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Can "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown make a DIY cocktail dress? Can she give a poodle a fancy hairdo? Can she make a fake nose out of Play-Doh? In this edition of Allure's "Try 9," Millie Bobby Brown tries a whole bunch of things she's never done before. How successful will she be? Watch to find out!
Director: Arielle Neblett
On Site Director: Posy Dixon
Director of Photography: Henry Lockyer
Editor: Randall Maxwell
Producer: Liv Proctor
Associate Producer: Alejandra Parisi
Production Manager: Marilee Hodge
Production Coordinator: Jamal Colvin
1st Assistant Camera: Will Gething
Audio: Ro Colman
Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Props Buyer: Tors Beedles
Props Assistant: Eve Shillingford
Senior Entertainment Editor: Eugene Shevertalov
Assistant Editor: Andy Morell
Talent: Millie Bobby Brown
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9 Ago 2022



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Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride Anos atrás
i love her humble confidence. a lot of people dislike her because she’s not insecure and “in the background” like how hollywood expects women to be, and i’m so glad she doesn’t let those comments get to her. she’s so beautiful and talented!
Samyak Halder
Samyak Halder Anos atrás
I just saw yt video where the comments are all bullying Millie, saying "The older she gets the less humble she becomes" and saying she has a "big mouth." I believe those guys freaking speak the nerd emoji (🤓)
bibimbap Anos atrás
All the people always bullying her for being annoying are literally the most annoying themselves
jade Anos atrás
@bibimbap truth
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Anos atrás
Couldn’t have said it better. You can just tell she’s a good person
Anonymous Anos atrás
YES! That’s why I LOVE HER
adina temirkhan
adina temirkhan Anos atrás
i’ll never forget how everyone treated this kid. she deserves the world and the biggest apology
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Anos atrás
Yeehee Anos atrás
Biggest apology? Definitely an apology but biggest? Idk about that one chief?
King Fame
King Fame Anos atrás
How did everyone treat her?
Didi chan
Didi chan Anos atrás
RJ Foxhoven
RJ Foxhoven Anos atrás
It wasn't personal against her People were just haters and they just wanted to hate on someone
lokeske Anos atrás
Millie doesn't deserve so much hate...she is so kind and funny. I love her energy and her confidence. I don't understand why other people don't..
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Anos atrás
that is so true and I agree totally
kiroksx Anos atrás
She's not
lokeske Anos atrás
winniethepuh Anos atrás
@Mallow i mean i love her but i dont think thats true
Martínez Gabriel
Martínez Gabriel Anos atrás
​​@Mallow I think it's more because of the physical change she's had
Victoria Crouse
Victoria Crouse Anos atrás
She is adorable. I love how she switches to a accent when saying the American names of the food like a dramatic teenager.
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott 11 meses atrás
It is halitosis when she guesses cotton candy
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott 11 meses atrás
Skyisnotmyname 11 meses atrás
she is a teenager
abby ☻
abby ☻ 10 meses atrás
@Skyisnotmyname she's actually 18 I think
Skyisnotmyname 10 meses atrás
@abby ☻yea she is 18
Sri P
Sri P Anos atrás
I love her attitude and confidence, she truly is a role model in that regard. A lot of people don't like her because she is a bit more mellow but that's nonsense. This is such a cute video ahah I love the vibe
ALittleFuzzyLamb13 Anos atrás
I’m happy to see that she has grown in confidence and seems more secure in herself despite the cruelty she received as a literal child. This dress looks super comfy but my mind is like “track suit but make it dress?” I actually kind of dig it. It grew on me as I watched the video.
Dvine Dzine
Dvine Dzine Anos atrás
It's got kind of a 70's vibe. 😎
Isabel Alzate Estrada
Isabel Alzate Estrada 10 meses atrás
Same, although I think pink or purple would look so much better on her
Hassan Hussain
Hassan Hussain Anos atrás
I seriously will never forgive the media and public for dragging this girl for no reason I mean look at her, how can you not like her, she is an icon.
inmysoul_TLH Anos atrás
i love her but i do recall her using her face wash on instagram video and technically, she wasn’t even using it… it was very obvious lol. so that was all her. i do think the mocking and teasing for speaking a lot in interviews was so wrong though.
Hassan Hussain
Hassan Hussain Anos atrás
@inmysoul_TLH yeah but she still a kid, I honestly feel so bad for her when people tease her, I mean the girls just trying to make a career for herself and people be hating on her cause she is young.
Aly Bean
Aly Bean Anos atrás
I didn’t know people dragged her! So sad she’s gorgeous and charismatic
JP Anos atrás
I know right. She was a child and got so much hate. I can’t imagine dealing with so much bullying at such a young age.
teonie Anos atrás
@inmysoul_TLH who cares if she wasnt using it? its clearly not hurting anyone at all 🤭
Amanda Whittaker
Amanda Whittaker Anos atrás
No make up, effortlessly perfect... just living her best life. We love to see it!
iiunknow.vibesii Anos atrás
@Tommy you can tell she isn’t
ANJU Two Anos atrás
@iiunknow.vibesii c'mon she is, maybe nude makeup,but i can tell she does have little makeup on her face to look fine
Ilovefood93 Anos atrás
She is wearing the stuff
ella ෆ
ella ෆ 11 meses atrás
Oh hunny.. she is definitely wearing makeup.
J Yong
J Yong 10 meses atrás
Such innocence
urmom Anos atrás
She’s so confident and pretty and amazing, and people are rude because they’re jealous of her. She’s accomplished so many things at this young age.
Ramiro Sarachu
Ramiro Sarachu 10 meses atrás
Unknown User you know she's struggling with anxiety, right? And it shows on interviews, of course, blame human psyche
MaryDyer 10 meses atrás
@Ramiro Sarachu she has anxiety because she never listened when people close to her told her to tap the brakes on stardom.
ï 7 meses atrás
456j50 Lmao that was years ago when she was a literal kid. Nowadays she's even afraid to speak her mind when on talk shows. Stop hating, I bet you weren't perfect as a child. 🙄
ï 7 meses atrás
456j50 No, it has NOTHING to do with jealousy, I'm NOT jealous of her!!! Lol then why tf are you mentioning the same thing again and again?
ï 7 meses atrás
456j50 She was a child then, would have learnt it anyway. Bullying someone is horrible and never justifiable.
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru Anos atrás
she is beautiful without make up, with make up, she’s gorgeous, she’s powerful, she’s funny, she’s talanted, she’s just millie Bobby Brown
patience wreah
patience wreah 2 meses atrás
237 like and 0 comments ✨️ lEt Me FiX tHaT ✨️ 💅
Avaya Rainn
Avaya Rainn Anos atrás
She is the most wholesome celebrity i have ever seen. She's so sweet and goofy, and she's an incredible role model for young girls and women. Keep being you Millie, you're incredible! ❤
Nidhi Yadav
Nidhi Yadav Anos atrás
She is so fun and humble she does not act bratty or anything like that she truly has fun and doesn’t care about people I love her!❤️ She is so so so fun 🤩 and is everything
Dvine Dzine
Dvine Dzine Anos atrás
I think she's a natural comedienne, even though ST is drama.
Seidenschnabel Federflügel
This was very sweet. She looks like she was in a good place. I just wish her happiness and a lot of love and warmth. ♥️
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Anos atrás
Agreed. You can tell she’s such a good person
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana Anos atrás vlog :D
Wheel Anos atrás
Max Anos atrás
She was in a white room
Bubble Gore
Bubble Gore Anos atrás
i love her energy 😭😭 she's really funny and so confident and just full of life, she's like fresh air
MaryDyer 10 meses atrás
Then why the crying emoji?
Kiwi 8 meses atrás
@MaryDyer why does it matter?
Lex💞 3 meses atrás
@MaryDyer it means tears of joy in this situation
Mox Lee
Mox Lee Anos atrás
She is just so loveable. Her personality is so cute and bubbly in a non annoying way. She's just a breath of fresh air honestly
Cinnamoon Anos atrás
I love the way she manages to not burst out laughing, like the cocktail party for plushies never would’ve never even started cause I would just be awkwardly giggling the whole time
EmmyR🌸 9 meses atrás
I love how the dog lays back on her and is so relaxed. I also love how she just opened the zucchini
it’s me
it’s me Anos atrás
I’m so glad I look up to this girl as my role model. her confidence is so high and she doesn’t care if anyone judges her because she just had fun!
sunshine Anos atrás
she seems so fun 🥹 i hate that the world has been so unkind to her :/
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones Anos atrás
YEAH! Protect Millie at all costs!!
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana Anos atrás vlog ;D
Mentos Anos atrás
@Natalie Jones don’t say that
mako Anos atrás
what happened?
brooke lindo
brooke lindo Anos atrás
i love millie she’s so charismatic. people send her so much hate but she’s been through so much and she’s actually a very understanding person. im glad that she’s being herself even after the amount of people that gave judged her for being “too loud” she’s so sweet
Guadalupe Anos atrás
Millie deserves the world and more that comes her way. Truly a inspiration ❤️.
Charlotte 💗
Charlotte 💗 Anos atrás
I love how in thsi interview minty is 100% herself in every way possible and I love how she doesn’t have any makeup on she is just her natural self and everyone should learn to embrace themselves and be themselves Like her
mentally unstable
mentally unstable Anos atrás
she's probably wearing makeup just natural makeup those lights wash you out
Account 1709
Account 1709 Anos atrás
yeah i love minty too
Charlotte 💗
Charlotte 💗 Anos atrás
@Account 1709 ikr totally 😂😭
Account 1709
Account 1709 Anos atrás
@Charlotte 💗 ... i was being sarcastic, you types "minty"?
Charlotte 💗
Charlotte 💗 Anos atrás
@Account 1709 Ik lol 😂
Lonna Anos atrás
she seems SO much happier I’m so so proud of her
Aneisha Jay
Aneisha Jay 10 meses atrás
whoever styled her for this did an A+ job, it’s not overdone or makes her look way older
Gracvdz Anos atrás
Millie’s American accent is literally so funny I love it
Livvy Anos atrás
The best part is the fact that she actually does an amazing American accent on stranger things. As an American, if I didn’t know who she was, it could’ve completely fooled me.
Chloee Ng
Chloee Ng Anos atrás
@Livvy yeah me too
makmak Anos atrás
She’s such a star. I adore her sense of humor and overall vibe. Not only gorgeous but she seems relaxed, present and lighthearted. ❤️ Idk who wouldn’t want to be friends with her. P.S. Her dress is probably hundreds or thousands of dollars but I swear my grandma wore those same velour loungewear zip up dresses around the house when I was a kid. 😂
Anonymous Anos atrás
She’s so out there and is being her and not trying to act like how people these days say famous women or girls should act. Millie is such a confident and inspiring person.
Lucy Anos atrás
I adore her - she’s probably the most real celebrity out there and she inspires me so much
Riley Burton
Riley Burton Anos atrás
i love her energy so much, i would watch her do absolutely anything. cant wait to see where her career goes
Adele Westling
Adele Westling Anos atrás
I love her so so much she’s just such a beautiful, funny person. But the fact that she’s so down to earth even with all her fame is incredible and another reason to love her❤️❤️ Millie deserves the world💜💜
Thou are an art
Thou are an art Anos atrás
She's really charismatic. Millie, don't let those negative comments affect you, keep your lovely energy darling.💜
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Anos atrás
Agreed. She’s amazing
Sun Anos atrás
@Khalilah D. I see you everywhere
nicole Anos atrás
it's so nice to see our millie happy, but really happy. I love her, she is so herself and doesn't mind any insult, and I'm really disappointed with people's behavior towards her,they say so many bad things that he does not deserve. Her smile keeps me going, she deserves the best 💜
Clxrk_games0 Anos atrás
She’s so energetic I love her charisma. Like there is so much to like about her and people drag her down so they feel good
Football not soccer
Football not soccer 10 meses atrás
I love how confident she is so talented finally talking again I feel so bad when people were talking bad about how she is always talking and intruppting the cast I love Millie she is a iconic queen l love the challenge where she guess the foods American brand love you Millie 🌷❤️👑✨
Area51 Anos atrás
I love how she just eats the food while she talks about them like is she even aloud to she’s so funny😂
D00R 5 meses atrás
She has a great personality, a lot of fun
OliBaba Enqvist
OliBaba Enqvist Anos atrás
Millie can litterly have any hairstyle, have any kind, style of clothes, 80s, 90s 2000 like litterly anything and just look beautiful im just so freaking jealous :) Love you Millie! Fantastik video btw
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Anos atrás
Agreed she has a timeless beauty
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana Anos atrás vlog ;D
YES I definitely agree she is so pretty and she nails the role of el!!!
Yess and I love her blonde hair:D
Margot White
Margot White Anos atrás
love how she was being a fun 18 year old, she's letting lose it's nice to see her so confident, and so natural
sugarcube_bugaboox Anos atrás
I love her, she never fails making me smile!
sfb396 Anos atrás
I love you Millie. Never change for people. Your personality fits you the best
yul Anos atrás
how could you hate her she seems like such a sweet person :(
Levity Lenient
Levity Lenient Anos atrás
I know it’s just the ugly truth of the media :(
Mr Knowhere
Mr Knowhere Anos atrás
Just jealousy. People envy that she got famous so early in life. People also hated on her when she was younger for just acting like a kid and enjoying life, which was was so stupid. I hope she hasn't let all the negativity affect her. Stuff like that can take a tally on your wellbeing at such a young age.
Mr Knowhere
Mr Knowhere Anos atrás
Elton John she doesnt let others talk? That was a couple interviews when she was like 12 years old 5 years ago. Why do people still hang onto that? And dont you think calling it a "disgusting" personality is a bit much? Like, shes still super young, everyone is eccentric when they're young.
23._ goat vr
23._ goat vr 11 meses atrás
Unknown User See dawh that's just not cool. She didn't let others talk because she was excited and alot to say and she is a nice person plus it's the media for doing that.
vailaua loto'aniu
vailaua loto'aniu Anos atrás
Love how she’s asking the dog if she wants food, then just answers ‘no’ for the dog and pops it in her mouth.
celestial Anos atrás
I lover how her whole personality changes when she switches to American accent lmao. Flipping hair, rolling eyes, hand gestures. A whole mood Also OFCOURSE she knows American words, her bff Noah is American after all
L-C-K_73 Anos atrás
Canadian actually but basically same thing
brittany Anos atrás
@L-C-K_73 Noah's parents are Canadian but he was born and raised in the US.
Crazy feminist
Crazy feminist Anos atrás
As a Canadian I must say we are not the same... Jk there are slight differences tho
SnEAkErHEaD Anos atrás
she was also raised a lot of her life in the US so it’s a big part of her life and culture
Joshna Joby
Joshna Joby Anos atrás
such a great personality and so friendly MILLIE IS A GEM
Hạnh Mỹ
Hạnh Mỹ 8 meses atrás
she shows her pure beauty, no makeup, no lie beauty, just her true self. She deserves everything in this world, and we must protect her at all costs!!!!! Love her so much!!!!
Blonde Emo
Blonde Emo Anos atrás
Everyone : **Talking abt Millie’s confidence and how amazing she is** Me : 4:24 - I think we should donate that nose for Vecna 🙋‍♀️
Averyslayys #STOPLIVHATE
Lol so true LMAO😂😂😂😂😂
Tikachu 2 meses atrás
In all honesty I never seen this side of her. I am glad she's always positive and not letting negativity get the best of her.
HeyJude Mês atrás
SHES SO EFFORTLESSLY AMAZING IM SORRY- I don’t understand how she gets so much hate :(
Zoe L
Zoe L Anos atrás
Millie with long blonde hair was THE move and suited her so well, but short hair millie will always remain superior. I missed it!💜 Warms my heart to see her so happy here xx
Kiri Anos atrás
Ugh me too!!
sournotsweet0 Anos atrás
Brunette is better in my opinion
Yael Cohen
Yael Cohen Anos atrás
Her 2019 hair was the best!!
Zoe L
Zoe L Anos atrás
@sournotsweet0 Yess love brunette, especially with the blonde highlights! She can literally pull of anything though.. it's not fair
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana Anos atrás vlog !!
kitano0 7 meses atrás
She's a good actress...I loved her Enola Holmes movies, and of course Stranger Things. She is very articulate, but can say loads just with her facial expressions.
ArianaxGreaves Anos atrás
I love her I love her energy and everything about her 🥰
Nunya Bizz
Nunya Bizz Anos atrás
She's so cool and hilarious. I hope she never changes :)
Zaysha Andrews
Zaysha Andrews 11 meses atrás
She seems so fun to hangout with. Every video with her in it makes me smile ❤️
Masha Princess
Masha Princess 4 meses atrás
I love how her character enola is like a tough kick butt lady detective and then her real self is like a huge teddy bear to every animal she sees how are they the same person like what-
Officer Friendly
Officer Friendly Anos atrás
Who else loves Millie's hairstyles? I mean it's always intriguing and beautiful.
Fayotomi Joda
Fayotomi Joda Anos atrás
I love it but if she cut it does it mean she is done shooting enola holmes? If so that means it's coming out soon
GG ARTISMA Anos atrás
​@Fayotomi Joda yes, she's done, but they can use wigs too
kloudly Anos atrás
I have the same length hair but I kinda wanna cut bangs like millies
Fayotomi Joda
Fayotomi Joda Anos atrás
@GG ARTISMA Okay. Can't wait for it to come out.
Officer Friendly
Officer Friendly Anos atrás
@Fayotomi Joda she said on the interview with Allure that it will be releasing early Fall.
MillsTheOrca Anos atrás
I mean, how could you not like this cutie. She's talented, sweet, and funny! What an amazing actress!!
Spooderman Anos atrás
I love Millie so much she’s so sweet and kind she always makes me laugh
Jill Mayer
Jill Mayer Anos atrás
This is so refreshing to see. She looks like a normal teenage who maybe wasn't in the mood to go all out on her hair and makeup (even though she's filming something for a magazine). She looks so beautiful. More of this please! Also there is nothing wrong with doing your hair or makeup I just wish we saw a little less of it in the media sometimes :)
missrose? Anos atrás
I love Millie so much❤️ she’s hilarious and just generally amazing
Yana Anos atrás
she is beautiful without make up, with make up, she’s gorgeous, she’s powerful, she’s funny, she’s talanted, she’s just millie Bobby Brown❤️
sarah Anos atrás
her interview really broke my heart she deserve sm better and also she’s so strong i’m so proud of her
Sevval Sahin
Sevval Sahin Anos atrás
Yeah fr she deserves sm better :/
tasy fan pjo
tasy fan pjo Anos atrás
sorry im lost, what happened ?
Jessica Anos atrás
wait what happened
•Master Nia•
•Master Nia• Anos atrás
Wait what interview? What happened?
mom come pick me up i’m scared
@tasy fan pjo with allure she did an interview for their magazine and she really dove deep into how the world has been treating her. the bullying, the homophobic jokes, (ppl made random memes abt her and called her homophobic even tho she isn’t) and how she felt during all of that. she even talked about what it felt like when she went through that very traumatic period in her life last year when she was groomed and severely abused- then describing how it felt when it broke out to the entire world. it was heartbreaking to read, she’s been through so much and she’s done nothing but be kind to ppl and love them and this is what she got in return.
ivoryvignettes Anos atrás
There was a time when I was like "wow, she seems arrogant, thus unlikable". But here's what I realized: People had done that to me so much, and it hurts. Internalized se*ism as heck. I'm so sorry to her. She's absolutely fantastic! Smart, talented, gorgeous! If she were a boy, nobody would've given her so much sh*t.
MaryDyer 10 meses atrás
Why did you censor sexism?
Jupiter & kitkat_#roadto300
It's sad that she gets hate all the time but we are here for her :)
Salami Darasimi
Salami Darasimi Anos atrás
I don't know why the media hated this girl so much, like she is so humble and kind who won't like her
Hannah Stott
Hannah Stott Anos atrás
I love the way she just snapped the zucchini in half like she does it every day😂😂
Helen Saunders
Helen Saunders 5 meses atrás
The way she just explains it like she knows exactly what's going on 🤣 Love you Millie!
Ava Anos atrás
She’s so fun to watch because she always has so much energy and so much personality!! ❤️ (Tysm for all the likes!)
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana Anos atrás vlog !!
skeleton Anos atrás
Millie is so cool, very humble and sweet lady.
Overjoyedvids Anos atrás
I’ll never forget the social media for making her upset and everything , I love it how she doesn’t care what people say about her she is so cute and funny keep being you Millie
Marsxchi 4 meses atrás
The fact that she is sooooo amazing and people treat her so wrong is super sad. She needs the biggest apology that she need
Heidi ♡
Heidi ♡ Anos atrás
I love her soo much, she has such an elegant but bold personality. I love it so much. She’s my inspiration in life
Natalie Anos atrás
With her fame she would be expected to be spoiled little superstar but she's so down to earth enjoying life of a 18 year old Millie, what a lovely person you are
MaryDyer 10 meses atrás
Um…she’s pretty spoiled.
Sailing_Ships Anos atrás
I love her. It’s great how she has fun with it all
Penny Petry
Penny Petry Anos atrás
I loved watching this video she's has a wonderful personality and she's so funny
amandanomy Anos atrás
i love her so much, her authenticity inspires me.
Maureen Smith
Maureen Smith Anos atrás
We love her personality,and like everybody can't wait till season 5!!!!!❤️
curiartsity Anos atrás
I love her chaotic energy. It shows that she has a pure heart.
QueenV Majasty Viceral
Im happy to see Millie Happy she deserve the world. Millie deserve all the love and happiness on this world
Life Of Liana
Life Of Liana Anos atrás vlog :D
Aaron R
Aaron R Anos atrás
Indeed. People forget that she was almost done with acting, she was told she was too mature for her age and wouldn't make it in the business. Her parents convinced her to give it one last go with Stranger Things and the rest is history. She didn't ask for the explosive rise to fame and all the baggage it brought it just happened, people gravitated to her because she was this cute kid who gave a standout amazing performance. Shes gone through some rough patchs and is still learning how to cope with all of it but I'm happy to see her happy too.
Gemma Anos atrás
Bullies are insecure and I reckon they only bully her because they are envious of what she has… she is talented, confident, beautiful, and strong and does not let anyone put her down, and if they do…you can guarantee she will always come back fighting. She has ambition and the drive to go out and follow her dreams. She is amazing 💖
nessa Anos atrás
I think they pick on her because of her success and attention she’s gotten since she was younger, not a lot of big stars her age she’s the main one this big so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was due to envy
Ava Abad
Ava Abad Anos atrás
Millie just makes me smile whenever I see her she is just so funny and kind and always makes us fans happy
Laya Oke
Laya Oke Anos atrás
Jesus loves you he died on the cross for your sins. Believe in him and you will be saved and go to heaven!
strangerthingsfan Anos atrás
i love millie..this kid is just so pure hearted ❤️
saba sohail
saba sohail Anos atrás
Oh I love her look here, always knew she would look fabulous in less makeup and this look made me so happy. She looks like her age, so fresh n bubbly.
Wibbly Wobbly Time Warp
I feel like Millie is the friend that gives you confidence and hypes you up. Never change who you are Millie 🥰😜
El Hopper
El Hopper Anos atrás
This was such a cute video! I’ve been a fan of hers ever since 2016 and I can’t wait to see where her fantastic career goes next. Her and Winnie are just adorable🥰
♡︎ 𝙶𝚛𝚎𝚢 𝚆𝚘𝚕𝚏 ♡︎
I love her creativity ❤️ She is so kind! If I had one wish, I wish that I would meet her in person one day ❤️❤️❤️ I watch her everyday and she makes me laugh :D I wish I could meet her in person 😭
I honestly think that the people who thinks Millie is annoying are just trying to push her down just because of her confidence and her full of energy. She maybe a "spoiled little star" but she is still a LOVELY person, I must say.
Lucy Hibbert
Lucy Hibbert Anos atrás
She's so iconic and charismatic I love her so much! She's incredible :)
Robin Buckley V
Robin Buckley V Anos atrás
We love how millie isn't wearing makeup and is rocking a track dress with millions of people watching. Iconic.
Haley Well
Haley Well Anos atrás
Millie is so funny I couldn’t stop laughing 😂
🦋Ava🦋 Anos atrás
Millie is so sweet. I wish her lots of happiness and love. She doesn’t deserve the hate in this world like seriously what is not to love about her. I really look up to her and she’s made me build up my own confidence and more happiness. Millie is definitely my favourite actress 💜❤️🤍ILY Millie 💜
Auggie Jaime
Auggie Jaime Anos atrás
Millie's the GOAT
𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑎  ୨୧ ⋆。˚
I love her sm and I love her personality I would love to be friends with her also her hair is cute. She doesn’t at all deserve the hate she’s got.. I wish the best for her
Nilofar Bozorgi
Nilofar Bozorgi Anos atrás
I really love her because she is always down to earth. Although she is a famous celebrity,she never lets her fame to change her real character. Love her so much.
bean 10 meses atrás
I love Mills so much. I'm so proud of how far she's come.
•k3nny.mcc0rm1ck• 11 meses atrás
I love Millie, she’s so funny, she’s one of my favorite actors Millie playing with playdough reminds me of when I got play dough stuck in my nose when I was 6😂
Lexo Anos atrás
i love her personality it’s everything!!!!!
wenclairee Anos atrás
Millie really has a heart of gold, She’s so funny. And charismatic. She’s definitely a fun person to be around
mia Anos atrás
I love her energy sm💗
It's Just Fashion
It's Just Fashion Anos atrás
Millie creating a cocktail dress is a vibe. I used to do that as a kid all the time!
Madeline Anos atrás
Im so happy to see millie be happy and be herself like no ones watching!💗
Bert Proesmans
Bert Proesmans 7 meses atrás
Wow, Millie has charisma! Such lovely interactions with the camera! SHE'S A PRO
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