Minecraft's Best Players Simulate Civilization

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Minecraft's Best Players have 2 weeks to build the most insane and successful civilization they possibly can, and at the end they fight to see who wins the glory.


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Credits to Sloimay for helping set up this video :) -

Credit to all the amazing people featured in this video for making this possible :)

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19 Mai 2022



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Comentários 9 969
So happy to release this video, HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT!!
Green was smart af, booby traps, guerrilla warfare, huge bunker, advanced bombers (albeit without the bombs), immortality machines. Big ups to them
jxalexan 56
Damn the fact that everyone on here is actually good at the game makes this really interesting, great job would love to see more!
slender gavan
Other teams:
Jo Bassett
Jo Bassett 28 dias atrás
I have watched a lot of Minecraft videos through the years, to the point that I rarely see anything new. My word, this was awesome . Plenty of new trap ideas. Great work. Thanks for putting this together and congrats to all the players who participated.
the "immortality machine" its called item shadowing you can find videos on it to understand more about what im going to say. basically with that machine they copied the item in a way where anything that happens to any copy happens to the other copy. if its broken or used up, the other item does aswell. they put totems in a chest linked to the totems in their hands. when the totem gets used on the player the totem also disappears in the chest. they can detect the empty chest and activate the ender pearl stasis chambers. hopefully that helped!
Daniel G
Daniel G 21 dia atrás
This is the best factions game I've ever seen. Every single civ was extraordinarily creative, but Green was next-level
Finally, not some BRvidr putting random people in a server and calling it a civilization, this was actually really enjoyable. The building, grinding, fighting, clutching, escaping, all of it was just 10/10. Favorite part was definitely either Pi building that grey-stained glass bridge or the teams utilizing ghast fireballs as weapons.
Even without any tnt weaponry, green already win. Just imagine what if their tnt bombers actually work.
A-10 Warthog
The bombers in the air dropping bombs while the flak(fireballs) attempt to shoot them down was so surreal and really did seem like WWII
Yos Sebastian
Yos Sebastian 7 horas atrás
Damn that immortality machine just took it to whole new level
Matt Evans
Green messed up with their TNT dupers, but they adapted quickly. I think that's far more important than any 1 strategy.
Insane quality!!!! Love it
Robert Wheeler
Definitely the most entertaining, especially because of the time they had and the skill of each player. (spoiler) I wasn't expecting green team to win, Usually the team that spends time on aesthetics loses immediately.
juan gary
as an engineer myself, i dont think ill ever be able to make such good things
Erious Builds
Erious Builds 13 horas atrás
This was insane! All these guys are beyond good, and it was great seeing what they could do working together. Loved the video
Franky was insane bro just escaped a inescapable trap survived 1v7 for some time bro this guy never dies he awakened his inner technoblade
Eld 21 dia atrás
This is the best civilization simulation I've ever seen, I'd love to see more!
This event was insane, thanks for having me on again sip :D combining redstoners, builders and PvPers together in 1 big event was so much fun
Polarbear 2 horas atrás
Wow, i played this game when it first came out this is just absolutely mind blowing. What they put together here was incredible thankyou for the video!
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