam
I like Mac and cheese with ketchup
PickleOfficial 3 dias atrás
ParadoxFlow 4 dias atrás
Hentai macaroni at the end?
Jordan Powell
Jordan Powell 6 dias atrás
Tiffyos Y
Tiffyos Y 8 dias atrás
2.3 metric fucktons of spinach best quote from you suck at cooking
peachytides on ig
peachytides on ig 8 dias atrás
0:08 is there a condom packet..??
Alice-Cartelet 9 dias atrás
I made shallomoni and peppreese it tasted good except for the burnt shallots
Danny Purpz
Danny Purpz 9 dias atrás
Tell me why it was exactly 5:55 when your clock on the stove said 5:55. Lmao trippy
You Suck At Cooking
You Suck At Cooking 9 dias atrás
I make 86,400 versions of each video.
DogeisCut 10 dias atrás
add tuna, the end
DARK SOULS 10 dias atrás
I'm dead inside
Woosh 10 dias atrás
Don't try cooking just eat the puppy...
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 11 dias atrás
Face reveal??
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez 11 dias atrás
That dudes a piece of shit for throwing the dangerous poisonus plastic in the ocean from those beers
Chloe T
Chloe T 11 dias atrás
*How many dogs does this guy have?!?!?!* Unless he fosters.....?
Lim SQ
Lim SQ 11 dias atrás
This is for macaroni and cheese lovers including me.LOL😂😂
The Grand Inquisitor
The Grand Inquisitor 11 dias atrás
Did anyone else notice the condoms in the fridge?
detrix rampage
detrix rampage 11 dias atrás
Two fuck metric fuck tons of spinage
The hipster
The hipster 12 dias atrás
I'm in love with name ideas with these dishes 😂😂
The Cardboard Box Guy
The Cardboard Box Guy 12 dias atrás
Why would anyone put condoms in a fridge
Games Until Dawn
Games Until Dawn 12 dias atrás
Puppies. :DDDDD
Caroline [Female/Half demon/ half wolf]
Wait...if it was all a dream the whole time...wouldn’t this be a dream too?! DUN DUN DUUUNNN
oh god no
oh god no 12 dias atrás
"Basically get 2.3 metric fuck-tons of spinach..."
Spiffo 13 dias atrás
I reporting this video for animal abuse, clearly the dog didn't want to be filmed
Savannah Garvelink
Savannah Garvelink 13 dias atrás
WHY DOES HE SOUND LIKE THE DUDE FROM LucidChart SOO MUCH XD Or is it just me that he does...
Trxsh Mvp
Trxsh Mvp 14 dias atrás
I need that puppy 😭😭😭
JuTus JaxTon LastName
JuTus JaxTon LastName 14 dias atrás
Macception- inception. It took me 5 mins to get this.
RICK boi
RICK boi 14 dias atrás
Condoms in the fridge I didn't know you can eat that
Amy Darrow
Amy Darrow 14 dias atrás
lol pesto
Amentit M
Amentit M 15 dias atrás
2:08 this has me quacking
Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen 15 dias atrás
I saw a condom in the fridge............
Murray John Beard
Murray John Beard 15 dias atrás
Me at the end: “oh great another inception joke.” *hears bwah* “oh wow, well played. Most people don’t go that far.” *sees top* NUT
Benson 15 dias atrás
Dude you just completely killed the ocean singlehandedly with that six pack ting
Spider- Jenn
Spider- Jenn 15 dias atrás
ok umm did you take that pup home? cuz ima unsure if you didn't
max morrison
max morrison 15 dias atrás
this pairs nicely with your mom
Eugenia Lassaque
Eugenia Lassaque 16 dias atrás
Where do you get so many dogs
Amir Hassan
Amir Hassan 16 dias atrás
This guy makes no sense and I like it
pXvc 16 dias atrás
Ooh i see something strange right there 0:08
Slappy - Topic
Slappy - Topic 16 dias atrás
I call it garlic spinach and sundied tomatoes Mixed with with Macaroni and cheese Until it all tastes delicious And then you eat it (this is the fun part) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm It’s so good why didn’t I think of this A long time ago and will I ever be able To eat macaroni and cheese again Without this awesome stuff inside it I doubt it except that it’s a lot of work
Drum Stick
Drum Stick 17 dias atrás
How many fucking dogs does this guy have
Social Cola
Social Cola 17 dias atrás
Dude in Digital Design class we needed to make observations about food blogs. I went to this video taking screenshots of the mac n' cheese and not paying total attention. Then when the "spring break" part came up that's when the teacher decided to look up.
Tøxîć Games
Tøxîć Games 17 dias atrás
That puppy 😭😭 I want it
Mark Lajko
Mark Lajko 18 dias atrás
That spring break scene made me hate you a lot more
John Spaulding
John Spaulding 18 dias atrás
2.3 metric fucktons of spinach the best part of the video
Ranjeetha Shenoy
Ranjeetha Shenoy 18 dias atrás
4:41 the puppy made me really sad. IDK why😢
logan bell video audition
The condomms in the fridge
Cate Crutcher
Cate Crutcher 18 dias atrás
please make an album
Desirez 18 dias atrás
0:08 Pause it here and see that he has condoms on the bottom shelf
Specific Ocean
Specific Ocean 18 dias atrás
In monotone voice “oh no it was a dream the whole time...”
emmared123 GACHAVERSE
emmared123 GACHAVERSE 19 dias atrás
I can't tell which recipies are serious
Napert360ggTGpl 19 dias atrás
0:54 - hello (reflection)
Joël Langlois
Joël Langlois 19 dias atrás
Why does this video have 1500 dislikes?!
Angus The Beast
Angus The Beast 19 dias atrás
For a secret other one: put your Macaroni and cheese in a bowl, wangjangle it with ground beef, mayonnaise, you're choice of mustard, gas, relish, the one before relish was a joke, and your done. This pairs nicely with a large Diet Coke and French fries. I would recommend wangjangling a mcflurry with Apple pie for dessert 'cause you can never be to lonely. I call this one the: "McDonalds doesn't satisfy me enough for some reason so I set out to make it better I hope you enjoy this godless creation." Fuck off.
Janó F
Janó F 20 dias atrás
0:08 durex in the fridge lol
Lord Dracoverlord
Lord Dracoverlord 20 dias atrás
Your having a hangover or your drunk
harlem shaker
harlem shaker 20 dias atrás
That song was awesome.
the walk
the walk 20 dias atrás
christina shaw
christina shaw 20 dias atrás
“Remember how big that was?” That’s what she said bro
Iryna Koliesnik
Iryna Koliesnik 21 dia atrás
It's as if Deadpool had a cooking channel
Starry Doggo!
Starry Doggo! 21 dia atrás
I’m 99% sure he was drunk while filming this
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 21 dia atrás
Thanks I love it
Rameem Hussain
Rameem Hussain 21 dia atrás
Did anyone else notice the condoms in his fridge?
Hafssa //-//
Hafssa //-// 21 dia atrás
Those names got me fucked up💀💀
Jahnell Ramos
Jahnell Ramos 21 dia atrás
Lol. You're awesome.
Baby Bear
Baby Bear 21 dia atrás
prehistoric beast reviews
Missy BrownEyes
Missy BrownEyes 22 dias atrás
Chustard is just about the worst word i've ever heard
Oliver Domingo
Oliver Domingo 22 dias atrás
I swear to god and promise on my life that when he pointed to his clock being 5:55 I looked at my clock and it was 2:22
made on earth
made on earth 22 dias atrás
I have the feeling you have more fun making these videos than we have watching em
- NSA 22 dias atrás
Too much beer pong dude... Too much.
Rachel 23 dias atrás
Im in love .. (also im trying some of these recipes) hes sooo funnyyyy oMgHAHAHA
Dogo St
Dogo St 23 dias atrás
0:08 why are there condoms in the fridge?
Random Person
Random Person 23 dias atrás
What type of doggo do you have?
Unseen Change
Unseen Change 23 dias atrás
I love you, your experiences, and your wit. Marry me, I bake shit.
Nerf Soldier
Nerf Soldier 23 dias atrás
I actually tried the Broccoli and cheese one it is pretty good
Asufo 23 dias atrás
I thought it was Mac and cheese and flaming hot cheetos
Christian Watts
Christian Watts 24 dias atrás
4:43 that pig is so cute!
AntiNexus1 24 dias atrás
Clean. Your. Kitchen.
Irhamshah Kamarudin
Irhamshah Kamarudin 24 dias atrás
How Old is Katie's MacBook 2008?? edit: How old is katie's macbook, 2008??
AnglerSharkYT 24 dias atrás
Cook your dog next
Daniel Crane
Daniel Crane 24 dias atrás
3:05 *2.3 metric fuck tons of spinach in there...*
Daniella Passarelli
Daniella Passarelli 25 dias atrás
Is Katy your gf
Hannah Ivins
Hannah Ivins 25 dias atrás
Speaking in all honesty, I would listen to this dude’s music all day long. Make an album, or an EP, something, please
GirlyGirl Hippy
GirlyGirl Hippy 25 dias atrás
Then there's me, I don't have limes 😭
The60sGuy 25 dias atrás
Something has changed! You don't sound that depressed anymore!
Goku 25 dias atrás
this will be a live saver when i go to college,
high anxiety? nah im just high
Are u anonymous because your scared u will become the world's best singer/comedian
Speech Impediment
Speech Impediment 25 dias atrás
"Oh no it was a dream the whole time" Sitting in a box in the cupboard like a dry bag of rocks Just waiting to one day be hydrated with a little bag of powder When you shake it nothing's sadder I can't wait to slide my face inside that macaroni chowder I try to eat healthy all the time Okay I don't really try I think about a salad Quickly change my mind Grab the pot and adding water And I watch you getting softer Get the cheese into the steam And then it getting hot and creamy I'm home I'm instantly home I could get on the train but I know a better way I don't need a ticket Just some water from the spigot And I cook those noodles hot inside a pot And then I'm instantly home Macaroni, crack-aroni, don't believe in frack-aroni Catch you in the back of a hatchback two-handed jack-aroni Don't be five and trap-aroni sayin' you prefer baloney Can't talk macaroni you'll get smack-aroni'd, homie I'm home **puppy barks** **macaroni being poured**
The Atomic After Show
The Atomic After Show 26 dias atrás
I barely noticed the comdoms in the fridge at the beginning
Garfupa 26 dias atrás
you sound like Mr. Beast
Gergő Gulyás
Gergő Gulyás 26 dias atrás
Why are there condoms in the fridge? xD
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