Minecraft's Biggest Cheater Just Made A Shocking Confession... 

Karl Jobst
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Today we revisit the Minecraft speedrunner MinecrAvenger who recently made a full confession to cheating his speedruns. Let's take a look at what everyone missed.
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MinecrAvenger video: • Video
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26 Jan 2023



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@karljobst Anos atrás
Hope you all had a great start to the year. Big thanks to Geologie for sponsoring the vid. Head to or scan the QR code on the screen and use code KARLJOBST and take their free skincare diagnostic to get 50% off skincare trial set. On top of that, they are giving you an exclusive bonus offer on one of their brand-new skin, hair, and body products, of your choice when you add it to your trial.
@yoda432 Anos atrás
@foxwolf316 Anos atrás
can someone answer me something about this whole video? like tell me this, is this a habit for people to cheat, or if people cheat once in their life on purpose, they can learn what it's like being caught red handed? like is that another reason why people cheat? is it possible that kosmic cheated once in his life before being the greatest mario speed runner of all time?
@Arvl. Anos atrás
Ok karl
@Arvl. Anos atrás
Well my skin is fine :)
@madghostek3026 Anos atrás
The sponsorship wasn't related to gaming, although the offer does sound interesting ngl
@CsubAzUrmedve Anos atrás
At this point there should be a Cheating% category, where we can see how far these cheaters can go, no holding back.
@C0II0SUS.X Anos atrás
@hottoast16 Anos atrás
That's literally what a TAS is. He could have been a well-respected TASer but instead chose to submit his fake runs as real. But TASers aren't nearly as famous as top runners. The reason he cheated was for attention and because he thought he could get away with it if he was careful enough.
@Chillz_OG Anos atrás
@@hottoast16 I won't lie, I would be interested in a separate category for TAS that didn't allow for the exact input mapping or whatever it is called. Basically you have to actually play the game, but can cheat in pretty much every other way. Would be interesting to see how the cheats evolve while also hopefully keeping the majority of the cheats developed in the public view so it is easier to spot them in normal runs.
@marsrover001 Anos atrás
Time travel % is done in literally one second.
@CainXVII Anos atrás
@@Chillz_OG I would watch that
@scarletspectre153 Anos atrás
The fact that minecravenger is himself the one who alerted the community to and told them how to spot these shenanigans during the dream debacle only to get a reverse uno from said community is just hilarious
@rpasyahril2561 Anos atrás
he knew because he use it XD
@livanbard Anos atrás
The community stans the big fish and crush the smallers.
I just want to see the armies of dream supporters get their fingers out to defend monecravenger ;)
@adrianalvarez2703 Anos atrás
That’s why tas exist
@Lechgang 10 meses atrás
@@livanbard I don't think there's a snowballs chance in hel that Minecravenger or any other minecraft cheater is going to get the same level of backlash as Dream. People acted like Dream killed a man.
@pressfinchat Anos atrás
These cheaters are the literal definition of “takes one to know one”.
@junkman8742 Anos atrás
Reminds me of election data experts
@COKTilYouDrop Anos atrás
yes and no. I mean after watching cheaters and knowing how they play you can sometimes spot it. but its rare
@awiseman6018 Anos atrás
Dream helped catch drem and then this bruh what ia this jenga tower of cheaters
@COKTilYouDrop Anos atrás
@@awiseman6018 a wise man once said "what is this jenga tower of cheaters"
@CIAinTaiwanAndUkraine 6 meses atrás
judge: you are guilty of murder murderer: ha! takes one to know one
@EighmyLupin Anos atrás
You mentioned that most faked runs are caught immediately. It would be an interesting video idea to look at a bunch of them and see all the stupidly bad ways people have tried to cheat.
@jojoversus1100 Anos atrás
He already made that video
@trashpanda4 Anos atrás
you can search up for runs like big tony and drem did but most of faked speedruns videos are clickbait nowadays
@saberhap2639 Anos atrás
@@jojoversus1100 well make it again
@COKTilYouDrop Anos atrás
lmao I hate cheaters but this lowkey makes me wanna test how long it would take ppl to notice if I was cheating (not gonna but i am curious)
@LilacMonarch 11 meses atrás
unfortunately most of the cheated runs you find are clickbait or obvious jokes so it's hard to find the serious ones
@pixelpastiche Anos atrás
I bet you there is some strange thing in the way that dolphins spawn at a given depth that leads to them facing a certain direction and then in his run the pathing of the dolphin shows an error in how dolphins are supposed to swim because it needed to correct it’s path or didn’t respond to the presence of the player model in the right way. Legit when it comes to the Minecraft videos every bit of proof seems as insane as every bit of the legitimate runs. That is impressive and terrifying.
@OR56 Anos atrás
Dolphins AI turns off when the player gets far enough away. I don’t know if that is relevant, by just a weird fact
@hardVatsuki 4 meses atrás
@@OR56 there's nothing weird about it, most games do that to save resources by disabling/hiding something that player can't see anyway.
@OR56 4 meses atrás
@@hardVatsuki It kills them though. They stop moving, even while they are still in render distance, and drown.
@neoqwerty 2 meses atrás
@@OR56 ....well now i think I know what happens to my pet dolphins each time I leave my base.
@OR56 2 meses atrás
@@neoqwerty You can put them in a tank with soul sand on the bottom, and if it has glass over it, it won't throw them out, and they will still be able to breathe.
@TheAuNinja2 Anos atrás
If I recall correctly, Dream also called someone out for cheating, once. So the cycle continues.
@serbianspaceforce6873 6 meses atrás
Now we investigate everybody involved in investigating minecravenger
@rayhatesu 5 meses atrás
As it was, that one was revealed to be an issue of Google Drive changing files' creation times to the same time but PST, which confused people because both the runner accused and Dream live in EST.
@edschelchang6123 4 meses atrás
Wasthat an accusation? Didn't Dream just bring something to the moderators attention
@rayhatesu 4 meses atrás
@@edschelchang6123 refer to my comment/reply earlier in the chain for the context about what happened.
@tomothybahamothy 4 meses atrás
​@@serbianspaceforce6873and then burn the ashes
@freddyc1995 Anos atrás
These cheaters exposing each other is just a real life version of the pointing Spider-Man meme
@ericandruszko7563 Anos atrás
they catch each other because they recognize the cheats lol
You have to become one to catch the another.
i put this dudes wr speedrun inputs into a tas and guess what??? it didnt get near the time . strange that
@NobleLaika Anos atrás
@@ericandruszko7563 honestly he should have just become a moderator if hes this good at detecting cheats
@kyleferguson4236 Anos atrás
No it's worse. It would b like 3 SEPARATE ppl impersonating spiderman pointing at each other 🙄
@ridokilos-actual Anos atrás
Shoutouts to the guilty conscience that some folks have and the ability to swallow pride to come out with all the details. Maybe he can stay in the community as someone who helps prevent this sort of thing happening in the future.
@zicorbett4660 4 meses atrás
He is sorry about getting caught, definitely didn't come clean until all the evidence was placed against him. He also still profited tons from all of the attention and views he got over the years. But being up front and admitting it is better than what most do..
@project_swift Anos atrás
I honestly think there should be "manipulated" speed run categories where people can submit manipulated runs. These runs are open to scrutiny for 1 month which players are allowed to scrutinise the runs for how they are manipulated. At the end of one month, if players cannot pick how it is manipulated, it is then entered into the leaderboards along with the player revealing how the run has been manipulated. I picture this working similar to TAS runs, allowing players to identify new strategies for cheating and allowing for higher quality control for actual submitted speed runs.
@memiix 8 meses atrás
people are just gonna challenge themselves to get into the leaderboards by straight up not cheating
@nihilvox 8 meses atrás
Can you imagine the scandal if the manipulated record was taken by someone who didn't actually manipulate anything?
@Kineth1 6 meses atrás
​@@nihilvoxIt wasn't code manipulation, it was social manipulation! Fooled you all!
@enccy3410 2 meses atrás
@@memiix they'd have to admit how they cheated at the end or they cant be put up
@memiix 2 meses atrás
@@enccy3410 they cheated by... not cheating i guess?
I don't excuse cheating, but props to him for coming clean for things nobody even knew
@mitri4939 6 meses atrás
Yeah at least he admited and was ready to face the consequences, that's more than many other cheaters can say.
@levievil9220 6 meses atrás
He may be a cheater but at least he still has some pride leftover
​@@mitri4939you people confuse saving face with being sorry...
@NintendoRuns Anos atrás
I think that one thing this story says is that if a top runner who streams is getting most of their pbs off stream, that's a red flag. It may mean nothing in the end, but it's definitely worth taking a second look at
@harrisonkarn2078 Anos atrás
A mod that runners could required to use when recording runs is newchunks, which shows what chunks are new and which ones have been previously loaded in by players. It is usually used as a cheat in multiplayer servers for base hunting, but it would've busted the cheater when he spawned in a dolphin to swim to a ruined portal faster.
@TheDarkCatYT Mês atrás
That wouldn't work; even someone with little programming experience can create a copy of the mod that will always return new chunks; You just simply remove most of the code and make the check pass each time
@fusionspace175 Anos atrás
If he wasn't caught, his next plan was to start mailing riddles to the authorities.
@BobSentell Anos atrás
im cheating. I'm cheating. I'M CHEATING! At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if someone was cheating and slowing increased their risk factor just to see how long it took to get caught. That would be an entertaining video in its own right.
@anothenblue2630 Anos atrás
@@BobSentell there WAS something like that. A Ghost 'n Goblins run was submitted and it was super fake on purpose, but nobody batted an eye until the guy had to state that himself. He got banned even though it was entirely the mods' fault for accepting a submission without checking it.
@CricetoFunni Anos atrás
@@anothenblue2630 Do you have a link to this? Sounds super funny.
@@anothenblue2630 It's not the mods fault that someone decided to be unfair. But yes, the mods incompetence shouldn't go unnoticed either
@Sir-Cumference Anos atrás
@@CricetoFunni It's called "My OBVIOUS Fake Speedrun that got Verified" by Loan Shark Joe
@SyphistPrime Anos atrás
Glad they came clean and even explained what wasn't found. It would be cool if people like that could be used as a reference of sorts by the mods to see if suspicious runs might be cheated and how. I would be reluctant to make a previous cheater a mod, but consulting them I can have no problem with.
The interesting thing is, in the video back in November, I noticed that he got flint from gravel on his first try in the impossible chest speedrun, and thought, that's incredibly lucky, he got lucky, alongside cheating. And I believe Karl even mentioned that the dolphin swimming alongside and giving him a speed boost was another lucky break that couldn't have been cheated, in a cheated speedrun. But when taken together, and after knowing the truth, it seems so obvious. He got lucky, while cheating, so it's logical that the luck was cheated.
@iamnothere3878 Anos atrás
Hey Karl, Just wanted to say you're looking great and hope the cancer treatments are going well, looking forward to all of the great content from the OG absolute legend in 2023!
@gxalcremieshiny4229 8 meses atrás
the sheer balls he had to not only admit his mistakes but also point out other mistakes to prevent further cheating is insane
@TheLiquidFox0323 Anos atrás
Shower thought:The reason cheaters never prosper is because the ones that get away with it aren’t known to be cheaters
@ravenID429 8 meses atrás
Good point lol
..yes never getting caught is indeed a prerequisite to not being seen as a cheater.
@Top_Weeb Anos atrás
Watching this video and seeing how cheating spawns and drop rates is almost undetectable makes me think Minecraft speedrunning must have rampant cheating.
@Rocky712_ Anos atrás
Exactly. That´s basically why it seems inevitable that a "competitive patch" will be necessary that checks for modified values. He did mention it at the end of the video.
@reagandow850 Anos atrás
I’ll never understand why people cheat at anything. The whole point of winning is to accomplish something and trying to be the best at what you do. I guess when you grow up with “everyone gets a trophy” it means nothing anyway. I can’t believe how many losers there are out there.
@Frogesh Anos atrás
@@reagandow850 people who cheat want the feeling of accomplishing something. They wanna feel like "wow i have a world record in a game ran by hundreds of top class players". Its the fame that gets in their heads
@@reagandow850 money
@theharvestfloor1 Anos atrás
Well lucky it's just Minecraft
@SpJrD Anos atrás
It’s somewhat satisfying that he’s confessing and pointing the tricks and splice he did to inform others that speenrun can be easily faked
@mrmidnight32 Anos atrás
“I only faked one run” Literally every speed runner who’s cheated multiple different speed runs 😂
@sorrenblitz805 Anos atrás
No no don't scrutinize my older runs. They were legit I promise.
@cheetahman515 8 meses atrás
I love his honesty. Him confessing to something that cannot be caught (such as the dolphin) is very nice, and noone else would probably have admitted to that.
@Taalanos Anos atrás
Cheating is super common, so having this guy explain everything is a pretty good move, I respect that.
@gblargg Anos atrás
The most bullet-proof approach to anti-cheating-via-mods is a recording of player input that's fed to a trusted engine (like I take it was done with TrackMania). Then they can be fed to a trusted copy of the game and the movie generated. This requires a completely deterministic game engine with no effect from the machine configuration/speed, and having the proper version to replay the player input to. This doesn't stop cheating with tool-assistance, generating and editing the player input frame by frame for the perfect run, though.
@Judgement_Kazzy Anos atrás
Honestly, this makes me wonder why more cheaters don't go down this route when they get caught. Coming clean and showing exactly how you did it can be a big help to the community, and because of that, save them a lot of ill-will in the long run. Not only is it genuinely the right thing to do, but even thinking about it selfishly, it still seems like a no-brainer.
@D_YellowMadness Anos atrás
I think it's because most cheaters are narcissists & most narcissists find it nearly impossible to admit to wrongdoing unless they've already gotten away with it & are bragging because no one caught them.
@jacobshirley3457 Anos atrás
@@D_YellowMadness Do you guys even know what a "narcissist" is? I know the internet hastily throws around that word, but still.
@arstulex Anos atrás
What interest would a cheater have in 'helping the community'? If they had any desire to improve the community they wouldfn't do the exact opposite by submitting cheated runs and lying to the community to begin with.
@Judgement_Kazzy Anos atrás
@@arstulex Like I said, it seems like the obvious move from a selfish perspective too, because it saves them a ton of face.
@Wyllowisp Anos atrás
@@Judgement_Kazzy You clearly don’t understand cheaters at all. They cheat without getting caught and they earn a good reputation. Someone catches them and their reputation is jeopardized, they want to keep their fame and reputation so they double down on it. You also seem to be confused and think that someone calling them out with good evidence means it’s all over for them anyways. Lmao, have you never seen other videos on this channel? People still believe cheaters even after getting “caught”. And the fact that they can get away with it by “doubling down” is exactly why they do it. That’s why the only “nail” in the coffin in these cases is that someone comes out and says “yep, I cheated”. Pretty sure some Golden Eye or Doom speedrunners swayed the community for so long until they admit it because even after cheating, they still had some WRs that weren’t disproven yet until after they’ve admitted it.
@PublicDoma Anos atrás
Crazy to hear about everything that happened. Thanks for being informative as always Karl Jobst!
@joshuakaecker3545 Anos atrás
LOL the Perfect Dark soundtrack playing during the geologie sponsor bit is great XD
@flarethefox1779 Anos atrás
i honestly have respect for this guy for coming clean, especially about the stuff they couldn't prove
@ericsouthard3767 10 meses atrás
Maybe there could be “cheating contests” where the goal is to try to get around the rules in a “test it till it breaks” sort of way. Unless they already do that and I’m just oblivious 😅
@C0II0SUS.X 10 meses atrás
Would make a cheating category even be a bad thing? honestly hard to say at this point.
@Bud_Ward Anos atrás
I can appreciate him coming clean and explaining the cheating that he did. It will help both him and the community get past this issue
speedrunning communities need people who literally only find new ways to cheat runs, and then let moderators try to find all the ways they cheated, and if the mods can't find them all then the runner tells them what they did
@Spagoooterman Anos atrás
Instead of glitch Hunter it’s cheat Hunter
@Ange1ofD4rkness Anos atrás
This is something I have actually thought about doing. Can I find ways to "Cheat" and then report my findings (helping to expand detection). I just question if I have time to do stuff like this
So you mean cybersecurity flaw detection but for Minecraft Speedrunning?
@stonalisa3729 Anos atrás
@@Ange1ofD4rkness I mean these mods have time to moderate. Somebody will have time for this. They research this stuff more than I ever would
@ZentaBon Anos atrás
Pen testing for speed running!
@derincattelane43 7 meses atrás
0:00 I like the usage of the "Colonial Explore" theme from FTL: Faster Than Light, I like seeing that amazing OST used in more videos.
@overpad1 Anos atrás
Watching those cheating scandals as a fellow speedrunner and a game mod in NFS games makes me sad . Speedrunning should be the ultimate showcase of skill + intelligence in very fast pace . In the past people were cheating waaaaay less and they were trusting each other more , nowadays even though we have better proof of a run , people tend to cheat more .. very very sad . Anyways great video as always Karl !
@franciscop631 Anos atrás
Hi, im not a speedrunner myself, just a gamer and very curious person and i always find your videos very interesting, so just spreading some love, keep at it you absolute legend!
@JoshPillault Anos atrás
I have to admit even though I hadn’t considered it, I’m glad you mentioned that it’s respectable that he fully came clean. That’s a very good point and no matter what, I feel like any gamer who hates cheating shouldn’t talk shit about him. Cheating happens - if it does, I guess this is a best case scenario thanks to him.
@Z3rgatul Anos atrás
I had exactly the same idea. To create client (or mod) which records all calls to RNG and RNG initialization. It doesn't eliminate cheating, but makes it much more harder.
@E1025 Anos atrás
I'm watching this as an VFX animator. So many of these could've been easily hidden if he had some after effects knowledge. I have no doubt other people do, and are covering up cheating.
@Ange1ofD4rkness Anos atrás
Right? A few of these where they catch it because of some poor editing and I am thinking "wait they could have done it this way". And I am only mediocre at video editing
@Appletank8 Anos atrás
clearly you have a prosperous future in minecraft speedrun cheating
@ArchibaldClumpy Anos atrás
Any cheat that relies on advanced After Effects knowledge could probably fool most people into not investigating, but yeah experts won't be fooled. Similarly it probably won't do much once clips are automatically subjected to waveform and video analysis (and maybe even AI checks for aberrations between one submission and most others which could catch somebody like Schmooey). It'll be interesting to see how speedrunning changes once the tech catches up.
probly people are insanely mentally ill now
@xMrjamjam Anos atrás
Why not upload a cheat run and do a break down on how its a cheat run and things to look out for when looking for cheat runs.
Broh! I just looked at your videolist - you are killing it with views! Good for you my man.
@chiman588 Anos atrás
Nice FTL Music at the start of the video! I like that game a load and it brings back nostalgia!
@Goshko1111 Anos atrás
Does anyone know the music used in the background? I've heard it many times but I just can't remember the name.
@DSR115 Anos atrás
I do wonder when it comes to created cheated runs if there are people test how well moderated a catagory is. Someone who is willing to come up with a means of modding or hacking a game to make thing seem it was all RNG, get something like top 10 or top 5 or even WR, submit it and see if it gets denied then if it doesn't they bring it to the attention of the community of that certain speedrun and for them to improve how things are done to counter such a possible mod or hack. Keep making these videos and being a truly absolute legend.
@carydube3463 Anos atrás
Hi Karl, Just curious have you seen the release of Goldeneye on Nintendo switch and Xbox? Do you feel that this could potentially be used as a separate versions of goldeneye speed running list or be included to the current speed running categories?
@Tobeh Anos atrás
I think a super interesting speed run category could be “this run has cheating, but if no one can accurately guess how, it stands until it’s figured out or some one beats the time.” It would take people being 100% honest when some one guesses accurately but it could be super creative Edit: maybe the person who uploads the cheated run will let the moderation team know how it was cheated so the community can start investigating without needing the runner to be present for it.
@supercyclone8342 Anos atrás
I agree! One, that sounds entertaining to watch, and two, it's a good outlet for cheating. There could also be a reduced RNG category where loot and dragon behaviors are made more consistent through a community chosen resource pack. I would never try speed running minecraft now because of all the RNG on top of the high skill ceiling, but something like this would help.
@azeria1 Anos atrás
It also lets people get better at finding cheats
@ccaagg Anos atrás
@@supercyclone8342 That already exists - there's a datapack that removes almost all RNG (drop rates, dragon perch, mobs) which people do runs using.
@Laezar1 11 meses atrás
So basically penn & teller "fool us" but for speedruns?
@Tobeh 11 meses atrás
@@Laezar1 exactly
@billdewall6152 Anos atrás
Great video, great topic. At parts it feels like Apollo Legend's contributions on the issue of cheating in speedrunning are evident. I think of him every time another video like this comes out.
@VeNoM0619 Anos atrás
Is there a minecraft mod that verifies other mods for cheating? How about the mod also displaying debug information (to prevent splicing)?
@EmdyMC Anos atrás
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the client log of the instance list out all the activity in that instance and gives an accurate history of what the runner did in that game. Would allow you to check for world switching, datapacks and mods being loaded, etc. Of course you could probably edit the file before sending it but it might help catch inexperienced cheaters a bit easier since it's very time consuming to edit the file completely.
Look at that list of patrons you absolute legend! Seriously though you deserve it man. Your videos are very well done and EXTREMELY well researched.
@6kunio8 Anos atrás
I had no idea that there is speedrunning in Minecraft. I had no idea it is/became more than an open-world sandbox-style game. Interesting
@AcelShock Anos atrás
this situation really reminds me of the trackmania cheating scandals where a new competitive patch is made so that only runs on there can be submitted. I think its a good route to go for these types of large speedrunning communities as a whole, albeit needing a lot more effort from the moderation side
@JimKirk1 Anos atrás
Would it be possible to do the same for Minecraft? Build a custom version of each patch category that disallows modding or checks for any file alteration?
@_mark_3814 Anos atrás
@@JimKirk1 it’s hard as the jar files can be edited
@TheGaming100 Anos atrás
I think it needs to be said that MineCravenger fully confessed at this point and it's equally safe to say Riolu will NEVER confess!
I'm still kind of amazed that Riolu chose to end a _decade-long elite level career_ rather than just own up to cheating.
@proxima_fish Anos atrás
For the record, there's a mod in development for minecraft that provides an audit of all the random rolls in the game. I assume this includes seeds, and if it does, it pretty much eliminates all the possibility of cheating. The world record managers could just auto reject any runs without this mod if they want to be super strict. Edit: lol he mentioned it later sorry
@redford4ever Anos atrás
What we need is a live competition where all speedrunner get the same seed at the same time. I would watch that.
@adamsimms1674 Anos atrás
Love that more people are using resurrection as a backing sound. such a good soundtrack.
@davidt3563 Anos atrás
Glad to see them coming forward about this.
So exciting to find out I missed a Karl Jobst video!
I really like how we live so close together, all the time I watch people who life halfway across the world but no you, it makes me feel closer to the videos you make because you are looking at something as an Australian
@Sky300Wii Anos atrás
Cheating so deep I wouldn't be surprised if Minecravenger was actually playing terraria the whole time
@nedcurfman3486 Anos atrás
I didn’t suspect anything until you brought it up, but now that you mention it, the dragon kill with the SDMG was a little peculiar
@charcoaleater343 Anos atrás
That explains the copper shortsword actually
@1th_to_comment. Anos atrás
So that's why he had a cobalt shield
@BX56_YT Anos atrás
Explains the Last Prism he was using.
@charcoaleater343 Anos atrás
@@1th_to_comment. explains why he had accessory slots in the first place
@cg_thebandit7328 8 meses atrás
The dolphin one actually shocked me, that’s so smart but so devious at the same time
@4cps777 Anos atrás
11:14 Coding this client would involve doing multiple things: 1) Not trusting any of the usual sources of randomness (i.e. the OS) and instead getting it from somewhere else (the network maybe) 2) Either preventing memory readouts or just never generating any random number on the client side 3) Preventing the use of all sorts of cheats, ranging from CheatEngine to injection cheats operating at ring 0 4) Making sure that it isn't possible for the user to make the client connect to a fake server (would require certificate pinning) And since tall of this (except for 4) has thus far never been achieved by any anti cheat solution, I highly doubt that it will work this time.
@lucybiddle3912 Anos atrás
Anyone know what the music is starting at 3:07? It's driving me nuts
@Aravestia Anos atrás
There should be an Any% max luck run, where piglins only drop pearls, blazes drop max blaze rods, gravel always drops flint, and dragon perches at a fixed time. Seems like it would be fun
@Mkharis257 6 meses atrás
Should add "cheater" category, treating it like Olympics but the contestants are athletes with enchantment drugs
@gregergreg Anos atrás
When these things get uncovered it's kind of like magic. After you're shown the secret, you think "oh it's so obvious, why didn't I see that?" I don't play Minecraft but I can see how the Obsidian label thing is one of those hidden-in-plain-sight situations.
it was also quickly covered up by the flint&steel name showing up, so you'd have to have had a vendetta against Minecravenger, tabbing through their speedruns frame by frame to spot it, really...
I mean, it's literally like magic. The goal is to hide things that are going on from you, or make you believe something different from than what really happened, and the way you do this is to hide your tricks in ways you're not likely to pay attention to.
Why are you watching a minecraft cheating video if you don't even play the game 💀
@@zartexkrontaculys1097 you do realise that this channel covers a bunch of topics related to speedrunning, not just Minecraft right?
@@hannessteffenhagen61 no I didn't realize that why, oh. Ohhh...
@tommyxboy101 Anos atrás
Bro, the B roll for your sponsor shows how buff you are, nice grind king
@hilium2 9 meses atrás
This is the first video I've seen of yours and I'm still trying to wrap my head around how much you look like a 50/50 combo of me and one of my best friends haha
@EnderSpy29 Anos atrás
I’m just gonna say it. I think the music Karl uses. Is made by Lena raine for the game celeste. And if I’m right, that is so cool
@Chabooey Anos atrás
im really not a fan of minecraft speedruns but karl jobst cant literally talk about anything and its the most interesting thing ever
@hullinstruments 11 meses atrás
I was super confused why your thumbnail image showed a bed and an Uzi submachine gun. Iv Never played video games before so I'm completely oblivious to a lot of the details... and didn't realize it was a dolphin until later in the video. Pretty funny though and I guess a machine-gun would come in pretty handy in making the dragon perch quicker or just blowing him out of the sky 😂
@mazda9624 Anos atrás
Honestly what I find crazy is *just how many* different cheating methods he employed at the same time. Like jeez at some point you'd think "damn I'm really just not that good at speed running this game" when you're using such an arsenal of cheats in tandem.
@jacobshirley3457 Anos atrás
The more cheating methods you use at once, the more subtle each one can be.
@LSSTmusic Anos atrás
idk minecraft speedruns take a lot of skill but fuck there's so much RNG, right? most of the cheats he used were to improve things that are controlled by RNG. and i think if the dude actually sucked at runs people would have been suspicious way earlier
@FlareStorms Anos atrás
if he was bad at the game his cheating wouldn't have been so subtle
@zthecat Anos atrás
@@GammaJK Yeah, that's an interesting idea. There's probably people who deserve to be way higher on the Minecraft leader boards, but just aren't because of bad RNG. And there's certainly people who shouldn't be as high as they are on the leader boards, but good RNG just put them there. significantly increasing the luck so players can just mostly test their skill if they so choose is a good solution. Either that, or you may just have to find a new game to speed run that's not so luck dependent.
@mike-._ Anos atrás
@@GammaJK This is why I like set seed runs
@carlstevenson709 Anos atrás
Sweet another video, wish we would get a long one soon tho
@abcdefzhij Anos atrás
6:18 when the splice happens you can also notice some lighting changes, to me easily visible on the netherrack at the top of the screen. I noticed this right before you even pointed out the splice.
@ItsKryptick Anos atrás
I hate to say I "respect" someone who cheated but I do have respect for the complete honesty that Minecravenger showed in this video. No better way to learn what to look for in cheated runs than to learn from someone who has done it themselves. Edit: Realized you said basically the same thing as I did here later in the video. While cheating is an incredibly scummy thing to do in competition, I don't believe that all cheaters are terrible people. People that can own up to it and even actively help out the community in finding other cheaters should be given credit when it's due.
@LilacMonarch 11 meses atrás
Yeah, exposing yourself that way isn't something most people have the balls to do
@ItsKryptick 4 meses atrás
@@coin4898 Might not be to you, but cheating in speedrunning is a major problem. At the end of the day, its a competition, people get paid real money and can build careers through this, the fame (even if small in comparison to other competition) should go to those who deserve it.
@TravTravYT Anos atrás
say what you want "Admitting to Dragon Charges" is a pretty cool line
@wamoejenou Anos atrás
Karl we need more vids from you man
@Predator20357 Anos atrás
This is insane, it’s like someone being stopped to take out their phone before going through the metal detector before they essentially just spill out 50 different metal objects
@gblargg Anos atrás
That scene in The Matrix.
@JamieElli Anos atrás
Well, it does seem to show that most cheaters will just get bolder until they're destined to get caught at least.
@ilyasofficial1617 Anos atrás
Is it possible to have mod that specifically used to verify minecraft speedrun? like faceit. It would eliminate splice cheating and made it hard to cheat.
@clorky420 Anos atrás
@Karl Jobst regarding what you said at 1:25, it's actually quite simple to make sure no changes to the game files have been made. Someone just needs to make a tool that'll inject the Minecraft.exe and that tool checks whether any of the game files have been changed (simple hash comparison between actual, unaltered game and the instance of that game being run). This tool would essentially be a Minecraft mod that would show an indicator in the in-game HUD, along f.e. some other stuff, to make sure it's not just the cheater trying to put it as an overlay to his recording.
Jusr modify the tool
@keithdavison2960 Anos atrás
Karl watching your video an advert for Golden Eye on Nintendo switch just played. Thought you would live that.
Slowly but surely this channel has become the tmz of speedrunning ha
@sdsdfdu4437 Anos atrás
Imagine you're at the airport and the TSA stops you because they found a bottle containing 5oz of liquid, then you show them all the guns and explosives you brought, and explain exactly how you got them through security.
@AquaCoalaNest Anos atrás
Nah, he used those already, remember?
@krib4785 Anos atrás
love the celeste soundtrack on this one!
@DexyD20 Anos atrás
1 In 562 trillion is so insane that you have a greater likelihood of naming a random serial number of an American dollar, and then pulling that dollar out of your pocket then you would have the chances of what he did....
@cmd5789 Anos atrás
Oh what is the music at 4:00? I can only picture undertale but can’t remember
Love your content Karl. Good way to spend a lunch break.
@zacharyessey5904 Anos atrás
This is a quick idea that I had; so I don't know how effective it would be. I know that there are TAS runs, but what about if there is a category/competition where people have to cheat and make it look as convincing as possible as well as detail how they did it. This can be quite entertaining seeing people try to pass off their runs as legitimate as well as serve the purpose of showing the various ways that people can cheat.
@UltimateSpinDash Anos atrás
Tbh what really gets me about this particular cheating skandal is that MinecrAvenger not only tarnished his own reputation, but also that of his brother just due to their association.
@NomDatBass Anos atrás
Sucks that people are so damn prone to the guilt by association fallacy.
@gressorialNanites Anos atrás
Not in anyone's eyes whose opinions are worth a damn.
@HoutarouOrekiOsu Anos atrás
That's just the average person being stupid.
@BoglimChronicles Anos atrás
@PointsofData Anos atrás
@@NomDatBass it's reasonable to question if someone whose very close to a cheater, and is speedrunning the same game as a cheater, might be using the same tricks/tools the cheater did. Or even if they just knew anything but kept quiet. MineCravenger didn't come forward about anything until people got hard evidence against him. So if NiceTwice isn't thoroughly investigated and cleared, he could also just...not be coming forward and hoping his own cheating goes under the radar. Do I think he did cheat? No, but again it's a reasonable question to ask and one that's going to stick around unless he gets officially cleared.
@Vincentoist Anos atrás
The ftl soundtrack makes the intro really chill
@TheTenCentStory Anos atrás
I don't know much about Minecraft yet love watching Karl's videos. I suspect many Minecraft speedrunners are going to be caught cheating.
@jakefingerrr Anos atrás
I forgot your name but I found it by searching "hello you absolute legends" XD
@az-kalaak6215 9 meses atrás
even with a custom launcher / game for speedrunners, depending on how it initialize its rng (it has do use a specific function of the operating system, you just have to know which one) you can spoof it and I'm pretty sure you could still manupulate rng
@lmSheep Anos atrás
Omg this is the perfect time for the spider man meme of two spidermans pointing at each other
@paulsullivan649 Anos atrás
Honestly, these videos get me so interested in TAS runs personally. Would love a category that intentionally blurs the line in this manner. Like being required to list out your changes, but let not exactly where they happen while allowing the community to try and pinpoint exact locations where the tool assists come in. lol
@CainXVII Anos atrás
I would watch a cheat%
@5peciesunkn0wn Anos atrás
Cheat% does sound like a fun thing to watch. I would be very curious at how quickly a Cheat% All Achievements Run goes.
I'd love to see different types of cheaters use different techniques to climb the ladder or show crazy game breaking runs, TAS or not!
@SaishuuKessen Anos atrás
Watching these videos always amazes me at the actual... Hrmmm.. care lets say of cheating in video games in everything but fighting games. Its amazing to me to see videos/channels like this dedicated to showing off people who have been shady, where as the fighting community is the opposite and in general has embraced cheating and anything to win any kinda coping mechanism to the point of taking away almost any skill whatsoever it seems from playing with the way things are going. I guess you might say well fighting games there are people vs each other, but really look at the single player aspect of fighting games, the tech videos, the combo videos, aspect of it, and people now a days have no shame asking for clout for combo videos, while.. splicing their videos, macroing any and everything. Its really a pretty crazy contrast.
@Buy3Get2 Anos atrás
its so sad that speedrunners need to use a whole different client just to be verified because of those cheaters
i love seeing cheaters get their coffin's nails being hammered painfully slowly
@keatonkuuuun 6 meses atrás
I'm surprised Minecraft even has speedrunning with how RNG based the game seems to be for faster runs. Someone gets that miracle .0001% crazy lucky run and at this pojnt I don't think people would believe it was legit.
@DeadRobit29 Anos atrás
Well, now I'm going down a rabbit hole on this guys channel.
@Zinras Anos atrás
Can't say I'm surprised because MC has always been a top contender for speedruns that are easy to cheat. It's ridiculously easy to mod, it's so stupidly complex that even marginally changing something can make WR runs exponentially easier (but still take time to get) and the scene is still pretty new and inexperienced compared to others. IMO, the moderation team should take a page out of real world sports and even government agencies: If someone's figured out how to smash the system, hire them and have them show you everything. Sort of like how there are completely above-the-board hacker conventions and security conventions where burglary specialists give talks and demonstrate tools.
@Imaproshaman7 Anos atrás
That's makes a lot of sense. Good point, I agree.
the moderators on the leaderboards are unpaid volunteers, how and why should they pay cheaters?
@Zinras Anos atrás
@@giulioceresini1435 They could just, you know, ask them for help. And the why is quite literally in the post, dunno how you missed it.
@iimuffinsaur Anos atrás
True, plus he figured our dream was cheating
@hiramesensei3112 Anos atrás
Seems like the only way to make sure is to somehow have something like Doom's demo files for every game and not accept video evidence, but even that requires expert analysis sometimes.
@EagleDarkX Anos atrás
Idea: Penn & Teller's Fool Us, but it's minecraft speedrunners trying to hide their new and unique cheats from the moderators.
@hndldsntz 5 meses atrás
Honestly i don't even think a game with this much of a "luck factor" is fit for speedrunning, or any kind of competition.
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