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28 Nov 2021



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IvenYT Mês atrás wtf
Keoni Holt
Keoni Holt Mês atrás
BRO ITS A RUINED PORTAL.wasting time😠😡😠😡
amogus Mês atrás
Wtf yo mommy
Nursyasya Izzati
Nursyasya Izzati Mês atrás
Racxel Jake F Panganiban
Stop literally stop
nerf Mês atrás
Stop promoting
~JELLY tea~
~JELLY tea~ Mês atrás
* him being very surprised by finding a ruined portal * His diamond armor: Am I a joke to you?
~JELLY tea~
~JELLY tea~ Mês atrás
@jason slot congrats lol😂
jason slot
jason slot Mês atrás
bro this was one of the best comments i'vs seen so far😂😂😂✋👌
~JELLY tea~
~JELLY tea~ Mês atrás
@Abraham Mangesho Grey part on ruined portal is litterly stone
ELKHANBOy Mês atrás
On the level 0
Abraham Mangesho
Abraham Mangesho Mês atrás
Look at the grey part? Thats the rare part.
ZaneWolfware Mês atrás
How tf is this rare? I've seen ruined portals like this on random worlds 88% of the time. like bruh, I'll be surprised if you somehow able to find a Skeleton horse in day 1 of Minecraft
craft gaming
craft gaming Mês atrás
I founded in my first day
adamboi Mês atrás
Seen it i think it was four and a skeleton with iron helmets
XScharkusX Mês atrás
@AUs Sans its not rare but rare is with full golden or diamond and with a random sword
AUs Sans
AUs Sans Mês atrás
I find a zombie with golden hat
Thtonesquidd Mês atrás
It has a stronghold in it
Xzznnn Mês atrás
That's a 10^-10 (or 10 trillion) chance (supposedly) The actual spawn rate for a ruined portal is like 1/500 per chunk, cmon, you can do better Just so that you know The milky way ha 100 billion stars 10^10 is 100 times larger than 100 billion The 10^10 change is roughly 50% less Lilley to happen than Dream's 1/7.5 trillion chance of his (he even admitted to cheating) speedruns being legit >Lightning is one of the leading causes of weather-related fatalities. But the odds of being struck by lightning in a given year are only around 1 in 500,000. However, some factors can put you at greater risk for being struck. 1/500.000 500.000 = 5 x 10^5 (easier to write) SO JUST THAT YOU KNOW; You're way, WAY more likely to be struck by lightning, several times in a row, while winning the lottery (maybe even at the same time) than the supposedly 1/ 10^10 chance of this happening TL;DR Its not as unlikely as you think, it's actually rather likely
Bad_Gamer127 Mês atrás
Bro its literally just a ruined portal.
ScalyTopaz Mês atrás
@Bad_Gamer127 Kk man
Bad_Gamer127 Mês atrás
@ScalyTopaz but to everyone else its annoying and cringe
ScalyTopaz Mês atrás
@Bad_Gamer127 its actually funny to me
Bad_Gamer127 Mês atrás
@Abraham Mangesho no its just stairs. Every ruined portal has that
Bad_Gamer127 Mês atrás
@ScalyTopaz bro we all know its a joke. Its just annoying as hell
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse Mês atrás
Damn There Goes My 5 week streak without hearing this sound
JellyOne Mês atrás
@zombiefood2008 YT i had a 1 year streak
Novia Trihapsari
Novia Trihapsari Mês atrás
There goas 3 day
Angel Canton
Angel Canton Mês atrás
I can’t even get a streak cuz they keep on making normal stuff rare
Brykuhr Mês atrás
Me too bro
bigChUnggUs69 Mês atrás
This guy : * finds grass * miNecRaft raRest mOmenTs 0.00000000000000000000069%
Randomstuff Mês atrás
"probably 0.00000001%"
Angel Canton
Angel Canton Mês atrás
high phantomz
high phantomz Mês atrás
@Abraham Mangesho oh you mean the stairs that were always with the prtal
Abraham Mangesho
Abraham Mangesho Mês atrás
Look at the grey part? Thats the rare part.
high phantomz
high phantomz Mês atrás
@PersonaKageX no its not rare
Kiel Pogi
Kiel Pogi Mês atrás
me just seeing his lvl: I mean he did found a ruined portal but- WHAT THE HE-
Kirk Haskell
Kirk Haskell Mês atrás
When you think about it, if a player discovers like 10 chunks a minute, thats 600 an hour, and 1200 in a day if they play for two hours. Multiply that by 3million people. And thats about 3.6 billion chances to get this alone every single day. Its not that special.
Brett Demoret
Brett Demoret Mês atrás
Jesus you did the math
Carter0008 Mês atrás
Damn dude why u so smart? I can’t even spell my middle name right
Kirk Haskell
Kirk Haskell Mês atrás
And when you think about it, there are an endless number of things that could happen witch are just as rare in Minecraft, so the chance of getting something with 1 in a million odds is far higher than 1 in a million, because there are like a million ways to get a 1 in a million thing to happen.
Even• •Odd
Even• •Odd Mês atrás
*me when I haven't played Minecraft in 4 years*
peach cat
peach cat Mês atrás
you know what this is rare. you will almost never have this seed randomly generate because there is so many seeds
Kieran Etherington
Kieran Etherington Mês atrás
Fun fact on the 1.17.40 update this seed has a mob spawner underneath the ruined portal
Delinquent Is Here
Delinquent Is Here Mês atrás
Me who spawns and found a well in a middle of the desert next to a village that has 9 iron: *Pathethic.*
ii_glowinqsunset Mês atrás
About two weeks ago, I found a ruined portal hidden inside a mountain and the only way I knew where it was is because I you could see the red nether rocks
Noble Duck
Noble Duck Mês atrás
The items in his inventory being harder to fine:
Tofu Mês atrás
Isn't every seed the same rarity since it's random?
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Mês atrás
Every seed is a one in a huge amount chance. So, I could join a random seed and I would be lucky?
pumpkin lord
pumpkin lord Mês atrás
Those things are pretty common I have spawned on them so many times
Satori Tendou
Satori Tendou Mês atrás
I’ve found one of those in Minecraft before, it was cool
xX-P01K5-Xx Mês atrás
It’s rare as long as you slap that “0.0000000001%” on it
Mordekaiser Mês atrás
Sees dirt: 0.000000001% Minecraft Rarest moments
Untruly True
Untruly True Mês atrás
@PersonaKageX that was joke both the replies are jokes, chill-
TF CaT Mês atrás
@PersonaKageX You're going to get wooshed so hard. the joke flew right over your head.
PersonaKageX Mês atrás
@Untruly True "Leaked" He didn't even make that video
PersonaKageX Mês atrás
@Slash Did he make a video about that? Send proof.
Untruly True
Untruly True Mês atrás
Omg, you just leaked his next video! How dare you
Commander “ayo😳”
To be honest it kinda looks cool what’s the seed
LEZAR Noname
LEZAR Noname Mês atrás
I like how everyone in the comments are just roasting this poor man💀
DogoCray 189
DogoCray 189 Mês atrás
bruh it's not rare at all that's normal see it all the time
NotBeluga Mês atrás
@PersonaKageX that's literally just a normal ruined portal are you really one of the little kids that believe this
Radiant Mês atrás
@PersonaKageX No, it’s not.
PersonaKageX Mês atrás
Oh you see floating ruined portals all he time? I bet you didn't know it was floating.
ScalyTopaz Mês atrás
My god this type of videos make me laugh so hard
Ramboo dog
Ramboo dog Mês atrás
Me too lol
Raptorsita rol play
I found three one in the water, one in a mine and one in a forest on the same map
Hipe Mês atrás
Я всегда ржу с :a, a, aoooeee, aaaaaa, air, some, 😂
Scramified Mês atrás
That’s not even rare, I found one that was underground hitting bedrock, destroyed the netherack and there was void…
Azwa Maleeka 2
Azwa Maleeka 2 Mês atrás
@Minecraft Steve btw I am girl okay
Azwa Maleeka 2
Azwa Maleeka 2 Mês atrás
@Minecraft Steve Bro. I believe that herobrine exists, people think herobrine is a creepypasta. but actually he is a player who is the smartest minecraft hacker. so herobrine is a player man but best hacker ever I never meet him but I hope herobrine see my comment now right here
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve Mês atrás
@Azwa Maleeka 2 bro that’s a myth shut up
Azwa Maleeka 2
Azwa Maleeka 2 Mês atrás
Maybe he thing herobrine build that (nooooobbbbbb)
Jay Prados
Jay Prados Mês atrás
How is that rare I find that on every seed of the hardcore worlds I create in which I always die btw
unable-sateen5 Mês atrás
He didn’t even get this in survival. His tools are somehow completely full
nun sei o nome 🦃
Mano também não precisa colocar tantos zeros né!?, Eu já achei uma tocha vuadora encima de um oceano isso sim é raro
Klolo Mês atrás
The next thing is someone seeing the sky and screaming at the top of their lungs
ItzModalYard Mês atrás
Bruh how is this the rarest moment??? Finding a ruined portal?? I found a ruined portal but no portal is that rare???
Davi Gamer top
Davi Gamer top Mês atrás
a portal from under the earth has already appeared for me
EonWolf Mês atrás
Oh my god it is so rare that I LITERALLY FIND THESE EVERYWHERE
SP1XE Mês atrás
Probably just his first time seeing a ruined portal and thinking the nether spawned in the earth
Luiz Echevengua
Luiz Echevengua Mês atrás
Mas é facil acha um portal em ruina 😕 so tu acha uma vila que por perto tem
skull 's
skull 's Mês atrás
The non enchanted diamond armor and tools. AM I A JOKE TO YOU
Jeffrey Monsales
Jeffrey Monsales Mês atrás
Is it his first time seeing a ruined Portal 🤨
PersonaKageX Mês atrás
Dude it's a floating ruined portal and look at his sword does he looks like his new?
Ya ahorita hasta encontrar un creeper es algo pro :v
Xoima:* Mês atrás
Do you think what the thinks on moutains are very rare?
Not to be a nerd but I think it's because it's either on the hill or how far the nether rack goes
JellyGhidorah Mês atrás
Suprised by a 5% structure and calling it 0,000000000000001%
Mr.Stripes Mês atrás
i just realized he uses the same audio for every one of these.
dino wolf88
dino wolf88 Mês atrás
When I was on Minecraft 1.18 I made a world and found a big portal with the village and my friend wanna know the seed and when she was there the portal was collapsed with the same village
Crying Cat
Crying Cat Mês atrás
the fact that every video like this has the same sound...
KalCanDraw Mês atrás
This is as rare as a desert temple
S Bourgeois
S Bourgeois Mês atrás
Not it's not, ruined portals are actully very common, but desert temples are like a 10/50% chance to find
Dragonize Plays
Dragonize Plays Mês atrás
The only thing that’s rare is u having a diamond sword in every video in survival
I say things
I say things Mês atrás
Wow man the world just generated a nether portal definetely not normal
Cab _
Cab _ Mês atrás
they stuck in 1.12 bruh
Gamer guy
Gamer guy Mês atrás
This is the type of guy to post a video on he found a grass block and another grass block onto of each other and say it’s rare
Me who always spawns near/beside a ruined portal be like: 👁👄👁
Magdalena Zichova
Magdalena Zichova Mês atrás
That's nothing this happened to me at least fifth times! 😎
skull 's
skull 's Mês atrás
Everyone keep a compass and rotten flesh in the hotbar.
ViOlEt_NeoN Mês atrás
I was spawned near that ruined portal billion times and its so rare?!
joegramic simon
joegramic simon Mês atrás
Its a ruined portal with a chunk not loader in that is a 2 chun or 4 ruined portal which is not pretty rare but its still cool
Noa Busto Vicente
Noa Busto Vicente Mês atrás
Eso es suerte? Eso me parece común :/
Armos bg
Armos bg Mês atrás
Him:find a sheep Also him:probality 0.000000000000000001
Anita Pawlas
Anita Pawlas Mês atrás
Omg That's insane i never saw that in minecraft
Román Ochoa
Román Ochoa Mês atrás
Yo encontré un portal debajo del agua no se si es difícil o no encontrarlo
Andres Mês atrás
Casi siempre me encuentro eso momento épico jajajaj no me agas reír
Lautaro Alfonso
Lautaro Alfonso Mês atrás
Shane K
Shane K Mês atrás
I think he says 1% because there is a tall birch forest behind it and tall birch forests are rare
🍫Dark Chocolate🍫
В чём прикол? Что такого редкого в разрушенном портале?..
Josué Neufeld
Josué Neufeld Mês atrás
People who make videos like this are surprised of every sheep they find and will say it is super rare
Eso es fácil encontrar yo encontré eso 4 veces XD
Block Mês atrás
yeah full durability sword and pickaxe totally real
yma kırıcı
yma kırıcı Mês atrás
Man i see this every time
Alosted Mês atrás
~SYAHDAN•KING~ Mês atrás
if only finding it was easy
Lisa Franklin
Lisa Franklin Mês atrás
I found a filled out end portal out of a stronghold
The Galactic Republic 7567
I found 2 of the ruined portals in my server
Galactic Steve
Galactic Steve Mês atrás
Bruh really found a common ruined portal and freaks out
The Apple Pig
The Apple Pig Mês atrás
You got the whole squad shock 😐
Adam Zani
Adam Zani Mês atrás
How is this rare bro?
이제윤 Mês atrás
저거 마크 업뎃 해서 돌아다니다 보면 걍 나오는데
JELLY! Mês atrás
That inst rare I have did a test by myself and I made 20 different Minecraft worlds and out of 20 I found 24 and I played in my survival world and when I explored my world I looted 4 ruined portals
Chak Mês atrás
The old thing rare is find the portal that's it
Ga jelas anjir
Ga jelas anjir Mês atrás
Your experience.. but when do you get armor diamonds? your exp is 0 lol
Tạm thời Tài khoản
With some one anything in minecraft is rare :v
vega. Mês atrás
OH SHIT NO WAY, this is my house place
Goldy boy
Goldy boy Mês atrás
Me: being successful in life This guy: 0.0000000000000000001
Robertas Lapienis
Robertas Lapienis Mês atrás
Brian Gatt
Brian Gatt Mês atrás
Ruined portal has a 47% chance at spawning at spawn but 90% chance of spawning in the world at all. Him AHHHHH OMG LOOK AT MY SCREEEEN
not even that rare- You can find these anywhere-
Kalani Dorival
Kalani Dorival Mês atrás
Why do people say that things are rare moments when you can do find it anywhere
Karl44m The bg Noob
Bruh.... That is a LOT OF NETHERACK there.... Edit: Im dead
Luis Jason
Luis Jason Mês atrás
This dude can find a pig and say it's a 0.00000000000000000000000000000001%
notrealdreamxdddd Mês atrás
I joined and it was insane
KubeQ Mês atrás
And whats so rare? I mean, I found a thousands of ruined portals and its not that rare.
Kwasi Agyemang
Kwasi Agyemang Mês atrás
The tools is not used. Evrybody can see it 🤦‍♂️
Aldritch Mês atrás
Uh... I found these ruined portal with my sister a ton of times...
Dora Vera
Dora Vera Mês atrás
Omg this is the first time i saw a ruined portal defilitely the first time Ayo ruined portals are not rare i probably seen them like 100 already
Sonny 28
Sonny 28 Mês atrás
How is that rare?
Rabbi32 Mês atrás
Finds a piece of grass... OMG 😱 NO WAYYY
Nela Neumann
Nela Neumann Mês atrás
Red Mês atrás
Dude i created a world, and when it loaded it was a world 0000000000000000000001% chance of spawning
Jelly Amethystrulz
Jelly Amethystrulz Mês atrás
It’s not even kind of rare I found like 20 of those
JELLYFrancis Mês atrás
I think he's thinking it is on long birch tree and flowers which is rare and a ruined portal
Conner McCollum
Conner McCollum Mês atrás
Anyone know a seed with a will to live near spawn? I'm trynna make a tiktok.
Toft Mês atrás
It's always the bedrock players, is it?
Sad E
Sad E Mês atrás
Bedrock have almost the same exact thing with slight differences
Raphael Sim
Raphael Sim Mês atrás
Nothing to do with bedrock players
Jadhir_twist Mês atrás
I've seen thousands of ruined Portals
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