Minecraft, But Advancements Give OP Items...

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Minecraft, But Advancements Give OP Items...
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BTW I know @Bionic also had the same video idea with his "Minecraft, But Every Advancement Gives You OP Items..." video, but I recorded this a couple weeks ago and he's completely cool with using the same idea!
This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game, but the world updates every 10 minutes, this idea was inspired by @Wisp's "Minecraft but Fire Drops OP Items" video, except I put my own twist on it!
#Minecraft #MinecraftBut #MinecraftChallenge


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28 Fev 2021



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Comentários 100
Blue Slime Is Gaming
Blue Slime Is Gaming 3 horas atrás
Can you teach us how to do this
Samurai 4 horas atrás
times he silver said "I'm Just" | | | ⬇️
Arya Redij
Arya Redij 6 horas atrás
give link of these mod plz
blast bg
blast bg 6 horas atrás
Nise vido
Hanan Mohamed
Hanan Mohamed 11 horas atrás
RIP ender dragon XD XD XD
RAVAEL GAMING GGG 12 horas atrás
Fack lah
陳政匡Adam Chan
陳政匡Adam Chan 13 horas atrás
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I WANT IT WANT IT!
Laura Henderson
Laura Henderson 16 horas atrás
9:01. The item was a anvil Or a god apple
AliBob MC
AliBob MC 19 horas atrás
What about full netherite
Li Fi
Li Fi 19 horas atrás
"Woah its got iron" Its a very rare chance for a zombie to drop iron
yuvraj Aryan
yuvraj Aryan 20 horas atrás
Omg yesterday i saw your subs were like 400k something now you have 500k subs if like this you can have 1million subs
Stacie Collins
Stacie Collins 22 horas atrás
'Might as well put frost Walker on' me um but what if you do a water bucket save
Owen Langston
Owen Langston Dia atrás
Owen Langston
Owen Langston Dia atrás
At the intro his level was 69
Big Sword
Big Sword Dia atrás
Please texture pack
Ban Zay
Ban Zay Dia atrás
Blue Dragon101
Blue Dragon101 Dia atrás
69 at the start nice
PortalMaster2011 Dia atrás
whats the mod
Anthony Huang
Anthony Huang Dia atrás
ender dragon head in the start
Filip Todorovic
Filip Todorovic Dia atrás
Ayyub G
Ayyub G Dia atrás
2 anvils
Christopher Schneider
I cant keep up how many times this dude has said, "Let's go" in the last minute
Ghost maple
Ghost maple Dia atrás
Did you seriously just say sheeps
_ max1700 _
_ max1700 _ Dia atrás
You really don‘t understand FEARHER FALLING 10!?!? You can literally jump from a 100 blocks
Adv Sanjeev Kumar Mandal
3:12 The skeleton hits the bat..... Me who is playing minecraft for 9 years...... Ummmm......
questionqble Dia atrás
Minecraft, but I beat the game
Dionder08 Dia atrás
You are a copy of whisp
sushi Dia atrás
Yo, I actually am here from 500k, I watch a video I come to this one 10 minutes later and you have 501k subs, your channel is going crazy, like ur vids btw
treeband Dia atrás
Amar Afraz
Amar Afraz Dia atrás
Piece of poo
Game Skills
Game Skills Dia atrás
R.I.P Mr cod
Jori Dia atrás
I also have frost walker netherite
Jori Dia atrás
Withers don't have feet, thanks for the cursed image
Jerod Cazares
Jerod Cazares Dia atrás
even though you started out not to long ago, you make amazing videos! Keep it up
woody 70
woody 70 Dia atrás
10:53 he got a notch apple, 10:57 it’s gone...bruh
rayan Aamir
rayan Aamir 2 dias atrás
He have 400, 000 subs and only upload 13 video
d3xta_ 2 dias atrás
When he fire resed on the resspawn anchor my heart dropped
SploitxX BG
SploitxX BG 2 dias atrás
"i can attack his feet* Me: its the spine because its a floating upper boddy
The sir.warden
The sir.warden 2 dias atrás
I love how in the intro his head was getting devoured by a villager with a dragon head
Sadie Fortner
Sadie Fortner 3 dias atrás
Me being triggered for him not making a pick in sted of a chest plate
OT-Ritzcrackers 3 dias atrás
Mister MischiefMaker
Mister MischiefMaker 3 dias atrás
Your a fish killer
Zxne 3 dias atrás
Am I the only one here from skyblock/speedsilver?
Sam Raven
Sam Raven 3 dias atrás
why not advancements speed run :v
Jamesiboy Games
Jamesiboy Games 3 dias atrás
I like how you use grian ending music
Ozzie Waterson
Ozzie Waterson 3 dias atrás
Ligit I saw somebody with only 5 videos now and she's over your amount is subs- Good job doe
Konto. op
Konto. op 3 dias atrás
Sonya Song
Sonya Song 3 dias atrás
I have a book like that in the start
Mtrickk 3 dias atrás
Lmao BRvid really put you out, great content my guy
l 3 dias atrás
who's talking about the villager wearing a dragon head on the start
Next Gen Proxies
Next Gen Proxies 3 dias atrás
The thinkable birthday distally trade because argentina microcephaly strap an a well-to-do product. two, sharp cow
Darksteel Plays
Darksteel Plays 3 dias atrás
how did u not make a neatherite swsord u scrub
Zypher Op
Zypher Op 3 dias atrás
Lauren Cook
Lauren Cook 4 dias atrás
Floofy Poofy
Floofy Poofy 4 dias atrás
I luv your videos. :3
Amir Badran
Amir Badran 4 dias atrás
See we Hanna talk about how the skeleton hit the bat
Nicholas Schwegmann
Nicholas Schwegmann 4 dias atrás
There is two advancnent cover me with debries aka where a full a set of netherite armour and hidden in the depths aka when you get anceint debrie
Alpha AquilamonX
Alpha AquilamonX 4 dias atrás
If I were you I would've wear gold, you're supposed to wear golden armour in the nether that's the uniform for the nether if you don't the piglins will attack you
Brittany Elledge-Holst
I dont care what the piglens give me once he gets a fire rez gimme more👁👅👁
Jaevian Cruz
Jaevian Cruz 4 dias atrás
Jaevian Cruz
Jaevian Cruz 4 dias atrás
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Joe Roth
Joe Roth 4 dias atrás
You got a nice amount of levels there
PowerAde0904_YT 4 dias atrás
I saw the stronghold when he got back to the overworld for the diamond block
Zad Tb
Zad Tb 4 dias atrás
Bruh u missed a simple thing.😂 You could have made a diamond chestplate from those 9 diamonds
Salmon 4 dias atrás
u remind me of sketch
Arlen Gore
Arlen Gore 4 dias atrás
Make a chestplate
Claire Sumner
Claire Sumner 4 dias atrás
Copy off bionic
Seph Groven
Seph Groven 4 dias atrás
Does the wither even HAVE feet?
Draw My Life Kiro
Draw My Life Kiro 4 dias atrás
If you go trade with piglins use gold armor they not attack but brute attacks you
Mike 4 dias atrás
8:36 he had 11 obsidian and made a 12 portal? I smell cheats
Gaming with Vansh
Gaming with Vansh 4 dias atrás
Nice Addon
Killer Monk
Killer Monk 4 dias atrás
so hard work in editing
Username Denied
Username Denied 4 dias atrás
0:09 look at the experience points
Troy Kardas
Troy Kardas 4 dias atrás
Turn this into 100 days please
Isau Felipe
Isau Felipe 4 dias atrás
0:09 nobody: nobody again: silver: *has 69 levels*
Bobby Davey
Bobby Davey 5 dias atrás
Hoyt you
Demir Yalçın
Demir Yalçın 5 dias atrás
00:54 you got ender pearls cuz balanced diet have parts
Brady Nesbitt
Brady Nesbitt 5 dias atrás
why does he say go nether instead of going to the neather
IhsanRocks 5 dias atrás
Just in case he sees this comment netherite swords work like diamond axes, dealing more damage and having a lower charge time. If you really like axes for these kind of single player stuff where no one has shields I would recommend a netherite sword but if they do have a shield a netherite axe will be better.
Salinas Ariana
Salinas Ariana 5 dias atrás
The fabulous coat cranially visit because block alternately signal throughout a jobless editor. jumbled, unarmed drawbridge
Onobold 5 dias atrás
17:36 omg so fast reaction 😱
WARRIOR007 V 5 dias atrás
This guy is fake he adds these mods himself and acts surprised
Oliver Street
Oliver Street 5 dias atrás
This dude blew up SO QUICKLY like if you are in the 'before 400K club'
Charlie Langridge
Charlie Langridge 5 dias atrás
Can I go nether -speed silver 2021 Can he speak English
AyaanB VFX
AyaanB VFX 5 dias atrás
His voice is wierd no offense
Super_zero_62 5 dias atrás
Me when he made the diamond helmet use the netherite to make a netherite helmet
No lxveoppz
No lxveoppz 5 dias atrás
Wait who did it first bionic or silver
Paul Judd
Paul Judd 5 dias atrás
Should've smelted it for FULL netherite
Paul Judd
Paul Judd 5 dias atrás
Guess you shouldn't have dropped it
Paul Judd
Paul Judd 5 dias atrás
Did you know smelting ancient debris gives you netherite?
Paul Judd
Paul Judd 5 dias atrás
Oliver Santos
Oliver Santos 5 dias atrás
3:14 that bat saved him😭😩😭😭
Yosef Miguel Dapat
Yosef Miguel Dapat 5 dias atrás
u forgot to beat up the wither if that is how u spell it
Kate Playz
Kate Playz 5 dias atrás
And an advancement from finding every biome in the game and eating every food in the game cooked and raw even spider eyes and rotten flesh and ALL the options
Kate Playz
Kate Playz 5 dias atrás
Don't use netherite on the weapons use it on cheastplate it's the strongest and an advancement
omar aghbar
omar aghbar 5 dias atrás
Silver is the guy when he gets an op item, he is super chillin
Lixade 5 dias atrás
10:48 look at his enchanted apples.. did he eat one in between the clips? And if so, why did the effects run out so quickly?
[AKA] grim reaper
[AKA] grim reaper 5 dias atrás
WHO REMEMBERS THE “talking inventory” achievement Damn I’m old 💀
gaming aura
gaming aura Hora atrás
"those were the days" (i know its a achievement but whatever)
Mason Handforth
Mason Handforth 3 dias atrás
@[AKA] grim reaper well I just gave away I'm a kid that ok
[AKA] grim reaper
[AKA] grim reaper 3 dias atrás
@Mason Handforth yes
Mason Handforth
Mason Handforth 3 dias atrás
@[AKA] grim reaper so wait your saying I should have been playing minecraft when I didnt even exist
[AKA] grim reaper
[AKA] grim reaper 4 dias atrás
@Mason Handforth u monster
Kelton Hart
Kelton Hart 5 dias atrás
Rip fish😭
Annie Bradley
Annie Bradley 5 dias atrás
The elfin literature developmentally divide because effect unfortunately fool by a able beggar. raspy, plausible fir
Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen 5 dias atrás
hahhh 69
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