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Minecraft But You Can Possess Any Mob / BeckBroJack
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22 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 966   
@edwardhooper4521 2 anos atrás
Anyone gonna talk about how Jack only takes the yellow beds from the village?
@1uvrae 2 anos atrás
Ik why??
@jingruyang3566 2 anos atrás
@Diandre_Alberts Anos atrás
Yeah why
@bettymitchell1077 Anos atrás
Yeah weird
@marcandreigan5144 8 meses atrás
Maybe it's because its the only color of a bed In the village That's closest to a color of a cookie (I don't know If orange and brown beds can be found in villages)
@Ye_-xf7pl 2 anos atrás
Came back after like 2016 and he still here. *What a legend*
@raymondzhang4053 2 anos atrás
@raymondzhang4053 2 anos atrás
Remember the time he just had bessy in a 2 by 2 wooden fence pen in front of his house
@Ye_-xf7pl 2 anos atrás
@@raymondzhang4053 He never got out ever since the series started
@metalsonic7988 2 anos atrás
5:05 vilagers are not hated by zombies,they are actually prays for them!
@BellaDragon07 Anos atrás
Zombies are undead (dead) players. Proof: They can hold items and have the Steve outfit
@josephcarvil9474 2 anos atrás
Hey BeckBroJack can do more SCP’s VS Werewolves with your friends! 🐺
@pablooperation4662 2 anos atrás
@pphet2508 2 anos atrás
@shadowlord752 2 anos atrás
what is the key for possesing mobs(default key)
@corncob7678 2 anos atrás
WAIT im confused if villagers cant use there hands, then how do they trade and how was he mining?
@reemotb2690 2 anos atrás
I didn’t even realize he can craft from his inventory lol
@thedragonwarrior5861 2 anos atrás
Wow, this is such a cool mod!
@y0ugay 2 anos atrás
@cherretgames 2 anos atrás
imagine possessing ender dragon
@heavybricks8774 2 anos atrás
In the original mod you can't posses any mobs that are alive only souless mobs like zombies
@karamamarshi8655 2 anos atrás
Epic vid jack, I hit the like button pls dont possess me
@_hello_2831 2 anos atrás
Jack is literally the best BRvid ever! I always watch him! Edit: jack, you should play a Roblox game called kaiju universe!
@bonquiqui6693 2 anos atrás
@martamengistu8894 2 anos atrás
WOW noice Great Epic
@nkanyisonene8583 2 anos atrás
You mean youtuber
@y0ugay 2 anos atrás
@formuna 2 anos atrás
Jack, when your are an Enderman in 1st person, the color of what you see in inverted.
@dimitarsivriev6296 2 anos atrás
I love your vids. Thank you for being such a great yotuber. Edit: First i think Another edit: how does beckbrojack make it so he can possess villqgers or an iron golem?
@bruh-it1or 2 anos atrás
@edinaugustine789 2 anos atrás
it is ¹:⁰⁷
@dimitarsivriev6296 2 anos atrás
But like how does he posses mobs that arent souless
@Hooklines995 2 anos atrás
Villagers are fast so they can run from pillagers
@Fabioplayz13 Anos atrás
They can actually run faster then mc player's running
@arock2625 2 anos atrás
Imagine how another player would react if they got attacked by a possessed cow
@novaastarss 2 anos atrás
@gageott9831 Anos atrás
@@chia-meihung3752 no one asked
Now like a Titan, you can take over a mobs body and make it your own…
@icokei320 2 anos atrás
Fun fact that we learned today: endermen in this pack dont like the ender dragon ;)
i remember when i was young i would wait for 1 am in the night so i can watch his vids :')
@daviddent5662 2 anos atrás
Jack: **Posses a Enderman** "Ha ha! Getting to The End will be simple now!" Two Block Tall Door: **Exists** Also Jack: **Enderman dying noises** @w@ - - - Dude! So glad you messed with the Requiem mod! I love this thing but I so, so wish it would come to Forge instead of Fabric. So many interesting things you could posses wheras Fabric has very little mobs that are fun to possess. =/
@thelegendf8965 2 anos atrás
Haha Teleportation exsits
@carterb5581 Anos atrás
@@thelegendf8965 trigger
@Hooklines995 2 anos atrás
Become Rodney and find all his cookies
@stephensmith6564 2 anos atrás
Why beating the game with her mobile me and also high I could see you a real person I got a big fan of kisses too
@amberhollister8129 2 anos atrás
@cobypuah4344 2 anos atrás
@cobypuah4344 2 anos atrás
@KardosErika 2 anos atrás
Good idea
@douglasvail2136 2 anos atrás
Next time try it on the wither boss or even cooler the wither storm
@Mogi. 2 anos atrás
Slap this on a multiplayer server and posess your friends :o
@LIGHT_SHAD1W 2 anos atrás
I'm a fan of you mogi
@LIGHT_SHAD1W 2 anos atrás
I watch you play with shark😅😅🙂
WHAT Only 10 Iikes???
@shamekataylor5508 2 anos atrás
Mogi is that really you
@shamekataylor5508 2 anos atrás
I have loved that video when I did that tsunami video with shark
@ellienugent2000 2 anos atrás
EDIT: I CHANGED MY MIND But im going to try again but I'll make the same Cookies for you, Adam and Alex (I didn't get confused this time with Adam).
@happyjunias1435 2 anos atrás
Jack you truly are the best BRvid ever I have watched your videos for five years and I love them
@notayden951 2 anos atrás
Yeah by the way you had a typo it is youtuber
@andreacabrera1467 2 anos atrás
Si 5 p ff HTC poquito Irjjfjfjjpt7
@Ptlcda21 2 anos atrás
We only need 12 pearls and 12 blaze rods
@pramodkumar-rf9ki Anos atrás
6* rods
@robynatryx8262 2 anos atrás
you're playing as a phantom ghost then
@playerofgames3578 2 anos atrás
He needs to bring the cool intro back
@stephensmith6564 2 anos atrás
Basic game with a mobile me do every mum actually 10 every more M&S wagons and have 10 each mob teletext mobigo enemy
@stephensmith6564 2 anos atrás
When is penweathers and have a mum do every mob and we have the 32 and The Swan in and they get cookies Mars 13 rivers
@LUCAS-ho4hg 2 anos atrás
I wish I could poses in minecraft.(no spectator mode)
@ryanthegoalie551 2 anos atrás
One time make a house full of all bees for 24 hours
@jennifermeek6035 2 anos atrás
Stop OK Jack Jack does does does care of me $6 studies is it ok that's OKI feel when you mean well you need that because I'm cause I'm trying to make my mom feel good and still good you feel better you're sick
@jake2423 2 anos atrás
Thanks you for a mod process mob UwU :3
@glitchninja_2765 2 anos atrás
Your vids just make my day
is there a bedrock version of this mod?
@slamgamer5568 2 anos atrás
@DragonDragon-xp3ug 2 anos atrás
Fun fact the ender dragon's name confirmed by two people the ender dragon's name is Jean?
@enqwfeb8595 2 anos atrás
Minecraft spectator mode:Am I a joke to you?
@scp-047gay6 Anos atrás
Yes, yes you are
@jocelynturkel8338 Anos atrás
@veryberry4144 Anos atrás
@emilyshumaker8024 Anos atrás
@hrideshkumaragarwal 2 anos atrás
You should let rage see the titans
@GreenTiger96 Anos atrás
Jack takes the yellow beds to cover up accidents
@ellienugent2000 2 anos atrás
0:18 Revenge of BeckbroJack after the Revenge of Bessie and Rodney because he wouldn't share and was crazy violent...I'm not liking where this is going...I NEED to make a separate cookie batch for them that's not yours so u don't need to share rn.
@jessicadelois4754 2 anos atrás
When you see a mob its actually beckbrojack
@SyphrisANALYSIS Anos atrás
Me: Oh another nice endermen Jack: "tp behind me" Me: NAnI
Seems like a Mario odyssey mod to me.
@amogus71500 2 anos atrás
13:59 besides beck’s right ear an enderman is just staring at him 😂
@popcat167 2 anos atrás
Omg what
@glitchybeast7129 2 anos atrás
" *Oh my god i can just turn into any mob! This is OP!* " Thats what she said
@braydenreacts8275 Anos atrás
OHHHHHH OH OH MY GOD (just play bunch of memes
@playerofgames3578 2 anos atrás
I forgot what it sounded like it's been so long
You are amazing Beck bro jack all these mods are insane I wish I had minecraft to use them that would be cool I love your vids keep doing what you doing
@XoXo_lovefidgets 2 anos atrás
I guess I was wrong you can't possess the Ender Dragon :(
@jyrhellvilladiego63 2 anos atrás
Jack:press the like button using your eye brows, me:THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE.
Watch me
You are correct
Le me try
I mean let me try
Nope I can't
@tyecharles4841 2 anos atrás
I want a mod that all of your fans that play minecraft should play possession most to play with an hunter mod with possession
@donnalygala3488 2 anos atrás
The plain timer micrencephaly touch because carnation resultantly reduce than a heavenly heavy hellish cartoon. rare, dynamic lemonade
@disethsieng1542 2 anos atrás
Bring back cookie town
@cdorberth 2 anos atrás
I love this
@MommyJonnahVlogs 2 anos atrás
Besty's talk is so cuteeeer
@graciejones8297 2 anos atrás
BeckBroJack is the king of cookies.
@ayadayad739 Anos atrás
@JellyPlayz-kt3vf 2 anos atrás
I love your videos when I was younger I used to be obsessed with your videos
@amogus71500 2 anos atrás
It’s so hilarious when beck says “why does this guy look like an evil bunny rabbit”
@Ptlcda21 2 anos atrás
The one that you login into the Enderman that’s Endemann vision
@michaelstewart338 Anos atrás
you cant disacociate while holding items
@markomilevski8401 2 anos atrás
Wait rodney survived the power of the monk
@thewhiteskeleton4285 2 anos atrás
Can you play Minecraft bedrock with me? This is my favorite channel!😄😄
@justawasteoftime1407 2 anos atrás
Fun fact endermans hate the ender dragon
@Alan6199 Anos atrás
As an Enderman you I really need iron but it looks like you're not wearing armour
@jacovandyk9359 2 anos atrás
Possess the Enders dragon
@closetome180 Anos atrás
Fun fact: wither skeleton hate piglins and piglins scared of zombified piglins
Do you possess me you’ll be six do you princess me your basics this actually works
@thewhiteskeleton4285 2 anos atrás
Pls don't Possess me😥
@harshkacho7260 Anos atrás
Your videos are super amazing
@oliozina6338 2 anos atrás
@johird9990 2 anos atrás
play dc universe online u will luv it!
@The_farlander 2 anos atrás
He should have morphed into a wither skeleton
@kinrin-mm3xz 2 anos atrás
Jack I think Bessy lied about the cookies
@Converse_Dude98 2 anos atrás
Yooooow this video is entertaining
Btw the enderman and some other mobs have different eye sight. The creeper sees only green and spiders they can see eight or six different things. Enderman can only see inverted colors
@luannamesalm 2 anos atrás
@luannamesalm 2 anos atrás
Hmm... You are correct 💯💯💯💯💯
@@luannamesalm agree
@shadowtrapgaming8538 2 anos atrás
This is so cool
@glenfernandez2763 2 anos atrás
Jack you forgot the desert temple it's behind you
You're the greatest BRvidr
@Trimurti7 2 anos atrás
When you went into third person that ender man looks like the white ender man
@alienplayzsyt4857 2 anos atrás
Third I guess Me: ohh jack did a new video me instantly pressed the video and leaves a like
@angxuefeng7581 2 anos atrás
you can just mine the block
@Fromzerotoohero 2 anos atrás
I like that you actually check comments hahah all those heartsss
@6dszepeto764 2 anos atrás
Can you tell me the name of the mod pack ice and fire is In
@bashydaggett 2 anos atrás
It look like the endermens rebel against the ender dragon
@DeckOfRandomStuff 2 anos atrás
Likes: 81k Me: Beck bro jack is now a god
@MidiasterVr 2 anos atrás
You should possess the ender dragon
@GeometryDashLeon 2 anos atrás
i did not know that Iron golems dont have soul!?
@germanreichbutbrish 2 anos atrás
Axes do more damage
@tellydagostino3708 2 anos atrás
So you can't posses the ender dragon sad I want to,do this mod too Is this a mod?
@aabbcc628 2 meses atrás
: )
I hope he possesses the ender dragon
@slynx6808 Anos atrás
I like your videos and there are tons of them to enjoy
@amogus3364 2 anos atrás
Do that on rageelixirs pets in block city ☺☺☺
@vlogwithad2444 2 anos atrás
Great mod
@Wow_867 5 meses atrás
I know you're probably not gonna read this, but what version are you playing this mod on like 1.19 or something just wondering the exact version you were playing
@Springyb3d 2 anos atrás
Hmmmmmmmm well this sound basically morph mob
@agneshunter9097 2 anos atrás
The serious room hemperly hover because glue hopefully gather after a holistic suit. naive, nebulous interviewer
@kaustavyogi Anos atrás
Man your videos are so cool
Pretend speedrun cool edit
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