Minneapolis Mayor emotional after man dies while being restrained by officer

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was emotional he he described his reaction to a video clip showing a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of a man who later died.
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26 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Karen Ariana Guadalupe Cardenas medina
Yo pensaba que era un video de alechiman
martin rincon moya
martin rincon moya 3 dias atrás
No entiendo
Noah Cox
Noah Cox 9 dias atrás
[Keny-Chan U-U]
[Keny-Chan U-U] 11 dias atrás
Que pedo porque esto esta en la lista de reproduccion de Alecchi Minecraft :v ???
The Trolling Center
The Trolling Center 12 dias atrás
Why tf BRvid made this offensive don’t make us do you how we did mixer
Danielle Desmons
Danielle Desmons 18 dias atrás
He has a heart!!!!
Danielle Desmons
Danielle Desmons 18 dias atrás
H'es sensitive,he's good!!!!
Danielle Desmons
Danielle Desmons 18 dias atrás
I love this mayor
হাপিজুর মাহবুব
হাপিজুর মাহবুব 01893428491
SanSan’s ClosetUwU
SanSan’s ClosetUwU 21 dia atrás
”Died” MURDERED say it right!
Biruk Yohannis
Biruk Yohannis 21 dia atrás
Jee Que
Jee Que 21 dia atrás
He and Justin Turdo would make a nice couple.
JOPHIEL JOHNSON 21 dia atrás
I love this mayor he his right and he his a good white man God bless you.
Prophecy Da Word
Prophecy Da Word 21 dia atrás
「 Yuki 」
「 Yuki 」 21 dia atrás
Why the flip is this inappropriate yt! This is sad ;(
Jerry Brewer
Jerry Brewer 21 dia atrás
Let go
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 21 dia atrás
0:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 6 dias atrás
@Bruce Searle 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bruce Searle
Bruce Searle 6 dias atrás
How is that funny? Somebody was murdered.
itruck2009 21 dia atrás
George first said he couldn't breathe while standing up. This might not give the community the justice they want.
Carolyn Horne
Carolyn Horne 21 dia atrás
Look just a few days ago he was protesting the gave him the Mike, He said he will not defund the police a got ran out, so save those fake ass tears, we ain't buying your sh.. anymore!!!!!!
mountain Top
mountain Top 21 dia atrás
You guys need to change the title of the video George Floyd did not die after being restrained buy an officer George Floyd was already in the squad car in handcuffs before the cop showed up and pulled him out of the car and slammed him on to the street and begin choking him with his knee George Floyd was murdered.
Wilfredo Vasquez
Wilfredo Vasquez 22 dias atrás
Talk is cheap take action against these criminal racist Officer's lock them up, what give these racist Officer's emmunity arrest them like any one else that commit's Murder.
Wilfredo Vasquez
Wilfredo Vasquez 22 dias atrás
Lock the officer's ass Up and put him in a cell with black man.
Brenda Winn
Brenda Winn 22 dias atrás
Jaded 22 dias atrás
Fake ass cryin
Nelis Quiroz
Nelis Quiroz 22 dias atrás
Noah Cox
Noah Cox 22 dias atrás
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 21 dia atrás
Jason Gutierrrez
Jason Gutierrrez 22 dias atrás
)9• ? 😄😴😄😤😕p J7z 7
Jeremiah Martin
Jeremiah Martin 22 dias atrás
Алеся крафт
Алеся крафт 22 dias atrás
Zombie 22 dias atrás
Why does this dood look like Lil Dicky?
Paul Than
Paul Than 22 dias atrás
He's fake.
Katherine :D
Katherine :D 22 dias atrás
Being black in America should not be a death sentence”. That part.
GIF CANCEL 22 dias atrás
Really horrible acting mayor. I thought you √£¥s were experts. Very embarrassing.
little cricket
little cricket 22 dias atrás
No Thank you And🖕🏿 you
DoDo Brown
DoDo Brown 22 dias atrás
Thin blue GANG
get this channel 1000 subscribers
he looks like markiplier.
master ninja
master ninja 22 dias atrás
Pretty decent acting here. Maybe he can get his own Netflix special.
chelly sands
chelly sands 23 dias atrás
Tim Tiba White male,no criminal history. Called cops on himself, he was off his psych meds. He only wanted help. Died by cops kneeling on his neck . Nobody, NOBODY should be tried,&executed by cops, especially in restraints. It's sad about Mr.Floyd. Does anyone care about Mr. Tiba?!
aikhlamg 2019
aikhlamg 2019 23 dias atrás
guzelmarleporo Marleporo
Freedom to the black men and women
Miguel Oviedo
Miguel Oviedo 23 dias atrás
getithere must knew
getithere must knew 23 dias atrás
I am black in America and I am afraid for my life everyday I wake up not knowing if I would die 😶 black lives matter is not only a movement but it's a reality 😔💔 r.i.p to the many black people that have lost theire lives to hate these is way over due
ducky momo
ducky momo 23 dias atrás
Board _
Board _ 22 dias atrás
@ducky momo XD
ducky momo
ducky momo 22 dias atrás
@Board _ simply iconic mayor with passion
Board _
Board _ 22 dias atrás
Sharon M
Sharon M 23 dias atrás
I can’t believe how pathetic you are, licking asses of people that hate you. Step down and let a true leader lead, one with balls.
G Clarion
G Clarion 23 dias atrás
This douche can't be for real
TITO MIAMI 23 dias atrás
Mercedes Lopez
Mercedes Lopez 23 dias atrás
Música mexicana
rick mabry
rick mabry 23 dias atrás
official trying desperate to convey sorrow for the man that was murdered but the officials real motive is keeping his butt in office. it has been repeated time after time across America for equal treatment between the races. the starting point and time is now and home (rule), the police get fired but the viewing should go all the way to mayor's, councel person etc. if those people did not know the their we're police violating blacks civil rights their resignations should be demanded. not knowing is a lie or incompetence. if they knew, it is criminal. housing cleaning begins at home and then on up to d.c.time is too many tortures and deaths overdue.
Tim Beausoleil
Tim Beausoleil 23 dias atrás
Tanveer Durrani
Tanveer Durrani 23 dias atrás
This mayor should resign period.
Tanveer Durrani
Tanveer Durrani 23 dias atrás
You are a good actor.
Jethro BoDreaux
Jethro BoDreaux 23 dias atrás
Alright Karen
Ruth Ejigu
Ruth Ejigu 23 dias atrás
This is true I think it’s true but it is true
Ty the American
Ty the American 23 dias atrás
I love how this guy pandered, and got kicked out of a protest for it. gtfo
Toy Bell
Toy Bell 23 dias atrás
This mayor is really a good guy and brave to speak up first and demanding justice and for that thank you Mayor💜
Gambit 23 dias atrás
my right ear enjoyed this
TwIsTeD Lightning
TwIsTeD Lightning 23 dias atrás
Mike Lane
Mike Lane 23 dias atrás
What a political (bad) actor.
Alessandra Leigh
Alessandra Leigh 23 dias atrás
The officer who kneeled on George Floyds neck has been charger with 2nd degree murder, the 3 other officers have been charged with aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder.
Board _
Board _ 22 dias atrás
That sounds about right
Яна Кульчак
Яна Кульчак 24 dias atrás
Зб м4ю
terez fakas
terez fakas 24 dias atrás
Ngoctram Nguyen
Ngoctram Nguyen 24 dias atrás
The Mayor should be recalled 👎
momo momo
momo momo 24 dias atrás
You a bitch Mayor
Andree Maranda
Andree Maranda 24 dias atrás
I feel his speech is not sincere from the heart, he did the right thing speaking but my advice to the speaker is Sir please, speak from your heart, don't be so staged, Re Police officer, the other cops could have stood up and said listen Im not comfortable with this and got off George, this is WRONG, they had a choice
cub0ce 24 dias atrás
This started out as just another police violence case. His name wasn't even placed in the description. If only we could look into the future and see what the world is now..
Sojib Khan
Sojib Khan 22 dias atrás
Forrest Pugh
Forrest Pugh 24 dias atrás
Crocodile Tears at their finest vintage..
Board _
Board _ 22 dias atrás
What he's actually saying is right though
Skittlz Ashton
Skittlz Ashton 24 dias atrás
Um why is this age restricted?
Muichiro Tokito
Muichiro Tokito 22 dias atrás
BRvid is racist they trying to stop some people from seeing this
Rolande Morgan
Rolande Morgan 24 dias atrás
He recognized the value of being a human who died due to hate and color.
Moonfleet20 24 dias atrás
Offensive? What are we two year olds?
Md titu Molla
Md titu Molla 24 dias atrás
Rhonda Beal
Rhonda Beal 24 dias atrás
White privilege and a system that is built just like it is. To devalue blacks, add and increase stigmas, and attach stereotypes to our race.. to our face. The system works exactly how they set it up.
Jack of Trades
Jack of Trades 22 dias atrás
حمودي الشمري
عبحا المببح
J/ Banks
J/ Banks 24 dias atrás
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 24 dias atrás
The same restraint is being used by the Israeli Police against the indigenous Palestinians. The Israeli Police trained the Police in Minnesota where they used that same move on George Floyd. Mayor Jacob Frey even went so far as to make it a crime to boycott the BDS movement against terrorist Israel. He is part of the problem. We know that Israel is a very racist country. That has been proven time after time after time. Only racists side with other racists. Mayor Jacob Frey is a RACIST! Because of his racist actions, Minnesota now has a 55 MILLION dollar clean-up bill and we Americans have a 5 BILLION dollar clean-up bill.
Kamaljit Singh
Kamaljit Singh 23 dias atrás
Everybody know Israel government and people really bad they stole somebody land with European and Americans power but American people know they did wrong even they create problems for USA inside and outside now USA can’t say anything against him because they have better technology than USA
əділет мұратов
Жантөре чорт
tim acorn
tim acorn 24 dias atrás
y'all just said " dies while being restrained..." y'all couldn't even use his name wtf
truth2masses truthatlast
Emotional my ass!!!!!!!
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. 24 dias atrás
Get this clown out of the city
Joel Edwardsen
Joel Edwardsen 24 dias atrás
That black man had the chance wud have gotten up and killed the guy for trying to arrest him for forgery
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