Mista and Trish be like...

The Last Mimiga
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confused Chris Hansen noises - Btw want some Jojo merch?
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30 Jul 2019



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Rares Andrei
Rares Andrei 55 minutos atrás
0:25 *B I G B R A I N*
พิศิษฐ์ พัทมินทร์
Don't lie to me////....
Joseph Henly
Joseph Henly 6 horas atrás
When literally any girl compliments you in middle school
Playing Master
Playing Master 8 horas atrás
0:01 my volume was max bruh
Alejandro 9 horas atrás
0:25 *B I G B R A I N*
Egg Dog
Egg Dog 13 horas atrás
0:25 big brain mista lol
빨공이SONGEUN 15 horas atrás
Mista: smell Trish's body Doppio: TURURURURRURRUURU, why FBI is here?
Jerry Gonzales
Jerry Gonzales Dia atrás
I remember a few months ago having zero context over this and wanting to never see this or anything about mista or trish again
History Egg
History Egg Dia atrás
Mista the pedo He's after Trish and Giorno, both 15-year-olds
Dio Brandozz
Dio Brandozz 2 dias atrás
*sniff sniff*
TheCelestianPaladinX 2 dias atrás
Mista came in Trish four times. Oh no, he cannot cum a fifth time !
nigerun dayo
nigerun dayo 3 dias atrás
One of my favorite video for a reason
Pilot 3 dias atrás
Mista: •_•
spongebob boi
spongebob boi 3 dias atrás
*s n i f f*
Tio Majin Buu
Tio Majin Buu 3 dias atrás
*Trish hentai.*
meh 4 dias atrás
Your profile picture is god tier
Oop 4 dias atrás
Mista is the king of bisexuals
Menda Społeczna
Menda Społeczna 4 dias atrás
Me: Opens Incognito mode. FBI: 0:25
This is Atlas.
This is Atlas. 4 dias atrás
They're just sniffin' boys
Morgans organs
Morgans organs 4 dias atrás
Sniff snorp
Danish Wistara
Danish Wistara 4 dias atrás
4 years is like 4 months when you get married
Killer4741 5 dias atrás
Chris Hansen wasn't screaming about trish sniffing mista, he was screaming because he couldn't do a thing about it
Lezo [From nowhere, I made this character.]
*looks at description* Is that a OneSh--
Hunter 96
Hunter 96 5 dias atrás
Am I the only who thinks Mista is the straightest of Passione
ƘƲƦƬ 4 dias atrás
Dungeon Master Mista was trying to refuse the Golden *S U C C* but Giorno’s powers are too overwhelming.
Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master 4 dias atrás
Hunter 96 Did you see all scenes of him and Giorno?Not only *SUCC* ,but others
Rui Li
Rui Li 5 dias atrás
FBI incoming
Lukas Dzn
Lukas Dzn 6 dias atrás
Trashmann Von Trash
Trashmann Von Trash 6 dias atrás
Chris Hansen getting an aneurism because of italys age of consent
Rudol Von Stroheim
Rudol Von Stroheim 6 dias atrás
0:25 Mista when he realised Narancia probably died still thinking that he and Giorno were gay
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 8 dias atrás
0:25 "potion seller..."
Nhan 8 dias atrás
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear 8 dias atrás
But Trish is actually legal in Italy
Microwave 8 dias atrás
bucciarati died for this
02gn 9 dias atrás
Mia Allen
Mia Allen 9 dias atrás
mista: 18 trish: 15 fbi: outside
egg for days
egg for days 10 dias atrás
Diavolo should've lived
Logan H
Logan H 10 dias atrás
Dub should be knocking down this dirt any minute
Zyree Wright
Zyree Wright 11 dias atrás
Almost everyone is dead but instead of taking the time to feel sad Mista and Trish start to smell each other
Audiophile w/ Tophat
Audiophile w/ Tophat 12 dias atrás
the last scene got me
asher monique
asher monique 14 dias atrás
0:25 when you accidentally kill your Minecraft dog while fighting skeletons
asher monique
asher monique 14 dias atrás
0:25 Mista's done with her bullshit
Spectral _
Spectral _ 16 dias atrás
wHere is the Y E A A A A A A A A A. A A A A
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 18 dias atrás
* S N I F F S N I F F *
A Penguin with a Gun
A Penguin with a Gun 20 dias atrás
0:25 *Its big brain time*
realsparky 20 dias atrás
Rose Easton
Rose Easton 21 dia atrás
s n i f f
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 21 dia atrás
Never knew Mista sO ThICc
Kit Vicious
Kit Vicious 23 dias atrás
Ok I’m italian I’m living for this ship everyone grows up so keep waiting
Sieg Brau
Sieg Brau 26 dias atrás
Hol up
Klaxo Cu Chulainn
Klaxo Cu Chulainn 26 dias atrás
0:25 When you fell for a scam on Steam.
Not a secret spy
Not a secret spy 26 dias atrás
Bass boosted ahhhh is funny af
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 26 dias atrás
0:25 big brain time
King muu
King muu 27 dias atrás
i know this is unrelated but mista’s “sou?! sou!!” is so cute oml
NoobifyGamer1234 27 dias atrás
sneiff snieff "damn i smell like poopy"
Brickhead 28 dias atrás
After finishing the anime, this makes a *lot* more sense.
kono dio da
kono dio da 28 dias atrás
Thicc Jean Kirschtein
Thicc Jean Kirschtein 28 dias atrás
*sgniffs aggressively*
Milk Milkthegod
Milk Milkthegod 28 dias atrás
The ending SENT ME, i like i couldn't do it anymore a stared crying 😂
petirosa 29 dias atrás
trish x narancia!!!! lol
Wassim Guesmi
Wassim Guesmi 29 dias atrás
0:25 When u know that ur parents are divorcing
CatManThree goes meow
CatManThree goes meow 29 dias atrás
This scene was much more cute and innocent in the manga...
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