Minecraft | Rollercoaster Build Hacks! 

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Minecraft Rollercoaster Builds by Wikicraft
0:00 Start Station
0:54 Slow Rise
1:46 Steep Fall
2:20 Hyperspeed Tunnel
2:50 Lava Jump
3:30 Bubble Elevator
4:38 Log Ride
5:26 Water Glide
6:22 Underwater Tracks
7:21 End Station
8:00 Test Ride
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8 Dez 2023



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@WikicraftYT Anos atrás
Consider subscribing! 😊
I did subscribe because of the good content
If u put powdered snow on place of the water, u can make boost bubbles without the water. 1 build a water elevator 2 just place a bucket of powdered snow on every water block 3 If the powdered snow block disappears u have done alright Idk if it works on jawa too. Just try it out. Would be nice to hear/ read of u:
Can this work in bedrock as well?
@fayefei9537 Anos atrás
Just telling you, signs can be ugly for holding back the water, so it’s prettier to use glow lichen, and it also holds back the water the same as signs do. Anyways, thanks for this helpful video!
It is ugly for signs to hold back the water
@CUBErt761 Anos atrás
structure voids work
@agooddoctorfan651 11 meses atrás
@ManDooMiN Anos atrás
It looks so exciting! thanks for this video :D
Wait it's you,I love your videos
@sophietam5339 Anos atrás
Omg it is real mandoomin
@hyperblaze4565 Anos atrás
군대에서 잘 지내나요?
@mathellico1465 Anos atrás
@ManDooMiN Nice
@YoshiIslandTales Anos atrás
how does it look exciting??
@Ishan.khanna Anos atrás
Compact yet elegant Nothing else comes close to such builds imo
@NikolaiFi Anos atrás
yeah thats why i subbed
@ggg19595 11 meses atrás
Incredible! This can be perfect for my hardcore world!
@atzin2318 8 meses atrás
HII hecker love your friend belugas vids ❤❤❤
@666lampie Anos atrás
Thank you for the tutorial i learned some new tricks :).. on top of a bubblevator you can place scaffolding if you are in a minecart it will go trough the scaffolding putting you and the minecart on top of the scaffolding.
@petdonopete.4332 Anos atrás
on another level. that was some great building bits for rollercoasters. and the editing was great, the text animations really fit. great video!
@paulogustavo4661 Anos atrás
@@hasmalizajohari1914 oi
@paulogustavo4661 Anos atrás
@@hasmalizajohari1914 oi
@alvinu4181 Anos atrás
To place water in the nether, use a command block, make sure the command block is impulse. Add a button or lever on the command block. Type /setblock ~ ~ ~ flowing_water to place water, but the water will flow.
@harshaggarwal5535 6 meses atrás
Thanks ❤❤
never fails to make the best content. He is always so consistent. One of the best youtubers out there
@mbcommandnerd Anos atrás
Just wanted to mention one thing here: there’s one trick in this video that will not work on Java Edition, and that’s the Water Glide section. Unfortunately, minecarts don’t act the same way with bubble columns in Java, so the cart will end up stopping in the middle rather than smoothly gliding to the end. Also, your mileage may vary when it comes to the cart launchers for the same reason. Everything else, though (including the hyper-speed glitch, surprisingly), will work perfectly fine. Hopefully Mojang will port the Bedrock bubble column behavior over to Java eventually, as if they do, then the aforementioned tricks will work perfectly in Java as well.
@artikushwaha7747 Anos atrás
But I cannot make the hyper-speed glitch because the rails are keep reattaching themselves.
@froggprincess7368 Anos atrás
I've been scratching y head over this for a little bit, thank you for commenting!
can you also place levers underwater? i always thought they couldnt
@mbcommandnerd Anos atrás
@@rinus_de_pinus6502 On Bedrock, that might actually be possible, if I remember correctly. You can place rails underwater in both editions of Minecraft, but Bedrock has more blocks in total that can be waterlogged.
@mbcommandnerd Anos atrás
@@froggprincess7368 You’re welcome!
@Equestrian_editz Anos atrás
For the part where you jump over lava you can also put campfires around the lava to give it an extra Touch
I mostly use wooden fences to make wooden coasters. And ngl, it’s hard but the after effect of it looks awesome and somewhat realistic
@ytgabriel4179 Anos atrás
I was trying to make some red stone where the powered rails move the cart slower in order to make a dark ride. If there would be a tutorial for it, thank you.
Wow thank you for making this awesome rollercoaster! :D I will use it in my builds
@Murderer_EXE Anos atrás
Я тоже
@RyanIsHere101 Anos atrás
I am working on making a theme park in Minecraft! Thanks for these awesome and helpful designs
@ayushmohture444 Anos atrás
''One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audii, and his team, and hi is always polite in all of his videos we congratulate ourselves on this achievement it's make Different From Other BRvidr's.. More to come and everything to come. ❤❤❤❤
@FMasterMCPEG 7 meses atrás
How about other elements such as Non inverting: - Bank Turns - Overbank Turns - Off Axis Hills - Trick-Track - Airtime Hill - Curved Drop - S-Hill - Helix and Bayerncurve - G-Clef/Treble Clef Element Inverting: - Vertical Clothoid Loop - Corkscrew - Batwing (Boomerang) - Cobra Roll (Batwing) - Sea Serpet Roll - Zero G Roll - Dive Loop/Immelmann - Reverse/Side Winder - Heartline Roll - Zero G Stall - Double Inverting Corner Stall and etc.
@chezburger1781 5 meses atrás
most are impossible in minecraft without complex mods
@shinoa_hiiragi_ Anos atrás
Man, that was Beautiful! This is some Quality content. ❤️
@Bobicanal2137 Anos atrás
@user-hc2lo7ob7b Anos atrás
@lblancov2004 Anos atrás
Great build, keep up!
@charlottep315 Anos atrás
Great video! I would love for more roller coaster ideas that involves slime blocks too!
@commanderb7291 Anos atrás
The hyperspeed railway does not allow me to place the rails as you do, not even with the Debug Stick, nor does the Soul Sand stream send me anywhere near as far when leaving the rail, less than 5 or 6 blocks. I'm assuming it is because you are on Bedrock, where things are a bit different from Java.
@BillGatesReal Anos atrás
For the underwater part, you can just put glass around the track if it is a longer ride.
@dilekaksu4219 Anos atrás
or r using java
@OnionTheSquid Anos atrás
@@dilekaksu4219 you can put underwater rails after 1.17 on java
Or place a spot of structure void so that you can breathe
@OnionTheSquid Anos atrás
or place glass where the player's head would be until the underwater ride ends
@taleng1863 Anos atrás
These are all good examples
@cc_the_dragon Anos atrás
Utilizing new Minecraft tech with an old school OG Minecraft vibe.... I love it
@_jenkar_ Anos atrás
Really good tricks, I'll use it in my builds, thank you!
@nolanlerch3927 Anos atrás
I've been having the absolute hardest time trying to build the hyper train. When I try to connect it then break the track so it turns it always connects to the last curve.
@nora-kk2zj Anos atrás
hi! just wanted to let you know the hiperspeed only works in a certain direction, i had to figure that out the hard way!
@Oakenbird Anos atrás
@@nora-kk2zj Yep, it has to face east.
@schemeloc211 Anos atrás
@@Oakenbird south also works
@jordygamer3676 Anos atrás
thank you for helping us build roller coasters! :D really hope you can make other videos similar to this!
@the_eeg Anos atrás
These are really cool builds! Keep the content up!
@octopuszombie8744 Anos atrás
3:09 How did you make the minecart jump so far? I did exactly as the video said and it only jumped half a block away (technically 3.5 blocks) from the water, mostly it went in the vertical direction.
@EmptyMouse Anos atrás
I'm having this issue too, maybe it's something they changed in 1.19.2? I'm not sure what version this was made on, but that's what I'm playing on
@ponyta9 Anos atrás
That was one awesome roller coaster I’d have to say, very very cool.
@chiseledpete7717 Anos atrás
This vid just got you a new sub. I’ll be SURE to use some of your build tips in the future. Keep up the good work man!
@RyanIsHere101 Anos atrás
I also subbed! You deserve way more subs than you have! Keep up the great work! 😊😊😊
@Hate.all.these.__ 6 meses atrás
Rising part, you can use any type of Redstone clock that’s which is a Redstone on and off quickly so you don’t have to do the observer I would guess
@user-eb1bl5ez3r Anos atrás
Best tutorial for a roller coaster I have ever seen! Great job!
@ValeriuVV Anos atrás
@@princekely7308 you dont like to be yourself?!?
@icywolfzz5615 Anos atrás
I liked how on some words it’s animated to look like the thing itself for example the slow rise slowly rised
@atzin2318 8 meses atrás
Thx for the info I created a roller coaster with everything that you explained and it turned out great cannot thank u enough ❤❤❤
for “train station” build in this video, you need a mod called “linkable minecarts” to be called as “trains”
@MeiKongAyC. Anos atrás
My one was not in a wooden theme. It was diamond theme. I named it Diamond Line. I have placed signs pointing to the rollercoaster and the Diamond Line and even added a waiting line. Just take 1 piece of diamond and put it in the chest. You will have VIP and Premium
@tobyc7430 Anos atrás
I'm going to build this in my best world thank you for this ride it looks amazing I have been looking for a good ride so cool can't wait to build it
@anthonygaming08 10 meses atrás
One who knows Minecraft very well gets to master the hacks 👍🏻 good video
@user-jb3pl5bd7x Anos atrás
So realistic rollercoaster! Good job and so EXCELLENT!!!
@sapphireso2526 Anos atrás
The best tutorial I’ve ever seen 🔥
@jak5878 6 meses atrás
I have a problem for the hyper speed hallway part the rails are pretty hard to place when the keep connecting (I play on mobile btw)
you could use a conduit so that the under water sections can be significantly longer
@kylecrow9152 Anos atrás
In the tunnel you can use skulk blocks to make it feel like you are going through space
@reuniteireland Anos atrás
Great build. I have been wanting to make a roller coaster for a while. This has a lot of great ideas and things I didn't know
@melissabenites6867 11 dias atrás
Loved it! What type of block did you use first on the minecart station?
@DarkKing-rt8nz Anos atrás
everything you build is soo amazing
@robynsmom0907 4 meses atrás
For the hyperspeed tunnel, every time I put down the connecting block, it keeps connecting to the previous single track. Any tips on preventing this from happening? I'm putting them down in the same exact order as the video
@JustHannah01 3 meses atrás
Same with me. R u on bedrock? Bc I'm thinking it might only work in java maybe
@robynsmom0907 3 meses atrás
@@JustHannah01 nope, I'm on Java! Though I'm wondering if it's a directional thing. I tried it in another area of the world and it worked just like this. I want to play with it again on the same world and test out N, W, S, and E and see what happens
@JustHannah01 3 meses atrás
@@robynsmom0907 oh thx I'll try that
@SENewman Anos atrás
How did you get the powered rails to go slowly?
@DarkCoder15 11 meses atrás
Using Java and TrainCarts plugin you can even make upside down rails
@CheeseSpice181 Anos atrás
I Would Use This For A Theme Park That I Will Be Doing! This Video Is A Big Help For People Having Trouble To Make A Rollercoaster Amazing! This Is Why I Love Build Hacks In MC.
@alvinu4181 Anos atrás
I have some new tricks. If your riding a minecart in a deep ocean while you place short strip of soul sand, the minecart won't get out of the ocean.
@SpeediBoi 11 meses atrás
Hey, @Wikicraft What is the length of the water hole after the bubble water elevator?
This really helped, thank you!
@nichetechhd Anos atrás
I love your content. Thanks for the awesome video😃
@code_pupity Anos atrás
Really cool, but a big no-no for the lava part. I added soul sand + water and I didn't go high as expected.
Goes around 5-10block in java and idk about bed rock
@vitjaros2334 Anos atrás
Java And bedrock Are different
@code_pupity Anos atrás
But I use java...
Verson might be diffrent
@squiddudis7706 Anos atrás
This was a great showcase! Also like the new subtitle effects!
@tylertomasik1461 9 meses atrás
such a great video. only problem im having is with the bubble elevator. it sucks the minecart right under instead of going up. any clue on what im doing wrong?
@jigglypuff_gamer5472 9 meses atrás
Did you ever figure this out?
@tylertomasik1461 9 meses atrás
@@jigglypuff_gamer5472 I had to step it up two blocks before the soul sand, fill in the block after the sand and add packed ice before the soul sand. So the cart would slide into the water elevator.
@jigglypuff_gamer5472 9 meses atrás
Alright, thanks bro.
@goodgrief5730 5 meses atrás
I'm having the same issue..
@mlandes2008 2 meses atrás
On bedrock solved this: lower the sand stone one block down and fill the back with wood . The card won't go through to the side. Set a sign on ground zero. You are coming in with speed so you will be pushed into the water pillar. I didn't step up or use ice.
@mkal7852 Anos atrás
I watch these for the sake of minecrafters creativity, i dont even play minecraft anymore but i always found these videos cool.
I love hoe the first part made the minecart go SUPER FAST!
@Argos713 2 meses atrás
Q: Does the minecart spawner only work on Bedrock?
@Tim82shen 11 meses atrás
How do you do it with the hyper tunnel?
@nightmare5623 Anos atrás
Love your videos. Keep up the great work!!👍👍
@MultiCibe Anos atrás
This roller coaster is amazing. Probably the best roller coaster ride ever… Thx Wikicraft for having the idea and the building. We all should appreciate Wikicraft making this
Wikicraft: lets make it wooded themed! Also Wikicraft: Makes a rainbow hyperspeed tunnel
@praveennr5977 Anos atrás
@alvinu4181 9 meses atrás
Curved minecart rails are significantly faster than straight rails.
@kingpenguin8915 Anos atrás
OMG! This is so magical! 👏
@rainbowspiral2795 Anos atrás
what program do you use for editing, your edits look great!
i'm having problems getting a consistent distance using the soulsand bubble columns. sometimes it doesn't even leap. :c am playing on bedrock 1.19 if it helps
@Sara-vk1nb Anos atrás
tried the water bit after the log ride, the bubble elevator makes my cart bounce and then stay in one place, i cant get it to do the same thing no matter how hard i try, dunno if its because im on normal java edition or something else entirely
@nikhilchaudhary7706 7 meses atrás
I am on bedrock version, followed you exactly but the stone doesn't spawn cart, what do i do? 0:16
This man is incredible I'm subbing you have won another subscriber
@ElectricalRouter 9 meses atrás
The end results was nice!
@harryplunder6670 Anos atrás
Love this one so much!
@tharsin8805 Anos atrás
This is brilliant idea of a rollercoaster
@nelsonvillamora Anos atrás
This hacks are so cool!! WOW!!I love it!!!
@vbarretto8131 Anos atrás
I don’t know how he does the hyper speed thing. I’ve tried doing that but the game just kept connecting the rails. Anyway, this video is quality content. Keep up the good work.
@ant2902 Anos atrás
Are you playing on java?
@CeeDo6 Anos atrás
I have the game on the Xbox one and it does the exact same thing you described. It was ticking me off so I gave up on it.
@saltyredfish Anos atrás
You need to face a certain direction
@saltyredfish Anos atrás
Pretty sure only works for north and south
@Tsurak Anos atrás
Yes it is true you have to try it facing different directions because only one way works!
@yandythesmart9524 Anos atrás
How do i make the chainlift work?
Fun fact: On bedrock, the water bubble road makes the mine art bounce!
@musilovesbooks Anos atrás
but... this was recorded in Bedrock Edition...
@@musilovesbooks yea
@Aixllez Anos atrás
@@musilovesbooks 4:35 It's says enter space to exit the cart.
@musilovesbooks Anos atrás
@@Aixllez Bedrock is on PC too??
@Aixllez Anos atrás
@@musilovesbooks No, what I'm saying is that it is recorded on Java edition
@1234yoga Anos atrás
Just wonderful!
@anthoonnokia3411 Anos atrás
Its amazing how you do, thank you
@plqyer6 4 meses atrás
The lava jump did not work for me. Could you explain why? Also, is this in Java of bedrock?
@legendSpidey Anos atrás
These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift everyone' spirits ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@Haveyourfiveaday 3 meses atrás
The speed hack didn't work as the rails don't stay turned Also the cart only jumps 2 blocks Anyone know why?
@morganisapro4 Anos atrás
Ah yes, putting lava in a wooden themed roller coaster *Common sense at it's finest*
in this build, this needs mod called “furnace minecart”, to add furnace minecart back, which is used as “engine” for roller coasters
@katymackerness6243 9 meses atrás
My minecart won’t come back once it’s in the dropper
@katymackerness6243 9 meses atrás
@jaudyparcon8591 Anos atrás
The thing I like is that he makes this possible even with bedrock players
@jaudyparcon8591 Anos atrás
There are just a few grammar problems
For the fast tunnel but that rail truck doesn’t work, it just joins up with the previous rail
@benitomarquez3274 Anos atrás
That was actually so cool and creative
@grunoah Anos atrás
Great video ! I dont know why but this glitch in the hyperspeed tunnel dont work for me..
@dblum Anos atrás
8:02- you say “spruce up the area” but you use oak
@brianjones2152 Anos atrás
@davidco8628 10 meses atrás
Rainbow 🌈 🏳️‍🌈
@praponoowanit2704 Anos atrás
Thanks for the build.
@ZerotheBlade Anos atrás
Might have to try making one myself to see if magma blocks can be used is some areas or not.
I placed the observers the same way as you did and put the top one but it doesn't blink
@electro7086 Anos atrás
this build is super!
@bobbysalazar2079 Anos atrás
That is way better than I expected
@sagigaming Anos atrás
your videos allways have useful tricks ive never seen anywhere else thank you!
@lucky5th2 Anos atrás
Can we get a parts list for this?
@garnetember8569 Anos atrás
I’m making an amusement park for school in Minecraft, thanks for the ideas
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