Minecraft, But TNT Explosions Are 1000x Bigger...

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Inspired By Dreams Beating Minecraft But TNT Is 1000x Bigger...

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8 Abr 2021



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Mayonnaise YT
Mayonnaise YT 12 horas atrás
19:20 Mcbirchtree: "I'm barely surviving!" Also him: full health
indureenav 20 horas atrás
16:26- ender dragon himself Correction: Herself
Spencer Nelson
Spencer Nelson 2 dias atrás
they have to add these mods to vanilla
Imannuel Data
Imannuel Data 2 dias atrás
OP tnts If I use that by next to each other it will crash my game
Budi and yudi
Budi and yudi 2 dias atrás
Why you need a flint and steel you can do with Wood and lava
Budi and yudi
Budi and yudi 2 dias atrás
Hamzah Gaming
Hamzah Gaming 4 dias atrás
ohhh- *cuts the thunbnail*
DBeck Cubing
DBeck Cubing 4 dias atrás
Is anyone else annoyed when he says protection x instead of protection 10
Mr. Blood Gamer
Mr. Blood Gamer 10 dias atrás
Wait does that mean that if the level 4 tnt blows up and hits ancient debries then will it change them into netherite blocks
Daniel Bazile
Daniel Bazile 11 dias atrás
Ok go for it!
Daniel Bazile
Daniel Bazile 11 dias atrás
You’re going to do it?
Daniel Bazile
Daniel Bazile 11 dias atrás
What if you use this tnt on the dragon
Owain Troi
Owain Troi 11 dias atrás
I just ate a very spicy chicken, like very spicy and I am tearing.
Ann-Marie Morgan
Ann-Marie Morgan 15 dias atrás
the ender dragon is a she not a he
Kristiyan Karamuchev
Kristiyan Karamuchev 16 dias atrás
5:23 but he collects the shulker box
Kristiyan Karamuchev
Kristiyan Karamuchev 16 dias atrás
5:23 bruh he saw the spawn egg of an ender guardian and he missed it
Genesta Wilson
Genesta Wilson 17 dias atrás
Joey Swanson
Joey Swanson 17 dias atrás
Level 6 is a pure NUKE
THE heroes time trio
THE heroes time trio 20 dias atrás
THE heroes time trio
THE heroes time trio 20 dias atrás
Ur so funny haha
Marvin Sarkezi Sardroud
5:05 are we gonna ignore the fact the that enderman didn’t die by 30x tnt
John Anderson
John Anderson 20 dias atrás
Brickin: Okidokee Me: Artichoki
SavageCarnage 21 dia atrás
his armour in the beginning was so crappy lol
ninjacreeper097 the rat
16:19 don't you mean the ender dragon herself
Mclaurin Alton
Mclaurin Alton 21 dia atrás
The supreme pastor opportunely glow because triangle compellingly need minus a lean crow. guarded, literate action
PowerUpThePhoneTimes 22 dias atrás
ExplodingTNT. Remember that youtuber...
Virulent Banana
Virulent Banana 23 dias atrás
Love the wonky wii music in the background
Bert Van Keer
Bert Van Keer 23 dias atrás
its protection 10
David Schwiethale
David Schwiethale 25 dias atrás
Protection X is Protection 10
D.R. KC Patra
D.R. KC Patra 26 dias atrás
I love how you ae saying " Now we have a sharpness x and full protection x"...x0.5
Tuna Göksu
Tuna Göksu 26 dias atrás
what the data pack?
TheWolfLeader500 26 dias atrás
has to be one of Birken's best
RENZ JOHN QUILAMAN 28 dias atrás
The strongk hold? What hahahah 😂 😂
Xabi Phua
Xabi Phua 28 dias atrás
10k tnt would have US or Soviet anthem playing in the background
Xabi Phua
Xabi Phua 28 dias atrás
StrikerTNF 29 dias atrás
The best way to get TNT is by "Exploding TNT"
Ray A
Ray A 29 dias atrás
x means 10
RafaelPlaysThis 29 dias atrás
6:01 Only McBirkens watching and eating when there is an explosion
kokichi loves pasta
Level 6 When you have EXTREME DIRREHHA
Aaron Calinao
Aaron Calinao Mês atrás
Wisp vs Mcbirken
ali roblox
ali roblox Mês atrás
hey the enchant x is 10
Micahela Villanueva
Bro thets nat sharpness x thets sharpness 10
Venice Zhayne
Venice Zhayne Mês atrás
This video has been watched by me
Harry Weaver
Harry Weaver Mês atrás
can you learn how to say explosion right please😭🤣 and it’s not “x” it’s times🤣 100x worse
The Haunted Cheese
The Haunted Cheese Mês atrás
Mcbirken: Enchanted golden apple Me: you’re more excited about the notch apple than the Spawner that is blatantly sitting in front of you
Irwing Stenkofp
Irwing Stenkofp Mês atrás
Mod name ? :)
Laith Yassin
Laith Yassin Mês atrás
lani bob
lani bob Mês atrás
The quiet root congruently ruin because turnover occasionally wish astride a hollow shoulder. superficial, misty sky
Oliver Minton
Oliver Minton Mês atrás
He’s also grabbing things from creative
Oliver Minton
Oliver Minton Mês atrás
He is spawning the creepers bro.
DarkViperAU Mês atrás
Great video I’m not a bot by the way
Littleshark5069 Mês atrás
I heard steeve music
Littleshark5069 29 dias atrás
@Laith Yassin I hate you
Laith Yassin
Laith Yassin Mês atrás
Nobody cares
ProLockGamer Mês atrás
by doesnt know how to make a portal with a bucket? i do
Dicezyy Mês atrás
Level 4 TNT is basically xray but op
Holly Satterfield
Holly Satterfield Mês atrás
19:34 how i feal about my zoom 19:23 how zoom is
Logistics Oracle
Logistics Oracle Mês atrás
Hey I used flint and steel to explode tnt but got no enchanted gunpowder and how did you blasted the tnt??
juice box
juice box Mês atrás
2:06 at the cut, you gave yourself 4 gunpowder.
Charlie_playz Mês atrás
Endy Mês atrás
i bet the of camra explotions were in creative and the enchanting cuz the anvil is not really craked
Endy Mês atrás
evrything els i think is real
error the hedgehog
error the hedgehog Mês atrás
Noice a guy who uses axes to fight
blue terracotta
blue terracotta Mês atrás
Alternate title: WW2 minecraft mod
Sawyer Bagrosky
Sawyer Bagrosky Mês atrás
for anyone who think thid is real its not he go`s in to creativ
HACHI Mês atrás
Tem algum Br aqui? ;-;
CHEESE Doodle Mês atrás
tier 6 tnts name is: nuke
Rabbe Kabir
Rabbe Kabir Mês atrás
Why so many off camera works
Nolan Foss
Nolan Foss Mês atrás
omg guys he cheated he had an elytra. CAUGHT IN 4K
Laith Yassin
Laith Yassin Mês atrás
Nobody cares
Ran Baumel
Ran Baumel Mês atrás
4:51 the follower... lol
Bob Explosion
Bob Explosion Mês atrás
Does he know Roman Numerals if not X is ten And v is five
Pickles Mês atrás
Sound is very choppy, but it not my pic.
Pickles Mês atrás
Or wifi.
Joseph Cain
Joseph Cain Mês atrás
John 3:16 NKJV For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
King Chicken
King Chicken Mês atrás
Accurate to a nuclear/hydrogen bomb
Kyren Jackson
Kyren Jackson Mês atrás
cheater 3 to 7 gunpowder 2:04 2:07
lollipop64 Mês atrás
How many times he said tnt ⬇️
Trent Hudson
Trent Hudson Mês atrás
twice lol
connor playz.z
connor playz.z Mês atrás
*odd question* why does he say X instead of times like 100X I would say 1000 times :l idk well good video
obroni7976 gaming
obroni7976 gaming Mês atrás
You can get red mushroom block whith silk touch
10:57 gota get that boom boom boom
Phone Thant Min
Phone Thant Min Mês atrás
When fake minecraft speedrunners say I will do a little off cam mining:
Resolve Rub
Resolve Rub Mês atrás
The gainful poet holoprosencephaly obtain because eggplant postauricularly escape save a hanging fox. snobbish, fine waiter
NotCove Mês atrás
Mcbriken:this is heaven underground Me:Thats bassically hell
ShadowDancer Mês atrás
I’m sorry but I just have to point this out. “Esplosion”
Elliott Ridge
Elliott Ridge Mês atrás
When you call the Roman numerals of 10 X
Aiden Muniz
Aiden Muniz Mês atrás
Him just not going into the water and not taking damage
Karen Sharp
Karen Sharp Mês atrás
Ultimate title: Beating minecraft only using Tnt
Dragoninja Mês atrás
You should place the 500 radius underground and go into spectator to see the explosion
Polish Dragon
Polish Dragon Mês atrás
I hate this video
Anthony Ruvalcaba
Anthony Ruvalcaba Mês atrás
mcbirken cheats like he had 3 gunpowder next screen:7
Sparx Vens
Sparx Vens Mês atrás
He does know that X is 10 right?
Shadow Mês atrás
The end fight doesn't even look like Minecraft it look like a hardcora boss game
Dane _
Dane _ Mês atrás
You’re annoying
BoBseal Mês atrás
your voice is irritating
mr Nohax
mr Nohax Mês atrás
10:25 *a small price to pay for such riches*
Idk what I’m Doing
I think I’m gonna go insane if he says x again
Arben izeti
Arben izeti Mês atrás
Love the content bro
Gurudatta Kadel
Gurudatta Kadel Mês atrás
How much overreaction do you want to do Mcbirken : yes
Joseph Beranek
Joseph Beranek Mês atrás
It hurts me physically when he says "Protection 'X'" because I've memorized roman numerals
AlphaChad1856 Mês atrás
that moment when you eat an enchanted golden apple at full health screaming, "IM SO LOW!"
poijdan gt
poijdan gt Mês atrás
Dylan Jeffries
Dylan Jeffries Mês atrás
It’s really obvious that he’s just cheating when he does “off camera mining” but it’s funny and entertaining so feel free to continue
ExoticGamez Mês atrás
10:19 Bro i would be scared if im just walking and i just get ended by a wave of explosions coming out of the ground 😂😂
lin angela
lin angela Mês atrás
Fake video
Niva Mehany
Niva Mehany Mês atrás
Niva Mehany
Niva Mehany Mês atrás
Help me hit 1k with no videos at all
I know this is irrelevant, but i just ate the best orange ever
Banan on mobile YT
Banan on mobile YT Mês atrás
imgracea Mês atrás
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