Minecraft Manhunt in the NEW 1.17 Cave Update...

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Minecraft Manhunt in the NEW 1.17 Cave Update... (Speedrunner VS Hunter Challenge)

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Disclaimer: We merged multiple worlds together to make this possible since the new cave biomes don't generate naturally together yet, and it resulted in advancements being really buggy like not registering that I had an iron pick till it was in my hotbar/not announcing me finding the fortress - which was kinda an advantage for me lol.

This is a Minecraft (1.17) Manhunt Challenge in which I try to speedrun the game, but my friends are trying to hunt me down and stop me. The twist is that we played in the new Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves! This was originally created by @Dream .

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15 Mar 2021



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Jagjeet Singh
Jagjeet Singh 42 minutos atrás
Osk_yvng 702
Osk_yvng 702 2 horas atrás
this is so fake
Gaming industry
Gaming industry 5 horas atrás
Yesss we need to see this
Phúc Lê
Phúc Lê 6 horas atrás
“I’m not gonna get hit bcuz I’m the best” -silver-
Williams Channel
Williams Channel 7 horas atrás
Below comments for me there are no videos huh hmmm
PRONHIX 8 horas atrás
I never Find this cafe in MC version 1.17 Its hard
cute kat
cute kat 8 horas atrás
I just got it today I think? 🤔
lacey lactose
lacey lactose 9 horas atrás
i found ur twitch before i found ur yt. i didn’t know you even had one😭
Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland 13 horas atrás
20:46 silver was 200 iq right there
Shayyy 15 horas atrás
Uhhh- He broke the glass at 1:43 and got the chest- But how did he know there was a chest? I watched it a few times and you can’t see the chest. Sorry for being skeptical haha.
Mary grace Panganiban
I wish you guy's will play 2 speedrunner and 5 hunters
GOD_OF_ BG Dia atrás
I think you all most dream plat omg cloutchs
Fire Ant
Fire Ant Dia atrás
When u realize this is a second account that speed silver made
Amy Milne
Amy Milne Dia atrás
Silver is Dreams son
Ananya Shenoy
Ananya Shenoy Dia atrás
My rule of liking videos is that the moment they make me laugh they get an instant like from me =)
SweetBerryLynx Dia atrás
cobwebs lmao
PewdiePi e
PewdiePi e Dia atrás
Hacks or luck what is it?
Scary Blobfish
Scary Blobfish Dia atrás
At 3:20 you could have used your Golden Hoe or Gold Shovel to attack them instead of your fist
LoLo Lorenzo Games
this is not 1.17 this is 1.18
Usman plays
Usman plays Dia atrás
u can grow lily pad plant up by bone meal u can stant on it
roy pey
roy pey 2 dias atrás
U sound like tommyinit
Thrace1200 2 dias atrás
Silver you are a cat who is scared of an iron sword
2 dias atrás
Please make more series on caves and cliffs update 1.17
Erich Wolfe
Erich Wolfe 2 dias atrás
The next dream sub to this mans
Born to play games
Born to play games 2 dias atrás
Hey can you pls put the plugin of the video if it has a mob put inbthe discepchen
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 2 dias atrás
7:36 the subtitles said “destroyed” and not “dude” :/
It’s Luna
It’s Luna 2 dias atrás
Just subbed
korean digital doorknob supplier
ur freand bully u poor u ur good tho
Stehibia 2 dias atrás
whats is the snapshot?
Rasmus Østergaard
Rasmus Østergaard 2 dias atrás
My Friend told me to sub so i watched this video and subbed and now i watch All silver's vids
Austin Rides
Austin Rides 2 dias atrás
ellynorsuria zainudin
ellynorsuria zainudin 2 dias atrás
phfftt dream better than him
Jungleali 0812
Jungleali 0812 2 dias atrás
The son of dream is born…
Mountain Goats
Mountain Goats 2 dias atrás
Go back to skyblock
Triple K (The Gaming Legend Z)
his break and place skill is sooo pro
Nay Zin Oo
Nay Zin Oo 3 dias atrás
My guys u smart asf
Paxton Moore
Paxton Moore 3 dias atrás
im a no i got the UPDATE im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hyper
Amogh Kulkarni
Amogh Kulkarni 3 dias atrás
Silver: Jago come here captions: Jiggle come here
Aiden Coulter
Aiden Coulter 3 dias atrás
Ferns XD
Ferns XD 3 dias atrás
jagster be like >:(
GriffinsGaming 3 dias atrás
@dream where you at with these manhunts
Alejandro Alvarado
Alejandro Alvarado 3 dias atrás
Try beat dream if you beat dream i will subscribe
Sol In
Sol In 3 dias atrás
Silver: Dude Subtitles: destroyed At 7:37
Jaden Autry
Jaden Autry 4 dias atrás
I love watching Minecraft and this guy is really cool He does the best videos 😊😊😊😄😄😄😁😁😁
JoeIrfanOffical 4 dias atrás
POV:Dripstone and lush caves combine
AmruMikael 4 dias atrás
Ömer Kaan Moral
Ömer Kaan Moral 4 dias atrás
ummm why there is no p brutes?
:3asd cat
:3asd cat 4 dias atrás
oH mY gOsH dUdE lEtSgOe
2D 4 dias atrás
he could just use the shovel for extra damage in the start
FREEZ_Vrtx 4 dias atrás
That nether portal play was lit
JOVIEN plays
JOVIEN plays 4 dias atrás
Your voice is cute dude
Airu Kineshi
Airu Kineshi 5 dias atrás
dream will be proud of you 😇
gama 5 dias atrás
that cave was POGGERS
Lorrex Hyman
Lorrex Hyman 5 dias atrás
I love when he went like aaaa then one of his friends dropped the pickaxe
hey I'm an actual idiot
10:06 I thought that was bedrock in the top right of his inventory for a second
Norah Richardson
Norah Richardson 5 dias atrás
I’m so happy he took the saddle no one ever does that
Distraction don
Distraction don 5 dias atrás
Can someone tell me how to get these caves like his
HarSan Playz
HarSan Playz 5 dias atrás
The MLG 5 dias atrás
silver needs 10 hunters
Akphal kitchen is Gluten free
bro dream vs silver in manhunt
HUGO KRONBLAD 6 dias atrás
This rum can be fake because you found the fortress without getting a avhivement witch is kinda sus because it leads to that you have seen the fortress befour and you prepaired this rum but otherwise it was a good vidio except for that your just a little sus about every find you have because you had the perfect start With a nether portal and village witch is a little sus because without that you would of died and that senario haspens in Almost Everyone of your vids
daydream 6 dias atrás
7:36 why does it say destroyed instead of dude
esti wahyu
esti wahyu 6 dias atrás
Rico Hapin
Rico Hapin 6 dias atrás
please make a vid to teach me how to create acc on minecraft
Rico Hapin
Rico Hapin 6 dias atrás
i love your vids !!!
Daniella Bermisa
Daniella Bermisa 6 dias atrás
27:39 oml lol
Highper 12
Highper 12 6 dias atrás
@dream this your son?
Tek Kişilik Gösteri
Tek Kişilik Gösteri 6 dias atrás
OMG your sound is amazing i am crazy about it
Dream✓ 6 dias atrás
DS TIGER 6 dias atrás
Not Ry-guy
Not Ry-guy 7 dias atrás
Cobweb Silver
AJ Donato
AJ Donato 7 dias atrás
rip bedrock edition
Quantum Cow
Quantum Cow 7 dias atrás
it came out today
Brandon Grandfield
Brandon Grandfield 7 dias atrás
The caves and cliffs update is soooooooooo amazing
Grèta Sipos
Grèta Sipos 7 dias atrás
Isaac Ng
Isaac Ng 7 dias atrás
A Rambo
A Rambo 7 dias atrás
Do you know how long until the Actual update comes out? Please respond silver
A Rambo
A Rambo 7 dias atrás
Or is it already out?
Wolfie StudioYT
Wolfie StudioYT 7 dias atrás
I just killed a enderman with a shovel LOL
For Other purposes
For Other purposes 7 dias atrás
14:22 the blaze be roaming the fortress tho
so glad u can make it to about 1 milion
etothengxd 8 dias atrás
The electric ox electrophoretically prevent because brazil decisively retire out a previous nation. cultured, wonderful chocolate
CJgameplay 1234pro
CJgameplay 1234pro 8 dias atrás
Minecraft won’t let me get the caves and cliffs update
Hiroyoshi Jansen
Hiroyoshi Jansen 8 dias atrás
omg hi wisppppppppp
TheCraftiest08 8 dias atrás
10:55 I smell a strider clutch Edit: I have been disappointed
Dream 8 dias atrás
You here me :]
Taliya Eslam
Taliya Eslam 8 dias atrás
POG th caves are like insanely different BUT OMG IM SOO CLOSE TO THE 1.17 CAVE AND CILFS UPDATE
Maciek Baranowski
Maciek Baranowski 8 dias atrás
I Love this "Oke"
XxShadowIsMexX 8 dias atrás
9:05 jagster dropped his pickaxe
XxShadowIsMexX 8 dias atrás
4:51 gimme that bread
Jama_lama 8 dias atrás
This is just a wanna be dream 😴
NotGalactek 9 dias atrás
Yukitha Sandika
Yukitha Sandika 9 dias atrás
Sorry I'm in the 900Kand 1 mil club
EndShade47 9 dias atrás
Wisp:Go sneak attack plan His friend: Try chase him Wisp:go down to his friend side and 'BOO'.
RACAILLOU9 9 dias atrás
Your voice is very strange
ABC 5678
ABC 5678 9 dias atrás
Silver: Put cobweb on hunters Hunters: Put lava on themselves
ItsMeH_Cookie 9 dias atrás
For now on i will count silver as 2nd best YTber and speedrunner coz dream is first lol dont judge hehe BUT SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE TO SILVER
Mohammad Ali Asghar
Mohammad Ali Asghar 10 dias atrás
bro he does thing sometimes dream misses
Evelyn Barkley
Evelyn Barkley 10 dias atrás
more ads than a cable tv
Narus Ketaw
Narus Ketaw 10 dias atrás
Hi scott
Mxecma_ Cuna
Mxecma_ Cuna 10 dias atrás
This is like silver is hunter and jugster and suep is speedruners but not too good
RyuYutaku 10 dias atrás
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