Minecraft But There are Natural Disasters...

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Minecraft But There are Natural Disasters... with PrestonPlayz 👊


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SSundee - EVIL Ai IMPOSTER in Among Us

Kwebbelkop - NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER SUPERCARS in GTA 5 RP!


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15 Jun 2021



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PrestonPlayz Mês atrás
How can I get back and Brianna?! Subscribe and comment to let me know! 🌪️
Liam Roksvåg
Liam Roksvåg 23 dias atrás
Heck her minecraft and destroy she's favorite world
eric benzschawel
eric benzschawel 23 dias atrás
Hi Preston I'm your biggest fan!
The Creeperman Gamez
you could make her do a toll death run?
Aliska Robinson
Aliska Robinson Mês atrás
Alex Lewin
Alex Lewin Mês atrás
I was on the same plane as you
John Myth Jimenez
John Myth Jimenez 2 horas atrás
Preston you died both to the ender dragon LOL
Ma.antonette Lojares
Ma.antonette Lojares 10 horas atrás
i only here Babawa Xd
Ma.antonette Lojares
Ma.antonette Lojares 10 horas atrás
so i saw itsfunneh and the krew sponsoring genshin impact now PRESTON?! OWNQKWAHDSHWU
Creative Olivia
Creative Olivia 12 horas atrás
Preston you won I saw the bar of the ender dragon have no purple a few seconds before you died
KC WY 13 horas atrás
Steal everything and destroy the house
Stephanie Bouvier
Stephanie Bouvier 19 horas atrás
Preston won
B.E. Perkins
B.E. Perkins Dia atrás
You won
Mg God My Lord
Mg God My Lord Dia atrás
You win i see
Amin Rehman
Amin Rehman 2 dias atrás
Preston won
Andres Munoz
Andres Munoz 2 dias atrás
Do the same thing she did to you!!$
tigergaming 2 dias atrás
you win preston
Pres SlashDon
Pres SlashDon 2 dias atrás
gaming pichu
gaming pichu 2 dias atrás
You win of de enderdragon
Sonicmon 3 dias atrás
Preston 1
SubZero Stuff
SubZero Stuff 3 dias atrás
You won
Aman Duggal
Aman Duggal 3 dias atrás
if you want to do this you just take the chance to do tornado
Aman Duggal
Aman Duggal 3 dias atrás
preston won
ruv i guess
ruv i guess 3 dias atrás
3:39 ae seizure preston
REAL JT 3 dias atrás
I think you win
jakeem blading
jakeem blading 3 dias atrás
No Bri
Dragon Boy
Dragon Boy 4 dias atrás
You won
MelGFlores28 5 dias atrás
IPvp 5 dias atrás
Prest lost cuz he didn’t go threw the portal to get to overworks XDDDD
Meenakshi Dhadwal
Meenakshi Dhadwal 5 dias atrás
U won preston
Jaco Fourie
Jaco Fourie 5 dias atrás
Trap brianna in an prison
tiana kelsey
tiana kelsey 6 dias atrás
This payback Preston hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
James Nicolas
James Nicolas 6 dias atrás
make brianna do the item rain thing till you get enaugh obidian then if your in the nether make a nother portal
OG LOC 7 dias atrás
You won
Jose Soto
Jose Soto 7 dias atrás
Jeremy Stalma
Jeremy Stalma 8 dias atrás
You won preston
Dareen Clark Escobio
Dareen Clark Escobio 8 dias atrás
Prestin wins i put it in slow mo
Itz•Mira• 8 dias atrás
Me: *sees meteors* Also me: "I WILL HAVE ORDER" (Only genshin players understand xD)
PandaGamer 9 dias atrás
PRESTON WOM BY 0.80 seconds
You died 1 second after
Coby Chapman
Coby Chapman 9 dias atrás
Preston win
Fanboy Gaming YT
Fanboy Gaming YT 9 dias atrás
im afraid but u lost preson remember this person preson
Zaidi Ahmad
Zaidi Ahmad 9 dias atrás
could u post a vid playing genshin???? i have zhongli im f2p btw
Stephen Moree
Stephen Moree 9 dias atrás
Allsopp Twins
Allsopp Twins 10 dias atrás
You win
Allsopp Twins
Allsopp Twins 10 dias atrás
Prank her
Otis Singer
Otis Singer 10 dias atrás
Do a rematch
Zhaoliang Zhang
Zhaoliang Zhang 10 dias atrás
Dylan Bernard
Dylan Bernard 10 dias atrás
You won prestonplayz
my iptv
my iptv 10 dias atrás
Yay u are sponsoring genshin impact I play genshin impact it's super fun and I've completed the dodo king and dodoco everything
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee 10 dias atrás
You won
Sphia Z
Sphia Z 11 dias atrás
James Berezowsky
James Berezowsky 11 dias atrás
prank her bigtime with fire and magma
Norlie Mangampo
Norlie Mangampo 11 dias atrás
First time esponsorod by genshin hahahahahahaha my two brothers are play genshin
Tracie Merkel
Tracie Merkel 11 dias atrás
Do not subscribe Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha
Crazy Koby
Crazy Koby 11 dias atrás
get her back and preston won
Roy Chand
Roy Chand 11 dias atrás
Preston won because u had 3 lives and when u lost your 2nd life u died and beat the enderdragon
omar Waleed
omar Waleed 11 dias atrás
ender dragon and bri won
My tube celebs
My tube celebs 11 dias atrás
atack her house
Janet Nemeth
Janet Nemeth 11 dias atrás
Preston Playz was my birthday I was thinking of going thinking of thinking about thinking you were thinking of thinking about thinking you we Preston
Janet Nemeth
Janet Nemeth 11 dias atrás
Preston Playz was my birthday I was thinking of thinking about thinking of you guys today I love to
Banana yt !
Banana yt ! 12 dias atrás
A block is 3 feet preston
Ross Ung
Ross Ung 12 dias atrás
I think prestonplayz won
Bertwell Iyalla
Bertwell Iyalla 12 dias atrás
Please can i have free fire merch im in Nigeria and has been supporting you from when you started your channel please can i have free fire merch Adress: Manny Avenue number 11. State: River state, Nigeria. Accessory: Colour burst hoodie. Youth extra small.
Random funny vids
Random funny vids 12 dias atrás
"Is that a tornado?!" -Preston Editors: No it's soup This literally made my day TAHNK YOU PRESTON AND PRODUCTION CREW
Random funny vids
Random funny vids 12 dias atrás
And btw always respect your production crew
Ynigo Golimlim
Ynigo Golimlim 12 dias atrás
You win
LAURA MCCLEARY 12 dias atrás
You won
Santos Sanchez
Santos Sanchez 13 dias atrás
I feel like Preston one
Ronald Cortez
Ronald Cortez 13 dias atrás
Genshin announcement:the 2.0 skip method has started and its a cool game,preston,thanks for sponsoring my favorite game
Afeisha Robinson
Afeisha Robinson 13 dias atrás
Stole bianna's diamond
Kendall Pedersen
Kendall Pedersen 13 dias atrás
Preston won I played it back and you hit the ender dragon one more time and then you died. A way you can get brinna back is mabye try doing the 1 hundred button challenge but in MINECRAFT
Finn Keehan
Finn Keehan 13 dias atrás
The ended dragon died before u died.
Fredrik Nordin
Fredrik Nordin 13 dias atrás
Ada Okonkwo
Ada Okonkwo 13 dias atrás
Destroy Brian
Esther Manu
Esther Manu 13 dias atrás
Who is your 5 top favorite BRvidr mine is dream mrbeast and PewDiePie and of course you and Brianna🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈🐈🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮
Marion Berry
Marion Berry 14 dias atrás
bacon man
bacon man 14 dias atrás
i bet genshin impact is just for online daters
MBT gamer
MBT gamer 14 dias atrás
I have been playing Genshin Impact for 5 years it is very fun on my ps 4 download it NOW.
Jacob Ferry
Jacob Ferry 14 dias atrás
Jacob Dersell
Jacob Dersell 14 dias atrás
A tihnk he win for he killed the enderdragon
Dominic Borda
Dominic Borda 14 dias atrás
Preston won
Justice Carrington
Justice Carrington 14 dias atrás
you won
Ra Ares
Ra Ares 14 dias atrás
It was a tie
Erin Forsyth
Erin Forsyth 15 dias atrás
You win
You know how to get back Brianna you might want to use natural disasters to her sever and prank her lol
Indira Hegde
Indira Hegde 15 dias atrás
I agree with Preston. Genshin impact is AMAZING.
ton28 De leon
ton28 De leon 15 dias atrás
You win Preston
Christian Rader
Christian Rader 15 dias atrás
You won by one decasecond
Chayse Kenney
Chayse Kenney 15 dias atrás
Is one of those natural disasters you violation
Naveed Malik
Naveed Malik 15 dias atrás
when preston died, so did the ender dragon, i feel like preston won ;)
Mai Tran Ngoc
Mai Tran Ngoc 15 dias atrás
The questionable pink sicily prevent because lamb nutritionally prepare including a chubby box. false familiar famous, materialistic snake
Joeri De Smet
Joeri De Smet 15 dias atrás
You won
Uran Begaj
Uran Begaj 16 dias atrás
You killed the dragon then ju die
rechal nibiya
rechal nibiya 16 dias atrás
Alli 16 dias atrás
Try to hide in her house and steal what she puts in her chests
tina foster
tina foster 16 dias atrás
hi prestonplayz
Panda girl
Panda girl 16 dias atrás
The first one to comment The other comments have to say the same exact thing
Gloria Ludolph
Gloria Ludolph 16 dias atrás
The dragon lost first
Norma Vivi
Norma Vivi 17 dias atrás
You win
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez 17 dias atrás
Preston won
Matilde González
Matilde González 17 dias atrás
I have been playing genshin impact and it is EPIC
Robloxnoobs 17 dias atrás
Preston won 🏆
杨春 17 dias atrás
hi preston i am a fan
INTALETEPLAYS 17 dias atrás
It's a tie
IHaveInfinity Gaming
IHaveInfinity Gaming 17 dias atrás
You won
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