minecraft survival guides be like

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guys it's only like 580,901 episodes!

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Inspiration from this idea came from Pixlriffs as his great series. Go check it out!

Also, thanks to MC Idiots for the map used in some parts:

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14 Mai 2021



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McYum Mês atrás
subscribe for more angry middle-aged men shouting at you
Firewizard 296
Firewizard 296 3 horas atrás
Bruh I want mor vids keep on going u bastard ytber u just subbed to u yay
Ghost of The West
Ghost of The West 4 dias atrás
Cleary something
Cleary something 6 dias atrás
Hot 😳💅
Ana Jimenez
Ana Jimenez 7 dias atrás
spagiti 69
spagiti 69 8 dias atrás
Firewizard 296
Firewizard 296 3 horas atrás
Ummmwah perfect middle aged minecrafter guide lol
Luckstern 5 horas atrás
Why didn’t he end on episode 69420 :(
Gaming Power H
Gaming Power H 15 horas atrás
It said Pixelriffs at the end hahaha nice one buddy I toattly agree
NumberEnderDude 19 horas atrás
Day 900000000: IVe MaNaged t O condEnSEnD SPAce and TiMMe AND Am AT a HIiGHEr LEvEl of REaLity
ew glibber
ew glibber Dia atrás
this reminds me of nendo
epicgooseman Dia atrás
when youre so bad at minecraft you die in spectator mode:
Dylan Amman
Dylan Amman Dia atrás
2:10 I can't I'm laughing so hard
Name 3 dias atrás
Reason why I don't Tutorial Videos
Sfs rocket Engineer
Sfs rocket Engineer 3 dias atrás
Amazing totorial, i bacome a pro since this video
JerryDaPig 3 dias atrás
I’m only here for the light gray terracotta facts
parzival 3 dias atrás
Bruce Ismay
Bruce Ismay 4 dias atrás
Didn’t even get rid of the pixilriffs account underneath 🤣
PUDINGSGEEKS 4 dias atrás
dies in creative mod is epic and rare B)
Yuting Lin
Yuting Lin 4 dias atrás
TCG087 4 dias atrás
i know how he edits the videos he changes the name of the channel, title, and cover of the video how did i figure this out
XDKillerX13 4 dias atrás
BRvidrs during the first 20 minutes of their videos: *YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT I HAD FOR BREAKFAST*
Roblox Pro
Roblox Pro 4 dias atrás
Its funny that all the videos he watches are his own I THINK
‏‏‎ ‎
‏‏‎ ‎ 4 dias atrás
Wow, gotta send me the link for those light grey terracotta facts.
Solomon Wilson
Solomon Wilson 4 dias atrás
idk why that build reminded me of this series einshine had
Monkeydigs 5 dias atrás
vaporeon the evee
vaporeon the evee 5 dias atrás
Why you have trust issues: This video: amplifiedx10000000000000000000
Its Jaden Stuff
Its Jaden Stuff 5 dias atrás
I stop watching mcyum and regret it.
Deanna M
Deanna M 5 dias atrás
2:11 that whole thing made me cry laugh
Mr. meme man
Mr. meme man 5 dias atrás
I really want to know what he eat for breakfast tho
SanicTheFishHog123 6 dias atrás
Oh, this is how my buddy got enough diamonds to make armor for everybody in the smp
SHOGUN KHALID 6 dias atrás
How to make a farm ? No you wont you vegan shi*😂
Maria Jasmine
Maria Jasmine 6 dias atrás
I cant believe i laughed half of the vid
Spring Trap
Spring Trap 6 dias atrás
Haha poor guy 0:08
Sapphire 6 dias atrás
"Yall really dumb as hell, just drink em" This killed me 💀
Merlebighetty 7 dias atrás
I legit was Tearing up XD!
Leo papa
Leo papa 7 dias atrás
this videos are so funny
AydenGamer 7 dias atrás
“You don’t.” *”You vegan sh-“*
lonely panda
lonely panda 7 dias atrás
2:26 his everything is there and look at one of the comments to see that this is an actual yt
DuckGui 7 dias atrás
Hey teacher hows your divorce going
Chilly Art
Chilly Art 7 dias atrás
This is too funny, im genuinely scared of what earrape is comign up next
Simonides 7 dias atrás
Light grey terracotta facts Light grey terracotta comes in many different colors, such as light grey, grey that is light, dark white, light-grey-terracotta-colored, and cube. Light grey terracotta can not do a backflip, because it has no legs to land on. So sad Light grey terracotta is used in many redstone contraptions. For example; the light grey terracotta-majig 9000
Kimberly Kuerner
Kimberly Kuerner 7 dias atrás
Lovell23 7 dias atrás
My MiDdLe NaMe Is GrEg
Reconnecting Corrupt
Reconnecting Corrupt 7 dias atrás
580501 episodes? I thought it was 696969 episodes
Sharon Healy
Sharon Healy 7 dias atrás
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen you should subscribe
Tcali61 9
Tcali61 9 7 dias atrás
1:10 is my favorite
Elemender_YT 8 dias atrás
0.45 sans smp in indonasia season 4 lol
Elemender_YT 8 dias atrás
Mr Oztello
Mr Oztello 8 dias atrás
Hey i know that building. Its from an Indonesian minecraft series called "SansSMP".
Lightning Yt
Lightning Yt 8 dias atrás
I was laughing so hard by the end of this
WhiteTopHat 8 dias atrás
you don't you vegan shi-
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 8 dias atrás
So.many episodes
Purple Doople
Purple Doople 8 dias atrás
nobody: not a soul: dongman69 with netherite in 2019:
Suicide Mouse
Suicide Mouse 9 dias atrás
ajd ad
ajd ad 10 dias atrás
dongman69 is a pro
Sad boi Cube
Sad boi Cube 10 dias atrás
aww man, we never got to learn everything we can craft with stone or how to make an automatic vine farm :(
Fork 10 dias atrás
When you take LSD: 2:12
Zai Williamz
Zai Williamz 10 dias atrás
Do be true
Roger Schoenbeck
Roger Schoenbeck 10 dias atrás
Are you in creative mode you can die or fall out of the world
Toby The dog
Toby The dog 10 dias atrás
Mr. Mister
Mr. Mister 10 dias atrás
2:04 made me laugh so hard for absolutely no reason *"L I G H T G R A Y T E R R A C O T T A F A C T S"*
PanteraJoey 10 dias atrás
whats the music in the backround from 1:11 - 1:20
Renee Killough
Renee Killough 10 dias atrás
Rowley and Greg With creepers
That was pixlriffs pixture episodes
Justin KONG
Justin KONG 11 dias atrás
The fuck
Tobi dk
Tobi dk 12 dias atrás
no way
Ham Lennane
Ham Lennane 12 dias atrás
Mcyum you didnt tell me you had a cape
Gamaliel Napitupulu
Gamaliel Napitupulu 12 dias atrás
itu mirip sans smp s4
Lucila Palomares
Lucila Palomares 13 dias atrás
Who saw 69 in the XP levels
StevetheWise124 13 dias atrás
"I'm gonna talk about some expensive mouse" Every Highpixel pvp ever
Fernando Thomas
Fernando Thomas 13 dias atrás
Died in "Creative Mode"
read your bible
read your bible 13 dias atrás
Dongman69 A legend
Alts'Alts 13 dias atrás
Next: How to walk in minecraft
John Smith
John Smith 13 dias atrás
I had a dream once close to how it was at 2:13
Mytan 13 dias atrás
ballso pisscrack ligmer
YetiBoomBoom 13 dias atrás
Notice how the middle aged man had 69 levels in the beginning
Zapcross World
Zapcross World 14 dias atrás
Pixlriffs :)
Hyperlyte 14 dias atrás
Thank you for the light gray terracotta facts. really improved my gameplay
Cringedom 14 dias atrás
never get rid of the Y in his channel name
Adriell Meshach Joy&dame ayam goreng Simanjuntak
0:52 what the heck Is copied from Sans smp 4 Is Flag Indoensian
Kenny Studios
Kenny Studios 14 dias atrás
Notice that in the first episode he said there would be 20 episodes
Poke Vids
Poke Vids 14 dias atrás
Guys you can’t believe what I had for breakfast today!!!!. Proceeds to show his breakfast
Elvis Luk
Elvis Luk 14 dias atrás
2:11 * WELCOME TO EPISODE 2900 * Me:WOW thw funny is killing me
Rythro_Rezzrr Vlogs
Rythro_Rezzrr Vlogs 14 dias atrás
So are we going to not talk about in the beginning he spelled guide as ghuide
Om Ok
Om Ok 15 dias atrás
“I’m gonna spend the next 20 episodes explaining bluntly obvious stuff.” Also him:episode 2900
Siva Sai Gautham Majeti
so no one is gonna talk about how he died on creative
Gabriel Bagus
Gabriel Bagus 15 dias atrás
The 26 episode he hacked to sans smp minecraft server
Amazon 15 dias atrás
the arrow
the arrow 15 dias atrás
in the thumnail i see no arrmor slots
Mr AnimeOpenings
Mr AnimeOpenings 15 dias atrás
0:43 SANS SMP!! (Indonesia Minecraft smp)
Rayhan dwi
Rayhan dwi 16 dias atrás
0:46 hmmmm familiar Ah i know sans SMP season 4 if you Indonesian
MrArmGaming 16 dias atrás
UhM1ckey 16 dias atrás
“Expensive Mice!!”
PinkDude2010 17 dias atrás
O.Gcrystal 17 dias atrás
i get it everytime they do it off camera its different
Muhammad Areeb
Muhammad Areeb 17 dias atrás
Bruh , how could you roast pixlriffs survival guide , first of all , if you want to keep Minecraft alive , someone needs to teach new people how to play the game properly and not just annoying salty dirt building idiots , plus , If you have the patience to sit through the basic stuff , you can learn some simple sounding self defined rules that just change and enhance your game massively I'm not salty , you're salty
Taylor Kuchta
Taylor Kuchta 17 dias atrás
I can.just imagine him or his editor editing this saying okay, make it look bad. 😂🖐
Juicy 17 dias atrás
Just make it slow
The Life of Max
The Life of Max 17 dias atrás
Gorilla mode engaged 1:12
BRAGGER X 17 dias atrás
Warning lower down you volume
Billy Eriksson
Billy Eriksson 17 dias atrás
LIFE WITH TAILUN 18 dias atrás
Wait he died in creative mode?
Bugattin' 16 dias atrás
Yeah, you can die by falling to void
Artic 18 dias atrás
1:21 can someone tell me what the name of this song is so i can use it in vids? ;)
Bugattin' 16 dias atrás
Idk :(
Tristan Jermain Pensona
Maybe next video is gonna be how to die in creative
Iyyad Zuhdy
Iyyad Zuhdy 18 dias atrás
0:44 sans smp?
minecraft smps be like
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we broke minecraft, then beat it
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if god narrated minecraft survival
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