millie bobby brown being british for 5 minutes and 7 seconds 

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"okUURRRRR" 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
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24 Set 2020



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@ChuckleHoneybear 3 anos atrás
if you're a Brit leave a comment below!!
@user-op6gd7sp5m 3 anos atrás
IM a bRiT (I alreddie said that but oh well-)
@jacquixx5486 3 anos atrás
Hello I drink much tea
@kristiebowyer2010 3 anos atrás
Im not brish but im Australian and i can speak Mexican too
Elizabeth afton spanish* ...
@kristiebowyer2010 3 anos atrás
@@beatthatpussylikehulkhogan165 Mexican and Spanish are the same thing
@ayanleyusuf351 3 anos atrás
It’s funny how British people easily nail the American accent but Americans butcher trying a British accent.
Fr tho
@user-pt1gy1jl8l 3 anos atrás
@@clockukofficial1561 what kind of british accent, theres loads of different ones accross the country (im british so id know)
@clockukofficial1561 3 anos atrás
@Brianna Juanita i know this already im just saying i do his british accent
@saimaack 3 anos atrás
honestly im british and i cannot even TRY to do an american accent
@monskie1111 3 anos atrás
Hahahaha every time.. every time lol
Millie: **says something in her BriTiSh LaNgUaGe** Finn: is that an English word?
@dontbesalty8023 3 anos atrás
@kittens247 3 anos atrás
She says don't be so salty
@palkoricsi08 2 anos atrás
@@dontbesalty8023 Bri’ish**
@mooncake6263 2 anos atrás
@@palkoricsi08 yeah luv
@alaynamehmood4035 2 anos atrás
Like bro do u not speak english 😂
@caitlynmorazzo9717 2 anos atrás
Millie: “Alexa close the drapes” Noah: “it doesn’t understand your British”
@nodiggity9472 2 anos atrás
*"You're British"
@goldensnitch5492 2 anos atrás
@@nodiggity9472 your is right bruh
@nodiggity9472 2 anos atrás
@@goldensnitch5492 Its only right in that respect if we make the erroneous supposition that "British" is a language. If "British is replaced with "English", then it works both ways.: A/ "Doesn't understand you are English" B/ "Doesn't understand your English" (language) The price of being able to make that distinction, is to be British, English, and to be unsufferably pedantic on matters of correct usage.. ;-) Its a thankless task, and no-one has to do it.
@qyngsaida7426 2 anos atrás
@@nodiggity9472 Suppose it in the context it's used. It's actually your and not your fallible correction.
@nodiggity9472 2 anos atrás
@@qyngsaida7426 No, its incorrect. "Doesn't understand your British" isn't correct usage. And I already explained why. It should be "Doesn't understand you're British". In this context, "you're" is a contraction. "Doesn't understand *you are* British". If "British" was wrongly used to describe the language, then "your" is only correct if "British" is replaced with "English". British is a Nationality, English is a language.
@sk8ergrrl1 Anos atrás
I think she’s done very well to hold onto her British accent considering she’s been in the USA for so long
@odelltreslong4558 Anos atrás
Piece out
@homoerectus6953 Anos atrás
after 10 you keep the accent apparently and all its glory.....
@fodasi-bf1ri 11 meses atrás
She still lives in England ig
@okmhind 2 anos atrás
She is definitely going to be that strong minded independent women. For sure.
@kayla9953 2 anos atrás
She already is
@lexiherandez6089 2 anos atrás
Yes she is and she aready is great actresses and great person
@mawini1 2 anos atrás
Hunnyyyy she already is
@lexiherandez6089 2 anos atrás
@@mawini1 yess she is so brave
@asifurrahman5014 2 anos atrás
@corasayshi13 Anos atrás
Ngl being an Aussie I can confirm A) That is how most (born & raised) ppl in Australia speak B) Millie nailed the accent C) if you come to Australia, YOU HAVE TO HOLD A SNAKE
@NOBODY-yj5mq Anos atrás
the last one 💀
@oreodog4319 Anos atrás
Daughter in Australia is Dora the explorer lmao
@vishifishy5501 Anos atrás
Yes, everyone as a child has held a snake. Most of them at least
@mac8750 3 anos atrás
I love how noah is always there to make fun of Millie
@abbyjaneclark9356 3 anos atrás
Stranger Reddie ur 600 like ;)
@jamailacruz444 3 anos atrás
Millie and noah are best together!!
@Skinniest_Kween 3 anos atrás
Best friends.
@paola4134 3 anos atrás
That's what friends are for 😅
@jas-qv9xf 3 anos atrás
@caatkins1000 3 anos atrás
It’s crazy to me how Americans can make fun of the British accent when we invented the language 🤣🤣 Edit: I’m WELL aware old English was not ‘invented’ in England as such (which is all very complicated by the way). But it WAS first spoken in early medieval ENGLAND. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the British empire took the language to North America.
@smulla9197 3 anos atrás
@recklessoldier 3 anos atrás
Right !!! They are so self centered they think their accent is the "normal" one 😂
@dream.5708 3 anos atrás
@warricklow4218 3 anos atrás
Same thing happens in the Spanish speaking world where the Spanish accent is not the normal or neutral accent.
@sheenagallo6759 3 anos atrás
Absolutely right
@munchkinavenue5147 2 anos atrás
Millie: "don't be salltyyyyy!!!!!" Finn: "so I need to be spicy?..."
@momina1512 2 anos atrás
@necromancer9829 2 anos atrás
this was 100% finn-like
@alisademina1409 2 anos atrás
but he already is...
@caitlin_leanne Anos atrás
I love her so much 😂 as a British person myself her posh makes it so much funnier. And Noah taking the piss out of her 😂 icing on the cake
@notgadot 7 meses atrás
British have good sense of humour
@idkbrosstudios8446 3 anos atrás
I love how she’s such a positive and bubbly person, and doesn’t let idiots online get her down, or try to get her to be dull and lifeless. She’s a very interesting person imo. One of my fav actresses
@anordinaryuser1902 2 anos atrás
@@idkbrosstudios8446 i totally agree with u. she’s seems so nice and fun to be around.
@carolineprizty2485 2 anos atrás
@Nebraska Jones wth, what happened? Why those losers did that? *I didn't really update about her
@emmacheese6107 2 anos atrás
Careful, bubbly can mean a different thing
@@idkbrosstudios8446 I really don't get why people seem to dislike her so much, she hasn't done anything? I know everyone says this but it really just feels like jealousy to me lmao 💀
@Kaicuul Anos atrás
I thought I loved Millie but damn, this video made me realize I LOVE her. This girl is a ray of positivity
@spaghetits1338 3 anos atrás
She seems like such a fun person. I feel terrible that people are attacking her still Stop justifying DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR thrown at her cause she’s a celebrity. There is absolutely no fucking way some of yall are deadass insinuating that her recieving death threats is okay in any way. She was heavily attacked especially when she was a FUCKING MINOR.
@sofiabenitez4534 3 anos atrás
why is people attacking her?
@pedrovanot7628 2 anos atrás
@@sofiabenitez4534 because she uses an android and because she is famous
@@pedrovanot7628 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@malaklamrabet274 2 anos atrás
@@pedrovanot7628 that’s is ridiculous I mean she can do whatever she wants
@pedrovanot7628 2 anos atrás
@@malaklamrabet274 ikr
@ophelia8037 2 anos atrás
Millie Litterally breaths* Finn: is that an english thing?
@saharbajouri8975 2 anos atrás
@insyirahazhar4788 2 anos atrás
@bron1477 2 anos atrás
@rachaelb2729 2 anos atrás
Do people realise she only lived in England for 4 years of her life as a young child but she's been in America for about 9 years. Of course her accent is on point, she's lived in America for the majority of her life. Her accent is very transatlantic accent, you can hear hints of the American accent in some of her words, she forces the British accent at times.
@2004jones Anos atrás
THANK YOU FINALLY I thought I was the only one who noticed that
@babacool81 Anos atrás
Exactly!!!!!! Makes me laugh!!!!! I spent more years in the uk than her!! 10 years!
@hunniehuang Anos atrás
No? She lived in Spain until 4 being raised by a ENGLISH family, and lived in England when she was 4-8 (so, yeah, here's come her accent, the only accent she knew until 8 was the british one). She went to America with 8, but always comebacks do England (and has house there) and have english parents lol
@2004jones Anos atrás
@@hunniehuang not to be confrontational but my family is British and my 2 older siblings were born in the uk I was born in the us shortly after they moved to America so I have some authority on the subject my brother whose the oldest was 7 when moving here and he lost his accent very quickly granted he was a year younger and didn’t have older siblings like Mille Bobby brown but me have two sets of grandparents and 3 cousins and we spent every summer in the uk until he went to college and he doesn’t have a hint of a accent just my personal opinion but I have read studies that accent stick at age 12 and that is constant with other ex pat family’s I know
@rachaelb2729 Anos atrás
@@hunniehuang You're saying no and repeating exactly what I said, she only lived in the UK for 4 years. And what is your point exactly, majority of children born to immigrants or who moved to a country young don't have their parents native accents. They pick up the accents from their environment.
@sparrowwilson4514 Mês atrás
Why do people hate this girl. She’s so adorable and charming.
@safflauren6069 3 anos atrás
I'm sorry but 99.9% of British people don't talk like her haha she's obviously been given etiquette classes growing up, it's kind of cringey to us how well-spoken she is ahah
@smokeebaconbtw1233 3 anos atrás
Me to lol, I'm british and I dont feel like I have an accent
@graciekay3630 3 anos atrás
It also depends where she grew up, like I have a v similar accent to her bc I grew up in Cambridge which is hella posh. I haven’t had etiquette classes 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
@CharlotteSthereisnos 3 anos atrás
none of these are her being “british” they’re her being posh lol
@elsamoore8245 3 anos atrás
Yes, well you sort of get the original British accent like hers (and mine 😅) and then you get the tacky chav voice with limited vocabulary..... where has England come to.
Yeah, my accent is wayyyy different
@kosmickats Anos atrás
Okay, but if I'm being honest... Millie sounds the most British when she's mad at Louis lol
@vana7586 3 anos atrás
Alternative title: Noah and Finn mocking Millie for being British
@tiariapotaka6981 3 anos atrás
And Millie about to fight Caleb 😂
Didn't she born in spain?
@PrincessShanie 3 anos atrás
@@giulianoaaronfrancoynsfran4858 yeah but she's British still-
@francescamanca3904 3 anos atrás
I'd say it's a more appropriate title
@saragerlyn8375 3 anos atrás
stanley _the_manley A SOKEEFE SHIPPER AHHHH
@user-gf3hx6pt7t 3 anos atrás
I like it that she always does everything her own way and doesnt care what other people are gonna say about it. She is always happy and confident. If I could only be just a little bit like her I think I would be able to enjoy my life way way more.
@MACHINEBUILDER 2 anos atrás
It's funny how many people exaggerate an Australian accent haha- I really love hearing non austrlians trying to put on an australian accent just because of how funny it always sounds
@ChuckleHoneybear 2 anos atrás
it's difficult for us non australian folk :(
@tiredtvhead Anos atrás
I just love Millie's and Noah's friendship like Noah is just always there to mock Millie's accent and just be his crazy self and Millie's just like this is fine he's always like this
@w1o2l3f4i5e 3 anos atrás
Millie Brown has only lived four years in England. She was born in Spain, to English parents. The family moved to England when she was around four years old, then to Florida, four years later. She speaks in many accents because she is an actor.
@austinmorris1838 2 anos atrás
Or maybe she speaks in a British accent because of her family lol
@tulianmeyer5575 2 anos atrás
Don't know why but i ear in my mind with the cosmo narrative voice
@cuetzen712 Anos atrás
She still probably is used to British accent because of her family though.
@rvddle3621 Anos atrás
her family, and also the fact she also lives in london and america
@imouto4hire Anos atrás
Yep, her real accent is American. I don't why she keeps using this fake British accent, it's obnoxious.
@Prof.SeverusSnape Anos atrás
0:33 I think this is her best look; her hairdo works well with her face shape and her outfit fits well with her age while still giving the sophisticated, mature look that she often experiments with. Don't mind me, I'm just a fashion geek/enthusiast/hobbyist. 👁👄👁
@mejustme7914 Anos atrás
No ur right.. She looks so fresh young beauty....
@hananafsar9395 Anos atrás
Guys do be aware she was 14/15 at the time
@wildlygacha2800 Anos atrás
@@mejustme7914 tf
@wildlygacha2800 Anos atrás
im so jellyyyyy
@t0xiic_ Anos atrás
@@wildlygacha2800 omg that's sadddd 🤭
@alphawolf2779 2 anos atrás
im pretty sure shes been british her whole life not just for 5 minutes and 7 seconds The people fighting in my comments after 11 months clearly don’t know what a joke is 😂
@sounyasharma2005 2 anos atrás
It's actually 6 sceonds😅
@auroralorenzo8857 2 anos atrás
@tarunamaldas4220 2 anos atrás
Yes she's a britisher
@jjan2383 2 anos atrás
it’s literally just a title
@jjan2383 2 anos atrás
u think they can include her whole life in one video ?
@rabindrasingh3994 3 anos atrás
I've not seen anyone as talented as millie. she can literally change her accent every 12 seconds. Plus when she speaks with British accent her tongue rolls like a freakin' chameleon
@sapphireofficial 3 anos atrás
my oh my she’s absolutely blooming iconic
@madeleine3106 3 anos atrás
Omg!! I didn’t expect you to be here!😂
@erinwinton3120 3 anos atrás
Omg yes lovie
@jobo5291 Anos atrás
As a British I am deeply offended. By her beauty
@lilyj1859 2 anos atrás
As a British person, I can vouch that many people probably butcher the "British" accent due to the fact many people try and generalise the entirety of great Briton, when in reality, someone from South London will sound entirely different from someone in Yorkshire or Liverpool, just as differ people from different states may sound different
@lordsiomai Anos atrás
It's crazy how different she looks in the show compared to real life, especially when with glasses.
yeah. i feel like the entire cast looks very different in the show
@ndjjiekkskkejjr 3 anos atrás
i feel like she’s a british person trying to convince is she’s british
@ChuckleHoneybear 3 anos atrás
why is this so true
@unknwn_yt__4700 3 anos atrás
Her parents are British but she was born in spain then moved to America which is probs why she has a good American accent
@kxcyh 3 anos atrás
RGO BOLT she only moved to America when she got the role of Millie 𝕚 thinj
@kxcyh 3 anos atrás
11* not millue
@maumoreno7520 3 anos atrás
She is from Spain.
@naeseu3324 2 anos atrás
I can talk to her whole day and never ever get bored and have dull moments. 😂
@orrixon9559 3 anos atrás
mil: being the talkative person eleven: ... repeats literally everything everyone says
@arunaaoibh 7 meses atrás
‘Daaaaviddd and beckeyyy’ 😂😂 I I actually feel like Millie and I are very alike- today I tried to do the classic Cardi B ‘okrrrrr’, but (unlike Millie) I failed. I also am very proud of England, like Millie said multiple times. And we both do not say ‘bottle of water’ the way most Brits do. We actually pronounce the T’s. Thank you.
@any1218 3 anos atrás
She is extremely confident for such a young woman and that’s amazing! Makes me sick when people bring her down and talk shit. She is more successful than 90% people on this world will ever be so I guess that’s jealousy.
@b_arose Anos atrás
I find it funny how when she is asked to do a British accent she doesn't just speak in her normal voice and instead does bad regional accents
@c0llapsingst4rs 3 anos atrás
“it doesn’t understand your British language”
@dracomalfoy4712 3 anos atrás
@twdclem 3 anos atrás
@mattcaden4818 3 anos atrás
Grammar yet right the ...Read more
@clopedia35yearsago78 3 anos atrás
Matt Caden f
@xaniahkey 3 anos atrás
Matt Caden lmfao I knew that was a fake “read more” 😂
@LeaMikayla 3 anos atrás
this brought me so much joy I love Millie 😂😂 I laughed the whole time
@manigupta2299 3 anos atrás
Okay, so I read her Wikipedia. She is 16, an actress and producer, one of 100 most influencial people and the youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Millie is gonna go far! I mean she is still so young and has entire life in front of her!
@amazingmao Anos atrás
She's so funny and charming that I'm getting more and more nervous about if/when she might fall into that whole child-star grow up into screwed up life thing...
@6a6ey87 3 anos atrás
Millie is literally the only reason i’m proud to be british.
@daniellehasmyheart 3 anos atrás
Same, oh and the actor Joseph Morgan
@idioyjohnathon2054 2 anos atrás
@ssssssric Anos atrás
You shouldn't be unhappy, loads of icons are from Britain, the boy who lived for starters.
@oracle8589 10 meses atrás
Wow that’s sad lol. I’m proud because British invented the modern world..
@JyzTy Anos atrás
She's awesome, wish she received more respect.
@hayfordsarfo1646 3 anos atrás
“i’m very british” - Millie Bobby Brown
@kzknacc 3 anos atrás
She thinks being British is a personality trait and I'm like omg nO
@user-dp9tm4qg5z 3 anos atrás
brown bobby millie
@hayfordsarfo1646 2 anos atrás
@@kzknacc well since she’s surrounded by americans it kinda is..
@kzknacc 2 anos atrás
@@hayfordsarfo1646 mhm
@subtopewpewpie 2 anos atrás
@@kzknacc yea u got nothing to say now
@anabarcelos9159 3 anos atrás
Faltou o vídeo dela falando Halloween com sotaque e finn e o noah zuando ela KKKKKKK
@sophiagreco2232 2 anos atrás
3:49 Noah looks slightly flustered and super happy when Millie touches his face and smiles at him after he got her favorite color right and I'm dying so bye
its funny how this video turned from millie being british to noah and millie being a dynamic duo
@ChuckleHoneybear Anos atrás
they are always a dynamic duo haha
Literally have watched this 5+ times cause it’s funnier every time 😅
@lorelaiontopfr Anos atrás
That photo of millie sipping tea in between each clip is gold 🤣
@zixby 3 anos atrás
I hate to tell you but she has been british for 16 years, you're missing out.
@shakirashakira7283 3 anos atrás
Just so you know, I'm the 666 liker
@zixby 3 anos atrás
@@shakirashakira7283 Noice
@ssssSTopmotion 3 anos atrás
@@shakirashakira7283 Noice #2
@CRJ08 3 anos atrás
Except when she was born 😅
@zixby 3 anos atrás
@@CRJ08 i didn't say her entire life, i said 16 years lol
@calebcold3 3 anos atrás
It's a crime that Millie Bobby Brown and Tom Holland haven't played brother and sister in a movie yet. Just imagine all the Brit. Edit: ok so since this is getting quite some likes, lemme tell you the story about me meeting Millie at Stranger Con Atlanta (same event that happened at 1:14). I had a tortoise figurine for her to sign to represent David and Becky (her pet tortoises) and she thought it was hilarious. I asked her which one it was in a British accent and she said Both. One of the best days of my life
@ChuckleHoneybear 2 anos atrás
2020 can't handle that much brit
@yeicamethru 2 anos atrás
@@ChuckleHoneybear lol bro but seriously they gotta have a movie 🚫🧢
@yeicamethru 2 anos atrás
@@ChuckleHoneybear award goes to you ! ChuckleHoneybear well done wit da banger vids 👏👏🔥🔥👌🏻🔥🔥😎🔥🔥
@mbjgaming9061 2 anos atrás
The fact the video just tried to expose Millie that she’s not a Liverpool fan by putting up a clip of Millie chanting England even though England’s a country and Liverpool’s a city in England, cracks me up.
@lizardpoo8524 2 anos atrás
Surely they don't think Liverpool is a country lol omg
No it didn’t?
@danl4222 7 meses atrás
I'm late to the show and your youtube party here .. but my best bud since High school has a strong British accent. As long as I've known him (40 years) it has never changed. He still sounds 100% British. If anything I've picked up his dialect. BTW That cast is funny as heck. I hope they all manage to stay in touch after season 5 wraps up.
@GabrielaSilva00 2 anos atrás
Whenever I'm having a bad day I just come here for some very British Millie
@connorcobb5122 3 meses atrás
Noah and Millie will forever be the most perfect best friends.
@londraflex5733 3 anos atrás
alternative title: millie dealing with americans
@helena6770 3 anos atrás
@user-yf7fd 3 anos atrás
@drniravkumar9891 3 anos atrás
@druunderwood5602 3 anos atrás
Lock Stock,Two Smoking Barrels & A Mouthful of Plums
@MUSHROOMSRBLX 3 anos atrás
*americans and 1 Canadian 🤠
Millie is my favorite person in the whole world. shes hilarious and so iconic❤ edit: i love how from 3:45 to 4:38 was basically all about noah, noah has taken over😂
@xxmiadalyxx5489 3 anos atrás
I’m northern British and I swear when Millie tried to do the accent I nearly spat me tea out 😂😂😂😂
@rowanwood4667 Anos atrás
As a Brit, Millie is British and and lives in America. Like everyone else can't do a British accent I mean they're American or Canadian.
@addamabdu6696 3 anos atrás
I actually love her a whole lot better for being British... suits her soo well♥️
@moo6714 Anos atrás
God bless Millie :) she’s so sweet and fun
@fairytwinkle9701 3 anos atrás
“no the drapes” “close the blinds” “ALEXA” “ALEXA CLOSE THE DRAPES” “ALEXA CLOSE THE BLINDS” *gAsP* “the lighting will be terrible!...... ALEXA STOP”
@andreak6741 2 anos atrás
do you know where the vid if from
@saraaaahhhh 2 anos atrás
But in british blind is curtain not drape🥱😅🤣
@dollophead926 2 anos atrás
alexa rn: the fuck man
Is ST based on a true story? Finn and Millie: *smirk* Noah: *gasp* IS IT?!!
@goobfilmcast4239 3 anos atrás
She definitely has the charisma and "it" factor in abundance. Ms. Brown will be a huge star ( actor with chops) in the future.
@becky1993x Anos atrás
Im british from leicester i love how our small country has about 20 different accents and the fact that americans always go for the posh when trying to do the accent makes me laugh 😆
@katiebaileyx4047 2 anos atrás
Tbh Noah is talented with his British accent 😂
@iamallen4974 Anos atrás
Well the biggest advantage of being an Indian is being able to speak/understand both American and British accent but at the same time having an accent of our own, without it being a drawback.
@saltgod1865 3 anos atrás
She sounds like someone who's really good at a fake british accent
@larsulrichfeetpics 3 anos atrás
She is British
@larsulrichfeetpics 3 anos atrás
@@mackg7228 she is lol.
@harshasewlani5312 3 anos atrás
@@mackg7228 she is
@marshmallows394 3 anos atrás
@@mackg7228 wtf she literally is?
@IziGryffindor 3 anos atrás
@@mackg7228 bruh she is
@K.e.a.r.a. 2 anos atrás
Being a northerner, listening to Millie do our accent is the best thing ever 😂
@user11894 3 anos atrás
Noah is like her older brother mocking her😂😂😂 it’s so cute and funny
@TWolfyG Anos atrás
People got to grow up with Natalie Portman in the 90s and early 2000s and now we get to grow up with Millie Bobby Brown! I think that’s a solid comparison as far as character, skill, age, and look similarities!
@justchillininme7903 2 anos atrás
Maybe it’s just me, but I think she’s growing up to be another Emma Watson. I love her so much!
@automnejoy5308 2 anos atrás
I like her better than Emma. I think she's prettier and more talented, too.
@MdAzad-zf3ck 2 anos atrás
@jordannnnnn8347 2 anos atrás
@@automnejoy5308 no need to put emma down just to compliment millie :)
@automnejoy5308 2 anos atrás
​@@jordannnnnn8347 Okay. I can put Emma down without complimenting anyone else. That's not a problem.
@EggoBenedict 6 meses atrás
As someone who exists in British, I’m bouta explode from how unaccurate this is for me 😂 Lancashire mortal here 😁
@louslittlegay 3 anos atrás
Millie: “don’t be saltyyy!!!” Finn: “iS tHaT a BrItIsH tHiNg?!” Me **is British** “umm no! Wait actually maybe!”
@abbyconlon2748 3 anos atrás
It’s salty. Tf is slaty
@louslittlegay 3 anos atrás
Abby Conlon it was an accident
@@abbyconlon2748 fitting the context it is very clear it means angry or anyoyed
@abbyconlon2748 3 anos atrás
Fully evolved kermit the frog not british are you bab💀
@@abbyconlon2748 it actually means getting upset over something little but I mostly hear it whrn people are getting anyoyed over so thing minor
@maverickmusic5705 2 anos atrás
As a fellow British citizen I understand what she goes through
@marilu7355 3 anos atrás
Ela mandando a Laganja no final é o melhor
@nathynunes2469 Anos atrás
I love Millie and for some reason she reminds me of Emma Watson. Seeing her grow up on the screens to become a independent, strong minded woman! 🙏🏼
@TiedK 2 anos atrás
Love her smile, eyes, voice and laughter, she is just so gorgeous.
1) people are saying some really stupid things about accents on here. 2) Millie is just REALLY GOOD at accents. She seems to have an ear for them, whether naturally or trained to.
Millie Bobby brown being English for 7 minutes straight Her entire life: AM I A JOKE TO U?!?
@sounyasharma2005 2 anos atrás
Its 5 minutes and 6 seconds only
@jjan2383 2 anos atrás
u think they can fit that in one video ?
@josianeramos7451 3 anos atrás
Eu queria muito conhecer a Mille Bobby Brown 😭😭😭
i'm british and have lived/conversed with a lot of british speaking people but even *I* laughed at the "nOOOoOORthen english accent" bit
@Jakobi_Teehee Anos atrás
we all know that millie hasnt been a british for only 5 minutes, but her whole life
@sandhyathapar5513 3 anos atrás
I love the friendship of Noah and Millie.I also love her British /American accent
@kiwibelcanto 10 meses atrás
I remember watching Enola Holmes once and being like oh wow, she totally nails that British accent 🤦‍♀️ then discovering she IS British lol. I've lived in the US for 12 years but still have a pretty strong Kiwi accent, I hope it never goes away 🇳🇿
@micaelaclifford2729 3 anos atrás
I mean she is called Millie... It's there any other more british name than that?
@pinkbutterflyx 3 anos atrás
Millie B - M To The B 😂😂😂😂💞
@irrelevance3859 3 anos atrás
Trust me. You can't be British and tell me you don't know someone called Millie
@mari3051 3 anos atrás
hollie too 😂😂
@zobia8567 3 anos atrás
xX Egyptian Flower Xx and your point is...?
@irrelevance3859 3 anos atrás
@@zobia8567 White people don't frequent the name Mohammed I guess
@blue__lmao 2 anos atrás
Noah: *asks Millie to say something in a British accent* Also Noah when she says it: *makes fun of her*
@rickrizzle423 2 anos atrás
They way she said "snow" HAD ME IN STITCHES!🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Mr.Editor.0 Anos atrás
doesn't anyone think that anyone would get along with millie bobby brown immediately lol 😂
@sfxx_159 2 anos atrás
I luv how millie is always there to make fun of finn
@-sx_amp Anos atrás
I had no idea she was British when I watched Stranger Things. She's so good at imitating the American accent
@johnd5931 Anos atrás
She was born in Spain, lived 4 years in Britain, and then moved to Florida. She spent most of her life in the US.
@thehighground7926 3 anos atrás
Noah Schnapp is always there to make fun of Millies accent
@ChuckleHoneybear 3 anos atrás
friendship goals...? 😂
@kristiebowyer2010 3 anos atrás
F R I E N D S H I P G O A L S . . . . 😐
@totallynotjaydon8109 3 anos atrás
The title???
@marssnottheplanet 3 anos atrás
For a split second I thought “accent” said “scent“
@maryjohnson96 3 anos atrás
Nobody understands her but she’s sooo cute I love her she’s a sweetie and can act like she is committed she shaved her head give this girl a Grammy a choice award sum
@strawberrical 3 anos atrás
i love how millie is just like so chill in the series but shes so iconic in real life
@milenagatalska Anos atrás
I can fake British accent really well some people think I'm British but I'm half Irish and half polish
@Tweek_reallylovesCraig 11 meses atrás
@dayanaarias7735 3 anos atrás
Esque amo a Millie!!!!!❤❤❤
@candacehutaolover1750 9 meses atrás
As someone living in the UK, I can relate this is how you have to talk for some people to understand. 💀
@milaanouska9810 2 anos atrás
She doesn’t sound like an American trying to be British don’t be so rude. This is exactly how I speak and I’m from England.
@hensprings1686 2 anos atrás
@chrisisannoying3499 2 anos atrás
It’s just the way she pronounces certain words. She’s starting to pronounce them in the American way instead of the British
@leftalonesue 2 anos atrás
@isdrevenge8764 2 anos atrás
Im from the North and the slang is constant. And of course people have no teeth XD
@jaz9114 2 anos atrás
@Jenniespetcrocodile 3 anos atrás
Yes, me and my friends once spoke in a British accent for about 3 calls straight ( over 3 hours of each ) and now when we speak, there is a HINT of British. Faking an accent is how we enjoy ourselves, and I don't understand why.. POR QUEEEE ALGIEN QUE ME DIGA POR QUE JSJSJS
@insomniaaaaa4813 3 anos atrás
I feel like millie acts like their older sister it's so cute
get ready with millie & jake
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