Minecraft, But Your Speed Increases...

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Minecraft, But Your Speed Increases...
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🎨 Thumb & Concept Inspo: @TapL @Slogo

🎉 Can you count how many Speed Levels are in today's Minecraft, But?

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30 Jun 2022



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Comentários 7 078
xNestorio Mês atrás
Huge thank you again to Honkai Impact 3rd for sponsoring today's video! You can download it here: and use gift code: JKSSDNFNL58LK Hope you all enjoyed the video!
Aidan Sutton
Aidan Sutton 2 horas atrás
@Space Boy impossible
Churchill Obas
Churchill Obas 12 horas atrás
spider man18
spider man18 2 dias atrás
100000000000/10 I love your videos they are like bionics
Appiah Pokuaah
Appiah Pokuaah 2 dias atrás
Molly Gaddis
Molly Gaddis 4 dias atrás
0\10 you had potential
Lyvon 27 dias atrás
Raed Sayegh
Raed Sayegh 21 dia atrás
Honestly Nestor Is finally making better builds that copper golem is 6.5/10
Pepsi X3
Pepsi X3 Mês atrás
I have mad respect for this man if he makes his own intros
N   x   r   d   i
N x r d i 26 dias atrás
Alternate title: Nestor preparing for the 2032 Olympics for 25 minutes straight
Jeremiah Tyson
Jeremiah Tyson 9 dias atrás
Got it
 ғree roвυх on 👉 мy proғιle 🤖
One of the best thing about this dude he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something he always respect us.his audience and his team he always polite in all his video we congratulate ourselves on this achievement more to come
twigdestroyer9001 18 horas atrás
another scammer for free robux watching a minecraft video💀
Lewisprogamer 16 dias atrás
Says the anime pfp with a free robux scam website on your profile
Federica Flacchi
Federica Flacchi 29 dias atrás
Bro i saw the original comment under this one💀
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Mês atrás
Muhammad arkaan
Muhammad arkaan Mês atrás
Bro a free robux bot on a minecraft content 💀💀
miguel123 29 dias atrás
That build is 10/10 so cool
ahoora player
ahoora player 20 dias atrás
"the fastest man alive is flash" xNest:are you sure about that?
Feroz Shah
Feroz Shah 16 dias atrás
Best build I have ever seen for copper golden 10/10
// 19 dias atrás
should've gone to the nether roof at the end and then ran there until the game broke
MBC 10
MBC 10 Mês atrás
One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something he olwys respect use the audience and his team and he is always polite in all of his video we congratulate ourselves on his achievement more to come and everything __
راضي صالح راضي
😅 Wet 🤣🤣
Forzarizon 5
Forzarizon 5 Mês atrás
Cooliobros 3 dias atrás
I think your copper Golem is a 7.8 out of 10
Sudha Raju
Sudha Raju 2 dias atrás
The copper golem was a 8.9out of ten
[Hazel] 9 dias atrás
the building is so good that I cant even build like that
NinjaSqueakAlot 21 dia atrás
5/10 I didn’t like the feet nor arms nor antenna. But you did pretty well on the body and head.
Josip Magar
Josip Magar 2 dias atrás
Not gonna lie the copper golem kinda looks good
Nicholas Martorell jr
Nicholas Martorell jr 18 dias atrás
The copper golem build is totally great
Videocook 6 dias atrás
Your copper golem is awesome! My rating is 10/10
Alicia Miller
Alicia Miller 19 dias atrás
its 7/10. the eyes are to long and the arms are to thin but otherwise perfect
Nao PlayIt
Nao PlayIt Mês atrás
I would rate this 10 out of 10. This is way better than anything I would be able to do.
Depressed_Guy 18 dias atrás
7 out of 10
Arsi Gamer
Arsi Gamer 14 dias atrás
Your build looks so cute! 😍🥰
Marcus Evans
Marcus Evans 28 dias atrás
10/10 that looks amazing
Icywerewolf 8 dias atrás
Your building is so awesome but the eyes are square but I’ll give you a 9.9
arbygames659 21 dia atrás
1:38 mincraft finally listened to physics and gravity
Sarah-Jane Chalk
Sarah-Jane Chalk 25 dias atrás
I think that the copper golem gets a 6/10
lucas knudsen
lucas knudsen 19 dias atrás
10/10 that copper golem masterpiece is really good
kondorFOX 16 dias atrás
i give the copper golem build a 5/10
Nancy Julian
Nancy Julian Dia atrás
1:37 Camman18 be like: birch is *useless* Nestor: *casually picking up birch planks* and saying “Alright we got some wood! Nice! XD
AssasinGaming Mês atrás
the copper golem is a 7.5/10 :) its a pretty good one not gonna lie
deelight 5 dias atrás
its a fairly good copper golem 7/10
jewelfaith Mês atrás
I love how you build the Cooper golem 10/10👏🏿👏🏿
Arsi Gamer
Arsi Gamer 14 dias atrás
I give your build a solid 7 out of 10!
Arsi Gamer
Arsi Gamer 14 dias atrás
@Chikgol^^ what
Chikgol^^ 14 dias atrás
8/10 like or band
Lava Beast boss
Lava Beast boss 9 dias atrás
Infinity out of 10 that Golem looks so cute
Boruto sky
Boruto sky Mês atrás
I really like your intros and your videos they never make me bored of watching them
Space Boy
Space Boy 6 dias atrás
The copper Golem is a 10 b /10
Mae Roche
Mae Roche 5 dias atrás
I like your build with a copper coil, I liked your couple goal in building our next
Jacob Louis Tessensohn
Jacob Louis Tessensohn 28 dias atrás
I rate the golem that you build 10/10
VoltagePlayer Dia atrás
He said if it's a 1 I'm getting banned soooo I'll rate it a 1.1 :)
Raphaelle McKnight
Raphaelle McKnight Mês atrás
The Cooper golem statue has a 5/10 rating
Louis Addison
Louis Addison 2 dias atrás
I wish I had done that in minecraft than normal minecraft🙃
Alfredo Vazquez
Alfredo Vazquez 19 dias atrás
10/10 honestly for that copper golem
Heather Canavan
Heather Canavan 7 dias atrás
Good job Napster that was a good drawing
Bacon 28 dias atrás
8.2/10 not much detail but great
ғree roвυх on 👉 мy proғιle 👾
This man is amazing, in a tough spot myself so can only imagine how these people feel to be given a chance to help fix their situations, incredible keep doing what you do
Adel Javarez
Adel Javarez Mês atrás
@Kritan S zpppppppppppppppppk
Reid Carlyon
Reid Carlyon Mês atrás
@Frontline Sharpshooter this was useless because everyone already knows this
Dec the Box
Dec the Box Mês atrás
JUST JAY 17 dias atrás
ill give you a 8/10 on the copper golem
Kamoonra The Wolf God
Kamoonra The Wolf God 28 dias atrás
Final speed = speed of either Quick Silver or Sonic the Hedgehog. Can't tell which.
GameForgerGD 23 dias atrás
from the numbers 1 to10 I would pick 8
Ian the Minecraft person
I give Nestor a 60900 On the Copper Golem
jayden harding
jayden harding Mês atrás
"The only bad thing about being faster than light is that you can only live in darkness"-someone important.
Bella Cobb
Bella Cobb 13 dias atrás
copper golem : 7/10 would give 9/10 if the hands were on the torso and not the head
Noah Ball
Noah Ball 28 dias atrás
This is how xnestorio counts 1, 100, INFINITY
TheMonkeyKing Power
I rate your copper golem a 10/10
Dejan Dimitrijevic
Dejan Dimitrijevic 26 dias atrás
Can you list the mods in the description be cuz it will be cool to play these mods! Please!
Mike Tomerlin
Mike Tomerlin Mês atrás
Let’s just take a moment to thank this guy for letting us have a great day
Lorna Cortel
Lorna Cortel 12 dias atrás
Poly M
Poly M Mês atrás
masoud wafaie
masoud wafaie 15 dias atrás
not gonna lie for the copper golem 9/10
Bethel Network
Bethel Network 16 dias atrás
The copper golem rating from 1 to 10 is 0
Daniel Frost
Daniel Frost Mês atrás
That's better than I could do 10 out of 10
Taylor Everett
Taylor Everett 4 dias atrás
One of the best thing about this dude he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something he always respect us.his audience and his team he always polite in all his video we congratulate ourselves on this achievement more to come
Stickman Gamers
Stickman Gamers 15 dias atrás
Opnew DDD
Opnew DDD 6 dias atrás
Note: dont kill the past nestors or the present nestor will die
GAME#3810 Mês atrás
If you throw your entire inventory in lava it gives you all the good enchants and turns it into netherite, and also Minecraft was made in 2021
Kemith Madawala
Kemith Madawala Mês atrás
Nice build with the copper golem Nestor!
Reza Ahmadi
Reza Ahmadi 16 dias atrás
The copper golem is 7/10 kinda cute
Night Fury
Night Fury Mês atrás
we all have to agree the intros are amazing
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 18 dias atrás
I give the copper golem a 6/10 is that good tell me in the comments Nestor
bullet club
bullet club Mês atrás
Alternative Title: Minecraft, But I'm the flash
if rick astley was in minecraft
that copper golem was a 3/10 why was the arms on the head
Crystal Qi
Crystal Qi 16 dias atrás
The copper golem is 9/10
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
One of the best thing about this dude he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something he always respect us.his audience and his team he always polite in all his video we congratulate ourselves on this achievement more to come
Deadmanpirate Mês atrás
Scammer bot
Cam stereo_2
Cam stereo_2 9 dias atrás
I like all of the copper golem except the antana eyes and arms
__StarburstDrizzy__ 27 dias atrás
I already have honkai impact and its an incredible game the combat its amazing i dont know how i found out about it i forgot but it is an amazing game to be honest!
Nathan Gervois
Nathan Gervois Mês atrás
copper golem rating : 1.6
Ainis Gulbinas
Ainis Gulbinas Mês atrás
I think that youre copper golem build is 9,5/10
Clementine Aileen
Clementine Aileen Mês atrás
Fun fact: lapis can be mined with a stone pickaxe since it's so common
thechunkseal 17 dias atrás
10/10 great its so good the copper golem is 10/10
kaxper kacperezx
kaxper kacperezx 18 dias atrás
xNestorio: That will be neck i think theres head and arms me: Arms at head me: Hol up
thesquid 7 dias atrás
For copper golem I vote 20000/10
Gamer Ninja
Gamer Ninja 22 dias atrás
So you said if I gave it a 1 I would be banned but what if I chose 0?
・your non favorite person 👍・
Fun fact: lapis can be mined with a stone pickaxe since it's so common
kalise hayes
kalise hayes 14 dias atrás
INF/10 "honestly u did 1M times better than craftee.dont tell him i said that"
Tyrian Weening
Tyrian Weening 18 dias atrás
You said that I had to say if i'd like the copper golem statue? I'd say a 9,9 out of 10
Tim Funk
Tim Funk 5 dias atrás
the coper golem is 10\10
D & A French
D & A French Mês atrás
18:38 It's a mario reference for p speed.
GlitchVoice Mês atrás
10/10 man. Better than I could do.
lakiesha guerrero
lakiesha guerrero 6 dias atrás
Yeah 10/10
firelan2912 13 dias atrás
Nicholas McArthur
Nicholas McArthur 14 dias atrás
A good old 9/10.
Niickz_ 19 dias atrás
I would never be able to build what you did I'm so bad at building but I'm really fast
Mikerlanne Louiral
Mikerlanne Louiral 24 dias atrás
The copper golem is awesome 20/20
Landen Hammons
Landen Hammons 28 dias atrás
1000/10 on the copper golem
Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞
Fun fact: lapis can be mined with a stone pickaxe since it's so common
The Dasilma fam
The Dasilma fam 7 dias atrás
Rip techno blade rest in peace
Adam Buskirk
Adam Buskirk Dia atrás
i can do wayyyyyyy better builds but honestly for not good builder i rate the copper golem 100/150 in cuteness and in the ranks of all the builds i seen you do 150/150
SwiftieBlink 7 dias atrás
12:06 / 25:28 I will give 10/5 for making because the hands are short
Meryem Gönen
Meryem Gönen 27 dias atrás
your copper golems head is little too wide 1- point and its arms connected to head not body 1- point ı give you 10/8 points
[ Username : AshleyJay143 ]
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he abandoned his Copper golem ?
Ducky Mês atrás
irwinist 26 dias atrás
Im rating it 100/10
Asher Zabdeil Castaneda
Xnestorio I like your building like an Acacia golem so I rate it 100.000.00/10
Satish Jogi
Satish Jogi Mês atrás
the copper golem is a 10/10
spooky guy
spooky guy 26 dias atrás
Rating of copper golem:4 out of 10
Anya Plays
Anya Plays Mês atrás
3:33 "is gonna be 1 iron ingot and 1 redstone" Stick: Emotional Damage!
Static Stripe
Static Stripe 14 dias atrás
That copper golem is Beautiful1000000/10😁😎
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