Modern Music's Death By Auto-Tune

Rick Beato
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In this episode I discuss the over use and impact of Auto-Tune which has become ubiquitous in all genres of modern music.








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14 Jun 2021



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Comentários 12 535
N7Mith Anos atrás
I'm not against autotune, I'm against people getting famous because autotune will compensate for their lack or absense of talent.
Thelonious Coltrane
Auto-tune is one of the products of a fast-paced society. Everything is rushed.
christiaan rabie
Alanis Moresette's Jagged Little Pill album is a great example of great vocals. The imperfections gives it character.
Lost Planet
“Before there was ProTools there were pros” ~Jay Graydon
How did Freddie Mercury tune his vocals? He went into the studio day after day, week after week for months, that’s how it’s done
Sara Piazza
How did I manage to stumble upon this genius? Rick, how do you even sleep at night with all of that knowledge in your brain? The names, the words, the vocabulary, the theory, the notes, the chords, the genres. Amazing.
Thomas Casey
Thomas Casey Anos atrás
Auto-tune is the high-fructose corn syrup of music.
Steven Bowser
Marty Keil
My favorite use of Autotune is as a sort of vocal assistant. I recorded a vocalist who had trouble with pitches. I took the first take, and autotuned the heck out of it. Then recorded a vocal take using the tuned track as sort of a guide for the vocalist. Afterwards, muted the tuned track, and the second track without autotune is perfectly acceptable. I find that even I can sing better with my own voice as a pitch reference.
San s
This isn't only informative, it's also entertaining. Great storyteller, and teacher. Keep it up, Rick! Cheers
Rus Healy
"The singers were better singers, and they would sing it until they got it right." Yes! This!
The fundamental issue with overproduced vocals in general, not just autotuned vocals, is that the live performance won't measure up to the studio tracks. I believe the mark of a great vocalist is someone who can sing live and sound just like the cd. Ralf Sheepers of Primal Fear impressed me with his straight on live performance.
Its like plastic surgery. Always striving for what we think is perfect, not realizing that the imperfections are what makes us/music/basically anything interesting and unique and real.
David Anderson
Rick. You commented that the slight imperfections in someone's voice gives it the character that makes it almost unique to them. Recently I commented on the video of another music analyst BRvidr (Wings of Pegasus). He was comparing the waveforms of Karen Carpenter's vocals from both a Live version and a recorded version of
Fedor Trofimovich
Rick, honestly, it is a blessing having such a channel on BRvid! You speak out what we - true music lovers - always thought))
Matthew Klepadlo
When Iron Maiden was recording their song, “Number of the Beast,” the producer, Martin Birch, had a habit of pushing his clients when he was recording them by doing takes over and over again to get it just right.
I always assumed that that Lenny Kravits backing vocals effect was just mixing a keyboard vocal pad in with the vocals.
Soul Awakening
This makes me love Adele all that much more. She doesn't use auto because she wants to sound like her when she is live. She doesnt want her fans being shocked at the difference in sound between recordings and live.
RevStickleback Anos atrás
"The only people who got record deals were people who could perform live" - that's a statement that goes so far beyond just singing.
Glenn Loughran
Speaking as a musician of 38 years now and also a mature student doing a degree in audio and music production, I can confirm that today's pop music is all about the production of sounds and very little to do with song writing. Listen to what's on the radio. There's no modulation or middle eights or bridges. Mainstream music now is the same as mainstream movies: effects and a powerful promotion machine but next to no creativity. I started an honors degree in applied music ten years ago. 250 musicians and singers applied and 50 got in. This year the course was cancelled due to lack of interest in musicianship. That's where we're at folks. Most of the kids on my current course don't play instruments, they click and drop bass and beat samples and then rap over them. This to them is songwriting.
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