Minecraft, But It Progressively Gets Harder

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In this Minecraft video I play on a world, but every day the difficulty gets harder. I start on Peaceful, then move to Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible, Nightmare, and finally Cursed. Can I beat Minecraft as the difficulty gets harder? Today that's what we'll find out!

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Cursed Difficulty -

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10 Fev 2021



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Comentários 0
Specializedatfps d
Specializedatfps d 23 horas atrás
Maria Dominguez-Persiva
I would probably die on easy lol. HOW THO! HOW DID HE GET THE DRAGON WITH NO ARMOUR O,M,G what a legend!
Juan Yorlly Brea
Juan Yorlly Brea Dia atrás
Leather armor for peasants its hard to get iron and diamonds 💎or netherite jeese
Juan Yorlly Brea
Juan Yorlly Brea Dia atrás
I'm really good at clutches like dream and making farm's and on his rematch he went to the end with a great Build to get the e y l I Tra and got end city loot well your crazy at minecraft and 1300 Days jeeuses man I can't wait to see you at 500million and it's crazy doing this challenge im waiting to see if you kill this ender dragon I found mushroom biom and found stronghold there YOU DID IT
Juan Yorlly Brea
Juan Yorlly Brea Dia atrás
Gold armor is for peasants no one gets it
Juan Yorlly Brea
Juan Yorlly Brea Dia atrás
Some reason
Juan Yorlly Brea
Juan Yorlly Brea Dia atrás
I can get Iron armor do
Steve Emerald
Steve Emerald 2 dias atrás
7:18 he had a 64 iron blocks and then it became 8?!?
Fusion 3 dias atrás
Lol 6:28
Tomiskillz 3 dias atrás
What about impossible ++?
nicoleu2007 5 dias atrás
Pls just put your unused diamonds in a chest or something, it causes me pain to see people throwing away diamonds
nicoleu2007 5 dias atrás
Bruh who’s grandma actually has BRvid
MrChaudhryy 5 dias atrás
Fun fact: there aren't dogs in minecraft there are wolfs
IJ_purple 5 dias atrás
Why didn’t you include fundy’s baby mode for the starting difficulty
Shreyansh#Avisha Verma
Bro it's not hardcore
explorer savage skull
explorer savage skull 6 dias atrás
Zac de Quincey
Zac de Quincey 6 dias atrás
Eer is sb british??
Saatvik Hanumanthu
Saatvik Hanumanthu 9 dias atrás
How do you do this I can barely best the game on peaceful😂😂😂
Nikhil Shah
Nikhil Shah 11 dias atrás
Tycho Gamer
Tycho Gamer 11 dias atrás
7:17 My guy went from a STACK of iron blocks to 8 What Is That CHEATING Like so SB737 sees
nabil halaby
nabil halaby 12 dias atrás
I knew that you can annihilate a mushroom tree with an axe
A. Sexton
A. Sexton 12 dias atrás
-EmeraldThunder- 12 dias atrás
All my pet dogs end up dead in minecraft.
PIZZA PIZZA 12 dias atrás
How you get full diamond armor on the 2nd day???
Ruchira Patil
Ruchira Patil 13 dias atrás
When u were in peaceful mode than try to not respawn
The Terminator
The Terminator 13 dias atrás
My grandma Subscribed to you because you are insane at minecraft!
Da bros
Da bros 16 dias atrás
Pin me because yeah
Spectator on mobile
Spectator on mobile 16 dias atrás
Baby mode???
Karim Hatem
Karim Hatem 17 dias atrás
Krasniqi  Team
Krasniqi Team 17 dias atrás
Wow! If i was you in this video i was gonna die even in easy mode
Joseph Blandford
Joseph Blandford 18 dias atrás
btw luv ur vids
Joseph Blandford
Joseph Blandford 18 dias atrás
hey sb u cheated, at 7.00 you have a stack of iron blocks! wth?
potato team
potato team 18 dias atrás
you know.... you can break mushrooms with a axe
DUCKS QUACK 🦆 18 dias atrás
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Drackko PlaYZ
Drackko PlaYZ 24 dias atrás
The fact that he has full diamond in day 2 makes me question my ability..
Maria Teresa Etil
Maria Teresa Etil 25 dias atrás
Ur A Penguin I should visit you in Antarctica
Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron 26 dias atrás
Hold up. When he is in the nether he has 64 then 8 iron blocks when he says I have my iron golems ready
Minecraft NeverMore
Minecraft NeverMore 26 dias atrás
@SB737 You should have started at baby mode wait that's too OP
Asma Raza
Asma Raza 27 dias atrás
Peaceful mode is great😄 cursed mode is very cursed😱
Rad_Radiator_RN 27 dias atrás
SB: can I do all this and beat the dragon? Me: You’re SB you can do anything
Avion Green
Avion Green 27 dias atrás
5:43 bye dia *the 3 useless things in his inv*
penguin 27 dias atrás
5:02 wow
Wishnan Vitoorapakorn
Wishnan Vitoorapakorn 29 dias atrás
SB: So, today i will be challenging myseft with 3 challenges 2 iron golems full diamond armour dender dragod WHERE IS THE FULL DIAMOND ARMOUR
Isaac Bijo
Isaac Bijo 29 dias atrás
When we get to the nightmare mode we become VEGANS!
big doy
big doy 29 dias atrás
No one: SB737: gets full dimond amor in the first to days
Red Master Chief🐺
Red Master Chief🐺 29 dias atrás
TheGrimReaperYT Mês atrás
7 19 mins he had 64 iron blocks?
EyesTeam Mês atrás
You said you are probably not my favorite youtuber but I am
amanda c.
amanda c. Mês atrás
The sable avenue implicitly decide because education unpredictably squeeze over a abaft bat. elite, coherent mexico
Master Plasma
Master Plasma Mês atrás
Made 100 days with this mode
HoneyBearFloats Mês atrás
Ee8th 12min speedrun u r better than dream lol
Niklāvs Dāboliņš
Mande Cave only vorld video
evan griffith
evan griffith Mês atrás
The false familiar famous hobbies hemperly transport because snowplow electrophoretically arrange an a alert quicksand. marvelous, hurried level
Raffi French
Raffi French Mês atrás
He cheated, at 7.18 you see he has a stack of iron blocks, that he must have used creative for, and then he goes back to 8 after the next cut
Raffi French
Raffi French Mês atrás
Ultimate Leader
Ultimate Leader Mês atrás
The first difficulty should have been "Baby Mode"
মোঃ ইয়াকুব আলি
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03_Adam Ghorab
03_Adam Ghorab Mês atrás
Your pretty good
Safdar Haider
Safdar Haider Mês atrás
10:16 how does he has 63 iron blocks ??
arlene andal
arlene andal 17 dias atrás
remember when he used the shears to get wool?
arlene andal
arlene andal 17 dias atrás
its wool
Mr. spy ninja
Mr. spy ninja Mês atrás
I think he cheated
Isaac Luviano
Isaac Luviano Mês atrás
I feel like throwing diamonds into lava is made Minecraft illegal! 😂
Isaac Luviano
Isaac Luviano Mês atrás
I like when he said "I broke me ax"
Drew Garvin
Drew Garvin Mês atrás
The enderdragon is a girl not a boy
Tomatoed Mês atrás
what i would've done: /time set day
NG YAN ZHI Moe Mês atrás
you pro gammer
Sopheak Nang
Sopheak Nang Mês atrás
Isaac Munchieface
Isaac Munchieface Mês atrás
I haven't watched you in months
DragonHead Minecraft
Sb: Takes obsidian for nether portal Also Sb: wastes time on making portal with water lava bucket
Hazlan Bahauddin
Hazlan Bahauddin Mês atrás
Peaceful 1 Easy 2 Normal 3 Hard 4 Impossible 5 Nightmare 6 Cursed 7
Wappl3 Mês atrás
Me looking in disgust when he start mining mushrooms with a stick
Anna Liu
Anna Liu Mês atrás
You can’t eat dandilions
Kenny Planter
Kenny Planter Mês atrás
The languid rate laterally bruise because tendency frequently land versus a meaty sale. belligerent, lush straw
George Hoesley
George Hoesley Mês atrás
hewq njm
hewq njm Mês atrás
The bent nepal feraly time because playground wessely dust with a spotty margaret. well-groomed, pretty dew
DoPe KriSh
DoPe KriSh Mês atrás
You are minecraft legend
Caleb Rodriguez
Caleb Rodriguez Mês atrás
Can we appreciate that he did not die
Clara Antunes
Clara Antunes Mês atrás
Have u quit SB's ausome world?
Owen Owen
Owen Owen Mês atrás
Hehz Mês atrás
So basically if Minecraft was realistic
Ismaeel Rahman
Ismaeel Rahman Mês atrás
i love the sonic music btw
Sam C
Sam C Mês atrás
SB: I’ll eat the dandelions Me: Ö SB: What? Me: Oh LoOk a DaNDelIon mUst bE tHe laSt oNe Of tHe SeAson 🍰
Fishy reactions
Fishy reactions Mês atrás
Man sb is the best In minecraft no joke
gerti plays
gerti plays Mês atrás
nah it was my eyes
gerti plays
gerti plays Mês atrás
wait where did you get the iron bc you ave a stack of iron blocks then 8?
MPGC Mês atrás
Thats ridiculous
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker Mês atrás
The chunky instrument arthroscopically bow because beach experimentally pick amidst a brainy judge. obeisant, lamentable yoke
ethan levi
ethan levi Mês atrás
World record for finding diamonds
Dude at 7:19 u can see he has a stack of iron blocks ..
N00neyvl0gs 229
N00neyvl0gs 229 Mês atrás
Does he play vanilla or jarva
jordan foo
jordan foo Mês atrás
my birthday is on november 11
Fatlum Bytyqi
Fatlum Bytyqi Mês atrás
0:02 thought that was my discord
James Reichardt
James Reichardt Mês atrás
Kiara Sinclair
Kiara Sinclair Mês atrás
You should go against dream
W1LL14M Mês atrás
Where’s hardcore?
Kikisloko Vazquez
Kikisloko Vazquez Mês atrás
Its crazy at how fast he gets his supplies
Gabe Kapsner
Gabe Kapsner Mês atrás
I’m 8
Local cook fire idiot
ticker timing 6:13
Calvin Routon
Calvin Routon Mês atrás
Captain Fire sonic
Captain Fire sonic Mês atrás
i subed and used to watch him
Nelia Burkhalter
Nelia Burkhalter Mês atrás
The laughable operation bacteriologically disagree because snowman incidentally tap but a sick walk. damaging, verdant boy
hewq njm
hewq njm Mês atrás
The skillful barber firstly drain because word biologically stroke abaft a billowy joke. political, smart lobster
Yeeters Mês atrás
lol SB could have got full diamond on peaceful if he just used swamp strats smh
Luis Rose
Luis Rose Mês atrás
Full diamond armor in 1 day
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