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Howl's Moving Castle. It's big (21" tall). It's heavy (4.2 lbs). It's made out of junk (mostly). Help yourself to a full breakfast and strap yourself in to the merry-go-round of life for almost a full hour. This is episode four in an ongoing series on crafting various things from my favorite Studio Ghibli films. Stay tuned for more episodes!

And a HUGE thanks to all the support from everyone on Patreon!

HEY YOU! The song at 42:47 is Miika's Journey by Lama House

MUSIC CREDIT: Special Thanks to @demongummies for the use of their lo-fi Ghibli remix, "Let's Ride the Merry-go-round" at 47:32 and 47:56 Check out their soothing jams!

@Scratch Bashing
@Bill Making Stuff
@Eric's Hobby Workshop

- - - - -
00:00 - Intro
00:34 - Forming the body from trash
04:55 - Bringing out the big guns (turrets)
08:13 - Sophie's Balcony
10:02 - How far are we? I'm lost.
11:06 - The castle has ears
11:52 - A Dirty Mouth
13:11 - Facetime (nose and lips)
17:18 - Wizard bath water
18:12 - These hips don't lie
19:02 - House attachments (Howl's Walking Suburb)
21:23 - Wing Zone
23:17 - Backdoor & booty
25:19 - The soft underbelly
27:29 - Chim-chimney chim-chimney
28:22 - The Howls Have Eyes
29:10 - Pendragon's Penthouse
30:35 - Take me to church
31:11 - Metal Gear(s) and 2(many)Chainz
32:35 - The crow's nest
33:54 - Legs
35:16 - PRIME TIME
35:44 - Painting at last...
37:09 - Mmm, creamy (painting the houses)
38:06 - Rooves
38:59 - Bricks on bricks on bricks
39:32 - It's plastic, but METAL
41:21 - I'm an oil man (washes and weathering)
42:39 - ASSEMBLING EVERYTHING (the best part)
46:41 - Flocking and final weathering
47:52 - The Beauty Shots
51:41 - Dog-scale
- - - - -

Special Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle aka ハウルの動く城
All Howl's Moving Castle movie clips protected under fair use by way of education and research


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14 Ago 2021



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Comentários 15 233
demongummies 5 meses atrás
Ahhh this is so amazing!! thank you so much for using our music
Le Chien De Shrodinger
LoseControl 24 dias atrás
The music is beautiful.
Alyss Ksirf
Alyss Ksirf Mês atrás
Anyone know what breed of dog Birdie is?
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 Mês atrás
the song at the end, and the rap part lol, I can't
Always4you Mês atrás
What Music - it is from amiga Mouse Trap...
pixlpit 5 meses atrás
This is the most impressive model build I think I've ever seen, dang... Nuts!
Bella B
Bella B 17 dias atrás
Agreed, it's truly masterful!
Bella B
Bella B 17 dias atrás
@Thorondor and rivets!
someone 28 dias atrás
Pat Jedlicka
Pat Jedlicka 2 meses atrás
Pat Jedlicka
Pat Jedlicka 2 meses atrás
I could’t make this in a thousand years
MrMEOLA 9 dias atrás
This is absolutely incredible. Dont even have words. And im only 17min in..
MoonLightNight 7 dias atrás
Huh, ark man
Abigail J
Abigail J 17 dias atrás
As an artist, this broke my brain. The level of complexity and the effort you went to to sculpt the plastic to fit the spaces.... no words! 👏👏👏👏
Amanda Kelling
Amanda Kelling 7 dias atrás
Not sure if anyone answered the question, the green tray is from a crystal “paint” craft kit. You use it to hold the crystals while sticking them to the canvas. Great job btw. You’re very talented.
Jennifer Esselman
Jennifer Esselman 6 dias atrás
And the raised lines on the bottom are to right (or end up) the crystals when you shake the tray.
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller 12 dias atrás
You can cut up aluminum soda cans and turn them inside out if you ever need to do overlapping metal sheets again! I did this once on an air ship model project and it looked really cool and authentic.
aare pelaa
aare pelaa 7 dias atrás
But you can deposit those for 15 cents WOOOOOOOO BABYYY!
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator 4 meses atrás
I just witnessed a miracle preformed before my eyes. This build and edit probably took 600+ hours, and that is being conservative. I don't think any of us understand the level of just, absolute patience this requires. The narration and style of the video reminds me of Bill Wurtz
The random explorer
The random explorer 2 meses atrás
Trent Brown
Trent Brown 3 meses atrás
And the video even has bookmarks?!?! This is the content I want
Ari 3 meses atrás
wait you're so right about the bill wurtz thing (and the rest of it too). i was trying to figure out what the narreration sounded like and now i know
Among Us
Among Us 3 meses atrás
Took the words out of my mouth
هنا عمر
هنا عمر 4 meses atrás
@mebrowneyedgirl حعلى
Anthony Puuphaus
Anthony Puuphaus 6 dias atrás
ive had this sitting in my watch later for awhile and im so glad i finally decided to watch it! not only is this an incredible model the editing and ur commentary is super entertaining. im excited to watch more of ur stuff!
Anthony Puuphaus
Anthony Puuphaus 6 dias atrás
also im pretty sure the little green thing is a sled or boat for a dollhouse!
carbonated plastic
carbonated plastic 12 dias atrás
15:26 i'm not sure what the name of it is, but that's a little container used in diamond painting kits! you take the tiny, plastic diamond pieces (for me they're usually round with gem like cuts on the top) and you pour some into the container. when you shake it side to side slightly, the diamonds line up because of the little ridges inside. then you can pick it up with your pen that has wax inside it, to keep the diamond sticking to your pen until you press it onto the sticker paper! diamond painting is a lot of fun but it takes a long time to finish and a lot of patience. quickest ive ever finished one was probably in 3-4 weeks. 😭
Aaron Hunyady
Aaron Hunyady 5 dias atrás
"Drill plate" is one term.
Nokturnal Zenon_Techgnosis
I am in awe and incredibly grateful that I have come across this little slice of BRvid gold. Thank-you for your creativity and for inspiring my daughter and I to get busy with our own crafting fun. Cheers!
Charlie Dog
Charlie Dog 7 dias atrás
This is one of the coolest things that the BRvid algorithm has ever given me. Loved the build and the song at the end. Keep up the great content! ⭐️👌
North of the Border
North of the Border 4 meses atrás
I had to pay real money to sit through the latest Star Wars movie, but I get to watch this completely for free... we live in strange times.
The random explorer
The random explorer 2 meses atrás
RIDDICK0911 3 meses atrás
@Jan Skeet to be honest, there are no good ideas in the new SW trilogy. RO and Solo movies had some but didn't use them properly anyway.
Sketchbook Time Machine
Ramses Malony
Ramses Malony 4 meses atrás
Mite Kid
Mite Kid 4 meses atrás
North 🐏
Eternalia 21 dia atrás
Your artistry is amazing. There is so much love and care put into every second of this video. It's unnecessary, but so impressive and very appreciated! Thank you for making this!
Claudia 2 dias atrás
I've seen the movie a couple of times and(because of) it's my favorite. And now I discover someone who made a precise copy of that moving caste by . It's so amazing. Wonderful job. 🙂
Austin 3 dias atrás
While the build is *extraordinary* , the editing is also a work of art. I can’t even imagine how much time this took.
Valerie Pallaoro
Valerie Pallaoro 18 horas atrás
I'm with you; the nods to pop culture, the Ghibli scenes, the music overlay, the random word architecture, all of it. Truly worh watching for the editing alone.
Morgan 4 dias atrás
wow just wow, your ability to put together all of these bits and pieces of random items is just as magical as the movie itself. Thank you for bringing this amazing structure to life. Keep your imagination running, because you are one amazing artist.
MechanicalFiend 5 meses atrás
I really don't say this lightly, but genuinely think this is one of the most incredible builds I've seen from anyone. Long builds can be a difficult thing mentally as well, so hope Calcifer was kind to you and your brain didn't melt as much as all that plastic haha. Was 1000% worth the effort (and the hit to the trash stockpile), thank you for always being such a huge source of inspiration. Seriously... just breathtaking!
Carmen Burton
Carmen Burton 13 dias atrás
I also agree
Rj Ramz
Rj Ramz Mês atrás
Die lol Sound out “lol” it is the real word
John Lyes
John Lyes Mês atrás
@Be Red the fire
Be Red
Be Red Mês atrás
Who is Calcifer
PhantomSkitty 10 dias atrás
This build is absolutely amazing! I loved every minute of the process.
Midonium Without Sound
Midonium Without Sound 10 dias atrás
I love this video, I don't know how many time I watched it, but it might be a lot. This video is one of my favorites, if not the one. I still come back from time to time to rewatch that beautiful work of art and hear all of your jokes again, they'll never get old for me. Thanks for making it ❤️
ghostreighn101 8 dias atrás
This video made me think of two quotes by the late Ray Bradbury: "We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." Art is everything, and this is exactly why the arts should always be supported without question. Also, going through this video and watching you create Howl's castle, in-a-sense, brought back to life the feelings of wonder and adventure that I felt when I first watched the film. Which leads me into my second quote by Mr. Bradbury: "Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories." This is why I love the books and stories brought to life by Studio Ghibli; it is a joyous reminder of the power and freedom in imagination that everyone should be allotted the privilege to explore. Then, as you have done in recreation, act out, so-to-speak, those ideas and expand them until there is nothing left but a spaghetti string; then start again using that same string. I want to thank you a lot for this video. I wish that I had discovered your channel sooner; I love crafting, but this particular video had a way of making my simple and peaceful day, so full of color and wonder. The joy I feel watching this, I cannot properly express in a quick sentence, so I am writing this dissertation, ha-ha! Thank you for this! I wonder what this has done for someone that may not be having the best of days. I will share this video with my friends on Facebook, we love crafting, Studio Ghibli, or both. Again, I cannot thank you enough for reawakening, and inspiring my imagination with your recreation of a great classic! Take care, and be safe! Happy New Year and Happy Crafting!
bilanoid22 Dia atrás
This was really impressive. The sheer tediousness of this build would have made my eyeballs start to bulge lmao..but loved the song at the end that was a very clever ingenious way to give thanks to all of your supporters. You're an awesome human being 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Yuunarii 3 meses atrás
You have such a good eye for junk and what bits and pieces could possibly fit together. Incredible!! Your skills are absolutely phenomenal!!
Fogg Frog
Fogg Frog 8 dias atrás
I would've never think that saying ,,you have a good eye for junk" would be such a nice compliment XD
The random explorer
The random explorer 2 meses atrás
NotDoulixo 3 meses atrás
if you listen to it 2x speed sound pretty cool
CulturedDawg 3 meses atrás
I agree even as an artist figuring out and disecting the castles parts and bits is extremely hard good work!
ZachToasted 3 meses atrás
@ILoki_ Я на самом деле англичанин, я просто использую гугл переводчик
Pamayra 12 dias atrás
I'm blown away by the talent! The editing is gold! Funny, exciting and beautiful to watch :3
Temmie  ze sklepu
Temmie ze sklepu Dia atrás
Awesome job! I've never seen or read " Howl's Moving Castle", but it looks so good! It gives me Steampunk vibes, which I love!
Schroeder Iceman
Schroeder Iceman 19 horas atrás
If I had an obscene amount of money, I’d buy this for a million dollars in a heartbeat it’s absolutely incredible 💗
alloriginalpirates 2 dias atrás
When I watch videos like this my mind boggles at how someone can have enough brainspace, creativity, and patience to make this model... let alone concentrate on filming and documenting the build whilst also incorporating jokes. Astounding.
GinjaNinjaOwO 5 meses atrás
God this came out incredible Been supporting you on patreon for a while but I’ve been avoiding checking it so I could experience this video in its entirety and it was so worth it. You’re amazing at what you do 💗
The random explorer
The random explorer 2 meses atrás
Sadie Olsen
Sadie Olsen 3 meses atrás
Yay! I didn’t know GinjaNinjaOwO watches this channel too! This video is great I really feel like it gives off a Ghibli vibe 😊
Nicola Gardner
Nicola Gardner 4 meses atrás
Reagan!! (Is That How You Say Your Name?) Hi There!
Terra Herb
Terra Herb 5 meses atrás
*Rea, sorry
Terra Herb
Terra Herb 5 meses atrás
I didn't expect to see you here Rae, I love both of your channels! 💚
Sami Lara
Sami Lara 3 dias atrás
Can't believe I saw this all the way through... what an amazing build especially being made from scratch
Austin Wong
Austin Wong 10 dias atrás
This is the most amazing thing I've seen and you've inspired so much creativity for this beginner hobbyist. Amazing amazing job!!!
Camus Alexander Aguirre
OMG!!! This is BEYOND of outstanding! Your work is amazing I haven’t seen something like this! I want to have it in my room!
Mar 8 dias atrás
First vid of yours I've ever seen, and I'm already obsessed with your spunky attitude and resourcefulness! Wonderful build, I can just tell how much care you put into this project!
TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin
This is flat-out STUNNING. I mean... I was borderline anxietous just THINKING about the editing and shot variation put into this, but the sheer creativity used in the build drew me in to the point where I was no longer thinking "Man, this the most ambitious build video I've ever seen - it would have killed me." but I was instead simply ENJOYING it, along for the ride, fascinated by what parts you used for this or that. The video definitely deserves to take off, and will be the one that introduces Studson to an even larger group of viewers. I'm really happy for you!
MoonLandingAgain 4 meses atrás
Nor was it my intention that it made sense@Molten Minis
Molten Minis
Molten Minis 4 meses atrás
@MoonLandingAgain that… does not make sense 😂
MoonLandingAgain 4 meses atrás
Just want to point out that we do not have that kind of garbage here, I just want to say, so now know in it for another time, and it is very wrong that we do not have that kind of garbage, now I'm fucking angry I'm
Molten Minis
Molten Minis 4 meses atrás
Crafsman…. The lorddd
Studson Studio
Studson Studio 4 meses atrás
Thank you, CrafsMan!
Tikina Films
Tikina Films 10 dias atrás
This would've been the absolutely perfect prop for the artists animating the castle in the movie. Stunning work man.
ᄀᄋ 9 dias atrás
Wow this is so amazing! You’re so entertaining and this build is beautiful and so incredibly complex! The amount of time and effort put into this is amazing!!
Wing Ng
Wing Ng 4 horas atrás
I never thought I'd be able to watch a 52 minute build video without speeding or skipping. Everything about this is a masterpiece. The build itself, the hilarious narration, the cheesy video cuts (especially howl and Sophie), the Patreon names song. I can never understand how you pulled all that together.
respectanimals2 15 dias atrás
Absolutely incredible, I’m blown away how talented you are , this is a beautiful build and the painting is pure skill , awesome, peace 😎🌴💀
Alyson Tabbitha
Alyson Tabbitha 4 meses atrás
I was completely mesmerized the entirety of this video. I originally played it out of curiosity as background noise while I put clothes away. I ended up barely able to look away, there were times I had to actively close my mouth cause it was hanging open in shock. Watching this was an experience, pure magic, something really special with this one. Incredible job, just wow.
Lina Jylhä
Lina Jylhä 4 meses atrás
I did exactly the same thing, like.. exactly
generic name
generic name 19 dias atrás
This whole video is real incredible experience, I just binged all his videos immediately after watching this one! Your personality, editing style, humor, filming and of course the contents of the video itself are all so captivating. I really think its outstanding that such a huge detailed project was done so masterfully, and not a single moment of watching felt dull. I would love to see more projects like this one in the future!
Jasmin 14 dias atrás
you inspired me so much that I actually ended up making this our of clay. ofc I couldnt add as many details but I am so happy with it and I found a new joy for clay works. Thank you!
Osamu Dazai
Osamu Dazai Dia atrás
I just found your channel again! I had seen this video a while ago on my for you page and today I found it again. I forgot how much I love your work and I’m definitely gonna binge watch and like all your videos lol. Thank you so much for spending your time making these amazing videos they always make my day better. :)
Jin Slif
Jin Slif 12 dias atrás
I really love rewatching your videos and especially this one! it's so mesmerizing watching you turn literal trash junk into beautiful artwork!
Cira Meisen
Cira Meisen 5 meses atrás
Damn, this is a MASTERPIECE! I enjoyed watching every single second, you're amazing! And the song at the end? The rhymes, the rhythm, the harmonics. Dude, this was so damn wholesome, I teared up. Good job and thank you so much for this gorgeous video!!!
LarsonParson101 5 meses atrás
That song was a whole vibe
chantrelle brown
chantrelle brown 5 meses atrás
@firacosplay same
firacosplay 5 meses atrás
Even though it was just names, I was like “bars!”
Carter Morrissey
Carter Morrissey 8 dias atrás
I LOVE how slowly, you can see it start to come together, so nice, so awesome.
Cory Richards
Cory Richards 25 dias atrás
Absolutely incredible! I live for recycled/upcycled projects. It all came together so well! LOVE IT!
Dragonarx 21 dia atrás
You're a wizard, and an inspiration. Fellow artist here, I really like getting into reusing stuff. So many cool ideas here from you :)
Anastasia Wisdom
Anastasia Wisdom 24 dias atrás
Just found your channel! This build is insane!! Love the humor throughout the video as well, Haha! Happy to be a new Subscriber! Can't wait to binge watch the rest of your current builds lol!
Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge
Much like a can of Prangles, this project just went on and on with fun at a lengthy yet appropriate amount of msg and potato starch. I mean there's just too much to say. I'm trying to imagine the depths and lengths of time and brain it all took. How many takes did it take to blow out a candle with the push of a fire hydrant? The amount of buildings. The amount of rhinestones. The amount of saxaphone melts. The amount of child height scavenger goblin shuffles. The grillaput stop motion. The ramshackling. The... remembering where all that stuff goes and the keeping one angle of your studio clean and the supportive partner. The audio edits. The visual edits. I'm so glad this is getting the recognition of work it deserves. This is the GOOD food people. Proud of you Studson, well done.
Anthony Mirabelli
Anthony Mirabelli 12 dias atrás
This is my favorite thing I have ever seen built on BRvid! It is impressively thought out and designed and incredibly creative! Thank you for sharing!
Waughin Jarth's evil twin brother
This is quite possibly the best thing to ever exist, my favourite of your builds so far
Adamsparrot 3 dias atrás
This is absolutely beautiful. It certainly grabbed the aesthetic from the movie and ran with it.
Harry Porpise
Harry Porpise 18 horas atrás
2:51 the way the music lines up with the castle falling is honestly really cool
Dr. Garuda
Dr. Garuda 4 meses atrás
What a masterpiece 🔥
EDM SOCIETY 4 meses atrás
Your also very much talented.
VainComputer 4 meses atrás
never gonna forget that great anime
Legoose 4 meses atrás
Love the shrek
Kiwi Lime
Kiwi Lime 4 meses atrás
of rivets
어너 4 meses atrás
Camilla Nelson
Camilla Nelson 16 dias atrás
This is the first video by you I've seen. Your build was amazing! Incredibly clever and entertaining! Didn't even realize it was almost an hour long until half way through watching it. You're really funny too. Love it so much! Keep up the good work!
MdntRmblr32 8 dias atrás
I'm in the process of making The Polar Tang from One Piece out of junk. You're videos have helped me immensely!(especially this one) I thank you good sir!! You're an inspiration!
j w
j w 7 dias atrás
Oh my god I was just thinking how cool it would be to see the thousand sunny made like this or something, the polar tank would be awesome too!
ChimPlays 3 dias atrás
It's so detailed in the movie and the fact that you were able to dysect parts of digitally it and put it back together in real life blows my mind. The craftsmanship is insane!
Manu Rosário
Manu Rosário 6 dias atrás
Que trabalho maravilhoso, incrível e espetacular. Estou perplexa com esse trabalho!! Parabéns você é de um talento incrível!!
Elca Gaming
Elca Gaming 5 meses atrás
Wow, everything about this is perfect, the amount of Detail and Care put into this! Absolutely adore the Paintjob too, the Oil Colors are amazing!
123 NewJersey
123 NewJersey 4 meses atrás
Mäxy 5 meses atrás
Nice too see you here Elca! // Schön dich hier zu sehen Elca! 😉
Meritch Barlowski
Meritch Barlowski 5 meses atrás
Allisynn Bengel
Allisynn Bengel 9 dias atrás
This is my first time visiting your channel and I am absolutely blown away. I love Howl’s Moving Castle and this video brought me great joy and laughter. Thank you for the time you put into this project, your craftsmanship and attention to detail was stunning. Spectacular job!
Melinda Leonard
Melinda Leonard 2 dias atrás
I love the movie and I love love this build. You did an amazing job. I would love to have something like that setting on my shelves. Can't wait to see what's next.
Koda 6 dias atrás
The final product is absolutely incredible, good work!
kathleen102744 8 dias atrás
Wow, amazing...what an imagination! You get 10 stars for creativity. I love steampunk and you have just astounded me with your recycling wizardry. Kudos!!!
Lauren Prince
Lauren Prince 5 meses atrás
That is truly INCREDIBLE. What an achievement. The end result gorgeous and frankly a little mind-melting--I can't imagine how you went about planning, executing, and holding all the details in your mind like a puzzle you have to cut yourself. Honestly, it made me less intimidated to try tackling putting my novel together--thanks for the inspiration ♡
Soji Bro
Soji Bro 5 meses atrás
I was 1k like
Unoriginal Username
Unoriginal Username 5 meses atrás
@squa-squa the dragon @Mahesh Mestry he wore a mask and probably had fans going. He is ok.
squa-squa the dragon
squa-squa the dragon 5 meses atrás
@Studson Studio Well you had to melt a lot of plastic inside, so this project was probably pretty dangerous
Studson Studio
Studson Studio 5 meses atrás
Thanks so much! Good luck with your novel! That sounds much more challenging than gluing trash together.
mitsuya's gf
mitsuya's gf 2 dias atrás
this is just incredible, turned out so stunning! i'm beyond amazed, wow
Nyx 2 dias atrás
I am absolutely blown away by this masterpiece! To think you made it from trash and ended up with THIS!!!
AniX Kane
AniX Kane Dia atrás
such a talented person. also great flow at the patreon-credit-lofi-rap :D was a charme to watch.. if that makes sense. my english struggles to discribe the feeling i get by watching such a masterpiece. really really interesting and well explained, aswell as shown. thanks for showing this.
Valerie Pallaoro
Valerie Pallaoro 23 horas atrás
Two things ... am seriously thinking of washing, properly, all our recyclables and saving them (rather than using the double size bin that goes out every week) and thank you so much for allowing me to have a look at Howl's Moving Castle in this sort of extreme detail. Your editing is so top notch as needs no remark (and yet, here we are; thank you for that too)
Vitor Pinheiro
Vitor Pinheiro 4 meses atrás
It's unbelievable to think someone has enough creativity to build something with this level of details, I'm just astonished for discovering your channel! Wow
[]TvOOvM[] 4 meses atrás
@Adrian Nieva creativity is also an action, dummo.
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore 4 meses atrás
@Tsuppi desu! How long did this take
Juracan 4 meses atrás
@Adrian Nieva well yeah technically an action performed by the brain, but most people associate "actions" with physical movements from their body
Adrian Nieva
Adrian Nieva 4 meses atrás
@Juracan Thought is an action
Juracan 4 meses atrás
@Tsuppi desu! art doesnt imply creativity
bentley berg
bentley berg 2 dias atrás
I love how it looks. I have watched HOWLS MOVING CASTLE. It looks just like it. I would love to have one just like it in my bedroom
FOXY_SPHYNX 22 horas atrás
You've turned my favorite movie of all time into something more wonderful. I hope Hayao Miyazaki sees this and offers you a job at Ghibl
August Menzies
August Menzies 11 dias atrás
This video is amazing, and you have inspired me to make something similar. i grew up watching studio Ghibli movies so seeing someone work so hard to recreate some of the best art I've ever seen, makes me so happy i could cry :) you are incredibly skilled and i admire your ability to commit to a project
Makaylah Morton
Makaylah Morton 15 dias atrás
Such an amazing job you did! One of my favorites ✨
Real Terrain Hobbies
Real Terrain Hobbies 4 meses atrás
Well I'm late to the party! WOW. What a project man. So inspiring, soooooooooooo so sosososo good. Fantastic project and fantastic vid. Massive pat on the back to you sir :)
Studson Studio
Studson Studio 4 meses atrás
Thank you!
JustRandomPH 5 dias atrás
Almost an hour of pure satisfaction. Every detailing and crafting is worth watching.
💖miikuu:) 4 dias atrás
This is a beautiful build and I am so glad to share in this experience. As a child I was and am still transfixed by minature, detailed worlds like these and used to build miny civilisations out of clay - hand painted figures mostly but nothing in comparison to what you have created here. Keep it up bro, love from Australia
Sherrie Wilson
Sherrie Wilson 7 dias atrás
This was freaking amazing!! The talent this guy has whoooaaa!!! Just liked and subscribed!!! Watched the whole thing and loved every minute!!
Vance 13 dias atrás
I'm in awe. This is the most impressive arts & crafts build I've ever seen
D. A. T.
D. A. T. 27 dias atrás
I made Howl's Moving Castle in 3D for my introduction course some years ago, and it's really difficult to get it right because the castle is never drawn the same way when you look at the references from the movie. They'll add and subtract features all the time and you just have to pick one to go with.
Alucard 6 dias atrás
It's like when they tried to make Springfield from the Simpsons and then realised it basically changes every episode
A vErY eXpensIVe frog
A vErY eXpensIVe frog 21 dia atrás
See at D.A.T boi that is my boi committed and determined .
Argent377 17 dias atrás
This artist is even more wonderful than the movie itself. Fantastic Job! Thank you for this awe-inspiring, relaxing and highly entertaining content.
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 3 horas atrás
I love the video dude, amazing job!! I can't get over how you made Howls castle with only recycled trash. Takes a special kind of creativity to accomplish such a cool piece of studio gibli eye candy. You ever see something cool in randomly placed objects? Well you sir are the master of this.
DJRonnieG 2 dias atrás
Loving this work. It takes skill yet I feel like it's attainable for me to achieve similar or at least satisfactorily with similar materials.
Morgan Bowery
Morgan Bowery 14 dias atrás
I've watched this so many times. it's cool to watch how you turn something that looks like a hunk of parts into something cohesive. i've learned a few things from you! PS: i've got a little box of premium trash i've been adding to for you. is there a way to send it over? PO box? i've got some photos of the contents so that you can judge.
NexJen 4 meses atrás
k so as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed this video and also wanted to say that the mystery piece is a tray that holds gems for 3D Diamond art paintings :)
Cillian OConnell
Cillian OConnell 4 meses atrás
I have one just that color
Cloudfine 4 meses atrás
Yeah I think your right
Delissa Furtado
Delissa Furtado 4 meses atrás
I knew what it was as soon as I saw it....Have like a dozen of them lying around my room at this point
Ronit Singh
Ronit Singh 26 dias atrás
holy crap, this would look proud in a museum for sure! amazing job, I am sure Studio Ghibli has offered you millions for it already!
Tforter 6 dias atrás
This is unbelievably amazing! A great deal of respect for the amounts of rivets you added lol
Jason Brock
Jason Brock 5 dias atrás
Brilliant! Wow! I have never seen the show/movie but Loved seeing the build and final model! This show’s what human’s can create beyond production models. Interesting and relaxing to watch! The time and thought put into this is top tier, I imagine your attention to detail, experience and patience have elevated you to the top ranks of this ART. Congratulations on this Masterpiece! Subbed and diving into past videos! Thanks!
Serdar YILDIRIM 7 dias atrás
This is incrediable. I was very happy watching your step-by-step build. Thanks for your effort
peanut 4 meses atrás
There are truly no words to describe how incredible this is. The pure resourcefulness and skill put into this, and you make it look just so.. easy.. your creativity and care put into this project is just wonderful. You noticed the TINIEST details that I’ve never even seen during my many many times of watching the movie. Your series of ghibli projects have been absolutely wonderful.
C HUEZO 4 meses atrás
yes exactly what you said. 🤩
John Constantine
John Constantine 4 meses atrás
"There are truely no words..." Proceeds to write three sentences describing how incredible this is
Jolyne Cujoh
Jolyne Cujoh 9 dias atrás
1:13 I have that same Bulgogi Udon bowl lol. Never thought to do something like this though, absolute genius!
David De Troyer
David De Troyer 19 dias atrás
You are nothing short of genius. As wel in video montage, obviously crafting skills to the max, but also your musical skills. That last piece had me cracked up. 😂 Nice video! The level of detail is insane and it is so oddly satisfying to listen to your explanation and watch you craft.
Rita Koenig
Rita Koenig 21 dia atrás
Amazing... never seen anything like it before. Inspirational for my clay figurines. Thanks
Jackie Maldonado
Jackie Maldonado 11 dias atrás
I thought I could not love this movie or the castle anymore than I already do. I love delving into whom I can only assume is Studon's mind as he creates these crafts.
Jonkari P
Jonkari P 5 meses atrás
Amazing results! Video was also really entertaining. Didn't want it to end
AtMeadowesEnd 15 dias atrás
This was my first video I saw from Studson, and I subscribed within the first minute. It's been months now, and I keep coming back to watch this one over and over because it's slightly nostalgic and gives me the perfect vibe setting for his entire channel.
yuna 6 dias atrás
this is the first time i’ve ever seen you and the absolute audacity you have being so skilled??? amazing model building and ability to recognize shapes, hilarious editing skills, AND an absolute musical genius??? wow save some skill for the rest of us buddy🙄🤚🏽
Nykolai Rifo
Nykolai Rifo 6 dias atrás
This alone is enough for me to subscribe and I have! This is brilliance incarnate and you are as well for making it
achitoachitolove 4 dias atrás
thats so amazing!! the efforts that you put are huge keep it up 🔥🔥🔥
Kisame 4 meses atrás
The model is by far the best Ive ever seen, but how is no one talking about the editing, I mean the vid is 50 mins full quality cutting and editing. Crazy amount of work but so worth it
luvlyxethh 4 meses atrás
@Furbait toothless from httyd ahegao pfp has an opinion on cringe? 🤨🤨
0 4 meses atrás
@Furbait go grab a juice box and a nap kid.
0 4 meses atrás
First thing I noticed dudes gunna have millions of viewers top tier youtuber.
Furbait 4 meses atrás
Shut up. The reason is nobody is doing that because they enjoy it in silence unlike you and being cringe.
Amogus 4 meses atrás
Im sub to you
Bluebun Animates!
Bluebun Animates! 5 dias atrás
15:25 I immediately recognized this, thanks to my mom. This is a Diamond Art tray, used for holding the little diamonds!
Eorim 19 dias atrás
First video I see from you but man, the editing is absolutely top notch. Can't wait to dig through more of the videos!
L. Solveig
L. Solveig 13 dias atrás
I know I just watched this whole thing happen with my own eyes, but I still can't believe someone can make something like that! INCREDIBLE
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